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Fixed link, use below video, top one wont work for some reason and i cant remove it? 6/11/2022

Beating👊🏼Men👊🏽Is👊🏾FUN compilation

Hitting men should be legal, one day a year. Think of the Purge.

Every woman gets to pick one man to abuse legally, and if he has a woman she can fight for his honor.

This video brings joy to my heart.

Credit: @SarEmgeti

Thank you for your service !

Remember ladies, the cops prob won’t believe him. It’s okay to get a little rough with him once in a while.


Murders of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland

On the morning of 17 December 2018, a pair of French hikers came across the decapitated bodies of the victims, and their tent, near a trail connecting Imlil to Mount Toubkal. A suspect named Abderrahim Khayali was quickly apprehended following the incident, after police found an ID in the victims' tent, that had been left behind by the suspect. Three additional suspects, Abdessamad Ejjoud, Rachid Afatti, and Younes Ouaziyad, were later apprehended by the police while riding a bus during the morning rush hour in the nearby city of Marrakesh. The three suspects were caught in possession of bladed weapons. Abdessamad Ejjoud is assumed to be the leader of the group, and the four men had shot a video the week before the murders, where they pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The killers had agreed to carry out a terrorist act on either security services or foreign tourists, before deciding to travel to the Imlil region to look for foreigners, and where they would target the two backpackers. In the video of the killings, the attackers can be heard shouting "enemies of Allah", and "revenge for our brothers in Hajin".

Moroccan police later made additional arrests of individuals believed to have connections with the suspects.

(classic) [Child Warning] girl shoots her cousin then instantly kills herself

https://www.boston.com/news/national-news/2022/03/28/online-video-shows-girl-fatally-shooting-cousin-and-herself/ CONTEXT

Should we ban hate speech here? Upvote if NO downvote if YES :marseythonk:

The words we should consider banning:

Bipoc, cute twink, retard, jewish chad, :marseytrain:, wop, China man, zipper head, wet back, cracker, honkey, gook. If there's any others I missed please write them in the comments.

Thanks for helping me clean this place up !


Cartel Savagery In Mexico (Full)



Better quality

CDN makes an example out of La Linea Cartel member.

As promised! :onfire!:Sign up for the WPD 500k USER TIER LIST!:onfire: Comment under this post, and like it to sign up. You have until Saturday the 19th!

As promised! Sign up for the WPD 500k USER TIER LIST! Comment under this post, and like it to sign up. You have until Saturday the 19th!


https://watchpeopledie.tv/h/discussion/post/5812/marseylovemarseypartyzoomthe-wpd-community-tier-list-of first tier list!

brand new vagina

men ☕️
(24/05/23, Italy) police beats trans pedophile


He set his twitter profile to have his suicide date lmao https://twitter.com/depriv3d_sucks

rip :soyjakfront:

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This video is all in one

Side by side of both body cams synced up

[Child Warning] Syrian Refuge Stabbing Children In Playground, France (08/6/23)

Six people, including four children, have been injured in a knife attack in a park in the French alpine town of Annecy

The victims are as young as three, according to French reports which say two children and a man are in a life-threatening condition

The attacker was a Syrian man seeking refugee status, with no known links to Islamist groups, police say

Former Liverpool footballer Anthony Le Tallec says he witnessed the knifeman attack an older man before he was shot by police

French President Emmanuel Macron has said "the nation is in shock", calling it an "act of absolute cowardice"

The city's mayor has denounced the "appalling attack" and said a press conference will be held later

News Article - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-65841666

bum fight in thread 🚨 Pussyfication of WPD

This is mostly just a rant for my own sake so enjoy.

(Due to recent events: No I’m not associated with this cat video)

The recent uptick in users from Reddit and instagram is very noticeable to me. Every time I see acomment or post about, “look at these flowers” or complaining about animal deaths, 9/10 times the account was made in the past 2 months. This site is called fucking watch people die. That’s what we do, we don’t care about your flowers, or that a dog died, or that this video “triggered you”. Get the fuck off the site and go back to PC land where everybody cares about your “feelings”.

In addition. Dear Heavenly Father please smite the onlyfans/e sluts that have been showing up. In fact god post the video on here. That’s all. Im rricky and I’m unreasonably upset.

Edit: the vile women in the comments has videos up of her on the toilet. Her opinion is now invalid.

Edit 2: The comments simply back up my opinion


Buffalo Mass Shooting full livestream video

6:05 is when the action starts.

A couple fun facts about this video:

  • At 3:47 you can see him pull up Martha Speaks furry porn on his phone. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough for a self-proclaimed Nazi, the artist who drew it is black.

  • He decorated his AR-15 with such tasteful phrases as "Tarrant", "SygaOwn", "mogged" and "Bipoc". Have a look for yourself!



Oh and if you want to read his manifesto, it's here: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/c0arltxq.pdf

Be warned though, it's shockingly boring. It's full of /pol/ infographics, gun talk, and he also literally just copy/pastes from Tarrant's manifesto in some parts. Little originality from this fellow.

And here's a slightly lower-quality but longer video, courtesy of @sdsdsdsdsdsd (13 minutes, the additional 6 minutes are the driving part so you're not really missing anything):

(Clarification: there's "more" of this video out there compared to these vids so it's technically not the full video, but it's never been posted anywhere, so you can't see it.)

Ms Pac man A classic

On the night of Monday, October 29, 2018, Alejandra Ico Chub, 32, was murdered by her husband at home, on her bed. She was mutilated with a machete. Her cries for help were heard by neighbors from La Isla del Norte in San Miguel, Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. The murderer, Mario Tut Ical, Alejandra's partner, fled after committing the murder.

Reminder: animal abuse is banned here! :marseydomesticabuse: :marseyprotestno:

Yes, we know what the cat blender video is. No, we don't want it here. We've had to ban like 5 people (including a semi-regular) just today for posting it.

Stop fucking posting animal abuse you retards. Stop asking for it as well. I am seething, and I cannot cope. Stop being retards thanks bye :#marseybye:

FunkyTown without watermark

@Rottie @G-tix

Active Shooter In Tactical Gear Exits Car And Fires On Strangers

Shooters Dead Body - https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16834176996684072.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16834181847860413.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16834209694986315.webp

(CHILD WARNING) Robb Elementary School Shooting // Uvalde school shooting // Slavador Ramos // Full Coverage

Robb elementary school shooting timeline I made!

This is probably my best video ive ever made.

This contains:

Audio of the killer speaking while in the school.

Backstory with the killer.

Days leading up to the massacre.

Police bodycams in the school.

Subtitles of audio heard in the school, (killer, children etc)

Discord - Skop#2450

Transgender Woman Set Herself On Fire


trans woman who set himself on fire

The trans woman, who set himself on fire on Tuesday afternoon at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, succumbed to his injuries on the same day. The Berlin police announced on Wednesday. The investigation into death will be carried out by the responsible criminal police commissioner. Psychological motivation has been ruled out by police so as not to anger any marginalized communities.

On Tuesday around 1:20 p.m. in front of a department store, the man doused himself with a flammable liquid from a petrol can and then set it on fire (queer.de reported). An employee of the department store was then able to extinguish the flames quickly and alerted the Berlin fire brigade.

Trans female teen hangs herself on Instagram call (teen warning)

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Post question

what was the first gore video you can remember watching?

Leave your answer in the comments.


Let's say the biggest heap of human garbage who is currently alive today can be put down tomorrow and he will never be able to hurt another person ever again.... but the catch is this.... you have to be the one who decides how he will be executed and you have to be the one to carry it out, and if you refuse then he will be set free and will continue to kill and hurt others...

Which method of execution would you choose? Pick only one.

Gary Plauché shoots his son's rapist

This has been posted before but never in its original quality.

Gary pled no contest to manslaughter and got no prison time, instead merely getting probation, community service, and a suspended sentence.

"They were not going to convict Gary of shooting the guy who molested his son. That wasn't going to happen—not in Baton Rouge." — Mike Barnett (Baton Rouge Sheriff's Dept.)

When interviewed not long before his own death in 2014, to "do you regret killing Jeff Doucet?" he quickly replied "No."

"Would you do it again?" He answered, "Hell yeah."

More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Plauche

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