Man Being Attacked With An Axe


It could be fake Russian propaganda, if it is lmk ill delete this post

The operation of the members of the Zubeyr Bin Avvam Brigade of HTS against the Assad Regime positions in the Dadikh axis. December 2022

copy/paste from source

2 bullies beat up kid, Crip gang member decides to help him out

cannibal corpse -butchered at birth (full album)

first post on this website after a month of lurking. yippee.

Shooting in Copenhagen Shopping Mall

Happened a few hours ago. Compilation of the videos I found so far. There may be better ones to come.


Pretty accurate

I laugh every time I see this meme

What About Mouthwash?- Trevor Moore

Shakopee MN America Thayer Beheading

I live near here, people say it was caught on video, I've seen the video from the window but I'm wondering if there are more angles, still fucked that happened so close to my home jesus

A Man Is Brutally Beaten With Sticks By Several People...

15 minute video of Russian Troops getting decimated by Ukraine Troops

Vehicle back into a motorcycle sending it off a cliff

Tags: motorcycle, motorcyclist, car, vehicle, suv, road, street, fall, drives, off, oops

Car thieves, caught beaten and burned alive...


The discussion devolves into blindly cheering for the violence, and low-effort “Yay, I hate rapists!” comments. Yeah, we get it. We all do.

2/7/23 Shopkeeper Was Beaten To Death By Customer(Infos)

Ghaziabad. In a dispute over the purchase of goods in Indirapuram police station area, the customer thrashed a shopkeeper. He was beaten to death on the road. The police have registered a case of assault on two youths.

Komal Singh and his wife Asha Devi run a grocery shop here in jurisdiction one of the police station area. A person from Makanpur village came to this shop on Sunday to buy milk and eggs. He gave some money in cash and the rest through Paytm. He had a dispute with Komal Singh over the transaction of money, after which both of them had a fight. CCTV footage of the incident has come to the fore in which two persons reached the grocery shop. In this, a person had a dispute with the shopkeeper. First he slapped the shopkeeper and then threw a milk bag on his face. After this, another person accompanying the attacker explained to him and took him away from the shop. Meanwhile, the shopkeeper got up from the counter and while abusing, he himself started throwing the goods of the shop.

During this, when the accused youth came there again, the shopkeeper tried to attack him with some object. Then the accused youth again started beating the shopkeeper with kicks and bribes. The shopkeeper fell on the ground. Still the accused kept on beating him. The shopkeeper was thrashed till he became unconscious. After this, the accused youth absconded. People around reached the spot. He picked up the shopkeeper from the road. The victim's wife Asha Devi has filed a case of assault against two youths in this matter on Wednesday.

Source: https://hamaraghaziabad.com/209412/?amp=1

From Behind

Wacky video that I lost and need to find again

I have been trying to find this everywhere. It's a strange video, it starts with a car bumping into another white car ahead of it, and then pans over to a few girls fighting a man for reasons i do not know. Then, someone just walks up and shoots the man and kills him, and turns around and leaves like nothing happened. The girls then seem to regret fighting with him at all. I believe the shooter was in a blue hoodie but i could be mistaken. I hate myself for not saving that post.

Please fix it ROULETTE, So long wait time the prize from Roulette :marseycry:

@Aevann @Sunshine

This is taking so long, is this a bug?

It should have been 5 minutes before there was an autojanny notification of a gambling prize from roulette

I hope fix it

Dumbass burns his face while doing a fire stunt

Burning Man Festival Fire Tornadoes

Street Fight Ends With Some Sort Of Knife Stuck In The 'Winners' Face

My brother
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