EFFORTPOST The Dexter Killer

Mark Twitchell

>Ealier Life:

Mark Twitchell was born on July 4, 1979 in Edmonton, Alberta. From an early age, he dreamed of getting into the film business and making real blockbusters. He completed a program in radio and television arts at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2000.

Then, 7 years later, Twitchell thought he was finally one step closer to success when he directed a Star Wars fan film. The film was still in production at the time of the crime and was never released. In addition, Twitchell married an American woman that same year. When the police suspected him of the murder, she left him. They later divorced.


In October 2008, Jonny Altinger wrote to Mark Twitchell on the dating site POF, also called Plenty of Fish. On this site, Twitchell posed as a woman in order to lure Altinger to his place and kill him. Twitchell had rented a garage and converted it into his "personal film studio".

>Original Text from Twitchell to Altinger:

So ok, Friday.

If you're coming from the North on groat, get on Calgary trail and when you get to the South side and jump on whitemud. Then go south on 50 St. Take a right on on 40 ave and after a block or two take the very first right into the alley. It's marked by a yellow crosswalk sign so pay attention.

Then go left and pull in to the only driveway on your left that isn't paved 101. Seriously, who ever heard of a driveway that looks like the Amazon? whatever, it won't swallow your car, I promise. There's some garbage up against the fence like an old couch and such but it might be gone by Friday, who knows.

Like I said, the garage door will be open for you a touch. Don't worry about neighbors thinking you're a burglar. Everyone knows there's nothing ing valuable in except my car of course.

See you then


Yeah first visible back door coming out of the garage, knock away. There's certainly no other driveways along our alley like this one and the half open car door is a dead give away.

See you 7 on Friday

Before meeting Twitchell on October 10, Jonny Altinger told his friends the address where the alleged date would take place. Mark Twitchell didn't hesitate for a second when Jonny Altinger arrived at the garage. Twitchell beat and stabbed Altinger until he lay lifeless on the ground. When Twitchell failed to burn the body, he dismembered it and put the body parts in garbage bags. He then threw these into a storm drain. Fortunately, Altinger friends where worried about him when they received this mail from him.

>Original Text:

Sent: Monday,

Subject: Re: Re:

Hey there,

I've met an extraordinary woman named Jen who has offfered to take me on a nice long tropical vacation. We'll be staying in her winter home in Costa Rica, phone number to follow soon. I won't be back in town until December 10th but I will be checking my email periodically.

See you around the holidays,


Twitchell broke into Altinger's apartment to send various emails to his friends and he wrote a letter of resignation to his workplace. But Jonny Altinger's friends also broke into the apartment and saw that everything was the same. The passport was still there, dirty dishes were in the kitchen and no clothes had been packed for a longer holiday.

The police were informed as soon as they were there and they then began their investigation. When investigators questioned Mark Twitchell, he said that he only knew Jonny Altinger by chance because he had sold him his car to accompany a rich woman to Costa Rica.

Of course, the police did not believe his statement and confiscated everything that was in the garage, such as a laptop, car and weapons. Altinger's blood was also found in the trunk. On October 31, 2008, Mark Twitchell was arrested and charged with murder.

>Crime Scene:

>Attempted Murder:

Gilles Tetreault also fell for Twitchell using the same scam. Mark Twitchell lured Tetreault to a date with a woman named Sheena in the garage through POF and attacked Tetreault wearing a mask and using a stun gun. Gilles Tetreault fought for his life and eventually managed to escape.

Unfortunately for Altinger, Tetreault did not go to the police to report this incident. He would have been embarrassed and did not want to be known by this event. Ultimately, the attempted murder charge was dropped because, although the incidents were similar, they were separate events.


Mark Twitchell testified during the trial that he killed Jonny Altinger in self-defense, despite there being a pretty strong piece of evidence written by himself. The document "SK Confessions", a script by Twitchell that tells the story of the life of a serial killer, was found on his laptop.

It told everything in detail about the events that Tetreault and Altinger committed. Twitchell also said that it was all just pure fantasy and written for a new film. His personal interest in the series Dexter was mentioned again and again during the trial and how much Twitchell would like to be like Dexter. That's why the press called him the "Dexter Killer".

On April 12, 2011, Mark Twitchell was sentenced to life imprisonment. Twitchell bought a personal TV in prison in 2013 and watches every Dexter episode he has missed since his arrest.

Michael C. Hall, the actor who plays Dexter, said in an interview:

"I hope that people's appreciation was more than a kind of fetishization of the killing scenes.

I wouldn't stop making Dexter just because someone was fascinated by it in that way. I try to tell myself that her fixation caused it one way or another, but it seems that Dexter had something to do with it. It's horrifying."

I hope you all like this post!

Stay hydrated please


On September 6, 1949, a gunman "Howard Unruh" Shot and killed thirteen people and injured three others in East Camden, New Jersey. He then barricaded himself in his apartment and exchanged gunfire with police before eventually surrendering


Born on January 21, 1921, Unruh lived in East Camden with his mother. He had a younger brother named James who he He grew up with while they were raised by their mother after his parents had separated. He attended Cramer Junior High School and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in January 1939 and said his ambition was to become a government employee. He enlisted into the united states army on October 27, 1942 and saw active service across Europe between October 1944 and July 1945. During his time in Europe he wrote meticulous and detailed notes of every soldier he killed. Marking the exact time, place, circumstances and the exact position of the bodies. He was remembered well for following orders and was described by his section chief, Norman E. Koehn as "A first-class soldier who never drank, swore, or chased girls and spent much time reading his Bible and writing long letters to his mother." He was awarded the European Theater of Operations Medal, the Victory Medal, and the Good Conduct Medal.

Near the end of the war Unruh was honorably discharged and returned to East Camden with his mother. The war seemed to have a large effect on Unruh as afterword's he was described by this brother and father as moody, nervous, and detached. He had numerous jobs after returning home but neither job lasted a year. While living with his mother he purchased numerous firearms and turned the basement into a shooting range which he used to practice his marksmanship, read his bible and decorated the house with medal's. Unruh only ever had a single girlfriend for a brief time but eventually broke up with her after telling her he was “schizo” and would never marry her. When being interviewed after the shooting he would admit to psychiatrists that he was homosexual.

  • (Photo of Unruh's apartment)

Near this time Unruh's relationship with his neighbors worsened and began to resent them over what he regarded as "derogatory remarks made about my character." He began to see ordinary acts as acts of aggression and began to make mental lists of all of his "enemies" He had a feud with his neighbor Maurice Cohen, a pharmacist who owned a pharmacy under Unruh's home and lived next door, over Unruh's use of Cohen's backyard as a means to access his apartment. Prior to the killings on memorial day Unruh showed up at a theater to meet with a man he had been having a weeks-long affair with. However he was held up by traffic and by the time he arrived at the theater his date was gone. He then stayed at the theater for hours and sat through several shows before returning home at around 3 a.m. When he arrived he found that his newly constructed fence he erected to quell the ongoing feud with Maurice had been tampered with and the gate removed.

The shooting

At about 9:20 a.m on September 6, 1949, Unruh loaded his Luger P08 pistol and stored a extra 8-round magazine and loose ammunition in his pockets, He then walked out of his apartment onto River Road.

  • (The Luger P08 used in the shooting)

He then saw a bread-delivery truck and approached it, he then shoved his pistol into the door and shot at the driver missing by a few inches, the driver then drove away and attempted to warn residents. He then entered the shoemaker store of neighbor John Pilarchik's Who he shot and killed.

He then left the shop and entered the barbershop of neighbor Clark Hoover who at the time was cutting the hair of six-year-old Orris Smith. Smith's mother Catherine, looked on as Unruh shot Hoover in the head fatally.

After shooting Hoover he then shot Smith in the neck fatally.

Catherine carried smith onto the street crying and screaming until until a neighbor threw them both in the car and drive away to the hospital. Unruh would fire at a boy in a window and miss, he then fired at a tavern where no one was hit. Unruh then ran to the Cohen's pharmacy where he encountered James Hutton as he was walking outside to see what the commotion was. Unruh said "Excuse me" and shot and killed him when he did not move out of his way quickly enough.

Unruh then proceeded to the back of the pharmacy where he saw Maurice Cohen and his wife Rose Cohen running up the stairs into their apartment. When they reached the apartment Maurice climbed through a window and onto the porch roof, while Rose hid herself and their 12 year old son Charles in separate closets. When Unruh entered the apartment and discovered the closet Rose was hiding in, he then proceeded to fire three times through the closest before opening it and fatally shooting rose in the face. After this he noticed Maurice's mother Minnie Cohen attempting to call the police, He shot her several times before heading to the porch roof where Cohen was and shot him in the back, causing him to fall off onto the sidewalk below. Charles would remain undetected by Unruh and survive.

He then left the pharmacy and walked into the middle of River Road and fired at a approaching car striking and killing the driver Alvin Day who was attempting to help Hutton, This caused the car to car to careen onto the sidewalk.

Unruh then left the store and began to fire through the locked door of a grocery store, After doing this he noticed a car waiting at the intersection. He then approached and started to shoot at the occupants. Helen Wilson, her son John, and mother Emma Matlack, both of the women died instantly and john would later die 18 hours later at a hospital.

He then entered the business of tailor Thomas Zegrino who was not there, but his wife Helga Zegrino was and was killed.

Unruh then turned to a apartment where he saw someone in the window and fired, he struck and killed two-year-old Thomas Hamilton. The child's caregiver, Irene Rice, collapsed upon witnessing the shooting and was treated for severe shock. Unruh later claimed that he did not know who was in the window or whether he hit them

After firing through the window Unruh then fired at another passing car. The occupants, Charles Peterson and James Crawford, managed to escape to a nearby tavern and survived. A man named Frank Engel then ran out of the store and began to fire at Unruh before retreating back to the tavern thinking he had missed, However he had struck Unruh in the leg. Unruh then found Madeline Harris and her son Armand outside their home hanging out blankets to dry, he shot both of them but they would later survive. Unruh then heard police sirens in the distance and retreated back to his home which was soon surrounded by police

Police Shootout

Detective William E. Kelly was the first officer to respond to the scene and a gunfight ensued. Unruh's apartment was soon surrounded by more then 50 police officers and dozens of civilians. During the firefight, journalist Philip W. Buxton had found Unruh's number in the local telephone directory and dialed it. He then had a brief conversation with Unruh.

Buxton: Is this Howard?

Unruh: Yes.

Buxton: What's the last name of the party you want?


Buxton: Unruh. I'm a friend, and I want to know what they're doing to you.

Unruh: They're not doing a damned thing to me, but I'm doing plenty to them.

Buxton: How many have you killed?

Unruh: I don't know yet because I haven't counted them. But it looks like a pretty good score.

Buxton: Why are you killing people?

Unruh: I don't know. I can't answer that yet, I'm too busy.

(Unruh then moves away from the phone as gunfire is heard)

Unruh: I'll have to talk to you later. A couple of friends are coming to get me.

At this point police had climbed onto the porch roof where Cohen had been shot.

They then tossed in 2 tear gas grenades into Unruh's apartment. The first grenade did not go off but the second one did, and after 5 minutes Unruh announced that he was laying his gun on his desk and surrendering. Two officers went up to the first floor of the building and shouted, "Come down with your hands up!" Unruh then replied "I give up. Don't shoot." He was handcuffed by officers as bystanders screamed for Unruh to be lynched right there. While being handcuffed a police officer asked Unruh “What's the matter with you? You a psycho?” Unruh replied, “I am no psycho. I have a good mind.”


The shooting lasted 12 minutes and killed 12 and injured 4, another would die in hospital raising the total to 13 killed and 3 injured.

Police searched Unruh's apartment after the shooting and found what they described as an arsenal of weapons, guns, knives, bullet-making equipment, and more than 700 rounds. On a table was a bible which had been opened to Matthew, Chapter 24.

Unruh was then taken to a Camden detective's office and interviewed, during which he would recount the shooting in great detail and take responsibility for the killings.

At the end of the interrogation police discovered that Unruh had been shot in his left thigh and was taken to Cooper Hospital for treatment. The same hospital that john Wilson, Unruh's 13th victim, was dying. Unruh was charged with 13 counts of murder and 3 counts of battery, however a team of psychiatrists examined Unruh and diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia and he was found insane. He described to them the shooting and the neighbors who had wrong him, Unruh said to the psychiatrists that “murder is sin, and I should get the chair.”

After being treated for his wounds Unruh was transferred to the New Jersey Hospital for the Insane where was held in a private cell in the maximum-security Building until his death in 2009. Unruh's last public words were "I'd have killed a thousand if I had enough bullets."

  • (Unruh in 1998)

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST 2017 Aztec High School Shooting

On the date of December 7, 2017, a school shooting/mass shooting, and a murder-suicide had taken place at the Aztec High School in New Mexico, United States. The perpetrator, William Atchison, 21 at the time, was a former Aztec student and former Encyclopedia Dramatica editor who entered the school disguised as a student with a black hoodie and backpack before entering a bathroom and arming himself with a Glock 17 9mm handgun. He was found by students in the process, and in the process, 2 victims were fatally shot and killed before the perpetrator's suicide in a hallway. During the shooting, teachers quickly locked classroom doors and barricaded them with chairs, tables, and even couches, which helped pose an obstacle to the shooter before ultimately giving up and taking his own life. Atchison's attempt and failure to get over a couch barricade has led to the phrase and insult "couch cuck", used in ENcyclopedia Dramatica, and 4chan language slang. Lets delve into this school shooter.


2016 Photo of William Atchison taken by the FBI

William Edward Atchison (Born on March 18, 1996, died on December 7, 2017) was born and resided in Belen, New Mexico before moving to Aztec with his family as the youngest sibling to 2 sons of his parents, being Wayne Atchison and Yvonne Peiffer,. Atchison attended Aztec High School, and had faced many issues there. First, his grades were staggeringly low. Atchison would also complain on how "school sucks" and how he hated his teachers and classmates, which leads to the next part, bullying. Wayne Atchison (his father) would describe William as a troubled child who had gotten into fights and was bullied. His father also mentioned an event where during a welding class/club, Atchison was stabbed in the chest with a sharp welding tool by another classmate, and how he could not recover from said incident, and he took school counseling sessions On an additional note, his father expressed that he placed a lot of blame on the educational system for not addressing the bullying that William faced, and his suspensions, which we will get onto further.

In 2012, during his Junior (11th grade) years of High School, Atchison wrote a unfinished chronology (timeline) of the Columbine High School Massacre, which was one of 3 school shootings he took inspiration from. Because of this, he was suspended from Aztec as of March 9, 2012. He also had to take school counseling sessions more often, and private therapists, one being in Farmington, a county in San Juan, New Mexico. Despite him returning a few weeks later, he had to take summer courses, and ultimately dropped out as of August 20, 2012.

Atchison's Encyclopedia Dramatica Page

During and before his high school years, Atchison would frequent internet forums, social media platforms, and wiki sites such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, Which is a parody of Wikipedia, but in a sarcastic-troll-tone way using racist and possibly offensive humor to re-tell events. Atchison went by the username of "AlGore", referring to a US presidential candidate who lost against George Bush. He would be well known for creating, reshaping, and editing many articles throughout the span of 3 years and 8 months, to the point where he was even promoted to an administrator of several boards on the site. Unfortunately for Atchison, this title did not last long. Due to him spamming facebook commentaries, pro-Trump content, threats, and abuse of power, he was banned for 2 years in 2015, as seen by a screenshot i took of his page above. He decorated his profile with humorous badges such as "This user does it for the lulz" and "This user is an agent of HAMAS". This snapshot was taken on May 25, 2017, approx. 4 months after the shooting had commenced. Atchison also has one of his YouTube Channels still up, check it out by clicking that blue text.

Atchison would also write pro-Republican, pro-ISIS, pro-Palestine, and anti-semitic, homophobic comments, which are mostly jokes, since Encyclopedia Dramatica includes those comments in its articles.

List of every article Atchison had worked on.

Every single known online alias/username Atchison had, across 4chan, Steam, Dramatica, Kiwi Farms, Discord, etc. "FuckYou" and "AlGore" were Dramatica and KiwiFarms aliases, but they would constantly change.

Atchison was also active on KiwiFarms, another imageboard site similar to 4chan, but originally meant for doxxing information on transgender and LGBTQ icons. On KiwiFarms, Atchison would tease and make fun of Columbiners (fans of the Columbine HS Shooting) on how the fan base consisted of teenage white girls and the TCC (True Crime Community), and similar copycat attacks perpetrated by such. Its interesting how he refers to the Columbine shooters as sick strags and cunts, as he literally took inspiration from them. Below is a dump of all his KiwiFarms messages, the first one being what I talked about earlier. Blanked out names are other irrelavent users. Focusing on users named "FuckYou" are Atchison.

Last comment made by Atchison in KiwiFarms, further comments express reactions to the event.

Aged like fine-wine.

Criticizing other shooters suck as Adam Lanza for being a possible "psyop" and how shooters only get a small amount of fame for their actions, still hypocritical because he ended up becoming one for a day of citywide news attention + 2 kills.

“Schizoposting” In which he would say “Fuck You” to himself repeatedly.

Discussing other unknown KiwiFarms drama.

Theories proposed on Adam Lanza and Columbine.

Atchison posted this to someone with a PFP of Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine High School shooters. Comment posted in 2021 says it all.

Post Atchison made on an unknown forum on mass shooters.

Edgy discord shitpost.

“i am deadlest mas shoter wolrd has ever seen” :marseylaughpoundfist: 3 months before the shooting.

Atchison also had gotten in trouble with the law before, as stated earlier. In 2015, He fired an airsoft/BB gun at one his neighbor's dogs, which led to the neighbor dialing 911, and a second time the next year when Atchison found a bag of marijuana on his property, he threatened to shoot them with a genuine firearm. What really set the FBI in was when he went on a online gaming forum and inquired to users about a cheap AR-15 he could use to plot a massacre at Aztec High in 2016, or more specifically “weapons that are good for killing a lot of people within a budget.” As he said. This led to the FBI getting involved at Atchison's Family house. While FBI agents entered their home, Atchison questioned “Relating to my internet search history, or whatever?” Atchison was shortly interviewed at his house for about an hour and 30 minutes, in which Atchison defended his claim by stating that he “Was'nt the type to actually do any of the stuff he mentioned”. The Wikipedia audio page I inserted below shows Atchison explaining how he had a “shitty life” and a “fucked up history” to the FBI agents while showing his stab wounds from the welding class. The reason he was cleared and let go was because he did not carry an actual firearm.

Atchison posing with an airsoft gun, unknown if the same one was used to shoot at neighbor's dogs.

Did you know that Atchison was also in contact with other mass shooters as well? David/Ali Sonboly, an Iranian-German citizen, committed a mass shooting near a McDonalds in Munich, Germany, killing 9 and injuring 36 beforing turning the gun on himself. Ironically enough, the motive was anti-Immigration coming from an Iranian :marseylaughwith:. The interesting part was Atchison and Sonboly had connected with each other through Steam, and both created the “Anti-Refugee Club” Steam group, which was a private group dedicated to sharing fantasies of taking out harmful acts on refugees in Europe, with Atchison being the co-founder. They would also discuss mass shootings and firearms, as well as politics, and average Steam games such as Fallout, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). After the Munich shootings, A member of the group claimed that the group "wasn't racist" but was "mostly satire" edgy far-right humor, and didn't intend harm on immigrants/refugees. 2 months after the Munich shooting, the Steam group was taken down. Atchison, being a Dramatica editor, wrote up an article on Sonboly and described him as a “true Aryan and German”, which was taken down after Atchison's shooting and replaced with a different satirical approach.

Atchison's Steam account, like I said, he'd constantly change IGNs and PFPs

In November 2017, Atchison went to a Sportsmans Warehouse Sporting Goods store, and purchased a Glock 19 Generation 4, a few hundred rounds of ammunition, and 11 magazines (5 of them, extended mags) chambered in 9mm after going through background checks and being cleared. At home, his father Wayne Atchison told him to “not do a school shooting” and to handle the firearm with care, which was obviously not obliged and abided along, as with the next month. Before the shooting, Atchison would also scout his school from a far distance 3 days before the shooting.

YT Video of Atchison purchasing the gun at Sportsmans Warehouse.

6+ Minute long video of Atchison stalking Aztec High and the eerie New Mexico landscape. School appears at the 0:55 Mark/Timestamp.

Picture found on his computer drive after the attack by the FBI.

During a Skype call, Atchison holds his Glock like a Gangsta w/ no trigger discipline. :marseypipe:

Wish he'd pull the trigger?

Video of this guy ignoring every single rule of gun safety possible by pointing the Glock 19 at himself.

School Shooting

Atchison (Bottom-left corner] entering Aztec High School on the morning of December 7, 2017.

At 7:58 AM, Atchison walked to the Aztec High School, armed with a Glock 19 and several magazines of ammunition. Disguised in a blue hoodie and wearing sunglasses, he entered the school without no sign of concern. Before the entered, He blended in with students as they were getting off of school buses. This allowed him to enter the school without raising suspicion, as if he was dropped off by a bus. He got in, and went up the stairs to the 2nd floor bathroom to fully arm and prepare for the attack. While he was gearing and loading magazines up, Francisco Fernandez, a student in his Junior (11th grade) years and for the AHS Football Team walked in on him as Atchison was leaving. Francisco was shot once in the abdomen, and a second in the right side of his forehead.

Francisco shot dead at the entryway corridor of the Boys' Bathroom.

Meanwhile, Casey Marquez, a 17-year-old Senior, had earlier asked permission to get a drink from the water fountain, which was conveniently yet unfortunately placed right next to the Boys' Bathroom. As she was getting a drink, she heard the gunshot, and nervously peaked inside the boys' bathroom. Seeing Atchison armed with a handgun and Francisco on the floor, she attempted to run, but was also shot after not making it far (a few feet). The handgun he used was capable of semi-automatic fire, and with this, he fired 5 total times into her helpless body.

Marquez's corpse with a water flask she clutched onto.

3D Blender/Render (idk what its called srry lol) recreation of the scene where both students were killed.

After Casey's shooting, Thomas Hill, a school janitor, witnessed Casey's murder. custodian who witnessed Casey's shooting was also able to radio the main office to go into lockdown and call 911, whilst he was in pursuit of the shooter (Brave man, hats off for this guy). At 8:11 AM, Emergency Services were dialed, and Aztec Police Department arrived within 3 minutes to an active school shooter situation. William Atchison continued to fire multiple rounds into several classrooms as he

walked down the hall of the second floor of the hallway to the right of the bathroom he exited from towards a breezeway that allowed access to an adjacent building, still part of Aztec High. Meanwhile, Katie Potter, a 74-year-old substitute teacher, heard the gunshots and the following loudspeaker announcement calling for a lockdown under an active shooter. Potter did not have keys to the computer lab due to her substitute position, so she rushed 17 students into the computer lab's office and barricaded the door with a couch. Atchison came to the room. Failing to get over the couch barricade, he started yelling "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" "COME OUT!" and fired several shots into the room through the wall. No one was hit. luckily.

Classroom windows shot out.

Video from inside a classroom with audible gunshots.


With Atchison realizing he was a complete failure in staging of his shooting, he quickly set himself up next to lockers and did what he wanted to do for years, kill himself by a shot through his mouth at a 45 degree angle, thorugh his brain.

Atchinson after being placed in a body bag.

Glasses partially taken off.

Stairs he climbed.

Yo! You good?

Layout of the 2nd floor: Yellow enclosed box represents bathroom where Casey and Francisco were shot, and Red enclosed box represents location of Atchison's suicide.

Suicide note. Shitty handwriting.

Aftermath/Public and Political Reactions

Following the shooting, the Aztec residential community, along with students gathered around the town in locations such as churches, a local park, and convention centers, holding a candlelight vigil and giving Christian prayer services. One resident held a sign arguing teachers be allowed to carry guns, while others simply just waved American flags. New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez said the acts of bravery at the school by Thomas Hill and Katie Potter had saved lives and prevented the shooting from being worse than it was. She spoke at the vigil, telling the crowd that the entirety of New Mexico state is with Aztec, and a Twitter hashtag trended #AztecStrong.

The mayor of Aztec, Sally Burbridge, posted on Facebook and Twitter of the day following the shooting, saying: "Right now we need to keep each other in our hearts and thoughts and take care of each other." U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich stated he was "distraught" after learning of the shooting and called for action addressing gun violence in America. He further describing the shooting as "a parent's biggest nightmare" and said that "all children deserves to be safe at school". Local schools remained closed the next day.

Rest in Peace to Casey and Francisco, and may our hearts be with their families.

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST Mass Shootings Recorded By Their Perpetrators.

Mass Shootings have become a problem within society today, bringing debates on the rights of the people and the safety of the people.

Mass shootings filmed by shooters have also begun to become a problem. fortunately many of them failed at their plans.

Christchurch Mosque Attacks

Brenton Tarrant, who by the way admitted that he would've killed himself if he ran out of money, shot and killed 51 and injured 40 others.

He live-streamed his attack on Facebook.

This is most likely the most famous example of mass shootings recorded by perpetrators.

Buffalo Supermarket Attack

This little strag, Payton Gendron shot and killed 10 people in a terrorist attack. He nearly killed himself. But thankfully the state is soon to do that for him.

He streamed this on Twitch.

Toulouse Attacks.

Islamic terrorist attacks a children's daycare and kills police officers. I don't like to speak to much on child killers. He's rotting rn.

Filmed by the perp on a GoPro.

Crocus Hall Attack

Terrorists from ISIS shot and killed around 140 people then burned down the concert hall they attacked. most were killed or arrested after they took guards hostage at their prison.

Filmed by one terrorist on his phone.

Westgate Mall Shooting

loser who was depressed tried to kill others at his local mall, due to it being quarantine and him having his phone in his hand while shooting, no one died.

Filmed and shared on Snapchat.

Edmond Burke School Shooting

guy tried to kill people at a school that was below his dorm, missed all his shots, but still managed to injure 4 people and ended up killing himself.

Filmed on a sniper cam.

Memphis Shootings

Ezekiel Kelly, a meth head killed 3 people and injured 3 others while high on meth and singing Lil Baby. He is rotting as we speak.

Live Streamed on Instagram

Roanoke, Virginia Shooting

Former news employee kills 2 after being fired. Killed himself at the scene.

Filmed on his phone.

Copper Canyon Apartment Complex Police Ambush

Mentally ill man shoots and kills an officer and is killed by officers he injured. Video via @kanye_

Streamed on periscope, no video

Halle Synagogue Attack

German cuck gets mogged by locked doors at the synagogue he's trying to attack, with homemade guns and explosives. Ends up killing 2 and injuring 2 others before stealing a taxi (after livestream) and being arrested that night.

Nakkhon Ratchasima Attacks

Former solider steals military weapons, and kills 29 people.

filmed / streamed partly on Facebook.

Jacksonville Landing Shooting

Psychotic madden player kills 2 people after losing a game.

audio was streamed on twitch.

Georgetown Kroger Shooting

This wannabe gangsters attempt at shooting 11 people, no one was seriously injured.

thanks to @Koolkai for informing me on this.

Unavailable Shootings

Hypercacher Kosher Supermarket Attack, Filmed via GoPro

Port Arthur Massacre, Filmed via stationery camera gunman placed.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Shooting, Filmed via Cellphone.

Bærum Mosque Shooting, filmed by the perp via headcam.

And yeah, those are all I could find. follow me for more shit like this.

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST saleh hamdan or "boy of zarqa" (story + info + where is he now)

it all started in 2020 salah father owned a number of vegetable stands on the market with he's brother, salah dad was a well known shkiekh as well ,in 9/8/2020 salah dad was working as a security guard in a rail road near the market at 3AM when someone approached him and told him that there is someone trying to break into your stand, when salah father arrived at his stand he saw a drunk man was trying to break into the store, when the drunk man saw him he quickly grabbed a knife and launched at salah father, salah father fought and the knife ended up into the drunk man left leg, after that salah dad started to run away as fast as he could, the drunk man got up and started to look for salah dad for 17 minutes (wtf) after those 17 minutes the drunk man died because of blood loss, (the drunk man turned out to be a gang member), salah's family was living at the zarqa camp at that time after salah dad got arrested salah's family moved to a place called ^bal'ama/بلعمة^, in 13/10/2020 a thursday salah and his mother went to visit their dad at prison, on the way salah's mother told salah to get some bread, when he went to the market and got the bread he was about to leave until he saw 2 gang members (he knew their faces not personally), when salah saw the gang members he knew that they are going to do something to him as revenge because his dad killed one of their buddies, so salah started to run away, as he was running he saw a white h 100 van

they look like this

when salah saw the van he stopped it, got in, and told the driver to move, the driver started to long talk with salah until the 2 gang members caught up with salah and got into the van

(it turns out salah got into the van that the gang members wanted to kidnap him in )

the gang members started to drive to someone's house, and that someone goes by the name "abo ali alzenekh" or "abo ali the bastard" (something like that) who was one of the gang members in the van abo ali

while in the van abo ali started to break salah 10 fingers one by one

once they arrived at abo ali home they brought a table and a chair and made salah sit down

when salah sat down on the chair abo ali pinned his arm to the table while the other 2 was helping him and he started to fucking cut salah right arm

then salah begged for his left arm to be spared but abo ali did not listen and cutted his left arm as well

after that abo ali brought a sharp small knife and stabbed salah right eye then after all that they just threw him out

salah started to walk and walk until a passer just saw him and called the ambulance

shoutout to: @CcUtie


1:is the passer


1:the ambulance is coming but i dont know i cant get you there im scared something will happen to you in the car

2:where are they?

1:they are coming they are coming but tell me what happened to you

2:they kidnapped me

1:do you know them?

2:ye i do

1:they did this to you?

2:yes they did

1:a machete or a knife?


2:where is the ambulance?

[video ends]

Petra reported that the man who allegedly filmed the incident and shared the footage on social media got arrested on Wednesday. The prosecutor general has ordered his detention for a week pending further investigation

when the ambulance came, he was sent to the operation room, after he woke up, his mother told him that the king abduallah the second has paid all of the medical bills

(king abdullah the second)

sources: i got my sources from saleh himself lmao

saleh right now studies law has a cool youtube channel and is doing well overall :marseyembrace:

the gang members got sentenced to death

jordan is now ranked the 52 safest country in the world beating greece, france, poland, and the usa by alot :D


EFFORTPOST Three dead, eleven injured in mass shooting at Mad Butcher grocery store, June 21, 2024 - Fordyce, Arkansas

Here we talk about "Travis Posely" who will now be famously known as "The Mad Butcher Shooter" on June 21, 2024 in Fordryce, Arkansas. It is unknown as of now to why someone with a tree servicing business would suddenly just snap like this and go out to shoot 11+ people as this effortpost stays up I will be adding further information to it as my research deepens into the mind of this crazed man

The Shooting


As you can see in these images here from the multiple bullet holes and shattered windows that he did not go lightly it is not known as of now to why he did this so we can only speculate what drove him to such lengths, he hunted down and killed three people along with injuring multiple more from what it seems he lived a normal nice life

The Suspect

He has been arrested for capital murder of at least 3 people, wounding multiple others along with injuring a few police officers in the shootout, he also apparently owned a tree service after I did some research I assume it was the removal of them

The ones who died - Callie Weems

23 year old Callie Weems was shot and killed while grocery shopping at Mad Butcher, she was the mother of a 10-month-old daughter and worked as a licensed practical nurse at the Dallas County Medical Center - Shirley Kay Taylor

63-year-old Shirley Kay Taylor was killed during the mass shooting, confirmed through her daughter Angela Atchley. Taylor was reportedly checking out when she was fatally shot by the gunman.

Press Release from ASP

FORDYCE, Ark. — Arkansas State Police (ASP) has named the suspected shooter in today's Fordyce grocery store shooting as Travis Eugene Posey, 44, of New Edinburg.

Posey will be charged with three counts of Capital Murder. Additional charges are pending. He was treated for non-life-threatening injuries after exchanging gunfire with law enforcement, released to ASP custody, and transported to the Ouachita County Detention Center.

ASP's Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the shooting that occurred on Friday, June 21, 2024, at approximately 11:38 a.m. at the Mad Butcher grocery store.

Fourteen people were injured from gunfire, including 11 civilians – three of whom were fatally wounded. Two of the 14 were law enforcement officers whose injuries are not considered life-threatening.

The civilian victims' injuries range from non-life threatening to extremely critical.

News Report

A Friday morning shooting at a Fordyce, Arkansas, grocery store left three people dead and 11 wounded, including the suspect and two law enforcement officers, according to Arkansas State Police.

The suspect and the law enforcement officers are not considered to have life-threatening injuries, ASP Director Mike Hagar said at an afternoon press conference near the scene of the shooting.

The condition of the remaining victims range from non-life-threatening to “extremely critical,” Hagar said.

State Police later identified the suspected shooter as Travis Posey. A booking record on the Ouachita County Sheriff's jail website shows Travis Posey, 44, as being held for another county. Posey is charged with three counts of first-degree murder, according to inmate search site VINELink, which was first reported by SouthArkansasReckoning, an online news site. ASP later confirmed that information in a press release.

South Arkansas Reckoning also noted a LinkedIn page lists Posey as the owner of Posey Tree Service in Kingsland in Cleveland County.

The shooting occurred about 11:30 a.m. at the Mad Butcher, part of a regional grocery chain, located at 920 W. 4th Street in a small shopping center. Fordyce (population 3,238 in 2022) is about an hour's drive south of Little Rock in Dallas County.

Hagar did not release the identities of any of the dead or wounded nor of the shooter at the his 4 p.m. press conference, but said there was no continued threat to the community.

“It's tragic, our hearts are broken,” he said.

KARK 4 News reporter Caitrin Assaf said she spoke to the parents of one of the victims who died. They told her their 23-year-old daughter, a nurse, was off work on Friday and likely was shopping when she was shot.

A video posted on Facebook by Casey D. Rodriguez from the vantage of a nearby gas station convenience store shows a person lying on the ground behind a vehicle; 11 shots can be heard along with sirens. Other online video and photos show storefront windows with dozens of bullet holes.

Another video shot from inside a store on X posted by user @ LRHNcash shows a man with a long gun shooting methodically in different directions.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette interviewed Ronald Clayton, who said he and his wife were pulling into the Mad Butcher parking lot when something hit the windshield of his Nissan Sentra. He thought at first that it was a rock, then realized it as bullets, he told the newspaper. A photo accompanying the report show a car with about a dozen bullet holes in the right front fender and door.

In a post on X early Friday afternoon, Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she was thankful for the “heroic actions” of law enforcement and other first responders and said her prayers were with the victims.

Data on the Gun Violence Archive shows Friday's mass shooting was the second this month in Arkansas and the sixth this year. A mass shooting, per the site, is one with a minimum of four victims, either wounded or killed, and excluding the shooter or shooters.

Anna Morshedi of Greater Little Rock Moms Demand Action and Insherah Qazi, a member of the Students Demand Action National Organizing Board from Arkansas, both issued statements about the shooting Friday afternoon, calling for action to stem the rash of gun violence in the United States.

“Our hearts are with those who were wounded and their families after today's shooting — where yet another trip to the grocery store ended in tragedy because of America's gun violence crisis,” Morshedi said. “We're fed up with having to live in fear every day because our lawmakers refuse to put our safety first.”

“It's heartbreaking to see such senseless violence continue to cycle throughout our communities. But this is what happens when our state lacks basic gun safety laws,” Qazi said. “Arkansas has the weakest gun laws in the country and our gun violence rates show for it. Going to the grocery store shouldn't be a death sentence. The answer to solving this crisis is clear, it's just a matter of whether lawmakers have the courage to act.”

The Arkansas chapters of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action are part of Everytown for Gun Safety.

Arkansas has the weakest gun laws of any state in the country, ranking 50th in the Everytown Gun Law Rankings.

Lawmakers in 2021 repealed an Arkansas law requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon in public and in 2023 amended the law to clarify that concealed carry licensing is solely to allow reciprocity for licensees who travel to other states that require a permit to carry a concealed handgun. Act 777 also specifies that a person is not required to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun in Arkansas.

According to Everytown, Arkansas has the 9th-highest rate of gun deaths in the US. In an average year, 638 people die by guns and another 1,247 people are wounded in Arkansas.



In May 2018, a little over a year after Hamdi Bouta's family held a secret funeral for him in the summer of 2017, the family reported receiving a copy of a video (Video A) via WhatsApp. The video showed Russian-speaking men beating Hamdi Bouta with a sledgehammer. Syrian reporters from al-Jessr Press began investigating the story at that stage. By spring 2018, the first video had already been circulating on the internet for at least a year. The connection between the incident at al-Shaer and the Wagner Group convinced Syrian and French human rights activist groups to try pursuing a legal case in Moscow. However, little was known about the incident's location or the identities of the men in the video, other than their presumed affiliation with the Wagner Group

Although the Kremlin has repeatedly denied any direct links between the Russian government and Russian PMSC operators on missions in Syria, a preponderance of evidence suggests otherwise. In the spring of 2019, the identities of dozens of men reportedly killed in a U.S. strike on a Wagner Group contingent on February 7, 2018, during a battle near another SPC-operated gas plant in the town of Khasham in Deir Ezzor, began to surface in the international press. Impromptu virtual memorials for those killed in the battle also began to proliferate widely on Vkontakte, the Russian social media platform

There is significant circumstantial evidence indicating that at least two of the Russian men shown torturing Hamdi Bouta at the al-Shaer plant in the video may have been wounded or killed in the U.S. airstrike on the Wagner Group column on February 7, 2018. While the connection between the atrocity at al-Shaer and the Battle of Khasham in Deir Ezzor is not straightforward, it is evident within the tightly interconnected network of Russian firms, businessmen, and PMSC operators who fought together in Donbas before deploying to Syria

Unsurprisingly, social network analysis of the digital profiles of individual Russian PMSC operators reveals close friendship ties via Vkontakte with Russian citizens accused of committing war crimes in Donbas in the fall of 2015. These operators' paths crossed during the fighting at al-Shaer in the spring of 2017 and later in Deir Ezzor in the winter of 2018. While these social media links do not necessarily prove culpability in specific wrongdoing, open-source analysis of these networks provides significant insights into their military experience and the capabilities and skills that Russian companies like EvroPolis aim to cultivate

Dissecting The Video Evidence

Muhammad Taha Ismail al Abdullah, aka Hamdi Bouta. Family members shared this photo with al-Jessr Press

Media reports about the first two-minute clip emerged on the evening of June 30, 2017. The video (Video A) shows several Russian-speaking men torturing a man by striking his extremities with a sledgehammer. The faces of the assailants are masked and only partially visible. At the time, internet commentators alleged the involvement of Wagner employees, but this was never confirmed. The victim's identity and fate remained unknown. Family members told journalists from al-Jessr Press that they last heard from Bouta when they received a recorded message from him on May 5, 2017. According to Arabic-language news accounts, Bouta's relatives only learned of his death a year later when the video surfaced online in May 2018.

It is unclear whether the alleged posting of the torture video that circulated in June 2017 was the first time the video publicly surfaced. However, in early November 2019, Twitter users in the open-source intelligence (OSINT) research community began circulating segments of a new set of videos that appear to show a continuation of Hamdi Bouta's torture and killing. Investigative reporters at Novaya Gazeta were among the first to pick up on this and published an exposé about the second tranche of three video segments from the scene of Bouta's killing (Videos B, C, and D) on November 20, 2019.

In November 2019, extended videos and images from the incident appeared on Vkontakte user profiles and were collected and archived by our team. These extended videos show complete or partial faces of many of the assailants and reveal a fuller sequence of events. The victim's face was visible throughout the videos until his body was dismembered. However, there are no obvious signs indicating where the video may have been recorded, and besides the victim, little is known about those who appear in the video. This section outlines our findings about the location and timing of the incident, as well as what we were able to discern about the identities of the victim's assailants. We begin by describing the content of the video and our efforts to verify media reports suggesting the incident took place near al-Shaer.

Summary Description of Video Content

Video A (Beating) is 1 minute and 41 seconds long, depicting four men beating Bouta with a sledgehammer. The victim appears to be conscious and alive, with Russian rock music playing in the background. Video B (Decapitation) is 3 minutes and 16 seconds long, showing the assailants using knives and entrenching tools (spades) to sever the victim's head. Video C (Dismemberment) is 1 minute and 33 seconds long, showing the assailants using an entrenching tool to sever the victim's arms. Video D is 2 minutes and 50 seconds long, depicting the victim's dismembered body suspended from a tall metal structure. In this video, two of the assailants douse the body with an accelerant and set it aflame using an improvised torch. Someone off-camera, speaking in Russian, says, “Come on. The wind is blowing hard.” About a minute and a half in, the body is aflame, and one of the men who set the body on fire poses for the camera, gesturing with a crude bullhorn sign. A voice near the camera microphone, possibly the man gesturing, says, “Jambo. Yeah, this will be the sign for mercenaries

Still from Video D (Immolation) of one of the assailants who burned the victim's body. "This will be the sign for mercenaries."

Observations about the Assailants

There are at least five men who appear in the series of videos we reviewed other than the victim and the cameraman. At least two appear to film the incident on their own phones and one of the men appears to be documenting the incident on a small handheld camera. For the purposes of our analysis we have assigned an identifier to each of the assailants who appears in the videos, e.g. Persons 1-5.

Identification of five people who appear in the videos. This image redacts Hamdi Bouta's body. An unredacted image is available in Appendix C.

Person #1

At various points throughout the videos, Person #1 steps into the frame, but he features most prominently in the fourth video segment, Video D (Immolation), in which the assailants burn the victim's dismembered torso. He is wearing olive green cargo combat pants and a blue and white striped undershirt known as a telnyashka (тельня́шка), which is typically worn by servicemen in the Russian navy and by spetsnaz operators who serve in VDV airborne units.105 For much of the time his face is covered, but at one point in the final video, Video D (Immolation), he poses alongside the victim's dismembered body before it is set alight. About midway through Video D (Immolation), he appears in frame with his face half covered. He gestures with an impromptu bullhorn sign, jokes and declares, “This will be the sign for mercenaries.”

Person #2

In several of the video segments, Person #2 is seen filming with a small digital camera. He is dressed in a green flight suit and wears a black and white "Arafat" kefiyah around his face and neck. Using open-source techniques, Novaya Gazeta reporter Denis Korotkov and his team established a connection between Person #2 and the social media accounts of an individual referred to as "Stanislav D." Korotkov identifies Stanislav D. as originating from the Russian municipal district of Stavropol and known by the alias "Volk." According to Novaya Gazeta, reporters initially identified him using a publicly available facial recognition application called FindClone. Further verification by Novaya Gazeta included reviewing a passport photo, security questionnaire, and a non-disclosure agreement obtained through other related investigations. Novaya Gazeta reports that Stanislav D. began his service in state security organs as a private in a police unit in Stavropol, Russia, and began working for the Wagner group as a "reconnaissance shooter" sometime before February 2016. He is alleged to have made multiple trips to Syria.

The Guardian, a U.K.-based newspaper, and the investigative research group Bellingcat claim to have independently verified Novaya Gazeta's initial findings from November 2019. A subsequent report published separately under the name Romanova Mari on Narodnaya Pravda, a pro-Ukrainian blog, goes further by identifying S. Dychko as "Stanislav Dychko," a 30-year-old Russian citizen. The Narodnaya Pravda article also mentions that Facebook users in a community group called "Gruz 200" (Cargo 200), which monitors information about combatants in eastern Ukraine's Donbas region, identified Dychko by matching his photo with details published on the Myrotvorets website, known for its associations with current and former officials of Ukraine's SBU intelligence service.

While the Myrotvorets site identifies Dychko as a member of the Wagner Group who participated in fighting in Donbas, it's important to consider that the website's operators maintain a specific agenda and anti-separatist bias, which raises questions about the accuracy of the information posted there. Further research is needed to confirm whether the Stanislav Dychko described on the site is indeed the individual reportedly shown in the video. However, as later analysis will demonstrate, a deeper examination of Dychko's social media networks and others implicated in media reports regarding the al-Shaer incident suggests there are at least some connections between the individuals depicted in the videos and Russian-backed PMSC units involved in conflicts in Syria from 2016-2017 and Donbas during 2014-2015.

Frames from Video D (Immolation) show Person #1 on the right and Person #2 on the left in the first frame and Person #5 in the background in the second frame. Russian and Ukrainian media reports initially identified Individual 2 as Stanislav D.

Person #3

Person #3 is the most prominently featured in Video A (Beating), Video C (Dismemberment) and Video D (Immolation). He is wearing multi-cam green cargo combat pants, a black balaclava, goggles with a white band, and at various points his blue and white telnyaskha undershirt is visible. At one point in the video as it is showing the victim's body being burned, Person #3 steps into the frame to douse the body with accelerant fluid and shouts something in what sounds as if it could be a Turkic or Persian language dialect.

Person #4

Person #4 is an active participant throughout all four video segments. He wears a short-sleeved tan shirt, combat cargo pants, ski goggles with a white band, and his face is partially covered with a black and tan kafiyah. In Video A (Beating), he wields a sledgehammer and uses it to torment the victim. He is addressed using the call sign “Volk,” or “Wolf.” In Video C (Dismemberment), Person #4 also appears to stand in the background while his associates mutilate the victim's remains. He is shown along with Person #1 and Person #3 dousing the victim's dismembered body with a liquid accelerant before it is set alight

In early November 2019, as the second tranche of videos documenting the victim's torture, killing, and mutilation begin to circulate online via WhatsApp and other social media platforms, OSINT researchers who track news about the Wagner Group began to tweet news reports that identified Person #4 as a man named Vladislav Apostol, a dual citizen of Russia and Moldova. In a December 2019 article, Meduza, an online news blog about Russia, specifically references articles published by Fontanka alleging that Person #4 is Apostol, and that Mikhail Kuznetsov, a volunteer with the InformNapalm project, had previously reported Apostol's military activities in Syria on Facebook.112 The Meduza article additionally confirms that the person believed to be Apostol is referred to in the video as Volk. The article also referenced Fontanka as having identified a Vladimir B., a spetsnaz veteran of the 76th VDV Airborne division, the same division as Wagner's titular head Dmitry Utkin, as a participant in the killing.113 When Fontanka reporters tried to verify these details by contacting the person referred to as Volk directly, they were told there was no connection. But, since details about the interview are vague at best, the denial of a connection in a news report does not preclude the possibility that there is some overlap between subunits of the 76th VDV. 114 Indeed, a bevy of social media data analyzed by our team and research and reporting by others who follow Russian military affairs closely indicates a high level of overlap between VDV spetsnaz veterans and the Wagner Group.115

On November 20, 2019 open source researcher lennutrajekoor posted information alleging Vladislav Apostol's involvement in the killing via a Twitter post.

Around the same time that news about Apostol's alleged connection to Hamdi Bouta's killing began circulating, Vkontakte groups dedicated to tracking news within the Russian mercenary community started posting lists of names of Wagner Group operators reportedly killed in a U.S. airstrike during the Battle of Khasham near the Conoco gas site in Deir Ezzor in February 2018. Apostol's name appeared in several of these mostly anonymous posts, although it remains unclear whether these references stem from information disclosed by Ukrainian law enforcement authorities or other sources.

Some Vkontakte posts referred to a September 2018 InformNapalm article that suggested potential links between Apostol and Alexey Milchakov, commander of a "volunteer" Russian unit that fought alongside separatists in eastern Ukraine. These connections resurfaced on Twitter accounts of OSINT researchers tracking Wagner's activities in Syria and elsewhere. These posts seem to support Arabic-language reports suggesting that the video depicting Hamdi Bouta's killing was filmed at the al-Shaer gas facility in Syria.

Additionally, these posts hint at the intricate social networks linking Apostol and others implicated in the incident to Russian separatist units active in Donbas before their involvement with EvroPolis in Syria. This heightened interest in Apostol as a key figure connected to Bouta's killing prompted our team to delve deeper into Apostol's digital footprint and virtual connections—an investigation that, as detailed below, provided valuable insights into the recruitment practices of Russian PMSCs.

InformNapalm Geolocation of Scene at al Jihar Gas Plant.

Person #5

Person #5 remains off camera for nearly all of the videos, stepping into the frame only occasionally. When he does step into the frame it is clear that he is wearing long-sleeves and that the left sleeve bears a white patch with Cyrillic writing and a smiling joker's face. It appears that he is functioning as a cameraman. His face is mostly covered with a kafiyah during the brief moment that the lens in trained on him.

A reverse image search of the patch leads to the website of a Krasnodar, Russia company called MidFort that sells gear for Russian Airsoft games enthusiasts and military apparel and accessories. The MidFort company website indicates the firm became an official dealer of tactical gear and uniforms for the Russian state in May 2016.119 A review of MidFort's Instagram account turns up a photo of the same joker patch worn by Person #5 in the video alongside several others, including an insignia patch for the ISIS Hunters group, a Syrian tactical group trained and equipped by Wagner Group operators that is part of the 5th Assault Corps.

MidFort Instagram post showing "Joker" patch worn by Person #5 and "ISIS Hunters" patch. Posted March 14, 2018.

Upon initial examination, this detail might initially provide circumstantial evidence linking the assailants to Wagner Group operators at best. However, as elaborated below, the discovery that numerous members of an Instagram account purportedly affiliated with Rusich liked and commented on similar patches has sparked new avenues of investigation. These findings further support existing reports placing the assailants, the victim, and the cameraman at the al-Shaer site in late spring 2017. Moreover, they suggest overlapping connections between Rusich members and individuals involved in the incident. Social network analysis of individuals following Rusich accounts on social media also highlights ties between Russian ultranationalists who fought in Ukraine and units associated with Russian PMSC contractors employed by EvroPolis in Syria, corroborating earlier reporting by Fontanka.

Implements & Weapons in the Video

The individuals use the MPL-50 entrenching tools (spades) to sever the victim's arms. This model has remained largely unchanged since the late nineteenth century, having been utilized by the Russian Empire and its successor states. Spetsnaz operators are generally trained to employ their entrenching tools as melee weapons, and various credible accounts from Russian sources suggest that Spetsnaz soldiers are instructed in using these tools for interrogation purposes during training. The presence of this tool suggests a connection to, but does not definitively confirm reports indicating that the perpetrators may be current or former members of the Russian military.

Two firearms are clearly visible in the videos. The first is a RPK-74 light machine gun. The furniture of the RPK-74 has been constructed from black polymer (as opposed to wood) since the model was introduced in 1974 as a primary squad automatic weapon for VDV spetsnaz paratroopers.122 Therefore, the weapon pictured here appears to be an older model.

RPK-74 rifle appearing in a video still.

The next weapon is the AK-74M assault rifle. The age and quality of these weapons is difficult to assess due to poor camera angle and manual paint coating.

All weapons observed are commonly used by different factions in the Syrian conflict. Hand-painting weapons is unusual among regular infantry units, suggesting the user on the right may have a background in special operations. However, the presence of these weapons at the scene does not imply specific information about the identities of the perpetrators.

The Incident Location

Three months after initial reports by Novaya Gazeta and Fontanka about the videos on February 21, 2019, a Vkontakte war blog claimed in a post that the Hayan Petroleum Company posted an image on its page showing a memorial to “Russian volunteers in the Syrian Arab Republic” and indicating that there were unconfirmed reports that the site was a “permanent location for the Wagner Group PMC fighters” (Figure 14).123 Comparison to satellite imagery (Figures 15 and 16) strongly suggests that the location of the monument is in a courtyard area near the entry way to Jihar gas facility, likely placing at least one of the Wagner Group contingents in the Hayan gas block area.

Vkontakte post from "War Never Changes" user blog post showing Wagner Group memorial statute at Hayan Petroleum Company gas plant, February 21, 2019.

Inner corridor area near the entry to the Hayan Jihar gas facility.

Satellite image overhead snapshot of the Jihar gas facility; Geocoordinates: 34.5346, 37.5642.

The comparison of a Rusich Instagram account post (Figure 17) of the Wagner Group memorial statue with those posted elsewhere on Vkontakte (Figure 14) and satellite imagery of the Jihar site on the Hayan Block (Figures 15 and 16) appears to support the assertion that Russian PMSC employees affiliated with both the Wagner Group and Rusich were stationed at Jihar in the Hayan block and not far from the al-Shaer gas field at some point after Syrian and Russian operators retook control of the site in the spring of 2017. It also would appear to corroborate prior reporting that Wagner Group operators and Russian-trained ISIS Hunters assisted in the recapture of the facilities in the Hayan Block area from ISIL in April 2017.124 A Facebook post on the Hayan Petroleum Company account that clearly shows before and after pictures of the Jihar gas plant, which also circulated among Vkontakte soldier of fortune accounts in 2017 and again in 2019.

Photo post from Rusich Instagram account showing statue honoring "Russian Volunteers" at the Hayan Petroleum Company's Jihar site

Screenshot of Hayan Petroleum Company Facebook post showing comparison of before and after satellite images of the Jihar gas facility

Vkontakte post by Russian defense reporter Diana Mikhailova from February 2017.

Zooming in on the Al-Shaer Compound

In late April 2020, Novaya Gazeta reporter Denis Korotkov published a story placing the scene of Bouta's killing at the al-Shaer gas facility.125 According to widespread media reports, ISIS fighters destroyed most of the main facility of al-Shaer in mid-May 2016.126 This destruction preceded a series of battles in the vicinity of the site in late 2016. As a result of the destruction, and the ongoing threat of enemy attack or vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (IEDs), it is likely that any semi-permanent base of operations would be set up outside the main compound. Analysis of satellite imagery of the site reveals a number of places that would potentially be suitable for perimeter defense. We analyzed image stills from the video of Bouta's murder (Video D) and determined that an outer perimeter fence appears to be visible from at least three angles.

Still image from Video D segment of the immolation of the mutilated body of Hamdi Bouta shows the perimeter fence in the background.

Since it would appear that a considerable portion of the structures in the center of the site remained relatively intact, the shots showing the perimeter fence suggest that part of the videotaped incident occurred in a corner of the al-Shaer site with a relatively unobstructed view of the outer area of the site. This would seem to corroborate Novaya Gazeta's claim in its April 2019 report that the men involved in the incident likely spiked the victim's head on a fence in the northwest quadrant of the al-Shaer area.

April 2019 examination of satellite images of the al-Shaer gas plant. Geocoordinates: 34.848916°, 37.892240°

Hamadi's cousin told BBCNews the family knew of his plans to desert his SAA unit in Homs. Last contact was on the day he deserted. Hamadi then went totally dark. "We've lost touch with him. Now we're getting news that he's held somewhere in a regime prison. Some middlemen are asking for money to check on his status. But there's been no evidence that he still exists".

Family thought he was kidnapped/murdered by IslamicState. A few days ago, someone showed them the Wagner footage.


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Who is the Victim?

José Rodolfo Belluci Botello, 19 years old, originally from Iguala, Guerrero, where it is said that he began his criminal career at the age of 15, when he was a high school student, was 'lifted up', tortured and dismembered by an armed group in the city from Cuernavaca, Morelos, the video of said confession and execution being broadcast.:marseyjalisco:



“Belluci”, due to his surname of Argentine origin, is related to multiple criminal acts in this city, from vehicle theft, assaults and armed robberies, residential robberies and others.:marseyrobber:

It is recalled that in July 2016, he escaped from an armed confrontation in the “Tamarindos” neighborhood, where it is said he had “his feeders.” That night, armed men allegedly arrived to execute him when he was in the company of several individuals drinking intoxicating drinks. However, at the time of the attack by the armed men, they repelled the attack and a prolonged shootout ensued that caused panic among the neighborhood.:marseyaaatremble:


From this shooting, Belluci was injured; However, he managed to recover from his injuries and it is believed that he continued his criminal career, since in statements from victims of different crimes, his physical descriptions corresponded to those of José Rodolfo.:marseyinjured:

He even participated in at least two other shootings, in which they clashed with rival groups and in which two of his accomplices lost their lives, while he managed to escape and it is presumed that that is why he emigrated to the state of Morelos, where he He joined a criminal group in which, in addition to the crimes already mentioned, he participated in extortion and other crimes typical of organized crime.:###marseynice:

Picture of him after surviving the attack::marseyinjured:

About The Video::marseytypinglaugh:

It was afternoon, Monday, when a video was circulated in various digital media in which the interrogation of an armed group of an individual bathed in blood was observed, who confessed his participation in several crimes such as car theft, assaults, extortions and others. Likewise, he gave the names of his bosses and accomplices, as well as the gang's mode of operation.:marseybatteredpat:

In two more videos, you can see the moment in which the victim, later identified as José Rodolfo Belluci, is beheaded and dismembered by the armed group, which at the same time warns that this is how all extortionists will remain.:marseyhead:

It is worth mentioning that last Friday night, the 8th of this year, at the Paso Expres on Vicente Guerrero Avenue, in the “Las Maravillas” neighborhood of the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos, a human body was found, without the head or legs. extremities.:marseybeheaded:

And a few hours later, early Saturday morning, a human head was found along with some genitals in the “Bella Vista” neighborhood of the same city, a few blocks from the Attorney General's Office of the State of Morelos.:marseybeheadedhead:


Along with these remains, some cardboard with the following messages was found:

"Mr. Commissioner, given that your team has not worked and on the contrary all they do is receive money from all criminal groups, here we give you the clue of one of the groups that are extorting and stealing cars in the city.":marseysteergenocide::!marseyrobber:

“The name of the head of this organization is Martin García Arroyo, alias El Pillo Alexis Daniel alias the boy and this garbage Beyusi, his main collaborators who plan the robberies and extortions are Oscar Muñoz Sierra, alias El Negro and Payan Rivas Saldivar alias El Rayan , who handle all vehicle theft and extortion from the prison, are also responsible for the death of businessman Carlos Erick Luna Tagle, as well as many others.”:marseypop2:

“For not making the payment for the apartment Misael Domínguez Ariza alias El Miza, you continue your Dog like this they are going to end up a bunch of filth just like their fucking bosses Los Fobias, shit greetings Juanito we are already close Fucking Colombians let's grab and pay the apartment to Frank alias the XL is how they are going to end up fucking.”:marseyflagcolombia:

Finally the message says: “The commander with the Fenix code receives money from them and connects the commanders, a message to the vehicle recovery groups, here I have your fucking data and everyone who receives the fair will soon hear from us assholes Daniel “Hernández Manzilla and fucking Magaña.” He finishes the message.:marseyreading:

The human remains were lifted and sent to the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) of that entity, as unknown.:marseyvaxmaxx:

Later, the relatives of the popular Belluci attended, who despite his young age had a long criminal record that led him to lose his life in this way.:###wolfvictory:

Mayengg03 tiktok beheading:

On June 4, 2019 , the video was distributed by user Mayengg03. In the video, a video of a girl dancing to the song Dick by starboy3 appears for 3 seconds, and then a video of a beheading appears for 1 minute without any mosaic.:###parrotwitnessprotection:

TikTok Beheading::marseybacktotiktok:

The girl in the video is a Filipino named Onga and is different from the person in the second video. She is 17 years old and she was 13 or 14 years old when she filmed the video.:marseyflagphillipines::!marseynominers:


The video remained on TikTok for two years, avoiding the AI security system, and the video spread so rapidly that several social media users warned them not to watch the video.:marseyredflag2:

She originally posted the video on a site called Likee:marseydownvote:

She said she saw the video around the end of 2022 and that her mother was also contacted after the video was circulated around the school. Because of this, the girl suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety , and even had nightmares about her. She even contacted the family of the man seen in the beheading video.:marseyveryworried:

TikTok later deleted the video and released an apology.



The end:marseymariachi:

These Mexican Are Brutal.

:#marseyflagmexicopat: 2019

Enjoy My Posts!:marseydance::marseybeheading:

@hercule-poirot @G-tix



Rorochan_1999 was the online alias of a 14-year-old Japanese girl from Ōmihachiman who committed suicide by jumping off her apartment balcony while live-streaming on the night of November 24, 2013. She was a live streamer known for seeking attention and doing dangerous stunts, mainly standing on the edge of her roof and running across busy roads. [Screamer Wiki]

Interestingly, Rorochan streamed her live events with explicit titles like "Erotic Menhera Virgin, 3rd year of junior high school." "Menhera" is an Asian slang term for people who struggle with mental health concerns; most of them are girls. These books drew a nefarious following.

Here are some videos of Roro just chillin

She was also a piano player, she even played piano in one of her streams

And here's two videos of her singing (she wasn't a good singer, but I mean, she was being happy, so good for her)

Another video of her singing/playing/talking

For some edgy reasons, people sometimes used to being mean to Roro in her streams, that's why she sometimes cried on livestream

She was started to getting bullied cuz she wasn't showing her face, so she did a "face reveal" (thumbnail + image below)

Although she aimed to keep her face hidden, there were instances where her face was unintentionally revealed through recording devices. In these moments, Rorochan would react with disoriented ramblings, apologizing to her viewers and urging them to forget what they had seen, despite the blurred and minimal visibility of her face.

So it happened, the date was November 24th 2013, Rorochan's final livestream...

Unfortunately, Rorochan went to her 13th-floor apartment balcony during her last live stream, interacted with the camera, and thought that leaping off the balcony would make her a "legendary" person. While some viewers tried to talk her out of it, others supported her. She unfortunately leaped from the roof while filming, and people who were there reportedly heard her cry as she fell. According to reports, she did not suffer injuries right away; instead, she passed away in the hospital from them later. Only a GIF of her fall was available after the original live stream was lost. The whole live stream, complete with audio, was found on September 14, 2020. (video below/jump at 2:30)

Footage of Roro's Apartment from Biwako's line train in Ichibankan:

Some of Roro's things you can still have touch with is her Twitter account. Even now, one may still access her Twitter account, where she mostly posts succinct messages. November 23, 2013 was the date of her last tweet: "fast time". Before her webcast and suicide went viral in Japan and the US, she was comparatively unknown on the internet. The first people to reply to her tweets appeared to be classmates.

Roro's Twitter Account:

(I used to have Roro's Nico Nico Video Account, but they erased it)



First of all I wanted to give a little more context about what I mean about parade (Show off)

The Oruro Carnival is one of the most important celebrations in Bolivia, declared Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001. It has roots in the indigenous traditions of the Urus, fused with Catholicism during Spanish colonization.

Elements and Main Characters

1. The Virgin of Socavón: Patroness of miners and central figure of the carnival.

2. Diablada: Emblematic dance that represents the fight between good and evil, with dancers dressed as devils and angels.

3. Morenada: Dance that represents the slavery of black people brought to work in the mines, with luxurious costumes and cartoonish masks.

4. Other Dances: Includes Caporales, Tobas, Tinkus, among others, which reflect the cultural diversity of Bolivia.

The entrance

The main event of the carnival is "La Entrada", a parade of more than 48 dance groups that travel approximately four kilometers to the Santuario del Socavón. This parade lasts more than 20 hours and has the participation of thousands of dancers and musicians. Each dance group presents elaborate choreographies and costumes, which have been prepared throughout the year.


Given this context about the Oruro carnival, let's go with what happened itself. This happened on 02/11/2018 in Oruro, a city of only 548,500 inhabitants, but during the carnival its population increases to more and no less than 348 thousand spectators, which implies an increase of 227%. compared to other years when there were 153 thousand spectators.

The explosion occurred exactly on Army Avenue and Rajka Bakovic between 6:30pm The shock wave was felt 3 blocks around, so strong was the explosion that all the windows of the houses were broken., the explosion was caused by a failure in the nozzle of a gas tank that was being used by a woman who was selling fried pork (Chicharon)

This is what the street where all this happened looks like on a normal day

and this is what the street looked like on the day of the explosion

Other versions of the fact mention that the explosion occurred due to poor manipulation of the gas tank by the woman and that near the gas leak that caused the poor handling, boiling oil was found

According to reports, this was the position in which the victims were before the explosion.

, Another version that had more relevance was that in reality it was an attack carried out by two or more people of Peruvian nationality that was supported by witnesses who saw and heard these same two people arguing where they said, What did you just do stupid? According to this version, the explosion was caused by gel dynamite that is manufactured in Bolivia, but after so much time nothing is known, even without more to say, here is the video of surveillance cameras that recorded the exact moment of the explosion.


In the explosion eight people died and at least 47 were injured where 4 of the victims were children, the unfortunate thing is that as it was a very busy area the ambulances took two hours to arrive and people could only wrap the victims in blankets to help in some way, only came a freelance reporter who had the first images that I will soon caption.

Translation of what the reporter says:Well dear friends who follow us through social networks we are going to tell you about a tragedy that has just occurred minutes ago there has been an explosion we do not know exactly what kind of explosion was the one that caused the destruction in this place there are several epoticis that the police are handling what gives a sadness is to see some children who are injured and others who lost their lives there are many people who lost their lives at this moment police personnel are trying to find out the place or the cause where the explosion originated. at this moment police personnel are trying to find out the place or the cause of the explosion several units are trying to look for the remains of the severed people and the cordoning of the place at this moment we did not find in the avenue of the army where many people are looking for their families or what is left and the unfortunate thing was that it was difficult to access this section since it is full of merchants as you can see where all the stalls around the area are located.

Chronologically after a woman recorded this video

In this video you can see all the victims of the event as children and adults

Chronologically, this interview was recorded with another woman who was nearby who was saved from the explosion.*

Translation=I ran away thinking that the explosion was from the light post, I ran away with wawa (This is what is affectionately called to a son or grandson in this case granddaughter) When I looked at the girl I thought she was my granddaughter and she wasn't , her face looked like it was blooming (Refers to a large wound on her face) and she also no longer had her foot and her arm had wounds, no one wanted to help me, I wanted help for the girl, look, I was saved , Because I am a Christian, I have been saved. Did you see how the beer stand turned out? I have been saved and I thank God

This is another video from the same reporter where he interviews another survivor of the event*


Reporter: Here we are still in the area of the event. We are going to talk to some people who were here at the scene. Did you see an injured person or a victim???

Lady: If an explosion affected my mother, I thought it was my older sister but it was my mother. Over there I saw a lady without legs or arms. Later, I saw a girl without an arm and her leg was hanging. This is because of the mayor. We settled in such small places if they had let us sell as we would have been calm in years past, this would not have happened, a young man there was washing his face and his eye came out. I would have seen that young man. It was a shame. I got scared because he was with My little niece all I did was watch.

Reporter: Did you also see something???

Woman 2: Yes, I was in front with my daughter and when it exploded everything turned black, the explosion threw me on top of the floorboards and my daughter under the floorboards, then I went to pick up my daughter who was bleeding.

Woman 3: Good afternoon, you know what? I directly accuse the mayor, if you are seeing me, all the blame is on you, you put us in this mousetrap, since your administration promised many things, we signed the papers to create thousands of unions and we are allowed to fight between unions (With unions, refers to the different sectors that would sell different types of food), and now look at the stalls, so many people have died, Mr. Mayor, where is the viability? Where is the group that was working since last night? Now we merchants are not going to stay silent, we are in mourning and this is not going to stay like this.

Reporter: Well, it's a shame what happened. We don't know if it was a bottle or an attack. The command specialized in explosives is already approaching and is assessing whether it was an attack. We can assure you that the range of the explosion was one block away, which affected posts and the houses around in a few moments there will be a press conference where the list of deceased and injured will be given. At any time we will give you more information and the department of Oruro is now in mourning.

This is the press conference that the reporter speaks


Good evening, this event happened due to the poor handling of a bottle and the contact with oil and the wear of the hose that caused the leak with an explosion of more than 50 meters that caused the death of 4 children and 2 adults confirmed now we will give the list of 15 injured

Yampara Colque: 22 years old

Felipe Carreon: 26 years old

Carla Molina: 38 years old

Romero Ayma: 39 years old

Paola Michel:20 years old facial trauma

Maria Mercedes: 21 years old multiple contusion wound and nasal wound in the left molar region

German Fernandez: 10 years old multiple contusion wounds and lacerations on the left leg

Gregorio Ramirez: 51 years old with multiple lacerations

Elizabeth Fernandez: 21 years old with multiple lacerations

Rosemary Tapia: 16 years old Multiple contusion wounds

Erwin Villegas: 43 years old multiple contusion injuries

Andres Guzman: 25 years old multiple contusion injuries

Teresa Mamani: 47 years old multiple contusion injuries

Milena Huarachi: 41 years old multiple contusion injuries with a wound in the right upper limb

Police: Is there anyone else? We have another list from another clinic that I am going to read out. I want our friends from the press to spread the names to the population so that their relatives can come and see them at this hospital.

Filemon Mamani: 44 years old

Jose Luis: 25 years

Kenny Rafael, 22 years old

Ronald Calle, 26 years old

Here the reporter comes back talking to a passerby who saved a life


In the video we can see the exact place where the explosion happened

Passerby: Well, I was two blocks from the event where thanks to the explosion there were multiple traumatic, polytraumatized and mutilated victims and the death of 6 confirmed people and three people who died here as well as there were mutilated children. I can only say that they train their doctors. And police, I come from Santa Cruz, I love this land and I remind you of what happened recently with the platform.


Extra information

Two years before there was another tragedy where a walkway collapsed because the walkway was only for walking, but since there was a better view there, many people stood watching from there and could not bear the weight and collapsed.

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST The Gwangju Uprising [reupload, more info + colourised pictures]

>Background Story:

Choi Kyu-ha

On October 26, 1979, there was an assassination attempt on the current ruling dictator Park Chung-hee in South Korea. Prime Minister Choi Kyu-ha then took over from him. Despite this, South Korea was still under army rule when Major General Chun Doo-hwan took over as head of KCIA on December 12, 1979, thereby assuming full control.

But there was so much resistance against him that on May 15, 1980, almost 100,000 students took to the streets of Seoul and demonstrated. They demanded the resignation of Choi and Chun, a change to martial law, and the immediate abolition of the Yushin Constitution. A vote in parliament was supposed to take place on May 20, 1980, to talk and discuss the current situation, but unfortunately this never happened.

Chun Doo-hwan

On May 17, 1980, Major General Chun Doo-hwan declared a state of emergency and tightened martial law, which he simultaneously extended to the entire country. All universities were closed, all national assemblies and political activities were banned, and 26 politicians were arrested.

In December 1979, during the Chun uprising, the USA was calm and neutral, even though the US government had the authority to give orders to the Korean army and could have prevented worse things from happening. In addition, the USA did not actually want Park Chung-hee to be in power, but they did not want to help South Korea become a democratic country.

But the second uprising and thus the rise of Major General Chun was completely supported and endorsed by the USA. Without the USA, Chun would not have been able to give orders to the army. But the USA was not the only country that helped Major General Chun, Japan also helped with information and the army. Both were also involved during the massacre.

>18. May 1980 - 27. May 1980:

Kim Dae-jung

18 May:

After the arrest of politician Kim Dae-jung was announced, over 600 students from a university in Gwangju gathered in the morning and demonstrated in the streets. They demanded the lifting of the state of emergency and the immediate release of Kim Dae-jung. The students were quickly supported by residents of the city who went on a sit-down strike.

Soon the peaceful demonstration was disrupted by the military, who tried to force people to leave. Some of the protesters then threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the soldiers to fight back. This only made the whole situation uncontrollable even faster and the military then became very brutal. They did not care who was in front of them, it was as if the soldiers were losing all their humanity, they were so violent.

19 May:

An even larger demonstration took place in the city, made up of people from all walks of life. In addition, bus and taxi drivers drove through the streets in a long, slow line, honking their horns to weaken the military. Nevertheless, there were increased conflicts between the military and the people. The soldiers used tear gas, batons and bayonets. Some of the demonstrators again threw stones and Molotov cocktails in defense.

20 May:

In the evening, around 100,000 people from the city of Gwangju were in front of the city's government building. In addition, almost 10 buses and over 200 taxis were on the main road to show their protest. Unfortunately, the whole situation escalated during the night when the demonstrators started setting cars on fire and moving threateningly towards the military. The soldiers had no other option than to use their weapons and shoot. Some ministers in Seoul resigned from the government at this time as a sign of protest.

21 May:

Many people were angry with the military and their actions of the last few days. So they started robbing the police and the military and armed themselves. The inhabitants of the city of Gwangju formed a real army and occupied a radio station, a few government buildings and equipped vehicles with weapons. So that day over 200,000 inhabitants faced the military and fought for their rights and freedom.

The government then organised buses to get hold of new weapons. They had to stop the uprising. When it calmed down around midday, as the people were celebrating Buddha's birthday with singing, the military attacked them. Soldiers shot at the crowd at random and injured over 500 people. But the demonstrators were stronger and had the city under their control again by the evening.

22 May:

Now there were demonstrations and conflicts in over 20 other cities.

23 May:

US General Wickham asked South Korea for support with his army.

24 May:

The inhabitants of the city of Gwangju stated that Gwangju had now been liberated by them.

25 May:

The military erected a kind of border around the centre of the city of Gwangju.

26. May:

The Gwangju City Citizens' Committee began negotiations with some military officers.

May 27:

In the early hours of the morning, an army of over 20,000 soldiers, paratroopers and tanks stormed the city to put an end to the uprising. Unfortunately, this ended in a major bloodbath.


The students from South Korea, who made up the majority of the protesters, are very attached to their country and therefore do not agree with the Americanization of the country. For this reason, they were always under observation by the police and the secret service.

The majority of the country's Catholics also lived in Gwangju at the time, and their role model was Kim Dae-jung, who had many conflicts with the government. This brought together the most diverse people and created perfect unity in this situation.

Major General Chun Doo-hwan was appointed president in February 1981 after Choi Kyu-ha resigned the previous year. Chun remained in office until 1988, during which time the results were processed and calm returned.

Kim Dae-jung became president in 1998 and remained in office until 2003.

During the days of the massacre, almost 3,500 people lost their lives. Today, the victims can be visited at the May 18th National Cemetery.

>Sources: Reddit, Wikipedia & Google

This version has more information and I also colourised most of the pictures who were black and white before.

I hope you like it!

EFFORTPOST Owen hart falling accident effortpost

Owen hart born May 7, 1965 was a Canadian born wrestler that worked for several promotions including Stampede Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling(NJPW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and most notably, the World Wrestling Federation(WWF). A member of the Hart wrestling family. known best in the ring for his rivalries against stone cold steve austin, he was a greatly loved person in the WWF

Over the edge ppv event

Originally presented LIVE on Pay-Per-View on May 23rd, 1999, from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler are at ringside to call all the action

When Owen Hart was to challenge The Godfather for the WWF Intercontinental Championship,

he was performing as the Blue Blazer. The character, originally used by Hart in the late 1980s, had recently been revived as a superhero gimmick that parodied various wrestlers. At Over the Edge, Hart was to emulate WCW wrestler Sting's ring entrance by descending from the arena rafters in a suspended harness, stopping a few feet above the floor, at which point the suspension mechanism would "malfunction" and drop him..

owen harts last photo as he enters the arena

unceremoniously onto the ring.The entrance was successfully tested on the November 15, 1998 episode of Sunday Night Heat (that year's Survivor Series pre-show) using a different harness configuration ;however, during his descent at Over the Edge, a cable disengaged from the safety vest he wore, and he fell more than 70 feet (21 m) from the rafters into the ring. As he fell, he landed chest-first on the top rope.

witness accounts from the night:

“although it was dark there was just enough light from the titantron to see part of Owens fall, they heard someone yelling “MOVE, GET OUT THE WAY!!!” Looked into the direction they heard it from seen a fast blur, saw his chest hit the turn buckle and landed so hard on the mat he bounced off of it and some dust from underneath the ring came up, then Owen tried to sit up but could only do a really bad curl up before collapsing, and turning blue.

The Lights Were Out During The Fall - His fall happened during a promo for his upcoming IC title match with The Godfather, and while I have no trouble believing the WWF/E has multiple cameras all over the place it would've been difficult at best to capture it. They would've had to expect him to fall in the first place, and who can expect a freak accident?

JR was given the news Owen had passed away RIGHT before he had to announce and address what happened to those viewing the PPV from home or somewhere

the ref in the ring was just clearing out debris from the hardcore match that just took place, he had his hand on the rope until the rope violently moved and bounced ripping from his hand, he felt Owens cape hit him, he had no idea what happened till someone told him.

WWF continued the show Owen died of blunt force trauma, there was no visible blood, only internal bleeding.

owen hart last footage-

dwayne the rock on the night owen passed-

vince on the situation-

sad undertaker. why did they continue the show

Three weeks after Owen's death, Hart launched a wrongful death lawsuit against the WWF by the help of aviation lawyer Gary C. Robb; she included her children and Owen's parents on the lawsuit, which was settled out of court for approximately $18 million on November 2, 2000.

Footage of the fall:

Kevin Kelly affirmed that footage of Owen's fall and the Darren Droz paralyzed incident are in the heavily locked footage archives. They are sealed shut with a label that reads “Never to view, duplicate, or destroy.”

To expand on the Owen footage. It was captured by 2 cameras. 1 that is a steadycam in the crowd and is always on the ring. The 2nd was a handheld that was propped up by the cameraman at the entrance isle loosely focused at the roof ready to capture his planned entrance.

The footage was surrendered to police for the investigation. Martha Hart was given the footage as it was shown in court during his wrongful death lawsuit trial.

I can speculate that the footage copied one for Martha and then returned to WWE. It's never said but can be gathered she destroyed the footage and WWE locked it away for legal reasons.

There is NO leaked footage of it on the net or anywhere, and there never was. Once Kevin Dunn (in the production trailer) was told Owen fell he immediately had the cameras focus on the crowd. This was all done by the end of the promo that was playing on the titantron and airing live.

In 2024 AEW President Tony Khan called Martha Hart ahead of the spot to have permission to do the rafters enterance with sting years later. Sting had largely stayed away from the rafter entrance since Owen Hart's unfortunate passing in 1999

EFFORTPOST Self-Harm for Attention - The Case of Kelly Ronahan - A Write-Up

First part of this post will be mostly backstory, second part contains many photos and videos of her.

Self Harm only for Attention

Early life

We know very little about Kelly's upbringing, as her parents, date of birth, and early life remain a mystery to the public.

In contrast, we know that Ronahan has a twin sister named Gina, but it's unclear if the two were close growing up or what their relationship is now.

After graduating from Okanagan College, Kelly began her career as a ballet dancer and trainer.

For most of her adult life, Ronahan maintained a low profile. However, this would all change in 2014.

Kelly's story became a sensation when she shared a TikTok video in 2014 discussing her mysterious sickness.

She needed a blood transfusion every week to keep her rare blood condition in check. Ronahan explained that her condition was due to both multiple sclerosis and a uterine fibroid, which required her to undergo frequent blood transfusions to maintain her health. Without these treatments, she would suffer from organ failure and could die within four to six weeks.

She also mentioned that a hysterectomy was necessary to address the problem. However, there was no concrete evidence to support her assertions. Moreover, even the medical community was puzzled by the sudden drop in her hemoglobin levels.

This situation sparked a lot of discussion on social media. Some showed support for Ronahan, offering their sympathy and condolences. On the other hand, a few people suspected that Kelly had intentionally caused her illness for publicity. They believed she was exaggerating her symptoms to get attention.

This speculation continued for years, with no definitive answers about the true nature of her condition. By 2016, Kelly had received over 95 liters of blood from 55 donors, which amounted to about three blood bags every two weeks, largely from her followers on social media.

Her worsening conditions

Despite receiving frequent blood transfusions, Ronahan's health continued to deteriorate, rather than improve. This unfortunate situation meant she had to give up her career in ballet dancing and training.

During this period, Kelly would update her followers on her Instagram account about her health status. With each update, the online community of Ronahan's former dance peers would offer their support and best wishes.

This support was cut short in July 2016 when Ronahan was hospitalized due to experiencing seizures. This led her online supporters to coordinate a blood drive aimed at her recovery. Yet, Kelly didn't stay in the hospital for long. After some time in intensive care, the medical team suspected she was faking her seizures. Consequently, they quickly released her.

The controversy starts

Despite losing some fans due to the news of Kelly's avoidable hospitalization, the general public remained firmly in her corner.

In the beginning of 2017, Ronahan made the assertion that her port had been experiencing inflammation for an extended period, resulting in sepsis. However, this revelation was not the most astonishing aspect of her narrative. Amidst her battle against sepsis, Kelly bravely opened up about her previous battle with an eating disorder, shedding light on her fixation on physical fitness. In addition to that, she confessed to engaging in self-harm prior to her illness. This revelation sparked intense division among people.

Kelly received varying levels of support, with some showing even greater backing, while others started to question her intentions and mental state.

In April 2017, Ronahan returned to the hospital for reasons that were not clearly stated. However, the medical professionals requested a blood sample from her.

After conducting additional examinations, healthcare experts ascertained that Kelly's hemoglobin levels had returned to their usual state. As a result, numerous speculations emerged regarding the dancer's potential fabrication of her illness.

However, she refuted these allegations and alleged that the doctors were plotting against her. It was at this point that she disclosed her diagnosis of Behcet's disease, an uncommon blood disorder.

In 2018, doctors made the decision to remove her port, as they determined that she would no longer require any additional blood transfusions.

Following the removal of her port, Kelly experienced swelling and blisters on her feet approximately one month later. Despite conducting thorough medical tests, the doctors were unable to identify the exact cause of these symptoms.

Furthermore, a small number of healthcare professionals have reported that Kelly consistently aggravates her blisters by incessantly picking at them, exacerbating their condition.

The widespread belief among the general population was that Ronahan was afflicted with Munchausen syndrome, a condition wherein individuals feign illness in order to attract greater amounts of attention.

Following a period of apparent improvement, Kelly's condition took a turn for the worse once she resumed picking at her wounds, necessitating an immediate return to the hospital.

Over the course of time, Ronahan started expressing concerns about the diminishing sensation in her legs and ankles.

Concerns arose among medical professionals regarding potential nerve damage and impaired blood circulation, leading them to suggest the need for a leg amputation.

Subsequently, Kelly gradually withdrew from the public spotlight and minimized her activity on social media platforms.

2020, her doctor won't give her pain meds because doc's worried she'll make the problem worse if she can't feel her legs. Through the year, she describes her reluctance and difficulty to find in person care. As the year progresses, she seems to have less and less mobility. She describes that the muscles and tendons are not growing back and she can only walk very short distances.

February 2021 she seems to be doing really not well. She describes having a huge fear of medical procedures and being in a huge amount of pain. She meets with plastic surgeons, but in the account there is no description of the results. She ends with a few upbeat posts, concluding in an April post that she's getting better every day, which only makes what happened to her more heartbreaking.

Over the following years her legs were rotting away by her own hand. She would pick away at forming scab over and over again. In the end both her legs had to be amputated.

Münchhausen by Internet

Münchausen by Internet is a special form of the Münchhausen syndrome. It involves individuals who are physically healthy fabricating recognized illnesses in online settings, such as support groups. Individuals intentionally fake symptoms of different diseases for attention.

For the impatient here is a time lapse of all the videos and photos in this post

What follows is a big photo and video dump of her actively chipping away at her own legs.


[2019] ]



[Her as an amputee]

There were pictures of her legs where you could really see through them, but I'm unfortunately not able to find them... even with the Way-Back-Mashine.

So sorry that's all we got... -_-


Her Istagram

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EFFORTPOST 2022 Bratislava Gay Bar Shooting

On the date of October 12, 2022, a mass shooting occured at the Teplaren gay bar/cafe in the city of Bratislava, Slovakia. 2 people, Juraj Vankulic, a non-binary person, and Matus Horvath, a bisexual man were fatally shot in the attack, along with the perpetrator, Juraj Krajcik, who shot himself at a nearby park after the shooting. The shooter was inspired by many other right-wing/far-right mass shooters and terrorists such as Brenton Tarrant, perpetrator of the Christchurch Mosque Shootings, and Anders Breivik, perpetrator of the 2011 Oslo Bombings and Shootings. Afterwards, the mayor of Bratislava, Matus Vallo, and the Slovakian President, Zuzana Caputova condemned the tInvestigations forwarded after the shooting classified it as a “terrorist act” and found out the many of the shooters former, yet primary attacks, included politicians and high-ranking individuals stated in his manifesto.


Selfie taken by the shooter about 1 month and 28 days before the attack on August 15 at the bar.

Juraj Krajčik, (born on July, 28, 2003, died on October 13, 2022) was the perpetrator of the mass shooting. I cannot find any details on his early life, so we'll use his manifesto as a source for it. (Click the blue link for full manifesto). (We like reading manifestos anyway, right?) Juraj had a few “ups and downs”, experiencing what he claimed to be “depression” but with “happiness and joy”. The same went with his educational life, and Juraj even switched middle/secondary schools because of bullying, yet as he matured, he realized it was because he “was a pussy that couldn't handle jokes made by his peers” as he stated it. Juraj also had unrestricted internet access, which led to him engaging in many online fights and debates. He was exposed to right-wing content as young as 11, and would go on to debate “Atheism vs. Religion” and believe not, “Minecraft vs. Roblox” debates :marseyxd: Most of it consisted of him spewing random insults.

Juraj also claimed Atheism to be his first “political” stance because of how his family abandoned Christianity due to Juraj's decision, somehow. A few years later in 2016, he would go on to support Donald Trump when he was 13, and admired him and his presidency only because of conservative memes he found on 4chan and YouTube. These memes also led to him having a dislike in all religions, especially Islam at the time while Trump made many anti-Islamic remarks in his campaigns. Later on, he refers to this opinion as “politically incorrect” yet while sticking to his hate on Islam. His support for Trump ended in 2017 as he entered High School.

“About Me” section of the manifesto

From 2017-2019, he would go through that “teenage phase” where he'd be in all sorts of ideologies and political parties of his interest, such as Communism, Socialism, and National Socialism. He supported past shooters like Elliot Rodger, and had interest in Mens Rights movements. Some things he regretted supporting were gun control and some aspects of Liberal Politics. Funnier enough, he was a BRONY FOR A WEEK :marseylaughpoundfist: and frequented a MLP Forum in 2015, in where he'd share his interests in My Little Pony. He referred to that younger version of himself as a “ponystrag”. (Lol) He was also a member of the TCC, or what he would refer it to as true crime content instead of community. Thats what also led to him and his first reaction to the Christchurch massacre.

Juraj's father, Juraj Krajčík Senior, stood for a far-right political party called the "Vlast', Homeland "in the 2020 parliamentary election and received a miserable, funny 239 votes. His party failed to win any seats for the election.

Juraj describes the experience of hearing about Tarrant and his actions, and his experience of the livestream; “video-game-like” view of it.

Juraj also quoted many other shooters, such as the Poway Synagogue Shooter with anti-Jewish views. (failure), Anders Behring Breivik with anti-immigration views, Patrick Crucius, the El Paso anti-Hispanic Walmart Shooter, and finally, the Buffalo Shooter with anti-Black views.

Photo Dump of Memes/Discord/MLP Forums, etc.

Conspiracy memes on the US/European Governments

Posts and comments made on a MLP Forum (unknown) under the username prism55. He was 11 at the time of surfing the forum. All posts/comments were made on the same day.

Some of his Discord messages, from 2018 to 2022.


Twitter PFP (weeeeeeeeb!)

Some Twitter posts of him, with 2nd-To-Last being a timeline of attacks stemmed from the Christchurch Mosque Shootings and the last being an El Paso Walmart shooting meme.


On October 12, 2022, Juraj stole a .45 ACP Caliber handgun from his father (who had a collection of multiple firearms, including a shotgun as seen on his discord post/going to the range w/ his dad) and traveled on foot to the Teplaren LGBT Bar armed. He proceeded to hide in a corridor for a few minutes before firing the first shots. Here is a timeline of the events. I also had to convert the times for my American EP Viewers so yall understand when it went down :marseythumbsup:

18:35 CEST/6:35 PM: The attacker, Juraj Krajcik, dressed in all black, arrived at the crime scene. He then hid in an alcove coriddor next to Tepláreň, a gay bar in Bratislava, Slovakia. He stood there for a few minutes as seen in the CCTV i'm about to show you. Before all this, he left a "suicide note" at his family's home, as seen below.

19:11 CEST/7:11 PM: The shooter moved out of the alcove and fired a total of 8 shots, first striking another victim, who was unironically named "Juraj" Vankulič, and then proceeded to move into the entrance of the bar, killing Matúš Horváth, and wounding another unknown person inside the bar.

Bottom Victim: Juraj Vankulic, Top Victim: Matus Horvath. Both have blood going down the curb from multiple gunshot wounds.

19:16 CEST/7:16 PM: First responders arrived at the scene. They reported two people dead, and a third victim was transported to a hospital in stable condition.

19:48 CEST/7:48 PM: Police reported the shooting on social media, and told the local public and streets near Teplaren to stay vigilant of a man in black clothing and a black baseball cap.

Between 20:00 and 22:00 CEST/8:00 to 10:00 PM: The shooter returned home, shitposted on 4chan and 8chan, about the attack/bragged about his actions, informed his parents of the act, and got into an argument with them. This lead to him switching the firearm to another unknown firearm before changing clothes to a gray sweater and leaving.

Note to /pol/ board of 4chan written perhaps after the attack, at home.

22:30 CEST/10:30 PM: The police identified the perpetrator as Juraj Krajčík.

22:57 CEST/10:57 PM: Krajčík messaged his father that they "will see each other on the other side". As an implication to his suicide.

13 October 2022 (Next day), 05:15 CEST: The police received the location of the shooter's phone, provided by the Juraj's mobile service provider, which showed his WiFI connection and Location.

Around 07:00 CEST: The attacker was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a Bratislava park with said firearm he switched out.

Juraj dead at the park he killed himself in, unspecified and undisclosed by the feds, somehow.

Crime Scene Photos

Juraj Vankulic's body covered with a blue body bag and a (barricade)?

"Aerial" View of the scene, more from a balcony.

Body bag seen at the bottom-right corner.

Better view of previous image.

Police unit car barricading a road that passes through the Teplaren bar.

Reactions to the shooting/Condemnations

The attack was condemned by a handful of politicians, including mayor of Bratislava Matus Vallo. President of Slovakia Zuzana Caputova pointed out the likely hateful motive of the act and stated that this hatred towards minorities, Jews and LGBT+ had been fueled for a long time by "the stupid and irresponsible statements of politicians," whom she called on to stop hateful rhetoric "before more lives are lost". A few politicians advocated for gun control, which were never met (luckily) A rainbow flag was raised in solidarity with the LGBT community at the Grassalkovich palace, which is basically a palace and house of Zuzana Caputova/President of Slovakia.

Prime Minister Eduard Heger condemned the attack and said "It is unacceptable that anyone should fear for their life because of their way of life..." He later apologized for describing one's sexual orientation this way and stated support for the LGBT community.

The administrator of Comenius University in Bratislava, Marek Stevcek issued a press release informing that a student of the Faculty of Arts, Matúš Horváth (who was a student of their arts program), was one of the two victims of the shooting. The rector condemned the killing and called for the entire society to unite against hate and discrimination against homophobia, and anti-semitism. The Faculty of Arts installed the rainbow flag on its building as a sign of its solidarity with those lives lost, specifically, Matus Horvath.

Outside of Slovakia, foreign state and political representatives such as the Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala expressed his condolences to the survivors of the victims. The Czech Minister of the Interior, Vit Rakusan, added that there is no place in a decent society "for unjustified discrimination of gay people". President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen expressed her condolences and added that "We have to protect the LGBT community".

Teplaren Bar, Today Taken by a Redditor who went to visit.

Memorial to the 2, Juraj and Matus.

in 2004 had took place in first civil attack on shiaa and this attack was 5 bombs,

Explosions distributed between shrines of imam al-hussain and imam al-kaddham (a.s)

that day was in mar 1 2004 and every muslim know how holy this day is in shiaa was millions of shittes doing the shitte habits in that day, so abu musab al-zarqawai sent two soilders from bridges of al-twahid and jihad they were boombed as well after those two persons entered the shittes plasces have boombed themselfes (this is abu musab al-zarwai by the way)

which lead to kill more than 275 person that day and injured more than 700 another person (and this is counted the first civil strike to the shiaa)

so ," that abu musab al zarqwai had did that attack, why do we call it civil? why not terriosim? " we will find that answear from a meassage from osama bin ladin to abu musab says abu musab: "if we sucssed in bring them (who's shiaa) to the civil war , we will be able to wake sunna up so they will feel the always-danger feel and nearly execution by them shittes al rawafid" what meant in this message is very very obvius

part 1

who is abu musab?

In 1966, in the small Jordanian village of Maousma, a child named Ahmed Fadhil Nizal Al-Khalih was born. He grew up in a simple and peaceful family. His father was a member of the Jordanian army, and his mother took care of their children—seven daughters and Ahmed, the only boy. Ahmed dreamed of attending military college to become a police officer, like his father. However, in poor villages, dreams often remain just that. When Ahmed was still in high school, his father passed away. As the only boy among his seven sisters, Ahmed had to drop out of school to work and support his family.

he got a job as janitor in year of 1983 and after only one year (1984) he went to the forcefully military AKA "protection the flag" after he completed his job (1986) he returned to his regular job as janitor again, this job was'nt enough to support himself and his family to pay all things he was required to buy for his family only for his rent so he was always looking for another job but unfortunlly no one wanted him, as person who lives in al-zarqa and needs money he was forced to went for a way, crime way ,because the enviroment was so welcomed to do such activites, groups of crimers were everywhere in al-maousma so ahmed started his criminal way , his crime starts was very simple, he was a roadblocker taking every walking guy money forcefully and then leave him, he was foucing only on money , he didnt want to go any further , he was just waiting to get any job but ahmed didnt find anything, so he started devloping he is criminal ways slowly , he were a hitman , then he went to drugs and becamed drug dealer and use it, then he starts selling weapons , he was lawyed as killing attemptes , till ahmed became a big dog between the criminals and civillans , that thing made alot of suspicious about him ,and we all know this gang shit always ends up with 2ways, died on in pirson so ahmed ended up as prisoner after the joradni police captured him

part 2

>transfromation from ahmed fadhil to abu musab al zarqwai

he became relligous at the jail in some way, let me tell you, when ahmed have entered the jail and was about to serve 3 years he only had two ways in the prison first: he would've stayed the known criminal he was

secondly: is to quit this criminal shit and quit it

, when he was about to quit that criminal ways he found next to him a relligous men who enteres jail for terrorsim, unfortunely ahmed were too young to relaise that, he followed them and start learning from them, they have tottaly brainwashed him , after he completed the 3 years , he has become another whole pirson

first change: he changed his name to abu musab

second change: he changed all of his freinds they were with him before jail

thirchange: he was going to mousqe to every prayer

four change: he started to learn about the quran

lastly: he started to hang out with relligous men.

but nothing bad in those things right?

no, let me tell you what his ideas were all about

when he quitted the jail he had an idea of 95% of jordani people should die because he though they were kafirs and dont know anything about relligion

and he shoulded to kill them by his own hands

after 4 months in freedom away from the jail

he decided to marry a woman after two months he decided to move to afghanistan he enters the jihadist groups by a person named "abdul-majid ibrahim" AKA"abu-qutaiba al-ardni", when abu musab arrived afghanistan the war was already done , the soviet were backing up from afghanistan, abu musab met osama bin ladin there he was like a role-person to abu musab , when they first met they shared alot of commons things, abu musab decide to back up to al-bashwar , when he arrived to bashwar he met a guy named "abu-musab al maqdsai" after that he trained alot in afghanistan,after all that he decided to retun to jordan , when he first arrived to jordan he started his terrorsim and in year 1992 he were captured by jordani army for the second time when they found a bombs and weapons in his house, he went for the jail once again for a whole 15 years but he only did 7 years , in year 1999 they have been ressured him , because the sec king abdu-allah when he got the leadist he decided to reassure all the prisoners

some sources says first when abu misab quitted the jail he returned to afghanistan and stayed to fight there

some other sources says he stayed a whole year in jordan and in 2000 he returned to afghanstan , no change but the year

when abu musab returned to the afghanistan he fought with osama bin ladin group and he been injured and from afghanistan to iran to heal up when he healed up he went to syria and from syria to lebnan after lebnan he went to south iraq and stayed there when he stayed in iraq he discoverd the triangle of sunni

was about south iraq and dyala , salah al-din and al-anbar while he was discovring these plsaces he was gearing up fighters from sunni familles he created more than qaeda in these plaseces and he were the main reasons to make mujahdieen from all countried to come to iraq.

that was a shortcute to abu musab al-zarqawi life, an improtant thing that i didnt mention:

in 2001/9/11 we all know the attack that osama bin ladin have done , usa have confused al-qaeda that have been done that

and started to chase al-qaeda everywhere until the have been entered afghanistan in 2002 after that al-qaeda have weakned ,,

when abu musab have entered the iraq was the first days that the us have entered iraq

iraqi ressitence against us was at it's prime

some clips that i found on here

abu musab found it perfect place to return al-qaeda in iraq , and to be honest , some sunni fammilies was welcoming him because they all have the same goal, which is to combat against the vader so no problem was there to make sunna kick abu musab al zarqai from iraq,till abu musab invited his freinds which they make bridgas from al-twahid wal-jihad in jordan and he published he was in iraq in 2004 after he mereged bridgaes of al-tawhid with al-qaeda in iraq

he named them "al-qaeda in al-rafidin"

after this quick updates, sunni guys had problemes there which had used al-qaeda against them and it was the logic

sunni guys didnt get together only but iraq leader , they lost it after usa vade , everyone was just defending his land , not his whole country , the mistake here they didnt fight together back to back which is a huge mistake like shiaa and kurdish they did, created alot of insurgents,

1st: hiaa olma al-muslmin,in 2003/4/14 leader: shekih : hafez al -dhari

2nd: hezb al-islami in iraq, from iraq till egypet took a break from 1960 and returned to iraq after 2003 leader: muhasin abdul-hamed

3rd: ansar al-sunna

salafi guys in 1994 mostly arabic and kurdish

4th : islamic army in iraq ,in 2003 and from alot of bridages mostly iraqi army guys after the vades and from latifita in baghdad

5th: kattab thora al-20, who is close to the 2nd created in 2003 and from it have been hamas-iraq in baghdad,mousul, salah al-din and al-anbar

6th: al jabhaa islamic in iraq, to the iraqi ressitenct in 2004 they have been created they were i dyala

7th: army of rashideen, in baghdad and al-anbar

8th: army of mujahdieen,close from IAI

in 2005

9th : assab al-jihadist, very close from al-qaeda in west iraq

10th: mohamed army in iraq, mostly guys from albaa'ath heazb

alll those were sunni guys, but they didnt in one lead, but after abu musab al-zarqai entered iraq, he were fighting them all of them because he thought they were kafirs and fight for land not relligion abu musab want all them grouped up and lead them but they refused to kill shiaa guys for no reason and refused to attack police officers and civil attack , sunna guys and shitte guys were all cool and peacefully lives together, but that thing didnt made a pain in the anus for al-qaeda , and abu musab al zarqai decided to attack all the shiaa in iraq, we would discover this in that meassage from abu musab to afghanistan "shiaa are the liars of islam and a freind to the enemy spyeres of them poision of zaaf , they all the poisioning althrough all the history and ages our only soulution to hit all the shiaa in iraq military and relligious till they get down to sunna" after that meassge 5 bombs strike in karbalaa and al-kadhmia like i said in the first place , were goal to drag shiaa to civil war

, though the shiaa strike have they gotten, they didnt react to sunna guys

lets count together the strikes that al-qaeda have done the strikes to shiaa before the civil war

1th: bomb their relligous plasces

2th: bomb their villages

3rd: bomb their markets

4th: a street named street of death this street to latifya in baghdad shittes have gotten strikes in this street to the most awful strikes ever to think of

, all these happend through the shiaa havent strike the sunna yet , we are still not in civil war,

in 2006 were it started the civil war

after the al-qaeda entered the shrines of imam al-askri in samraa when al-qaeda have entered the shrines they killed all the gurads and bombed the place below the shrine and destroy it, after that strike shiaa have gotten mad after all that, al-sistani have done fatwaa : "the iraqi groverment requsted today more than any day to take the resonposiality all of it to stop this criminal activites that strikes the holy places, whoever if they cant secure it they gotta do it all ways".

what meant in this to the iraqi groverment , if you cant secure it, we can secure it on our ways, they went for prosteteres

all ways yk the prostert in iraq, always 3rd side always fucks it up, well it was already there , abu musab wishes came true

some of clips showing the civil war

>killing of abu musab (L.A)

after those strikes that have been done by abu-musab the us groverment has finally deicde a good thing which is to find abu-musab the most wanted terriost in the world

have been doing much tropps but failed till they decided to sit a prize 25M$ on any correct infromation about him , well that reward has seduce one of abu-musab freinds and snitched on him , they airstriked his house in June 7, 2006

every single person were so happy about that and everyony though that was a porwerful strike to the al-qaeda but unfrotunlly there were a person jerkier than abu musab u can find his stroy here AKA"abu bakir al-baghdadhi"

sources :

EFFORTPOST The Edmund Burke School Shooter in Washington, D.C.


On Friday, April 22, 2022, Raymond Spencer, the shooter, assembled a 'sniper style' attack on the Edmund Burke School in Washington, D.C., from his Northwest D.C. apartment window in his "crow nest". Using a tripod and multiple AR-15 rifles, he would record the attack and post the video and numerous other messages to 4chan. After the shooting, he would wait in his apartment for the police to arrive, and while they were searching his building, he would turn the gun on himself in the bathroom, ending the incident.

The police discovered three AR-15 rifles with numerous 60-round magazines. The attack could have been ten times more deadly than it ended. However, Raymond only injured four people: a 54-year-old male, a mid-30s female, a 12-year-old girl, and a woman in her mid-60s who was grazed in the upper back by a bullet. He fired an estimated 200 rounds into the school building from his Northwest D.C. apartment window. News sources said that Raymond fired more than 200 rounds. Police believed that Spencer assembled at least one of those weapons himself. Police also stated that 800 unspent rounds were spotted and thousands of rounds were also spotted in his Fairfax County apartment.

Raymond's last words on 4chan were, "Dear God please forgive me."

[Images and videos]:

The Northwest D.C. apartment window of Vas Ness he shot from and recorded:

The shooting that was recorded by Raymond:

Audio recording/video of the shooting made by a bird feeder cam:

Screenshot of Raymond trying to aim at students:

Images of the DCPD recovering AR-15 rifles and numerous 60-round magazines after the incident:

DCPD Twitter post:

The bed Raymond slept in for the night:

Raymond's Yakub poster:

Raymond's comments made on 4chan related to the shooting:

Body of Raymond found dead in the bathroom after suicide:

Photos of Raymond:

Rare photo of Raymond Spencer rolling a suit case night before shooting in his Van Ness complex:

[Info on Raymond Spencer]:

Raymond Spencer is a 24-year-old 4chan user who resides in Fairfax, Virginia. As recently as 2016, Spencer enrolled in Wheaton High School in Montgomery County, according to the school district. At the time of the shooting, he was residing in a brand-new apartment complex in Fairfax County. According to Fairfax County Police, they were only called to his apartment once, in September 2021, in response to a noise complaint. He moved into an apartment in Fairfax County in February 2021. However, he also rented another apartment on Van Ness in January 2022. This apartment complex was the place where the shooter did his activity on April 22, 2022. Raymond's parents still reside in Silver Spring, Maryland. Neighbors told news station 7News that the family was quiet and polite in the residence.

Before Raymond's suicide, He included the school shooting by himself before anyone else did on their Wiki page.

Link to the edit Wiki page:


WUSA9 coverage on Raymond Spencer:

ABC7 coverage on Raymond Spencer:

I chose this story because of the Yakub poster!


EFFORTPOST Operation Arnon - A Writeup

Operation Arnon was carried out by the IDF, Shin Bet, Yamam, and the ISA on Saturday, June 8th in order to rescue 4 Israeli hostages. The operation was carried out in the early morning (Around 11am) and 2 buildings housing the hostages were attacked simultaneously by Yamam and Shin Bet operatives while Paratroopers and Commandos along with Armored vehicles were waiting outside to exfiltrate the hostages and rescue force.

The operation was originally codenamed Operation Seeds of Summer, but later was changed to "Operation Arnon", named after Arnon Zmora, a Yamam Chief Inspector that was the only soldier to die during this operation.

The hostages rescued in the operation

Shlomi Ziv, Andrey Kozolov, Almog Meir, Noa Argamani

Videos of Noa Argamani getting kidnapped on October 7th:


Sources claim that on May 12th, the Israeli government recieved intelligence about the locations of four Israeli hostages hidden inside of the Nuseirat refugee camp inside Gaza. Since then until the operation on June 8th, every branch of Israeli intelligence was focused on the area of Nuseirat 24/7 in order to locate the exact locations of the Israeli hostages.

In order to locate the hostages and gather information, Israel sent a team of undercover "Mista'arvim" into the local market area of Nuseirat. The role of the undercover unit role was not only to gather intelligence from locals but also to check information from the interrogations of captured militants. In addition, information was gathered by aerial observation and other sophisticated technological means.

Photo of the makeup room used by the Mista'arvim before going into Gaza:

After 19 days of intelligence gathering, the Israeli government had managed to compile enough information about the locations of the Israeli hostages. Noa Argamani was held in the first floor of one and the three other hostages were on the third floor of a building 800 metres away.

At the beginning of June, this information was brought to the Israeli War Cabinet, and the Chief of Staff of the IDF and head of the Shin Bet were asked to present a rescue plan. The intelligence was kept top secret with Israeli forces inside of Gaza, including senior commanders, not being informed about it.

In the days leading up to the rescue, the police's elite Yamam counter-terrorism unit drilled various models of the extraction from central Gaza's Nuseirat, which military officials said were “similar to the Entebbe raid” of 1976, when Israeli commandos rescued more than 100 hostages in Uganda.

Also in the days before the mission, the military launched a new operation in eastern Bureij — to the east of Nuseirat — and in east Deir al-Balah — to the southeast of where the hostages were rescued — in an apparent feint to reduce Hamas's defenses in Nuseirat.

In order to finally verify the information and to prepare the ground for the operation, another team of undercover soldiers (including several women dressed in hijabs and long black dresses) was sent into the Nuseirat refugee camp. Pretending to be two Gazan families looking for a large house in Nuseirat, they arrived in two cheap-looking old cars loaded with domestic items characteristic of those families displaced in the Strip, such as mattresses and clothing identical to those of the locals.

When the residents of the Nuseirat camp asked the undercovers where they came from and what they were looking to do in Nuseirat, they replied that they had fled from Rafah due to "deadly shelling from the Israeli army", and decided to rent a house in the area. Then they pointed to the building where Noa Argamani was being held. They showed one of the locals a large amount of cash and offered to pay three times the going rate for rent. The local agreed to help and within three hours found a large house on the very street where Argamani was held. This was only 800 metres away from where the other three hostages were held.

A few days later, after settling into the house and getting to know the area, including shopping at the local market, and realising that they did not arouse suspicion, the undercovers began their mission: verifying the location where the hostages were held. They split into two teams. One team consisted of two commandos, a man dressed as a typical Gazan local and a woman dressed in a long black dress and hijab. They began marching down the street towards the ‘Al-Auda' medical centre where, in a nearby residential building 200 metres from the hospital, Noa Argamani was held. To add to their authenticity, the Undercovers stopped from time to time at stalls along the sides of the street, showing interest in the products while complaining about the difficult situation in Gaza. This was done in fluent Arabic with a perfect Gazan accent. Behind them, walked four more undercover men, armed to give backup.

The second team consisted of four female soldiers dressed as typical Arab women (one being pregnant) carrying plastic bags full of food products and vegetables. They walked in two pairs towards a nearby residential building, where, on the third floor, the three male hostages were held. Behind them walked four more undercover men armed to give them backup.

Meanwhile five other members of the undercover team stayed at the house to guard it and make sure the teams had not been exposed and that no nasty surprises would await them.

Three hours later, at the prearranged time, the two teams came back to the rented house and began to process the information they had obtained. Now it was confirmed: the four hostages were being held in two homes of Gazan families. The force commander confirmed to Israel that the two locations were correct.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant approved the operation on Thursday evening when a war cabinet and security cabinet meeting was canceled.

The Operation

The operation was carried out Saturday, June 8th in the early morning, the operation began with heavy bombing of the Nuseirat camp possibly to cause chaos and confusion between Hamas forces in the area.

Just before 11 am the commandos arrived with precise timing at the two targets and awaited the order to attack. Observations and technological surveillance measures from IDF aircraft reported that the area was ‘clean', with no suspicious movements near the two buildings. The information and live coverage of the alleys and the 800-metre-long street that separated the two target buildings were transmitted directly to the screens in two command and control rooms in Israel from which the operation was being overseen.

At 11.00 am exactly the commandos received the order to go ahead and stormed both buildings simultaneously in full coordination, to prevent the militants from endangering the hostages and the entire operation.

The area where Noa Argamani was being held:

The Israeli soldiers eliminated the militants guarding Noa Argamani, and within six minutes had rescued her unharmed from the apartment. They then took her to a waiting helicopter that immediately flew her back to Israel.

The extraction:

Her meeting with her father in Israel:

But while the rescue of Argamani went smoothly, the task of rescuing the other three hostages on the third floor of the second building was far more complicated.

They were held in the home of Dr Ahmed al-Jamal, a medical doctor, who was a Hamas activist. His son, Abdullah, a journalist who had written for Al-Jazeera, was also staying in the apartment.

Full post about the room they were held in:

Some of the commandos used a ladder to enter directly into the room where the three hostages were held. This coincided with the entry of the rest of the force who came up the stairs from the main entrance of the building.

But Commander Arnon Zmora's team, which broke into the apartment at the head of the force, encountered massive fire from around thirty Hamas militants in the apartment which fired towards the Israeli forces with machine guns, grenades and some using rocket-propelled grenade missiles. This is how Arnon Zmora was killed in combat.

The fact of the presence of 30 militants in the apartment had not been known to the undercover teams who had reported the information about the hostages' location back to Israel. It is assumed that the militants arrived at the apartment only that morning or the night before, to strengthen the guarding of the three hostages.

During the intense firefight, dozens of militants emerged from the tunnels around the building and began to fire at the Israeli fighters with machine guns and RPG missiles. The Israelis started making their way out of the building (several of them carrying Arnon Zmora

on a stretcher), running through smoke-filled alleys and the nearby market which was crowded with thousands of Gazans. The Israeli forces tried, under constant fire, to get to the rescue vehicle that was waiting for them, but it was hit by two RPG missiles.

Footage from the Yamam soldiers of the rescue showing them escaping with the hostages under intense fire:

The commander of the operation in Israel then activated ‘Plan B', the rescue plan that had been prepared in advance: a daring operation under massive, very close fire from the enemy, covered by Israeli fire from ground, sea and air.

With the help of tanks, hundreds of soldiers (from the Golani and Givati infantry brigades and paratroopers) charged on foot into the refugee camp, fighting face-to-face battles with Hamas militants while navy ships covered them from the west and air force helicopters from the east. Fire from the air hit the militants just ten metres from the Israeli soldiers.

Helicopters flying over Nuseirat during the operation:

Gazan footage of armor moving in to reinforce the forces:

The reinforcement forces and the air force managed to isolate the battle scene, providing a safe escape route for the main force escorting the three hostages.

Footage of the Paratroopers Reconnaissance Battalion along with armor helping secure the escape route:

Footage of the Kfir Brigade's Activity during the mission, helping secure the escape route:

After the battle, the three hostages were led by the fighters to one of the Israeli helicopters waiting for them and flew them to Israel.

Meanwhile, the air force planes bombed the buildings that held the hostages which collapsed within seconds.

The building Noa Argamani was held inside of:

The special forces soldiers then boarded the other two helicopters that took off back to Israel. Attempts to revive Arnon Zmora continued on the short flight, but he was pronounced dead on arrival in hospital.

Inside the cemetery, Zmora's mother Ruti eulogized her son, whom she said was not only “your mother's hero,” but also “an entire country's hero.”

“Your favorite movie as a child was ‘Robin Hood.' In second grade, you dressed up as a paratrooper. You looked up to Yoni Netanyahu for Operation Entebbe,” Channel 12 news quoted Ruti as saying, referring to the IDF hero — brother of the current prime minister — killed during the 1976 mission that saved over 100 Israeli hostages kidnapped to Uganda.

Israeli Casualties

Arnon Zmora, Yamam Chief Inspector.

Gazan Casualties

280+ Deaths, unknown amount of them being civilians.

698+ injured.


EFFORTPOST Bodies found in El Salvador, murdered due to political violence in 1980 :marseyflagelsalvador:


Gunmen have killed El Salvador's ambassador to Japan, Walter Beneke, in a significant eruption of violence that continues to plague the country. Beneke, who had also served as a Foreign Minister and Education Minister, was struck by machine gun bullets fired by a group of six men as he was getting out of his car at his home in San Salvador. His assassination took place on Sunday, April 27. The day before his death, the bodies of eleven others, victims of political violence, were discovered in the capital, San Salvador, and in two nearby villages.


The discovery of these bodies paints a grim picture of the escalating violence in El Salvador. Among the dead were two young men found in the capital on Saturday, April 26. Their bodies bore the inscription 'For Robbers,' signed by the notorious 'squadron of death.' This grim signature has become a chilling symbol of the extrajudicial killings carried out by death squads in the country.

The violence has not spared religious figures or those involved in land reforms. The body of Catholic priest Vicente Guarado was discovered alongside three landowners from the village of Arce, located thirty-four kilometers (twenty miles) from San Salvador. These men were found on a ranch that had been included in recent land reform measures, indicating a possible motive linked to the ongoing agrarian conflict.

The outskirts of San Salvador also bore witness to violence, where the bodies of five unidentified youths were found shot dead at the entrance to a cemetery. Their murders add to the staggering toll of an estimated 2,300 people who have died in political violence in El Salvador over the past six months. The frequency of these violent acts has left the population in a state of constant fear and anxiety.

Implications and Analysis:

The assassination of Walter Beneke is not an isolated incident but part of a broader pattern of violence that has gripped El Salvador. Bombings have also contributed to the chaos. For instance, the home of a right-wing Broad National Front leader was destroyed in a bomb blast. This incident is one of many bombings, kidnappings, and shootings perpetrated by both left and right-wing death squads throughout the month. The violence has reached a level where many Salvadorans fear that it could escalate into an all-out civil war.

The motivations behind these violent acts are complex and multifaceted. Political, social, and economic factors intertwine, creating a volatile environment. The involvement of death squads, often linked to political factions, exacerbates the situation, leading to a cycle of retribution and violence. These squads operate with impunity, targeting individuals deemed as threats to their interests, whether they are political figures, religious leaders, or ordinary citizens.

The bodies of the deceased, often left in public spaces, serve as a grim reminder to the population of the pervasive danger. The display of bodies in front of crowds has become a familiar sight, a tactic used by perpetrators to instill fear and assert control. This brutal strategy underscores the lawlessness that has taken root in the country.

Historical Context:

The violence in El Salvador must be understood within the broader historical context. The country has been embroiled in political turmoil for decades, with deep-seated conflicts over land ownership, social inequality, and political power. The land reforms, intended to address some of these issues, have been met with fierce resistance from those with vested interests, leading to violent clashes and targeted killings.

The assassination of Walter Beneke and the discovery of multiple bodies linked to political violence are indicative of the entrenched divisions within Salvadoran society. The role of death squads, operating on both ends of the political spectrum, highlights the challenges in establishing peace and stability. These groups often operate outside the bounds of law, with their actions driven by ideological zeal and a desire for dominance.

Future Prospects:

The current situation in El Salvador is precarious. The continued violence threatens to destabilize the country further, pushing it towards the brink of civil war. The international community is watching closely, with concerns about the potential for a humanitarian crisis. Efforts to mediate and bring about a resolution to the conflict will require addressing the root causes of the violence, including social inequality, political corruption, and economic disparities.

In conclusion, the murder of Walter Beneke and the ongoing violence in El Salvador underscore the severe instability gripping the nation. The deaths of political figures, religious leaders, and ordinary citizens highlight the pervasive danger faced by the population. As the country teeters on the edge of civil war, the need for comprehensive solutions to address the underlying issues has never been more urgent. The international community's support and intervention may be crucial in helping El Salvador navigate this turbulent period and work towards lasting peace and stability.



The latest executions raise the total number of officials killed since the Shah's fall to at least twenty-two. According to Iran's 'Voice of the Revolution' radio, Monday's executions included four generals and a Kurdish deputy. The broadcast reported that all seven were shot by firing squad after being sentenced by revolutionary Islamic courts. The exact location of the executions was not disclosed, but many have been conducted on the roof of Ayatollah Khomeini's military headquarters in Tehran.

Among the executed was a former Iraqi citizen who had become a deputy for Kurdistan. Last year, he led an armed raid on horseback to disrupt an anti-Shah demonstration, a notable incident in the ongoing unrest. The executions also included two generals who had presided over military tribunals that tried political prisoners. Additionally, the former military governors of Tabriz in the northwest and Mashhad in the northeast, both cities where some of the bloodiest army actions took place, were among those executed.

The other two individuals mentioned in the radio broadcast were a former Tehran prison governor and a man identified as a torturer in Savak, the Shah's secret police. These executions highlight the new regime's focus on eliminating figures associated with the former administration, particularly those involved in military and security operations against political dissidents.

Background and Analysis:

Since the Shah's overthrow, Iran has been undergoing a dramatic and often violent transformation. The revolutionary Islamic courts, which are responsible for these executions, operate in secrecy, and their proceedings are not open to the public or international observers. This has led to concerns about the fairness and transparency of the trials, as well as the broader implications for human rights in the country.

The Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolution, has been a central figure in these events. His military headquarters in Tehran has become a notorious site for executions, symbolizing the harsh justice meted out by the new regime. The secrecy surrounding the trials and the swift execution of sentences underscore the regime's determination to consolidate power and eliminate opposition.

The executions of high-ranking military officials and government figures serve multiple purposes for the new regime. Firstly, they are intended to purge the country of those who supported or enforced the Shah's rule, particularly those involved in suppressing political dissent. Secondly, these acts serve as a powerful deterrent to anyone considering resistance against the new government. Finally, by publicizing these executions, the regime aims to demonstrate its resolve and control, both to its citizens and the international community.


The impact of these executions on Iranian society is profound. They contribute to an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, as many individuals associated with the former regime or suspected of opposition activities may fear for their lives. Additionally, the swift and secretive nature of the trials and executions raises significant human rights concerns. International organizations and foreign governments are likely to scrutinize Iran's actions closely, potentially leading to diplomatic tensions and calls for intervention.

In the broader context of the Middle East, these events in Iran could have ripple effects. Neighboring countries and regional powers will be watching closely, assessing how the new regime's actions might influence political dynamics in the region. The execution of a former Iraqi citizen, for instance, highlights the cross-border implications of the revolution and the potential for regional instability.


In conclusion, the execution of seven more figures from the Shah's administration underscores the ongoing and brutal purge of the former regime's supporters in Iran. As the revolutionary Islamic courts continue to operate in secrecy, the new government's methods raise serious questions about justice, human rights, and the future stability of the country.



On July 7th of 1979, more than four thousand human remains were found in a walled-up tower of a church in southwest Spain. The church is located in the town of Llerena near Badajoz, which was an important tribunal during the infamous Spanish Inquisition.


The Church of Our Lady of Granada, built in the 16th century, had its tower collapse during repair works. The wall of an old staircase leading to the tower caved in, revealing the remains. Among the skeletons, there were even some mummified bodies. This discovery was unexpected and has caused a great deal of interest and speculation among historians, anthropologists, and the local community.

The stairway to the tower had been sealed off about a century after the church was constructed. This means that the bodies could have been there for several centuries, undisturbed and hidden away from the world. The condition of the remains varies, with some skeletons remarkably well-preserved and others showing signs of significant decay.


People speculate that these remains could be victims of the Spanish Inquisition's purges. The twisted and deformed positions of the bodies suggest they might have died from some form of medieval torture. The Spanish Inquisition was known for its brutal methods of extracting confessions and punishing those deemed heretics. The fact that Llerena was a major tribunal for the Inquisition lends credibility to this theory.

Anthropologists from Madrid and Barcelona Universities are still unsure how these bodies ended up in the tower. However, because Llerena was a major tribunal for the Inquisitors, the theory that these could be victims of the Inquisition seems credible. The presence of mummified bodies suggests that the conditions within the tower were such that they allowed for the preservation of some remains, perhaps due to low humidity and lack of exposure to the elements.

Mr. Josep Pons Rosell, an anthropologist from the University of Barcelona, mentioned that the bodies could have been buried over four or five centuries. This means that the tower could have been used as a burial site for a long period, possibly starting in the early days of the church and continuing until the tower was sealed off. The variety in the preservation of the bodies supports this idea, as it indicates that the remains were interred at different times.

The current Palace of Justice is built on the site of the old headquarters of the Inquisition, adding another layer of historical significance to the discovery. The bodies are going to the University of Barcelona for further study, where experts will conduct a thorough analysis to determine more about the lives and deaths of these individuals. They will use modern techniques such as DNA analysis, radiocarbon dating, and forensic examination to piece together the history of the remains.

This discovery has the potential to provide new insights into the Spanish Inquisition and the history of Llerena. It may also help to identify some of the individuals who were buried in the tower, providing closure to their long-lost stories. The findings will likely be published in academic journals and could lead to new discussions and research on this dark period in history.

The local community in Llerena is both fascinated and disturbed by the discovery. Many residents had no idea that such a grim chapter of history was hidden within their town. The church of Our Lady of Granada has become a site of significant interest, attracting visitors and historians alike. The town is now grappling with how to preserve the site while respecting the memory of those who were found there.


In conclusion, the discovery of over four thousand human remains in the tower of a church in Llerena, Spain, opens up many questions and avenues for research. While the exact circumstances of their deaths remain uncertain, the context of the Spanish Inquisition provides a likely explanation. As investigations continue, more details will emerge, shedding light on this significant and somber historical find.


los pepes

los pepes derived from a spanish phrase (Los Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar) in english (those persecuted by pablo escobar) was a parliamentary and a vigilante group with more than one hundred armed members , was established by pablo escobar's many enemies and rival cartels and ex associates, this group wasn't lead by only 1 person or 1 cartel, this was a parliamentary group meaning it took command from multiple people, actions and activities were decided in a democratic way and each member had to accept what the group should do next, and it was decided by the establishers and allies of los pepes. this vigilante group started it's actions in the year 1992 and it got disbanded in 1993 short after pablo escobar got killed by the search bloc, achieving their goal although it wasn't los pepes who killed pablo escobar.


the establishment

the group was established by one of pablo escobar's biggest rival.

Fidel Castaño Gil aka rambo

Carlos Castaño Gil (fidel's brother)

at first these two brothers were very loyal to pablo escobar and the Medellin cartel, but after a meeting had gone wrong with pablo escobar and 2 prominent members of the castaño family cartel

Fernando Galeano

gerardo moncada

after the meeting had gone wrong pablo brutally killed both of these members of the castaño cartel in his luxury prison la catedral

and threw their bodies away. fidel castaño was also supposed to be in that same meeting but he declined to go which saved him his life, this is the main reason this group was established.


los pepes action and activities

at first when the group was established the castaño brothers put alot of effort into siding with pablo's rivals and ex associates, this group would go after anybody working, or has worked for pablo escobar or have any links to him, they didn't care wether person was on the lowest branch of the medellin cartel tree or the highest branch including pablo himself, they would go after and murder low ranking members such as street gangs, drivers, hitmen, pablo's staff, cook staff, cooks themselves, bodyguards, other than murders they did everything to damage pablo escobar, even ruined businesses, properties owned by pablo himself or his top men or family, and the colombian government and the DEA gave los pepes a blind eye which caused a whole different conflict between the medellin cartel and the government, like the cartel placing bombs near government buildings etc.


los pepes allies and loyalties

the cali cartel.

established by two brothers

allegedly provided arms and ammunition for los pepes and exchanged information with the law enforcement and foreign agents.

Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela

Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela

and other members of cali cartel, such as

José Santacruz Londono

Hélmer Herrera

Victor Patiño Fómeque

Phanor Arizabaleta

Santiago Cuero Guzmán

(no images found)

Henry Loaiza

Jorge Uribe Caicedo

(no images found)

colombian national police

have been confirmed that they have had close ties with los pepes and the castaño brother and have exchanged information, and was directly supported by the colonel of the national police danilo gonzalez

the search bloc.

this has also been confirmed that the search bloc had provided intel on whereabouts of medellin cartel members to los pepes and have operated alongside los pepes at some point.

the CIA

had multiple direct meetings with the castaños.

the DEA (unofficially)

javier peña

who was one of the best and professional agents of the DEA, whom he kept close ties and had many meetings with los pepes. and been providing alot of intelligence he got from the DEA and CIA to don berna and los pepes, it is even believed that javier might have even participated in an activity with los pepes.

los pepes. and their way of doing things.

los pepes usually used the same tactics used by the medellin cartel unsurprisingly since most of their members used to be associates of the medellin cartel. each time they would murder someone or torture them to death and would hang them in public spaces with a placard hung on their necks with the los pepes signature on it or messages sent to pablo. other than the murders los pepes did numerous explosions and lit properties on fire, such as 2 farms owned by pablo escobar's mother, 2 haciendas an apartment and a hotel. selective murder of body guards lieutenants and lawyers

images of the apartment and the hotel


main targets of los pepes and the stats


kidnapped and tortured to death by los pepes,

(no image available)


escaped and turned himself in and was extradited to the USA, still alive today. notorious hitman with around 300 murders

mario Henao (Pablo's brother in law)

was shot and gunned down by los pepes while they were raiding one of Pablo's safe houses.

Fernando Duque, his wife Juliana, son and his mother

fernando, colombian politician and famous lawyer, escobar's go-to lawyer, he was shot and killed and was stuffed in a trunk of his car with his son. soom after his mother and his ex-wife were both killed by los pepes in ther homes

Valeria Velez

famous colombian news reporter associated to the medellin cartel, was shot and killed in front of a hotel by los pepes.

Ricardo Prisco (escaped)

Pablo escobar's professional torturer, originally a doctor but used his medical tools to torture rival members. survived a los pepes drive by

Pablo Escobar (escaped)

self explanatory.


crimes done by los pepes




-drug trafficking




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Sept. 18, 2001

Hi Clayt - I'm taking your advice and writing down what I remember from last Tuesday, although I doubt that what I have to say will be of much interest to anyone. The simple fact is that I was oblivious to what was going on, from beginning to end. Actually, that's probably what kept me alive, because if I knew what a terrible mess I was in, I probably would have dropped dead on the spot. ("Don't shoot, Davy, I'm coming down.")

Our office was on the 74th floor of WTC 1, (The North Tower) which was the first to get hit. My cubicle was in the south-west corner, with a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River. I was working on the computer when there was a big "boom" and the building shook, probably a foot or so where I sat. Next came a strange sound like hail hitting a window, but with some additional scratchy noises, while a blizzard of papers and sheet metal flew past the window. Some of it was burning, but most was just letter size documents, which you could almost read as they flew past. Up through the window, I could see a huge cloud of black smoke coming from the floors above.

The fire alarm went off, flashing and beeping, and people started to leave. I heard my boss yell "OK people, let's go - we're getting out of here". But not yours truly. I had decided, a few years earlier, that if the building were bombed, I would not be one of the first ones out. My reasoning had nothing to do with "women and children first", but was based on some IRA attacks where two bombs were used, one to stir people up, and the second to kill large numbers when they came together during evacuation. Not leaving immediately was my first really stupid idea.

As it turned out, I was not the only one to hold back. One of my co-workers, whom I know well and respect highly, also decided to wait for a few minutes for the smoke to clear. It seemed a good time to call my wife and let her know I was all right. This sounds harmless, but the way I did it was bad idea number two.

My phone worked, but the phone at her school didn't, so I couldn't get through. While waiting to try the line again, I decided to send her an e-mail which she could read when she got home. The e-mail went out immediately, and I congratulated myself on being such a considerate husband. I tried the phone again, and although I couldn't get an answer, the automated service offered to take a message.

I didn't leave a message the first time I tried calling my wife because I didn't want to spend $0.50 for the automated service. I had regained some of my common sense by the time I got around to calling again, when I sprung for the fifty cents.

I left word that there had been some kind of explosion in the building, but that I was fine, and that I intended to remain in the building to let things settle down. This was also what I had put in the e-mail.


Here, some good luck kicked in, although I found out later that by this time my sister's entire high school had started praying for me. I decided to call my son in law, and ask him to get in touch with my wife. In real life, he is an emergency room nurse at our local hospital, but more to the point, he is also an officer in our local volunteer fire department. When I reached him, he was watching CNN.

He was glad to hear that I was all right, he told me, but a passenger jet had flown into one of the buildings, and, by the way, was I in the one with the big antenna? I said, yes, but that the elevator lobby had a little smoke in it, and the stairwells were probably smoky as well, so I was going to stay put in the office area, which was clear. In a very few words, he asked me to reconsider, because it looked to him like the building was getting ready to come down. This sounded like good information, so I thanked him and told him I'd talk to him later. I found out later that he told friends that he could easily picture me wasting valuable time doing really silly things, which he listed, instead of leaving. I'd find this hurtful, except that he was right on the money. He said that, knowing me, I was probably hanging around taking pictures.

I wasn't the only engineer who wasn't in any rush. Almost, but not quite. At this point there were still a few of us taking our time. I wasn't there when the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, but lots of the Port Authority Staff were. Most of them went down the stairs this time as if the devil were after them, which is the right thing to do.

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Sept. 18, 2001

Hi Clayt – I'm taking your advice and writing down what I remember from last Tuesday, although I doubt that what I have to say will be of much interest to anyone. The simple fact is that I was oblivious to what was going on, from beginning to end. Actually, that's probably what kept me alive, because if I knew what a terrible mess I was in, I probably would have dropped dead on the spot. (“Don't shoot, Davy, I'm coming down.”)

Our office was on the 74th floor of WTC 1, (The North Tower) which was the first to get hit. My cubicle was in the south-west corner, with a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River. I was working on the computer when there was a big “boom” and the building shook, probably a foot or so where I sat. Next came a strange sound like hail hitting a window, but with some additional scratchy noises, while a blizzard of papers and sheet metal flew past the window. Some of it was burning, but most was just letter size documents, which you could almost read as they flew past. Up through the window, I could see a huge cloud of black smoke coming from the floors above.

WTC#3 (3)

[Looking out our office window to the south.]

The fire alarm went off, flashing and beeping, and people started to leave. I heard my boss yell “OK people, let's go – we're getting out of here”. But not yours truly. I had decided, a few years earlier, that if the building were bombed, I would not be one of the first ones out. My reasoning had nothing to do with “women and children first”, but was based on some IRA attacks where two bombs were used, one to stir people up, and the second to kill large numbers when they came together during evacuation. Not leaving immediately was my first really stupid idea.

As it turned out, I was not the only one to hold back. One of my co-workers, whom I know well and respect highly, also decided to wait for a few minutes for the smoke to clear. It seemed a good time to call my wife and let her know I was all right. This sounds harmless, but the way I did it was bad idea number two.

WTC#9 (1)

[The central core hallways, where the elevators and stairs were had some smoke in them. The photo might be showing it smokier than it actually was.]

My phone worked, but the phone at her school didn't, so I couldn't get through. While waiting to try the line again, I decided to send her an e-mail which she could read when she got home. The e-mail went out immediately, and I congratulated myself on being such a considerate husband. I tried the phone again, and although I couldn't get an answer, the automated service offered to take a message.

[I didn't leave a message the first time I tried calling my wife because I didn't want to spend $0.50 for the automated service. I had regained some of my common sense by the time I got around to calling again, when I sprung for the fifty cents.]

I left word that there had been some kind of explosion in the building, but that I was fine, and that I intended to remain in the building to let things settle down. This was also what I had put in the e-mail.


Here, some good luck kicked in, although I found out later that by this time my sister's entire high school had started praying for me. I decided to call my son in law, and ask him to get in touch with my wife. In real life, he is an emergency room nurse at our local hospital, but more to the point, he is also an officer in our local volunteer fire department. When I reached him, he was watching CNN.

He was glad to hear that I was all right, he told me, but a passenger jet had flown into one of the buildings, and, by the way, was I in the one with the big antenna? I said, yes, but that the elevator lobby had a little smoke in it, and the stairwells were probably smoky as well, so I was going to stay put in the office area, which was clear. In a very few words, he asked me to reconsider, because it looked to him like the building was getting ready to come down. This sounded like good information, so I thanked him and told him I'd talk to him later. I found out later that he told friends that he could easily picture me wasting valuable time doing really silly things, which he listed, instead of leaving. I'd find this hurtful, except that he was right on the money. [He said that, knowing me, I was probably hanging around taking pictures.]

WTC#8 (2) [I wasn't the only engineer who wasn't in any rush. Almost, but not quite. At this point there were still a few of us taking our time. I wasn't there when the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, but lots of the Port Authority Staff were. Most of them went down the stairs this time as if the devil were after them, which is the right thing to do.]

I am pretty sure that I was still at my desk, probably shutting down my computer, and I know I was still in the office, when the second building was hit. I did not see the second plane come in, for which I am grateful, although I would have had a spectacular view. (When I get our next phone bill, I'll check the times when I was on the phone against the published sequence of events.) There was another “boom”, and our building shook again. I passed along what I had just learned about our building to my colleague, who had been on the phone with his wife.

He decided that this seemed to be a good time to leave, but he first took the trouble to first walk the entire floor and make sure that no one else was behind, which is typical of his character. He ran across a third fellow who also was about to start down, so we decided to go together. Meanwhile, I took off my shirt and tee shirt, and soaked them in water. My colleague thought that was a good idea, and also soaked a shirt. We talked about hitting the mens' room one last time, but decided it wasn't necessary, so off we went. I felt absolutely no sense of danger. My only concern was that my legs might be sore the next day.

[I had heard stories of a couple of workers who had walked all the way down from the top floor, and then weren't able to make it to work the next day. Every now and then someone writes a letter to the editor, suggesting that each high rise building run a practice evacuation once a month, which doesn't seem to me to be very practical.]

When we first started down, the stairway had a little smoke in it, but it wasn't bad. More worrisome was the water running down from the floors above. The soles of my shoes were slippery on the wet floor, and I almost fell once, but was able to grab the railing. It didn't help that I was carrying a briefcase, which I did not intend to leave behind. The shoulder strap had broken a couple of months ago, so I had to lug it with one hand, while trying to hold on to the railing with the other. (My wife was involved in a situation a couple of years ago where some idiots had turned on the gas jets in the science lab, directly below her room, and then left, waiting for the place to blow up. By pure luck, enough people started feeling sick, and it was discovered before there was an explosion. Meanwhile my wife, and everyone else, ended up outside in the parking lot, in the middle of winter, without coats or car keys.)

[Based on my wife's experience, I had decided that in a fire, my briefcase and coat were going with me, no matter what, and had practiced our regular fire drills that way, which had gotten me some good natured ribbing. I've noticed in our recent fire drills, people now take their coats, keys, handbags, and briefcases with them.]

When the Trade Center was bombed in the early nineties, all the lights had gone off, and people had to evacuate down smoke filled, pitch-black stairs. After the bombing, emergency lights had been installed, and they worked pretty well. We ran into a few isolated areas in the upper floors without light, but not enough to cause problems. I had a small flashlight with me, but I wanted to use it only where absolutely necessary, to conserve the batteries. It came in handy, though, towards the bottom, where the smoke was thick. [Before the bombing, the stairwell lights were powered on an emergency power system, which theoretically would come on if the regular power were lost. Unfortunately, the bomb blast severed the emergency power feeds, so the lights went off and stayed off. The stairwell lights had since been provided with backup batteries, so with one or two isolated exceptions, they stayed on this time.]

Somewhere around the thirtieth floor, we started catching up to others going down, and we met the first firemen coming up. A young woman was having trouble trying to climb down the stairs in high heels, and it took a couple of minutes for people to talk her into taking them off. The air in the stairwell also cleared up somewhere around here, and the stairs were dry, so I was sure that I was home free. The clear air didn't last for long. It turned out to be sitting on top of more smoke, and it soon became difficult to see and to breathe. I had used my wet tee shirt occasionally, throughout the descent, to help filter out the smoke, but from here on down it really helped.

I have never been in a burning building before, and I don't know at what density smoke stops being a nuisance and becomes a threat. The firemen were not using breathing gear, so I suspect that the smoke was pretty mild. With people starting to fill the stairwell, it was starting to get warm, so I took out my other wet shirt and wrapped it around my neck to keep myself from overheating. At this point I was getting a little concerned, but figured that with firemen around, nothing too bad could happen.

By this time we had gotten back into smoke, and had also come across an injured man trying to get down the stairs. He had a few cuts, and one of his legs was giving him trouble. My colleague took the guy's arm, wrapped it around his shoulder and helped him down several more flights. The firemen had set up a temporary rest station on the twenty first floor, to give people who were having problems a chance to sit and rest, or take a little oxygen. The man with the bad leg stopped here, and when he went in, I saw a rather heavy-set woman sprawled out in a chair. She looked beat. I don't remember seeing any others. Stopping to rest might have cost them their lives.

We continued down, through increasing smoke, but guided by firemen with bright flashlights. I'm not sure which floor I was on when I almost fell down the stairs again. I couldn't see where the floor ended and the steps began. Maybe I could have caught myself, because I was moving slowly, but I let out a “oops” and two very strong hands grabbed me. I have a pair of bruises, one on each arm, to remind me of two men whom I hope got out in time.

When we reached the sixth floor, there was another big boom, and the building shook again. I head someone say, “it's ok, we're in the strongest part of the building”, which I knew was true. What I didn't know was that the boom was the other building collapsing. We stayed put for couple of minutes, and then started down again. Firemen were directing us to “go straight ahead, don't look to the right”. I assumed they didn't want us to take a wrong turn, and I concentrated on trying to go straight ahead. Later, my colleague told me that he had looked. The firemen hadn't wanted us to see dismembered bodies.

I was surprised by the amount of smoke in the air, considering how low we were. Thinking about it now, what I then thought was smoke was probably mostly dust. At any rate, it was gray and dense and I couldn't see for more than a few feet. We came out of the stairway on the second floor, more or less at grade level. By this point, I knew where I was, but even so, could hardly see my hand in front of my face. I was able to find the exit, though, and on my way out a policeman, I think, asked if he could have my shirts to cover a dead body.

I think that I was in one of the last groups to leave the building. We had to walk single file over rubble, and ahead of us, a couple of workers were pulling a piece of sheet metal out of the way, so that we could stay under the protection of the overhang of an adjacent building. This delayed us another few minutes. The windows in this building were blown out. Police cars were covered with ash, some had their windows smashed in, and there were little fires burning on the ground. I wondered what could have happened here to cause such a mess. There was still enough dust in the air to keep me from seeing more than fifty yards. I took my time getting out to the main street (parallel to Broadway, a block to the west), not wanting to trip and get hurt at the very end.

As I started walking north, towards a barrier set up by the police a few blocks away from the trade center, I noticed that there weren't many people in the street ahead of me, although there were a few policemen and firemen at the barrier. Suddenly they started to wave and shout “hurry up, run”. I thought they were just trying to keep the street clear, until they turned and ran themselves. I looked back and saw that the building was collapsing, and that there was a wall of dust and debris heading my way. I saw one rescue worker grab a man who was limping, and in a split second drag him into a nearby ambulance. The last time I tried to run was to catch a train, and then I ended up tripping and falling face first into some briars. In spite of that experience, I ran again. I didn't think I could out-run the building, but thought it would be worth trying.

Now here's a strange thing. I looked back over my left shoulder and I saw the building falling northwards, the way a tree would fall, tipping over, pivoting at its base. The picture in my mind is as clear as a bell. I saw the top half of the building falling to the north, but off to the side of me, above the surrounding buildings. This is not what actually happened, and I had to watch the re-runs on TV to convince myself that what I had “seen” was completely wrong, and that the building had actually come straight down.

Anyway, I ran as fast as my legs would take me, and managed to get into a cross street to the east. I saw a couple of cops dart inside a doorway ahead, and I made for that. The wall of dust and debris was right behind me when I reached the door. I managed to get into the vestibule and close the door just as it went by. The air outside was dark brown. We all went inside the main building, which was apparently abandoned, to get some good air. Even inside, the air was slightly dusty, probably from the first collapse. After about fifteen minutes, the air outside had cleared enough for me to be on my way. I went over to Broadway, and started hiking uptown, looking for a phone to call my wife. By now I was recalling my last words, that I was going to stay in the building, and I wanted to find a phone as quickly as possible. The few pay phones that were still working had long lines. I had a cell phone, but it didn't work until later in the day.

I found a phone after an hour or so, and when I called home my daughter answered. She was relieved to hear from me. She and her husband had left work to be with my wife, who, it turned out, didn't know that my building had fallen. My daughter had found this out herself, minutes earlier, and now she had to break the news to her mother. When they heard my voice, the three of them were so relieved, they wanted to jump in the car and come to Manhattan to rescue me. With great difficulty I persuaded them not to do so.

To make a long story short, I made it up to Thirty Second Street, where there is a PATH station. There I found that no busses or subways were running, and that all the bridges were closed. By early afternoon, my cell phone had come back on, and I was able to let my wife know how things were going. Around two thirty, I decided to walk over to Penn Station, which I could see a block away, to find out if any trains were running, and to see if it might be a good place to wait for the city to come back to life. As luck would have it, there was a train getting ready to leave for Washington, via Newark, and I managed to get on. When we arrived on the Jersey side, we had a clear view of Manhattan. It was awful. There was a huge column of smoke over the entire southern end of the island. I got off in Newark, and with a little shuttling, arrived back in Hoboken in time to catch my regular train home. There weren't many people on the train, which is normally filled. New Jersey Transit deliberately didn't collect any fares, which was a nice gesture. So ended my day.

To anyone working in a large building, I'd offer the following advice:

1. Get going and don't stop. Don't stop to catch your breath. Don't stop to rest a sore leg. Don't stop for anything.

2. Have a comfortable pair of walking shoes, with soles strong enough to let you walk on scrap metal. If they don't have corrugated rubber soles, get a pair of new rubbers with lots of bumps on the soles for traction in water, and make sure they fit your shoes. Keep them in your desk.

3. Keep a towel and a tee shirt in your desk, along with a couple of bottles of water. A wet tee shirt helps you breathe. A wet towel around your neck helps keep your body temperature down.

4. Always have a flashlight, but only use it when you absolutely have to.

5. Don't call from inside to say that you are all right, and above all, don't say that you are staying in the building. Call from the outside.

6. Hold onto the railings with a death grip.

7. Bring your keys and your coat.

A. Survivor

P.S. a couple of personal thoughts.

Regarding the collapse of the building, I heard a structural engineer describe on a talk show, that night, exactly what happens to a steel building in a fire. I know this stuff, and yet the possibility of collapse never entered my mind until I was told that it was going to happen. Even then, I was visualizing a falling over rather than a vertical collapse. There have been some recent disasters which happened the same way, within the last year or so, and I knew about them, and about the mechanism, yet it never even entered my mind that it would happen in this building. I've seen and marveled at the mammoth size of the beams and girders in the building, and knew that they were fireproofed with a thick protective layer of this reddish brown stuff (the asbestos had been removed). These prior impressions might be responsible for my mental block.

There was a warehouse fire in Worcester which killed nine firemen, some of whom had gone back in to rescue others who had gotten lost. The structural steel heated up, softened, and down came the roof. The same thing happened in the city, several months ago, at a car dealership. Talk about mental blocks. I was horrified the next morning when I saw the video of the conflagration just above me, and then watched the building collapse.

By the way, our local fire department almost lost a man in a simple wood frame house a few years ago when a floor collapsed he dropped into the burning room below. He was very lucky to get out.

So, take care.

P.P.S. Found out today that our daughter is going in on Friday, Saturday to help with the rescue and recovery efforts. The city is asking for help from small squads throughout the state, because of problems they have had with “freelancers” – I'm not sure what that means, but I'll let you know when I find out. Hope she stays out of trouble.

September 29 (I think), 2001

Hi Clayt – here's a follow up on one of my adventures. It was in the NY Times, and it refers to the woman who had stopped on the 21st floor, the one whom I thought looked exhausted.

Incidentally, my daughter was there last weekend as part of the Tioga County volunteer group. The City had been having all sorts of problems with local EMS “freelancers”, so they went to a state-wide effort to use official companies of volunteers (like Campville), to maintain some sort of discipline. The locals were wandering off, doing their own thing, and in some cases, looting.

She said the NYC cops and firemen were wonderful, and did everything they could to make them comfortable. She and a couple of others even got a private guided tour from one of NYC's finest, who took them along the police line (the feds had half, and the NYPD had half) until he found a buddy who let them go through.

Switching gears, I'm going back to work on Monday, the first, in a trailer at Newark Airport. What a comedown. The Port is splitting us up into New Jersey and New York groups, pretty much determined by how we get to work. After six or eight weeks, the plan is to move us into permanent offices in Newark, which won't be bad because PATH goes there from Hoboken. In the long run, we'll end up back in the City.

I'd expected to be laid off, but instead they paid all of us to stay home for the last couple of weeks, while new office space was being prepared. I couldn't move for the first few days, from a combination of really sore muscles and a vicious cold which set in around Thursday. my daughter told me that was typical of a smoke event.

I made good use of my time, or at least I think so, doing a lot of writing. Rosemary hasn't been happy, but some day she, too, will be famous. At least that's what I've been telling her. Actually, I feel like Mozart, trying to finish his Requium, but don't let that get around. I've heard a lot of talk lately about obsession.

I've made a fascinating discovery in the Goldberg Variations. They have been called Bach's greatest secular work, but I'm convinced that the old fox hid a complete Latin Mass in them. You've probably never counted them, but the set includes the theme (Aria) and thirty variations. After the final variation, the theme repeats.

My very strong suspicion is that he noticed that the Aria, which he had written some years before for his wife, was perfectly suited to the words Kyrie Eleison, Lord have mercy, which is in Greek, and was the starting point of the Mass itself and of all it's musical settings.

At any rate, I bought a CD by Glen Gould a few years ago, to see if the Goldbergs would put me to sleep. That is why they were written, according to my favorite legend. Anyway, I eventually bought the score and tried working some of them out on the piano. I found them charming, and have since spent a lot of time trying to learn the ones within my capabilities. I could tell, right off the bat, that some of them were definitely not written as harpsichord pieces, but were much more suited for the organ, with its ability to carry a sustained melodic line. At first I assumed that he was recycling some little preludes and postludes which he had ad-libbed over the years, but then I noticed that some of the pieces had a distinctly vocal style.

I found, more or less by accident, that one of them (19) made a perfect “Allelulia”, which pleased me to no end. Of course, you can't have an Allelulia without an Amen, and guess what. Number 18 makes a perfect Amen. Things started to get interesting.

The minimum number of parts of the Mass which are traditionally set to music are the Kyrie (the only part in Greek), the Gloria (Glory to God in the highest), the Credo (I believe in one God), the Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy) which is usually set with a separate Hosanah, and the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God), in that order. The old mass had many more prayers, some of which are set in the larger musical pieces.

Once I suspected a pattern, I quickly identified the Sanctus. It's Number 9, and it fits like a hand in a glove. Number 10, a little fugue, goes great as a Hosanah, and comes right where it should, just after the Sanctus. To make a long story short, I have identified at least nineteen pieces which line up with parts of the old Mass. A few of the melodies are elaborate chants, which have a looser form than a conventional song. Listen to Variation 12, with the strange sounding melody set against a pattern of three repeated bass notes. This one bothered me right from the start.

It's actually a setting of the Pater Noster (the Lords Prayer), in a chant form. If your recording doesn't go too fast, which most do, listen for the pattern – Pater Noster qui es in coelis (Our Father who art in Heaven), followed by Sanctificetur nomen Tuum (Hallowed be thy name), Adveniat regnum tuum (Thy kingdom come), Sicut in coelo, et in terra (On earth as it is in heaven, and so on. Lets face it, there aren't all that many melodies that can accommodate Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie (Give us this day our daily bread).

Each new identification made it easier to find other candidates, because I still have my old St. Joseph's Daily Missal, which I was given in eighth grade for my Confirmation, and which has the complete Latin Mass with a translation. Latin was eliminated by the Catholic Church about forty years ago, and the old structure is gone, so anyone today would have a tough time making the connection. On the other hand, I grew up with it. In addition, I'm familiar with choral styles from my choir director days, and have heard a lot of sung masses, including the old chants. Although I have forgotten most of the vocabulary, I feel perfectly comfortable listening to something sung in Latin, which wouldn't sound at all alien to me, as would, for example, something sung in Bulgarian.

Mike and Jody came up to visit us last night, and I was explaining why the kitchen table is taken up by my other computer. (Rosemary has been very tolerant about this whole thing, although I wouldn't use the word “supportive”. I've been making copies of the pieces, note by note, and superimposing the words, and it's occupied me day and night since I've been home. I've been waking up in the middle of the night to come down and work. I'm trying to get enough put together in a printable form to submit it for copyright, not so much for publication, as to establish precedence. I want my name etched, however tinily (the spell checker isn't any help here - I'm trying to say “however really, really, small”, like “in the style of Tiny Tim”, but that might be a bad analogy), in the history of musicology, and I'm running out of time.

Returning to Mike, I was explaining my theory to him, and was showing him the old “Last Gospel”, which used to be the final prayer of the Mass (In the beginning was the Word), when I noticed something that I had missed earlier.

The very last variation is the Quodlibet, which nobody would know about, except that Bach wrote it at the top of the sheet. This is an old music form in which two completely different songs are blended together, so that what you hear is a perfectly good song, but in which, the two melodies both stand out. The classical story about this particular variation is that one of the songs has a son telling his mother that he's leaving home because she never feeds him properly by putting meat on the table, and the other is a song about cabbage. This is considered by all musical scholars to be a fine example of Bach's sense of humor. Needless to say, the piece itself is a musical gem.

I've found that the words of the Last Gospel fit perfectly to the first melody, and that the second melody could easily be sung with “Deum de Deo, Lumen de Lumine”, from the Creed, and which mean God from God, Light from Light. This would be a fitting climax to the Variations. Closure doesn't get any better than this.

But, actually it does. Here is what I noticed, last night, when I showed Mike my old missal. You have to remember that Bach was a devout Christian, with very strong beliefs. I had forgotten all about the way the old Mass ended, but it all came back when I happened to look at the page just above the beginning of the Last Gospel.

The priest used to stand at the alter with his back to the congregation, and after making sure the alter and chalices were properly cleaned and arranged, he would shift over to the left hand side of the alter, and give a blessing. Then he would say the following: “Initium sancti Evangelii secundum Joannem” which means The beginning of the Holy Gospel according to John – Johann, to you and me.

The Last Gospel starts with “In the beginning was the Word”, and continues with a brief but comprehensive listing of the fundamentals of Christian belief. I woke up at 5am this morning, remembering that just a few sentences into it comes the point – et lux in tenebris lucet, et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt – And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness grasped it not.

I don't know if I ever showed you an old Currier and Ives print that I used up here while teaching chess to kids. It shows a fox looking into a forest, with lots of details. I used it to make the point that a chess position contains much more than what we see at first glance. Hidden in the picture were a great big horse staring out at you, a wild boar, a sheep, and lots of human faces.

Well, I hear some movement upstairs. Rosemary must be getting ready to come down for breakfast. Talk to you later.


Other images from the site:

Site link:


Richard Chase

>Earlier Life:

Richard Chase was born on May 23, 1950 in Sacramento, California. At the age of 5, Chase was already showing all three signs of the Macdonald triad, a theory by John Marshall Macdonald, a forensic psychiatrist. This indicates that Richard Chase's development is not going in the right direction and that he will later have problems related to his temperament.

The Macdonald Triad requires these 3 important behavioral abnormalities to be proven:

1. Arson or setting fires is considered a less serious or first attempt to release aggression.

2. Abusing animals or even killing them.

3. Enuresis is “unintentional bedwetting during sleep that continues after the age of five.” Bedwetting must occur twice a week for at least three months.

In his youth he was heavily addicted to drugs, and his psyche was also affected. Then later, in early adulthood, hypochondria developed. Chase said that sometimes his heart would stop beating or that someone had taken out the artery in his lungs. He also puts an orange on his head so that vitamin C is absorbed into his body. Chase also believed that his skull was broken and shaved his head to check.

1973 was Richard Chase's first short stay in a psychiatric hospital, until he was admitted again in 1976, this time involuntarily. He was found to have been injected with rabbit blood. After he broke the necks of two birds he had caught through his window in the mental hospital, the staff gave him the name "Dracula."

Richard Chase was then diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was treated with various medications. Later in 1976, he was released into the care of his mother and was deemed safe. However, Chase took his mother off his medication and obtained it from an apartment he initially shared with someone until he was later left alone.

Richard Chase was arrested in 1977 when he was stopped on a reservation covered in blood. A bucket of cow's blood was also found in his truck. No charges were filed.


Ambrose Griffin:

On December 29, 1977, Ambrose Griffin and his wife had just returned home from shopping and were unloading the groceries from the trunk when Ambrose suddenly collapsed. His wife thought he was having a heart attack and quickly called an ambulance for help.

But then they found out that Ambrose had been shot. Ambrose's wife then remembered that he had yelled at someone before the loud bang. She hadn't thought anything of it at the time.

One of the Griffins' sons testified that he had seen a man with a gun walking around their neighborhood and the police tracked him down. Unfortunately, it was not Chase, but another man with a different caliber of gun. Two empty cartridge cases from the murder weapon, a .22, were found on the sidewalk in front of the Griffins' house the next day.

A neighbor's boy later testified that he had seen a brown-haired man shooting at him from a brown Pontiac as the boy was riding his bike. Under hypnosis, the boy even remembered the license plate number, which came to nothing.

Also a woman from the neighborhood reported that her house had been shot at and the police found the cartridge cases there too. 22.

2 weeks later:

Richard Chase was caught breaking into a stranger's house. The couple, who had just come home, successfully chased him away. Chase stole a few things, urinated and defecated on her child's bed and clothes.

Teresa Wallin:

On January 23, 1978, Teresa Wallin was three months pregnant when Richard Chase broke into her house and killed her with several shots. He then had sex with her corpse, stabbing her several times with a knife.

When he was finished, he removed some organs, cut off one of her nipples and drank her blood. Before he left, Richard Chase got dog feces from Teresa Wallin's yard and shoved it down her throat.

Evelyn Miroth, Danny Meredith, Jason Miroth & David Ferreira:

On January 27th, 4 days after his murder of Teresa Wallin, he broke into Evelyn Miroth's house. At that time, Evelyn Miroth, her boyfriend Danny Meredith, Evelyn's 6-year-old son Jason and her almost 2-year-old nephew David Ferreira were in the house.

First Richard Chase encountered Danny and shot him. Then Evelyn Miroth, her son Jason and then David. As Chase was mutilating Evelyn Miroth, committing necrophilic and cannibalistic acts, a visitor knocked on the front door.

Chase fled in Evelyn Miroth's car and took the body of her nephew David Ferreira with him.

The visitor immediately called the police and they found complete hand and shoe prints. This made it easy to find Richard Chase.

The police found Chase's apartment in a horrific state. Everything was soaked in blood: walls, floor, ceiling, refrigerator and even the dishes.

>Trial and Death:

In 1979, Richard Chase was charged with six counts of murder. Since his defense wanted to avoid the death penalty, they tried to find Chase guilty of premeditated murder, because he showed clear signs of mental illness.

However, this did not help at all, and so on May 8, 1979, Chase was found guilty of all counts and sentenced to death in the gas chamber. The court rejected the argument based on his mental health.

Richard Chase's fellow inmates were afraid of him because they had all heard about his gruesome murders and therefore often tried to persuade Chase to commit suicide.

Robert Ressler often visited Richard Chase in prison. He gave Ressler many interviews about his fear of Nazis and UFOs, and Chase also claimed that he was forced to commit the murders in order to stay alive. Richard Chase wanted Robert Ressler to help him get a radar gun so that the Nazi UFOs could be convicted of the murders in court.

On December 26, 1980, Richard Chase was found dead in his prison cell. A later autopsy revealed that he had overdosed on various medications he had been prescribed.

>Some Crime Scene Pictures:

>Sources: Reddit, Wikipedia & hermantheshocker

Thank you for your time <3

EFFORTPOST The Israeli-Lebanese attacks today - More than 200 rockets fired by Hezbollah at Israeli cities

Since 5AM today, Hezbollah has been launching rockets and drones towards Israeli cities in the northern border, these attacks against Israeli civilians and military targets are in response to the IDF assassination of a Hezbollah commander yesterday, Taleb Abdullah.

Al Jazeera from a Hezbollah source on the attacks from this morning states:

We attacked 15 military targets in the Galilee and the Golan at the same time.

We launched 30 drones and 150 rockets towards Israel this morning.

This is the most extensive attack we have carried out since October 8.

The purpose of the attack is to deter Israel and this is also a response to the assassination of the senior Talib Abdullah.

Updates by Israel firefighters as of 3PM:

Update (15:15) on Fires in the Northern District Following the Latest Barrage

Firefighters, in collaboration with KKL and RTG forces, have been operating over the past hour at more than 15 active fire sites due to rocket impacts and interceptions in the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights regions.

21 firefighting teams from the Northern District and additional districts are concentrating efforts on the main sites:

Upper Galilee:

Extensive fire in Birya Forest - many teams are working to extinguish the fire.

Golan Heights:

Several fire sites in open areas near Qela.

Several fire sites near Katzrin.

Fire in an open area near El Rom.

Update on the situation of the forest fires as of 6pm:

Spokesperson for Fire and Rescue Israel | Northern District

Status Update (18:00) on Fires in the Northern District as a Result of Rocket Barrages from Lebanon

Firefighters, with the assistance of KKL (Jewish National Fund), the Nature and Parks Authority, the IDF, local units, and other bodies, have been working since the afternoon across multiple fire sites in the Golan Heights and Upper Galilee due to rocket strikes and interceptions.

The firefighting teams have managed to control some of the fire hotspots in the area. Currently, efforts are concentrated on two main sites:


15 firefighting teams, 10 KKL teams, and IDF teams are working to extinguish a large forest fire spreading under windy conditions. At this stage, the forces have managed to stop the fire from reaching the houses in the Birya community. Firefighters are also working to protect the settlement of Amuka from an advancing fire front.

Golan Heights

9 firefighting teams, 9 teams from the Nature and Parks Authority, and a KKL team, along with cowboys from the Golan Regional Council, are operating at several fire sites in the central Golan Heights area. Currently, efforts are concentrated near Katzrin and Kidmat Tzvi.

Acting Commander of the Galil Golan Station, Deputy Commissioner Eli Mor: "Since the early afternoon, we have experienced numerous falls in the Safed area and the Golan Heights. Firefighters are working non-stop under the threat of rockets, fighting to prevent the fire from spreading towards settlements and additional facilities. The teams have been operating for nearly five hours with determination and maximum effort and continue to work at this time to extinguish the many fires in the north."

IDF Statements have said that the response to these attacks will be heavy.

Hezbollah in a statement says it launched Katyusha and Falaq rockets at six army bases in northern Israel, and several more swarms of explosive-laden drones at three more bases in the area.

The IDF reported that some 40 rockets crossed the border, many of which were intercepted by air defenses, but others impacted, causing at least 15 fires. Two men in their 20s were also lightly hurt by shrapnel.

Another seven "suspicious aerial targets" -- thought to be drones -- were identified, the IDF said. Four of the suspected drones were shot down by air defenses, the IDF says, adding that there were no injuries.

In the Israeli city of Safed, school has been cancelled tomorrow due to the Hezbollah attacks today.

Israeli Red Alerts

There are many more red alerts than the one under this, but WPD is having Internal server errors so :itsoverchuddyjew: :marseymuslimitsover:

Footage dump

These ones usually end up being pretty large, so I'm sorry for the incoming spam of footage.

Qatsrin area:

The head of the Qatsrin council said in a statement: "It's not possible that the north will become a playground for Hezbollah"

Aftermath of video above:


In the Birya forest, wildfires have erupted as a result of Hezbollah bombing.


IDF/IAF Attacks

Hezbollah reporter showing fires that have erupted in Marjaayoun

Deir Seryan

IDF using medieval ass weaponry to set fire to the vegitation on the Lebanese border, including using olive oil?:

IDF Airstrikes in the early morning in response to Hezbollah launches:

Kiryati Brigade and Paratroopers conducting a training exercise on the northern border:

Israeli cities affected by the Rockets and Drones:

Upper Galilee Region:


Bet Jann

Har Halutz



Safed (Tzfat)

Gush Halav (Jish)


Karmiel Ben Zimra





Chatzor HaGlilit (industrial area)

Tuba Zangariya

Ayelet HaShahar

Sde Eliezer




Yesud HaMa'ala






Ein Qiniyye

Neve Ativ

Majdal Shams


El Rom

Southern Golan Heights:


Katzrin (industrial area)

Kdmat Zvi

Northern Golan Heights:





Ein Qiniyye

Neve Ativ

Majdal Shams





Line of Confrontation (Southern Lebanon Border):







Mevo'ot Hermon Regional Council

Ramot Naftali

Misgav Am

Kfar Giladi


Ma'ayan Baruch

Kfar Yuval



Beit Hillel

Tel Hai




Kibbutz Dan

Sde Nehemya




Kfar Blum

Kfar Szold

Lehavot HaBashan

Neot Mordechai


Other Regions:

Merom Golan



Kdmat Zvi


Katzrin (industrial area)

Sde Eliezer

Kiryat Shmona

Bet Hillel

Kfar Giladi

Kfar Yuval



Ma'ayan Baruch


Misgav Am

Tel Hai




Kibbutz Dan




Kfar Blum

Kfar Szold

Lehavot HaBashan

Neot Mordechai


As a treat:

Israelis mocking the Israeli government for a slow response to the situation and posting training drills as if rockets aren't currently being fired at Israel:

"Please don't post videos and photos of the attacks in the north, the government still doesn't know."


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