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Crooks's DMV photo:

Some of Crooks's yearbook photos:

Crooks's graduation in 2022 (higher quality video from NotYou in comments):

Some videos from his school, in which he appears (courtesy of NotYou):

The first photo released of Crooks:

Crooks seen on the roof, before the shooting:

Crooks on the roof, after being shot by SS.


Crooks was a registered republican, however, his political views are still unknown.

His voter status record:

this article says he had a discord account but it wasn't used frequently.

A receipt showing his 15$ donation to ActBlue, a democrat party organization:

He attended Bethel Park High School, as seen here.

He was bullied frequently, as mentioned by this schoolmate of his:

ABC news says he tried to join the school's rifle club, but was denied entry, because of his terrible aim.

(screenshot from the ABC news article)

Another schoolmate of his said that he was very passionate about history and government. He was also described by some as a 'loner'.

He graduated with the Star Award worth $500 from the National Math and Science Initiative.

His house (2506 Milford Dr, Bethel Park)

Couple clips from police footage, taken on Highland Drive:

Highland drive, currently blocked off, as seen on live-updated traffic maps.

He was working as a dietary aide at the Bethel Park Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, according to ABC news.

His parents are Matthew Brian Crooks and Mary Elizabeth Crooks [nee Frizzy, possibly]. They are both 53 years old, as of today's date, and are both behavioural counsellors. He may have an older sister, Katherine Crooks. She is 22 years old as of today's date. (info from CNN and USphonebook)

Thomas's mother, Mary, made a post on Twitter, mentioning that her son "had some mental issues and was dealing with built-up anger from bullies". I have not yet seen this video, please attach it in a comment if you've seen it. (I am starting to believe this may be false information)

More information about his household

(from popapedie's comment, slightly edited.)

His father Matthew Brian Crooks is a psychologist and has authored many academic books. He currently works at Community Care Behavioral Health. He is a certified Rehabilitation Counselor and works with people with depression. His mother is called Mary Elizabeth Crooks (born as Mary Elizabeth Frizzy) and is a registered counselor, but has previously taught in a primary school. She might currently be a homemaker. They are both registered democrats. Thomas is registered republican and has donated to democratic parties prior to registration of a republican. However, this does not have to mean a whole lot.

The family's annual income is reported to be $310,000. His parents seem to be from Scottish heritage. Thomas was born in September 2003. His parents identify as Jewish. Both of his parents also seem to work as licensed behavioral counselors in Pennsylvania. ‏‏The newspaper reporter that he received a $500 "star award" from the National Math and Science Initiative. He made a $15 donation to ACTBLUE when he was 17 years old. Thomas Crooks and his parents have been living separately for two years now. He allegedly had a big fight with his father before moving out of the house at the age of 18. Thomas has previously stayed with his grandparents but soon moved out after getting reprimanded for taking drugs.


Thomas crooks has reportedly come up in several intelligence reports recently. He is known for his extreme views and involvement in violent incidents. Investigations into Crooks' background reveal links to radical groups, including online associations with people promoting drastic actions against perceived enemies, however, this cannot be confirmed. His parents denied having any knowledge about his use of guns or radical ideology. They however admitted that they were aware of his assaults on fellow students in college.


Thomas was purportedly part of Antifa actions (Minneapolis Demonstration 2021), marked by confrontations with police and incidents of arson. He was twice released on bail with the help of his parents. His father reported to CNN that he is waiting for law enforcement to finish what needs to be finished before he will release a statement about the situation.


In the image below you can see the shirt Thomas was wearing. This T-shirt promotes a gun YouTube channel, Demolition Ranch. The founder Matt Carriker has seen this and has responded on his Instagram with the three words "What the hell".

Thomas's father's linkedin profile:


I will be adding to this post as i gather more info on him, please comment if you have any more.

If anything in this post has been confirmed as inaccurate information, please let me know, with the source, so i can remove it.

(from RabbiFactcheckenberg)

EFFORTPOST "Tesak" Russian National Socialist, a huge and detailed review :marseyswastika:

"Здравствуйте, мои маленькие любители экстремизма" Russian nationalist "Tesak" Maxim Marcinkiewicz started his vlogs with this phrase, but who is he?

P.S. I'm making my first post at all

2 P.S. There's gonna be a lot of text, so if any of you guys are gonna be like "ewww why is there so much text, my dumb little brain can't take in more than 3 sentences" fuck you bastards.

All information that will be described in the post is in the public domain, I will leave links to sites with information.

The personality of Maxim Martsinkevich, known by his nickname Tesak (The skinhead got the nickname Tesak because of his love of edged weapons.), never ceases to be controversial. On the one hand, the Russian public figure sought to fight human vices. On the other hand, he appeared to be a real skinhead, cruel and cynical, using influence to achieve his selfish desires.

Maxim Martsinkevich rose to fame in the mid-2000s, becoming the most famous neo-Nazi propagandist on the Russian Internet. In his autobiographical book "Restrukt" (рус. Реструкт), published in samizdat in 2012, Marcinkevich wrote that he came from a family of engineers and studied civil engineering at the Moscow State Construction University, but was expelled because of "political activity. He was allegedly not taken into the army for the same reasons, having been discharged with a "white ticket."("White ticket" - later became a colloquial designation (idiom) of a military ticket for those who are unfit for military service for health reasons and/or for other reasons have not served in the army, or other document entitling to exemption from military service.) Maxim when he was young

As a teenager, Martsinkevich was fond of Tolkienism, but became friends with Nazi skinheads; this is how his views became radicalized. Semyon Tokmakov, the leader of the Nazi skinhead group Russian Target, nicknamed Bus(рус. Бус), became his mentor. Convicted in the late 1990s for fighting with a dark-skinned U.S. Embassy guard, Tokmakov was the most media-savvy racist in Russia at the time. Other radical neo-Nazis at this time created closed associations like OB-88 or a branch of the international Blood and Honour network, banned in Russia for extremism, to organize "direct action" (e.g., attacks on markets with traders from the Caucasus and Central Asia). At the same time, they were engaged in propaganda of Nazi ideas among soccer fans and subcultural youth. "Bus"

Tokmakov willingly gave interviews to television journalists and even organized staged events and activities for them for money. As he later admitted to "The Insider", such productions for stories about Russian neo-Nazis were in demand, and the money from reporters largely financed the far-right People's National Party (PNP) he created with director Alexander Ivanov-Sukharevsky. PNP Logo

However, after a conflict with his associates, 20-year-old Martsinkevich, nicknamed Tesak, decided to create his own association to promote his radical views on the then actively developing Internet - the creative studio Format-18. By 2005, the neo-Nazi had created a website with a forum for communication with like-minded people from different cities and began to maintain a regularly updated video blog, which published both real and staged videos of racist attacks, brutal beatings and murders of migrants and homeless people. From the very beginning, Marcinkiewicz relied on drawing attention to himself with the most radical hate speech possible. Among the first videos was, for example, a mocking report from a memorial rally for the victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan, in which Marcinkiewicz insulted the dead children with foul language.

Gradually, a community of the most radicalized nationalists formed around the Format-18 website. "There is a feeling that a certain number of demonstration actions by young neo-Nazis were committed specifically so that videos of them would be published by Format-18," Alexander Verkhovsky, a researcher of radical nationalism from the Sova Center, explained the group's phenomenon in an interview with Kommersant. - Not to mention that the videos that Marcinkiewicz posted - both real and fake - were supposed to serve as role models. And, it seems, they did. This was not denied by Marcinkiewicz himself. In his book, he describes his meetings with prisoners convicted of murders that were inspired by Tesak's videos. Many of them received life sentences. logo of format 18

Dmitry Rumyantsev, the founder of the National Socialist Society (NSO), later banned in Russia, noticed the new media personality among the ultra-right. He offered Tesak his support in exchange for help in building a mass political organization openly promoting Nazism. The NSO did indeed become the most mass far-right organization in Russia in the noughties, but by the end of the decade it was completely defeated by the security services after a series of criminal cases against its members involved in dozens of racist murders. NSO flag

Tesak himself was arrested a little earlier than most of his fellow NSO members - in July 2007, he was detained on charges under Article 282, Part 2 of the Criminal Code (incitement to hatred with the threat of violence). The reason for the criminal case was an application to the prosecutor's office by members of the Democratic Alternative movement Alexei Navalny, Maria Gaidar and Oleg Kozyrev. They demanded to deal with Tesak's antics at the debate of publicists Yulia Latynina and Maxim Kononenko in the club "Bilingua". During a discussion on "Where are the Democrats?" led by Navalny, a little more than a dozen skinheads, led by Marcinkiewicz, entered the room and began to harass the audience, raising their hands in Nazi salute and shouting "Sieg Heil!". In February 2008, Marcinkiewicz was sentenced to three years in a penal colony.

In 2009, while he was serving his sentence, he was convicted again for a Formata-18 video with a mock execution of a "Tajik drug dealer." To Marcinkiewicz's sentence was added another six months in a penal colony. Tesak was released in 2011 and decided to continue his career as a video blogger, switching to public actions against pedophiles - or rather, those whom he declared as such. His outwardly apolitical project Occupy Pedophile, named after a protest movement in the United States that was gaining momentum at the time, quickly gained popularity among the new generation of the Russian far-right.

At that time, young Russian neo-Nazis, having learned from the experience of their predecessors, were already wary of creating political communities with explicitly declared National Socialist goals or organizing attacks on foreigners. In addition to organizing "safaris" for alleged pedophiles with "bait" in the form of underage associates, Tesak began to make a living by holding paid seminars on how nationalists should behave in prison or promoting the theft of goods from supermarkets.

After the mass protests against the rigged Duma elections in late 2011, Tesak unsuccessfully tried to be elected to the Opposition Coordinating Council, making no secret of the fact that he was trolling the liberal politicians leading the protests. Around the same time, at the invitation of director Ilya Khrzhanovsky, he took part in the filming of the project "Dow" together with fellow neo-Nazis. The episode with Tesak was released in February 2020 under the title "Dow. Extinction." (In the process of filming Maxim so entered the role that he killed a pig. This caused a wave of criticism among the audience.)

After his imprisonment, Marcinkiewicz systematized his views in the same book "Restrukt!". Later, his supporters united into a movement of the same name, of which the projects "Okupay-pedofilyay", "Narcofilyay" - against traders of smoking mixtures and "Evict" - against illegal migrants became a part. Their activities were actively covered by REN-TV and NTV TV channels. In addition to paid seminars, Marcinkevich launched his own financial pyramid scheme TesakMoney for his associates under the slogan "Don't believe! Don't be afraid! Don't work!".

Tesak's international tour and the end of "Restrukt"

In November 2013, after a search of Marcinkiewicz's father's apartment, he left first for Ukraine, where he established ties with the local far-right and organized new "safaris" with public humiliation of gays, then to Belarus and finally to Cuba. In Russia, he was arrested in absentia and put on an international wanted list under Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code for several videos - including one titled "Tesak on the movie Stalingrad and the situation in Biryulevo" - with the usual anti-immigrant, racist and neo-Nazi rhetoric. In January 2014, Cuban security forces detained Tesak for staying in the country without a visa and extradited him to Russia. In August of the same year, the Kuntsevsky District Court sentenced him to five years in prison. Later this term was reduced on appeal in the Moscow City Court to two years and nine months.

At the same time, law enforcers began to smash "Restrukt". The reason was the murder of Zair Alyshev, a native of Azerbaijan, who was beaten to death in June 2014 by activists suspected of trafficking in "spice". A case was opened under Part 4 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. In July, masked riot police stormed the movement's congress in the concert hall of the Izmailovo Hotel and detained several Restrukt members involved in Alyshev's murder. In October of the same year, the Chertanovsky Court of Moscow recognized the book "Restrukt!" as extremist material.

While serving his last prison term, Tesak admitted that he had not abandoned his racist views during his years in prison, but had become sympathetic to libertarian ideas. "All the current political parties (except, I should think, the libertarian one) want some benefits from the state, some want to increase payments to pensioners, others - social guarantees, others - business support, others - to strengthen the scruples and get up from their knees. <...> Everyone wants money from the state. But where will it get it? It will take it, of course, from everyone else. There are no other sources. Thus, everyone demands to rob others and give the loot to them," he wrote in November 2018 in his letter to his associates. In it, he also admitted that he first read Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "The Gulag Archipelago" in prison. "If I had read 'Gulag' before I wrote 'Restrukt,' I wouldn't even have started!" - Marcinkiewicz wrote.

In 2018, Tesak gave a great interview to the publication, in which he said that in case of release he plans to leave Russia and renounce its citizenship. "I do not want to have anything to do with this state and its politics," assured Marcinkiewicz. There he also tells about the evolution of his far-right views: "...It's about the ideology of National Socialism. With "socialism" I have clarified the situation for myself and completely reject it. With "nationalism" is more complicated, but many aspects of it are unacceptable to me. I am Russian, but if we take the social attitudes of the Russian nation, I'm afraid there is very little overlap. Heterosexuality and the Russian language. Everything."

Discussing the purpose of his life, Marcinkiewicz said that "people's life goals are determined by the fear of death." "Children, wealth, art - anything. One should realize that all this is just a desire to extend one's life beyond the threshold of one's own death." According to Tesak, he definitely did not see himself as a family man, "neither good nor evil," and dreamed of dying "beautifully": "Like a Viking - in battle! Or on a girl. Or to freeze on the summit of Mount Everest. Though, by and large, it doesn't matter".

Nationalist Tesak was found dead in the cell of the pre-trial detention center. He left a suicide note - but lawyers and relatives do not believe in the version of suicide suicide note

""Dear administration of the pre-trial detention center! I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I have one last request..."

The very suicide note of Maxim Martsinkevich. Tesak asked to tell about what happened to his civilian wife (she is now in Yekaterinburg), to give her his personal diary and a book about communism - and to dispose of all his belongings. A photo of Maxim's corpse. (a post with a video of the post-accident inspection of the maxim's body)

Nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich, known as Tesak, has been found dead in Chelyabinsk's remand prison No. 3. "On Wednesday morning, a convict born in 1984 was found without signs of life in one of the cells of the pre-trial detention center of the GUFSIN of the Chelyabinsk region. A team of doctors carried out resuscitation measures, but it was not possible to bring back to life," - said in the press service of the Department of the FSIN. The agency said that an internal check is being conducted on the fact of the incident, as well as the investigation started by the Investigative Committee.

According to preliminary data, Marcinkevich committed suicide. The circumstances of his death are unclear. "Kommersant" reports that he died of blood loss, razor blades were found near him. According to the newspaper, the body was found by cellmates. Mash, in turn, writes that Marcinkiewicz was found hanged (although it also mentions the razor) and that he was alone in the four-bed cell. A suicide note was found in Marcinkevich's possession, its text was published by the Telegram channel "#FSINSEGODNAY". In the note, Martsinkevich addresses the administration of the pre-trial detention center, apologizes to it "for the inconvenience" and asks to give his wife his diary and the book "Protectionism and Communism", while the rest of his belongings "to be disposed of".

Marcinkievich's lawyers and relatives do not believe in the suicide version. According to lawyer Alexei Mikhalchik, Tesak was tortured, forced to confess to the murders and sign a confession. "I don't believe it was suicide. Marcinkiewicz is not that kind of person. And on the ninth he had a lawyer in Novosibirsk, to whom he told that he had been tortured for the last three months, forced to sign some kind of confession for the murders in Moscow in the 90s. "I think it's all links in the same chain," he told Podemu.

Marcinkiewicz was serving a 10-year sentence, to which he was sentenced for a number of crimes, in a colony in Karelia. "Kommersant" writes that he was sent by stage to Moscow via Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk - why such a route was chosen is unclear. Mikhalchik told Kommersant that in Krasnoyarsk Tesak was put in a "press hut" where he was forced to confess to the murders and write a confession. In Moscow, according to the lawyer, the Investigative Committee was to conduct a pre-investigative verification of this data.

Other lawyers who at various times defended Marcinkiewicz told Kommersant that they also do not believe in the suicide version and will seek a full investigation into the incident. Oleg Shultz, the nationalist's brother, also noted that he always said, "If they find me dead, don't believe [in suicide]." Social media users also recalled about Marcinkiewicz's post in "VKontakte" from 2014, where he wrote that "if I slit my wrists or hang myself at the transfer station - it means I had help." "He didn't have a reason. If this is confirmed, it means someone helped him," another lawyer for Marcinkevich, Ivan Sidorov, told Interfax. The activist's parents have demanded that a criminal case be opened over their son's murder.

Martsinkevich is known as the founder of the ultra-nationalist Restrukt movement. He received his first sentence in 2007 - for neo-Nazi slogans during a debate in the club "Bilingua" (then the statement against him wrote, among others, Alexei Navalny, who led the debate), and in 2009 he was found guilty of distributing racist videos. After being released from prison in 2010, Marcinkiewicz launched the YouTube channel "Occupy Pedophile" and then "Occupy Drugophile." He and his associates humiliated alleged pedophiles and drug sellers on camera and then published the footage. In 2014, Marcinkiewicz received a sentence for publishing extremist videos on VKontakte, and in 2017, while in prison, he was sentenced to nine years for incitement to hatred, robbery and hooliganism. At the review of the case, the latter term was increased to 10 years. Taking into account the partial addition of terms and the time served in the pre-trial detention center, Martsinkevich could qualify for parole in 2021.

The creativity of the maxim

"Format 18"

Marcinkiewicz was a member of Semyon Tokmakov's Russian Target skinhead association. From 2001 to 2003 he was a member of the People's National Party. In 2005 he created the organization "Format 18", which united skinheads. The number 18 encoded the initials of Adolf Hitler (letters A and H: A is the first letter of the Latin alphabet, H is the eighth). The members of the organization attacked Asian guest workers and homeless people, beat them, filmed their actions on video and distributed the recordings over the Internet. Marcinkiewicz also filmed staged videos that promoted hatred of blacks and anti-fascists. The magazine "Russian Reporter" writes about one such video:

Marcinkiewicz shocked his audience with video footage of the execution of a "Tajik drug dealer" in a forest near Moscow. The execution was performed by some executioners in Ku Klux Klan costumes. In the video, the Tajik is first hanged and then dismembered. However, it soon became clear that this was just a staged event.

The organization "Format 18" had its own website, but in 2007 it was closed down at the request of the authors of an anti-fascist website. The organization had followers who also posted their videos of attacks and abuse on the Internet. The most famous such video was "Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani", which appeared on the Internet in August 2007, when Marcinkiewicz had already been arrested. According to the Russian Investigative Committee, the video was not staged - the murders shown in it actually took place.

( post about the murder of a Tajik guy.

In September 2010, the organization Format 18 was banned by the court for extremism


"Restruct" logo

Within Marcinkiewicz's "Restrukt" movement there were about ten projects, among which the most famous was "Occupy Pedophile". Among Marcinkiewicz's associates in this movement, the most famous was Roman Zheleznov, nicknamed "Zukhel", who went to Ukraine in 2014 to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine and then participate in the conflict in Donbass on the side of pro-Ukrainian forces. Tesak regarded Zuchel's activities as a betrayal, since the Restrukt movement, from Marcinkiewicz's point of view, should have been outside politics, and Zuchel himself encouraged its members to go to pro-Ukrainian rallies in Russia. A criminal case was opened against Zheleznov in the Russian Federation for mercenarism.

In August 2013, writer Eduard Bagirov, who was a confidant of Vladimir Putin in the 2012 presidential election, was attacked by Maksim Marcinkiewicz for Russophobia and other similar utterances before the recording of an episode of the television program Live. A recording of the conflict is publicly available on the Internet.

In October 2014, a new criminal case was opened against Marcinkiewicz under the article on hooliganism, and Marcinkiewicz even asked the investigators to release him temporarily to Ukraine with the wording "to liquidate the traitor and provocateur Roman Zukhel and at the same time the Russophobic pedophile Oleg Lyashko". Due to the fact that other members of "Restrukt" also began to be prosecuted en masse, the movement announced its self-dissolution.

In November 2014, it became known that another criminal case under Article 282, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (incitement to ethnic hatred) was opened in Moscow for writing and publishing the book "Restrukt"; the book itself was recognized as extremist.

"Occupy Pedophile"

<<This is a show. I'm not trying to put a person in jail, I'm trying to completely ruin a person's life. Maybe someone will see it and write a statement>> - from those who are already familiar with it.

Maxim Marcinkiewicz about the "Occupy Pedophile" videos

After leaving the colony, Marcinkiewicz organized the Occupy-Pedophilia movement, whose members were engaged in beating and humiliating people they considered pedophiles. According to the members of the movement, they found their victims through the Internet and got acquainted with them on behalf of minors, then offered to meet. Marcinkievich himself and several members of the movement came to the meeting. All the abuse, including Marcinkevich's favorite way of reprisals against the "suspects" - dousing them with urine, was recorded on video, and then the videos were posted on the Internet. Law enforcement agencies did not react, leaving the actions of the movement participants unpunished.

In September 2013, television and print media attention was drawn to the action organized by Marcinkevich in an apartment on Baumanskaya Street, which resulted in the arrest of Andrei Kaminov, former deputy head of the Department of the Federal Bailiff Service of the Moscow region, who was charged with lewd acts of a sexual nature against a minor.

Martsinkevich himself called "Occupy Pedophile" "a social project aimed at propagandizing National Socialism, revealing the essence of liberal views and drawing society's attention to this problem". To participate in the "pedophile hunt," which participants called a "safari," it was necessary to pay Marcinkiewicz a certain amount of money.

tesak website

So the maxim had a site that was later blocked, but there is an archive that allows us to see what was posted there.

the first thing we see when we go to Tesak's site is different tabs, such as on earning money, which I will tell you a little later, news about how Tesak bought himself a new bike, videos where Tesak and his friend review different financial pyramids, roughly speaking this site serves as a vlogs Tesak, different podcasts or interviews, there is also a video where he is in Thailand xd

so, uh, what's anyway?

this site as cleaver himself says "Our project is designed to solve your financial problems!"

"Here everything is as transparent as possible: you register, send a gift, and, depending on your chosen turn, you receive 2 or 3 gifts from other users." and also as max himself says

"Our project is NOT a financial pyramid. NOT hype. "

which sounds very suspicious.

the site was soon sold due to lack of funds from the developers.

that's the life of the maxim, after his death there are imitators who continue him.

you can see a lot of videos of people catching pedophiles, so you know that Maxim is the originator of this.

this is my first post like this at all, I don't know how to make them so sorry it's so shitty :(

If you want to see different material from this post I'll clip the links below cool edit :)

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST Worst Terror attack in Argentina´s History: AMIA Bombing – July 18th, 1994 (Argentina Lore)

Building Collapses on Firefigthers

AMIA and the whole society witnessed the deadliest horror ever when the terrorist attack was perpetrated on July 18, 1994.

The brutal attack caused 85 deaths, over 300 injuries and the complete destruction of the building.

Perpetrated two years after the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Argentina, the AMIA bombing was the deadliest terrorist massacre in Argentina's history.

A few weeks later, the judge and the prosecutors involved at the beginning of the investigation concluded that the blast had been perpetrated through the use of a Trafic van converted into a truck bomb and the Hezbollah terrorist group, backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the support of a local connection, was held responsible for the attack.

Since 1994, these conclusions have been strengthened and reinforced, and have never been questioned or dismissed by any of the investigators that have worked on the case.

Since 1994, AMIA has been claiming for justice and for the prosecution and effective sentencing of those responsible for committing and masterminding this brutal crime against humanity.

Since 1994, AMIA has been unwaveringly struggling for justice to be done and ensuring the permanent remembrance of the 85 people that were brutally murdered.


Silvana Alguea De Rodríguez (28), Jorge Antúnez (18), Moisés Gabriel Arazi (22), Carlos Avendaño Bobadilla (61), Yanina Muriel Averbuch (20), Naum Band (55), Sebastián Barreiro (5), David Barriga (28), Hugo Norberto Basiglio (47), Rebeca Violeta Behar De Jurín (58), Dora Belgorosky (54), Favio Enrique Bermúdez (26), Romina Ambar Luján Boland (19), Emiliano Gastón Brikman (20), Gabriel Buttini (36), Viviana Adela Casabé (24), Paola Sara Czyzewski (21), Jacobo Chemauel (56), Cristian Adrián Degtiar (21), Diego De Pirro (23), Ramón Nolberto Díaz (53), Norberto Ariel Dubin (33), Faiwel Dyjament (73), Aida Mónica Feldman De Goldfeder (39), Martín Figueroa (47), Ingrid Finkelchtein (18), Leonor Gutman De Finkelchtein (42), Fabián Marcelo Furman (30), Guillermo Benigno Galarraga (45), Erwin García Tenorio (Unknown), José Enrique Ginsberg (43), Cynthia Verona Goldenberg (20), Andrea Judith Guterman (28), Silvia Leonor Hersalis (42), Carlos Hilu (46), Emilia Jakubiec De Lewczuk (58), Maria Luisa Jaworski (55),Analia Verónica Josch (20), Carla Andrea Josch (17), Elena Sofia Kastika (54), Esther Klin (49), León Gregorio Knorpel (53), Berta Kozuk De Losz (67), Luis Fernando Kupchik (42), Agustín Diego Lew (21), Jesús María Lourdes (Unknown), Andrés Gustavo Malamud (37), Gregorio Melman (53), Ileana Mercovich (21), Naón Bernardo Mirochnik (62), Mónica Nudel (36), Elías Alberto Palti (38), Germán Parsons (29), Rosa Perelmuter (48): Mother of Sebastián Barreiro (5),Fernando Roberto Pérez (47), Abraham Jaime Plaksin (61), Silvia Inés Portnoy (25), Olegario Ramírez (46), Noemí Graciela Reisfeld (36), Félix Roberto Roisman (48), Marisa Raquel Said (22), Ricardo Said (41), Rimar Salazar Mendoza (32), Fabián Schalit (33), Pablo Schalit (32), Mauricio Schiber (65), Néstor Américo Serena (51), Mirta Strier (42), Liliana Edith Szwimer (22), Naum Javier Tenenbaum (30), Juan Carlos Terranova (52), Emilia Graciela Berelejis De Toer (44), Mariela Toer (19), Marta Treibman (30), Angel Claudio Ubfal (34), Eugenio Vela Ramos (17), Juan Vela Ramos (21), Gustavo Daniel Velázquez (16), Isabel Victoria Núñez De Velázquez (51), Danilo Villaverde (20), Julia Susana Wolinski De Kreiman (48), Rita Worona (37), Adehemar Zárate Loayza (31).

For more details about the victims, please visit:


Suspected Hezbollah and Iranian involvement

No suspects have been convicted for the bombing and there have been a number of allegations made, with later investigations charging the government of Iran. The investigations were marred by incompetence. In 1999 an arrest warrant was issued against Hezbollah member Imad Mugniyah in connection with the attack. Argentine justice accused Tehran in 2006 of being behind the attacks, and indicted several senior Iranian officials, including Hashemi Rafsanjani and Ahmad Vahidi, as well as Hezbollah's Imad Mughniyah. In 2007, several of the charged were placed on Interpol's most wanted list, though bylaws prevented listing top officials such as Rafsanjani. As of 2017 the charged suspects (who remain alive) remain fugitives. In August 2021, two of the charged suspects, Ahmad Vahidi and Mohsen Rezai, were appointed to government of Ebrahim Raisi in the posts of interior minister and vice president of economic affairs, respectively

At the time wanted list:

Imad Mugniyah:

Hashemi Rafsanjani (At the time former president of Iran):

Ahmad Vahidi:

Claim of responsibility:

Shortly after the attack Ansar Allah, a Palestinian Jihadist organization widely held as a front for Hezbollah, reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack, and for the Alas Chiricanas Flight 901 bombing via leaflets distributed in Sidon and a communique in the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar

The Man Who Carried It Out: Ibrahim Hussein Berro

Israeli diplomatic sources who read the "final" report by SIDE on the attack said in 2003 that the attack was a suicide bombing carried out by Ibrahim Hussein Berro, a 21-year-old Hezbollah operative who has been honored with a plaque in southern Lebanon for his "martyrdom" on 18 July 1994, the date of the bombing.[citation needed] This investigation was carried out jointly with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hussein had been identified by FBI and Argentine intelligence, and corroborated by at least three witnesses. According to official Argentine government prosecutor, Alberto Nisman, Hussein's two U.S.-based brothers had testified that he had joined the radical Shia militant group Hezbollah. "The brothers' testimony was substantial, rich in detail and showed that he was the one who was killed," Nisman added

The Man Who Provided The Van: Juan José Galeano (AKA) "Witness C"

Federal judge Juan José Galeano followed investigations concerning the "local connection", which included members of the Policía Bonaerense (Buenos Aires Provincial Police). He quickly arrested Carlos Telleldín, alleged to have provided the van used in the bombing, and some 20 officers from the Bonaerense. But a video broadcast on Argentine TV showed him offering Telleldín $400,000, in return for evidence, which led to Galeano's removal from the case in 2003, and his impeachment in August 2005.

Judge Galeano had also issued warrants for the arrests of 12 Iranians, including Hade Soleimanpour, Iran's ambassador to Argentina in 1994. The latter was arrested in the UK on 21 August 2003, at the request of the Argentine authorities. He was later released because, according to the Home Office, there was not even enough evidence presented to make a prima facie case for the extradition to proceed.

Judge Galeano also interviewed Abolghasem Mesbahi, aka "Witness C", an alleged former Iranian intelligence officer who reportedly said a former Argentine president accepted a $10 million payment from Tehran to block the investigation. Former President Carlos Menem denied the claims, but admitted he had a secret Swiss bank account following a report in The New York Times. Menem claimed in 2004 that the attack had been related to his support to the US during the First Gulf War and to his visit to Israel during his mandate. Abolghasem Mesbahi claimed to the Argentine court that Iran had planned the bombing, thinking the centre was a base for the Israeli secret service

The Bomb Car: Renault Trafic Tomás Espina´s exhibition at the AMIA Art Space

This 18th of July marks 26 years since the attack

EFFORTPOST :marseymushroom:Aokigahara, ~Write-up. :manorbear:

So, this post, gonna be all about this fucking japan forest, i hope yall will like it! ~ wizzy boy product

It is the second most common place for suicides in the world. Although the Japanese authorities do not boast about these statistics. However, the reality is that in the Aokigahara forest, hiking trails are very short. What this place really holds is behind the ropes. And there are even more ropes, strings, tapes, threads and ribbons. However, they do not mark the tourist path. They were hung by people who, in many cases, never returned home.

(Like this guy)

As we enter the Aokigahara forest, we are greeted by an information board in Japanese. On it there are inscriptions convincing that "life is a wonderful gift from our parents", so it is worth respecting. - In silence, think again about your parents, siblings or children. Please don't suffer alone and reach out for help first - you can read on. The inscriptions were not placed there by accident. The Aokigahara Forest, also known as the Sea of Trees, is famous for its disgraceful statistics. There are several hundred suicides there every year. ♡

Why do people choose this particular place to commit suicide? This was checked by a psychiatrist, Dr. Yoshitomo Takahashi. He had the opportunity to talk to several people who returned from the forest after a suicide attempt. His publication states that the key reason was the belief that "they would be able to die successfully without being noticed."

Another factor Takahashi mentions is films and other publications. The dark history of Aokigahara has been going on for many decades. The first one comes from 1960 and tells the story of a woman who went to the forest to commit suicide. According to legends, her spirit haunts the forest to this day. Another Japanese story "Kuroi Jakai" is like Romeo and Juliet. It tells the story of lovers who, like the woman mentioned, went to the Aokigahara forest to take their own lives together.

published in Japan in the 1990s. We're talking about a suicide guide. The Complete Manual of Suicide; half. The Complete Suicide Manual, which indicates the simplest ways to take your own life and - what sounds paradoxical - the best places in the country to do so. Despite its high social harmfulness, this item has not been withdrawn from sale in Japan.

According to the psychiatrist, these stories and all other confirmed suicides made other people willing to take their own lives want to "share the same place with others and belong to the same group." So a psychological factor was at work in this case.

Aokigahara Forest. How was one of the most popular forests in the world created?

The history of the creation of the Aokigahara forest goes back even further than its dark side. This forest is located within the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park at the northwestern foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. Its base is formed by solidified lava. This is the result of the eruption of a crater called Nagao, belonging to the Fuji stratovolcano. The eruption occurred in 864 AD. It is estimated that Aokigahara has an area of approximately 30 square kilometers.

Since then, nature has been developing there. This is quite a unique place because the forest is so thick that you hardly feel a gust of wind there. Almost all visitors to Aokigahara notice this. According to some experts, silence is also one of the elements that suicide victims could pay attention to.

Let us remind you that Aokigahara is the second most frequently chosen place for suicide in the world. In this statistic, the forest is only ahead of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Last year alone, 198 suicide attempts were thwarted there. ♡

Suicide forest or tourist spot?

( Logan!:>, if u want to know more about this special case, go to my frend - @blepp)

Passing the information board at the entrance to Aokigahara, we come to a rope separating the tourist path from the rest of the forest. However, no one checks whether anyone obeys the ban suspended on the rope. In these places begins the part filled with more ropes, tapes, strings, threads and ribbons. Some of them stretch for kilometers into the forest. Others are only a few dozen or a few hundred meters away. To this day, it is not known whether these elements were left to make it easier for others to find the body, or maybe it is a form of security to return home following the same traces. To this day, you can find the remains of a hanged man there.

According to statistics collected in 2012-2021, there are at least 20,000 cases in Japan. suicides per year. These do not include suicide attempts. Last year, this number was 21,000. cases. This is 74 cases less than in the same period last year. The most suicides in this period were committed in 2012, over 27.8 thousand. - reports Statista. The most frequently cited reasons include economic reasons in the country, health problems, existential worries and problems at work.


However, Japan is not the first country in this respect. According to data from 2018-2019 collected by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Korea has the highest suicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the world (24.6). Second in this statistics is Lithuania (21.6), then Slovenia (16.5), Belgium (15.9) and only then Japan (14.7). Poland ranks 18th with an index of 11.1. In recent years, the number of suicides in Poland was: 5,201 in 2021, 5,165 in 2020, 5,255 in 2019. This information was provided by the Police Headquarters.

Not only books, but also films (not counting documentaries) have been created about the Aokigahara forest. A few years ago, a film was released in cinemas entitled "Suicide Forest". It tells the story of a young American woman who came to Japan in search of her twin sister.

And yea brothers and sisters, this is end of this crazy shit, love japan so much! Have a nice day WPD!!!

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST The Crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 - 2014 - A Write-Up (60+ photos)

The crash of flight MH17

A quick rundown

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (flight number MH17) was a commercial international flight operated by Malaysia Airlines from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. On July 17, 2014, in the early days of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft was hit by a Russian Buk M1 anti-aircraft missile and crashed over eastern Ukraine. All 298 occupants, including 80 children and 15 crew members, were killed. Russia denies any responsibility for the incident.

The countries of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) agreed to seek a UN tribunal. Eleven countries in the UN Security Council voted in favor of a UN tribunal in July 2015. Russia vetoed this. After Russia blocked the attempt, four alleged perpetrators were brought to trial in the Netherlands. Three of the four were sentenced to life imprisonment for their involvement in the downing. [The flights path of MH17]

The incident is one of the ten most serious aviation disasters in terms of the number of victims. For Malaysia Airlines, it was the second total loss within a few months, after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014.

Political Reactions

The Ukrainian president Petro Poroschenko considered the attack an act of terrorism. It was alleged that pro Russian separatists shot the aircraft down using missiles supplied by Russia.

In a statement from Russian President Vladimir Putin, he blamed the Ukrainian government for the event, claiming that it had not made sufficient efforts to maintain internal peace in its own country, but without accusing it of

involvement in the shooting down. [mourning over those who lost their lifes that day]

Recovery Efforts

The recovery was made difficult because up to 900 militia troop supervised the site of the wreck. A day later the militia, and the governments of Ukraine and Russia made a deal to secure a 20 square kilometer big area.

By July 26, all bodies and body parts recovered so far had been flown to Hilversum in the Netherlands for forensic examinations, in a total of 227 coffins. A 228th coffin was flown out on August 4.

Work on site had to be interrupted several times due to continuous fighting. On August 7, the emergency services stopped their work completely.

In mid-October, shortly before the onset of winter, Ukrainian civil protection units continued their work under pressure from Malaysia and the Netherlands.

On August 11, 2015, it was announced that fragments of a Buk missile had been identified at the crash site. Other parts of the missile had been found in the interior of the aircraft and were found together with the wreckage of the plane. [A Buk Anti-Air system]

The debris fell near the town of Tores in eastern Ukraine and was scattered over an area of 35 square kilometers. [The crash site]


It was quickly concluded that the Boeing was shot down by a Russian Buk anti-aircraft missle. The missile exploded over the left side of the cockpit, killing the pilots instantly. [reconstruction of the plane using the debris] [Animation of where the missle hit]

Hope it was interesting :)

What follows is a small rant

I made a post about this topic a few days ago. It was removed and I was banned for a day. Allegedly I stole it's contents from a post made 10 months ago, at a time I didn't even know this platform existed. The post I 'copied' is an exact 1:1 copy of the Wikipedia article about this event. It took me just a few minutes to figure that out. This article was also the source I used for my older post. I tried to change it up and rewrite it so it's not a straight copy. An admin explained to me that an Effortpost must be written by yourself. And still my post gets removed and the Wiki-copy isn't. It even got an Effortpost label. That's why it would be great to have some proper ruling over what is, and what is not an Epost. The hypocrisy and inconsistent enforcement of the rules on this site are getting frustrating. Anyway, I now took different sources for my post and wrote the whole thing myself. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Photo credit goes to Hermantheshocker

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