Mummified corpse found after 22 years (more in post)

The mummified remains of an American mountaineer have been found 22 years after he went missing while climbing a mountain in Peru. William S., 58, was reported missing in June 2002 after an avalanche buried his climbing party while scaling Mount Huascarán, Peru's highest peak.

Peruvian police said ice melt had exposed William's mummified and clothed body. He was identified by a passport and driving license found among his belongings.

Police said William's body was well-preserved by the Peruvian ice, with his clothes in good condition. He was still wearing his boots and harness.

William, who according to his driving license lived in Chino, embarked with two others - Steve E. and Matthew R. - on a 19-day round trip from California to Peru's tallest summit. The three had reached the peaks of Kilimanjaro, Rainier, Shasta, and Denali.

An avalanche upended their climb on 24th June 2002. Steve's body was found shortly afterwards, but Matthew's remains missing.

William is at least the third person this year found dead in the region. The body of an Italian climber who fell while scaling another peak was recovered last month, while an Israeli man was found dead in May nearly a month after his disappearance.

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Parties in brazilian favela #guns

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Child rapist falls from window into crowd that beats and stones him to death.


Too lazy rn to make a translation, but the crowd keeps saying that he raped a child.


Man has his skull quickly crushed with a log

No backstory. India, maybe.


{Corey Comperatore}:



{Corey's blood & dead body aftermath}



Death of Republican Trump supporter & Retired Fire fighter (Fire Chief) of Buffalo TWP Fire Department Corey Comperatore from Buffalo Township Pennsylvania. Corey participated in the Trump rally with his family where the failed assassination attempt on former President trump tragedy took place during the gun fire, Corey took a bullet to the head (unfortunately killing him instantly) while trying to shield his family to save them from the gunfire, a military veteran and a emergency department physician sprinted into action to try to save his life. Corey passed away a hero for his country and he stood up for what he believed in, and loved his country.

May you rest in peace Corey Comperatore

First time posting


Alright. We all know what happened.

For the first time in our lives (for most of us) a former United States President was shot in an attempted assassination. I am here to deliver as much information as I can and tell you guys all about what happened, the rumors that circulated, and give as good of a review as I can.


Here is another WPD post by out beloved @Repost_Killing_Bot

Secret Service Protocol:

Now, a presidential candidate doesn't typically get the same Secret Service protection as the sitting President. However, in this case, the candidate was ALSO a former president. This means he will receive more protection. There absolutely should've been a thorough pre-screening of the area before the candidate arrived--which there was-- but clearly not thorough enough to note how easily reachable this roof was. Clearly, proper protocol wasn't followed and/or there was a flaw in the event planning that led to a warehouse roof being unattended. This roof, less than 150 Meters from where Mr.Trump was standing.

Speech Time:

6:05 P.M.

his entry song finishes, he completes his iconic hand movements as he steps to the podium and greets the crowd, who are all cheering and shouting/chanting "USA USA USA".

Entrance -

6:11 P.M.

Several people in the crowd are heard yelling "HE'S GOT A GUN, HE'S ON THE ROOF!" With little, to no response from secret service or local P.D.

Crowd Shouting -

+33 sec.

By something that can only be described as the ABSOLUTE GRACE OF GOD HIMSELF Mr.Trump manages to turn his head to his right, MILLISECONDS from when the first shot rang out. From all the videos, people have been able to make out that had he not rotated his head, he would've been hit in the back of his head on the right side.

Trump describes how "I knew immediately that something was wrong in that I heard a whizzing sound, shots, and immediately felt the bullet ripping through the skin." and as the video shows, Trump winces in pain very quickly before grabbing his hear and ducking below the podium.

The first shots -

Here is one of the most famous photos:

Bullet Passed Through Ear -

On the ground -

Fist up, Flag Flying -

Secret Service agents were quick to respond to the shooting, diving on top of Mr.Trump and shielding him from the rain of bullets. At least three of those bullets fired by the shooter, one striking and instantly killing Corey Comperatore (Pictured Below) and also striking and wounding two more who are in stable condition in the hospital. There were many bullets fired and not a good way to track them.

Corey being carried off:

Here is my assumption about the bullets:

First shot hit trumps ear, and went through it. Because it isn't a thick piece of skin, it tore right through and hit another victim in the background. This victim was likely Mr.Comperatore because as far as I know, the shooter was only trying to kill Trump. The second two bullets were somewhat of a willy-nilly attempt at landing a better shot, but also afraid of counter snipers/unable to hit because of the secret service dogpile. These two bullets went on to strike the two other victims.

Shooter Down:

The secret service counter snipers were stationed on top of a barn behind where trump stood.

Here is a diagram showing everyones position:

The counter snipers, being highly trained and accurate, worked fast to get a shot off on the target and ended his life. The final bullet fired, (5/5 heard in video) would have been one of two things, the body of the shooter moving/tensing up and the secret service shooting a second time to ensure the target was neutralized, or the shooter tensing up after being killed and squeezing the trigger of his firearm as a result.

Shooter Down -

Shooter On roof, and being shot -


There was a lot of yelling and shouting within the dogpile. Two of the key phrases heard is "Hawkeye is here" and "Move to the spare"

"Hawkeye" refers to the C.A.T. agents stationed around (normally hidden) C.A.T stands for Counter Assault Team and it is their job to use long weapons and tactics--similar to swat-- to combat any attackers while the agents get their protectee to safety. The "Spare" in this situation, refers to the spare limousine they always keep with them. While it isn't "The Beast" which is reserved for the sitting president, it is still a well armored vehicle that can keep the protectee safe and mobile during these events. The reason it is called the spare is because there always two of them. One of which was likely parked to far away.

Hawkeye is Here -

Mr.Trump, after collecting himself, resetting his shoes, and grabbing his cap, is lifted to his feet with the help of his detail. and pokes his head out from the top with a raised fist, to show he is okay. The crowd ROARS after seeing him for the first time since the ordeal. He says "Fight Fight Fight" through his teeth as the crowds begin to chant "USA USA USA" once more. It is worth noting, that in the videos of this section, you can see that a good portion of his security detail were shorter and smaller than him, and are not fit to shield the president in the event of an assassination attempt. You can even see what appears to be some service members crouching/hiding from potential harm. All the while, Mr.Trump is fully exposed.

Trump exposed while an agent ducks below him -

That is about the end of the action. Very short statements were released about Trump being "fine" and "being treated in a medical facility"

The two injured are still in the hospital, and Mr.Trump has since been released from the hospital and returned on his jet later that night.

Many people had noticed that the shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks (20), was wearing a Demolition Ranch Shirt. This prompted rumors that Matt Carriker, the main face of "The Demolitia", had some sort of connection to the shooting. It has been since debunked and condemned by many of his friends from different gun channels such as Brandon Hererra (TheAKGuy), Donut Operator (Cody Garrett) and even Carriker himself.

There are also reports of Crooks having posted things on social media hinting at violence, that are currently being investigated.

I am aware there are several more videos. Currently, im just clicking post so I can go do some things. My plan is to come back when more news sources report and I'll leverage their work to check and add any additional info.

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Japanese officer commits suicide (images only)

CHILD WARNING 24 year old Chicago mom gets shot and killed while holding her 1 year old baby (backstory in post)

Two men have been arrested in the murder of a woman who was shot dead in broad daylight in Chicago while holding a 1-year-old, according to police

Michael Washington, 39, and Eric Adams, 23, both of Urbana, Illinois, have each been charged with first-degree murder.

The 24-year-old victim was standing on a sidewalk with a group of people Tuesday morning when the suspects got out of a silver sedan and began firing toward the group, said police.

The 1-year-old child in her arms was unharmed.

The suspects fled the scene and were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon in Urbana, said police.

Former mayoral candidate Ja'mal Green said the slain woman was B. H. and that the child in her arms was her daughter.

Green told that the victim had been one of his classmates in high school.

"When she was shot, she shielded her baby, was hit and fell protecting her," Hill said. The child "survived and will have to grow up without her mother."

Green said Hill is also survived by a young son.

Washington and Adams are due to appear in bond court on Thursday, according to police.

Chicago Police are outraged that this video was released.

"We are taking this video release very seriously & working to establish its origin as this family deserves better."

Judge John F. Lyke Jr. denied bail for both men during a hearing Thursday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, 2650 S. California Ave. Their next court date was set for June 18.


a man dressed as the grim reaper set himself on fire in Turkey's biggest city of Istanbul.

The man dressed as the grim reaper was walking around in costume before setting himself on fire.

It took place in front of Istanbul's famous Galata Tower, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey.

Chinese EV on fire


If the link above doesn't work...

Try these instead!

Video Translation::marseymegaphone:

By: Flaminzzy

:marseysociety2:: Huh?

:marseyfacepeel:: Water.

:marseysociety2:: Water?

:marseysociety2:: You want it?

:marseysociety2:: Tell me.

:marseysociety2:: Tell me using your mouth.

:marseyfacepeel:: Water…

:marseysociety2:: Yes water, do you want it or not?

:marseysociety2:: Yes or not?

:marseyfacepeel:: Yes…

:marseysociety2:: Do you know who am i?

:marseyfacepeel:: El Lufue…

:marseyfacepeel:: I DON'T KNOW!

:marseysociety2: Who am i?

:marseyfacepeel: I don't know…

Video ends

Video Backstory::marseylongpost:

By: cookiecrumble

The video where you can see the torture and execution of a man, known as The "Yo Quiero Agua Gore" was the work of the hitman known as "El Payaso".


The victim who is now known as the Mexican Ghost Rider was an inhabitant of the municipality of Cotija in the state of Michoacán*, who was kidnapped by* CJNG hitmen commanded by 'El Payaso', plaza boss of this cartel in Aguililla.

It was the hitman himself "The clown of the CJNG" who removed the skin from his face, while the man was still alive.


Although the exact moment of the execution is not seen in the video, due to the man's severe injuries it is speculated that he was executed minutes later and his body will appear somewhere in Cotija in the next few days with a new narcomessage from the CJNG.


So far there has been no response from Los Viagras*, but after the threat it is feared that the family of said hitman will suffer the consequences of the acts of* 'El Payaso del CJNG' and will be executed by the Familia Michoacana.


El Payaso And His Hitmens::marseysociety2:

Alleged Story Of The Victim::marseylongpostglow:

By Wizzzboy

The man in the video was dating a woman who was involved in crime, after several disagreements between the couple, they broke up.


So, the man went to this woman's cousin to ask if his ex-girlfriend was okay, and related things, unfortunately for the boy, the woman saw this and thought she was being cheated on (they weren't even together).

She warned the local barracks about betrayal, and in Mexico, barracks do not tolerate any kind of betrayal, she invited him to her house, and told him to bring 1 liter of gasoline.


On the way, he was stopped by the barracks and taken to a distant area, there he was forced to drink 1 liter of gasoline and his face was ripped off, which is why he is asking for water, because his throat was full of gasoline.


The end.

:#marseyflagmexicopat: 2020

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On Monday, July 15th, Three ISIS "Inghimasi" (Suicide Attackers, Fighters that go into battle with the intent to die and deal as much damage while alive) fired on Shia worshippers at a Shiite-Muslim Mosque in Wadi al-Kabir, Oman and exchanged gunfire with Omani security forces until morning

The fighters that executed the attack gathering before carrying it out:

The shooting took place in the Imam Ali Mosque - 23.579579542807583, 58.56619776309229

The Royal Oman Police said on Tuesday that nine people were killed in the shooting in the capital Muscat's Wadi al-Kabir district, including the three perpetrators and a policeman. More than two dozen people of various nationalities were injured, including four Omani first responders, the police said. It didn't identify a motive for the attack or reveal the identity of the attackers.

(Civilian footage of the moment gunshots started being fired, sadly couldn't find the original so a news one will suffice)

Describing the incident as a terrorist attack, the Pakistani foreign ministry said 30 survivors were being treated in hospitals.

"This is a very unprecedented event ... the likes of it we have not seen in Oman's history," Pakistan's ambassador to Muscat, Imran Ali, said after visiting some victims in hospital.

One Indian citizen was killed and another injured, India's embassy in Muscat announced in a post on X Tuesday.

The attack took place during Ashura, the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram, which holds particular significance for Shiite Muslims, most Omanis adhere to Sunni Islam or to the Ibadi faith, which is a branch of Islam that has much in common with mainstream Sunni Islam.

The US embassy in Muscat issued a security alert for US citizens, advising them to "remain vigilant, monitor local news and heed directions of local authorities."

It said visa appointments scheduled for Tuesday would be canceled as a safety precaution.

Oman police said military and security procedures have concluded, and an investigation is ongoing.

This is a rare attack by ISIS due to it being their first in Oman.

Amaq News Agency Release about the Attack (Translated and non-translated versions):

📰 |Over 35 Shi'ites and Omani Forces were Killed and Injured in an Attack by Islamic State Fighters in the Capital, Muscat

Amaq Agency - Oman - Muscat: Over 35 Shi'ites and Omani forces were killed and wounded in a qualitative attack by Islamic State fighters in the Omani capital, Muscat.

Security sources in the Islamic State told Amaq Agency that last night, three Islamic State inghimasiyyin attacked a crowd of Shi'ites as they observed their annual rituals at a temple of theirs in the "Wadi al-Kabir" area of the capital.

The sources added that the fighters opened fire with machine guns on the Shi'ites, then clashed with the Omani forces that arrived at the location, where the clashes continued until this morning.

The sources indicated that the attack resulted in the killing and injuring of more than 30 Shi'ites and 5 Omani forces, including a police officer.

Ukros in M3 get smoked by Russian PTUR

Syrian man tortured by the regime soldiers

They are asking (do you still want freedom)

So apparently he was caught requesting freedom



Scenes from the mortar lava used by Saraya al-Quds to destroy enemy soldiers and vehicles penetrating in the axis of advance by Rafah during the Battle of al-Aqsa Flood

1:33 - Destroying enemy soldiers and vehicles penetrating the center of the city of Rafah in collaboration with the al-Qassam Brigades

Conflict: 2023-2024 Israel-Gaza War

Location: Rafah, Gaza, Palestine

Casualties: Multiple, confirmed by the IDF and Zionist occupation media

Perpetrator: Saraya al-Quds (Military wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad) and the al-Shaheed Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (military wing of Hamas)


Man brutally beaten then shot by group of soldiers.

No backstory.


Video reportedly shows the moment Chicago-based rapper Bloodhound Lil Jeff was allegedly fatally shot on Sunday, June 8.

The video reportedly shows a man, assumed to be the 21-year-old rapper, getting shot multiple times.

The footage starts with three men running across the road. At one point, a person in a black outfit assumed to be Bloodhound Lil Jeff, was seen falling to the ground after reportedly getting shot at.

The shooting took place on the 6600 block of S. Rhodes Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

Bloodhound Lil Jeff was transported to the hospital after allegedly getting shot over a dozen times where he succumbed to his injuries.

Bloodhound Lil Jeff was a member of the Bloodhound Chicago gang and gained traction in the rap scene after claiming to be responsible for a double homicide in his songs.

CHILD WARNING Truck reverses and kills little girl



i've seen it before but can't find the original/full video anywhere. i know there's a sound of it in tiktok since there was a short trend of people feeling bad for the soldier although he was killing innocents. you can find the audio if you search up "Palestinian soldier last words" i guess he was trying to say a Shahada

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