Beheading cuz im cute like that

Aftermath: Gary didn't spend a day in prison after pleading no contest to manslaughter, getting merely probation, community service, and a suspended sentence.

"They were not going to convict Gary of shooting the guy who molested his son. That wasn't going to happen—not in Baton Rouge." — Mike Barnett (Baton Rouge Sheriff's Dept.)

When interviewed not long before his own death in 2014, to "do you regret killing Jeff Doucet?" he quickly replied "no."

"Would you do it again?" He answered, "hell yeah."

Welcome anyone.

Fixed link, use below video, top one wont work for some reason and i cant remove it? 6/11/2022

The final comment I made in WPD. Here we are 3 years later.

Good times.

Three Chinese nationals, including two women, were among four people killed on Tuesday when a powerful blast ripped through a van inside the premises of the University of Karachi. BLA has claimed responsibility. Woman pictured below was the suicide bomber.


Looking for a video

It's one of some gang in Brazil that captures a rival gang member. They give him meth then cut his ears off and make him eat them then cut him open and show his intestines. If anyone has it can you plz upload here.

ISIS prisoner crushed by tank.

According to ISIS media, on Saturday ISIS militants detained a soldier working in Syrian air force intelligence. The soldier was identified as Fadi Amr al-Zaydan, 19, from the village of Sian in the Jableh area in northern Latakia province.

[VIDEO REQUEST] is*s guys drag a fella on his elbows on asphalt with pickup truck


No arms??? no arms NO MORE ARMMSSS

She's on the left side of the screen at the beginning, but unfortunately the body gets blurred after she's shot 6 times.

Sniper gets a double headshot

One of my favorite shooting videos - Chicago, IL USA

Not sure how to get around youtube restriction if anyone can lmk that would be great.

KSGanon becomes an hero (uncut)

This is the original stream in its original quality, with sound, including everything that happened before and after. It's 120MB, so if you want the short version, it's here:


more info:

Hong Kongers set a chinaman on fire during the 2019 riots

Rickshaw Versus 18-Wheeler


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