Butler, Pennsylvania, United States

This literally just happened like 15 minutes ago so no news articles yet. Here at WPD, you get the news before it even hits the news! :marseyjourno:

EDIT: New articles are now coming out:

EDIT 2: Supporter got headshotted (and killed). 2 other supporters critically injured.

(eyewitness interviews)

EDIT 3: Shooter dead on the roof of a nearby building. He's been identified as 20 year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, of Bethel Park. He used an AR-15 in the shooting.,-79.9709228,470a,35y,111.64h/data=!3m1!1e3

He's a registered Republican (I checked for myself on this website), but has also donated $15 to ActBlue (a Democratic PAC). Both line up, same address and everything. Right now this makes 0 sense to me so I guess we'll see why exactly he did it as more news trickles in.

I'm going away for a bit, I'll be back in a few hours to update this post again with any developments.

send me gore to draw

I bought some Lisa Frank stickers for nostalgia since not too long ago I got over a few childish things as trauma triggers (surprise surprise I had a traumatic childhood), and I want to make some surreal art with them with the main focus being extreme gore.

Think something a bit more extreme than this (not mine, but from an artist I enjoy a few works from):

The worse, but more artistly appealing, the better.

Examples of my past works:

I really enjoy things with extreme opposing feelings being mixed together and how uncomfortable it feels. Surrealism is my favorite art genre and I want to try seriously making some.

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:carppatriot: USA! USA! USA! :marseysaluteusa!:
CHILD WARNING In France, racist white teen boy attempted to assault a black girl; he didn't expect that she knew how to defend herself



This version is actually cropped version of this

In July 13th 2024, two people dies from electricity in Izmir/Turkey

Victims: Özge Ceren Deniz (24) and İnanç Öktemay (44, the dude who came to save her)

Photos of the victims:

İnanç Öktemay

Özge Ceren Deniz

Aftermath :marseydead:

Honerable Mention

In 2014, İnanç Öktemay posted a facebook post saying "To get to know a country, look at how people in that country die." he died 10 years later.

The mayor of the Izmir/Konak tells this horrific story while secretly smiling/grining

Shit, its stuck!


SL Club owner shot dead

Moments before the shooting

On July 8, 2024, Surendra Wasantha Perera, also known as "Club Wasantha," was attending the opening of a tattoo salon when two gunmen opened fire, resulting in his death and injuring four others, including his wife and popular singer K. Sujeewa. The gunmen, armed with T56 rifles, arrived in a car that was later found abandoned in Kaduwela. They fled the scene in a van, which was discovered in Bulathsinhala, Kalutara


guy gets shot while trying to break into ex girlfriends house. (INFO IN COMMENTS)

The Camp Speicher Massacre [EFFORT POST]


Camp Speicher Massacre (or Tikrit Massacre) was a massacre carried out by the militant group ISIS, at the time still called ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), on June 12, 2014, against Shia soldiers of the Iraqi Army. Around 1,700 Shiites were executed.

Al Sahra Airfield (Camp Speicher)

Majid al Tamimi Air Base, officially known as Tikrit Air Academy, is located near the city of Tikrit in northern Iraq. Before 2003, it was the main base of the Iraqi Air Force's Air Academy. In 2003, it was captured by Marines and handed over to the United States. On October 20, 2011, with the general withdrawal campaign of US Forces, the base was handed over to the Iraqi Government.

(Camp Speicher in 2005, still under US command)

(location of Camp Speicher)

The Capture

In June 2014, as a result of a major ISIS offensive, the city of Tikrit was taken and the Iraqi Army collapsed. The cadets who were based at the base were ordered by their officers to leave it. Unarmed, and in a failed attempt to "camouflage" themselves, the cadets removed their uniforms and began walking out of the base, towards Baghdad. Several kilometers from the camp, around 1,700 cadets were captured by around fifty ISIL militants. It is estimated that at the time there were approximately 5,000 to 10,000 unarmed cadets in the vicinity of Camp Speicher.


Among the 10,000 cadets there were, ISIL militants chose only Shia Muslims to be executed.

Missing Cadets

Around 400 other cadets were arrested by Iraqi government forces in areas around Tikrit, accused of deserting their duties. Even as family members of the missing presented photographic evidence proving that their loved ones are in Iraqi government prisons, authorities continued to deny that they were in their custody.

Exhumation of Bodies

The Iraqi government's efforts to exhume bodies from mass graves are slow and severely flawed. As a result, families live in anguish, not knowing whether their loved ones were victims of the massacre, or whether they are being held secretly in prison by the government.


In August 2016, Iraq hanged 36 men accused of taking part in the massacre, the executions were carried out in the prison in the city of Nasiriyah, all the men were Iraqi citizens. In August 2017, 27 more men were sentenced to death, also accused of having participated in the massacre. However, flawed judgments and half-truths cannot be considered justice. Some of the accused reported that they were not even close to the city of Tikrit on the date of the incident, while others said they were forced to confess to the charges under torture.

(Memorial site)

(Memorial of martyrs of Camp Speicher)

(Memorial of martyrs of Camp Speicher)

man runs over a protesting :marseypussyhat: crowd

Indian guy dies ELECTROCUTED on a TRAIN after flipping his finger to the camera.

boy shoots himself :marseytedbackstab: in the head '*•.¸♡ ♡¸.•*'

Talibans try to sneak up on US base, instead get obliterated by an Apache Helicopter.

[PURE SOUND] Aeroflot Brutal Landing 41 dead, Russia [PASSENGER POV] + [LANDING FOOTAGE].

Woman shot her husband because he was unfaithful to her

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – OCTOBER 6, 2022 36-year-old Daiana Rosa da Silva Luz shot her husband during an argument. He was allegedly unfaithful to her and had an affair with another woman. Everything was caught on a security camera


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On the afternoon of 20th August 2019 in Encarnación (Paraguay), 24 year old R.A.B.P. committed suicide.

'R' was at work + when her colleagues went for their lunch break, she hanged herself.




Màn gets brutally beheaded and ends up as a soccer ball. (Better quality ver)

It is football season after all.


Korean girl livestreams her suicide on Instagram

KANGNAM, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – APRIL 16, 2023 A young girl from South Korea decided to end her life by jumping from the roof of a high-rise building. She live-streamed everything on Instagram. Most of the viewers in the chat are begging her not to do it


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