Part 2 of girl catching a beating for scamming

Punched at a concert

Searching For This ISIS Video

Hello Guys, I hope you are all healthy, here I want to ask something, maybe someone has seen the video from the frame above? I've been looking for the video since 1 year ago, maybe it's a video from Jihadi John, I've found it, but only briefly on YouTube

I remember the video footage of a prisoner digging in the ground and someone (probably Jihadi John) standing delivering a message with an ISIS flag next to him.

Maybe if it has been posted here, please give a link in the comments, thank you

New footage of the Ukrainian missile attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol (Crimea) earlier today. Obviously, it was struck by more than one missile despite what was reported by the Sevastopol authorities

Heart and lungs outside of body

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If you want please help me out

Ukrainian soldier flanks Russia trench position

Flappy Bird is an innocuous Scratch game created by kingliam3 on January 31, 2014, based on the mobile game with the same name. On November 18, 2021, however, a user on 4chan (Armus) hacked his account and the game to show Ronnie McNutt's suicide video when the player dies. The game plays just like the original iOS and Android versions of Flappy Bird. However, there are now two game modes; normal and impossible. Impossible mode changes the color palette and makes the game faster. Losing the game, however, shows a looping GIF of Ronnie McNutt killing himself, and plays the song "Ruler of Everything" by Tally Hall, beginning with the lyrics "So he shot at the sun with a gun". On November 18, an anonymous user on 4chan's /b/ announced that they hacked into a large Scratch account that hosted a popular version of Flappy Bird.[1] This user specifically attempted to try and get this onto the news by emailing this to multiple news stations with the claim that this game always had shocking content in it. OP called this Operation McNutt.

An Email OP sent to Bloomberg.

Armus also added with a discord tag "Armus#1111 if you have any technical issues" to the bottom of the page, possibly to get people's reactions.

Later that night, however, Scratch removed the game due to the gore.

“That was the day Jerome killed Santiago”

Bald guy gets plunger stuck on his head by an asian

to take the fast way down

Red light spells danger - Billy Ocean

Just a good song wich makes me happy :)

Fatalitys - Compilation (Crazyshit)

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Mr PacMan spottet eating in a restaurant...

Aftermath of the 2010 Manila bus hijacking (+pics)

Info can be found on the wiki here:

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1444 (full video)


Yes, I accidentally spilled slight blood on the bottom.

ethiopian troops execute two men by firing squad

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