Gordon Ramsay's Horrific Bike Accident. :marseybiker: :marseychef: (44s) ((Please wear a helmet))

"Ramsay said a team of “incredible” trauma surgeons, doctors and nurses treated him at Lawerence + Memorial Hospital in New London, Conn., following the collision. The chef shared two additional photos in his post: a “before” image of Ramsay with his bike, wearing a helmet and yellow and black triathlon suit, and an “after” photo of his torn clothing and decimated helmet."

“I'm doing ok and did not break any bones or suffer any major injuries but I am a bit bruised up looking like a purple potato,” Ramsay wrote in the caption.

He said he is “most thankful for my helmet that saved my life.”

So remember people, WEAR A HELMET!

Drink water and stay safe!

Marianne Bachmeier in court taking the life of the killer of her 7 year old daughter (if i got the names spelled wrong please tell me)

Vigilante Mother Marianne Bachmeier

Born 3 june 1950 germany

Born in a strict hosuehold

Waften ss father nazis alcholic close to home bar violent tretaes family unwell walked out on family,

Mariannes mother married again

Stepfather was making out there rules for her she couldnt follow and she felt she couldnt live to her expectations.

She is a rebel though.

Stepfather was unreasonable.

He humiated her, and the mother sided with the stepfather.

kicked her out of the house fended for herself until she came back home. It was so bad at home.

she got kciked out for good @ 16, she got pregnant for the first time and end ex up giving up the child for adoption.

Her second pregnancy was with highschool boyfriend, and gave up her child for adoption as she couldnt care for them.

Whe she was 22 yearls old and

Fell in love with Christian berthhold pub manager, she kept the baby of her third pregnancy, Christian (the father) was cheeating on her, and took advantage of her sexuallyans even said he would be ready to commit to a baby, then decided to give up his mind.

She gave birth to Anna ,and she decided to not give birth again, and almost imnediately got sterilized by her coice/ consent in the hospital while still healing form giiving birth.

Baby anna was happy, and marianne was still working at the pub where eventually Christian (manager, father) wanted to her to marry the chef. but only so he couldnt get deported.

Being single mon was a hard job, anna went to her mothers job because it was all night long, so anna grew up in the pub.

Marianne never rushed home in fact she would stay at the pub and drink a few after work.

Marianne slept in the day because she worked during the evenings.

Anna turned 7 and Marianne started to feel guilt because she knew she Anna shouldnt grow up this way.

She wanted to get her adopted but never wanted to lose her though, but Marianne still felt guilt.

Marianne would spend her free time at the bar, she loved Anna.

but Anna had no rules at home because she got no attention at home.

Marianne treated anna like an adult at a young age, and Anna would roam the streets and visit neighbors like any child would back before true crime was prevalent.

Life was different back then, kids had more freedom, but now we as mothers and fathers are seeing risks of letting children out now more than ever thanks to true crime and phones/video/social media.

Back then it was normal, now its a scary thought.

1980 Marianne had an itnerview with the newspaper for a photo of her car in the newspaper, as Mariannes car had a unique look.

Anna and Marianne ended up having a fight one night.

Anna skipped school still mad at her mom.

Marianne didnt know, and did the interview with the newspaper, and got home, but anna was not there and never came home.

Nobody seen her as Marianne went looking for her.

Marianne was panicking as all moms do when she couldnt find her.

Maybe she was still mad at her?

She got the police to interview the neighbors and friends but they never seen her all day.

She is worried and dintt know anything after that and was in so much maddening thoughts mentally.

A neighbor and her fiance had anna come in his house to pet the cats and she would alwways come into his home to pet the cats all the time,

She always did this.

Eventually, the neighbor found out her fiance 'clause' had mentioned and confessed he had murdered Anna.

trigger warning level 3

Clause kept her in their house for hours ans determined Anna was stenagled with his fiances pantyhose.

She told the police on her fiance'clause' immediately, though,

While this hapoened he took her and put her in the box and putting her on his bike (bicycle im guessing to dump her and burried her in a shallow grave

The police arrested him and he said he did it because

(Get rdy for his fn lies)' Anna blackmailed him and tried to seduce him and told him that she would tell the neighborhood he s.a.d her'


She was found hogtied, and the knots were not done in a rush and were methodically done.Meaning he spent his fn time.

Marianne was told this and she had no reactions and wanted almost nothing to do with it all(from shock) and shut off form the world. .

People grieve differently and so shocking information that you dont react the way you thought and be the way you thought you would be could have you react differenlt than you imagined.

As the days went on she became more and mote distraught.

She locked herself in her apt for days, when she left the apt she had nervous breakdowns in public,.

She felt like she would have done so much more and felt so much guilt.

At this point it was almost like she was filled with only one emtion and that was anger at clause.

The same guy had offensed before and was charged with more than one offense. He was given two option at the time, to go to prison or stay in the hosptial and get a chemcial castration, he chose the chemical and got release immediately.

The law is awful, he should have been behind bars.

Two years later after he got chemical castration he got it reversed.

Reason for castration is to not have urges.

Court says he was allowed to have it reversed because the pig said he had side effects from the drugs he was on.

In the trial for Anna he was charged Marianne was there, and she was hearing and listening to the testimony of how her motherly skills was 'awful regardless of how she felt in court, she was visibly angry at clause,

Doctor was questioned in trial why he believed clause to not take the drugs amymore.

Anna's father wasnt much of a father, though tried to sue the doctor for negligence but lost.

Though... the day would come where clause was given a chance to give his testimony and tell her and her dayghters story of what happened in her death.

She didnt want him to get a chance and out in public before court was i n senssio,

She went in front of the courtoom and went up to clause.

Fired 8 shots 7 hit,

and he passed minutes aways.

She hoped he died the whole time saying it over and over.

Even Christian and the stepfather said wow she really did it.

People named her revenge mom and many people supported her, coming out as moms against the guys like him, and this type of treatment for those who get away easy in the court system.

She got convicted of murder (idk why) in the death of clause.

Spent 1 year psychward was charged with 6 years got out after the 1st year.

She went on to live on though, and in her beautiful motherly age she ended up getting pancreatic cancer.

1946, she passed.

and she was put in her daughters grave.

An attempt to make an effort post

:chomikheroin:old postcards from Vietnam, crazy shit. :marseyflushzoom:

20-year-old hits 280 km/h (173 mph) before crashing

The video was taken by his 20-year-old pal in the passenger seat as the 120k Audi weaved in and out of vehicles on the night-lit motorway.

He continued to film the speedometer rising with his mobile phone as the the pair sang along to music, before the motorist lost control and hit another vehicle.


Article here




Article here

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CHILD WARNING Pedophiles being beat to the song 'brony style - rucka rucka ali'



Rucka rucka ali - brony style

Strasburg policeman shoots woman beating him with his own baton

Original video:

Strasburg, Virginia, United States

December 17, 2023

The town police officer who shot a woman during a Dec. 17 confrontation fended off her attacks before firing four bullets into her chest, body camera footage released Friday shows.

The woman, Melissa R. Tompkins, 40, later died from her injuries at Winchester Medical Center. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled her death a homicide caused by multiple gunshot wounds. Tompkins left behind five children, and family members said she had battled drug and alcohol addiction.

Strasburg Police Chief Wayne Sager allowed The Northern Virginia Daily to view the video footage on Friday before he posted it on Facebook. The 12-minute video is compiled from the 911 call and footage from several police body cameras and hotel security cameras. The woman's family members also have viewed the video, Sager said.

The officer who shot Tompkins, George Rathore, whose name had not been released to the media prior, was placed on administrative leave after the incident while state police and a special prosecutor conducted a criminal investigation. Commonwealth's Attorney Bryan Porter, assigned as the special prosecutor for the case, recently concluded his investigation.

“We found that the officer involved reasonably feared serious bodily injury or death and was justified in using deadly force,” Porter's email states. “Therefore, the officer will not be charged with a criminal offense.”

Rathore, who joined the town Police Department on June 20, 2022, returned to full duty in May after the agency concluded its internal investigation, Sager said.

Such an incident not only affects the officer involved but also the entire department and the community, Sager said.

“Ultimately, at the end of the day, ... we have a job to do and our job is to protect our community, keep our community safe, enforce traffic laws, state laws, right?” Sager said. “It's a very tragic, unfortunate situation, but the officer, he did what he had to do, ultimately to bring himself home to his family and keep our community safe.

The shooting occurred outside of the Ramada Inn on Signal Knob Road in Strasburg the night of Dec. 17.

Rathore responded to a disturbance at the hotel and encountered Tompkins in the parking lot. Tompkins ran from the officer, who told her to stop. Rathore chased Tompkins back to the hotel parking lot, according to the video.

The officer fired two cartridges from his Taser, neither of which subdued Tompkins. She can be seen grabbing and pulling one of the Taser wires and walking toward him.

Tompkins gets closer and grabs Rathore's police radio receiver, pulls the cord about 10 feet, then moves in and wraps the cord around his neck.

“I'm wrapping his neck,” she's heard saying in the video. Police had not previously released that detail.

Rathore fell to the ground, reached for his baton and swung at Tompkins' leg. Tompkins then grabs his baton from his hand and strikes the officer in the head, the video shows.

The two separate and Rathore draws his firearm. The officer shouts at Tompkins, “Stop! I don't want to shoot you.”

Tompkins can be heard replying: “Then don't.”

Tompkins steps forward and Rathore fires four shots rapidly at Tompkins, striking her in the chest. Tompkins falls to the ground, first moving slowly then lying still on the parking lot asphalt.

Rathore can then be heard shouting “Why did you do that? Why did you do that,” then shouting “shots fired” three times and “help.”

Officer David Rhodes had arrived and performed CPR on Tompkins for 6 1/2 minutes while waiting for emergency responders. Officer Bianca Hager also came to the scene and can be heard assisting Rathore.

Video surveillance camera footage taken inside the hotel before Rathore arrives shows Tompkins ransacking offices and the front desk in the lobby, at times hiding under desks. At one point, Tompkins saw herself in a security monitor, which she then pulled out from the wall.

Tompkins is seen more than once in the hotel security camera footage walking in a hallway, at one point carrying a fire extinguisher. Later, she exits out of a hallway window and is seen in the bodycam footage in the parking lot.


Happened on June 16, 2024 in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Back in May of 2022, an incident occurred at Mutkenova Street 53 in Pavlodar.

Four men were drinking at the entrance to the building. A neighbour complained about them leaving empty bottles.

The neighbour then came downstairs to confront them. He punched one of the drinking guys in the face, causing him to hit his head on the concrete.

The victim was taken to a local hospital, but he died two weeks later. The neighbour was jailed for 1,5 year.

Fast forward to 2024. Once again something happened at Mutkenova Street 53. This time a man got his throat slit.

According to neighbours the killer said "I've avenged Zhuma".

Zhuma was the man who died after the incident in 2022 and the man killed in 2024 was the neighbour who punched Zhuma.

Aftermath photo:


Nur [2022]

Nur [2024]

Pavlodar News


Cop unloads on suspect (Classic Vid)



My dad who worked on oil fields in Alberta told me about sour gas and how a single breath of it can cause immediate collapse and death. Deaths from sour gas are fairly common in the oil industry.

Immediate symptoms in low concentrations are irritation in the eyes nose and throat, headache and coughing. Symptoms in moderate levels include Eye and respiratory irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. Symptoms of high levels of sour gas H2S poisoning are severe eye and respiratory irritation, breathing difficulties, headache and nausea, dizziness and confusion and loss of smell. Very high concentrations, above 200 ppm, can lead to intense respiratory irritation and problems breathing, shock, convulsions, loss of consciousness and pulmonary edema.

Lethal concentrations (above 500 ppm) causes rapid loss of consciousness, respiratory paralysis and death.

Modern safety protocols have made sour gas incidents less commonplace, most stories my dad told me of sour gas happened in the 90s, so finding videos of sour gas accidents is quite hard in the modern day.

Man hacks a women (allegedly his mother) to death with a meat cleaver - June 11, 2024


No further info :marseysad:


A terrible accident of a pretty biker girl TT :kuromicry: :marseytabletired2:

▸On April 10 2024

▹a 25 yo biker went on a bike ride with his girlfriend Natiel Vitória Rodrigues 22yo (the girl in the video/photos), however they got in a serious accident they collide with a car the boyfriend survived with some minor injuries but the girl wasn't lucky , her body was torn apart she died few minutes later :smileysad:

RIP beautiful :marseydarkrose3: :girlsalute:



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