(CHILD WARNING) Kid gets brutal headshot in a store.

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Gary Plauché shoots his son's rapist

This has been posted before but never in its original quality.

Gary pled no contest to manslaughter and got no prison time, instead merely getting probation, community service, and a suspended sentence.

"They were not going to convict Gary of shooting the guy who molested his son. That wasn't going to happen—not in Baton Rouge." — Mike Barnett (Baton Rouge Sheriff's Dept.)

When interviewed not long before his own death in 2014, to "do you regret killing Jeff Doucet?" he quickly replied "No."

"Would you do it again?" He answered, "Hell yeah."

More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Plauche

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Context: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7792235/Arizona-father-jailed-eight-years-beating-man-death-protect-daughter.html

(changelog) Votes now pay 4 coins instead of 1 because you’re all vote-stingy fucks

WPD has a problem. Well, a lot of problems, but I’m not a therapist so that’s not my concern. No. The problem I want to discuss is how gay you people are with up/downvotes.

Voting pays the user coins. Coins are used for profile upgrades and hats and awards in the shop. Votes also increase visibility of the post or comment that receives them. Both of these things motivate posters to continue sharing content, because people like dopamine and they like their stuff being seen.

Take a look here:


139,000 views. That isn’t even watches, which we can’t track, that’s people who opened the whole ass thread. It has 207 votes. Jesus Christ.

So anyway, now votes will pay four coins instead of one to make things more affordable. Be kind to uploaders and educational or funny commenters. Vote on shit. It’s a fraction of a second.


The iOS app (it’s a PWA) now has push notification functionality. Just pop out the hamburger menu from in the app and hit “enable push notifications”.

NOTE: You will have to delete and reinstall the PWA to do this. We obviously don’t have a native app so we have to use a PWA. Fortunately, this is incredibly simple:


I’m still out of town for the next week or so but I will try to catch up with dms and janniemail soon. It’s a holiday weekend though, maybe stop watching people die and go grill and blow shit up with your families.

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Fixed link, use below video, top one wont work for some reason and i cant remove it? 6/11/2022

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:!marseyparty::!marcake: Happy first birthday WatchPeopleDie! :marcake::marseyparty:

Well, it's been a year. An extremely busy year. I don't want to say we're on track to fill the void left by Liveleak or anything, but... Let's look at some numbers, shall we?

Over the past year, we went from:

0 users to 269,000 users - over a quarter of a million. If WPD were an American city, it would be the 69th largest city in the country.

0 videos to just over 33,000 videos. That is an average of 90 videos per day. Assuming an average of 1.15 deaths per video, that is 103 kills per day. In the past month, we average around 140 videos per day - 161 deaths. At the current rate (and it will only continue to grow), WPD could depopulate Spokane, Rochester, or San Bernardino in around two years.

0 comments to 484,582 comments. Even assuming an average of 5 words per comment (this is a dramatic underestimate), that is 2,422,910 words - 66% longer than Proust's In Search Of Lost Time, the longest book by wordcount ever written. I am sure the literary content of WPD comments is just as significant, if not moreso, than Proust.

0 upvotes to 3,123,471 upvotes. That's half a Holocaust of upvotes, holy shit.

0 downvotes to 546,404 downvotes. Downvoting is gay. This means WPD is 1/6 gay. You all have an honorary f-slur pass.

0 banned users to 1,348 banned users. You people are much better-behaved than expected, although some shitheads do insist on posting illegal content and are dealt with accordingly.

And that's with the site being largely absent for a month (October-November 2022) after Namecheap stole our domain. Very, very impressive, you fucking weirdos. Speaking of weirdos, our most-viewed video is this presumably horrifying thing, Ms. Pac-Man with over 700,000 plays at the time of this writing.

We've been kicked off of multiple hosts and registrars over the past year. A payment processor banned us. We've been getting DDOSed round the clock for months now (and you don't even notice it, isn't that cool?). Every level of service provider has shat on us time and time again before we got settled in with our current awesome, uncancellable loadout. We've received threats from foreign governments (go fuck yourself, Australia in particular). We've enthusiastically complied with counterterrorism agencies and anti-CSAM efforts from law enforcement. We've shown you possums eating some dead dude's dick. To start with, we looked like this ugly fucking thing with barebones functionality and that hideous wall for a banner.

It has been quite a year. Thank you all so much for it. Here's to another one, with new features and functionality in the works again now that our dev shakeup is finally settled.

And, hey, you know what? While I have your attention:

We host an absolutely ludicrous amount of content, and costs do add up. What we don't make back in donations, we do pay out of pocket. But we don't ask for donations out of the goodness of your little black hearts, no. Maybe you're not aware? You can get all sorts of cool perks to enhance your WPD experience and/or annoy users by contributing! Please do consider becoming a patron:


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Happy birthday WPD!

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The good ending

Cartel Savagery In Mexico (Full)



Better quality

CDN makes an example out of La Linea Cartel member.

They/thems get offended then get bitched slapped 😭😭

debate turns physical after man calls girl fat

CW pedophile got instant karma

Compilation of robbers getting fucked up

Compilation of robbers getting fucked up in Brazil

People that obviously thought, “enough is enough” :D

WPD is not your therapist. Stop reporting comments for being insensitive or mean.

Reports are flooded with people flagging comments for being mean to anonymous dead people. I don’t care. You shouldn’t care either. No one should care and I don’t think anyone actually does care.

Oh wah, this guy called the dead girl a retard for falling off a roof and getting impaled on a fence! Jannies, jannies, help! He’s being insensitive 😭

Shut the FUCK UP. You’re spending your free time on a website to watch people’s loved ones die, often in agony, for your own entertainment. You don’t get to pretend to have some sort of moral quandary with people typing mean words about the dead people you’re being entertained by. This is hands down the most ludicrous virtue signaling I’ve ever seen. And - worst of all - it floods out actual reports of real problems, like CSAM material and/or threats of violence. So cut the shit.

Similarly, this isn’t Reddit. Someone is calling you a faggot, or stupid, or whatever? Why do you care? They’re words on a screen typed by a faceless stranger. They can’t hurt you. The comment won’t be removed. Use the block feature if you’re that hopelessly fragile, and God help you if you ever have to go outside and try to interact with real people.

The one exception is “hate speech” stuff - we can’t have that. This isn’t me moralizing at you, or trying to suppress your commentary, it’s literally just something that can and will get us kicked off of our otherwise-extremely-accommodating host. “Haha good, all Koreans deserve to die” and shit like that - this is bad and an existential threat to WPD until we one day have baremetal servers and are self-hosting. It’s also just a pointlessly stupid comment to make, but pointlessly stupid comments are fine. Just make ones that don’t put the site at risk of being taken down.

Thanks! Have a fun day!

I love you.

xoxo clitpeeler 💋

Description: One Mid-Missouri woman says her 21-year-old son is dead after inhaling a compressed air duster can.

Jerrad “J.B.” Bassett died in a hospital just north of St. Louis this past June.

His mother, who lives in Howard County, says the autopsy report came back and the cause of death was a chemical found in air duster cans. She says her son died within hours of being taken to the emergency room.

The effects of “huffing” can be severe. The Inhalant Abuse Prevention Coalition says inhaled chemicals are absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream and travel to the brain and other organs. It says effects on the body happen in just minutes. Those can include dizziness, headaches, pain, spasms, loss of control, hallucinations and more.

Source: https://abc17news.com/news/2014/11/11/21-year-old-dies-from-inhaling-air-duster-can/

Guy who wants to fight gets shot and cries :soymad:

Guy beats his sister's abusive boyfriend

If I remember correctly this was the sisters abusive boyfriend getting beat by her brother, not sure if you can tell, it's in the UK


(CHILD WARNING) Robb Elementary School Shooting // Uvalde school shooting // Slavador Ramos // Full Coverage

Robb elementary school shooting timeline I made!

This is probably my best video ive ever made.

This contains:

Audio of the killer speaking while in the school.

Backstory with the killer.

Days leading up to the massacre.

Police bodycams in the school.

Subtitles of audio heard in the school, (killer, children etc)

Discord - Skop#2450

:marseydizzy: People spinning on lathes, paper mills & mixers :marseyspinner:

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