funny injury comp

most of these are filled w anime porn but i found one that isnt. :marseyexcited:

if it gets positive reactions i’ll post the other ones :marseytwerking:

black commits suicide in his room:wolfrope::wolfrope::wolfrope:

Last video of the day idiots <33

Bloodblack (Selfharm Short Film)

Had to use Pixeldrain cause it was too big for any other hoster

Admiral Angry - Sex With A Stranger

moidah music

Russian anti tank missile obliterates American and other foreign mercenaries/“aid workers”.

:marseypig::marseyburn::marseyazov:A nice Russian welcome! Gotta love how every foreign inbred merc is a medic or chef somehow, what are the odds!

XFH type shit

XFH type shit


Chinese worker playing with fire in a warehouse storing foam - Guangdong Provence

this is epe foam

Does anyone have footage of the submarine imploding
quick gore i found on Gifcities.


people need to stfu about tik tards

no one fucking cares that tik tok is flooding this app, stop crying like children. get over your fucking selves :xd:

buffalo frenchcore

i laughed a lot at this


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