Transgender "penises"

Here you see a simple outline of the creation of a flesh sausage. So simple you could do it at home!


However, not all skin-hotdogs are made from the legs. Here you see how the skin can also be taken from the forearm.


And here's how it looks when all healed up...


Haha, you can see the tattoo is missing!

Now, a petite showcase of some various artificial meat-bulges that I've found...






Heh, you could squirt some mustard on that and eat it like a corndog! :marseyhealthy:

So, straight women of WPD (if there is such a thing here). Would YOU let that thing fuck you? Hell, let's not limit this to women. Men, would you blow this eldritch monstrosity? Would you take that abomination of modern medicine up the ass? Would you be willing to let this Frankenstein's penis penetrate you as deep as it could possibly go? Don't worry, there's no judgement here. I have nothing against anyone's personal kinks, quirks, or autogynephillic fantasies :marseytransflag2:


middle eastern hitman takes out multiple targets ( POV )

Man in agony wedged behind a bus

Genius gets run over by his own tractor truck

No backstory.

Brazil stone wall fall ( different angles and slow motion)

This is the original from Twitter put together. The rock falls on tourist boats and causes huge wave

While a man is peacefully walking, an unruly car careens towards him at an astonishing speed. The collision propels his fragile body forcefully through the air, crashing him mercilessly into the adjacent parked car with a bone-crushing impact. Tragically, the force of the collision proves fatal.

Happened in Egypt!

idk shit about this! title is copy paste

Guy falls to his death after a rescuer slips and drops him

(!Mods feel free to move this if it's in the Wong flair please!)

On September 17, 2022, around 1:20 p.m., Southeast Division patrol officers responded to a radio call of a family dispute at a residence in the 400 block of West 102nd Street. As the officers approached the residence, a man, later identified as 19-year-old Luis Herrera, came out the front door holding what appeared to be a black rifle. The officers gave Herrera commands to drop the rifle, however, Herrera did not comply. Herrera shouldered the rifle and pointed it at the officers, resulting in an OIS. Herrera was struck by gunfire and fell to the ground.

Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics arrived and pronounced Herrera deceased.

No officers or bystanders were injured during this incident.

It was later determined the rifle Herrera was holding during the OIS was an airsoft gun.


Man In Laos Shoots Himself With Gun Recorded In CCTV

An American Humvee was completely torn apart by an IED

Three thieves executed in Myanmar

Reported by:
Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russians Klishchiivka, Donetsk region.

Fucking idiot kills himself by spraying insecticide in his mouth to get high.

2 dogs fighting and guy goes spinning (hope not a repost) :marseyevilgrin:

Bro said weeee

Man tied up in shallow grave executed

russian soldier lays down to avoid bullets. Does not work

Can we stay current like a news website?

I wanted to see what y'all think. I would like it if we could add the approximate date of when the video or event took place and categorize it by date so this could be more of a news website staying up to date with current events like mass shootings or whatever. I know you can press "new" and categorize it by that but the videos can be new to the site but not new in reality. So what I'm asking is if we can make a new category based on current events in chronological order if that makes sense.

Dude pouring bleach over his face

Couldnt find any information on this.


Guns are not toys. Not sure, but I think 🤔 this happened in Pakistan. I could be wrong.

Torn machine explodes hitting a worker in the head

No backstory.

"O shit i shot him"

Bus driver gets killed instantly :marseytwerkingfast:

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