Prospector dredger explodes killing the man who was repairing it. Manaus.

The accident occurred on Tuesday 6th, in Manaus.

The victim, a man aged fifty four years old (name not released), had been aboard the raft, and was repairing it when it exploded.

According to information acquired by Laranjeiras.News, which was passed on by the prospectors, the victim of the explosion tried to repair the dredger that would have been destroyed by the Brazilian Army in a military action on the spot.

There were two other people on the raft who also lived on the dredge and it is not known whether they were present at the time of the accident. The victim was blown apart, limbs strewn and would have been killed instantaneously. His body was collected and was taken away for an autopsy. Family are thought to have been informed

The Brazilian Navy is investigating the occurrence.

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Man stabbed to death in the neck and back

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June 6, 1944 D-DAY Normandy actual landings footage

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Man Tortured With Electricity In Africa

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Man spraying water on rotted corpse at morgue


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Gross video of doctors playing with bodies (2) in morgue

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Dare devil Jane "wing walker" Wicker in horrible plane accident (possible CW)

Dayton ,Ohio media outlets are reporting a stunt plane carrying Jane Wicker has crashed at an air show in Western Ohio. The crash happened Saturday afternoon at the Vectren air show near Dayton. A a fire dispatch confirmed that a crash happened Saturday to the Associated Press but had no other information. The Dayton daily News in several other news stations report that the plane burst into flames when it hit the ground. A fire truck extinguished The blaze. Officials Told the dayton daily news that two had died in the crash. The air show was cancelled in the aftermath of crash - This happened June 24, 2013


[cw] Father kills his daughters’ abusive husband

Green text translates to “Dad found son-in-law hitting his daughter”

Widespread human rights abuse in Evin prison :marseyflagiran: Leaked videos from hacked security cams, 2021 media outrage, and background

TL;DR: In August 2021, Amnesty International commented on the 16 leaked CCTV videos from Evin prison (Tehran, the capital). They show, quoting, 'shocking visual evidence of beatings, sexual harassment, and deliberate neglect and ill-treatment of those in need of medical care, which Amnesty International has documented for years'. Some inmates did try to harm themselves, possibly also attempt suicide. Released footage is scarce, and for some of you it may be not brutal enough. However, Evin prison has opened in 1971. It was known from widespread torture and other violations for the past few decades. Previously, videos from Iran were documenting the other events - executions, violence on the streets, also relating to the protests. The leaked CCTV footage is the first unquestionable evidence for the ongoing abuse in detention. It's going on a higher level, too - many of the inmates are activists, journalists, lawyers, academics,... Just the political prisoners, including foreigners or these with double citizenship.

Sections go as follows:

  1. Background. With links for these actually interested in history, too.

  2. Videos analyzed by Amnesty International and some others. Not all are included.

  3. Aftermath. Short, and with mention of 15th of October 2022 fire (with links).

  4. Sources and some links to more reading. As it's extremely hard for any photos or footage to leak from there, I tried to find detailed descriptions of various abuse and torture. Preferably with well-detailed emotional side. Just use your imagination.

⠀BACKGROUND :marseychartuptrend:

Evin prison take its name from the quarter it's located in. Here are few photos; the hills behind are, quoting, a background 'eerily beautiful for a prison'.




It was built in 1971, in the hills of northern Tehran (capital). The prison gained notoriety during the late period of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi's rule (which ended in 1979 after an Iranian Revolution). Thousands of political prisoners were kept in inhumane conditions, tortured and executed. In the summer of 1988, between 2,800 and 5,000 prisoners were executed in at least 32 cities. It's not stated how many of them were Evin prisoners. The number given comes from a new HRW report, previous estimates are even few times higher (e.g. up to 30,000 executed). Human Rights Watch released a document last year, which examined the extensive evidence collected over the decades.

Available evidence shows that Iranian authorities from July to September 1988 executed thousands of prisoners in violation of their fundamental right to a fair judicial process. Under international law, extrajudicial killings and other abuses committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population are crimes against humanity.

If you'd like to check a general timeline for the political background, check this article from 2020, 'Evin prison in numbers'. There's a lot to read, but also simple timelines, not hurting eyes; and some statistics shown. In 1977, Evin prison could hold 1,500 prisoners. In 1983, it could host around 15,000 inmates. Probably, currently it's a similar number (assuming overcrowding didn't exist) - there are no official statistics. Here's its entry in an Iran Prison Database; some search results aren't displaying correctly now.


Reportedly, it's common in Iran to use either pirated or outdated - and hence no longer supported - software. Due to the sanctions, use of the Chinese-manufactured electronics is quite common. Cyberattacks were and are ongoing there on regular. The group responsible for this leak, Edalat-e Ali (Ali's Justice), hacked Evin's systems a few months before. The videos weren't made public, and the hack was either unnoticed or authorities didn't care enough. Their next well-known public appearance was hacking a state broadcast on 9th of October 2022. Here, after 0;40, you can see the moment in which the control room worker(s) see the message displayed on the screens.

It says: Cyber attack / The Evin prison is a stain on [President] Raisi's black turban and white beard / General protest until the freedom of political prisoners :marseycheers:

I'm nearly sure someone will comment that it doesn't look that bad, their parents did hit them harder, 'these guys deserved' or e.g. Venezuelan videos are worse. Keep in mind that nothing straightforward documenting the abuse in detention did leak out until August 2021. There's a good chance they didn't deserve. And imagine the same being done to a detainee, who was e.g. deprived of his psychiatric meds, or was epileptic, or needed a spine surgery ASAP.

Amnesty International didn't make any list and didn't always precise, so mind that it's just my list - partially based on guesses 'which videos did they mean?'. I couldn't match some of the videos to the descriptions, so there's [...] left instead. Some of the clips are shared in a full length on the group's telegram channel. Some were only partially shown by the media. On 22nd of August 2021, these footages were shared with Radio Farda (Radio Free Europe), Iran International, and the Associated Press. Various media outlets shared either parts of the videos, screenshots or some compiled videos; not all have original sources given. Associated Press mentions that the group claimed to have leaked 'hundreds of gigabytes', so I assume the mess can't be avoided.

1st to 7th. '[...] seven show prison guards beating or otherwise ill-treating prisoners'

1st. A handcuffed man beaten near the entrance to the building (as you will see in the 4th video, when someone is dragged inside). 4 mins long. After 0;20, the is dragged there, after 2;30 - walked outside. The rest of the video is just guards walking around and someone leaving the building (not a prisoner).

2nd. 'In one video dated 31 March 2021, a prison official is seen hitting and punching a prisoner in his face in the presence of a group of prisoners, apparently causing the victim’s nose to bleed'. There's no bleeding visible, at least in the shortened and partially blurred version I've found. Here's a screenshot from a normal one:


3rd. 'A clip dated 9 December 2015 shows a man being ordered to strip naked in front of a guard. He is then ordered to crouch down on the floor naked with his face to the wall while a guard sitting behind him on a chair is seen calmly searching his underwear and trousers for prohibited items' This video is around 16 mins long. For a good part, nothing happens or there's some office work and other going on - around 0;00 to 1;00. At 5;30, someone enters the room and sits on a chair to wait; at 6;40, the prison staff member is back, and they talk and check some papers until 10;00, when the elder man leave the room. Then, an inmate enters, starting to take the clothes off about 10;30. He is completely naked from 11;40 to 13;10. Then, he gets his underwear back on, and the search continues till the video ends.

4th to 7th. A series of videos showing an elder man, who fainted at the parking lot. A few prison guards passed by, not reacting. Then he was dragged inside while held by the arms, and upside the stairs - apparently waking up a bit. Four clips depict an incident on 26 April 2021 where a visibly frail prisoner faints in the prison courtyard after stepping out of a car' - I'm not sure how did they count, as there are more than four clips; either some were excluded or there were longer clips from the same CCTV, hence not every of them counts as a separate.

The next one, beginning right when the previous one ends. The man is dragged up the stairs. After 1;20, he is being moved half-way. Then, after 2;10, moved to the next floor, where he is left laying until 2;55, when someone drags him inside (IDK what room is here):

8th to 10th. '[...] three show incidents of assault against inmates by other inmates'.

8th. 16th of April 2021. Around 0;40, a conflict starts. Man is protected by the other inmates, though.

9th. 22nd of November 2020. A corridor scene, 4 mins long. On the right side, there are two shower rooms. The bearded guy in a blue sweatshirt is standing close to the next entrance/exit. Around 0;20, he talks to the guy approaching, and a conflict starts. The scene happens off-screen, but the guy in a blue sweatshirt is apparently assaulted by the group of inmates. Someone is repeatedly hitting him e.g. from 0;40 to 1;30, and he is walked away around 1;50 - without shoes, and apparently a bruise around the left eye.

10th. [...]

On the screenshot below (from http://therecord.media), you can see thumbnails and length of some videos. The one 16 mins long, titled 'Prisoners Violence', may be the 10th one.


11th and 12th. 'Amnesty International also reviewed two clips depicting self-harm, dated 4 January 2020 and 23 July 2016'.

The first of the mentioned ones. 27 secs, an inmate is dragged outside the toilet with wrists cut.

The second may be the 50 secs one in the screenshot above.

Here's a compilation, and a clip from the second self-harm video is from 1;08 to 1;22.

'[...] three [clips] show overcrowded prison rooms'.

13th. The video is downloaded directly from the mentioned activists group telegram channel, but the description is from someone else's twitter. 'This leaked video shows gay & trans kept in the basement of Evin Prison. LGBT prisoners are detained for alleged crimes of “nudity” or “feminine behavior”. This is barbaric. Many are fed up with long periods of solitary confinement without any support'.

14th and 15th are either lacking or not from a CCTV (Amnesty didn't precise). There were two videos, which are recorded on mobile or camera by someone walking around. They were shared e.g. by the Radio Free Europe, and tied to the same group, but it's not clear for me if they are the part of the same leaked footage series. [...]

16th. The last clip 'which is undated, shows a tiny bed-less solitary confinement cell, with a squat toilet in the corner'. Probably wasn't released, but if nothing did happen inside, the screenshot is enough.


There are few videos where either nothing happens (empty room), non-violent scenes are shown, or otherwise it's not matching what was shown previously.

A scene from the courtyard, 9th of August 2020. I'm not sure whether anything is going on, apart from the upper right corner (covered by the trees, though) and cat chilling out in the middle bottom right.

A conflict between two prison guards.

14th of January 2021. Showering prisoners, apparently no violence.

15th of June 2020. One prisoner stands in a shallow pool (washing its walls and vicinity?), another man stands and smokes near the entrance.

6th of June 2021. I've only put a screenshot there, as it's a 5 mins long footage showing this room, but nothing happens.


This video shows Mohammad Nourizad, filmmaker, writer, director and journalist, who 'has since 2019 been serving a prison sentence totaling over 17 years on charges of allegedly insulting Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei'. In a previous few years, he has been openly criticizing the Islamic Republic. According to the description, he's checking a wound on his face.

He was released on 17th of November 2021. Context to why it matters:

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, political prisoner Mohammad Nourizad was released from Evin Prison after obtaining an early release order. The day before, Nourizad’s lawyer, Mohammad Hossein Aghasi, tweeted that the Supervisory Judiciary of Evin Prison had informed him in a phone call that the prosecutor agreed to end the prison sentence.

It is worth mentioning that Nourizad suffers from myriad health conditions, including asthma, heart problems and unstable blood pressure. Earlier, in protest against not receiving medical treatment, during a family visitation, he wounded his face and stated, “Each day I make this wound deeper to make my death happen sooner if they want me dead.”

From the other not available (fully at least) videos, there were some depicting e.g. 'rows of sewing machines that prisoners use' and the offices.

⠀AFTERMATH :marseyshrug:

Not only the footage was the first of its type. Authorities for the first time did confirm that the abuse in detention happens.

Fellow Iranian hacktivist group Tapandegan (Palpitations) has also helped promote the leaked videos, but they denied being involved in the operation, giving credit to the newer Aladat Ali faction.

Iranian officials did not deny the abuses portrayed in the leaked videos.

In statements shared on Twitter, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, Iran's Attorney-General and the leader of Iran's judiciary, announced a formal investigation.

Mohammad Mehdi Haj-Mohammadi, head of Iran's prisons organizations, also formally took responsibility for the abuse at the prison complex and announced a similar investigation.

In a rare admission of abuse by the authorities, the head of the country's prisons, Mohammad Mehdi Hajmohammadi, has apologized for "unacceptable behavior" at the prison, and pledged “to try to prevent any repeat of these bitter events and to deal seriously with the wrongdoers.”

On 31st of August 2021, it was known that six wardens would be standing trial 'soon'. I didn't check the follow-up for this investigation.

It's not an aftermath, but still an important even, so there'll be a short mention and links. On 15th of October 2022, there was a fire, starting in the unclear circumstances.

The Iranian authorities have blamed prisoners for the fire that engulfed areas of Evin prison on 15 October, but evidence gathered by Amnesty International raises serious concerns that the authorities sought to justify their bloody crackdown on prisoners under the guise of battling the fire and preventing prisoner escapes.

Prisoners held in building No. 8 of Evin prison have reported hearing sounds of gunfire and people screaming from around 8pm onwards on 15 October emanating from the direction of the adjacent building No. 7. Building No. 8 mostly houses unjustly imprisoned human rights defenders and dissidents, while building No. 7 is predominantly used for those convicted of theft and financial crimes.

Officially, there were 8 people dead and 61 injured. However, that number is vague. If you'd like to read more details from the witnesses and not only: there's e.g. a quite detailed Amnesty public statement and Reuters article.

Photos showing the fire are easy to find, have a satellite one:


⠀SOURCES :marseysalutepride:

Some are skipped, as it'd be too much links.










⠀...AND SOME LINKS :marseytroublemaker:

https://tidsskrift.dk/torture-journal/article/view/97220/146019 'Torture without physical pain: Inside cell 24 of the special wing for political prisoners-Evin prison (Iran)'. A very vivid and description of the psychological torture effects. Actually, the one of the best I've seen as of recently, if you enjoy reading about the topic.

https://tidsskrift.dk/torture-journal/article/view/97221/146020 'Solitary confinement, Section 350, Evin prison in Tehran'. This one is also detailed, but not so emotional and personal as the above - more about listing out and classifying.

https://www.tortoisemedia.com/2020/09/09/evin-prison-wednesday-photo-essay-paintings-2/ Here is a quite detailed recollection of various forms of abuse and torture, accompanied by paintings (more on artistic side than 'technical' depictions). All come from Nasrin Parvaz, human rights activists, who has spent 8 years imprisoned in Evin after being sentenced to death.

https://www.amnesty.org/en/documents/mde13/2891/2020/en/ 'Iran: Trampling Humanity – Mass arrests, disappearances and torture since Iran’s 2019 November protests'. A report (based on in-depth interviews), which includes detailed descriptions, but on more 'technical' side. A few illustrations.

Reported by:
Decapitation Of A Elderly Prisoner

Cutting and ripping off infected toe

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Russian snitch/thief gets the most brutal beating I’ve ever seen

Russian beat up a pedophile

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Pit bull 🐂 attacks horse and carriage carrying family (CW)

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the young father was beat & tortured for raping his own daughter

they also cut his ear & finger off too

Worker on a truck dies after touching a live wire

No backstory.

Kid Tragically Crushed Under The Concrete (CW)


Surgery Taking Out Shrapnel On Patient

A seriously wounded man, with a shrapnel near his heart, was taken from Donbass by ambulance to Moscow. A unique operation to extract a fragment, which was literally next to the heart, was carried out by Lishchuk Alexander Nikolaevich

Gang girl executed with shots to head

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