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NeoTrump dodging bullets #Merica :marseysaluteusa: :troll2:

sorry if its low quatly but this comp had this footage and i wanna know the og clip




I really hope some writing or some type of new information comes out about him. Because apparently everyone online is an expert in everything and already knows exactly why he did it.

Almost every theory I have heard is plausible, but no one really knows yet.

The Louisville bank shooter was a left wing guy who apparently wanted to prove how easy it is to get a gun and do a mass shooting. Such a wildcard of a situation.

But end the end, it is always a goofy looking autistic kid. The percentage must be wildly high.

We can't really base his intentions off of him being a registered republican (look where he lives. Still not enough for a motive), he donated 15 dollars to some democratic thing as a teen (17 I think), and people are also judging him based off his T-shirt. Which was for some gun shooting (non political) YouTube channel. Look where he lives. There is much to do other than to shoot guns.

But in seriousness, there isn't shit to go off that. Unless his social medias or writings have been posted yet.

Joint Syrian-Russian Airstrike on a Rebel Drone Production Workshop - Idlib, Syria - July 12, 2024

Palestinian lives matter except for terrorists

The bodies of Russian servicemen after the assault.



إعلام ولاية الخير - قناص ولاية الخير - Wilayat Al-Khayr Media - The Sniper of Wilayat Al-Khayr


Is arguing for "weak individuals", as claimed by Friedrich Nietzsche?

The question "Is arguing for 'weak people,' as claimed by Friedrich Nietzsche?" delves into Nietzsche's profound critique of traditional morality and his concept of the "will to power." Nietzsche, a pivotal figure in philosophical thought, challenges conventional ethical frameworks by asserting that they prioritize values that he perceives as fostering weakness and suppressing individual greatness.

Nietzsche's critique of "arguing for weak people" is deeply rooted in his rejection of what he termed as slave morality. According to Nietzsche, slave morality emerged historically from oppressed groups who, lacking the physical strength or dominance, developed values such as humility, compassion, and selflessness as a means of coping with their circumstances and exerting moral influence. This moral system, he argues, serves to maintain social order but at the expense of stifling the potential for individual excellence and creativity.

Central to Nietzsche's philosophy is his concept of the "will to power," which asserts that all beings strive for power and dominance as a fundamental driving force of human behavior. For Nietzsche, this will to power encompasses not only physical strength but also intellectual and creative abilities that individuals should cultivate to achieve their fullest potential. In contrast, the values of slave morality, which prioritize meekness and altruism, are seen by Nietzsche as inhibiting the flourishing of the strong and exceptional individuals.

Nietzsche's stance on dialectics further complicates the question. He critiques dialectical reasoning, particularly in the context of morality, as reinforcing binary oppositions (such as good versus evil) that oversimplify complex human motivations and experiences. Instead, Nietzsche advocates for a more nuanced understanding of human behavior that acknowledges the interplay of power dynamics, individual wills, and historical contingencies.

Formally, Nietzsche's language challenges the foundational assumptions of moral philosophy by positing that moral values are not universal truths but rather reflections of historical, cultural, and social contexts. His critique invites a reevaluation of moral judgments and ethical principles, urging individuals to confront the uncomfortable reality that moral frameworks can be instruments of power and control as much as they are guides for ethical behavior.

In conclusion, the question regarding's Nietzsche's critique of "arguing for weak individuals" compels a deep exploration of his philosophical arguments, challenging us to reconsider traditional moral values, dialectical reasoning, and the implications of advocating for strength versus weakness in ethical discourse. Nietzsche's critique remains a provocative lens through which to examine the complexities of morality and power dynamics in contemporary philosophical debates.

Isis compilation

Bro thinks hes Shuaiby


إعلام ولاية حمص - ويشف صدور قوم مؤمنين - Homs Province Media: And Heal the Souls of the Believers

Immigrant in Italy stole a 90 year old woman's purse, and got all the karma he deserved for it...

Sourced from


Fragments of the night work of Ukrainian snipers in Serebryansky Forest.


I wanna see how fucked u all are in the head

20 yr old Thomas Matthew Crooks, of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, identified as Trump shooter.

Wikipedia says Crooks "was registered as a Republican in his voter registration records"

He is also reported to have donated $15 to liberal campaign group ActBlue in 2021.


Thomas Matthew Crooks ID'd as gunman who shot Trump during Pa. rally

The gunman who attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump Saturday was identified as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, sources told The Post.

Crooks, of Bethel Park, Pa., squeezed off shots — one of which grazed Trump in the ear — at an outdoor rally in Butler, just outside Pittsburgh.

Sources said Crooks was planted on a roof of a manufacturing plant more than 130 yards away from the stage at Butler Farm Show grounds.

He was killed by Secret Service snipers. An AR-style rifle was later recovered.

Bethel Park is a village 40 miles south of where the Butler rally was held.

Why Crooks fired on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is unclear.


UPDATE: the FBI now has formally identified the shooter.

The FBI hasn't yet publicly released the name of the now dead Trump shooter - but he's a 20 year old Pennsylvania resident who lives close to where the rally was held, in Butler, Pennsylvania.

He's been identified, despite him not carrying ID when he was killed.

The FBI and local police held a news conference at midnight, EST, Saturday night.

From the press conference:

The FBI isn't releasing the shooters name yet.

They are going to confirm his identity by DNA.

They don't yet have a motive for the shooting.

VERY little real information was released at the new conference.


FBI and police are at the home of the shooter, and have taped off his house.

His home is an hour away from the rally.

Police are waiting for a warrant to search his house.

FBI are asking anybody with knowledge to phone 1 800 CALLFBI

Trump rally shooter killed by Secret Service sniper, officials say

A suspected gunman who opened fire during a rally Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania, for former President Donald Trump was fatally shot by a Secret Service sniper, authorities said.

One rally attendee was killed and two more were critically wounded, the Secret Service said in a statement Saturday night.

The suspect was shot and killed by a member of a Secret Service counter-assault team, two law enforcement sources told CBS News. The gunman was outside of the cordoned-off rally area about 200 to 300 feet from the rally, and was standing on an elevated structure believed to be a shed, the two sources said. The shooter was armed with an AR-style rifle, sources said.

Several shots rang out while Trump was speaking on stage at about 6:15 p.m. local time. Video showed the former president immediately touch his ear and then crouch to the ground, with his Secret Service agents rushing the stage. Some blood could be seen on his face as he stood up and held up his fist to the crowd. He was rushed out to his motorcade and the Secret Service later confirmed that he was safe.

It is still being determined if Trump was struck by a bullet or debris, a law enforcement source said. In a post to his Truth Social platform, Trump said he was "shot with a bullet that pierced the upper part of my right ear."

He went on: "I knew immediately that something was wrong in that I heard a whizzing sound, shots, and immediately felt the bullet ripping through the skin."

Authorities are investigating the shooting as an attempted assassination, law enforcement sources told CBS News. The FBI said in a statement that it is leading the investigation, with assistance from the Secret Service and state and local agencies.

Rally attendee Ben Macer told CBS Pittsburgh that he saw the suspect "move from roof to roof" and told an officer that the gunman "was on the roof."

"When I turned around to go back to where I was, it was when the gunshots started, and then it was just chaos, and we all came running away, and that was that," Macer said.

Rep. Mike Kelley of Pennsylvania, who was standing backstage watching Trump speak, told CBS News, "I believe a lady who was next to me was hit, other people were hit."

Dr. Jim Sweetland, an emergency room physician who was at the rally and witnessed the shooting, told CBS News by phone that he administered first aid to a man who had sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

"He was shot in the head, his body was twisted around and wedged between two benches that were in the stands," Sweetland said. "He was not breathing, he did not have a pulse. He appeared gravely ill."

With the help of three people, Sweetland said he was able to get the victim onto a bench and then began administering CPR and chest compressions.

"There was a lot of blood that was spilt on the stands where he lay, as well as brain matter," Sweetland said.

Two Pennsylvania State Police troopers then approached, gathered up the victim and took him, presumably to an ambulance, Sweetland said.

Republican Senate candidate David McCormick, who was in the front row of the rally, also saw one person shot.

"It was really hard to tell, there was a lot of blood, so it wasn't clear where the bullet had struck him, and how severe the wound was," McCormick told CBS News. "He looked to be unconscious, but even that's not entirely clear to me."

The shooting comes just two days before the start of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

Trump's motorcade departed Butler Memorial Hospital a little before 9:30 p.m. local time, two sources confirmed to CBS News. It was unclear where he was headed. He had initially been scheduled to travel to his estate in Bedminster, New Jersey, before departing for Milwaukee for the convention.


On October 1st, 2023, at Camden road at about 05:40, a robber and his accomplice entered the shop with a handgun threatening employees and stealing items. 40 minutes later they went to another shop and did the same again (no footage). 3 days later they robbed another store, this time with a third accomplice (again no footage).

Picture of suspects:


[EFFORTPOST] The Cordoban Samurai (Argentina Lore)

"It was one of the most terrible days of my life." This is how Alejandro describes that April 10 when he confronted the three criminals who entered his house with a katana that he had as an ornament, and managed to throw them out. That day, this 49-year-old metal worker transformed into the Cordoban samurai.

The case occurred in his house at 7700 Chaquira Street, in the Cerro Norte neighborhood, when the criminals surprised Alejandro and his wife while they were sleeping.

The thieves already had some money in their possession when, carelessly, the owner of the house took a katana (Japanese sword) that he had on the wall and, in the best samurai style, confronted them and wounded them in the head.

On May 22, prosecutor Jorgelina Gutiez dismissed the case considering that he acted in legitimate defense.

More photos of the thieves

Remember this mf

Sutured head injury

The thieves broken in his house armed with a 9mm pistol, aimed at the Samurai's head and order him to gave all his money, he handled them 18.000$.

as soon as they turned their backs, the Samurai went after his katana, the rest is history.

The Samurai:


The sentences were as follows: Gabriela Yvonne Loyola, three years of effective prison and she was granted conditional freedom for having already served 10 months of confinement.

Ian Carim Mena: five and a half years in prison, combined into six and a half years for a previous conviction

Maximiliano Andrés Peralta: five years and seven months in prison

Osvaldo Maximiliano Moyano and Juan Carlos Tolosa: five years and six months in prison.

The convicted persons acknowledged the facts of the accusation, expressed their regret and apologized to the family that was a victim of the assault.

Two of them, through their defenders, asked that the Chamber take steps to obtain the surgical interventions they need to recover mobility in their limbs after the injuries suffered with the katana that the owner of the house used to defend his family.

Thieves being sentenced

Years later, One of the victims, Juan Cruz Toloza (The one with his hand in half), Crashed, killed a child and fled.

Ramiro Paredes had 12 years when he was killed by Juan Cruz Toloza.

The judge, sentenced Juan Cruz Toloza to three years and 10 months of effective prison with a declaration of recidivism.

Rest in peace.

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