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Alright. We all know what happened.

For the first time in our lives (for most of us) a former United States President was shot in an attempted assassination. I am here to deliver as much information as I can and tell you guys all about what happened, the rumors that circulated, and give as good of a review as I can.


Here is another WPD post by out beloved @Repost_Killing_Bot

Secret Service Protocol:

Now, a presidential candidate doesn't typically get the same Secret Service protection as the sitting President. However, in this case, the candidate was ALSO a former president. This means he will receive more protection. There absolutely should've been a thorough pre-screening of the area before the candidate arrived--which there was-- but clearly not thorough enough to note how easily reachable this roof was. Clearly, proper protocol wasn't followed and/or there was a flaw in the event planning that led to a warehouse roof being unattended. This roof, less than 150 Meters from where Mr.Trump was standing.

Speech Time:

6:05 P.M.

his entry song finishes, he completes his iconic hand movements as he steps to the podium and greets the crowd, who are all cheering and shouting/chanting "USA USA USA".

Entrance -

6:11 P.M.

Several people in the crowd are heard yelling "HE'S GOT A GUN, HE'S ON THE ROOF!" With little, to no response from secret service or local P.D.

Crowd Shouting -

+33 sec.

By something that can only be described as the ABSOLUTE GRACE OF GOD HIMSELF Mr.Trump manages to turn his head to his right, MILLISECONDS from when the first shot rang out. From all the videos, people have been able to make out that had he not rotated his head, he would've been hit in the back of his head on the right side.

Trump describes how "I knew immediately that something was wrong in that I heard a whizzing sound, shots, and immediately felt the bullet ripping through the skin." and as the video shows, Trump winces in pain very quickly before grabbing his hear and ducking below the podium.

The first shots -

Here is one of the most famous photos:

Bullet Passed Through Ear -

On the ground -

Fist up, Flag Flying -

Secret Service agents were quick to respond to the shooting, diving on top of Mr.Trump and shielding him from the rain of bullets. At least three of those bullets fired by the shooter, one striking and instantly killing Corey Comperatore (Pictured Below) and also striking and wounding two more who are in stable condition in the hospital. There were many bullets fired and not a good way to track them.

Corey being carried off:

Here is my assumption about the bullets:

First shot hit trumps ear, and went through it. Because it isn't a thick piece of skin, it tore right through and hit another victim in the background. This victim was likely Mr.Comperatore because as far as I know, the shooter was only trying to kill Trump. The second two bullets were somewhat of a willy-nilly attempt at landing a better shot, but also afraid of counter snipers/unable to hit because of the secret service dogpile. These two bullets went on to strike the two other victims.

Shooter Down:

The secret service counter snipers were stationed on top of a barn behind where trump stood.

Here is a diagram showing everyones position:

The counter snipers, being highly trained and accurate, worked fast to get a shot off on the target and ended his life. The final bullet fired, (5/5 heard in video) would have been one of two things, the body of the shooter moving/tensing up and the secret service shooting a second time to ensure the target was neutralized, or the shooter tensing up after being killed and squeezing the trigger of his firearm as a result.

Shooter Down -

Shooter On roof, and being shot -


There was a lot of yelling and shouting within the dogpile. Two of the key phrases heard is "Hawkeye is here" and "Move to the spare"

"Hawkeye" refers to the C.A.T. agents stationed around (normally hidden) C.A.T stands for Counter Assault Team and it is their job to use long weapons and tactics--similar to swat-- to combat any attackers while the agents get their protectee to safety. The "Spare" in this situation, refers to the spare limousine they always keep with them. While it isn't "The Beast" which is reserved for the sitting president, it is still a well armored vehicle that can keep the protectee safe and mobile during these events. The reason it is called the spare is because there always two of them. One of which was likely parked to far away.

Hawkeye is Here -

Mr.Trump, after collecting himself, resetting his shoes, and grabbing his cap, is lifted to his feet with the help of his detail. and pokes his head out from the top with a raised fist, to show he is okay. The crowd ROARS after seeing him for the first time since the ordeal. He says "Fight Fight Fight" through his teeth as the crowds begin to chant "USA USA USA" once more. It is worth noting, that in the videos of this section, you can see that a good portion of his security detail were shorter and smaller than him, and are not fit to shield the president in the event of an assassination attempt. You can even see what appears to be some service members crouching/hiding from potential harm. All the while, Mr.Trump is fully exposed.

Trump exposed while an agent ducks below him -

That is about the end of the action. Very short statements were released about Trump being "fine" and "being treated in a medical facility"

The two injured are still in the hospital, and Mr.Trump has since been released from the hospital and returned on his jet later that night.

Many people had noticed that the shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks (20), was wearing a Demolition Ranch Shirt. This prompted rumors that Matt Carriker, the main face of "The Demolitia", had some sort of connection to the shooting. It has been since debunked and condemned by many of his friends from different gun channels such as Brandon Hererra (TheAKGuy), Donut Operator (Cody Garrett) and even Carriker himself.

There are also reports of Crooks having posted things on social media hinting at violence, that are currently being investigated.

I am aware there are several more videos. Currently, im just clicking post so I can go do some things. My plan is to come back when more news sources report and I'll leverage their work to check and add any additional info.

Indian man stabs dead man dances in his blood

Another great article from the CocaCola News Team: In The Bowels of Hell, India, a man was observed stabbing a weaker man in the streets. After successfully defeating his opponent, the better Indian decided to keep going at which some point he began to dance. An expression of artistic talent.

Date: Nov 21, 2023



Things we've learned about the Trump shooter and the shooting

On July 3, 2024, it was announced that Trump would hold a rally on July 13, near Butler Pennsylvania.

U.S. Representative Mike Kelly said he had contacted the Trump campaign to recommend holding the rally in an area that could handle a larger crowd than the Butler Farm Show Grounds, and their response was, "We appreciate your input but we've already made up our minds"

Attendees at Trump's rallies are screened for prohibited items, including weapons. The Secret Service routinely screens and monitors nearby buildings and businesses, including structures outside security perimeters. Four separate counter-sniper teams were assigned to the event, two from the Secret Service and two from local law enforcement

The Secret Service had increased the size of Trump's security detail several weeks ago because of intelligence indicating that Iran was plotting to assassinate Trump.

On the day of the assassination attempt, Thomas Matthew Crooks borrowed his father's rifle—a DPMS Panther Arms-produced AR-15–style rifle with a 16" barrel (32" total length), chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO, effective at the range of the shooting (148 yards). Crooks told his father he was going to the range to practice shooting.

Crooks purchased a five-foot (1.5-meter) ladder and 50 more rounds of ammo before driving to the site of the rally with two remotely operated explosive devices in the trunk of his car. He still had the receipt for the ladder in his pocket when he was killed.

He climbed onto the roof of a building around 400 feet (120 meters) north of the venue stage through an air conditioning unit. Crooks did not undergo security screening, as his rooftop location was outside the Secret Service's security perimeter for the rally.

Local cops were assigned responsibility for securing the building from where Crooks shot Trump.

Crooks was first noticed by police 3 hours before the shooting. He passed through the magnetometers with a rangefinder (used by hunters to determine the distance to prey), causing the cops to determine he was suspcious. A police officer saw Crooks and reported him, and took his photograph. This is the first photo everybody started sharing of Crooks, hours after the shooting, taken from above and behind, in the grey shirt, with his head turned to the left side.

The police officer saw him 'scoping out' the roof and carrying a range finder.

An officer searched for Crooks but did not find him. Multiple local law enforcement officers identified Crooks and believed that he might have been acting suspiciously near the event's magnetometers; they expressed their suspicions over the radio, and their radio communications were available to the Secret Service.

People attending the rally noticed Crooks pacing and acting strangely. The counter snipers noticed him looking at them through this rangefinder, but he had no gun with him at that time. But then he left the area. He went outside the outer perimiter, and it's believed he got the gun from his car at that time.

How did he carry the gun without it being very visible? Police found a bicycle and a backpack left after the shooting, that they believe belonged to Crooks.

At 5:45 p.m., a member of the Beaver County Emergency Services Unit tactical team saw Crooks on a roof, notified other security services, and photographed Crooks.

Several bystanders also witnessed a man carrying a rifle on the rooftop and alerted the police about him nearly a minute and a half before shots were fired at Trump.

A Butler Township police officer attempted to climb to the roof of the building in search of Crooks, hoisted by another officer. Crooks spotted the officer while the officer's hands were clinging to the edge of the roof and aimed his rifle at the officer, at which point the officer let go, falling 8 feet (2.4 m) to the ground and severely injuring his ankle. The cops then contacted the Secret Service. 86 seconds later, Crooks fired his first of 8 shots.

Trump arrived onstage at the rally at about 6:03 p.m. Eight minutes into his speech, at approximately 6:11 p.m., Crooks fired eight shots. He was then shot and killed by a Secret Service sniper.

At about 11 pm, 5 hours after the shooting, Crooks father phoned police and told them his son hadn't come home, and had a rifle with him. That call, and tracing the rifle, preliminarily identified him to the FBI.

The building that Crooks shot from was a staging area for local police. Three police snipers were inside the building, but none were present on the roof or able to cover it. This was attributed to "extremely poor planning" and manpower shortages.

The Secret Security director said the decision was made to not put police on the roof because it was sloped. But the Secret Service snipers that shot Crooks were on another roof that was more steeply sloped than the roof that Crooks was on.

Dep. of Homeland Securty secretary admitted "mistakes were made."

The Secret Service disputed claims that it did not provide requested extra protection for Trump.

President Biden ordered an independent review on the federal security provided by the Secret Service in order to comprehend how the gunman got so close to assassinating Trump. The findings of this review will be made public.

House speaker Mike Johnson says congress will investigate: he says "Pretty clearly there was a security lapse. ... Why were drones not used in the area?"

The shooting has also set off a wave of finger-pointing across multiple law enforcement agencies as to who was responsible for securing the building the gunman used. The Secret Service has blamed local authorities, without naming specific agencies.

The Secret Service has said it was responsible for securing an inner perimeter. But the building was part of the outer perimeter and therefore left to local authorities to protect.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was approved to receive Secret Service protection two days after the Trump shooting. Kennedy had previously sought protection from the Secret Service but was denied.

He worked in the kitchen of an old age home, preparing food.

He passed a background check to get his job.

He told his boss at work and said he needed Saturday off.

Crooks was not on any list of people threatening the ex-president.

Both of his parents worked as licensed professional counselors. They are social workers.

The day before the shooting, Crooks went to a shooting range near where he lived where he was a member to practice.

He had 3 full magazines with nearly 100 rounds. He was wearing a bulletproof vest.

A review of Crooks' shipping history has also raised some eyebrows. In recent months, some packages delivered to Crooks were marked for possibly containing hazardous material.

Two remote control bombs were found in his car and a simlar device in his home. These had wires coming out of a box with a receiver, and Crooks had a transmitter/controller with him.

Did Crooks plan to detonate a remote control bomb to distract police, if he decided he needed to? Was he going to blow up the bombs in his car after the shooting to cause chaos to help him get away?

There were pro-Trump signs in front of Crooks house

Over 12 firearms were in the Crooks home, legally owned.

FBI has how searched Crooks cell phone and laptop computer, and found VERY little. Practically nothing.

He had almost no social media presence. There is still no clue about his motive.

Public records have not given any good indication of his views; his political activities have seemingly showcased diverging and internally contradicting beliefs, with no known posts on social media websites or writings indicating his ideology.

Commentators say we may never know his motives.

Crooks was bullied at school and sat alone at lunch time. Other students mocked him for the clothes he wore, which included hunting outfits and because he wore face masks. He was a quiet loner. He was bullied almost every day. He was just a outcast.

Students didn't recall Crooks having friends, playing sports or being involved in any student groups while attending high school.

He had no known criminal record, and the FBI say there was no indication he had mental health problems.

His voter registration was active since September 2021, the month he turned 18, and his party registration was Republican. He had only voted in the 2022 midterm elections.

On January 20, 2021, at the age of 17, he donated $15 to the Progressive Turnout Project, a liberal voter turnout group, through the Democratic Party donation platform ActBlue. His donation was made the same day President Joe Biden was sworn into office. According to the Progressive Turnout Project, he made the donation in response to an e-mail about "tuning into" the inauguration and was unsubscribed from the group's mailing list in 2022

He briefly appeared in a 2022 advertisement for the investment firm BlackRock that was filmed at his high school; BlackRock pulled the ad from circulation after the attempted assassination.

FBI/DHS security bulletin has warned about retaliatory violence.

The man in the audience who died was said to be trying to shield his family from the shots when he was shot and killed.

He was a firefighter. Flags in Pennsylvania have been lowered to half staff to honor him.

Biden phoned Trump the night of the shooting to offer his condolences.

Biden asked the Secret Service to review all security measures for the Republican National Convention.

Security has been stepped up around Trump properties, like Trump Tower, with more visible police presence.

Multiple security professionals are 'shocked,' 'astounded' that the shooter got so close to Trump.

FBI says Crooks acted alone.

His school records showed no disciplinary, student conduct or security-related incidents. He graduated high school in 2022.

He graduated college in May 2024 with an associate degree in engineering science. He was accepted into the U. of Pittsburgh for fall 2024, but decided not to attend.

He had a membership for at least a year at a local shooting club.

Crooks did not make the Bethel Park High School varsity rifle team. A classmate said he was a terrible shot. He was laughed at because of his terrible shooting.

Max Smith, who took an American history course with Crooks, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that his former classmate "definitely was conservative".

Mr Smith recalled a mock debate in which they both took part, saying: "The majority of the class were on the liberal side, but Tom, no matter what, always stood his ground on the conservative side."

Crooks' family is cooperating with investigators, according to the FBI. His father bought the gun around 6 months ago.

Police have conducted hundreds of interviews. Crooks motive is still a mystery.

After police discovered two remote control bombs in Crooks car, they evacuated neighbors around midnight Saturday night from the homes around the Crook house. Police found another bomb in the house.

The two critically wounded people in the audience are now stable. They've been identified.

The shooting is being investigated by the FBI as an act of domestic terrorism.

The shooter was not in any FBI database.

Nobody is suspected of helping him, and nobody is known to have known what he was going to do.

After days of pressure from several Asian American organizations, the New York Post has apologized for initially misidentifying the Trump shooter as a "Chinese man."


A Joint Intelligence Bulletin put out Monday by the FBI and the Department Homeland Security warning that extremists may carry out attacks they perceive to be in retaliation for the attempted assassination of Donald Trump.

"The FBI and DHS remain concerned about the potential for follow-on or retaliatory acts of violence following this attack, particularly given that individuals in some online communities have threatened, encouraged, or referenced acts of violence in response to the attempted assassination. FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate told reporters Sunday the FBI is seeing increased violence rhetoric online.



I'll tell you my reason, it's because I want to see humanity in all forms. It also assures me that I'm not heartless and that I have emotions (I have a fear of having a lack of empathy) and I am also here to see what kind of people hang out here. Now, it's your turn, why are you here?

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I am, moving to a new country, (u.s.a) from the uk. I am gonna take a break from this, site, so wont be able to talk to all of you as much anymore, I will still lurk around but might quit this site as me mental health has gone downhill.

I love all of yall and hope you's stay safe.

Bulldozer running over woman in China

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Little competition for it

Drug-addicted man in Suez Canal city of Ismailia beheaded his employer's brother and carried his head in the street, on November 1, 2021.


The incident happened at 2:00 p.m. on July 16, at a dorm in Tan Vinh Hiep ward, Tan Uyen City, Binh Duong Province.


CHILD WARNING Palestine children killed by IDF
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