Iโ€™m only doing this to piss off the people who complain about this more. Donโ€™t like it well tough shit. Mute social and move on.

guy helps his friend film his suicide

no idea why, looks indian enough

Fatal shooting at Marina Seaview Residences in the Philippines on July 22, 2022

Zhang and one of his subordinates, Meng, went to the Marina Seaview Residences to negotiate with the leader of another gang, nicknamed Audi.

Audi had recruited 12 private armed bodyguards (licensed by the government) to wait at the scene.

Later, a conflict arose during the negotiation. Considering that there were more people on the Audi side, Zhang signaled Audi to calm down, and the bodyguards hired by Audi also intentionally reduced the conflict.

But at this time, Zhang's subordinate Meng suddenly took out a pistol from his waist, and Audi's bodyguards immediately shot him several times and killed him.

In the confusion, another guard, probably worried about Zhang's counterattack, reflexively shot him (non-fatal wound).

After Zhang fell down, Audi took the opportunity to stab him more than ten times with a knife, resulting in his death.

The Philippine police later arrested Audi and the bodyguard who fired the gun, and investigated whether their behavior was self-defense.

The first deceased, Zhang Xiaolong, a 30-year-old Chinese, was the leader of a human trafficking gang.

He released high-paying job vacancies from the Internet or emails, lured Chinese people to the Philippines, and kidnapped them to engage in organ harvesting or forced prostitution.



The second deceased, Meng Ziyu, a 30-year-old Chinese, was Zhang Xiaolong's subordinate and usually served as his bodyguard.


Suicide of guys brother on Facebook live

I'm gonna warn everyone now this is very sad very messed up what a dad did to his own baby daughter I wasn't even sure about posting this , it's just to sad hearing the baby cry

Garland store shooting 2021 (cctv footage)

(CW) Chinese kids Crushed by falling screen

Old lady gets her throat slit

Sounds like the guy is on a face chat & someone daring him to assault someone so he sees the old lady at a food truck I'm guessing, & knocks her down &slits her throat then he runs off &is breathing &talking about "thrill" or "rush" he got doing that - sick guy

Scarlxrd - FADED.


Traffic Officer Shot Dead By Drunk Driver (Different Angle)



May 27, 2023 Backseat passenger ejected from car. Dourados, Brazil

Girl committed suicide at a waterfall

bum fight in thread ๐Ÿšจ Pussyfication of WPD

This is mostly just a rant for my own sake so enjoy.

(Due to recent events: No Iโ€™m not associated with this cat video)

The recent uptick in users from Reddit and instagram is very noticeable to me. Every time I see acomment or post about, โ€œlook at these flowersโ€ or complaining about animal deaths, 9/10 times the account was made in the past 2 months. This site is called fucking watch people die. Thatโ€™s what we do, we donโ€™t care about your flowers, or that a dog died, or that this video โ€œtriggered youโ€. Get the fuck off the site and go back to PC land where everybody cares about your โ€œfeelingsโ€.

In addition. Dear Heavenly Father please smite the onlyfans/e sluts that have been showing up. In fact god post the video on here. Thatโ€™s all. Im rricky and Iโ€™m unreasonably upset.

Edit: the vile women in the comments has videos up of her on the toilet. Her opinion is now invalid.

Edit 2: The comments simply back up my opinion


Tree falls on motorbiker (not sure if they die, move to social if they don't)

He had an accident in his Ferrari car with his Wife

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/1685461314450036.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16854613142540064.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16854613140020542.webp

Their tire blew up while driving

He was a car and speed enthusiast.

No deaths in the accident

In the impact, which took place near Fasano, in the Brindisi area, an elderly couple were killed while driving the vehicle that had started its journey from the Monopoli junction. Anas staff, law enforcement and firefighters are on site to manage the road network. The 20-year-old: "Up until the end, I didn't see they were in contradiction"

The cause of the death of two elderly people was the wrong entrance on the state road, which allegedly took place from the height of Monopoli. The two would then have traveled the road in the opposite direction aboard their Hyundai I20, and then impacted a Mini Countryman, driven by a 20-year-old who arrived in the fast lane.

In the clash, the boy was injured, also suffering emotional trauma and a broken leg: he was transported in yellow code to the Perrino hospital in Brindisi. On the scene of the accident, at kilometer 858.600 in the municipality of Fasano, the personnel of Anas, the forces of order and the fire brigade intervened to manage the road network. Traffic towards Bari was diverted for a few hours and subsequently restored.

The 20-year-old: "Up until the end, I didn't see they were in the opposite direction"


Guy tests his homemade helicopter, fucking dies

Credit to @-GOOSE for the added context!! tysm <3

On Tuesday (August 10) night, a 24-year-old innovator and school dropout named Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Ibrahim succumbed to his injuries during a fatal accident on his DIY helicopter. The incident took place in the Fulsawangi village in Mahagaon tehsil in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra.

As per reports, Ibrahim had dropped out of school when he was studying in class 8. He then began working with his elder brother Mussavir at his gas welding workshop. He learnt the art of making coolers, almirahs and other household items using steel and aluminium sheets. He was inspired by the character of โ€˜Ranchoโ€™ in the movie โ€˜3 idiotsโ€™ and wanted to make his village Fulsawangi famous. Using the skills that he honed while working at the workshop, Ibrahim designed a helicopter from scratch.

He had built the helicopter using information from Youtube videos. In a mammoth effort that lasted two years, Ibrahim was able to collect all the parts that are required to build the helicopter. According to his friend Sachin Ubale, the deceased innovator created the prototype of a single-seater helicopter. Ibrahim had used steel pipes and a Maruti 800 engine to build the helicopter. Ubale added that Ismail wanted to showcase the DIY helicopter to the public on the occasion of Independence Day.

On Tuesday night, Ismail decided to do a final trial run of the helicopter. As his friends gathered to witness the occasion, he started the engine, and shortly after the accident happen. As seen in the video shot by his friends, while rotating at very high speed, the blades of the tail rotor of the helicopter snapped, and pieces of it hit the main rotor blads. This caused the main rotor blades also to snap, and a piece of metal hit Ismail at a very high speed.

Ismail did not wear protective gear while testing his chopper

โ€œIsmail wanted to exhibit the helicopter to the public on Independence Day this year and so he decided to test the flying machine near his workshop. On Tuesday night, he occupied the pilot seat and started the engine as some of his friends watched in awe. Even before anyone could understand what was happening, a piece of the broken blade slashed Ismailโ€™s throat and he collapsed to the ground. He used to test the functioning of the chopper very often. Earlier, he had been successful in lifting the helicopter 5 feet above the ground. It was his final trial on Tuesday,โ€ Ubale said.


The deceasedโ€™s friend informed that Ismail would wear a helmet and headphones while testing the helicopter. However, on the fateful night, he did not wear any protective gear. His friends were thrilled to see Ismail testing out his DIY chopper. Their happiness was short-lived as the helicopter malfunctioned within minutes. After the pieces of the blades slit the throat of Ismail, he fell down from the helicopter. He began bleeding profusely and was rushed to a hospital at Pusad. However, he succumbed to his injuries even before the doctors could begin the treatment. A video of the incident had gone viral on social media.

Killdozer II: Killdozer KILLS:marseycountry:

Man pleads with gunmen not to shoot him... then gets shot in the head at close range

Pomf2 copy

The second the video starts you will know how it ends and you will be right, but it will still be unexpected ๐Ÿค” you'll understand after you watch it - Man dies pushing down a wall

Pomf2 copy


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