Couple Forced to Snort Large Amount of Cocaine Gets Nosebleeds and vomiting

i was looking for this video a long time! finally find it and now i can rest in peace!

This was a lesson to them for allegedly stealing drugs from cartel!

video makes my heart racing! they force them to snort until od and dies!

a translation will be great if anyone can understand what they say and which country is this!?!?

@hercule-poirot mexico brazil?

girl cuts herself in bathtub 💀(her rn probably)

Driver runs over a woman in red

Apr 4, 2023

ST. LOUIS COUNTY — Police on Tuesday released surveillance footage of a police pursuit in February that ended when the suspect ran away, fired at officers and was hit by a police car.

The department's investigation into the officers' use of force is ongoing.

Police said on Feb. 21 they saw 42-year-old Taiwansley Jackson driving recklessly on Jennings Station Road and Halls Ferry. Officers tried to pull him over but he sped away, weaving in and out of traffic.

In the video, Jackson hits light poles near McLaren Avenue and Goodfellow Boulevard in Jennings before jumping out of the vehicle, holding a pistol, while the car is still moving.

As he is running away in a parking lot from several marked and unmarked police cars, he begins shooting at officers. A police car then hits Jackson from behind, and he goes flying in the air before landing on the concrete and being run over by another police vehicle.

Jackson was the only one hurt in the incident. His injuries were non-life threatening and officers did not fire their guns, the police department said.

Police can be heard on dispatch audio, also released Tuesday, asking officers to check on residents who live in the direction of where Jackson fired the gun.

Jackson is charged with first-degree assault, armed criminal action resisting arrest by fleeing and unlawful possession of a firearm. Jackson was in jail Tuesday on a $500,000 cash-only bond, police said.

The video was released as part of the department's transparency efforts, where they aim to release relevant footage within 45 days of when an officer uses force.



guy takes a huge blow to the back of the head with hoe-shovel

Body of a half naked woman found dumped in rubble. Rocas, Natal.

The occurrence happened on Tuesday 6th, Rocas, Natal.

The body of a young woman was found half-naked and with gunshot wounds and other injuries, in the neighbourhood of Rocas, amid debris and remains of tree pruning in Natal. The victim has yet to be officially identified.

The case took place on Rua Teotônio Freire, in the neighborhood of Rocas, in the East Zone of the city. A Military Police team arrived at the scene around 10 am, after residents of the region called the Integrated Public Security Operations Center (Ciosp) informing them of the corpse.

After the arrival of the PM and confirmation of the occurrence, the Civil Police and the Technical-Scientific Institute of Expertise (Itep) were called to go to the scene to start investigations. The body was collected to undergo expertise at the headquarters of Itep.

Body may be that of a missing girl:

According to delegate Roberto Andrade, from the Homicide and Personal Protection Police Station (DHPP), a family went to the police station on Tuesday 6th to register the disappearance of a young woman since last Sunday 4th.

"Incredible as it may seem, we have the family members of a young woman who disappeared on Sunday at the police station and we are precisely here to verify that it is that person and to continue the investigations", he declared.

The delegate, however, did not detail whether the body found would, in fact, be that of the missing person. He also stated that, given the state in which it was found, the body could have been there for more than a day.

"When we arrived, we already found the place isolated by the military police and they informed us that there was a body of a young woman, a woman, with gunshot wounds. There were injuries to the head and also to the chest". he added, "It is very possible that on Sunday or yesterday this body was placed here,"

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I’m here if you need anything🤍

Okay so honestly I was pretty iffy on posting this because I know there’s some people that ALWAYS have some type of shit to say. I understand this is a gore site. So my bad some of y’all won’t like this.

But anyway the whole reason I’m making this discussion is to let anybody and everybody know if you need someone to talk to, get stuff out, advice, vent or even venting to me without me even really replying. Because I know some people just wanna get stuff off their chest but don’t really want to get into a conversation. I understand that 110%. I will do that. I WILL NOT JUDGE YOU! I’ve been through enough shit to not judge anyone for anything. I’m a felon with a record and I just got out of rehab 300 days ago for a 13 year fentanyl/heroin addiction so trust me I’m not the one to judge.

Because I know I can’t be the only one on this entire website that has struggled with depression, suicidal, bipolar, etc and the list goes on. And I know how it is when you have years and years of shit built up and you have nobody to talk to OR. You are like me and don’t really talk about your stuff.. you just keep it inside and let it build up until something happens and you completely explode. And I know some of you know this but I have first-hand experience with suicide sadly, my mother killed herself while I was in the house so I heard it all and found her.

I don’t want any of you to go through that or do that. I don’t even know any of you but it would still break my heart if we found out that one of you guys killed yourselves or something.. so like I said, The whole reason for this is anybody can message me about anything. I might not get to it right away but I will still do anything in my power to help.

MUCH LOVE WPD❤️‍🩹 - Michael aka Britches.

Truck comes round the bend, tailgate unhinges and whacks woman lounging in a yellow plastic chair

Kindly let me know if it’s a double post

Dude Trying To Sell Drugs In Enemy Territory (possible cw)


Mexican cartel C.D.N execute 3 members of C.J.N.G

Sorry if this is a repost

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Isis execute prisoner by running him over with a tank

Intestines moving outside of body

THIS is cool. :marseyshook:

I love these videos. These and the heart videos. :marseyagreefast:

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random shooting lol

idk backstory or even how old this is lol just found it :marseymagdump:

I wonder what he used, looks to have an enter and an exit. :marseygunshotsuicide:

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-4 fingers for theft

(CW) Baby left to die under a train

Looking for OD videos

I’ve tried to find overdosing videos, I’ve seen the “spice” overdose and meth but not much more than that. I feel it’s really eye opening to the world of hard drugs, so If anyone has any videos I’d love em. Thank you!

When it's my time, this is how I want to die..

Surgery on stomach to remove.. toothbrushes?

Who in the right mind eats toothbrushes :marseyyikes:

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I'm so confused as of what's going on.

Might not be a CW but I'll be safe

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Doctor Clean Up A Huge Cyst From Guys Head

i can smell this

Dude kills himself at work by industrial press

No backstory.

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