Dude crushed between truck and wall


No backstory.

I'm gonna warn everyone now this is very sad very messed up what a dad did to his own baby daughter I wasn't even sure about posting this , it's just to sad hearing the baby cry

9/11 hijackers photos

Top left is Mohammad Atta the pilot who flew the first plane to the North tower and second man is Marwan al-Shehhi the pilot who flew to the South tower

Two Robbers Shot Dead in Store Robbery

Pomf Copy:

Instant Karma: dude wants to steal from off-duty cops, gets shot instead (AFTERMATH INCLUDED)

Guarulhos, SP, Brazil - May 29, 2023

A civil guard and a criminal exchanged fire during an attempted robbery on Vera Street, in the Santa Mena neighborhood, in Guarulhos, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, at 7:11 pm this Monday (29).

In images from the security cameras that Agência Record had access to, it is possible to see the moment when two suspects on a bike approached two people who were on another bike.

According to reporter Paola Vianna, the victims, the driver and the back of the bike, are civil guards. The criminals block the passage and the pillion points a gun, announcing the robbery. He gets off and runs towards the victims, who after being surrendered also get off the bike.

As the duo approaches, the bikers lets go of the bike, which falls on the street. One of the criminals tries to approach the man, but the victim runs in the opposite direction until he falls after stumbling.

The guard who had the backpack also runs out and falls on the corner of the street, meters ahead, after also losing her balance. The armed criminal approaches the fallen bike and tries to lift it, at which point the agent who was lying on the ground turns around, pulls out a gun and shoots in the direction of the assailant. The victim fires several shots at the suspect, who upon realizing it reacts and also shoots back. It is not possible to say if any of the men were hit by the shots. From another angle, it is possible to observe that after the victim's shots, the suspect runs with the intention of fleeing, while his accomplice flees on a bike, leaving him behind.

The victim is still trying to go after the suspect who fled on foot. The video ends moments later. Still in the images, it is possible to see that a third biker stops near the crime scene and observes. Police rule out the man's participation in the robbery attempt.


here is my dog everyone!

Tree falls on motorbiker (not sure if they die, move to social if they don't)

In the impact, which took place near Fasano, in the Brindisi area, an elderly couple were killed while driving the vehicle that had started its journey from the Monopoli junction. Anas staff, law enforcement and firefighters are on site to manage the road network. The 20-year-old: "Up until the end, I didn't see they were in contradiction"

The cause of the death of two elderly people was the wrong entrance on the state road, which allegedly took place from the height of Monopoli. The two would then have traveled the road in the opposite direction aboard their Hyundai I20, and then impacted a Mini Countryman, driven by a 20-year-old who arrived in the fast lane.

In the clash, the boy was injured, also suffering emotional trauma and a broken leg: he was transported in yellow code to the Perrino hospital in Brindisi. On the scene of the accident, at kilometer 858.600 in the municipality of Fasano, the personnel of Anas, the forces of order and the fire brigade intervened to manage the road network. Traffic towards Bari was diverted for a few hours and subsequently restored.

The 20-year-old: "Up until the end, I didn't see they were in the opposite direction"


Garland store shooting 2021 (cctv footage)

Weirdly specific ik, but u dont need to know why.

I want the best videos of ~16-20 yo asian girls that jump of buildings or shoot themselves!

IT HAS TO BE A VIDEO THAT WAS THEIR JOICE TO MAKE, like livestream of killing themselves

;) thx in advance, every bit helps

Scarlxrd - FADED.



I’m only doing this to piss off the people who complain about this more. Don’t like it well tough shit. Mute social and move on.

Traffic Officer Shot Dead By Drunk Driver (Different Angle)



Fatal shooting at Marina Seaview Residences in the Philippines on July 22, 2022

Zhang and one of his subordinates, Meng, went to the Marina Seaview Residences to negotiate with the leader of another gang, nicknamed Audi.

Audi had recruited 12 private armed bodyguards (licensed by the government) to wait at the scene.

Later, a conflict arose during the negotiation. Considering that there were more people on the Audi side, Zhang signaled Audi to calm down, and the bodyguards hired by Audi also intentionally reduced the conflict.

But at this time, Zhang's subordinate Meng suddenly took out a pistol from his waist, and Audi's bodyguards immediately shot him several times and killed him.

In the confusion, another guard, probably worried about Zhang's counterattack, reflexively shot him (non-fatal wound).

After Zhang fell down, Audi took the opportunity to stab him more than ten times with a knife, resulting in his death.

The Philippine police later arrested Audi and the bodyguard who fired the gun, and investigated whether their behavior was self-defense.

The first deceased, Zhang Xiaolong, a 30-year-old Chinese, was the leader of a human trafficking gang.

He released high-paying job vacancies from the Internet or emails, lured Chinese people to the Philippines, and kidnapped them to engage in organ harvesting or forced prostitution.



The second deceased, Meng Ziyu, a 30-year-old Chinese, was Zhang Xiaolong's subordinate and usually served as his bodyguard.


Man getting run over while taking a nap on the street

Old lady gets her throat slit

Sounds like the guy is on a face chat & someone daring him to assault someone so he sees the old lady at a food truck I'm guessing, & knocks her down &slits her throat then he runs off &is breathing &talking about "thrill" or "rush" he got doing that - sick guy

guy helps his friend film his suicide

no idea why, looks indian enough

Guy gets scalped by a machine of some sort

Image from reddit, the backstory goes as followed: "Industrial machinery accident. The patient had not tied their long hair back properly resulting in complete avulsion of the scalp." (!Mods feel free to move this if it's in the Wong flair please!)

Police officer dies in early morning car crash

Trinidad 🇹🇹

Turkish pilot's pov of an air strike on pkk elements

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