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Du siehst auch die Streifen am Himmel

Wach auf und bleib am Leben

Du trägst die Wahrheit

Die all die Lügen irgendwann

Zerbrechen werden

So wie sie uns zerbrechen wollten

Der Wandel findet im Kopf an !




Abel Lopez-Lopez, 37, RENO, Nevada

According to the investigative report and body cam images, he'd raised a black bag containing a pistol while facing officers. He was hit four times, including once in the head by a shotgun blast.

“In summation, the shooting officers in this case reasonably believed Lopez-Lopez posed an imminent danger that he would kill or cause great bodily injury to” the officers and his wife, the investigative report says.

“The Officers actually and reasonably feared for their own lives and the lives of others, as they had reports that (his wife) was being held hostage and that when they opened the door, Lopez-Lopez was, in fact, armed with a firearm and he drew it…”

Lopez-Lopez's wife later told police she had suspected something sexual might be happening with her 7-year-old — one of five children — for several months.

The girl also told a teacher, who immediately reported the abuse to police.

The Sparks Police Department initiated an investigation and began trying to find Lopez-Lopez.

Later that evening, their 16-year-old daughter called 911 to report text messages from her mother that Lopez-Lopez was threatening to kill her.

The string of text messages over two minutes starting at 7:31 that night said: “At 711 now … Abel is with me … And I think he's trying to kill me … Tell the police … I'm at 711 by the apt … Hurry … Call cops please.”

CHILD WARNING A group of black students beats up a disabled wheelchair student

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lmk if this is a repost

Stupid black bitches beat up a disabled girl ( disgusting, and they're laughing like fucking hyenas. )

Idk if this is a child warning since they're teenagers but ima put one anyway

The reason why theres no sound is because im on a mac and its really hard to record

its complicated

dont forget to stay starry and supa!!!!!!!!!!!! 😜

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Ironically, Israel is the only country that treats jews badly and those who do so are anti-semitic zionists, obviously Judaism is the excuse of these fascists to exercise extreme violence against humanity.

CHILD WARNING Messi or C.Ronaldo ? And Why?! I prefer R9 :marseysoldemayo: :marseyflagportugal:

OK niggas

They are close to retiring and we do not know who is better, but personally I prefer R9, but before you decide your opinion, say why with statistics and titles, or I think it is not important because many prefer other players and their history is not great. I preferred R9 because he is truly legendary IN EVERYTHING EVEN IN FC 24. Not a human: fast, skillful and contributed to winning the World Cup title for Brazil :marseysalutebrasil:


Body cam footage 1:

Body cam footage 2:

Body cam footage 3:


(James Huber)

This situation was captured on body camera footage that showed Huber's death virtually moment by moment. He was shot and killed on Feb. 12, 2022. The New York Attorney General's Office released the videos in March as part of the investigation.

Two of the videos show Nigro pursuing Huber during what police said was a chase with speeds up to 100 mph on Interstate 90 outside Buffalo around 10:40 a.m. the day of the shooting.

The third video shows Nigro shooting Huber during a confrontation in downtown Buffalo. Nigro can be seen reaching into the car and trying to pull Huber out when he shoots Huber and the car goes into reverse.

The shooting happened after Nigro encountered Huber's car in downtown Buffalo, where Huber had driven after leaving I-90 and getting on I-190 and then exiting onto downtown streets, police said. Near the end of the chase, police said, Huber's sedan struck a police vehicle.

At a news conference the day of the shooting, police said Huber's car was first seen driving "erratically" on I-90 at 10:38 a.m. on Feb. 12 and that it was later pulled over in Buffalo. Police also said troopers on patrol located Huber's vehicle on East Eagle Street, near the intersection of Washington Street.

Just prior to the shooting, Huber put the vehicle in reverse and tried to flee, briefly dragging Nigro, who was reaching into the vehicle, a police spokesman said at the news conference. "The trooper discharged their division-issued firearm at the suspect," the spokesman said.


Cary Arnold, a Pennsylvania woman who has a daughter with Huber, told the Buffalo News that Huber might have been heading for a rally in support of Canadian truckers protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates at the time of the shooting.

The family of James Huber never interviewed anyone after the shooting, like how the mother of James Huber, Loraine Huber told News 4 by phone that she remains in shock after the death of her son. Loraine Huber did not want to do an interview, as she awaits the results of the investigation.

The labor union that represents New York State Police troopers said Nigro acted with justification.

"We believe that, at the conclusion of this matter, Trooper Nigro will be exonerated of any misconduct and the charges against him will be dismissed," Charles Murphy, the president of the New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association, said in a statement. "Our understanding and review of the facts in this case confirm that, while the outcome was tragic, Trooper Nigro's actions were in accordance with his training and the law, and that he was justified in his use of force.

"As this case makes its way through the legal system, we look forward to a review and public release of the facts, including the dangerous actions of the driver that threatened the safety of innocent motorists on the Thruway and in the city of Buffalo, which justified Trooper Nigro's actions."

Murphy said Nigro has served as a trooper for nearly 16 years and has received two "Trooper of the Year" awards and a number of letters of commendation. He said Nigro also served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, including serving in active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and received 14 service medals and ribbons as well as other awards.

"His service to the New York State Police and the U.S. Marine Corps has been exemplary," Murphy said in the statement.

The state trooper was charged by the New York attorney general's office with killing an unarmed man in downtown Buffalo by shooting him after a high-speed highway chase.

The trooper, Anthony Nigro IV, a 15-year State Police veteran, was charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter in the death of James Huber, 38, on Feb. 12, 2022, the attorney general, Letitia James, said in a news release.

Trooper Nigro, 39, pleaded not guilty at an arraignment in Erie County Supreme Court, Ms. James said. Justice M. William Boller, rejecting prosecutors' request that bail be set at $250,000, released Trooper Nigro on his own recognizance.

(Nigro in the middle of the two men as shown in both photos)

During 2024 Judge James Bargnesi found Nigro not guilty. Nigro's attorney said afterward that the case never should have been brought.

“He did what we expect heroic troopers to do: He put himself in harm's way to solve a dangerous threat,” John D'Alessandro told reporters.

Miscellaneous photos of the aftermath:

Scene of the aftermath:

James Huber's car flipped over:

Another photo of Huber's car flipped:

About the Lexi Bonner video.

Perhaps a clarification is in order for the previous post. Please forgive @Lexi_Bonner, he's still new to WPD modding. Have some patience for him to acclimate please. :marseyxoxo:

If you don't know what the Lexi Bonner video is, tl;dr it's a kid getting beaten up by a teen (purportedly named Lexi Bonner) while he's screaming and crying throughout. It's pretty bad, and I've seen some serious shit.

This video isn't banned because we're moralstragging about what you should/shouldn't watch here. Simply put, the final part of rule 4 was put there to curb specific videos focusing on explicit, deliberate abuse and great suffering of small children. This is in place because there's a startlingly large contingent of people that get off to this sort of stuff. We've had issues with these sorts of people in the beginning of the site, and they specifically congregated around this type of content. These are the last kinds of people we want to deal with, and as such, we decided that banning this content was the best move. There's better content here than a kid crying and screaming while getting beaten by bullies anyway, but if you're the kind of person who has a very... keen interest in these sort of videos and that's why you want it so much, then why don't you have a seat over there? :hansen:

And don't dox people either. Even if they're objective pieces of shit who beat kids, it's something that opens us up to way too much liability.




cameraman They just stabbed him! Sit down dude. Look at all the blood coming out of him! Sit down bro! You're drunk aren't you? Call the police. The guy who got him got away. Get a cop car here. They already fucked him up. Can you breathe okay? Stay calm. lists off location Tell them that just stabbed someone. Tell them they got stabbed in the lung. Help him! Don't let him struggle. Good thing it wasn't in the heart but, he got hit in his lung for sure

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Is there a way to have backround music on this website, just like a wall anthem but for the whole website?

Is there a way to have background music? And if yes, how so? Insight is appreciated.


footage released today, Greensboro police officer, responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle, shot and killed a man who was armed with a BB gun. The 911 call came in from the same suspect 51-Year old, Graham Thomas.


Does anyone have original video? I saw it on Facebook and it was deleted a while ago

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