In a cowardly and brutal response to the recent capture of their hostage rescue squad by Hamas, the IDF carried out a severe and devastating airstrike on a UN refugee camp in Rafah, Gaza on May 26. The attack on the refugees tents came shortly after the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to immediately stop all military operations Rafah. Israel, as usual, behaving as a rogue state, defied this directive and launched a devastating airstrike on the densely populated camp, resulting in the deaths of at least 40 people and injuring several others.

Just a day prior, Hamas successfully captured an Israeli hostage rescue squad, adding them to the existing prisoners held by the group. This significant and humiliating setback for Israel prompted a disgusting and cowardly retaliatory response. The video released of the operation [ ]

The bombing targeted a camp that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had previously designated as a "safe zone" for displaced Palestinians, compounding the tragedy and chaos in the region. The IDF's decision to bomb the refugee camp, despite having directed civilians to evacuate to that very location, has drawn widespread condemnation and highlighted the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The targeted area in Rafah was crowded with thousands of displaced people seeking refuge. Videos circulating on social media show intense flames and widespread devastation, with tents and civilian vehicles engulfed in fire. The camp, located near the warehouses of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), was intended to be a temporary safe haven for those fleeing conflict. Instead, it became the epicenter of a deadly airstrike.

First Bomb Dropped

Real, non fictional decapitated baby

HAMAS Militants


Zionists Propaganda

Israeli news agencies wasted no time in weaving a narrative of deceit and blame, immediately accusing Palestinian resistance groups of the attack on the UN refugee camp. Without evidence, they labeled it as a failed rocket attempt by Hamas. However, when the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) acknowledged responsibility for the attack, the news agencies shamelessly backpedaled.

This behavior is not unfamiliar to Israelis; it echoes past instances such as the Baptist Hospital bombing, where similar unfounded claims of a failed rocket were made by Israeli authorities. The shameless backpedaling of these news agencies as well as the IDF, highlights a troubling pattern of misinformation and manipulation, where blame is shifted without regard for truth or accountability.

Zionists Sick Society

The response from Israeli society, particularly on social media and various public forums, has been deeply troubling. Politicians, public figures and influencers on platforms like Telegram have been seen celebrating the attack, with some mocking the victims, including babies and young children. This callous celebration coincided (or maybe it was deliberate) with the Jewish holiday of Lag BaOmer, a festival traditionally marked by lighting bonfires. Disturbingly, some celebrants referred to the fires in Rafah as part of their holiday festivities, highlighting a twisted and dehumanizing perspective on the suffering of Palestinian civilians.

Zionists celebrating a video of a decapitated baby in Rafah just join Zionists Telegram channels and you will see sick society.

International and Humanitarian Response

Humanitarian organizations and international bodies have condemned the attack and the broader implications of Israel's military actions. The forced displacement of civilians, coupled with attacks on designated safe zones, has been described by some as a war crime.

The cowardly attack on the UN refugee camp has sparked outrage across the globe, further isolating the Zionists. Protests have erupted in numerous cities, including Turkey and various other countries, condemning the heinous act. In Iraq, enraged demonstrators targeted American fast-food chains like KFC, viewed as symbols of support for Israel, signaling a potential escalation where American or Western interests could become targets in the unrest.

The Iranian Supreme Leader Twitted after the attack in Hebrew stating, "The divine promise to establish Palestine from the sea to the river will be fulfilled, just as God's promise to Moses' mother was fulfilled."


Date: 26/05/2024

Location: Rafah, Gaza Strip

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST Documenting Hamas' war crimes and human rights violations

I've seen a post on here documenting Israels' war crimes, so I thought why not show the other side of this conflict which seems to be getting pushed away by the pro-palestinian side on here.

Before I start this off, I would like to also link @I_farted's post about Human Rights Violations in Palestine, this mostly covers crimes in Gaza committed by Hamas. Everything I didn't get to cover or fully cover in here is inside of it and it goes more indepth about crimes against the Gazan people

Rules from the Geneva convention broken by Hamas (Not all are stated in here)

"Persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms and those placed hors de combat by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause, shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, without any adverse distinction founded on race, color, religion or faith, sex, birth or wealth, or any other similar criteria. To this end, the following acts are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever with respect to the above-mentioned persons:

(a) violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;

(b) taking of hostages;

(c) outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;

(d) the passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgment pronounced by a regularly constituted court, affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.

(2) The wounded and sick shall be collected and cared for."

— Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (Fourth Geneva Convention), Article 3. (,founded%20on%20race%2C%20colour%2C%20religion)

1. All persons who do not take a direct part or who have ceased to take part in hostilities, whether or not their liberty has been restricted, are entitled to respect for their person, honour and convictions and religious practices. They shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, without any adverse distinction. It is prohibited to order that there shall be no survivors.

2. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the following acts against the persons referred to in paragraph 1 are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever:

(a) violence to the life, health and physical or mental well-being of persons, in particular murder as well as cruel treatment such as torture, mutilation or any form of corporal punishment;

(b) collective punishments;

(c) taking of hostages;

(d) acts of terrorism;

(e) outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment, rape, enforced prostitution and any form of indecent assault;

(f) slavery and the slave trade in all their forms;

(g) pillage;

(h) threats to commit any of the foregoing acts.

3. Children shall be provided with the care and aid they require, and in particular:

(a) they shall receive an education, including religious and moral education, in keeping with the wishes of their parents, or in the absence of parents, of those responsible for their care;

(b) all appropriate steps shall be taken to facilitate the reunion of families temporarily separated;

(c) children who have not attained the age of fifteen years shall neither be recruited in the armed forces or groups nor allowed to take part in hostilities;

(d) the special protection provided by this Article to children who have not attained the age of fifteen years shall remain applicable to them if they take a direct part in hostilities despite the provisions of sub-paragraph (c) and are captured;

(e) measures shall be taken, if necessary, and whenever possible with the consent of their parents or persons who by law or custom are primarily responsible for their care, to remove children temporarily from the area in which hostilities are taking place to a safer area within the country and ensure that they are accompanied by persons responsible for their safety and well-being.

— Additional Protocol II to the Geneva Conventions (Article 4)

"Protected persons are entitled, in all circumstances, to respect for their persons, their honour, their family rights, their religious convictions and practices, and their manners and customs. They shall at all times be humanely treated, and shall be protected especially against all acts of violence or threats thereof and against insults and public curiosity."

— Fourth Geneva Convention (Article 27) (

"1. The civilian population and individual civilians shall enjoy general protection against dangers arising from military operations. To give effect to this protection, the following rules shall be observed in all circumstances.

2. The civilian population as such, as well as individual civilians, shall not be the object of attack. Acts or threats of violence the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population are prohibited.

3. Civilians shall enjoy the protection afforded by this Section, unless and for such time as they take a direct part in hostilities.

4. Indiscriminate attacks are prohibited. Indiscriminate attacks are:

(a) those which are not directed at a specific military objective;

(b) those which employ a method or means of combat which cannot be directed at a specific military objective; or

(c) those which employ a method or means of combat the effects of which cannot be limited as required by this Protocol;

and consequently, in each such case, are of a nature to strike military objectives and civilians or civilian objects without distinction."

— Article 51 - Protection of the civilian population

" 1.Civilian objects shall not be the object of attack or of reprisals. Civilian objects are all objects which are not military objectives as defined in paragraph 2. Attacks shall be limited strictly to military objectives.

2. Attacks shall be limited strictly to military objectives. In so far as objects are concerned, military objectives are limited to those objects which by their nature, location, purpose or use make an effective contribution to military action and whose total or partial destruction, capture or neutralization, in the circumstances ruling at the time, offers a definite military advantage.

3. In case of doubt whether an object which is normally dedicated to civilian purposes, such as a place of worship, a house or other dwelling or a school, is being used to make an effective contribution to military action, it shall be presumed not to be so used."

— Article 52 - General protection of civilian objects

There are many more examples but this alone took up a good chunk of characters from the limit, I will now show proof of all of these things.

I am putting this in bold and in it's own section because the pro-Hamas people on here will mock the 40 beheaded babies but ignore these:

First paragraph:

violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture.

taking of hostages

outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment

The wounded and sick shall be collected and cared for

This man was forced to read out a script by Hamas in order to put the Israeli government in bad light, but what they did with this video is show to the world the care they give to their hostages, claims to be in "underground hell" and that he gets no food or water (although Palestine is constantly given aid daily by Israel which we all know most of is probably going to Hamas)

Second paragraph:

(e) outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment, rape, enforced prostitution and any form of indecent assault;

Captured militant admitting he and his father raped a 30 year old Israeli woman and then executed her

Full video for any arabic/hebrew speakers, I did not feel like translating this whole thing but if people comment that they want it then I might

Nvm fellers, I translated it, enjoy this mess, click on the button to open this up becaus I didn't wanna cover the post with just this.

Translation by me

Investigator: What is your name?

Kemal Hasin Ahamd Ra'adi

Investigator: How old are you?

Ahmad: 47

Investigator: And what is your nickname?

Ahmad: Abu Abdullah

Investigator: How many children do you have?

Ahmad: One son

Investigator: One son?

Ahmad: One son and six daughters

Investigator: Six daughters...

Investigator: I want to understand what is the story. Please. Reply where did you get captured?

Ahmad: In Hamad City

Investigator: Hamad? And where did you get in from on October 7th

Ahmad: Into the kibbutz... (This isn't a fuck up in my translating, Ahmad just didn't understand the question)

Investigator: Which kibbutz? Okay where did you come in from

Ahmad: From Khuza'a

Investigator: Okay, and how did you get in?

Ahmad: On foot.

Investigator: On foot, and what did you bring with you?

Ahmad: A pistol

Investigator: Okay, a pistol. Who came with you?

Ahmad: My son abdullah (Shown in the previous clip), Ahmad abu Hajaj and Hasan

Investigator: Okay, you got into the Kibbutz from Khuza'a and then what happened?

Ahmad: We went in and every house that had a person in it we would either kill them or we kidnapped them

Investigator: Okay, tell me what happened on the first house

Ahmad: In the first house I was surprised by a woman and her husband, I shot them.

Investigator: A woman and her husband? How old were they?

Ahmad: They seemed to be in their 40's or above.

Investigator: 40 something, okay... And after that?

Ahmad: After that there was another house. Hasan went into the house and I went into another house, he found a man, his wife and their 2 children.

They seemed to be around 10-12, he took them and passed them over to Al-Qassam.

I found a woman and her daughter, I passed them over to Al-Qassam too.

Investigator: Okay.. Al-Qassam, when you talked to them, where were they?

Ahmad: What?

Investigator repeats the question

Ahmad: They were walking around the area...

Investigator: In what, in cars?

Ahmad: On foot.

Investigator: On foot... And where did they take them?

Ahmad: There were cars that they (Al-Qassam) took.

Investigator: And the third house?

Ahmad: And the third house, there was also a man and his wife, 50 something years old. I passed them over to Al-Qassam too.

Investigator: Why is it that on the first house you killed the family but in the rest you passed them over to Al-Qassam?

Ahmad: I was surprised by them, the door was open, and they went out of the shelter or something and they don't know, we went in and we were surprised...

Investigator: What is your position in Hamas?

Ahmad: Normal...

Investigator: What is normal?

Ahmad: Normal means I'm not a high rank or something...

Investigator: What are you a commander in Hamas, are you a soldier in Hamas? Do you have a position?

Ahmad: I work in the government

Investigator: In the government?

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: What is your job exactly?

Ahmad: National security

Investigator: National security, okay and what is your position in there?

Ahmad: Supervision and search (I don't know what the hell that means I'm sorry)

Investigator: Okay, you went to the fourth house and what happened?

Ahmad: No, we found a group of civilians, between 10-12 people, Men, children and women. We surrounded them and passed them over to Al-Qassam.

Investigator: How old were the kids?

Ahmad: They were small, like 10-12 years old...

Investigator: Okay, how many kids were there?

Ahmad: Like 5.

Investigator: Okay and after that?

Ahmad: After that while we were walking we saw 5 men, girls and boys that tried to run away so we shot them. (Idk how it went from men to girls and boys but that's what he said)

Investigator: All 5 of them?

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: Okay, did you hit them? Were they injured? Did they die?

Ahmad: They fell to the ground but they didn't... (That's all, idk what else but probably means they didn't die.)

Investigator: You shot and who else? Was it all 4 of you together?

Ahmad: No, there were other guys.

Investigator: Who are they?

Ahmad: I don't know their names, we found them there.

Investigator: You killed a group.

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: Okay. And you shot at all 5? And then?


Ahmad: And then I went into a house where there was a woman

Investigator: Where was the house located?

Ahmad: In the western part of the area.

Investigator: What did the house look like?

Ahmad: Like all the others

Ahmad: I saw her in the living room with a couple of men, I took her together to an adjacent room.

And I slept with her

Investigator: And what did you do to her? Tell me exactly what you did, detail it.

Ahmad: I took down her pants, skinny made out of leather.

Investigator: Did she want to sleep with you?

Ahmad: No, she screamed.

Investigator: Did she only scream or did she do more?

Ahmad: No, she only screamed.

Investigator: What did she say?

Ahmad: Not screams screams, but like sobbing screams.

Investigator: Okay, and what'd you do? Did you threaten her with your weapon?

Ahmad: My pistol was with me, yes.

Investigator: Even when she undressed?

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: Okay, and then?

Ahmad: I did what I did.

Investigator: Okay, and what did you do?

Ahmad: I raped her.

Investigator: What did she wear under her clothes?

Ahmad: Nothing. Just a shirt and short leather pants.

Investigator: And that's it?

Ahmad: Yes, leather pants.

Investigator: Okay. Explain to me, I wasn't there.

Ahmad: I layed on top of her, kissed her and I inserted myself inside of her and I came and it took me around 15 minutes.

Investigator: What did she do after that?

Ahmad: I kept her on the bed and I went out, I don't know what happened. I went outside of the house.

Investigator: You didn't take her with you?

Ahmad: No.

Investigator: Did someone come in after you?

Ahmad: I don't know, there were multiple other men there.

Investigator: In the house?

Ahmad: Yes, outside of the room of course, in the living room.

Investigator: So there were other guys in the living room?

Ahmad: Yes, there were men in the living room.

Investigator: There were men in the living room.

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: The men in the living room, were they with you or were they with her?

Ahmad: Both, with me came Abdullah and Ahmad.

Investigator: And did they go into the room afterwards?

Ahmad: No, they came out with me, but the guys that weren't with us stayed.

Investigator: They stayed?

Ahmad: Yes.

Investigator: Who was with the woman in the house?

Ahmad: I don't know, I found only her.

Investigator: Only her, alone?

Ahmad: That's how I found her, I don't know if there was anyone else with her nobody told me, maybe the guys that were there before me took someone to another room and I didn't see.

Investigator: That woman, you're sure?

Ahmad: Yes.

Investigator: Okay, and then what did you do?

Ahmad: After that we went home.

Investigator: You went home? And Abdullah, where was he?

Ahmad: He was with me.

Investigator: With you?

Ahmad: Yes.

Investigator: And what did he do?

Ahmad: I don't know, we told them we're going home and that's it.

Investigator: And you went out together?

Ahmad: Yes, we went out together, I went with Hasan and we saw people burning down houses and cars and we waited for the kids (Abdullah and his friend) to come to us.

Investigator: Where?

Ahmad: They stayed at the house, until I told them to come back.

Investigator: In the house you were in?

Ahmad: Yes, I told them to come because the plane got there and started shooting.

Investigator: Except for that woman, were there other women in the house?

Ahmad: I didn't see.

Investigator: Did you go into the house?

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: You said there were guys? Correct?

Ahmad: Yes.

Investigator: What... There was a woman and who else??

Ahmad: Yea just her, her and the one I took.

Investigator: Before this you said there were guys

Ahmad: Guys, yes!

Investigator: Guys from your side?

Ahmad: Yes.

Investigator: Hamas, Islamic Jihad?

Ahmad: I don't know, but they were there.

Investigator: You don't know, they were just there with weapons? They were in the house?

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: Okay. And except for that, only she was there?

Ahmad: That's what I saw

Investigator: And you're saying that Abdullah and Hasan stayed in the house.

Ahmad: I told them come and I went outside.

Investigator: How long were they inside for?

Ahmad: Honestly, between 10 minutes and 15 minutes.

Investigator: And what did they tell you afterwards? What were they doing in the house for 10 minutes?

Ahmad: We didn't talk about it, I told them come and that's it. And I told you, the planes started shooting.

Investigator: You know your son is telling us something else?

Ahmad: I don't know

Investigator: You know?

Ahmad: What did he say?

Investigator: Are you a man?

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: If your word is the word of a man, and you told us what you had, and I know what your son said, why did you lie to me?

Ahmad: I'm not lying... Maybe I want to protect him...

Investigator: But he admitted. You did your part, keep going, why lie? You told us and he told us, so why lie?

Ahmad: There's no lie, there's nothing...

Investigator: Because of that I want your side of the story. You came in with your son and Ahmad was with you, we know what you all did. Right? Now I want the entire story.

Ahmad: I'm telling you I went in, saw the dudes and then I raped her and finished.

Investigator: Right.

Ahmad: And then Abdullah came in

Investigator: Did he stay with her?

Ahmad: Yes he stayed with her, I think he did it (Raped her), I think I don't know.

Investigator: Did she keep screaming when he came in?

Ahmad: Yes, she kept screaming.

Investigator: And Ahmad?

Ahmad: That too, yes.

Investigator: After your son or together?

Ahmad: No, no, after.

Investigator: Okay, and after that?

Ahmad: We went out, I went out, and then after that they followed me.

Investigator: After you went out of the house, who stayed with her?

Ahmad: After we went out? The guys, I told you there were guys there.

Investigator: There were still guys there?

Ahmad: Yes, around 4-3 of them.

Investigator: Did they also enter the room?

Ahmad: I don't know, we went out and after that I don't know what happened. I only saw this woman and that's it. We finished and we went out, back home.

Investigator: Okay, after that you went back to the strip? (Gaza strip)

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: Where were you?

Ahmad: At home.

Investigator: Home?

Ahmad: Yes

Investigator: Until you got captured?

Ahmad: No, of course we went out and operated as usual.

Investigator: Did you see soldiers in Gaza? Did you fight the soldiers in Gaza? Where you in hospitals? Schools?

Ahmad: Nasser Hospital

Investigator: Were you in there?

Ahmad: No, I went there to see my brother, Osama, He was there with around 5-6 soldiers (Al-Qassam, proves that they indeed operated in Hospitals) inside of the hospital.

Of course he was in a department in the hospital and they put him along with the injured.

Investigator: What is Osama's job?

Ahamd: Deputy Minister of Intelligence in Khan Yunis.

Investigator: Okay, and he was in Nasser hospital?

Ahmad: Yes, throughout the war, yes.

Investigator: Where in the hospital?

Ahmad: In the first building, the new one.

Investigator: The new one? How's the building called?

Ahmad: Mujama Al-Yassin

Investigator: Mujama Al-Yassin... Which floor of the building was he in?

Ahmad: The first one.

Investigator: And were they armed around him?

Ahmad: Yea, with pistols and Kalashnikovs

Investigator: Except for that what else did you see?

Ahmad: I didn't see. I went and I didn't see the soldiers, but the people there that were my friends, like Abu Anas Asatari (Probably fucked this name up) and Abu Mushasi

Investigator: And why do you think they used the Hospital for offices?

Ahmad: They think it's safe there, and there's everything there and they just think there's no chance they will attack them.


(c) children who have not attained the age of fifteen years shall neither be recruited in the armed forces or groups nor allowed to take part in hostilities;

As for the third paragraph, all of that can be seen above

Fourth paragraph:

The civilian population as such, as well as individual civilians, shall not be the object of attack. Acts or threats of violence the primary purpose of which is to spread terror among the civilian population are prohibited

4. Indiscriminate attacks are prohibited. Indiscriminate attacks are:

(a) those which are not directed at a specific military objective;

(b) those which employ a method or means of combat which cannot be directed at a specific military objective; or

(c) those which employ a method or means of combat the effects of which cannot be limited as required by this Protocol;

Among others, the following types of attacks are to be considered as indiscriminate:

(a) an attack by bombardment by any methods or means which treats as a single military objective a number of clearly separated and distinct military objectives located in a city, town, village or other area containing a similar concentration of civilians or civilian objects;

Article 52 - General protection of civilian objects (Was too large to fit here)

Animal Warning!

Pet animals count as Civilian objects and therefore killing someone's dog is a warcrime.

Houses and cars are also civilian objects

Execution of surrendering soldiers, not listed in the paragraphs as I probably would've ran out of space

In this video you can see a female conscript hiding under a table very obviously surrendering, by international law the militants would have to take them prisoner, but instead they execute the female soldiers at point blank.

2 Warcrimes so it gets its own section

1. Firing missiles at Israel from a concentrated civilian area in Gaza and using them as a human shield, putting their peoples' lives in danger.

2. Firing missiles at Israeli cities mostly populated by civilians and no soldiers.

Hamas' use of suicide bombers

Since 1993 and all the way up to 2016, Hamas had used suicide bombers as a tactic against the IDF multiple times, here's an extensive list of Suicide and other bombing attacks in Israel, not all of them are by Hamas but if you search "Hamas" you will get dozens of results.

Also wikipedia:

Hamas' use of Human Shields

Hamas places their Weapon Manufacturing sites and Warehouses next to civilian areas, including UNRWA Schools.

Talking about UNRWA and the U.N, here's a post of mine showing Al-Qassam militants roaming around and flailing their guns around a U.N Facility

IAF Drone view shows Hamas militants walking around U.N Facility and firing their weapons

In another post of mine, you will see IDF Soldiers showing Weapon / Rocket manufacturing workshop, right next to UNRWA school

IDF Operating in Gaza and Lebanon today

In one of my recent posts, a picture is attached showing Hamas activity all around and inside of a cemetery

Click on the button titled "Gaza" and simply scroll down

Hamas also fires a majority of their rockets from areas heavily populated by civilians or in controversial areas such as the Egyptian border which may not be populated but would cause an outrage if Israel fires back at them.

I will add more proof to my claim other than the video above

A recent post of mine from around 2 days ago showing multiple rocket launchers on the egyptian border:

Click here for it

Firing of rockets from a Civilian shelter area:

Destruction of rocket launchers right next to Humanitarian shelters in Khan Yunis

Destruction of rocket launchers placed 20 meters away from Displaced persons' tents

Crimes against their own people

Hamas doesn't only commit acts of brutal violence against Israelis, but their own people. They still food from aid trucks that's supposed to be sent to the Gazan people and execute anyone who "collaborates" with Israel (Could literally mean any type of contact with Israelis) and use the civilians as human shields, even blocking the road crossing to the south during the start of the war in order to blame Israel for the civilians dying.

Whether you like the IDF or not, the footage here shows everything you need to see, Hamas uses all of their money to buy jewlery, mansions, cars and businesses in Qatar and Turkey while the poor Gazan people starve, Hamas isn't poor or some guerilla force, they are a government but choose to let their people die for PR.

Hamas' Extrajudicial killings of rivals

Limiting the aid the Gazan people are getting

According to sources associated with Fatah, Muhammad Mahand, an operative in the military wing of Hamas, advertises for sale, with a phone number, boxes of water bottles and diapers that he stole / took over...

In this video, you will see hamas militants firing around Gazan civilians an hour before a humanitarian aid convoy comes through.

Hamas limits the aid coming into Gaza by bombing the Israeli Kerem Shalom humanitarian aid crossing, the people on here are proud of Hamas' achievement of bombing a humanitarian aid crossing but will then blame Israel for not sending aid through a dangerous area for their drivers.

Just yesterday, the crossing was bombed twice, one after the other in a span of 2 minutes

This causes the crossing to get closed for a day or two which leads to Gazans getting less food, and yet somehow Israel is to blame?

Crimes against Gays and Women

Many LGBTQ+ people find it trendy to support people such as Hamas, while I think it is good to call for palestinian people to stop dying, it is not good when it starts to turn into supporting terrorism and screaming "Intifada!"

Here I will show the little research these people should've done before making that decision.

The brutal story of the gay Hamas commander

This video tells the story of Mahmoud Ishtiwi, a former Hamas commander tortured and eventually killed by Sinwar himself.

Human rights report on his story:

This video also partially goes into Sinwars' history and early career before Hamas.

Amnesty International Report 2020/21 (

"VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS: Women and girls faced discrimination in lawand practice and were inadequately protected against sexual and other genderbased violence, including so-called honour killings. Nineteen women died in the West-Bank and 18 in Gaza as a result of genderbased violence, according to the Women's Center for Legal Aid and Counselling"

"Lesbian, gay,bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people continued to face discrimination and lacked protection"

Exclusive: Gay man who fled Gaza speaks about Hamas repression, I24 News

"Sometimes, they would tie my feet up and beat them with a stick. After that, every few years, they would arrest me and torture me in the same way."

"Over the course of five years, Abdul says Hamas would kidnap him off of the streets, torture him, and then rerelease him. Finally, at 22, they let him go for the last time."


Thank you for reading this post, hopefully you enjoyed and learned something new after all of this.

If you find any mistranslations in here or think some of this may be misinformation, feel free to comment about it and say what you think is incorrect, if it is I will remove it since this post wasn't made to spread misinformation.

EFFORTPOST 3 dead after Jeffery Spaide kills his 2 neighbors over snow argument then kills himself (LOTS of extra info, effort post)


This is definitely my best post yet


Shooter's Backstory:

Jeffery Spaide was born on June 16, 1973 and served in the U.S Navy during the 1990s, and was also in the U.S Navy reserve and U.S Army Nation Gaurd for periods of time. He also worked over 20 years as an engineer. His life was pretty normal until his fateful encounter with the goys. He got into an argument with them as a result of them all throwing snow onto each other's properties to dispose of it, and it resulted in Jeffery killing his 2 neighbors, then going into his own home and killing himself. (not shown in video)

What Happened:

As quoted from "Source 1": (see below) "On the morning of February 1, 2021, Jeffrey Spaide began arguing with James and Lisa Goy outside of their home in Plains Township, Pennsylvania. Like many of their earlier fights, this one centered on snow shoveling. The Goys shoveled snow from their parking spots and then moved it across the street before dumping it on Spaide's property. Soon afterward, Spaide emerged from his home and asked the couple to stop. They didn't. Instead, the conversation devolved into a heated altercation that involved Spaide and the Goys verbally threatening each other, hurling multiple obscenities, and calling each other names. “I'll make your life a living hell living here, dickhead,” James Goy angrily shouted at Jeffrey Spaide. Spaide replied, “What?… Fuck you, you fucking scum.” Then, James' wife Lisa yelled, “You're the fucking scumbag. You don't know how to talk to somebody.” James continued, “That's right… You're a pussy, pussy, pussy.” All of this was captured on surveillance footage, along with the violent escalation of the argument. In the video, Spaide is eventually seen walking down his driveway toward his neighbors, revealing a gun in his hand. James warned Spaide to “put the gun down,” but Spaide refused to listen. Instead, he began firing, hitting James first before moving on to Lisa. Though the wounded James attempted to flee toward his home, shouting for other neighbors to “call the cops,” Spaide soon shot him again. Meanwhile, the injured Lisa screamed, “You fucker, you!” Though Spaide was then seen walking back to his home, he wasn't done yet, Instead, Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker said that Spaide only went inside to replace his handgun with an “AR-style rifle” so that he could continue firing on the Goys, essentially executing them. One of the last things Spaide said to his neighbors before killing them was this: “You should have kept your fucking mouth [shut].” Then, Spaide retreated to his home once more to shoot himself with a third rifle." (Spaide's suicide was not captured on video)

(Dead) The Shooter: 47 year old Jeffery Spaide.

I couldn't find a credible picture of Jeffery Spaide, but maybe this is it (might not be)

(Dead) Victim 1: 48 year old Lisa Goy.

(Dead) Victim 2: 50 year old James Goy.

Info came from sources below


NBC News

Source 1:

Source 2:

This is my first time posting death and I put a lot of effort into this so I really hope you enjoy this! If there is any false information, typos, or mistakes in this post please let me know and I will fix it!



I saw it available for download as a mega link on a 4plebs thread. It was most likely just downloaded from the channel itself.


-> GUNSHOT AT 6:01 <-

-> MOM WALKS IN AT 7:05 <-

-> POLICE ENTER AT 16:00 <-


The note he pushed under the door said something along the lines of 'I am dead, do not let the kids see my body. Goodbye.' and the note he held up read 'BYE /R9K/ 3/14/18'

Shuaib Aslam was a resident of Stockton, California, USA. He killed himself on March 14, 2018 at around 3 pm. He was 18 years old at the time. He had owned two shotguns however he chose the KSG-12 to shoot himself. He was in a discord call at the time with 4 friends and he lived with his Mom (49 years old in 2018), Dad (56), Sister (17) and baby sister (6).

he had many accounts, here's a list with the links:








here is the original link to the livestream in which he killed himself:

a tribute post made by his family after his death:

subreddit about him:

he also had a Google+ account but he didn't post anything

fun facts:

you might have seen that he had a MyAnimeList account, he was a very big weeaboo and liked to talk about anime with his friends on /r9k/ (his go-to 4Chan board) and Discord.

on Discord he went under the name "Deadbot" with this profile picture:

he was also a NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) which means he didn't want to go to school and didn't want to work (one of the reasons why he killed himself)

some pictures of Shuaiby Aslam without his mask posted to FaceBook:

he also considered himself an incel and praised Elliot Rodger, even going as far as to say "he died for our sins", and quoting his manifesto in chat with other people:

he was also known for wanting to shoot up his school and for his homicidal thoughts:

and he even wrote a fan-fiction about shooting up his school and killing his classmates:

more pictures of his KSG shotgun:



OCTOBER 31, 1999 -- MARCH 14, 2018

Credit to: @shootergirl for the info.

EFFORTPOST Today's school shooting in Prague

Today, just 1 hour ago, there was a shooting at the Faculty of Arts Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The shooter has been identified as David Kozàk, his identity card photo seen below:

Kozàk shot and killed his own father before the shooting. Here's a rough timeline of how things happened.

12:20 - the police recieved a call that the shooter has left his home in Hostoň (Kladno district) and shared an intention to commit suicide.

12:45 - the police find the body of the shooters dead father at home with his own rifle.

The police try to track the shooter down, finding out he is a student of the Faculty of Philosophy in Carlos University and had a class there at 14:00.

The police evacuate the bulding he has the class in, finishing at 14:22.

14:59 - the police is informed that shots have been fired at a different building of the Faculty of Arts & Philosophy.

15:20 - the shooter was found dead at the balcony of the building.

Videos of the shooter on-site have also been released, thanks to @Filsek and @Slavo, picturing Kozàk shooting at the streets with his rifle:

Kozàk held a diary on Telegram with various messages hinting at the shooting and claiming that he got inspiration from Alina Afanaskina, the Brynsk school shooter. Credit for the diary to @Slavo, @Porro and @VOMITOXINE. (the text looks off because it has been translated from Russian):

People were also spotted while hiding from the shooter on the ledge of the building, 2nd picture thank to @profile:

While some barricated themselves in rooms:

But some of them weren't so lucky:

in this video you can hear gunshots, sirens and evacuation alarms while people were fleeing:

some gunshots were also recorded by a dash-cam in a car:

while this video was recorded by a bystander:

at the top left of the video youcan see the shooter on the balcony of the building:

People evacuated the area and the shooter committed suicide by jumping off the building shooting himself in the throat (though this still has to be confirmed), while the police officers were trying to reach him:

photos and videos of the police officers:

bodycam footage has also been released by the Czech authorities and can be viewed on YouTube:

photo of his rifle, a ZEV AR-30, either chambered in 5.56 or .308, with what seems to be a $2000+ Leupold VX5/6 HD scope and $500SPUHR CAD scope mount, after he threw it off the building and it broke into pieces:

inside the building, they also found various other ammunition and weapons, including a Glock 17 with a B&T USW frame, images courtesy of @FrankPond:

Following is a list of people who lost their lives in the shooting, will update as more people are identified

Lenka Hlávková (49), muzicologist

Jan Dlask (50), Finnish and Swedish literature specialist

Lenka Špindlerová (20), Deaf language and communication studies student

Klára Holcová (20), Archival and bohemian studies student

Magdaléna Křístková, Deaf language and communication studies student

Aneta Richterová, student

thank you @Slavo, @sdsdsdsdsdsd and everyone else for sending additional videos/images and the diary of the shooter :)

Kozàk is allegedly also responsible for the murder of a father and their infant baby in the Klánovice forest, just a week before the shooting. For now, 10 people were killed and 30 people were injured, with 5 of them in serious condition. The victim count has reached 14 dead and 25 injured now. I will update this post as more info comes through from the media, stay tuned.

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST The suicide of 12 year old Katelyn Nicole Davis (ITZ Dolly) | full write up :marseysaki:


This one's personal.

I remeber when this happened. It's on a personal level for me because Katelyn and I were born the same year, 2004, and I was going through some of the same issues she had around the same time. Struggling with mental illness, abuse, self harm and being hospitalized were issues I had to deal with, and at such a young age. This story absolutely breaks my heart on so many levels. So let's talk about Katelyn.

Katelyn Nichole Davis was born on February 20th, 2004 in Rome, Georgia. Around the time of her suicide, she was living in a trailer with her mom, Tammy, her step-dad Anthony and her 2 younger half siblings.


She was known as "ITZ Dolly" on a platform called where she recorded multiple hours of live streams of her everyday life where she would sing, take care of her younger siblings, do her makeup, talking to the chat and answering questions they had. During these streams she would sometimes break down and cry and share how her mom was selling drugs and doing pills, and how her step-dad tried to have sex with her. People also often asked her if her siblings were her kids because they were always on her streams.

Katelyn talking about how her step-dad tried to rape her

She says after she denied his advances, he called her a "worthless whore" and that she should hang herself. "He hated my guts but then he still tried to get in my pants" He told her to hang herself because she wasn't worth it.

Katie used vlogging to cope with her mental illness and poor home life. She shares how her home is practically unlivable, a piece of her wall is gone, she has no door and there is a hole in her floor leading outside. She wrote in "Diary of a Broken Doll" that one time a bird flew into her room through the hole, and how its extremely cold during the winter. She was worried about getting sick from the leaky pipe completely soaking her floor because "cold + wet = sickness". Her shoes would often break and fall apart from the floor being wet so she only had one good pair of shoes.


Another thing she wrote was that her bed wasnt even a bed, it's an old rusty mattress on the wet floor.

Sometimes she would have Hundreds of people watching her streams, so they were all seeing this. They were all witnessing her living conditions and hearing all of these terrible things from Katie, so you think they would be worried enough to take action right? Most of her viewers were much older than her and they would ask her creepy things like if she lives alone. She once said "I'm not doing that! Im not taking my shirt off." And "yes I'm wearing stuff under my pajamas." Like who in their right mind is saying these things to someone who is so young. And it's not like theh didnt know, Katie has said countless times that she is 13. She has reminded viewers this over and over again so they are well aware she's a child even though they are saying these weird things. During all this she just keeps asking herself "why are all these people trying to get with me?"

"Im Thirteen" (she dosent seem super uncomfortable in this case, but in others she is)

Although, she did enjoy being complemented like in the video above because she was "used to being insulted" (being called pretty and told she is nice)

One time during a stream joking around with her little brother someone said "perv and proud" to which she replied "What? You're being a perv?? Thats my little brother! He's 4! Im 13!" Then she blocked and reported the person and began expressing how that is not okay. She also said the person was trying to get her and her little brother to touch inappropriately.

She was also a victim of catfishing, a girl named Alexa was pretending to be a boy named Ben and tricked Katie for months which affected her greatly.

She did end up dating a boy named Luke who was 19. Luke is a weirdo, in a stream talking about Katie after her death someone asks him how old he is to which he replies that he doesn't give out his age. Dude is clearly an adult you ain't fooling nobody

Katie talking about Luke


Katie talking about how she gets bullied and how Anthony told her he would go buy the rope for her to hang herself


People would call her Ugly, an Emo freak, a monster, and one boy called her a lonely demon girl in front of the whole class while passing out papers.

Katelyn's dad


When Katie talks about her dad, she describes him as wanting nothing to do with her, and even saying she doesn't have a dad. When she tried to see him he was uninterested, even though he only lived 2 miles away from her he still did not come see her. And when she was in the hospital after trying to commit suicide with pills, her never visited her or cared to see how she was doing. In one stream, she said the last time she saw her dad was in the store and when she tried to hug him, he walked away from her.

Katelyn's mom

Let's talk about Tammy for a moment, a neglectful, abusive, drug addict of a mother. Katie talks about her mom in a stream and explains how she mostly deals drugs, but she used to eat pills but now she crushes them up and snorts them right in front of her

Katelyn talking about how her mom sells and does drugs, and how she leaves Katie with her 2 younger siblings for hours at a time

Katelyn says if she asked her mom where she was going, she would just say she was going up the road but then would not come back home for a while.

In one stream, just the day before she committed suicide, the two have a heated argument.

Tammy is yelling at Katie to come out here, when Katie says she's getting dressed her mother continues to yell at her saying she doesn't care, and "get out here before I beat your ass" Katie has her phone hidden behind the curtain before she goes out. Tammy is complaining about the kids making a mess or whatever, Katie says that it is not her fault that they won't listen to her, and that she keeps leaving her to take care of them. Tammy said she told her to whip the children if they don't listen, which Katie replied that she can't because when she does they still don't listen. Lots of things were said back and forth, Tammy kept saying she was gonna whip her ass and that she needs to go back to the hospital. Katie brings up everything How Tammy did not get rid of Anthony as soon as the abuse happened, how shes snorting pills, bringing guys home and kissing up on them, how she's expected to do so many things and the pressure is just getting too much for her. You can hear the pain in her voice as Tammy continuously brushes her off and just won't listen "she didn't take her pill today" and "its none of your business what I do." She makes excuses for just about everything Katelyn says "I'm just trying to make money" when she brings up the selling drugs and "is he here now? No he's not still here" to the Anthony thing even though Katie's whole point was that she didn't make him leave immediately.

I can only imaging the frustration Katie was feeling during this, she had nobody except the people watching her streams. And if this was the way her mother was treating these issues then she must've felt extremely invalidated. She had no support other than her viewer's.

December 30th, 2016

The following video is the last stream Katie made before the one where she died

On the evening of December 30th 2016, Katelyn started a live stream on, it starts off with her walking outside, looking at thd camera with a blank stare as she walks toward the tree in her backyard. She has her hair and makeup done. She puts down the phone and spends about 15 minutes tying the rope to the tree.

Once she's done, at 16:56 she picks up her phone again and apologizes, saying she's sorry she's not pretty enough, she's sorry to the people who watched her streams, and she's sorry she wasn't strong enough. She cries and repeatedly apologizes over and over again. She puts the phone back down and steps up, putting the rope around her neck and continues to apologize. She says sorry to Luke, Sorry to Ben, to God, to everyone as she continues to cry. You can hear her breathing very heavily as the reality began to sit in. The first time she says goodbye, the rope begins to choke her a bit. she's scared, hesitant. She apologizes again, says bye, and kicks away whatever she was standing on. The sun is setting, as it gets darker and darker you can eventually only see a silhouette of her swaying. Before it gets too dark, you can see her clenching her fists and shaking as she spins for a bit (2 common effects while hanging) although there isn't too much flailing like you see in other videos.

Around the 30 minute point, Katie's phone begins to ring and go off multiple times. Towards the end of the video, you can hear her mother calling out to her from the house. Then the stream ends.

Circulation of the video brought media outrage. Why did it take so long for the video to be removed? Why can't the police force sites to take it down? All of these missing the point completely. They were more worried about how she died rather than what caused her to take her own life. Investigations were done on the family but nothing came of it. Other parts of the media were supportive and worried about youth depression and suicide.


Katie would've been 20 last month, its been 8 years since she committed suicide. Whenever I feel suicidal, I think of Katie. I think of how suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Things can and will get better, you just need to try to believe that they can. It breaks my heart to think about how she was so young, only 12. There's no reason a 12 year old should've been taking care of little kids for extended periods of time, there's no reason she should've been held up to such expectations. 12 year olds are meant to be playing outside, participating in sports, hanging out with friends etc. They failed Katie, she needed help and nobody gave it to her. No child deserves to be bullied or treated the way she was treated. She deserved a normal childhood. Rest in peace Katie.

If you or a friend are struggling with suicidal thoughts and feel you may be in danger of hurting yourself, I highly recommend calling 988 or visiting the site. Find a trusted person to talk to, it gets better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot to me.


Most of the sites I came across were completely useless, I had to base a lot off of Katelyn's streams alone.

Reported by:
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EFFORTPOST One of our fellow WPD users 1dayUsuffer was caught by the feds for making threats to kill white people

I found out from a post by /u/neverstopthezerg. Say hi if you are reading this. Also say hi if you're a fed reading this, I guess.

Name is @1dayUsuffer, or Joshua Cobb

He was a black ex-Marine who was was arrested on Friday, May 10, 2024 for making threats to kill white people. The charge was "transmitting a threat in interstate and foreign commerce", punishable by a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He fantasized about shooting up a gym, a supermarket, or a rich white area. He felt a connection to Nikolas Cruz and liked the "element of surprise and style" of the 2022 Buffalo shooting (even though Payton Gendron targeted black people).

He made his WPD account on February 22, 2023 and made posts from February 23, 2023 to June 7, 2023. (I do not know if there are deleted or removed comments from later dates.) His last voting activity was on January 6, 2024.

Announcement (

:marseypdf: This is the criminal complaint PDF. They did not mention WPD or Reddit by name.

On December 17, 2022, he apparently made a post on Reddit under the username /u/NearbyUser101 stating the following. I could not find the post.

I want to cause mayhem on the white community. The reason i specifically want to target white people is because as a black male, they will NEVER understand my struggles. Same way I will never understand their struggles, but I don't care to. I want to erase them. All of them really, but in this case as many as I possibly can. As of today I have officially began planning my attack. It is going to take place in 2023 in the state of New Jersey, I have not chosen a exact date but I am going to be sure it is close to an important holiday to their race. I have a location in mind already which I have frequented for the past year and I am certain nobody there is armed to be able to stop me from spraying them to the ground. I have already acquired 2 of the 4 firearms I plan to use for my attack, and I also know my entry and exit points already after the mayhem.

This is his WPD bio. "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"

𝕻𝖔𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝖕𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖗 𝖌𝖗𝖔𝖜𝖘 𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖔𝖋 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖑 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝖌𝖚𝖓.

Discord: 1DayUSuffer#9611

WPD posts

Some of his WPD posts include:

WPD comments

Just read the bold parts if it's too much text.

Some of his comments include:

#958064 No expectations buddy. I'm just leaving evidence for whoever investigates my case.


Yeah, I know, creating this post is probably exactly what he would've wanted.

#957987 What is help going to do for me? And the person who is going to “help” me is only doing it because they are getting paid man. Its all a fucking facade. They dont really care. Lets be real man. Tbh I hope I do progress into a serial killer because I fucking hate life man. I did not ask for this shit. This shit hurts so fucking bad man. Every time I go on social media all I see is other kids my age on fucking boats and jetskis surrounded by drunk hot girls and just having all kinds of fun and then theres me…… doomed to fucking bullshit. Why is life so fucking unfair I hate this shit so much man…. But one day everyone will suffer. I promise I will make everyone feel my fucking pain. My deep, sincere, raw, & sharp pain.

#957994 Fuck those animals. My favorite weapon to kill them with is my crossbow. I use broadhead tips and send it straight to through their brains. Last cat I got I hit him/her right in the eye and that shit was on the floor. Very bloody scene and I loved it. I dont take pictures with my phone but the images remain in my brain.

He hated cats. :marseydead: He wrote about it in more detail here.

#958286 Bro just because you're idea of a happy ending mignt be going too college and slaving away in a cubicle for eternity & getting married doesnt mean its @1dayUsuffer's as well. There is a massive epidemic going on right now. Nobody wahts too acknowledge that us young men in America have so many obstacles stacked against us we cannot excel no matter how hard we try. Especially those like myself who are BLACK & come from poverty. There is no way out for me.

The only way out is bloodshed. Thats success in @1dayUsuffer's eyes.

Furry rights are human rights.

#626107 Ahhh cmon, imagine the rush you'd feel while shooting some shit up. Probably could get literally high off the adrenaline alone. I'd probably OD on my own adrenaline after the 10th body goes down.

#624190 I bet a lot of people said the same thing about these guys that go and kill people like this...THey probably got tired of people like you saying what they will or wont do... and calling them retards... It makes sense why they get tired of being doubted and talked to any kind of way so they go blow fucking brains apart.

And also, just because you don't agree with something doesn't make it cringe. Fuck out of here with that dumb ass word this edit is dope. Nothing better than watching people die to some sick tunes.

And I really don't get why you are so bothered by people who wish to idolize school shooters. If that's what someone likes, let them like that.. Why does it concern you so much? Are you afraid one day that person might end up shooting you apart into legit pieces one day? Why is it ok for someone to idolize Michael Jordan or Lebron James but not Nicholas Cruz or Payton Gendron? Sounds like a lot of fear to me...

#625258 I'm defending them because I feel their same pain every waking day of my life... I know exactly what it feels like to be constantly fucked with by people all your life, I know what it's like to be the "outsider" or "loner" as some might say. This world we inhabit is a cold and very dark place for some of us and people make it no better because they love to treat you like a fucking outcast until you become one of these so-called "freaks", & blow their heads apart.

And I kind of agree with you on the second part though, if someone is so miserable to that point they should just kill themselves, but at the same time, if most of your anger is toward humanity and its treatment of you, why not steal a couple of souls before you pull the trigger on yourself? Fruit for thought.

His opinion on idolizing mass shooters.

#957903 1: Yes

2: No documented history but I definitely have problems but I refuse to get evaluated because I will lose my firearms license here in America. Not to mention, pretty much every single person in my family tree clearly shows signs of multiple different mental illnesses & I had 3 aunts who were diagnosed Schizophrenics, so do as you will with that information.

3: That and the adrenaline rush is nice because I'm a depressed lonely piece of shit loser with nothing to live for so watching people get fucking MERKED gives me some excitement.

4: 100% someday. Just not yet though, I want to continue training and buying more ammunition.

I don't know what the questions were because the post was deleted. I'm guessing the 4th question was something along the lines of "Would you ever harm/kill someone else?".

These are screenshots from the Reddit post.

Fed #626099, Cat #947276, LGBTQ #943169, Life #947262, Family #958270

Phone Notes

Here are two notes from his phone. Italic words are ones I could not make out from the PDF.

First note (March 16, 2023)

Life is nothing.

and it is meaningless. I fucking hate all of you soft ass fucking people. You all are so fucking fake. You all try to play the part and confide to this stupid ass game. Who can be the fakest? I see it all day long. Fake interactions people putting on their fake happy voices when they know deep inside they are screaming.... Why not be true and let the scream out? Why hide it? It's all a fucking game and you all are going to die. I currently lack the means necessary to kill as many as I intend to but one day I will have the available resources (finance) to purchase the appropriate weaponry for my killing(s).

All my life I have been doubyed… Ive been taken as the joke… ive been fucked around with… well now its my turn. I am going to kill one of you motheruckers I fucking hate humanity. All of you fucking duck and I don't give a single fuck about any of you though I may appear I do. People ACT like they care for you. All of their care is conditional. The moment you do one thing against their conditions they no longer care... so the question becomes. did they care in the first place? Here Ill answer that for you. NO.

Its all fucking fake and I am sick of it. Im ready to grt to the good part of my story where I start taking you mother fuckers out and killing you all… My rampage will soon happen… I plan to now continue accumulating the necessary equipment needed to execute. Once all equipment is in, time will then tell. You will all die.

Second note (March 20, 2023)

For all of my life, all that I can remember I've been the outcast..Ive been ignored. Ive been left out. Ive been forgotten. Ive been excluded.

As of recent I have began to accept this dark reality for myself.

Nobody wants or appreciates my company. And that is okay with me. I will want and appreciate my own company.

I no longer seek the companionships of other humans. There comes a point where you realize you just literally do not matter to other(certain) people. I hate all of this shit and I feel like my only way out of the pain and suffering is by exploding. So I await… I await that moment so I can make those moments final. For whomever… myself or a victim.

Other social media

Here are some random videos I downloaded from his TikTok.

All of the videos are from May 2022, except the night walk video (December 2021), the opinions video (February 2022), and the Marine video (May 2024).

Links: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6, Video 7, Video 8


Hey everyone, it's me! TrueSpyCrap!

(Commonly known as TransSpyCrab by my friends & partners within the community).

I've been wanting to share my story for a while now, and I think it's finally time. For the longest time, I've struggled with my identity, unsure of who I really am. But thanks to an unexpected journey, I've come to accept myself fully. Surprisingly, WPD has been the catalyst to this discovery!

It all started innocently enough. I stumbled upon this website; WPD. "What an odd place to discover yourself", you may be thinking. But hear me out. Yes, this place may seem violent and mean, however, this isn't just a gore site. This is a place where users share their personal stories and experiences, be it through the /social tab, or via the chat room. As I scrolled through the site and interacted with various users, I found myself drawn to the stories of transgender individuals in particular. Their beauty, courage and authenticity resonated with me in a way I couldn't quite explain.

At first, I was just curious. I read their comments, watched videos (unrelated to trans violence, and rather, trans empowerment), and engaged in discussions with members of the transgender community - which is very substantial on this site (really, I think more than half the users on this site are trans. It's an amazing place). But the more I immersed myself in their world, the more I began to question my own identity.

I've always felt like something was missing, like I didn't quite fit into the mold society had assigned me. But it wasn't until I started connecting with transgender individuals on WPD that I realized why. Deep down, I knew I wasn't living as my true self.

It was a gradual process, full of moments of self-reflection and introspection. I started to experiment with my appearance, trying out different styles and expressions. And with each step, I felt a little bit closer to who I was meant to be. Let me tell you, fellow users, skirts are COMFORTABLE. Pair that with some stockings or some long socks, and a cute A cup bra (I hope to grow some day) then I genuinely feel so.. Perfect. I'm sure you'd all agree, hehe :3

But the turning point came when I finally admitted it to myself: "I'm not a man. I'm a woman!". It was both terrifying and liberating to speak those words out loud, but it was also undeniably true. The first place I stated it to another person was within the WPD chat. I expected nothing but slurs from some users, however, their support was like no other, and I've even formed a polyamerous non-gender conforming relationship with some WPD users in chat. Since then, I've never been happier.

From that moment on, I knew I had to embrace my identity fully. I began my journey of transitioning, seeking out support from friends, family, and the transgender community. It hasn't been easy, but every step forward feels like a victory.

There have been challenges along the way, of course. Society isn't always accepting of those who dare to be different. But I refuse to let fear hold me back from living authentically.

So here I am, on the other side of self-discovery, embracing my true identity as a woman. And while the journey isn't over yet, I'm excited to see where it takes me. I'm now taking estrogens, I'm booked in for both top & bottom surgery, and I've even bought myself a pair of these transgender themed Marsey socks to celebrate!!!

To anyone out there struggling with their own identity, know that you're not alone. It's okay to question who you are, and it's okay to be different. Embrace your truth, whatever that may be, and never be afraid to live authentically.

Until next time!

Much love xoxoxo

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST IDF's War Crimes Uncovered: Shooting Civilians in Gaza

Footage obtained by Al Jazeera reveals the horrifying sequence of events as unarmed Palestinian men – one repeatedly waving a piece of white cloth in a sign of surrender – are shot dead by Israeli troops and subsequently buried with a bulldozer near Gaza City.

Another footage retrieved from an Israeli drone in Gaza unveils the horrifying moments as four apparently unarmed Palestinians fell victim to Israeli air attacks.

As expected, Zionists and their Goyims followers will likely embark on their usual campaign of victim-blaming, branding the deceased as terrorists and dismissing the video simply because it's released by Al Jazeera. But let's not be misled by their rhetoric. This incident is just one among countless others perpetrated by the terrorist IDF, even when there is no occurring war between them and Hamas.

IDF's Cowardice: Preying on the Defenseless

We all witnessed the footage and photos on the 7th of October, as a besieged group, enduring oppression for 16 long years, finally broke free from their confinement and fought fiercely against one of the most advanced military forces, backed by the might of the US and other Western powers. Among the scenes captured were piles of IDF soldiers' corpses, revealing the intensity of the conflict. Yet, despite their overwhelming firepower, the IDF failed to achieve the same success in killing combatants as Hamas. Even after 6 months of invading Gaza, their purported bravery against fighters remains questionable as they continue to fail in their objectives. Instead, their proficiency seems to lie solely in the ruthless killing of civilians.

Gaza Massacre

in 2006, Israeli air forces committed a savage massacre by targeting the family of Palestinian girl Huda Ghalia, who was 11 years old at the time, while they were on the beach of Beit Lahiya, north of Gaza Strip during a family trip.

Huda saw her father and five of her siblings being killed in front of her eyes in broad daylight!

Bombing of Kids playing on the beach in 2014

It's widely acknowledged that the IDF's intentions are far from noble; their actions unmistakably betray a genocidal agenda. And let's not sugarcoat it – the atrocities in Gaza didn't suddenly commence on October 7th. This is an enduring pattern of aggression and brutality that the world can no longer afford to overlook. It's imperative to expose the true nature of the IDF and demand justice for their reprehensible crimes against humanity.

IDF and White Flags

The emblem of surrender and safety, the white flag, has been shamelessly disregarded by IDF snipers. This callous indifference to human life extends to appalling incidents where even IDF hostages held in Gaza were mistaken for Palestinians and mercilessly shot dead, despite signaling their surrender with a white flag.

These egregious actions paint a damning picture of the IDF's brutality, revealing a horrifying willingness to sacrifice lives without hesitation, indicative of their genocidal and malevolent intent. Following such heart-wrenching events, footage has emerged of mothers and children being ruthlessly gunned down while desperately waving the white flag.

Hala Rashid Abd al-Ati, walking with several other Palestinians attempting to flee the al-Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City on 12 November, had her hands interlocked with her grandson, who was waving the white flag.

Another footage captures a similar incident, depicting a mother shot with her child; tragically, the child was rescued in very bad condition while the mother died on the spot.

Furthermore, another video shows a group of unarmed Palestinian civilians, dead on the street, with one individual's brain spilled out, beside them lies a white flag and a medical stretcher.

This video depicts an IDF soldier using a Palestinian hostage as a human shield, a practice for which they have previously accused Hamas. Despite their frequent accusations against Hamas, such claims have never been substantiated.

IDF Exploitation of Elders: Despicable Propaganda and Atrocities

We all remember Bashir Hajji, the 79-year-old who was trying to evacuate south on foot. When the IDF used him to shoot sickening propaganda photos depicting them helping civilians evacuate, only for him to be shot in the back shortly after the photos were taken.

Bashir's story is hauntingly reminiscent of Ghalya Abu Rida's:

In 2014, the IDF posted the picture on the left. Shortly after, Ghalya's body was discovered, reportedly killed by a gunshot.

IDF's Tender Care: Protecting Children

The Killing of Layan Hamadeh with her family

An IDF terrorist sniper shot 12-year-old Rami Al-Halouli, later to be praised by the chief terrorist, Itamar Ben Gevir.

An IDF terrorist sniper shot a kid taking shelter with his family inside School "B" in Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza.



Ah, this one is a classic.

Let's begin!


Gleb Korablev, an 18 year old student from Moscow, killed himself 4 years ago, after an altercation with his girlfriend. Gleb was part of a Russian roleplaying group, and he was also a fencer.

The stream was hosted on VK, where Gleb pointed a Saiga - 12 shotgun to his head, and pressed the trigger, after shouting "Nya, Poka!", Similarly to the Russian teenager Rina Palenkova, which commited suicide by train.

His death was quickly shared online, most notably on YouTube and Twitter, after the now deleted YouTube channel "GORE" posted his suicide, 2 days after the original stream. (October 19, 2019).

The video quickly gained over 150 thousand views, and YouTube was late to respond, taking 3 days to remove the video off of their platform.

This case was most notable for the "curse" associated with it, that would happen to the viewer after watching the video, if they did not comment the date in which they watched said video. :marseyfacepalm:

An alleged friend of Gleb says that the issue with his girlfriend was not the reason, rather that Gleb had heart problems and he would be dying in 2 weeks, so he made it quick.


The original video was 2-3 hours long, specifically 2 hours, 51 minutes, and 40 seconds. The broadcast kept going until the police came to investigate, approximately 2 and a half hours later. Unfortunately, the original video is possibly lost media, as the only version that exists online today, is the 17 second clip of his death.

Along with the YouTube video, many users on Twitter would mask the video by putting innocent screenshots before his suicide, in an attempt to fool and scare users.

The video was also reported to be shown in YouTube's autoplay, which startled viewers.

Twitter users frantically posted about the video, warning eachother not to watch it.

The video was allegedly named "1444" to avoid YouTube detection bots and remain obscure. :marseygasp:


After the video was uploaded, an urban legend was created about it. According to internet users, the video is cursed, and the only way to break the curse is by commenting the date of the video. A reddit user claimed that Korablev planned it beforehand, and allegedly cursed the video. :marseylaughpoundfist:

This was mainly covered by Spanish speaking outlets and memes about the curse may have originated in Mexico, despite the video being recorded in Russia.


The search term "Video 1444" had a massive spike in late October and early December, despite the video being posted in mid-October. Users on the social media platform Twitter urged all other browsers of the site to avoid the video.


Gleb's VK account remains online, under the username "kgb2001".

Many of Gleb's colleagues remain online on VK, but I do not encourage you to go messaging them about their beloved friend's death. :marseydisagree:

Gleb's friends :

Gleb :


Aftermath :

Rina Palenkova :

Gleb Korablev, Before his death :

Pictures of the Livestream :

Videos of the Livestream :

Gleb's belongings :

Alleged friend's post :

Gleb's Grave :


EverybodyWiki - Information about Gleb Korablev

Reddit - Images of Gleb

Wayback Machine - Found some old Russian forums (Information about Gleb's death)

WPD - Inspiration, Information.

EFFORTPOST Introducing... WPDmap!


Anyways, me, @sog, @Slavo, and @water have been working on a map. A map, of DEATH! :marseyexcited:

Here's the gist: each flair gets its own symbol and color. The pin indicates where the video took place. The square pins are the general location (usually the street/neighborhood), the upside-down droplets are exact.

To search for a specific video without panning through the map, all you need to know is either the country or date in which it happened (date is more specific, so go with that if you can). On the left-hand side is an icon that looks like three square tiles, click it and then hit "Browse data" to enter search. Just type in the country name or the month + year when it happened, and you'll be able to quickly find your video. To get the coordinates, zoom in as much as you can and center your screen on the video you want. They'll be in the URL.

Hitting the three square tile icon also allows you to filter by category. Just hit the eye next to whichever categories you don't want to see to filter them out.

For each video, we've selected the highest-quality post out there to represent it. This means no retarded, unnecessary watermarks or blurry footage! :marseythumbsup: We also added thumbnails, but I think if a lot of you access the site at once, it overloads the system and they won't display. So they might be broken for the next day or two. Sorry about that!

Some notable spots with a very high density of videos include Ecuador, Poland, Trinidad & Tobago, NYC, and Chicago. And not only did I post a dashcam for every Russian territory, we geolocated them all as well.

NOTE: There's no "child warning" in any titles. If they're underage, we usually state the age in the title, but not always. Also no "+ aftermath", "multiple POVs", etc.


Q: Can you add [video] to the map?

A: If you've already geolocated it, yes! Otherwise, only if one of us feels like it.

Q: Can I help out?

A: If you're at least semi-active on this site and you're actually interested in this, yes! We obviously vet who gets let in but that's the basic requirements.

Q: Why do this?

A: We have severe autism. Not even memeing here, just the truth. It also allows us to collect the highest-quality versions of videos in one easily-accessible place, but mostly autism.

To close out, here's where a few famous videos took place!

Aaron Bushnell's self-immolation: Google Street View

The Buffalo shooting: Google Street View

Itzdolly's suicide: Google Street View (yes, that's the exact tree)

Bollard ass-impaling: Google Street View

Mississippi store clerk complies with robber, gets shot in the head anyways: Google Street View

Hellish accident at steel mill kills one and leaves several others severely burned by molten steel: Google Maps (technically not that famous but holy shit it goes so hard)

Voice your praise (and constructive criticisms) below. Our map is pretty (albeit not totally) customizable, so if you don't like something about the map, please do let us know below.

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So I reupload this post video


Children who survived the shooting:

Video recorded by one of the students and posted to TikTok while the school was on lockdown:

If you more image and video, comment on this post

The Uvalde school shooting was a mass shooting that occurred on May 24, 2022, at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, United States, when 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, a former student at the school, fatally shot 19 students and two teachers, while 17 others were injured but survived. After shooting and severely wounding his grandmother at their home earlier that day, Ramos drove to and entered the school, remaining in an adjoining classroom for more than an hour before members of the United States Border Patrol Tactical Unit fatally shot him after he had bypassed numerous local and state officers who had been in the school's hallways for over an hour.

Location: Robb Elementary School, 715 Old Carrizo Road Uvalde, Texas, U.S.

Date: May 24, 2022; 20 months ago 11:28 a.m. – 12:50 p.m. (UTC−05:00)

Target: Students and staff at Robb Elementary School

Attack type: Mass shooting, mass murder, school shooting, pedicide, shootout

Weapons: Daniel Defense DDM4 V7

Deaths: 22 (including the perpetrator)

Injured: 18 (including the perpetrator's grandmother at her home)

Perpetrator: Salvador Rolando Ramos

Motive: Unknown

Convictions: 15-year old convicted of failing to report planned crimes

Police officers waited more than 1 hour and 14 minutes on-site before breaching the classroom to engage the shooter. Police also cordoned off the school grounds, resulting in violent conflicts between police and civilians, including parents, who were attempting to enter the school to rescue children. As a consequence, law enforcement officials in Uvalde have been heavily criticized for their response to the shooting, and their conduct is being reviewed in separate investigations by the Texas Ranger Division and the United States Department of Justice. Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officials laid much of the responsibility for the police response on Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Department (UCISD PD) Chief Pedro Arredondo, who they identified as the incident commander. Arredondo disputed the characterization of his role as incident commander, but was later fired by the Uvalde school board for his actions during the shooting. A report conducted by the Texas House of Representatives Investigative Committee attributed the fault more widely to "systemic failures and egregious poor decision making" by many authorities. The report said, "At Robb Elementary, law enforcement responders failed to adhere to their active shooter training, and they failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety... there was an unacceptably long period of time before officers breached the classroom, neutralized the attacker, and began rescue efforts."

Shortly after the shooting, local and state officials gave inaccurate reports of the timeline of events and exaggerated police actions. The Texas Department of Public Safety acknowledged that it was an error for law enforcement to delay an assault on Ramos' position in the student-filled classrooms, attributing this to the school district police chief's assessment of the situation as one with a "barricaded subject" instead of an "active shooter". Law enforcement was also aware there were injured individuals in the school before they made their entrance.

Following the shooting, which occurred 10 days after the 2022 Buffalo shooting, wider discussions ensued about American gun culture and violence, gridlock in politics, and law enforcement's failure to halt or intervene during the attack. Around a month after the shooting, Congress passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and President Joe Biden signed the bill into law; it was the most significant federal gun reform legislation since the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

Following the shooting, Robb Elementary was closed. The district plans to demolish the building and build a replacement.


Robb Elementary School in 2015

Uvalde is a Hispanic-majority city of about 15,000 people in the South Texas region; it is located about 60 miles (97 km) east of the United States–Mexico border and about 85 miles (137 km) west of San Antonio. In 2022, about 90% of Robb Elementary School's 600 students in the second through fourth grades were Hispanic, and about 81% of the student population came from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. On the day of the shooting, there had been an awards ceremony at the school.

School security preparations

The city of Uvalde spent 40% of its municipal budget on its police department in the 2019–2020 fiscal year, and UCISD, the school district operating Robb Elementary School, had multiple security measures in place at the time of the shooting. The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Department (UCISD PD) had a six-officer police department responsible for security at the district's eight schools. It had also more than doubled its expenditures on security measures in the four years preceding the shooting, and in 2021, it expanded its police force from four officers to six officers. The state of Texas had given UCISD a $69,141 grant to improve security measures as part of a $100 million statewide allocation made after the 2018 Santa Fe High School shooting, in which ten people were slain.The district also had a security staff that patrolled door entrances and parking lots at secondary school campuses. Since 2020, Pedro "Pete" Arredondo had served as UCISD's police chief.

The school and school district had extensive security measures in place. The school used Social Sentinel, a software service that monitored the social media accounts of students and other Uvalde-affiliated people to identify threats made against students or staff. The district's written security plan noted the use of the Raptor Visitor Management System in schools to scan visitor identity documents and check them against watch-lists, as well as the use of two-way radios, fence enclosures around campus, school threat-assessment teams, and a policy of locking the doors of classrooms. According to a report released by the Texas House of Representatives on July 17, although the official school policy was for exterior and interior doors to remain locked, staff members would often unlock or open doors due to a lack of keys. Additionally, some employees were desensitized to the intruder alert system, as it was almost always used for incidents of an undocumented migrant in the area running from police.

A screenshot of a message on the school website about the massacre, sent to parents and telling them what to do

UCISD held joint security training exercises in August 2020 along with the Uvalde Police Department, the Uvalde County Sheriff's Department, and other local law enforcement agencies. UCISD also hosted an active shooter scenario training exercise in March 2022, which covered a range of topics, such as solo responses to active shooters, first aid and evacuation, and scenarios enacted through role-playing. The exercise also covered the ability to compare and contrast an active shooter situation versus a barricaded subject or hostage crisis where an armed person isolates themselves with limited to no ability to harm others. The March 2022 training materials for UCISD said, "Time is the number-one enemy during active shooter response ... The best hope that innocent victims have is that officers immediately move into action to isolate, distract or neutralize the threat, even if that means one officer acting alone." The materials also put forth the position that a "first responder unwilling to place the lives of the innocent above their own safety should consider another career field".


Nineteen students and two teachers were killed in the shooting:


Nevaeh Alyssa Bravo, 10

Jacklyn Jaylen Cazares, 9

Makenna Lee Elrod, 10

Jose Manuel Flores Jr., 10

Eliahna Amyah Garcia, 9

Uziyah Sergio Garcia, 10

Amerie Jo Garza, 10

Xavier James Lopez, 10

Jayce Carmelo Luevanos, 10

Tess Marie Mata, 10

Maranda Gail Mathis, 11

Alithia Haven Ramirez, 10

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez, 10

Maite Yuleana Rodriguez, 10

Alexandria Aniyah Rubio, 10

Layla Marie Salazar, 11

Jailah Nicole Silguero, 10

Eliahna Cruz Torres, 10

Rojelio Fernandez Torres, 10


Irma Linda Garcia, 48

Eva Mireles, 44

The children were in the fourth grade. The teachers taught in the same fourth-grade classroom.

Eighteen people were injured: fourteen children, one teacher, the perpetrator's grandmother, and two police officers. Abbott said the two officers were struck by bullets but had no serious injuries. Several victims died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, including Mireles. Uvalde Memorial Hospital's CEO reported that eleven children and three other people were admitted for emergency care following the shooting. Four were released, and two, described only as a male and a female, were dead upon arrival. Four other victims, the perpetrator's grandmother and three students, were taken to the University Hospital in San Antonio.


Born on May 16, 2004, in Fargo, North Dakota, Salvador Rolando Ramos was a resident of Uvalde from an early age and was a former student at Uvalde High School. He also attended Robb Elementary School for fourth grade in the same classroom where he was killed. He was frequently bullied at school due to his stutter, short haircut, and limited wardrobe, because his family was unable to afford more. At one point another student tied his shoelaces together, causing him to fall face down. Lt. Chris Olivarez from Texas DPS claimed that Ramos had no friends. Furthermore, he did not have a criminal record or any documented mental health issues. However, he had searched the term "sociopath" and received an email about possible treatment.[8] He had also previously posted violent threats online. School officials at Uvalde High School withdrew him from the school on October 28, 2021, due to his frequent absences.

Ramos' social media acquaintances said he openly abused and killed animals such as cats and would livestream the abuse on Yubo. Other social media acquaintances said that he would also livestream himself on Yubo threatening to kidnap and rape girls who used the app, as well as threatening to commit a school shooting. Ramos' account was reported to Yubo, but no action was taken. Up until a month before the shooting, Ramos worked at a local Wendy's and had been employed there for at least a year. According to the store's night manager, he went out of his way to keep to himself. One of his coworkers said he was occasionally rude to his female coworkers, to whom he sent inappropriate text messages, and would intimidate coworkers at his job by asking them, "Do you know who I am?" Ramos' coworkers referred to him by names including "school shooter" because he had long hair and frequently wore black clothing.

A year before the shooting, Ramos started posting pictures to his Instagram account of semi-automatic rifles that were on his wish list. According to a friend of his, he would often drive around at night with another friend, shooting at strangers with a BB gun and egging cars. According to a man who was in a relationship with Ramos' mother, Ramos moved out of his mother's house and into his grandparents' house two months before the shooting, after an argument broke out between him and his mother over her turning off the Wi-Fi. People close to Ramos' family described his mother as a drug user and said he frequently argued with her. Two months prior to the shooting, he posted a video of himself on Instagram aggressively arguing with his mother and referring to her as a "bitch". Ramos' mother described her son as "not a monster" but admitted that he could "be aggressive". His grandfather said that his grandson did not have a driver's license and did not know how to drive.According to his father, Ramos had a girlfriend, who lived in San Antonio. On May 14, Ramos sent a private Instagram message reading, "10 more days". A person responded, "Are you going to shoot up a school or something?" He replied, "No, stop asking dumb questions. You'll see."

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, in September 2021, Ramos asked his older sister to buy him a gun, but she refused. On May 17, 2022, a day after his 18th birthday, he legally purchased a Smith & Wesson semi automatic rifle from a local gun store. He then purchased another rifle three days later. Investigators later found that his gun had a "hellfire" trigger device, which decreases the time required for the trigger to reset, increasing the possible rate of fire. Ramos sent an Instagram message to an acquaintance he met through Yubo, which showed the receipt for an AR-15 style rifle purchased from Georgia-based online retailer Daniel Defense eight days before the shooting. He posted a picture of two rifles on his Instagram account three days before the shooting.

Ahead of the shooting, Ramos had purchased 1,657 total rounds of ammunition, which included 375 rounds of 5.56 NATO ammunition purchased on May 18, 2022. A total of 315 rounds were found inside the school, consisting of 142 spent cartridges and 173 live rounds. Additionally, a total of 922 rounds were found on school property outside the building, consisting of 22 spent cartridges and 900 live rounds. Overall, Ramos fired 164 rounds during the shooting. Police and Border Patrol officers fired a combined total of 35 rounds during the shooting: eight in the hallway and 27 in the classroom where Ramos was killed.

More info:

EFFORTPOST Disabled man was kidnapped & tortured by 4 teens on Facebook live + INFORMATION + EFFORTPOST :marseyagreesuperspeed:


The victim met with an acquaintance from high school at a McDonald's on New Year's Eve, and on January 3 was found by a police officer to appear to be suffering from numerous injuries while being led by one of the perpetrators on a sidewalk.

Four young individuals, Jordan Hill, 18;

Tesfaye Cooper, 18; Brittany Covington, 18; and Tanishia Covington, 24, are facing charges of criminal hate crime, aggravated kidnapping, and other serious offenses for allegedly subjecting a restrained and gagged man to torture and physical assault in Chicago, which they live-streamed on Facebook.

These suspects were formally charged on Thursday prior to an afternoon bond hearing. The charges also encompass aggravated unlawful confinement and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesperson for the Chicago Police, stated on Thursday morning via Twitter that authorities were still investigating this "senseless attack." The assailants, who are of African descent, were heard hurling anti-Caucasian slurs at various intervals during the 30-minute video.

The victim, an unidentified 18-year-old with reported mental health issues, attended the same school as Hill and had been in his company willingly since Saturday, according to the police. They noted that the two were acquainted, so the victim's family, residing in the Chicago suburbs, only reported him missing late on Monday.

During a press briefing on Thursday, the victim's relatives expressed that he was coping as well as could be expected given the circumstances. However, they were relieved that he was back home and extended gratitude to the local law enforcement.

"We are grateful for the support from everyone," stated David Boyd, the victim's brother-in-law, representing the family.

"This incident should never have occurred," he concluded at the conclusion of the media briefing.

Authorities disclosed that an altercation between Hill and the victim escalated, allegedly exacerbated by the two female suspects, who are siblings. In total, it is estimated that the victim was restrained for four to five hours on Tuesday. Law enforcement does not suspect premeditation in this incident.

As per the police, the suspects' attention to the victim's mental capacity and their racial remarks contributed to the hate crime charges.

The victim was deeply traumatized by the violence and eventually spoke to the police after being found wandering disoriented and distressed on a Chicago street on Tuesday night. He required hospitalization, according to officials.


On December 31, 2016, the victim, an 18-year-old male with mental disabilities, was left by his parents at a McDonald's in suburban Streamwood, Illinois, where he intended to rendezvous with Jordan Hill, one of the perpetrators. The victim was acquainted with Hill prior to the incident, having attended the same school in Aurora, Illinois, and considering him a friend. On January 2, 2017, the victim's parents reported him missing.

As per police reports, Hill had appropriated a van, which he presented as his own when he picked up the victim on December 31. Hill had the victim sleep in the van while he spent three nights socializing with friends on the West Side of Chicago. On January 3, Hill and Tesfaye Cooper transported the victim to the apartment of sisters Brittany and Tanishia Covington, where the four individuals bound and subjected the victim to hours of torture.


(No more photos on google)

The victim was not named and no Informations are given from him.

There are also no Photos of him, just the video.



8 years in prison


7 years in prison


3 years in prison


4 years probation and 200 hours of community service



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Crooks's DMV photo:

Some of Crooks's yearbook photos:

Crooks's graduation in 2022 (higher quality video from NotYou in comments):

Some videos from his school, in which he appears (courtesy of NotYou):

The first photo released of Crooks:

Crooks seen on the roof, before the shooting:

Crooks on the roof, after being shot by SS.


Crooks was a registered republican, however, his political views are still unknown.

His voter status record:

this article says he had a discord account but it wasn't used frequently.

A receipt showing his 15$ donation to ActBlue, a democrat party organization:

He attended Bethel Park High School, as seen here.

He was bullied frequently, as mentioned by this schoolmate of his:

ABC news says he tried to join the school's rifle club, but was denied entry, because of his terrible aim.

(screenshot from the ABC news article)

Another schoolmate of his said that he was very passionate about history and government. He was also described by some as a 'loner'.

He graduated with the Star Award worth $500 from the National Math and Science Initiative.

His house (2506 Milford Dr, Bethel Park)

Couple clips from police footage, taken on Highland Drive:

Highland drive, currently blocked off, as seen on live-updated traffic maps.

He was working as a dietary aide at the Bethel Park Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, according to ABC news.

His parents are Matthew Brian Crooks and Mary Elizabeth Crooks [nee Frizzy, possibly]. They are both 53 years old, as of today's date, and are both behavioural counsellors. He may have an older sister, Katherine Crooks. She is 22 years old as of today's date. (info from CNN and USphonebook)

Thomas's mother, Mary, made a post on Twitter, mentioning that her son "had some mental issues and was dealing with built-up anger from bullies". I have not yet seen this video, please attach it in a comment if you've seen it. (I am starting to believe this may be false information)

More information about his household

(from popapedie's comment, slightly edited.)

His father Matthew Brian Crooks is a psychologist and has authored many academic books. He currently works at Community Care Behavioral Health. He is a certified Rehabilitation Counselor and works with people with depression. His mother is called Mary Elizabeth Crooks (born as Mary Elizabeth Frizzy) and is a registered counselor, but has previously taught in a primary school. She might currently be a homemaker. They are both registered democrats. Thomas is registered republican and has donated to democratic parties prior to registration of a republican. However, this does not have to mean a whole lot.

The family's annual income is reported to be $310,000. His parents seem to be from Scottish heritage. Thomas was born in September 2003. His parents identify as Jewish. Both of his parents also seem to work as licensed behavioral counselors in Pennsylvania. ‏‏The newspaper reporter that he received a $500 "star award" from the National Math and Science Initiative. He made a $15 donation to ACTBLUE when he was 17 years old. Thomas Crooks and his parents have been living separately for two years now. He allegedly had a big fight with his father before moving out of the house at the age of 18. Thomas has previously stayed with his grandparents but soon moved out after getting reprimanded for taking drugs.


Thomas crooks has reportedly come up in several intelligence reports recently. He is known for his extreme views and involvement in violent incidents. Investigations into Crooks' background reveal links to radical groups, including online associations with people promoting drastic actions against perceived enemies, however, this cannot be confirmed. His parents denied having any knowledge about his use of guns or radical ideology. They however admitted that they were aware of his assaults on fellow students in college.


Thomas was purportedly part of Antifa actions (Minneapolis Demonstration 2021), marked by confrontations with police and incidents of arson. He was twice released on bail with the help of his parents. His father reported to CNN that he is waiting for law enforcement to finish what needs to be finished before he will release a statement about the situation.


In the image below you can see the shirt Thomas was wearing. This T-shirt promotes a gun YouTube channel, Demolition Ranch. The founder Matt Carriker has seen this and has responded on his Instagram with the three words "What the hell".

Thomas's father's linkedin profile:


I will be adding to this post as i gather more info on him, please comment if you have any more.

If anything in this post has been confirmed as inaccurate information, please let me know, with the source, so i can remove it.

(from RabbiFactcheckenberg)


It happened on 19th of October 2017 in Blantyre (specifically Chatha near the Chileka road), right next to the police roadblock. Location on Malawi map:

Local media informed that the 22 yo man was placed into police custody after he was found lying (or sleeping) near a graveyard. He was disabled, but media describe it differently: either intellectually disabled, mentally ill or epileptic. It often happens that the marginalized people are accused of being anamapopa - a blood-sucker. Here is a quote from February 2018, placing this event in some context:

In mid-September 2017, rumours of blood sucking spread from across the border in nearby Mozambique to Malawi. Despite statements from the police and the Society of Medical Doctors dispelling the deadly rumours as a hoax, fear fuelled by social media spread across villages and towns in southern Malawi, resulting in at least nine people being killed by vigilantes. Scores more were injured and over 200 people have been arrested for the attacks on those accused of being anamapopa, or 'blood suckers'.

After rumors started spreading that the detainee is a blood-sucker, the mob managed to get him out of the custody. They were upset by not moving this man to Chileka Police Station quickly enough. After throwing stones at the cops and chasing them away, they retrieved the victim from a makeshift cell. The man was beaten to death and burned. Reportedly, a health passport or ID was found near to him, suggesting that he was released from the hospital in Chiradzulu. It's a smaller town, northeast of Blantyre. Google Maps photo of the hospital:

Police didn't release any details the same day, but the manhunt started. The victim's identity was not disclosed, although it's known that his relatives lived in the area.

A 22-year-old epilepsy sufferer was torched near a police checkpoint as public hysteria grows over “blood-sucking vampires”

At the same day's night, a medic was stopped by the angry mob hunting for blood-suckers near the same Chileka road. Thankfully, he only was robbed from the money in his wallet and let go alive. News mention another man stoned to death for alleged blood-sucking in this area, but whether it was the same day or not, it was not mentioned.

The next day, the police announced that 140 people have been arrested in connection to a recent wave of lynching people for being blood-suckers. Among them were two people who were sending the messages to people in Phalombe (70 km or 43 mil east of Blantyre) that there are bloodsuckers. According to the cops, these killed people were innocent and there are no blood-suckers in Malawi. Police Inspector General Lexten Kachama, who spoke to reporters on 20th of October, stated that 'the rumours are just being spread by some bad people who want to bring fear among Malawians'.

Additional comment for those interested :marseybow:

Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa of the Lhomwe people says that even as far back as the 1920s, people feared attacks by the anamopopa, particularly during the summer months.

"Usually these vampire rumours start at the beginning of summer and they end at the start of the rainy season. The common explanation is that it is easy for the vampires to attack their victims in the hot season because their blood circulation is very high," says Ngolongoliwa.

You have to know that the hot and wet season, which we'd call summer (even though Malawi has just two seasons), lasts there from November to April.

⠀SOURCES :marseysalutepride:


Will probably move stuff around a bit so its more nice looking

I do know that the nz police have the full video, but i saw an unedited version of the cctv aswell, it's out there, somewhere, waiting to be found.

I might post some pics from edits if i can't find the originals.

The Shooter - Brenton Harrison Tarrant

The last image is from a video filmed during his visit to Pakistan - FOUND

His Girlfriend:

His prison cell:

His home:

((he grew up in Grafton)) - nz's report on him

Lever action and gas - found from edits - found both originals

There is a video of a person getting arrested when the shooting was still happening, the person was in camo clothing, saw the vid on a thread on kiwi farms about the shooting. - FOUND IMAGE

There is an image of his first ar-15 left in the alleyway when he was switching - FOUND

Twitter/X: PFP

- a video he posted on there


Facebook: PFP

One of his last posts was: "1 like and i will burn down a mosque" then he liked it himself

Livestream comments during the shooting, from documentary "Face of a killer" (currently unavailable), provided by @hy2 300+ people were watching the stream, 0 reports, 10-30 people watching were signed in

Images he posted (2014-2017 mostly, some after, sadly low quality, would wish to see them in full quality cause those are some damn good photos):

His mother's facebook post after the shooting:

Letter to Russian anon:


The home that he was renting:,170.5329294,3a,75y,116.82h,90.07t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1stB5zDW-eyUDUnu5L_dhNdA!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192?coh=205409&entry=ttu

Apartment from Tokat, Turkey:

Travel history:

His car pre and post attack:

The car he shot with a shotgun through the windshield:

Gun stuff that he was selling/posted to a gun forum:

Gear: Windham Weaponry WW-15 semi-automatic rifle - Purchased on 5 December 2017 from NZ Hunter Group Ltd – purchased online - Calibre/Caliber = .223 - $1,799.90

An Aero Precision M4E1 semiautomatic rifle with a Hera Arms CQR stock and Magpul magazines. It is left behind in the alleyway near the Al Noor mosque where he parked his car. Ruger AR-556 AR-15 semi-automatic rifle - Purchased on 18 April 2018 from Reloader Supplies Ltd – purchased online - Calibre/Caliber = .223 - $1,599.00 Double Decker M4 mag pouch connected to left of LBT6094A (3 of them) EmersonGear LBT6094A in Multicam Black EmersonGear MICH 2001 Special Action helmet EmersonGear uniform in Multicam Black Fingerless Olive Drab green gloves 'TOTTIDAY' S618 speaker used to project music throughout attacks

Mossberg 930 SPX semi-automatic shotgun - Purchased on 13 December 2017 from Gun City Hamilton – purchased online - Calibre/Caliber = 12 gauge - $1,599.00

Car guns:

Ranger 870 Magnum pump action shotgun Purchased on 12 December 2017 from Gun City – purchased online - Calibre/Caliber = 12 gauge

Mossberg MVP Predator bolt action rifle Purchased on 4 March 2018 from Gun City Dunedin – purchased on Trade Me. Collected in person - Calibre/Caliber = .223 - $766.00

Uberti lever action rifle Purchased on 18 December 2017 from Hayes & associates Ltd – purchased online - Calibre/Caliber = .357 magnum - $2,300.00

Sold guns:

Tikka T3X Lite stainless / synthetic rifle Purchased on 4 December 2017 from Hunting & Fishing Dunedin – purchased in person - Calibre/Caliber = .308 - $1,499.00

Norinco SKS semi-automatic rifle Purchased on 12 December 2017 from Gun City – purchased online - Calibre/Caliber = 7.62x39 - $499.00

Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle Purchased on 15 December 2017 from Elio's Gun Shop Dunedin - Calibre/Caliber = .22 LR - $695.00

Ranger TAC-12 SYN semi-automatic shotgun Purchased on 19 March 2018 from Gun City Christchurch - Calibre/Caliber = 12 gauge - $999.00


Magpul PMag 30 Round "assault rifle"/M4 Gen M3 Magazine for .223 calbre/caliber ammunition Purchased on 6 December 2017 from Gun Supplies Ltd for $109.95

Another Magpul PMag 30 Round assault rifle/M4 Gen M3 Magazine for .223 calbre/caliber ammunition Purchased on 26 December 2017 from GUNSNZ Ltd for $86.92

Magpul PMag D-60 Round "assault rifle"/M4 Gen Magazine .223 calibre/caliber ammunition Purchased on 9 February 2018 from GUNSNZ Ltd for $434.74

5 x Magpul PMag 40 Round "assault rifle"/M4 Gen M3 Magazine .223 calibre/caliber ammunition Purchased on 9 February 2018 and 20 February 2018 from GUNSNZ Ltd for $749.98

2 x Magpul PMag 30 Round "assault rifle"/M4 Gen M3 Magazine .223 calibre/caliber ammunition Purchased on 9 February 2018 from CJA New Zealand Ltd for ≈ $219.90

Attachments and more info:

A Mossberg 930 semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with at least seven-shot magazine capacity, with capacity for one further shell in the breech. This firearm was fitted with a Bushnell “Red Dot” sight. The firearm contained nine “00 Buckshot” shells.

A Windham Weaponry WW-15 military style semi-automatic rifle fitted with a Magpul PMag D-60 magazine containing 60 rounds of ammunition. The sighting system on the rifle was a Sightmark Holographic sight. The trigger had been modified on, and the ambidextrous charging handle had been added to, this firearm. Other changes made were the addition of a buttstock, a muzzle brake and a fore grip.

A Ruger AR-15 .223 calibre military style semi-automatic rifle fitted with two Magpul PMag 40-round capacity magazines coupled together. The sighting system on the rifle was a VTX Strikefire “Red Dot” sight. The individual also attached the strobe light and a butt stock to this firearm.

A Ranger 870 pump action 12-gauge shotgun with a five-shot magazine capacity. The magazine contained four “00 Buckshot shells” with a fifth in the breech. The muzzle of the barrel was fitted with a screw-in choke.

An Uberti .357 Magnum lever action rifle with a tubular magazine with capacity to hold 13 rounds of .357 Magnum ammunition (12 in the magazine and one in the breech). The rifle was fitted with adjustable open sights.

A Mossberg Predator bolt action .223 calibre rifle which was fitted with a telescopic sight, a bipod and a Magpul PMag 30-round capacity magazine.

The four basic incendiary devices that the individual had in his car on 15 March 2019 were made by him. Those devices consisted of four, ten litre containers filled with petrol, with lighters and cans of accelerant (gun oil spray) duct-taped to their sides. The individual told New Zealand Police that he had intended to use the devices to set fire to the masjidain but had not done so. The materials used to make the devices can be easily purchased.

When we (nz police) spoke to the individual's property manager, they recalled a chance meeting with the individual one day in January or February 2019 at a hardware store and noticed four petrol containers in his trolley. The individual said he was going hunting in a remote area with no petrol stations and needed to have enough fuel in reserve to make sure he could get back. It is likely these were the same petrol containers the individual had on the day of the terrorist attack.

The other equipment the individual used in the terrorist attack included the following:

A 2005 Subaru outback vehicle purchased in Dunedin on 21 August 2017.

A military style tactical vest and tactical gloves purchased online in New Zealand in December 2017. The tactical vest enabled him to carry and have quick access to numerous magazines on his person.

Two ballistic vests. We have been unable to establish where and when the individual purchased the ballistic vests.

Body armour inserted into his two ballistic vests, likely comprised of two ballistic ceramic plates and two plastic boards that he purchased online in December 2017 and January 2019 respectively, from overseas. When we spoke to the individual, he confirmed that the plates and boards were body armour.

The GoPro camera, which he purchased online in February 2018, in New Zealand.

A bayonet knife and scabbard purchased from a New Zealand-based store in early 2018.

Preparations, purchases, the firearm accident of 2018 and more:

The SD card notes, scouting the mosques and general planning:

Note: i was adding a bunch of stuff, but it went over the 50k character limit, so i added these links here.

The 8Chan post -

Earlier posts:

Posts on aussie stock forums:

Posts on CouchSurfing:

Posts on TradeMe:


Interesting how the songs corresponded to phases.

Remove Kebab/Serbia Strong - driving and setting the tone

The British Grenadiers - approaching the mosque.

Fallschirmjager remix - attacking the mosque.

Fire by Arthur Brown - when he was set to burn the mosque

Gas Gas Gas by Manuel- when he made his escape

His steam friend:

His Steam:

His posts on a few websites: (His username is FerretLicker/Commander Rockwell)

Thank you to @NotYou for finding better quality + archive links to the posts!

His TF2 inventory:

Steam profile of a person he killed in the shooting:

A lovely letter that you would get from the nz police if your site hosted the shooting (thumbnail, will transcript later)

Videos and images: (will add more soon!)


Two of the survivors in hospitals:

The Actual Shooting: (upscaled but not janky)

Layout of the building:

The Manifesto - The Great Replacement

In Court + victim statements:

The legendary ok hand:

The Dead:

"Why did they pile up?" This has happened in another mosque shooting in an islamic country, in this case, the doors were locked:

One of the cars that escaped from the mosque was found:

(clips taken from some conspiracy nuts' 30 min video)

Navy seal news report:

(Hopefully) Everything (readable) written on Brenton Tarrant's guns (missing the other rifle's writings sadly):

Tours 732: Battle in modern-day France, when the Frankish soldiers under Charles Martel turned back an invasion by the Umayyad general Abd al-Rahman ibn Abd Allah Al-Ghafiqi. The battle ended in a slaughter and complete retreat of the Arab forces (even being forced to leave behind their spoils), thus gaining Charles fame for being the savior of Europe.

Charles Martel: Previously mentioned leader of Francia and founder of the Carolingian dynasty, also known as Charles the Hammer. He is one of the fathers of feudalism, and his grandson Charlemagne is often regarded as the father of Western Civilization.

Acre 1189: First battle of the Third Crusade. Ended in a Christian victory thanks to King Richard the Lionheart, thus dashing Saladin's (sultan of Egypt) hopes of completely destroying the Levantine Crusader states.

Lepanto 1571: Naval engagement off the coast of modern-day Greece between the Holy League (a coalition of Catholic states), who were backing up the Venetians, and the Ottoman Empire. Ended in a disastrous defeat for the Ottomans, and signaled the end of their dominance over the Mediterranean, though they would end up winning the war against Venice and taking Cyprus.

Vienna 1683: Second Siege of Vienna, where a combined Polish-Austrian force decisively defeated an Ottoman army sent to capture the city. Often seen as the definitive end of Turkish expansion into Europe, and is often seen as the beginning of the decline in power for the Islamic world.

Turkostragos: Literally means "Turk-eater". Nickname for Nikitaras, a famous Greek revolutionary general, who gained the epithet during the Battle of Dervenakia after breaking 4 swords in combat.

14 Words: A phrase coined by David Lane ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children") that has become popular amongst far-right groups. The American founder of the White Supremacist terror organization the Base, he was arrested in connection to the murder of liberal Jewish talk show host Alan Berg outside his Denver home in 1984.

John Hunyadi: A 15th-century Hungarian general and voivode of Transylvania. Led multiple campaigns and crusades against the Turks. He is most famous for defending Belgrade in 1456, which led to him being seen as a savior in the rest of the Catholic world.

St. Michael's Cross: Looks like the number sign. Insignia of the Iron Guard, a clerical Fascist paramilitary group in Romania during the interwar period (sort of like the Brown Shirts). Were integrated into the pro-Axis Romanian government in 1940, but eventually had a falling out with the government over a perceived revoking of privileges and launched a revolt/Jewish pogrom in Bucharest, thus leading to their demise and exile in 1941.

Jean Parisot de Valette: French Grandmaster of the Knights Hospitaller (pretty much Crusader pirates) who led the defense of Malta in 1565 against the Ottoman navy. His bravery and smarts during this battle eventually gained him immense fame, and today the capital of Malta is named after him.

Malta 1565: Siege of the island of Malta in the Mediterranean by the Ottoman Turks. Despite being outnumbered almost 6 to 1, the Knight's Hospitaller was able to hold out until a relief force arrived, almost completely wiping out the Turkish force and killing its leader Dragut (who was regarded as one of the most feared admirals of his time). Destroyed the idea of Ottoman invisibility in the eyes of many Europeans and stopped their expansion into the Western Mediterranean.

Crab Rave: A song by Irish DJ Noisestorm that eventually became a meme, often to signify a celebration of some kind.

Here's your 14-Point Migration Compact: Refers to the Global Compact for Migration, a nonbinding agreement endorsed by the UN in 2018 which is supposed to deal with the rights and treatment of migrants across the world.

Josué Estébanez: A former Spanish army soldier who, in 2007, was sentenced to 26 years in prison for stabbing Carlos Palomino (a 16-year-old Anti Fascist) to death on the Madrid Metro and injuring two others. They were both on their way to attend different sides of an anti-immigration rally.

Vac 1684: Battle in modern-day Hungary during the Great Turkish War which ended in an Austrian victory.

Miloš Obilić: He was supposedly a Serb assassin who killed the Ottoman sultan Murad I at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, but his existence is a mystery as he is never seen in contemporary sources, first being mentioned in a biography of a Serbian King around 50-60 years after the battle.

Sigismund of Luxembourg: Contrary to his name, he was the King of Hungary, known for leading the failed Crusade of Nicopolis in 1396 against the Ottomans. Afterward, he founded the Order of Dragon to combat the Turks (this alliance included various Balkan states like Serbia and Albania) and became Holy Roman Emperor for a while. If you played Kingdom Come: Deliverance, he is the bad guy king in that game.

Feliks Kazimierz Potocki: A Polish general who took part in the Battle of Vienna and fought in the Great Turkish War

Battle of Sarikamish: First battle of the Caucasus Campaign during WW1 between the Ottomans and Russians on the modern-day Armenian-Turkish border. It ended in a decisive Russian victory, largely because the Turkish commanders didn't equip their soldiers correctly for the cold weather and thus allowed tens of thousands to freeze to death.

Battle of Sardarabad: Fought in May 1918 between the Ottomans and the newly independent First Republic of Armenia. The victory stopped the invasion by the Turks and is often stated to have saved Armenian statehood.

Iosef Gurko: Russian Field Marshal during the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War. He spearheaded the invasion of the Balkans and even threatened to take Constantinople, thus ending the war. He is regarded as one of the liberators of Bulgaria.

Slankamen: Battle during the Great Turkish War in 1691 which saw the Austrians defeat a Hungarian army under Emeric Thokoly, thus securing Croatia. Thokoly was a Kuruc, which meant he and his soldiers were Protestant Hungarians who allied with the Ottoman Turks to preserve their religious freedom from the Catholic Austrians.

Khotyn 1621: Battle between the Poles and the Turks in modern-day Ukraine, ending in a Polish victory and the stopping of an Ottoman invasion of the Commonwealth.

For Ebba: Ebba Ackerlund, an 11-year-old Swedish girl who was killed in a 2017 truck ramming attack in Stockholm. Her killer was a 39-year-old Uzbek asylum seeker who had previously pledged loyalty to ISIS in a video.

For Rotherham: Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal that came to light in 2010, in which a group of largely British-Pakistani men in the town of Rotherham was arrested on charges of sexual abuse (including SA and forced prostitution) of underaged girls, many of whom were White. This led to a major debate over race as well as the neglect of working-class children by British authorities.

Alexandre Bissonette: A Canadian far-right extremist who, in 2017, opened fire on the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec City, killing 6 and wounding 19, ostensibly in revenge for the killing of a Canadian soldier by an Islamist 3 years prior.

Luca Traini: An Italian anti-immigrant political candidate who shot and wounded 6 African migrants in a drive-by shooting in the city of Macerata, supposedly in revenge for the brutal dismemberment of an Italian teenage girl by a Nigerian illegal immigrant.

Battle of Kagul 1770: Decisive Russian victory over the Turks during the Sixth Russo-Turkish War in present-day Bulgaria, with them defeating an army twice their size.

Bajo Pivljanin: A Serbian Hajduk (irregular soldiers who protected Balkan Christians) who was employed by the Venetians in Dalmatia during the 17th century.

Fruzhin: A 15th-century Bulgarian nobleman who led a failed rebellion against the Turks (with Hungarian help) in order to reform their old empire.

Battle of Bulair: Fought between the Ottomans and Bulgarians during the First Balkan War in modern-day Turkey. The Bulgarians decisively defeated an Ottoman counterattack, wiping out half the Turkish force.

Sebastiano Venier: Admiral who led the Venetian naval forces at the Battle of Lepanto mentioned previously, who later went on the be the Doge of Venice. Theorized to have been a cousin of Ottoman Sultan Murad II.

Shipka Pass: Major battle in the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War. A small force of Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers held the pass against a Turkish army many times its size. This led to the collapse of Turkish rule in Bulgaria.

Novak Vujosevic: Montenegrin tribesman who fought valiantly at the Battle of Fundina in 1876, killing 28 Turks in combat.

Anton Ludin Peterson: Swedish Neo-Nazi who murdered 3 people at a school in Trollhattan in 2015 before being shot by police. All 3 were of immigrant background, and he had chosen the school specifically for the area's high foreign-born population.

For Berlin: Berlin 2016 Truck Attack, when a 23-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker drove a semi-truck into a crowded Christmas Market, killing 13 total. The driver, who was supposed to have been deported, pledged allegiance to ISIS in a video.

Othala, Sig, and Tiwaz Rune: Germanic runes that represent heritage, victory, and the God Tyr respectively. The Sig rune is famous now for its use in the SS icon.

Unconfirmed Symbol: Looks a little like an L. From my research, it most closely matches up with the flag of the National Radical Camp, a fascist party in Poland.

Odo the Great: Duke of Aquitaine in Southern France who originally supported the Umayyads against Charles Martel, but later joined forces with him. He is known for his victory at Toulouse in 721 (the first decisive victory over the Muslims by Europeans), and his vital role in the Battle of Tours in 732.

For Madrid: Madrid 2004 Metro Bombings, which killed 193 people and wounded 2,000. The attack was carried out by Al-Qaeda in retaliation for Spanish military involvement against them in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Clavijo 844: A legendary battle during the Reconquista that most historians agree is almost certainly fictional.

Skanderbeg: A 15th-century Albanian nobleman who defected from the Ottoman army and led a revolt in Albania, creating the League of Lezhe (an alliance of Albanian lords) that lasted for 30 years. Seen as a revolutionary freedom fighter by Albanians today.

Remove Kebab: Refers to the song “Karadzic, Lead Your Serbs”, which showcases a group of Bosnian Serb soldiers celebrating their leader Radovan Karadzic (the president of Republika Srpska who was convicted of war crimes against Bosniak and Croat civilians during the 1990s Yugoslav Wars). Quickly became a popular meme, especially among the Paradox grand strategy game community, before being adopted by the Alt-Right.

Refugees Welcome to Hell: Self-explanatory.

Edward Codrington: A British Admiral who supported the Greeks during the Greek Revolutionary War. Most notable for his victory at Navarino in 1827, which completely wiped out an Ottoman armada and forced the Egyptian Army to evacuate from Greece.

Antonio Bragadin: Venetian general who led the defense of the Cypriot city of Famagusta in 1570. Was eventually skinned alive by Grand Vizer Lala Mustafa Pasha after the city fell due to his supposed killing of a group of Muslim pilgrims.

Ernst Rudiger von Starhemberg: Austrian military governor who led the defense of Vienna in 1683. Used clever tactics and planning (including blowing up tunnels dug by Janissaries) to delay the larger Ottoman army (120,000-20,000) until Polish reinforcements arrived.

Konstantin II Asen: Ruled the Tsardom of Vidin during the early 15th century. Regarded as the last ruler of old Bulgaria.

Battle of Ivankovac: First major victory of Serbian Revolutionaries over a regular Ottoman Army in 1805. The outnumbered Serb forces were able to survive an ambush and hold until reinforcements arrived, killing a Pasha and forcing the Turks to retreat.

Pavlo Lapshyn: British White Supremacist of Ukrainian-Tatar ancestry bombed 3 mosques in the West Midlands and murdered 82-year-old Pakistani immigrant Mohammed Saleem in Birmingham in 2013. Told police his goal was to kill and harm non-whites.

Michael Szilagyi: Hungarian general and brother-in-law to Hunyadi who defended the fortress of Belgrade in 1456. Eventually was captured, tortured, and sawed in half in Constantinople by Turkish soldiers.

Bohemond I of Antioch: Experienced Leader of the First Crusade who would later go on to become the Prince of Antioch (a Crusader state). Went on to fight multiple campaigns against both the Arab states and Byzantines.

Gaston IV of Bearn: French count who fought in the First Crusade, showing notable performances at the sieges of Antioch and Jerusalem. Ironically enough, Gaston actually had very sympathetic feelings for Muslims, advocating for their rights under Christian rule and peaceful dialogue/negotiation with Islamic communities and powers. He even attempted to save members of the Muslim community during the Sack of Jerusalem by hiding them in Al Aqsa Mosque.

Pelayu: Misspelling of Pelagius. He was a Visogothic nobleman who founded the Kingdom of Asturias in Northern Spain in the early 8th century, fending off the Umayyad invasion. He is thus seen as the man who started the Reconquista.

David Soslan: King consort of Georgia in the late 12th and early 13th century. He is known for his victories over Turkic groups which solidified Georgian dominance over the Caucasus.

David the Builder: A 12th-century Georgian King who expelled the Seljuks from the country and ushered in the Georgian Golden Age.

Dmitri Senyavin: Russian Admiral who fought in 3 wars against the Ottomans from the late 18th to early 19th century. Instrumental is allowing Russia to gain naval dominance over the Black Sea.

Serban Cantacuzino: Wallachian Prince who betrayed the Ottomans and helped the Austrians during the Siege of Vienna. He planned on joining the Holy League if the Austrians promised him the throne of Constantinople.

Marko Miljanov: Montenegrin chief and war hero, most known for his victory at the Battle of Fundina in 1876 mentioned earlier.

Stefan Lazarvic: Ruler of Serbia and founding member of the Order of the Dragon, he was previously an Ottoman vassal before declaring independence and allying himself with the Hungarians in the early 15th century.

Gjergj Arianiti: Albanian noble and father-in-law of Skanderbeg, he was an important Albanian lord and ruler in the League of Lezhe.

For the Bataclan: Refers to the Bataclan theater, which was hit as part of the November 2015 Paris Attacks by ISIS. The theater, which was holding a concert for the hard rock band “Eagles of Death Metal”, was faced with a mass shooting and hostage situation which killed 90 attendees.

Sonenrrad: Also known as the Black Sun, this icon was popularized in Nazi Germany and remains a prominent far-right symbol to this day.

Sinine Aratus Mark: Symbol of Sinine Aratus, a far-right nationalist party in Estonia.

Celtic Cross: An old symbol of the Gaelic Church that the Nazi Party adopted in various countries during the 30s and 40s. It is known now for being the icon of the website Stormfront.

Stefan the Great: Prince of Moldova in the 15th century who led multiple campaigns against the Ottomans and their vassal leaders in modern-day Romania. Often regarded by Romanians as one of the greatest leaders of the nation.

Psalm 144:1: “Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;”

Knight's Templar Brievik: Reference to Anders Brievik, a far-right Norwegian terrorist who killed 77 (or 84) ((8 by bombing, 67 by gunfire, 2 indirectly)) and injured 320+ (210+ by bombing, 32 by gunfire, 80+ indirectly) people in Oslo in bombing and shooting attacks targeting the Labour Party. His motivations were to stop Eurabia (a conspiracy theory that states that elites are trying to replace Europeans with Arabs or other Middle Easterners), which he thought the party was promoting due to their pro immigration and multicultural stance.

Marcantonio Colonna: Viceroy of Sicily who led the Papal Naval forces at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. He famously killed the head admiral of the Turkish Navy, Ali Pasha, and placed his head on a spike, which demoralized the Turks and helped hasten their loss.

Werwolf's Symbol: Ancient Germanic symbol that could supposedly ward off wolves, later became a symbol of German liberty and independence. Was adopted by the Nazis.

Deus Vult: Rallying cry for Crusaders, translates to “God Wills It”

This Machine kills Communists: A twist on a message that American folk singer Woody Guthrie put on his guitar.

Otoya Yamaguchi: Japanese Ultranationalist student who assassinated the chairman of the Japanese Socialist Party Inejirō Asanuma on live TV in 1960.

Seven lives for my country: Quote from Otoya, supposedly referencing 14th-century Samurai Kusunoki Masashige, that was found in written on his prison cell wall after he committed suicide.

TO ENGLAND TO EUROPE TO BRITAIN THEY WERE TRUE: Quote by Oswald Mosley, head of the British Union of Fascists during the 20s and 30s.

Reported by:
CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST large collection of animal attacks on humans

in today's post, we have a large collection of humans fucking around and finding out and why we don't fuck with nature :)

lion attacks

man fucks around at a lion exhibit

man sticks hand into lion exhibit

man provokes lion by sticking his fingers in his can see the exposed nerve

jaguar attacks aftermaths

man mauled by jaguar

jaguar attack aftermath (child)

tiger attack

(the aftermath is likely not connected to the attack)

(i think they're tigers but idk , it's a big cat sorry for dogshit quality)

tiger attack aftermath

tiger attacks woman leaving her car in an drive safari exhibit after an argument with her bf

fox attack

the fox was rabid at the time of the attack

elephant trampling

elephant aftermaths

circus animal attack

man mauled by tigers during circus training

bear attacks

a close call

bear attack aftermath

two fatal Eurasian brown bear attacks in Sweden

polar bear attack

facial reconstruction post bear attack

3 dogs attack woman

dog attack (child)

dog attacks on a man

man sends 2 dogs to attack on another man

dog attacks woman in an elevator

dog attack aftermath (child)

dog attack aftermath

pitbull scalps child

dog attack bites

dog attack aftermath

gator attack

gator attacks man for sticking his head and arm in it's mouth (deserved)

**gator attack aftermath

instant karma for man who tries to stab gator

crocodile attack

searching for the body of a young boy in crocodile infested waters (gone wrong)

dumbass snake "handler" gets bit in the face

piranha attack aftermath

piranha attack (child)

16yr old girl mauled by piranhas (aftermath)

shark attack collection created by me

attacked by koala (child)

dumb girl gets bit by lizard on the tongue

porcupine quills in hand

bird pecks woman's eye

her eye was okay

collection of animal attacks

hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it :marseyhappy2:

thank you all so much for the support, it means a lot :)



No watermark

Police briefing of what happened

Videos from Max Azzarello's Instagram

Pictures of Max Azzarello

Aftermath pictures of the area

Max Azzarello

Here are some accounts rDrama claimed he had.



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Twitter: (Nitter)

Reddit: &

Thank you @NotYou


A man has set himself on fire outside the New York courtroom where Donald Trump's hush money trial is taking place.

Moments after a full jury had been selected to hear the trial at Manhattan Criminal Court, the man's body was reportedly engulfed in flames for at least three minutes outside.

A CNN anchor said on air: “I see a totally charred human being.”

The man used a flammable liquid to set himself on fire in the designated protest area outside the court, with horrified bystanders screaming and fleeing.

US media has named the victim as Maxwell Azzarello, from St Augustine in Florida.

In a press conference, police said he appeared to be a “conspiracy theorist” and said he threw around “propaganda” containing claims about Ponzi schemes and the mafia before starting the fire.

Police said Mr Azzarello had poured an alcohol-based cleaning liquid on himself before lighting the fire, and that he had been taken to a local burn unit in a critical condition.

Mr Azzarello published a blog post on Friday that opened with the words: “My name is Max Azzarello, and I am an investigative researcher who has set himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan.”

The rest of the post made only a handful of references to Mr Trump, apart from claiming he was a member of a “secret kleptocracy” along with every previous president and their election rival.

Police with fire extinguishers rushed to the scene. Sirens could be heard blaring as correspondents reported smelling the burning of flesh. The heat of the flames could be felt from 100ft away, the New York Times reported.

A smouldering backpack and a gas can were visible afterwards, according to one witness. Police taped off the scene.

Broadcasters recorded what happened – some then cut away and apologised for showing the footage – through the metal barricades in place for Mr Trump's trial. The scene is close to several courthouses and other buildings.

A New York Police Department spokesman said: “A male did light himself on fire outside of the Supreme Courthouse. We're still gathering details from the field.”

Mr Trump did not respond to questions from reporters about the incident. His campaign offered “condolences to the traumatised witnesses” and paid tribute to “the great first responders of the City of New York”.

Mr Trump's criminal trial is being conducted amid tight security in a 15th floor courtroom swarming with Secret Service officers as well as court police.

The New York Police Department has promised a major deployment to ensure that the trial passes off safely, with John Hart, the force's head of intelligence calling it a “major challenge”.

The 12 jurors, along with six alternates, will consider evidence in the first ever criminal trial to determine whether a former US president is guilty of breaking the law.


My name is Max Azzarello, and I am an investigative researcher who has set himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan.

This extreme act of protest is to draw attention to an urgent and important discovery:

We are victims of a totalitarian con, and our own government (along with many of their allies) is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist world coup.

These claims sound like fantastical conspiracy theory, but they are not. They are proof of conspiracy. If you investigate this mountain of research, you will prove them too. If you learn a great deal about Ponzi schemes, you will discover that our life is a lie. If you follow this story and the links below, you will discover the rotten truth of ‘post-truth America'. You will learn the scariest and stupidest story in world history. And you will realize that we are all in a desperate state of emergency that requires your action.

To my friends and family, witnesses and first responders, I deeply apologize for inflicting this pain upon you. But I assure you it is a drop in the bucket compared to what our government intends to inflict.

Because these words are true, this is an act of revolution.


Last March, a billionaire named Peter Thiel started a bank run on Silicon Valley Bank. I knew enough about Thiel that I found this incredibly suspicious: My hunch was that this was intentional, though I couldn't fathom why.

I began investigating online, and quickly found cryptocurrency's fingerprints all over it. The bank run occurred just days after Silvergate Bank – which catered almost exclusively to crypto companies – collapsed. Meanwhile, several crypto cheerleaders were all over financial media warning of a regional banking crisis, and nobody in media was addressing the clear crypto connections.

I dug deep into the financials of Thiel's venture capital firm Founders Fund and eventually uncovered the following, all proven many times over.

  • Cryptocurrency is our first planetary multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. It was expressly created for this purpose by a laundry list of rich and powerful people out of Stanford/Silicon Valley and Harvard/Facebook.

  • The March 2023 bank failures were all intentional: the banks were used to move out stolen Ponzi money. This signals that they're no longer dumping cash in to keep the cryptocurrency Ponzi afloat, and that it will soon go insolvent, as all Ponzis must.

  • When the Ponzi scheme goes insolvent, it will take down half the stock market with it: The perpetrators used their major companies to pipe into the blockchain so they could funnel money out from the crypto exchanges. This includes Google, Tesla, Apple, PayPal, Facebook, Disney, Walmart, Target, InBev, Zoom, and countless others.

  • It is a Ponzi scheme so large that it created global inflation, which is why the price of Bitcoin has been a remarkable leading indicator for inflation rates. Victims who bought crypto don't realize their money has already been stolen, so the money gets double-counted by the victims and the criminals who stole it.

  • As it turns out, our elites are awash in Ponzi schemes. Stanford's investment fund and Jeffrey Epstein's ‘Program for Evolutionary Dynamics' he ran at Harvard are both fake-science Ponzi factories that these schools have invested billions in: They are filled with fraudulent companies that use smoke and mirrors to promise miraculous new technology, but always collapse while the perpetrators only get richer.

  • Funneling trillions of dollars in stolen cash through the stock market created the largest stock-market anomaly in history. The stock chart signature of a Ponzi scheme is a massive increase (while they stack up cash) and then a massive fall (as they funnel out the stolen cash). This chart shape appeared in all the companies listed above. In order to explain the massive anomaly, our criminal government unleashed COVID on the world and told us these were the “stay at home stocks.”


Ponzi schemes are vicious beasts, and cryptocurrency is history's largest Ponzi by orders of magnitude. It could best be described as an economic doomsday device, intentionally made to shatter the world economy.

The U.S. government is fully involved in this totalitarian con: To illustrate its bipartisan support, I'll note that nearly every participant of the Clinton Global Initiative has ties to cryptocurrency, while two of the biggest tech VCs who participated are Trump associates Josh Kushner and Anthony Scaramucci.

To better understand our form of government, I will point you to one of the most astonishing pieces of stand-alone evidence I've found: Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton's 1988 DNC speech where he nominated Mike Dukakis for president against George H.W. Bush. The speech is a vile, mean-spirited roast of Dukakis that makes no sense whatsoever: For Clinton to ruthlessly attack a member of his own party should have been political suicide, and he repeatedly mocks Dukakis' noble and earnest qualities.

Notably, actor Rob Lowe, who was supporting Dukakis, was victim of a teen sex blackmail operation at the DNC that year. Since we know Clinton is a close associate with teen sex blackmail artist Jeffrey Epstein, we can suddenly make perfect sense of the nonsensical speech by applying this lens: Bill Clinton is a cocky mob boss who blackmailed Mike Dukakis because Dukakis thought his job was to help the public. He teases out the future public revelation that Kitty Dukakis drank rubbing alcohol, and offers a strange anecdote about the crack epidemic that reveals he is an exceedingly proud drug runner.

What does this revelation tell us? That our government is conning us completely. That Bill Clinton was secretly on (former CIA Director) George H.W. Bush's side, and that the Democrat vs. Republican division has been entirely manufactured ever since: Clinton is with Bush; Gore is with Bush; Trump is with Hillary, and so on. When they present themselves in public, they are acting as characters that are against one another, practicing kayfabe as wrestlers do.

As it turns out, we have a secret kleptocracy: Both parties are run by financial criminals whose only goals are to divide, deceive, and bleed us dry. They divide the public against itself and blame the other party while everything gets worse and more expensive and handful of people take all the money.

Since it is fully parasitic, a secret kleptocracy is an incredibly unstable form of government – left to its own devices, it can only lead to fascism or failed state.


One of the key findings of this research is that Harvard University is one of the largest organized crime fronts in history, which is how they churn out billionaires – it's a major hub of this sprawling criminal network.

As it turns out, dozens of the writers of The Simpsons went to Harvard. So I asked myself the question: If The Simpsons served the interests of organized crime, how would it do so?

Well, it offers a dysfunctional family suffering from moral decay, a community incapable of solving its problems, a worker drone who slaves away for an evil billionaire, and cathartic laughs for our poor collective circumstances.

There are some notable specifics as it relates to this research, too: In Marge vs. The Monorail, the townsfolk are too oafish and divided to invest in the town's needs (fix Main Street) and fall for the charms of a dazzling showman with a bogus monorail Ponzi scheme. When we know that the show is closely linked to an organization that invests billions of dollars in Ponzi factories, this becomes quite damning.

In Lisa the Iconoclast, Lisa discovers that town founder Jebediah Springfield was a secret criminal con artist, and that the townsfolk's lives are a lie. Realizing this is an important discovery, she desperately tries to get the townsfolk to listen to her. But they meet her with hostility, apathy, disbelief, and partisanship and she fails to get through to them. Ultimately, she realizes the town is so far gone that perhaps it's better for them to be lied to by con artists, and she keeps the secret to herself.

And here I've been, like Lisa Simpson, desperately trying to get friends, family, and the public to believe the proof of a totalitarian con I'm trying to show them, and they've turned away with hostility, apathy, disbelief, and partisanship.

And so, we realize the criminal truth of The Simpsons: Our elites are telling us that our eroding collective circumstances are our own fault, and we can't do anything about it, while they steal the American Dream from us. It is, for lack of a more elegant word, brainwashing.

—Lastly, we string these major discoveries together: Cryptocurrency is an economic doomsday device; our government is a secret kleptocracy; The Simpsons exists to brainwash us. From there, the only research we need is critical thinking and we're able to piece together the true story of our circumstances.

Consider America since 1988: Institutions like healthcare and universities have become parasitic in their skyrocketing prices. News media tells us to be angry and tribalized. Daytime television warns us of moral decay. Local news tell us to fear our neighbors. The Simpsons tells us we're too oafish and divided to save the American Dream. Seinfeld tells us to celebrate the assholes and be irritated by all the normal people around us. “Reality” TV tells us that real life is filled with hedonism and strife.

Social media, owned by crypto criminals like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, is flooded with nonsense conspiracy theories and memes reminding us that we are hopeless, helpless, anxious, depressed, ironic, scared, apathetic, escapist, lonely, misguided, and jaded, telling us we can't do anything but have a laugh at our circumstances.

Liberals mock the hypocrisy of conservatives; conservatives mock the hypocrisy of liberals, and our collective circumstances erode. The left shouts “All Cops Are Bastards,” which ensures they'll be hated by the police and the public (and flies in the face of leftist theory). The public's distrust of the government is at an all-time high, but so is the belief that we are helpless to do anything about it.

And with all this, a sharp rise in apocalyptic messaging: Climate change will kill us all; COVID will kill us all; vaccines will kill us all; AI will kill us all – no matter the bubbles we ascribe to, we're bombarded with existential crises with no solutions. We've seen a surge in apocalyptic film, literature, and video games that tell us there is no way out of our poor circumstances but total societal breakdown. Zombies tell us that the public is our enemy. If you go to your nearest convenience store, you can buy a can of water called “Liquid Death.”

This is our rotten farce: For our entire lives, we have been flooded with media designed to slowly steer us into a world where the American Dream was dead, where the public was fully divided against itself, where everybody believed we were powerless to do anything about our worsening circumstances. It is all so they can organize an unprecedented, apocalyptic rug pull on the entire populace as they pivot to fascism, which is perhaps best understood as kleptocracy at the barrel of a gun.

When we piece it all together, we understand the truth: We are in a totalitarian doomsday cult.

Why on earth would our elites do this? There are many reasons, but the simplest is because capitalism is unsustainable, and they knew it: Climate change and resource extraction would catch up eventually. So, they never intended to sustain it. They knew all along that they would gobble up all the wealth they could, and then yank the rug out from under us so they could pivot to a hellish fascist dystopia.

—Things escalated wildly in 1988 when former CIA Director George H.W. Bush got the White House, but this plan had been in action long prior:

Why is Stanley Kubrick's comedy about mutually assured destruction called Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb? Because he was a cocky secret fascist who was getting us to stop worrying and love the bomb. Why did he make A Clockwork Orange? So we'd rejoice at ultra-violence designed to desensitize us to the horrors of the world.

Why were the Manson Family murders crawling with cover-ups and intelligence agents? Because our government wanted to make us fear for our lives and believe that hippies are deranged psychopaths.

Why did Walt Disney produce a fraudulent documentary that told us Lemmings follow each other off cliffs? So we would believe it.

Why did The Beatles tell us to fear the taxman, to scoff at revolution, chase nonsense conspiracy theories, and that happiness is a warm gun? So we would believe it.

Why did Easy Rider tell us that the hippie movement was dead? So we would believe it.

Why did Chinatown end with defeatism in the face of massive corruption? So we would believe it.

Why did George Orwell tell us of a hellish future of totalitarian control that we are powerless to stop? So we would believe it.

Why did Wall Street tell us “greed is good”? So we would believe it.

Why did Do The Right Thing tell us we're all racially tribalized? So we would believe it.

Why did Simpsons creator Matt Groening make a comic strip called Life in Hell? So we would believe it.

And on, and on, and on, and on. When it comes to any popular media, if you ask yourself the question, “Why would secret doomsday cult kleptocrats want the public to consume this?”, you will find your answers.

—This is obviously very bad news, but the biggest lie we've been told is that we are powerless. We've got one way out of hellworld, and that's for the public to realize that we've been conned completely so we can build a united movement that shatters every lie they've told us, mocks this rotten farce as loudly as it deserves, and aims at nothing short of abolishing our criminal government so we can build one that serves the public.

To understand this story is to see right through the con, to become immune to the endless sea of criminal propaganda, and to feel the great joy and power that comes with freedom.

If a small number of people quickly put on these truth-colored glasses, we are in for an unimaginably bright future. If not, we get an apocalypse.

For more information, I've put together this booklet that includes other major findings and a map to a sea of proof, along with all the other essays on this site.

For the true history of America since the end of World War II, see here.

To see this discovery unfold in real-time, along with further explanations, hundreds of pieces of evidence not covered here, advice, inspiration, political theory, and the heart and soul of a man escaping history's largest doomsday cult, see my Instagram story highlights. I apologize for leaving things so scattered, but this has been an exhausting affair. So long as you understand this (true) ideology, you will be able to learn the whole story.

Here is a federal lawsuit I filed against dozens of perpetrators of the cryptocurrency Ponzi – not for litigation, but just to preserve the information and attach my name to it. I was terrified and hadn't slept in days and it shows, but it served its purpose of keeping myself alive long enough to keep learning and telling this story.

I no longer have my original research files from the crypto rabbit hole. If you want to see them, you'll have to get my laptop back from the government. Ask them how they got it - it's a very fun story.

I hope you know how powerful you are. I wish you a hell of a lot more than luck.

Max Azzarello


A mugshot of Jahseh Onfroy. The image was used as cover art, for the song "Look At Me"

The Beginning

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was brought into this world on January 23, 1998. He was born in the city of Plantation, Florida to Jamaican parents. He was born with a ventricular septal defect. His mother was a teen mom at 17 years old. The since parted couple shared custody of Jahseh, but his father was often in and out of his life, providing no financial support and only visiting usually on the weekends or holidays. Due to his single mothers struggles, he was primarily raised by his grandparents and caretakers.

Tragedy and trauma

“My mom was just in situations where she couldn't take care of me,” he said in an interview on the No Jumper podcast. His violent behaviors had started at a very young age. By the age of 6 years old, he had tried to stab a man for "messing" with his mother. He was placed in a youth program after the event, and he officially lived with his grandmother. A source close to the family had claimed the event had never happened, it could not be verified from police report due to him being a minor. Trauma and domestic abuse experts have otherwise said the story was unlikely to be fabricated or untrue.

At a young age, Jahseh had found his uncle after he committed suicide by hanging, he even references them in many of soon to be made songs. It was alluded that Jahseh was sexually abused as a child, as well as witnessing rape and physical torture. His father beat him routinely, as well as tried to beat Cleopatra (his mother) in front of him.

Things got worse for 10 year old Jahseh when his father was imprisoned for almost 10 years due to drug related RICO charges. He began initiating constant fights and brawls, leading to his expulsion of almost every single school he attended. He was forcefully enrolled into Sheridan House Family Ministries by his mother for over six months.


Jahseh had developed a passion for music. His mother and aunt also encouraged his interest in music by having him attend church choir and also enrolling him in a choir class. He was kicked out of the program for punching a classmate.

After his stay at the Sheridan House Family Ministries, He found particular interest in the genres of nu-metal, rap, hip-hop and hard rock.

He was heavily influenced by Tupac Shakur and bands like Papa Roach.

After Jahseh's official diagnosis of bipolar disorder at the age of 13 years old, His mother, Cleopatra offered him a deal to get him to stay in school, taking him to proper studio sessions on the weekend to practice his passion in music, which didn't last long. He dropped out of school in the 10th grade. Despite his regular engagement in physical confrontations, and being "popular" in school, Jahseh claims he was a quiet kid. He was not athletic due to his heart condition he was born with, he was unable to grow past 5''6, and found himself insecure and depressed while attending high school.

Music career

Jahseh Onfroy experimented with releasing songs on soundcloud, and eventually went by the alias "XXXTENTACION". Tentación meaning "temptation" in Spanish. Many fans refer to him as "XXX" or "X". His music had inspired many artists including "Trippie Redd" and "Juice Wrld" into channeling similar aesthetics to his in their own music. Many people enjoy his music due to the variety of genres he experiments with. He had a mixture of lo-fi elements, emo rap, R&B, and had experimented with metal and often had loud vocals and distorted heavy bass in his music that excited and hyped up their listeners.

Juice Wrld and Trippie Redd together throwing up middle fingers

"He began writing music after being released from a juvenile detention center and soon started his music career on SoundCloud in 2013, employing styles and techniques that were unconventional in rap music such as distortion and heavy guitar-backed instrumentals, drawing inspiration from third-wave emo and grunge. In 2014, he formed the underground collective Members Only and alongside other members of the collective soon became a popular figure in SoundCloud rap, a trap music scene that takes elements of lo-fi music and harsh 808s. XXXTentacion gained mainstream attention with the single "Look at Me". His debut album 17 (2017) is certified triple-platinum in the US and reached number two on the Billboard 200. His second album ? (2018) debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and is certified quintuple-platinum in the US. Its lead single, "Sad!", posthumously reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and had amassed more than 1.2 billion views on YouTube and 2.1 billion streams on Spotify by February 2024, as well as being certified Diamond by the RIAA in August 2021"

One of his songs, "Jocelyn Flores". In the song he references his own suicidal thoughts as well as his uncle's suicide.



In 2012, at 15 years old Onfroy was arrested for possessing 21 grams of marijuana which is a felony in Florida law. He got a month of juvi, and then 6 months in a behavior corrections facility. Shortly after the release, he broke into a home to steal a laptop; to create music. He was arrested again.

"Recolored" 1st mugshot of Jahseh Onfroy

Stabbing and robberies

In 2016, Jahseh very narrowly avoided an assault and theft charge.

Dylan "Tablez" Turner, former manager of XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask The Slump God became a victim of their drama. One night Tablez and Ski Mask got into a heated argument, which lead to Ski mask storming out. Ski Mask called X while intoxicated and claimed Tablez had stole thousands of dollars from him. In an outrage, days later, X and other broke into Turner's apartment.

"What if I stab you? What if I fucking stab you?" while poking the knife towards Tablez's stomach, stopping just a few inches short and then pulling back. Jahseh exclaimed "Oh fuck" after the stabbing, leading Dylan to not know if Jahseh even meant to stab him. The rapper and others fled the location, taking his laptop with him.

Tablez was left with lifechanging injuries and required emergency surgery. Tablez dropped the charges after Jahseh returned the laptop, and apologizing.

On July 14, 2016 just days after the stabbing incident, Jahseh was charged with robbery, home invasion and assault with a deadly weapon. He robbed a home with 3 other people. He was relocated to several different counties to find a prosecutor that would charge him as an adult, and they succeeded. He was released on a 10k bond in September of that year and pleaded no contest to the charges, he walked away with six years of probation.

Domestic violence and witness tampering

That same year, in October while awaiting trial, Jahseh was arrested again with charges of false imprisonment, domestic battery and aggravated battery of a pregnant woman. The charges were supposed to take place early 2017, but it kept getting pushed back, further and further. It was delayed again after his ex girlfriend, Geneva Ayala filed an affidavit and asked for his charges to be "completely dropped"

Jahseh then posted to his Instagram the details of his court date and apologized to his followers.

Onfroy pleaded not guilty on December 14, 2017. It was confirmed on December 20, 2017, that Onfroy was being released on house arrest. Onfroy was released from house arrest on March 21, 2018.

Details of the abuse, rephrased from the court case testimony

Details of the abuse from a livestream by his ex girlfriend while she was intoxicated

In this "secret recording" x goes into violent details of what he would do to her because she cheated on him while he was in jail

More crimes, controversies and questionable incidents

Video of an assault and live stream from a girl he allegedly assaulted when he was 16 and later sued for defamation

Video of fighting a fan outside of a concert, the audio was later sampled in the song "YUNG BRATZ"

Video of him punching a fan back who "snaked him" while crowd surfing.

Video of X punching a fan in the face for grabbing him

The ending of his life

"At 3:56 p.m EDT on June 18, 2018, Onfroy, upon leaving Riva Motorsports Motorcycle & Marine Superstore in Deerfield Beach, Florida, was blocked from exiting the parking lot by a black Dodge Journey SUV in a premeditated attack. Two armed men exited the SUV and approached the rapper while he was sitting in the driver's seat. A brief struggle occurred and the armed men reached inside Onfroy's vehicle, stole a small Louis Vuitton bag containing US$50,000 and shot Onfroy multiple times. The shooters fled the scene in their SUV. Onfroy was taken by paramedics to the nearby Broward Health North hospital in Deerfield Beach, where he was pronounced dead"

Surveillance footage of the murder

Jahseh Onfroy's dead body in his vehicle

Body cam footage of the crime scene

Certification of death

Jahseh Onfroy's autopsy results which were released just 5 DAYS AGO

"An autopsy after Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy's murder revealed a colon that was 5-6 inches in diameter and 8-9 feet long. A normal colon is only 2-3 inches in diameter and 4-5 feet long. The autopsy also revealed stool that had been in the colon for 4-5 months and would have certainly presented a tremendous toxic load on the rapper's physiology." This same autopsy performed after Onfroy's death purportedly revealed that the rapper's colon weighed 82 pounds at the time of his death. 77 pounds of this was dried fecal matter and only 5 pounds was living tissue. Allegedly, this extreme constipation was a result of his drug usage, particularly opioids. A close friend of Onfroy, who goes by the moniker "Kid Trunks", has claimed that Onfroy possessed very little control over his bowels, and would often accidentally defecate himself around him."

His murderers

Dedrick Williams, 22; Michael Boatwright, 22; and Trayvon Newsome, 20 Were the men formally charged for the first degree murders and robbery of Jahseh Onfroy and they will spend the rest of their lives in Florida prison.

Although Jahseh Onfroy, XXXTENTACION was known for being a violent, controversial man, he was also an artist who created amazing music. Many of his top songs reach in the billions of plays. His depressive yet uplifting music has inspired many, comforted many, and even saved the lives of many. He was not a great person, but almost everyone around him still believed he was a good man, and he wanted to desperately change his ways. He created very enjoyable music that millions of people listen to every month, including myself. I refused to listen to his music, and claimed to dislike him; until after his death, I really got into listening to it. I do not respect his actions, nor do I respect the damage he has done to people. I will however pay my respects, his death was tragic, and I would have loved to see him improve as a person and change his ways. May Jahseh Onfroy rest in peace. Please keep disrespectful comments specifically regarding his race out of the comments, please and thank you.

Funeral clips:

Full documentary on X:


EFFORTPOST Livestreamed Mass Attacks

Hello there! I decided to put together all info I could find on particular livestreamed mass attacks and livestreamed crime in general, with added information on the cases. I hope you'll enjoy it, it took me a lot! but anyways, let's start:

Christchurch mosque shootings

Everybody here probably already knows about these shootings but to sum it up: On the 15th March 2019, a 28 year old, nazi, chud retard called Brenton Tarrant committed two consecutive shootings in two mosques, Masjid-Al-Noor and the Linswood Islamic Center of Christchurch, New Zealand. The gunman killed 51 people and injured another 49, all of which were muslims. The attacks were livestreamed on Facebook, along a manifesto written by Tarrant named The Great Replacement, to inspire other far-right extremists to carry out shootings in a similair vein to the Christchurch ones. The livestream isn't the full terrorist attack, as it was taken down before he could reach the 2nd mosque, but it still contains the entire first attack and his escape. Tarrant was then arrested and is currently sentencing a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

Halle synagogue shooting

Christchurch inspired many other shooters, as it intended, and fortunately many of them failed, such as Gemany's biggest cuck: Stephen Balliet. On the 9th October 2019, this dumbass tried to use homemade guns with some 3D printed parts to commit a shooting in the synagogue of Halle, Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. As you may expect, it went horribly, as he wasn't able to enter the synagogue and instead he killed a random old lady on the street and a dude in a kebab store. Stephen was livestreaming on Twitch and also released a shitty manifesto which is the type of manifesto an edgy 14 year old would make. Balliet was arrested and is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison.

2022 Buffalo shooting

Yet another shooting livestream inspired by Christchurch, this time by a furstrag neo-nazi who shot up a Top's Friendly Market in Buffalo, New York, which is a primarily black neighborhood; The retard once again released a manifesto called The Way Forward, which is literally a copy and paste of Brenton Tarrant's manifesto. He was able to kill 10 people and injure another 3, while sparing everybody in the store who was white. the event was livestreamed on Twitch, just like Balliet, but the livestream cuts out while he's in the supermarket and unfortunately for us gore fans there is no full version of the attack. (there's also a longer version which just includes him driving for a bit longer, check out this post to watch it

Jacksonville Landing shooting

This shooting occured on the 26th August 2018, when David Katz lost at tournament for the title of Madden 7 champion of 2018; Since he won the former championship, he raged from being beaten and pulled out a FUCKING GUN, shooting and killing the player who beat him and another player, all the while injuring 10 other people before committing suicide. The event was livestreamed on Twitch, as that's where the tournament was digitally taking place, but the camera cut out as soon as Katz started shooting, so, you can only hear the audio.

Nakhon Ratchasima shootings

A mass shooting that occured in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, when an ex-soldier called Jakrapanth Thomma went schizo mode and decided to steal a few machine guns from a military camp after killing his own commander, and then continuing the rampage by shooting people on the road and setting fire to mall. While all of this occured, he decided it would be a good idea to post updates on his Facebook account and to also livestream the event: unfortunately the full livestream has been lost but I was able to find a few screenshots from it and also his Facebook update posts. Thomma was shot and killed by the police a few hours later.

2022 Memphis shootings

On the 7th September 2022, a dumb Memphis BIPOC called Ezekiel Kelly went outside of his house and starting a shooting spree in which he killed three people and injured another three, while livestreaming on Facebook. You can't really see shit on the video because the dumbass just livestreamed his face while rambling incomprehensible nonsense. Kelly has been arrested by the police and he is currently being convicted.

Eslöv school attack

Another failed Brenton Tarrant copycat, but this time by an edgy 15 year old Swedish nazi named Hugo Jackson. Being a minor he didn't have access to any firearms, so, instead he used a knife to go in his school in Eslöv, Sweden, and stab a random teacher. He wasn't able to unjure anybody else other than that teacher who survived, and the police was called on him... which he tried to threaten with an airsoft pistol. He was arrested and is facing charges for attempted murder in a juvenile correction camp for 2.5 years. One of my friends has actually had the pleasure displeasure of talking with Hugo, and he has confirmed that he is a huge strag who types like a 2000s scenecore kid and uses ":3" when talking to people; To my knowleadge he also constantly gets bullied in the correction center for being a pussy. Unfortunately for us, the police owns the livestream and hasn't released it completely, but I was able to find a few still frames from the livestream.

edit: Hello! I wanted to add another livestreamed shooting that I missed before, I find this one to be a really good case since it ended pretty quickly.

West Freeway Church of Christ shooting

On the 29th December 2019, a schizoid called Keith Kinnunen entered the West Freeway Church of Christ dressed up as Not Important after playing a bit too much Hatred. He pulled out a shotgun after the ceremony and shot dead 2 people in the church, before being quickly dispatched by 71 year old Jack Wilson, who was volunteering as a security guard. the event was livestreamed on YouTube, since the church regularly livestreamed their ceremonies on their channel. I really just wanted to add this shooting in to praise the defender WIlson for his swift action and good aim under all that pressure. Remember: the only person who can stop a bad guy with a gun... is a good guy with a gun!

Hope you enjoyed all of the info I was able to gather and put together! I would've also added the Louisville bank shooting but there's literally no footage known of that shooting other than the CCTV footage and police bodycam, not even screencaps, sorry! Anyways, that's all for today, see ya!

EFFORTPOST Female suicide bombers – Before & After :marseyakbar: :marseytnt: :minecraftcreeper:

“I never met a single woman who was motivated by ideology … every woman involved in terrorism is a romantic.”

The 2010 Moscow Metro bombings. (At least 12 people were killed at Lubyanka station):


Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova 17 year old and her late husband Umalat Magomedov, a prominent insurgent killed by Russian forces.


In a poignant portrait frozen in time, 17-year-old Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova stands alongside her young husband, Umalat Magomedov, a militant leader hailing from Russia's tumultuous Dagestan province. Theirs was a love story interrupted abruptly in December 2009, when the tumult of conflict claimed Umalat's life, cut short by the bullets of government forces. Despite the somber backdrop of insurgency, their embrace captured in the photograph speaks volumes of a love that defied the chaos surrounding them.

With a delicate visage reminiscent of porcelain and a countenance seemingly too fragile for the brutality of terrorism, Dzhennet's presence belied the conventional image of a militant. Yet, her gaze, tinged with determination, hinted at a resolve forged amidst the crucible of conflict. By her side, Umalat, clad in militant garb and cradling a firearm, exuded a protective aura, his arm draped reassuringly around her shoulder.

On a fateful March 29th, 2010, Dzhennet embarked on a journey fraught with peril, boarding an inter-city bus bound for Moscow from her home in Russia's volatile North Caucasus region. Accompanied by at least one individual tasked with equipping her with a lethal payload—a suicide belt laden with explosives and iron rods—she embarked on a mission whose echoes would reverberate across the nation.

With the weight of her mission heavy upon her, Dzhennet entered the labyrinthine expanse of Moscow's metro system, her destination clear: the heart of Russian power, the Kremlin. As the train rumbled along the crimson tracks of the red line, her resolve hardened with each passing station.

It was at Lubykana station that destiny intersected with tragedy. Amidst the bustling throngs of commuters, Dzhennet detonated the explosives strapped to her slender frame, unleashing a wave of devastation that claimed the lives of more than twenty innocent souls. Across the city, a second bomber, tentatively identified as 20-year-old Maryam Sharipova Magomedov from Chechnya, mirrored Dzhennet's grim deed, adding to the carnage at Park Kultury station.

The aftermath of the bombings left Moscow reeling—a city scarred by the specter of terrorism that had lain dormant for six years. The toll was staggering: forty lives lost, with over seventy more left maimed and wounded in body and spirit.

Amidst the debris and the mourning, questions lingered like a pall over the city: Why did Dzhennet do it? In the search for answers, theories abound, chief among them the specter of revenge. Like other tragic figures dubbed "Black Widows," who had lost husbands or male kin to the ravages of conflict in Chechnya, Dzhennet sought retribution, a reckoning for the man immortalized in the photograph that captured their fleeting happiness.

Three days after the bombings, Chechnya's insurgent leader, Doku Umarov, claimed responsibility, framing the attacks as a grim reprisal for the perceived injustices inflicted upon Chechen civilians by Russian security forces.

In the wake of the tragedy, as Moscow grappled with the scars of terror anew, the story of Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova served as a haunting reminder of the human cost of conflict—a cost measured not just in lives lost, but in the shattered dreams and broken hearts left in its wake.



The 2010 Moscow Metro bombings.(At least 26 people were killed at Park Kultury station)


Following the devastating detonation by Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova at Lubyanka station, the Moscow metro was plunged into chaos once again, just 40 minutes later. Another explosion ripped through the crowded confines of Park Kultury station, orchestrated by a second female bomber, identified as 28-year-old Maryam Sharipova Magomedov, a former computer science teacher hailing from the tranquil village of Balakhany in Dagestan.

Maryam's journey from the serene landscapes of her hometown to the heart of Moscow's bustling metro system bore witness to a stark juxtaposition of identities. Graduating with honors in mathematics and psychology, her academic prowess belied the grim fate that awaited her as a pawn in the cycle of violence that gripped the Caucasus.

As the echoes of the second blast reverberated through the underground labyrinth, the toll of human suffering continued to mount. Reports emerged, painting a grim tableau of loss and devastation. At the epicenter of the carnage, Lubyanka station bore the brunt of the initial explosion, claiming the lives of 26 unsuspecting commuters in its wake. Park Kultury station, meanwhile, became a scene of unspeakable horror as the detonation claimed the lives of a further 12 individuals, their fates sealed in an instant of violence and chaos.

Security sources, grappling with the aftermath of the twin bombings, confirmed the grim reality: two female suicide bombers had orchestrated the attacks, their actions emblematic of the sinister modus operandi of the Islamic insurgency that plagued the Caucasus region.

In the wake of the tragedy, as the city of Moscow grappled with the enormity of the loss, the toll of human suffering stood as a stark reminder of the indiscriminate nature of terrorism. Innocent lives, snuffed out in an instant, bore witness to the relentless cycle of violence that threatened to engulf the region in a never-ending spiral of despair and destruction.



Female suicide bomber kills 5 police in Dagestan


On a fateful March 7th, 2012, tragedy struck the tranquil village of Karabudakhkent in the Russian republic of Dagestan, nestled amidst the rugged landscapes of the North Caucasus. A female suicide bomber, cloaked in the guise of innocence, targeted a police checkpoint with deadly intent, unleashing a wave of devastation that claimed the lives of at least five policemen and left two others gravely injured.

The harrowing incident unfolded late on a Tuesday evening, as the unsuspecting officers stood guard at the checkpoint, their vigilance their only defense against the specter of terror that lurked in the shadows. It was in this moment of vulnerability that the female assailant, intent on inflicting maximum harm, attempted to breach the perimeter of the checkpoint.

As the officers moved to intercept the intruder, they were met with a chilling sight—a flash of movement, a glint of metal, and then the deafening roar of an explosion. In a heartbeat, the tranquil night was shattered by the force of the blast, as the suicide bomber, in a final act of defiance, triggered the explosives concealed upon her person.

The magnitude of the explosion, equivalent to two kilograms of TNT, bore testament to the deadly precision with which the assailant had orchestrated her attack. In its wake, the checkpoint lay in ruins, the lives of the brave officers forever extinguished in a moment of senseless violence.

In the grim aftermath of the attack, investigators pieced together the tragic narrative that had led to this cataclysmic event. It was revealed that the suicide bomber, identified as Aminat Ibragimova, a woman in her mid-20s, was the widow of Zaur Zagidov—a Dagestani militant whose own life had been claimed in a previous anti-terror operation just the month before.

As the dust settled and the echoes of the explosion faded into the night, the village of Karabudakhkent grappled with the harsh reality of loss and devastation. The sacrifice of the fallen officers served as a stark reminder of the relentless threat posed by terrorism in the volatile region of Dagestan—a threat that continued to cast a shadow over the lives of its inhabitants, even in their most peaceful moments.



Female suicide bomber in Muslim cleric attack identified as a professional actress and dancer..muslims attacking muslims


The female suicide bomber responsible for killing Dagestani Muslim spiritual leader Sheikh Said Afandi and six others on August 30, 2012 has been identified as a 30-year-old Russian woman, a professional actress and dancer in Dagestan who converted to radical Islam.

Aminat Saprykina was charged with the suicide mission by Rustam Aselderov, who was allegedly just appointed leader of a north Caucasus militant group, Kommersant reported, citing police sources.

Saprykina posed as a pilgrim who wanted to convert to Islam. According to reports, she convinced the Sheikh's inner circle to immediately grant her an audience with Afandi, bypassing the long line of people waiting to see the spiritual leader. Saprykina claimed she wanted to convert to Islam; she detonated a bomb as she neared the Sheikh, killing Afandi along with his wife and five other people who came to see him, including an 11-year old boy.

According to a war correspondent from, Nadezhda Kevorkova, who got some information at day, Saprykina arrived at the Afandi's house with children, and pretended to be pregnant. There is no information available on the children she came with, Kevorkova said.

Saprykina came from a striking background, having graduated from an acting program at a Dagestani university and worked for a Russian theater in Makhachkala. She was also a member of a local breakdancing group, Kommersant said. Saprykina has turned toward radical Islam, and was allegedly being influenced by local militant groups. She had reportedly been married four times to different members of the groups. Three of the men are dead, and another one is currently serving a prison sentence.

Special security forces identified her as a possible suicide bomber last year, but were unable to ascertain her location. She had attempted to perpetrate other suicide attacks, but backed out each time after her cover was blown, Russian media reported.

Police were able to identify her corpse through DNA testing after her body parts were found in the Sheikh's house.



Female suicide bomber injures 18 in Russian region of Dagestan


In the turbulent landscape of southern Russia's Dagestan region, tragedy struck on Saturday, May 25, 2013, as a female suicide bomber unleashed chaos in the heart of Makhachkala, the provincial capital. The detonation of an explosives-laden belt in the central square reverberated with devastating consequences, leaving at least 18 individuals wounded, among them two children and five police officers, according to local law enforcement officials.

The assailant, later identified as Madina Alieva, 25, emerged from the shadows of conflict, her path inexorably entwined with the legacy of Islamic radicalism. Alieva's journey into extremism bore the tragic markings of loss and radicalization, as she was revealed to be the widow of not one, but two Islamic radicals felled by the relentless pursuit of security forces.

The significance of this attack reverberated beyond the confines of Dagestan, marking the first suicide bombing in the region since the harrowing events of the Boston Marathon bombings just the month prior. The perpetrators of those attacks, the Tsarnaev brothers, themselves of Chechen descent with ties to Dagestan, underscored the global reach of extremism born from the troubled soil of the Caucasus.

Dagestan, perennially plagued by the clash between Islamic radicals and federal forces, remains a focal point in the broader struggle for autonomy and ideological supremacy. The dream of an independent Muslim state, or "emirate," continues to fuel the flames of conflict, engulfing the region in a cycle of violence and despair.

Alieva's tragic end, culminating in her deadly act of terror, echoes a grim reality that has plagued the region for decades. The phenomenon of "black widows," women driven to desperation by the loss of militant relatives, serves as a chilling reminder of the human toll exacted by extremism. Coerced by the false promises of martyrdom and reunion beyond the grave, they become unwitting pawns in a deadly game of ideology and vengeance.

As the dust settles and the wounded are tended to, the scars of yet another senseless act of violence serve as a stark testament to the enduring struggle for peace and stability in the troubled lands of Dagestan and beyond.



Suicide attack in Gubden, Dagestan, on February 12, 2011.


On February 12, 2011, Maria Khorosheva and her husband Vitaly Razdobudsko perpetrated a horrific act of terror through a suicide bombing in the village of Gubden, Dagestan. The explosion claimed the lives of three individuals and left 26 others wounded in its wake. Tragically, in the aftermath of their deaths, the couple's small children were taken captive.

Despite efforts to locate them, the whereabouts of their children, Abdullah, aged 1.5, and Maryam, aged 4, remain shrouded in uncertainty. Following a heartfelt plea from Natalia Khorosheva, grandmother to the missing children, the Dagestani police initiated a search, enlisting the support of the community in their quest for answers.

The children were entrusted to the care of Latifa, a 37-year-old unemployed woman, by Maria Khorosheva shortly before the tragic events unfolded. Despite attempts to trace Latifa's whereabouts, law enforcement authorities faced a frustrating dead end. While it was determined that Latifa had rented an apartment in the village of Semender near Makhachkala, she and the children were nowhere to be found upon arrival.

The search for Abdullah and Maryam persists, fueled by the unwavering determination to reunite them with their family and bring closure to a chapter of unspeakable tragedy. Yet, as the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months, the fate of these innocent young souls remains uncertain, casting a shadow of anguish over the hearts of all those touched by their plight.



October 2013 Volgograd bus bombing


On October 21, 2013, tragedy struck the city of Volgograd, nestled in the southern reaches of Russia's Volgograd Oblast, as a suicide bombing targeted a bus carrying approximately 50 passengers. The assailant, identified as Naida Asiyalova, a 30-year-old fugitive from the Republic of Dagestan, unleashed chaos and carnage as she detonated an explosive belt containing an estimated 500–600 grams of TNT.

Asiyalova, the wife of Dmitry Sokolov, a 22-year-old militant from Makhachkala, Dagestan's capital, inflicted devastating harm upon innocent civilians, claiming the lives of 7 individuals and leaving at least 36 others grievously injured. The attack, intended for Moscow, struck Volgograd with unexpected ferocity, shattering the tranquility of daily life and leaving a scar that would linger for years to come.

Amidst the aftermath of the tragedy, rumors swirled regarding Asiyalova's motives, with speculation suggesting she may have been battling a terminal illness, potentially a form of bone cancer. While the veracity of these claims remains uncertain, they add a layer of complexity to the already grim narrative of terror and despair.

The story took a chilling turn just one month later, on November 17, 2013, as Russian forces engaged in a special security operation in Dagestan, targeting Sokolov and five suspected militants. Sokolov, in a dramatic standoff with authorities, confessed to orchestrating multiple terror acts, including the bus explosion in Volgograd. Despite attempts at negotiation, Sokolov ultimately met his end in a hail of gunfire, refusing to surrender to the forces of justice.

Andrey Chatsky, spokesperson for the Russian national anti-terrorist committee, confirmed Sokolov's demise, shedding light on the disturbing revelations uncovered during the operation. Sokolov's admission of guilt in the Volgograd attack served as a grim reminder of the insidious nature of terrorism, driven by individuals willing to inflict untold suffering in pursuit of their twisted ideologies.

As the echoes of tragedy faded into the somber silence of memory, the scars left by the events of October 21, 2013, and its aftermath serve as a stark testament to the enduring struggle against extremism and the resilience of those who refuse to yield to fear and hatred.



Female suicide bomber attacks train station in Russian city of Volgograd killing 16 on December 29, 2013


The perpetrator behind the devastating explosion at the Volgograd railway station has been identified as Oksana Aslanova, believed to be 26 years old at the time of the attack. Her suicide bombing claimed the lives of 17 individuals and inflicted untold suffering upon countless others.

Chechen militants, spurred by a call to action from their leader in July 2013, orchestrated the attack in a bid to disrupt the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics. Within a mere 24 hours, another bomb detonated in the city, claiming at least 14 more lives. As the dust settled, attention turned to unraveling the enigmatic past of Oksana Aslanova.

Born in the Tyumen region, Aslanova's life was marred by tragedy and conflict. She was married twice, with both husbands meeting their demise in clashes with Russian forces in the North Caucasus. Prior to the Volgograd attack, Aslanova had been a fugitive from justice, wanted by the Russian government since June 2012. Her residence in Raduzhniy, within the Nizhnevartovsk district of the Khanty-Mansiysk region, became a focal point of investigation.

Initial reports from the Dagestan Interior Ministry suggested that Aslanova had undergone training in militant camps, potentially transforming into a "black widow" tasked with carrying out terrorist attacks on Russian soil. A Muslim convert, she emerged as the prime suspect in the suicide bombing, her severed head serving as a grim testament to the magnitude of the violence unleashed.

Further investigations revealed a potential male accomplice, as evidenced by the discovery of a mutilated finger bearing a grenade pin. Aslanova's close association with Naida "Amaturahman" Asiyalova, responsible for the October attack on Volgograd, underscored the interconnected nature of extremist networks.

In the wake of the tragedy, Deputy-Head Alexei Filatov of the Alfa Anti-Terrorism Unit issued a stark warning of future attacks, citing heightened security concerns leading up to the Olympics. While security measures in Sochi had been fortified, neighboring cities such as Volgograd remained vulnerable targets for terrorist activity. As the specter of violence loomed large, authorities remained vigilant, determined to thwart any attempts to undermine the safety and security of the region.




Before I start, yes I am aware this is a 'repost', however the last post about this video was missing a few details I thought were important/interesting, as well as some shitty 'insight' on to how to prevent situations like this. I will link this post at the end.

Also yes I am aware, saying "The Goys" is very funny and the peak of humor.

The Shooter, Jeffrey Spaide

(Photos of him are rare, this is supposedly him)

Jeffrey Spaide was born in Wilkes-Barre, on June 16th, 1973. He graduated Wilkes University with a Bachelors in Environmental Engineering, and went on to get a Master's Degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from Villanova University. He served in the US Navy and National Guard. He seemed to have been somewhat isolated from the rest of his community (take this with a grain of salt, since the source for this claim is what Lisa Goy says in the CCTV video, however I wouldn't be surprised if an unmarried veteran with no wife or children would be like that). Despite this, he enjoyed spending time with his family, especially his nephew. A point often made is that his wife had died of cancer, however from what I could find this is not true, and I couldn't find any evidence of this being the case. What is true however is that his mother had died less than 2 years prior, which may be where this misconception comes from.

The Victims, Lisa and James Goy

Lisa and James Goy (Lisa being 48, and James being 50) were the neighbors of Jeffrey Spaide, and parents of a 15 year old special needs son. From what I could find, they bullied Jeffrey Spaide often, and possibly had problems with other people in the neighborhood. Their 15 year old son was physically unharmed in the shooting, and from what I heard lived with his grandparents after the shooting.

Video Summary

The video starts with Jeffrey Spaide arguing with the Goys over the Goys shoveling snow onto Spaide's driveway. The argument mainly consists of threats, however Spaide seems to be more on the defence, with the Goys doing most of the arguing. James Goy threatens Spaide with statements like "I'll knock your god damn head off", "Step out here I'll knock your ass out" and "I'll make your life a living hell living here dickhead", with Lisa chiming in to say "You're the fucking scumbag, you don't bother with nobody".

Spaide then begins to walk out with a handgun. James starts calling him a pussy, I think James was hoping for a fistfight, since he tells Spaide to put the gun down. Lisa then makes a complete dumbass move by saying "Go ahead" to a man pointing a gun at her. Lisa then begins to say "I have this on video" while Spaide is shooting at her. Spaide seems to miss most of his shots (This could be because of a variety of factors, he could just be a bad shot, but it also could be because he was shaking from the cold/high stress situation, the ground is slippery from ice, or even doubting himself for what he is doing).

What happens though is that Lisa is hit and falls down in the street, while James runs back to his front porch while yelling to call the cops and that he was shot, then falls down. Spaide then approaches Lisa, and shoots her twice while she is still shit talking him, and then approaches James, and shoots him once. Spaide walks back to his garage since he is out of ammo in his pistol. 2 Neighbors come over to help them, but run away after seeing Spaide coming back outside (One of them says he did not see Spaide however). Both Lisa and James survive this initial gunfire.

Spaide comes out of his garage with an AR15, walks up to Lisa and tells her something similar to "you should've kept your fucking mouth shut", and shoots her twice. He then walks up to James, and says "Pussy, huh?" and shoots him twice. Spaide then goes into his garage, and ends his own life.

What you can learn from the video

Your ego is not worth your life. It is not worth getting shot just so you can have the last word, or feel like you 'won'. From what I could tell in the video, Lisa and James Goy almost seemed like they thought they were invincible, even while they were being shot at.

Don't try to escalate situations, calling a guy a pussy that is walking towards you with a handgun after you threatened him is a dumbass idea, and saying you have something on video doesn't mean anything if the guy with the gun is clearly ready to kill you. I've seen some people give James Goy some level of credit for telling Spaide to put the gun down, however if anything it seemed like he was doing this because he wanted to fistfight Jeffrey.

You don't know what is going on in someone else's life, it seems like the Goys had been causing problems with Spaide for a long time, and it boiled over.

If you need to be in a situation like this, use your own gun (if you carry one) to defend yourself from an attacker, or at least hide in your house, instead of just standing out in the open. Remember though, a gun should be a last resort, and if you carry one you should have a level of self discipline and the ability to de-escalate situations.


The location of the shooting as of November 2023, I won't give the exact address since I don't know if the mods will consider it doxxing.


Despite this video being pretty tame in terms of actual gore, it's still one of the most fucked up gore videos in my opinion. I guess because it's more personal than most videos that are just people dying, and the end is so eerie, with it basically just being dead silent. I know some edgelords will probably call me a pussy or something for this, but look out for your friends and family, you never know what someone can be going through.


Thanks for reading my shitty post, leave your thoughts in the comments or something like that

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST Mass Shootings Recorded By Their Perpetrators.

Mass Shootings have become a problem within society today, bringing debates on the rights of the people and the safety of the people.

Mass shootings filmed by shooters have also begun to become a problem. fortunately many of them failed at their plans.

Christchurch Mosque Attacks

Brenton Tarrant, who by the way admitted that he would've killed himself if he ran out of money, shot and killed 51 and injured 40 others.

He live-streamed his attack on Facebook.

This is most likely the most famous example of mass shootings recorded by perpetrators.

Buffalo Supermarket Attack

This little strag, Payton Gendron shot and killed 10 people in a terrorist attack. He nearly killed himself. But thankfully the state is soon to do that for him.

He streamed this on Twitch.

Toulouse Attacks.

Islamic terrorist attacks a children's daycare and kills police officers. I don't like to speak to much on child killers. He's rotting rn.

Filmed by the perp on a GoPro.

Crocus Hall Attack

Terrorists from ISIS shot and killed around 140 people then burned down the concert hall they attacked. most were killed or arrested after they took guards hostage at their prison.

Filmed by one terrorist on his phone.

Westgate Mall Shooting

loser who was depressed tried to kill others at his local mall, due to it being quarantine and him having his phone in his hand while shooting, no one died.

Filmed and shared on Snapchat.

Edmond Burke School Shooting

guy tried to kill people at a school that was below his dorm, missed all his shots, but still managed to injure 4 people and ended up killing himself.

Filmed on a sniper cam.

Memphis Shootings

Ezekiel Kelly, a meth head killed 3 people and injured 3 others while high on meth and singing Lil Baby. He is rotting as we speak.

Live Streamed on Instagram

Roanoke, Virginia Shooting

Former news employee kills 2 after being fired. Killed himself at the scene.

Filmed on his phone.

Copper Canyon Apartment Complex Police Ambush

Mentally ill man shoots and kills an officer and is killed by officers he injured. Video via @kanye_

Streamed on periscope, no video

Halle Synagogue Attack

German cuck gets mogged by locked doors at the synagogue he's trying to attack, with homemade guns and explosives. Ends up killing 2 and injuring 2 others before stealing a taxi (after livestream) and being arrested that night.

Nakkhon Ratchasima Attacks

Former solider steals military weapons, and kills 29 people.

filmed / streamed partly on Facebook.

Jacksonville Landing Shooting

Psychotic madden player kills 2 people after losing a game.

audio was streamed on twitch.

Georgetown Kroger Shooting

This wannabe gangsters attempt at shooting 11 people, no one was seriously injured.

thanks to @Koolkai for informing me on this.

Unavailable Shootings

Hypercacher Kosher Supermarket Attack, Filmed via GoPro

Port Arthur Massacre, Filmed via stationery camera gunman placed.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Shooting, Filmed via Cellphone.

Bærum Mosque Shooting, filmed by the perp via headcam.

And yeah, those are all I could find. follow me for more shit like this.

EFFORTPOST Iran rocket incident(or call "Odeh Sadegh”action)(full)

On Saturday (April 13), Iran lauched a rocket attack in Israel.

Iran rocket launch video↑
Video of the rocket flying and hitting the place↓

The second wave of attacks↓

the hit :

After the second wave of attacks was completed, people still celebrated in a mosque↓


Post-event statistics:

Israel's Army Radio reported that sirens were sounded 727 times in different areas of occupied Palestine in response to the first wave of Iranian attacks.


Satellite images show that at least two runways at Nevadim Air Base in the Negev, Israel, are damaged/out of use↓

ABC News cited an unnamed U.S. official as saying that at least nine Iranian missiles breached Israeli air defenses and hit two air bases.

According to the data, five missiles hit Israel's Nevatim Air Base, damaging a C-130 transport aircraft, runways and storage facilities. Four missiles hit an Israeli air base in the Negev desert.

(Note: There are indications that the Israelis and Americans have greatly exaggerated the number of missiles actually used by Iran. This is intended to make Patriot, Arrow and David Sling missiles appear more effective than they actually are and to portray Iranian missiles as ineffective.

In reality, Iran may have launched only a few dozen ballistic missiles, the vast majority of which were low-cost and older models without MaRV capabilities and used primarily as decoys to distract from Israeli defenses. Almost all of the small number of more advanced missiles launched by Iran penetrated Israel's defenses and hit targets in the Negev and Golan.)

More than 12 Israelis have been injured

Reaction of all parties:

Israel:Benjamin Netanyahu say:"Israel is strong.Who attacked us, Our will attacked back."

(After the Iranian attack, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu held an emergency meeting with the war cabinet that night and had a phone call with US President Biden after the meeting.)

itamar ben-gvir:"Now we need a devastating attack"

Israeli representatives asked the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency meeting over the Iranian attack.

EU:European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen condemned Iran's attack on Israel and called for caution.

Von der Leyen wrote on X, "I strongly condemn Iran's blatant and unreasonable attacks on Israel. I call on Iran and its proxies to immediately stop these attacks."

"All actors must now avoid further escalation and work to restore stability to the region," she continued.

China:In response to Iran's military attack on Israeli territory, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday (April 14) called on relevant parties to maintain calm and restraint to avoid further escalation of tensions.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in the form of a question and answer on its website saying that China is deeply concerned about the current escalation of the situation and calls on relevant parties to maintain calm and restraint to avoid further escalation of tensions.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that this round of escalation is the latest manifestation of the spillover of the conflict in Gaza. The top priority is to effectively implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 2728 and quell the conflict in Gaza as soon as possible. China calls on the international community, especially influential countries, to play a constructive role in maintaining regional peace and stability.

Iran launched drone and missile attacks on Israel on Saturday (13th) in retaliation for the latter's deadly air strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria.

USA:Biden informs Netanyahu that US will not participate in potential Israeli attack on Iran;Biden subsequently issued a statement saying that he expressed the strongest condemnation of the unprecedented attack on Israeli military facilities launched by Iran and its proxies operating in Yemen, Syria and Iraq that day, and announced that he would convene the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) meeting to coordinate a diplomatic response to the matter.

Iran(iranian revolutionary guard):Iranian Defense Minister Mohammadreza Ashtiani tweeted tonight: The map of Escatir is colored red…

Sardar Salami: "If the Zionist regime attacks our interests, character and citizens, we will fight back against it, starting from the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps:

We decided to create a new equation whereby if the Zionist regime attacks our interests, property, character and citizens, we will retaliate against it from the very beginning of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Operation Sadek being a prominent and obvious example example. New equation.

Major General Bagheri: "The promised operation of Sadiq and Ramzi Ya Rasulullah was successfully completed

The reason for this operation was that the Zionist regime had crossed Iran's red lines.

Iran released images of drones and missiles used against Israel early this morning

We consider this operation a complete outcome and have no intention of continuing it, but if the Zionist regime responds, our next operation will be even greater."

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson: "Iran has no intention of exacerbating regional tensions, but will take stronger actions than before at every stage to punish the aggressors and create deterrence."

Hezbollah: Hezbollah said it had fired "dozens of rockets" at Israeli artillery positions in response to an Israeli army attack in southern Lebanon, one of the largest since the Gaza war began.

The Iran-aligned Lebanese armed group confirmed in a statement late on Friday that it had fired dozens of rockets at "enemy artillery positions" in northern Israel and the occupied Golan Heights.

special guy: Trump:Iran's attack on Israel highlights Biden's weakness on Middle East

Former U.S. President Trump criticized current President Joe Biden over Iran's retaliatory attacks on Israel, saying that Biden showed the weakness of the United States in the Middle East.

Iran launched an unprecedented drone and missile attack on Israel on Saturday (April 13) night in retaliation for Israel's deadly air strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, at the beginning of the month.

Agence France-Presse reported that Trump mentioned Iran's retaliatory attacks at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania that day. He said: "God bless the people of Israel. They are under attack. It is because we (the United States) have shown great weakness."

According to reports, while in office, Trump ordered the killing of a senior leader of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Baghdad, Iraq, and announced in 2018 that the United States would withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the “Iran's nuclear protocol". He has also repeatedly accused Democratic President Joe Biden of being soft on Iran.

Trump said in his speech: "The weakness we have shown is unbelievable. If we (Republicans) were in office, this would not happen.

"But America prays for Israel, and we offer our absolute support to everyone in harm's way."

other:Israeli media stated that Israeli defense spent approximately 400 million shekels on Iranian drone and missile attacks.

(The 400 million figure is about $110 million)


Israel said more than 300 drones and missiles were launched at it from Iran, Iraq and Yemen, adding that the vast majority were intercepted.

Iran said it launched the attack in response to Israel's attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria on April 1 and said the matter could now "be considered over."


By issuing pictures of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard missile warhead, the Jewish media surprised the deception mechanism of these missiles, and these missiles could hit the target by transferring the air defense system.


Israel Channel 12: Israel's war council meeting ended without a decision on how to respond to the Iranian attack.

The meeting lasted several hours, with participants divided over the type and timing of responses.

Israeli Defense Minister tells Pentagon: No choice but to retaliate against Iran

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant told Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Sunday that Israel had no choice but to launch an attack on Iran over the weekend, a U.S. official and another source with knowledge of the call told Axios. responded with unprecedented missile and drone attacks.

Galante added that Israel would not accept an equation where every time Israel attacks a Syrian target, Iran attacks directly.

Sources said Austin's message was similar to one President Biden gave Netanyahu on Saturday night, emphasizing the need to do everything possible to avoid further escalation.

The Pentagon and the Israeli Defense Ministry said Austin and Galante also discussed efforts to build an international and regional coalition against Iran.


The worst damage from the Iranian ballistic missile attack occurred at a secret intelligence base in the Golan Heights, where the Israel Defense Forces imposed a media ban, making it impossible to assess the damage

(According to Israeli sources, the most serious damage caused to the Israeli regime by Iran's retaliatory attacks two days ago was related to a missile attack on the Zionist regime's secret information base in the northern occupied Golan Heights. Sheykh (Hebrew for Mount Hermon).

It is worth mentioning that this intelligence base played a role in the recent Israeli regime attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus and, in general, has played a very important and important role in intelligence operations against Syria and Iran in recent years. prominent role.)


"The next slap will be harder..."

New billboards erected in Tehran's Palestinian Square warning Israel against any actions on Iranian soil


Weapons used by Iran

1.Amad ballistic missile

2.paving the way for cruise missiles

3.Shaheed suicide drone


Footage of launching drone and rocket↓


Iranian missile remnants↓


Security Council meeting in 14/15

Security Council meeting begins to discuss Iran's punitive attack

A UN Security Council meeting on Iran's punitive response to the Zionists has begun.

The meeting began with a speech by Antonio Guterres.

In addition to Israeli representatives, representatives from Iran and Syria also attended the meeting

result:Security Council meeting ended without issuing a statement or resolution

At the request of the Israeli regime, the Security Council meeting last night under the name "The Situation in the Middle East" concluded its work without issuing any statement or resolution aimed at reviewing Iran's "punitive actions" against the Israeli regime.


Simply put, it is Since 12 people were injured when the Iran rocket was fired.

1. CNN reported that Biden informed Netanyahu that the United States would not participate in potential Israeli attacks on Iran.

2. Iranian leaders once again stated that Iran has exercised its legitimate right to self-defense. If there are new attempts to attack Iran, counterattacks will continue or even double.

3. Israel spent more than $1 billion the day before yesterday to repel Iranian attacks (mainly anti-aircraft missiles). That said, spending in the United States and other Western countries is not included.

4. Pro-Iran channels claimed they carried out 15 strikes on the Nevatim air base in southern Israel. Israel and the United States said overall losses were small.

Both sides behaved as expected—the United States and Israel downplayed the consequences of the attacks, while Iran exaggerated them.

At the same time, there is little objective information to assess the actual damage caused by the missile strikes.


This is the 2nd craziest story I've posted so far. Not giving you a wall of text would feel like a wasted potential.

TL;DR: On 7th of April 2007, Du'a Khalil Aswad - 17 yo Yezidi Kurdish girl from a town near Mosul, northern Iraq - was stoned to death. At the end of the month, video(s) appeared online, causing an outrage. It was an honour killing, but what happened is still unclear. Dua had a relationship with a local Sunni Kurdish teenager (19 yo) for around 4 months. Its exact character is unknown. The rage escalated when Dua didn't get back for a night once, leaving home in the evening on 5th of April. After being exposed the next day, the couple was separated: he was arrested, and she found a shelter in the house of a local cleric (village elder). Uncle and cousins assumed she may have eloped and converted to Islam in order to marry her alleged partner. It most likely didn't happen - and parents forgave Dua for whatever happened. However, for 'bringing a shame' to the family, Dua's uncle with the support of local tribal leader organized 'storm' on the cleric's house. His sons, nephews and party supporters (he was a leader of a local section of the communist party) managed to 'convince' cleric to give Dua away. After being pulled outside, to the marketplace, the girl suffered around 30 minutes of stoning, also kicking all over and stomping on her. Mostly they were her cousins - including one finishing her with a cinder block. Her body was pulled through the streets by a car, and thrown into the rubbish pit, along with a dead dog.

Sections go as follows:

  1. The videos. They are around 15 mins in total. I added a short summary (with timestamps) of what happens in them, in case someone wanted to skip it or re-watch. Some scenes required explanations, too.

  2. The stoning. A wall of text on who is who and what's not matching between the versions of this story.

  3. Aftermath, revenge killings and the trials. I couldn't find out if 4 men sentenced to hanging were executed. News on this topic end abruptly a month before the final verdict would be given.

Sources vary a lot on some aspects, sometimes contradicting each other, sometimes skipping them entirely. Certain details were precised in one source only. Some are currently down, so I linked an archived version. [EDITS will likely come, maybe with more videos from certain helpful users]

⠀THE VIDEOS :marseypopcorntime:

Part 1. Length: 2;54. Here's the beginning, including a short view on either police or other forces witnessing all the unrest. Dua is brought out from the house of the local cleric / village elder in a headlock. At first, only the crowd is shown, around 0;52 girl lying on the ground is shown, after 1;10 you can clearly see the stoning has begun. Recording seemed to be paused at 1;35. Around 1;55 she tried to stand up, but is either hit or kicked in the face, then falling down bloodied.

Part 2. Length: 1;25. Music playing over. Here someone standing in the first 'row' was recording how various men come by and kick Dua in the face, torso and abdomen or stomp on her. Around 0;35 a jacket thrown over her thigs is pulled off again, and you can clearly see the bruising in a pelvic area. A cinder block was thrown at the girl's head, and at 1;00 someone grabs it, drop on the head again, blood flowing is visible.

Part 3, split into two videos. Length: 5;10 and 5;00. The man throwing the cinder block on her head is Araas, a cousin from the girl's mother side. He later claimed that it was an act of mercy.

The guy holding the mobile pushes himself through the crowd, getting near the center at 0;40. The recording is chaotic, after 1;00 you can see either the crowd, the girl being kicked by randoms, someone else's mobile or the girl, sometimes trying to cover her face. At 2;00 someone pulls the jacket over the girl's legs again, just after another threw the cinder block on her head. This is the moment shown in the previous video. As it was recorded from the same POV, there's a chance that these two dudes recorder each other's hands holding the mobile. From 3;00 onwards, you can see the crowd gathered and looking at the now not moving girl. Before 3;20 another cinder block is thrown, this time on her back.

It begins with a zoom on a girl, now either dead or about to die. At 3;20 someone's already holding her by the arms, later other men join, and she's pulled away. In the meanwhile, the jacket thrown over her pelvic area slips down a few times, and they put it over again before walking further.

Some sources claim that the first video appeared on YouTube. It wouldn't make sense considering the time difference between the news. At 25th of April 2007, news was posted on Assyrian International News Agency website. Iit included links to 6 videos, all in .3gp format, hosted on None of these files is archived, at least under the link they provided.

⠀THE STONING :marseylaptopsad:

Du'a Khalil Aswad - a second-year student at the Fine Arts Institute in Bashiqa - was living in Bashiqa (also spelled Ba'shiqah), a town of population around 20,000 people, located around 20 km NW from Mosul. Bashika lies in Nineveh governorate, and isn't a part of the Kurdistan Region (KRI), an autonomous region. This is important due to the legal aspects: it doesn't fall under the jurisdiction of the Kurdistan Regional Government, but of the Iraqi Federal Government. Shortly after Dua's murder became a media case, an Amnesty International spokesman in London said they receive frequent reports of Iraqi 'honour crimes'. Most of them occurred in the north, inhabited mostly by the Kurds. Here's the map of the ethnic and religious groups in Iraq in 2008.

Here's the CNN news on the case, to show how the media narrative look like shortly after the murder:

Family members spoke about the details for the first time about 7 months after Dua's death. Mentioned family members or other people important to the story:

  1. Mother: Badi'aa Aswad

  2. Father: Khalil, 49 yo civil defense official

  3. Uncle: Salim, 65 yo science teacher, leader of the local section of the Iraqi Communist Party

  4. Brothers: Nebraas and one unnamed

  5. Village elder: Sheikh Sulaiman Sulaiman, in this story he was meant to be a 'negotiator'

  6. Tribal leader: Omar Hamko, 73 yo

  7. Cousins: Araas from the mother's side and several from the father's side.

  8. Boyfriend: Muhannad Ummayad, 19 yo, said to be son of a local teacher, owning cosmetic shop and either her neighbour or just local one

Sources don't precise her age. For around 4 months before the murder, she was meeting the son of a teacher from her town; also said to run a cosmetic shop. A Muslim Sheikh or cleric has given her shelter. At one night, the girl failed to return home. Sources are a bit vague, so I'll just list all the varying or unclear parts. But first, quote from 3 months before family's version was available:

After Du'a's death, the international media widely repeated a claim made on a number of Islamic extremist websites that she had been killed because she converted to Islam, but local reports do not concur. Some people tell me she had run away with her Muslim boyfriend and they had been stopped at a checkpoint outside Mosul; others say she had been seen by her father and uncle just talking with the boy in public and, fearing her family's reaction, they had sought protection at the police station. Either way, the police handed Du'a into the custody of a local Yezidi sheikh. [...]

  1. The date of disappearance, number of nights outside home and date of death is unclear. Her mother claimed that Dua left home around 7 PM on 5th of April, saying she's going to take the rubbish out. She didn't come home. In the morning, an anonymous man called to inform the family that Dua was spotted with a Muslim man. As the informant claimed he's going to kill her, father and brother of Dua contacted the police. After a few hours, they found her hiding in an olive grove with her friend.

  2. At some point, Dua was brought to the village elder's house. Family members started to talk over the possible solutions. Her mother didn't want her dead. Her father didn't want her dead, and came up with an idea of marrying Dua to the cousin and moving out to Syria. Both her uncle and the tribal leader wanted the girl dead. After the uncle started to explain why he should decide about Dua's fate, her father told him to go out. Mother had a talk with Dua, who claimed that she hasn't done anything wrong and that she's hungry - the last what Badi'aa heard from her.

  3. The next day - 7th of April - the tribal leader contacted Dua's uncle and told about the plan to bring her out of the city. He sent his sons, nephews and party supporters to surround the house. They brought firearms and stones, and started firing in the air and screaming to force the Sheikh to give the girl away. Dua's father interviewed by the local TV station stated that he sent the girl's brother to bring her home, but had no idea about the plan to kill her. According to one eyewitness, he later tried to get to Dua but the people stopped him..

Around 8 or 9 men came inside and brought here to the marketplace. Different sources also mention that 8 or 9 were directly responsible for her death, as ones 'active' in this crowd. Dua's father, though, mentioned around 20 men as her killers. Among the crowd was her uncle and a few cousins (13 in total?), all from the father's side but one - that finishing her, later stating it was out of mercy. Some sources claim she was stripped naked, but she was only stripped to the waist down, leaving underwear on. The point was a further humiliation relating to her alleged deeds. Stoning lasted for about 30 minutes. One eyewitness, a teacher, said that among the onlookers there were both policemen and some Peshmerga soldiers belonging to the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Reportedly, after the event place was 'secured' by Iraqi Army soldiers, who didn't allow to enter both the locals and the journalists.

Afterward, the girl's body was tied to the rope, then dragged through the streets by car. Instead of burial, it was thrown into the rubbish pit - possibly after burning - along with a dead dog. The family received the information about Dua's death the day later. Two brothers were sent to dig the body out of the rubbish and relocate it to the cemetery. However, someone damaged her grave there. During talk with her mother, Dua claimed that she's a virgin and did nothing wrong. Her body was sent to the Medico-Legal Institute in Mosul. Even though the 'virginity checks' are oldschool pseudoscience - which isn't surprising considering the rest of this story - at least the result of the exam was matching Dua's story.


On the 2nd of May, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) issued a statement about how they condemn the stoning of 17 yo girl and, quoting: urges the Iraqi Federal Government to investigate and institute legal proceedings in the district where the killing took place. They also condemned the killings in revenge. Yezidi were already feeling persecuted by some, but fell into the conflict after Dua was murdered. Previously situation looked like that:

Bashiqa, a small town sitting in lush green hills east of the city of Mosul, used to be regarded as an island of peace and stability while vast areas of post-Saddam Iraq were plunged into civil war.

Home to a population that is 70 per cent Yezidi - members of an old sect that is neither Muslim nor Christian - Bashiqa was spared the sectarian and ethnic strife between Arabs and Kurds, radical Sunnis and Shia that plagued surrounding areas. People from Mosul would drive the 25 kilometres to Bashiqa to have picnics and to enjoy the tranquility of a little town where Yezidi temples, Muslim mosques and Christian churches stand in close proximity, presenting a rare image of tolerant coexistence.

On 22nd of April, a bus transporting elderly workers from a textile factory in Mosul back to Bashiqa was stopped at a fake checkpoint. Gunmen from an extremist Sunni group told the Christians and Muslims to go away, and took the Yezidi workers to the east of the city. They were instructed to get out, lined up and executed. Between 20 and 24 men were shot dead. Around this time, some Yezidis living in the city started fleeing to the countryside. Among them were around 800 students from the Mosul university.

The stoning of Dua Khalil Aswad could also be one of the events provoking a suicide bomb attack on two Yezidi villages (14th of August 2007), killing from around 300 to 500 people. Officially, the number of victims is 411; according to Iraqi Red Crescent, it could have exceeded 500. Targeted villages were Kahtaniya, Tal Uzair, and the residential area of al-Jazeera.

Most sources mentioning the other 'honour killings' focused only on the following ones. But these are showing the context:

Duaa’s case is not the first time conversion and marriage prohibitions have led to violence. A few months before she died, a family killed their daughter because she had converted to Islam. They shot her with a single bullet to the head, and little attention was paid to the case.

Two months before Duaa’s death, a Yezidi man from Shekan, a village near Bashiqa, eloped with a Muslim girl. The girl was later found beheaded, allegedly by Muslims from her own village, and several Yezidi houses and religious sites were set alight.

These incidents may help explain why the killing of Duaa escalated so swiftly into bloodshed between Muslims and Yezidis.

The rest is mostly quotes, as there's no clear follow-up story after April 2010. News mention few cops 'possibly facing consequences', which means nothing. Initially, Dua's boyfriend was arrested (while uncle and tribe leader were free), eventually he moved out of the city. I didn't find out what were the family's decisions, but they were no longer wanted in the community and someone threatened them by throwing a grenade into their garden.

There are frequent reports of "honour crimes" in Iraq - in particular in the Kurdistan region. The 1969 Iraqi Penal Code contains provisions that allow lenient punishment for "honour killings" on the grounds of provocation or if the accused had "honourable motives" (Article 128). For decades the Iraqi judiciary has relied on Article 128 to allow such attempts to justify the killings as mitigating circumstances when determining sentences for the perpetrators of "honour killings".

Despite a worldwide outrage at this act, and national protests to pressurize both Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional Governments to bring killers to justice, after one year of this crime, they were released and an amount of 4 million Iraqi dinars were paid to Du’a Khalils family to keep them silent about it.

News from 16th of May 2007:

PUK Media website reported that the Iraqi security forces arrested 16 people accused of stoning and killing of the Kurdish Yazidi girl Dua, who was only 17 years old. A source from Mosul city, Friday told PUKmedia, that 4 of the detainees on the background of this charge referred to the Court and will go on trial on terrorism charge

This is from the news from the end of April 2010. Sentences had to be confirmed by the Iraqi Supreme Court in May 2010.

Two of those who were found guilty last month are cousins of the dead girl, named as Aras Farid Salim and Wahid Farid Salim. "Some of her relatives came to me recently and asked for me to help get the death sentences commuted, but I refused because I agree with the verdict," says Khasro Goran, leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Nineveh province where the killing took place.

Provincial officials don't think much could have been done to stop the honour killing, but at least three officers are being investigated and could be fired.

"The climate, the religious and social climate is such that people can do that in daylight and that authorities do not intervene," said the spokeswoman for the Organization of Women's' Freedom in Iraq, Houzan Mahmoud.

SOURCES :marseysalutepride: Series of articles, multiple of the linked there were used. 10th of May 2007'honour-killing’-teenage-girl-condemned-abhorrent

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