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Long Island nail salon posts deadly crash video, demands justice: 'Murderer', 'he must pay'

"He must pay," the salon posted on Instagram along with a video showing the moments leading up to the crash.

The dramatic surveillance video shows the Chevy Traverse, allegedly driven by a drunken 64-year-old Steve Schwally, going directly into the salon.

Hawaii Nail & Spa, located inside a strip mall on Grand Boulevard, claims the attack might have been intentional, calling Schwally a "murderer."

"Drunk driving? Or was it an intentional murder?" the spa posted on Instagram.

It's unclear who runs the account, but the owner of the Deer Park salon, Jiancai "Ken" Chen, 37, and two nail technicians, Yan "Jenny" Xu, 41, and Meizi Zhang, 50 were killed in the crash.

Ken's wife, Wen Jun Cheng, was one of nine injured in the incident.

The account posted several times in the last week asking for support and demanding justice for those killed.

"I want to bring back the truth that we've been wondering what's wrong with this society... The murderer once had a record of drunk driving," one post read.

"How unfair is this? We hope that the law can severely punish the murderer, and he must pay for what he has done."

Witnesses described the crash as "a violent explosion" that sent "bodies everywhere."

Lawmakers are also demanding life in prison for Steve Schwally, who was charged with driving while intoxicated and held on $2 million bond.

"Throw the book at the selfish bastard," New York State Senator John Liu demanded. "With one action, he selfishly, criminally, and recklessly destroyed the lives of so many families, including one of New York's finest. Throw the book at this guy and put him away forever."

Who is Steve Schwally?

Steve Schwally was partially conscious when first responders arrived on the scene, police said.

Prosecutors say Schwally told police he drank 18 beers the night before the crash and didn't stop drinking until about 4 a.m.

The Marine Corps veteran, who was living at local motel at the time of the crash, pleaded not guilty to driving while intoxicated.

He is due back in court Friday.

Schwally was also arrested and charged with a DUI back in 2014. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years probation.

The owner Jiancai "Ken" Chen, was one of four people killed when an alleged drunk driver plowed into the nail salon he owned on June 28.

The 37-year-old father, the owner of the now-destroyed Hawaii Nail & Spa, lived in Bayside, Queens, and leaves behind two very young children, ages 10 and 5.

"We were such a happy family. Now it's all crushed," his brother, Steven Chen, said through tears at a press conference.

Doctors estimate that the recovery of Ken Chen's wife will take at least one to two years, according to a GoFundMe page created by his nephew.

"With the shop completely destroyed and their mother suffering from critical back and hip injuries, the family has lost their only source of income," his nephew, Vincent Zheng, wrote.

Carol Garcia, 23, Toni Saccente, 32, Krystal Rodriguez, 37, Nicole Saccente, 55, and a 12-year-old girl whose identity is being withheld, were also treated.

CHILD WARNING :marseyandjesus:A Father Killed His Children With a Petrol Saw :motherofgod: :capykiss:


The kid was 3 years old, his father (landscaper) was 24.

They were found in their car parked in a forest.

The child who was fastened with the seat belt in his car safety seat had almost been decapitated.

According to the number of lacerations and bony injuries of the cervical spine the chain was applied at least 3–4 times to the head and neck. There were seen defence injuries of the boy's hands.

For killing the son the man used a smaller chain saw (which had afterwards been placed in the car boot) than for his suicide.

Toxicological analysis was negative what explained the boy's defence movements.

The blood staining pattern on the inner side of the driver's door could only be provoked when the door was closed.

Blood staining on the man's hands, arms and clothes indicated suicidal handling of the chain saw.

The background was a litigation of the divorced couple for child custody, there was no history of psychiatric illness.


In August 2023, Nermin Sulejmanovic, a bodybuilder from Gradacac, Bosnia, committed a series of brutal murders. He live-streamed the killing of his ex-wife, Nizama Hećimović, on social media. Following this, he went on to murder a father and son before taking his own life when cornered by the police.

Sulejmanovic had a history of violent behavior and criminal activities, including drug trafficking and domestic violence. Despite attempts to maintain a more respectable image through bodybuilding, his private life remained tumultuous and dangerous for those around him



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Bowling with humans played by car

Woman beheaded by a bus and a pole



Planes and trains, cars and bikes, trucks and buses. If someone is killed thanks to any kind of vehicle, this is where it belongs. Here you will learn to look both ways before crossing the street (or the train tracks), why motorcycles are 30 times deadlier than cars, and more!


Regarding the murder case that resulted in the death of a 22-year-old girl that occurred on the morning of July 7 in Nga My commune, Phu Binh district, at around 12:30 p.m. the same day, the Criminal Police Team of Dong Hy district, while on duty to inspect Goc Thi hamlet, Nam Hoa commune, discovered a suspect with many suspicious signs, matching the identifying characteristics of the suspect who committed the murder in Nga My commune, Phu Binh district, Thai Nguyen province.

The subject was then taken to the Nam Hoa Commune Police Station for investigation and identification. The authorities identified the subject as Ha Van Ty (born in 1967, registered as permanent resident at Ket Hop Residential Group, Tien Phong Ward, Pho Yen City, Thai Nguyen Province; temporarily residing at Ken Hamlet, Nga My Commune, Phu Binh District, Thai Nguyen Province).

CHILD WARNING Clovis library shooting CCTV and bodycam footage

This is a stich up of all available cctvs and bodycam footages on the Clovis Library Shooting done by 16 year old Nathaniel Jouett

Two people were killed and four wounded. Nathaniel was sentenced with 2 life sentences and a possibility of parole after 40 years

Nathaniel Jouett in custody

more info is here.

Full video from where the footages were found is here (Only place available)

father stabbed his own daughter to death (india)

india may 18, 2023 45 year old Ramanuj Sahoo attacked his 19 year old daughter with a knife over a trivial issue. the wife and daughter wanted to sleep on the terrace of the house, while the man insisted that they sleep inside. the daughter died as a result of the stab wound.

ISIS training kids to be Lions




Man is executed with about 15 shots at a motorcycle taxi company in São Geraldo

The duo arrived on a motorcycle, the pillion passenger got off at the door, got in and fired shots at close range

Another murder was recorded in the São Geraldo neighborhood, in Pouso Alegre. A man who owned a motorcycle taxi company was executed with about 15 shots at close range, on the night of this Wednesday (10), on Av. Vereador Antônio da Costa Rios, the main access road to the neighborhood. The victim was identified as 27-year-old Wadisson Ferreira.

Surveillance footage from the scene shows the execution. The victim was alone inside the motorcycle taxi business, got up and sat down again on a couch to the right of the door. A motorcycle stopped at the entrance and the passenger got off. The perpetrator wore a helmet, covered his face to make identification difficult, and wore a dark coat and jeans. He pulled out a metallic semi-automatic pistol and fired several times. He then left the scene and fled on the motorcycle that was waiting for him outside. Wadisson was hit by several bullets. At least 15 shots were fired. He died inside the room where he was, before any medical assistance was received.

The Military and Civil Police were called. The experts isolated the area for the necessary work and then released the body for an autopsy at the Forensic Medical Institute.

The Military Police are conducting investigations and examining camera footage to gather clues about the attack. At the time of this article's publication, there was no information about the arrest of any suspects.


Guy stabs a mother and daughter to death during a parking dispute, July 10, 2024 - China

Somalian pirates got gunned down after trying to hijack a ship

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CHILD WARNING Drive-by shooting in Fort Lauderdale leaves 2 dead, 3 injured

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Shocking new surveillance video shows a drive-by shooting in Fort Lauderdale that left a man and woman dead and a 2-year-old and two other people injured earlier this week as police continue their search for the suspects responsible.

The shooting happened shortly before 8 p.m. Monday near the 800 block of Northwest 10th Terrace.

The footage released by Fort Lauderdale Police on Thursday shows multiple people in the area when a silver sedan pulls up.

A door on the passenger side of the sedan opens and someone inside unleashes a barrage of bullets, hitting multiple people who fall to the ground while others run for safety as the car flees the scene.

Fort Lauderdale Police officials said officers responded to the area after receiving multiple 911 calls and a ShotSpotter alert.

"I need the police, you heard me? I need the police," a man tells a dispatcher in a 911 call from the shooting, as a child can be heard screaming in the background.

When officers arrived, they found multiple victims suffering from gunshot wounds, including the 2-year-old and four adults.

A woman, identified by police on Tuesday as 28-year-old Tiarra Holliday, of Plantation, was pronounced dead at the scene.

One man who was shot, 45-year-old Sheldon Lawrence, of Fort Lauderdale, died at a local hospital.

The 2-year-old and two adults who were injured were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Their identities haven't been released.

Police said there were initial reports that a sixth person was injured but said that information was determined to be inaccurate.

Dumbass shoots himself by accident


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Alligator ripped man's arm with a death roll

couple dies together after being run over by a box truck

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A couple died after being run over while traveling on a motorcycle and were violently run over by a truck, on Rua Iraque, neighborhood of Grande Vitória, East Zone of Manaus.

The motorcyclist and his wife were thrown against the gutter and as they did not wear helmets, according to the Samu team, they suffered head trauma.


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