Man opens bike tank which is on fire

Dies due to burn injury

Lone - Time was a Spiral

American MRAP bombed by insurgent IED in Salah al-Din, Iraq 2009

Jaish Abu Bakr al-Siddiq al-Salafi

CHILD WARNING Russia | A hockey player breaks his spine after smashing into board - 25 March 2021

Moscow kids hockey league game has gone wrong after Moscow Penguins player got hurt after crashing into board by his head and sustained spinal injury.

No others information :marseyquestion:

Some kids having a fight


Theodore John Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, was an American mathematician and domestic. He was a mathematics prodigy, but abandoned his academic career in 1969 to pursue a primitive lifestyle

CHILD WARNING Kid fall of the stairs

Iraq: Islamic Resistance in Iraq launching a cruise missile towards Haifa - June 15th, 2024.


Shot Overkill To Man


HAYS COUNTY, Texas – The Hays County Sheriff's Office on Thursday released bodycam footage of a fatal 2022 shooting inside a hospital seven days after charges were dropped against a corrections officer who shot a jail inmate.

The incident occurred on Dec. 12, 2022, inside the Ascension Seton Hays in Kyle.

Now-former Hays County Corrections Officer Isaiah Garcia can be seen waiting for Joshua Wright, a jail inmate, outside of a bathroom.

According to the sheriff's office, Wright was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

In the video, Wright can be seen exiting the bathroom and swatting at Garcia, who looks to be attempting to place Wright in handcuffs, the footage shows.

As Wright runs away with shackles around his feet, Garcia can be seen immediately pulling his firearm — despite being armed with a Taser

It's unclear what is heard in the footage, as the sheriff's office said in a press release the recording had portions of audio redacted to "provide for the privacy of other individuals not directly involved in the incident."

At the 45-second mark, Wright can be seen presumably tripping over a piece of hospital equipment and falling down.

Garcia is seen pointing his gun at Wright. As Wright is standing up and attempting to run away again, Garcia shoots him five times, the footage shows.

The audio begins playing 54 seconds into the footage when Garcia can be heard telling Wright to "get on his stomach" several times.

Wright was in custody for several charges, including the unauthorized use of a vehicle, bail jumping, evading arrest and several others, records show.

In April 2023, Garcia was indicted on a felony deadly conduct charge in connection with Wright's death.

Wright's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Wright three months later.

The press release said that Wright's family requested the criminal case against Garcia be dismissed. The dismissal was granted on June 20.

Garcia is no longer employed by the Hays County Sheriff's Office.

Unlike most people here... I believe 9/11 happened.

It's no secret that a lot of people believe that 9/11 never happened. It's mainstream at this point. And basically, everyone who's anyone. Believes that 9/11 was staged. And for a long time... I didn't believe that 9/11 happened... But... But... I've always believed that 9/11 happened... I was just to chicken shit! At the time to admit that it happened ok! I lied when I would tell my friends it was a hoax. So, I could fit in. I lied to my parents who called it a sham so they wouldn't be disappointed in me. And I lied to my friends online who were Muslims that 9/11 was fake. So, they can sit back and blame the Jews for it. But I always believed it was the Muslims. I believe that the twin towers were actually destroyed. And I'm letting everyone here know. That I think 9/11 happened. Now I know people here will convince me That it's all a hoax. So, I can fall back in the mainstream narrative, that it was all a hoax. But to me... I always believed it happened. And that people actually died that day. I know a lot of people here don't, believe in that. But I do.

Cat 4 Hurricane Beryl becomes the strongest hurricane EVER this early in the season

Hurricane Beryl, super-charged by warm seas, stuns experts

Hurricane experts and meteorologists watched in shock over the weekend as Tropical Storm Beryl continued to strengthen quickly in the tropical Atlantic Ocean far earlier than storms typically do, with record-warm ocean temperatures helping it make history.

Within 24 hours after forming as a tropical depression, Beryl's winds had reached hurricane strength – 75 mph – by 5 p.m. Saturday, with an impressive form on satellite images.

The National Hurricane Center forecast projected Saturday afternoon that favorable conditions would help Beryl rapidly intensify to a major hurricane – with wind speeds up to 115 mph – as it reached Barbados and the fringe of islands that border the eastern Caribbean on Monday morning. Beryl exceeded their expectations, by a lot.

By 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Beryl had become a Category 4 hurricane, with winds of 130 mph. That's a gain of 95 mph in just 42.5 hours.

Once it moves into the Caribbean later Monday it will encounter another body of water historically warm for this early in the summer. The hurricane center expects it to remain a hurricane as it reaches Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula on Friday.

The warm ocean temperatures continue a record-breaking trend that began in May 2023. Like many scientists, McNoldy has been riveted by the exceedingly warm temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. In June, he called the water temperatures in the region where hurricanes typically develop in the Atlantic "absolutely stunning."

On Saturday, he posted on X: "You'd think the shock value of this would wear off, but it's becoming MORE shocking!"

So far in 2024, ocean heat content has been even hotter on most days than the records set last summer. That's dangerous for hurricane season because warm water is like a big, juicy energy drink for hurricanes, supplying warm moisture that helps fuel the inner core structure that makes storms stronger.

Seasonal forecasters warned in the spring that these hotter-than-normal ocean temperatures could play a major role in storm development this hurricane season. It's the reason that all major outlooks called for a busier-than-normal season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Colorado State University both predicted more named storms this year than they'd ever predicted before.

Still, hurricane experts are reeling at the news that Beryl became a major hurricane by June 30, while still east of the Windward Islands.

How unusual is it to have an early hurricane?

On Saturday, Beryl became the strongest storm ever to form in the tropical Atlantic so far east of the Windward Islands in June, said Phil Klotzbach, a meteorologist and research scientist at Colorado State, in a post on X Saturday. However, it's worth noting, he said, that storm intensities so far out in the Atlantic may have been underestimated before the satellite era that began in 1966.

By Sunday morning, Beryl had become the third earliest major hurricane on record in the entire Atlantic region, trailing only Alma on June 8, 1966, and Audrey on June 27, 1957, Klotzbach said.

Since 1851, only two previous hurricanes on record have been within 100 miles of Barbados prior to August 1: Emily in 2005 and Elsa in 2021.

Across the Atlantic, only five major hurricanes, with winds of more than 111 mph, have been reported in the Atlantic Ocean before the first week of July, said Michael Lowry, a hurricane specialist at WPLG Local 10 News in Miami, in a post on X.

"It's astonishing to see a forecast for a major (Category 3+) hurricane in June anywhere in the Atlantic, let alone this far east in the deep tropics, " wrote Lowry, a former National Hurricane Center specialist.

Hurricane categories are set based on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, the lowest being a Category 1, with winds of 74-93 mph and the highest Category 5, with wind speeds of 157 mph or higher. Lowry said there's never been a Category 4 or Category 5 observed before July 8 when Hurricane Dennis reached that status in 2005.

What is rapid intensification?

It's a phenomenon that occurs when a storm strengthens by at least 35 mph in a 24-hour period. Beryl's winds increased by 40 mph in 24 hours after forming on Friday afternoon.

Beryl's winds increased by another 45 miles per hour in the 18 hours after the center's 5 p.m. forecast on Saturday.

Rapid intensification has been one of the biggest frustrations for hurricane forecasters. All four of the most destructive, Category 5 hurricanes to make landfall on the mainland U.S. over the past 100 years rapidly intensified.

For years, hurricanes would rapidly intensify with little to no warning, but today the technology for observing the environment around a hurricane and the ability to discern what may happen are better than ever, though still not perfect.

Scientists still aren't sure why some storms rapidly intensify, but they know it takes near-perfect atmospheric conditions inside and outside the storm.

Why are water temperatures so warm?

Climate change driven by fossil fuel emissions has had a steady impact on the oceans, which have absorbed much of the excess warming for decades, scientists say.

This spring, weak trade winds helped reinforce the warmer-than-normal sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic, Klotzbach said.

But the experts remain somewhat baffled by last year's sudden spike in temperatures and the ocean heat that continues to break records more than a year later. Their research continues.

Joint Special Forces Syrian rebels destroy an SAA camera with a homemade sniper rifle

Targeting a thermal camera of the Assad gang with a DShK sniper in the 46th regiment axis in the countryside of Aleppo

Joint Special Forces group of the Sultan Suleiman Shah and Al-Hamza divisions

In Haiti, 2 drug dealers also were killed by rivals


Indonesian Woman Hangs Herself Inside Her Roadside Shop

28 year old Riska Aulina Tambunan was discovered hanging in the doorway to the restroom behind a small food store she operated with another woman. She was discovered by her business partner when the latter showed up to work a little before noon. Riska had opened the shop a few hours earlier, but was estimated to have been dead less than an hour when discovered.

She had hanged herself with a scarf and used a green plastic chair to stand on. Her sandals were scattered nearby and her bare feet were flat on the floor, so it is possible she strangled to death with very little drop.

Her business partner, with whom she had run the shop for about 3 months, said that Riska was a quiet and nice girl, though she often liked to talk about her love life. She had been dating a married man for the past several months and was expecting him to leave his wife for her shortly. Apparently, he did not do so and likely informed her that it would never happen.

She did not leave a note, but her body had several signs strongly associated with hanging and no indications of violence. Her death was ruled a suicide.

Note: Several site users here have asked about the sort of reporting that goes into these events in various countries. Indonesia handled suicides very publicly and forwardly, which is somewhat unusual. Many countries censor and crib data heavily in their reporting on suicides. While this set does have a bit of facial censoring, Indonesia often goes the other way, as indicated in the following link from The Benteng Times, a sizeable and credible news agency; one of the sources I often use for photos and information from there:

The headline itself, when translated, reads "Killed Herself Wearing an Orange Peekaboo Shirt, Wet Her Pants"

minors are* everywhere

am i going crazy or is there suddenly a bunch of accounts and posts that seem to clearly be from minors? i swear you can tell by their typing mannerisms and shit, and they all are edgy 13 year olds for some reason? i guess its because wpd blew up on tiktok, but still, its weird seeing so many emo high schoolers on here

Student Dies in Suspicious Suicide

Guatemala, 2018.

High school girl was discovered hanging in the kitchen of her family's small home. Her mother and grandfather had left her at home doing some chores and gone out to do some shopping. They returned about 40-60 minutes later and made the gruesome discovery. She had written a note and left it on a stack of stools beside her body.

While the police did initially rule this a suicide, the case generated a significant amount of concern among local social media groups when a reporter posted the photos to Facebook. The reporter had concerns regarding some aspects of the scene, as did many 'netizen' observers. Policing on teen suicides in Guatemala is not exactly robust, so there is always concern that the workload of the case was hand-waved. I'll include several pieces of information and observations below. Some of them are my own, generated from my anecdotal experience. Some are generated from online discussions with observers. Some are derived from conversations I and my partner had with reporters and police at the time. Some came form official records, obtained officially or otherwise.

The Note.

Her suicide note was peculiar. It was addressed to her father, who is estranged from her mother but still peripherally present in her life. A direct translation of the note is as follows:

Line 1: Thanks Daddy you taught me

Line 2: life is hard, some people

Line 3: can take it, others can't

Line 4: I love you Daddy, thanks for not allowing me

Line 5: to pursue my dream to become a "Mechanic"

Line 6: I thank you

No one involved really had any idea what it was about. There are obvious potential implications, especially since a significant number of teen female decedents in Latin America are driven to due it due to sexual abuse involving family members. But the police investigated the father and the family all denied any likelihood of wrongdoing there. Though that doesn't necessarily mean much. It could pertain to an argument, who knows. The police did check her school notebooks and verified that it was her handwriting anyway.

2. Her positioning.

Partial suspension suicides are exceedingly common. Decedents who are found kneeling or with knees deeply bent are actually as common, if not moreso, than fully suspended hangers. Sitting is also not infrequent. Standing flat footed with legs barely bent at all is somewhat rarer, however. It would normally only happen if the hanger stepped off of a stool/chair and then sank down a few inches with their feet on the floor an hour or two after death. But unless she used a rolling chair, there isn't even anything she could have stood on. It isn't completely unheard of to be flat-footed and not have legs bent at all, but it is certainly uncommon.

The placement of her shoes is also a bit odd. Typically, the shoes are in one of three positions in a suicidal hanging: 1. Still on the feet, 2. Placed side-by-side by the decedent before hanging, or 3. Scattered pell mell about after they went flying off as the decedent thrashed and kicked in the noose. Hers are scattered behind her in disarray, but her bare feet are flat on the floor so it is unlikely that she kicked her shoes off in her death throes. But I suppose it is possible?

3. The noose.

A cloth towel was wrapped around the actual rope that she was hanged with. It is somewhat likely that she did this herself after trying once or twice with the bare rope and finding it predictably painful. Widening and softening the ligature with a towel would have made it easier for her to compress the carotid and pass out without feeling the rope bite too deeply. It would be quite strange for a murderer to incorporate this device into the staging if she was strangled and staged to look like a suicide after the fact.

4. Her pants.

Most longtime or professional members of this site probably know by now that involuntary loss of bodily function is fairly common with violent deaths and especially prevalent with asphyxiation. The autopsy notes provided by a reporter indicated, unsurprisingly, that the decedent had voided both her bladder and her bowels around the time of her death. Visual evidence more or less supports this, though the pattern staining is somewhat unusual. The urine stains visible on the front of her jeans follow a very typical pattern for vertical hanging decedents. But the staining on the back side of her is somewhat atypical. Capillary action can account for occasionally unconventional spreads in liquid stain patterns, but several observers (myself and one of the reporters included) feel that the stain pattern on the back of her jeans looks strikingly as though she were sitting/reclining when she emptied her bladder during asphyxiation. Very much like, for example, she were sitting on a bed with her legs hanging over the edge above the calves. I researched a case several months ago with a very similar pattern on the back of a hanger's trousers and it was revealed months later after a prolonged investigation that the stain was there because that woman had been suffocated on a bed and hung up in a staged suicide after she was dead. Not saying the same thing happened here, but it is somewhat suspicious. According to the police report and the reporter's observations, however, there was no indication anywhere else in the house where she could have been killed.

Chances are good that it was probably just a tragic suicide. The positioning of her hands, the protrusion and swelling of her tongue, the note, the time frame (she was alone for less than an hour) all certainly point to suicide. Her immediate family were inclined to agree and the police closed the investigation as a suicide. But I have seen a lot of these suicides and this one has some definite red flags. Perhaps they are all easily explained away. The autopsy report did indicate that aside from the ligature mark, she had no injuries to her body anywhere and showed no evidence of sexual assault. But the reporter I spoke with was uneasy, as were a couple of the girl's cousins.

Feel free to share any thoughts or observations you might have. I have quite a few notes on this case, from my partner's discussions with the reporter and police, as well as from my own research. But I've covered most of the salient ones here.


I have a swiss army knife that's dull,so what should I do?

Police seen beating suspect on video outside McFarland McDonald's

Guy had argument with suspect. Suspect ran, the police chased him and got him down. There's no news (from what I could find) if anyone was charged with a crime.

Also that guy was defo resisting, you can see him trying to stand up while getting handcuffed.

Russian military personnel do not always manage to escape from a fire 🔥


If you're wondering if he was the shooter he wasn't, it was his brother that got shot and was lying on the floor. The 2 brothers were in an altercation with another person who pulled out a gun and shot one of the brothers. He basically died for no nothing. Also the guy that killed his brother was charged with 2nd degree murder but the case was dismissed as it was deemed self defence.

This is the guy that shot his brother:

Full video:

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