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why femboys are better than actual females

as of lately i am attracted to feminine boys. i love cute boys ! i don't know if it has something to do with visiting this site, but it feels like it does.

i prefer femboys over these traditional woman, they are just disgusting to me and i have many male friends who feel the same. but every men's taste is different, we shouldn't generalize all women. but I would say there is a large group of women and girls out there who also prefer cute or feminine boys.

Femboys are individuals who may embrace certain aspects of femininity while also identifying as male. What makes them unique varies from person to person, but some common characteristics may include a combination of traditionally feminine traits and interests, such as fashion, grooming, or mannerisms, alongside their male identity. It's important to recognize and respect the diversity within the femboy community and appreciate each individual for their unique qualities and experiences.

let me list the pro's and con's here


-Can't get pregnant

-They know what you want

-can have the same interests as you

-Won't get angry about small things

-will think you are cool


-Can get pregnant

-Mood swings monthly

-bleed (eww)

-Don't know what a guy wants

-complex creatures

what does the WPD userbase think about cute femboys ?

Get yourself trapped today with a femboy! Never go back to worrying about having a girlfriend again! Femboys will always be there to keep you warm with their soft thighs !

please consider a cute femboy today.

:marseypartymaxx:WE GOT A DEATH COUNTER :marseypartymaxx: :marseypartymaxx:



18 year old Sophia Okk, a Cambodian college student, hanged herself after failing the entrance examination for medical school. Apparently her family had allocated all of their finances to getting her into the exam and she missed the cutoff by a narrow margin. They had no remaining money to send her for another year and she had written a note that said she was exhausted from the exam and all of her friends passed so she also felt she would be alone.

She handed her mother an envelope full of money she had made at her job and then went into her bedroom and hung herself from the window sill. Her parents heard a crash as she was kicking against the wall in her death throes, but by the time they broke down the door and cut her down she was unable to be saved.



Dont die 🥰

Find happiness. playing game, driving drones, sports activities etc 😘

September 19, 2023 Alabama train wreck kills truck driver stuck on tracks. Loachapoka, Alabama


autoerotic asphyxiation turned accidental suicide

He was 27 and did it with a condom on



Man shoots himself in front of woman for not getting back with him


Wanderson Dias de Almeida, 19, suffered horrific head injuries while riding the bull during a training event. Wanderson posted an eerily prophetic message the night before in which he said: 'Today we are here, tomorrow we leave.'


In Michoacán, hitmen belonging to the "Migueladas" cell dismember a member of the CJNG's "Operacion Limones" with an axe and machete.

Drunk man jumps out of window, lands in pool, SURVIVES, TRIES TO SWIM OUT, then dies 😭

Funy har har

Also, this was a alleged suicide but I'm not 100% sure, he could've just been drunk and stupid

Lmk if this is a repost+link

Driver falls asleep behind the wheel


truck hit several vehicles and killed 5 people .



Landslide in North Bastem District, Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia killed 4 people.


A girl died after the electric motorcycle she was riding was hit by the Penataran train bound for Blitar-Surabaya at a crossing without a crossbar in Lawang District, Malang Regency, Saturday (2/3/2024) afternoon.

Information gathered by, the victim's identity is known as Mita Agustin Istighfarini (24), a resident of Jalan Pandowo Gg. Tri Karya Kelurahan / District Lawang Malang Regency.

Lawang Police Chief Kompol Suwarta said, the incident occurred at around 12.15 WIB, at the crossing without a doorstop Kalianyar, Bedali Village, Lawang District.

"At that time, Achmad Nuryanto (39) as the security officer of Lawang train station received information from the WA Group of Ops KA Daop 8 Surabaya which reported that a person had hit KA 434A Penataran majoring in Blitar - Surabaya when the train passed on the railroad crossing on Kalianyar Street, Bedali Village, Lawang District, Malang Regency," Kompol Suwarta told the media crew, Saturday (2/3/2024) afternoon.

Seen in CCTV footage at the location, several vehicles had crossed the doorstop. Unfortunately, it was the turn of the victim who was riding a red U Winfly brand electric bicycle to cross, the train came and immediately hit him.

The officer immediately went to the scene and found the victim on the edge of the rail in a slumped position.

The police who received the report immediately jumped in and conducted crime scene investigation.

Furthermore, the victim's body was evacuated to RSSA Malang City for a post mortem.

"The victim's electric motorcycle was temporarily secured by officers as evidence for further investigation," he concluded. (ags/lio)

Tragically, a young employee of a gas station in Campamento, Olancho, lost her life last Friday night at the hands of an individual on a motorcycle.

The victim, identified as Blanca Vargas, was hit by a shot fired by a passenger on the motorcycle, as revealed by images captured by the establishment's security cameras.

According to the images, after refueling their vehicle, the men got into an argument with the young woman, who was accompanied by another woman.

In the middle of the dispute, the man shot Blanca and quickly left the place.

On Friday, March 1, 2024, unfortunately, 10 homicides were recorded in the country, including three women.

Throughout the year, the number of women murdered nationwide totals more than 30, underscoring the urgent need to address and prevent gender-based violence.

Compilation of suicides :npc: (ft. Dsbm music)

Tiger absolutely flies at man

Full video:

Man got shot multiple times by hitman

the guy offer credit card but ends dead anyway :marseyhmmhips:


Man shoots sleeping homeless person

New york city, USA

Asian girl allegedly commits suicide (apparently in taiwan

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