Butler, Pennsylvania, United States

This literally just happened like 15 minutes ago so no news articles yet. Here at WPD, you get the news before it even hits the news! :marseyjourno:

EDIT: New articles are now coming out:

EDIT 2: Supporter got headshotted (and killed). 2 other supporters critically injured, but expected to recover.

(eyewitness interviews)

EDIT 3: Shooter dead on the roof of a nearby building. He's been identified as 20 year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, of Bethel Park. He used an AR-15 in the shooting.,-79.9709228,470a,35y,111.64h/data=!3m1!1e3

He's a registered Republican (I checked for myself on this website), but has also donated $15 to ActBlue (a Democratic PAC). Both line up, same address and everything. Right now this makes 0 sense to me so I guess we'll see why exactly he did it as more news trickles in.

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Call me dumb in the comments all you want, but she's cute and this website is what got me interested in persuing a career in the dismal.


CHILD WARNING A stupid child harasses an elderly man

The fight starts at 1:11. Then this stupid cunt cries hahaha

CHILD WARNING In France, racist white teen boy attempted to assault a black girl; he didn't expect that she knew how to defend herself


2 dudes punished by cartel for harrassing a cleaning lady



flying is considered the safest way of traveling, but there are still dangers as you will see here :marseyplanecrash:

On September 16, 2011, a modified Mustang crashed at the Reno Air Races, killing the pilot and 10 spectators, and injuring 70 others.


The Ramstein air show disaster occurred on August 28, 1988, in Germany, when three Italian Air Force aircraft collided mid-air during a performance, killing 70 people and injuring hundreds.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 was hijacked in November 1996 by 3 men en route to Australia. They threatened to detonate a bomb. Ignoring fuel warnings, they forced the plane to the Comoros Islands, where it crashed into the Ocean, killing 125 of the 175 people on board.

Video footage captures the tragic 2015 Shoreham Airshow accident that claimed the lives of 11 individuals. Astonishingly, the pilot managed to survive the incident.

On April 29, 2013, a National Airlines cargo plane, operating as Flight 102, crashed shortly after takeoff from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. The tragic incident claimed the lives of all 7 crew members aboard the aircraft.

In 1989, a devastating incident occurred when United Airlines Flight 232 crash-landed following a catastrophic failure of its tail-mounted engine. The flight carried 296 passengers and crew members, and sadly, 112 of them lost their lives in the tragic accident.

Aeroflot Flight 1492 crashed in May 2019, bursting into flames after a hard landing caused by an electrical failure. The fire, which originated from the rear, led to the death of 41 out of 78 passengers.

other crashes:

Usually plane crashes end up in a big mess so it‘s hard to recover victims

Photos of plane crash victims

The most common reason for plane crashes is usually human error. This means pilots or other ppl in contact with the plane might make mistakes, or the maintenance crew might miss something. Even with all the high-tech systems and training, people can still mess up. Even if planes nowadays are almost self capable of flying, we need people controlling and looking over them.

Planes are also a very popular victim of terror attacks.

The most famous one being 9/11

also belonging to the 9/11 attacks was

American Airlines Flight 77 which crashed into the pentagon

photos of the victims belonging to 9/11

Here are some interesting statistics:

and here in conclusion the biggest plane crashes from every continent:

North America

American Airlines Flight 191

  • Date: May 25, 1979

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • Fatalities: 273 (271 on board, 2 on the ground)

  • Cause: Engine detachment due to improper maintenance procedures, leading to loss of control and crash shortly after takeoff.

South America

TAM Airlines Flight 3054

  • Date: July 17, 2007

  • Location: São Paulo, Brazil

  • Fatalities: 199 (187 on board, 12 on the ground)

  • Cause: Pilot error combined with a wet runway and a known defect in the aircraft's thrust reverser system, leading to the aircraft overrunning the runway.


Tenerife Airport Disaster

  • Date: March 27, 1977

  • Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

  • Fatalities: 583 (Total from both aircraft involved)

  • Cause: Miscommunication and dense fog leading to the collision of two Boeing 747 aircraft on the runway.


Nigeria Airways Flight 2120

  • Date: July 11, 1991

  • Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (crash of Nigerian airline operating from Nigeria)

  • Fatalities: 261

  • Cause: In-flight fire due to a burst tire which caused a wheel well fire, leading to structural failure.

not much footage so here a pic of the aftermath and an animation


Japan Airlines Flight 123

  • Date: August 12, 1985

  • Location: Mount Takamagahara, Japan

  • Fatalities: 520

  • Cause: Explosive decompression caused by improper repair after a tailstrike incident, leading to loss of control.

Australia (and Oceania)

New Zealand National Airways Corporation Flight 441

  • Date: July 3, 1963

  • Location: Kaimai Ranges, New Zealand

  • Fatalities: 23

  • Cause: Pilot error in severe weather conditions leading to controlled flight into terrain.


Air New Zealand Flight 901

  • Date: November 28, 1979

  • Location: Mount Erebus, Antarctica

  • Fatalities: 257

  • Cause: Controlled flight into terrain due to navigation error and whiteout conditions.

May the victims all rest in peace and may their families recover from their loss

Little swimming pig and the tiny dive


CHILD WARNING Bullies getting what they deserve (highly satisfying)

beep boop

trans lives matter


i will remove anything that is incorrect, just lmk in the comments. reporting is for pussies.

just say smth is incorrect and quit acting like a control freak reddit mod.

this info is all still very new, and we're all still sorting through whats accurate and what isnt.

I'd like to thank all the commenters who've been extremely helpful in gathering all this information

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Crooks's DMV photo:

Some of Crooks's yearbook photos (first photo is likely 9th grade, as the pandemic would have closed the schools in 2020):

Crooks's graduation in 2022 (higher quality video from NotYou in comments):

Some videos from his school, in which he appears (courtesy of NotYou):

More school videos:

The first photo released of Crooks:

Crooks seen on the roof, before the shooting:

(if anybody has the video without the TMZ watermark or censoring, i would greatly appreciate it)

Crooks on the roof, after being shot by SS.


Crooks was a registered republican, however, his political views are still unknown.

His voter status record:

this article says he had a discord account but it wasn't used frequently.

A receipt showing his 15$ donation to ActBlue, a democrat party organization:

He attended Bethel Park High School, as seen here.

He was bullied frequently, as mentioned by this schoolmate of his:

ABC news says he tried to join the school's rifle club, but was denied entry, because of his terrible aim.

(screenshot from the ABC news article)

Another schoolmate of his said that he was very passionate about history and government. He was also described by some as a 'loner'.

He graduated with the Star Award worth $500 from the National Math and Science Initiative.

His house (2506 Milford Dr, Bethel Park)

Couple clips from police footage, taken on Highland Drive:

Highland drive, currently blocked off, as seen on live-updated traffic maps.

He was working as a dietary aide at the Bethel Park Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, according to ABC news.

His parents are Matthew Brian Crooks and Mary Elizabeth Crooks [nee Frizzy, possibly]. They are both 53 years old, as of today's date, and are both behavioural counsellors. He may have an older sister, Katherine Crooks. She is 22 years old as of today's date. (info from CNN and USphonebook)

Thomas's mother, Mary, made a post on Twitter, mentioning that her son "had some mental issues and was dealing with built-up anger from bullies". I have not yet seen this video, please attach it in a comment if you've seen it. (I am starting to believe this may be false information)

More information about his household

(from popapedie's comment, slightly edited.)

His father Matthew Brian Crooks is a psychologist and has authored many academic books. He currently works at Community Care Behavioral Health. He is a certified Rehabilitation Counselor and works with people with depression. His mother is called Mary Elizabeth Crooks (born as Mary Elizabeth Frizzy) and is a registered counselor, but has previously taught in a primary school. She might currently be a homemaker. They are both registered democrats. Thomas is registered republican and has donated to democratic parties prior to registration of a republican. However, this does not have to mean a whole lot.

The family's annual income is reported to be $310,000. His parents seem to be from Scottish heritage. Thomas was born in September 2003. His parents identify as Jewish. Both of his parents also seem to work as licensed behavioral counselors in Pennsylvania. ‏‏The newspaper reporter that he received a $500 "star award" from the National Math and Science Initiative. He made a $15 donation to ACTBLUE when he was 17 years old. Thomas Crooks and his parents have been living separately for two years now. He allegedly had a big fight with his father before moving out of the house at the age of 18. Thomas has previously stayed with his grandparents but soon moved out after getting reprimanded for taking drugs.

‏‏His father reported to CNN that he is waiting for law enforcement to finish what needs to be finished before he will release a statement about the situation.


In the image below you can see the shirt Thomas was wearing. This T-shirt promotes a gun YouTube channel, Demolition Ranch. The founder Matt Carriker has seen this and has responded on his Instagram with the three words "What the hell".

Thomas's father's linkedin profile:


I will be adding to this post as i gather more info on him, please comment if you have any more.

If anything in this post has been confirmed as inaccurate information, please let me know, with the source, so i can remove it.

(from RabbiFactcheckenberg)

girl brutally kills her mothers abuser

FATALITY: " And they say Russians have no heart " ( FULL VIDEO ! )


It's always so satisfying to see animals fight back when they're attacked. They get what they deserve!

Life is fucked, a compilation :hanging: :bitchfight: :onfire: :scream: :badass:

if it´s a repost, delete it. the music matches perfectly


Before I start, yes I am aware this is a 'repost', however the last post about this video was missing a few details I thought were important/interesting, as well as some shitty 'insight' on to how to prevent situations like this. I will link this post at the end.

Also yes I am aware, saying "The Goys" is very funny and the peak of humor.

The Shooter, Jeffrey Spaide

(Photos of him are rare, this is supposedly him)

Jeffrey Spaide was born in Wilkes-Barre, on June 16th, 1973. He graduated Wilkes University with a Bachelors in Environmental Engineering, and went on to get a Master's Degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering from Villanova University. He served in the US Navy and National Guard. He seemed to have been somewhat isolated from the rest of his community (take this with a grain of salt, since the source for this claim is what Lisa Goy says in the CCTV video, however I wouldn't be surprised if an unmarried veteran with no wife or children would be like that). Despite this, he enjoyed spending time with his family, especially his nephew. A point often made is that his wife had died of cancer, however from what I could find this is not true, and I couldn't find any evidence of this being the case. What is true however is that his mother had died less than 2 years prior, which may be where this misconception comes from.

The Victims, Lisa and James Goy

Lisa and James Goy (Lisa being 48, and James being 50) were the neighbors of Jeffrey Spaide, and parents of a 15 year old special needs son. From what I could find, they bullied Jeffrey Spaide often, and possibly had problems with other people in the neighborhood. Their 15 year old son was physically unharmed in the shooting, and from what I heard lived with his grandparents after the shooting.

Video Summary

The video starts with Jeffrey Spaide arguing with the Goys over the Goys shoveling snow onto Spaide's driveway. The argument mainly consists of threats, however Spaide seems to be more on the defence, with the Goys doing most of the arguing. James Goy threatens Spaide with statements like "I'll knock your god damn head off", "Step out here I'll knock your ass out" and "I'll make your life a living hell living here dickhead", with Lisa chiming in to say "You're the fucking scumbag, you don't bother with nobody".

Spaide then begins to walk out with a handgun. James starts calling him a pussy, I think James was hoping for a fistfight, since he tells Spaide to put the gun down. Lisa then makes a complete dumbass move by saying "Go ahead" to a man pointing a gun at her. Lisa then begins to say "I have this on video" while Spaide is shooting at her. Spaide seems to miss most of his shots (This could be because of a variety of factors, he could just be a bad shot, but it also could be because he was shaking from the cold/high stress situation, the ground is slippery from ice, or even doubting himself for what he is doing).

What happens though is that Lisa is hit and falls down in the street, while James runs back to his front porch while yelling to call the cops and that he was shot, then falls down. Spaide then approaches Lisa, and shoots her twice while she is still shit talking him, and then approaches James, and shoots him once. Spaide walks back to his garage since he is out of ammo in his pistol. 2 Neighbors come over to help them, but run away after seeing Spaide coming back outside (One of them says he did not see Spaide however). Both Lisa and James survive this initial gunfire.

Spaide comes out of his garage with an AR15, walks up to Lisa and tells her something similar to "you should've kept your fucking mouth shut", and shoots her twice. He then walks up to James, and says "Pussy, huh?" and shoots him twice. Spaide then goes into his garage, and ends his own life.

What you can learn from the video

Your ego is not worth your life. It is not worth getting shot just so you can have the last word, or feel like you 'won'. From what I could tell in the video, Lisa and James Goy almost seemed like they thought they were invincible, even while they were being shot at.

Don't try to escalate situations, calling a guy a pussy that is walking towards you with a handgun after you threatened him is a dumbass idea, and saying you have something on video doesn't mean anything if the guy with the gun is clearly ready to kill you. I've seen some people give James Goy some level of credit for telling Spaide to put the gun down, however if anything it seemed like he was doing this because he wanted to fistfight Jeffrey.

You don't know what is going on in someone else's life, it seems like the Goys had been causing problems with Spaide for a long time, and it boiled over.

If you need to be in a situation like this, use your own gun (if you carry one) to defend yourself from an attacker, or at least hide in your house, instead of just standing out in the open. Remember though, a gun should be a last resort, and if you carry one you should have a level of self discipline and the ability to de-escalate situations.


The location of the shooting as of November 2023, I won't give the exact address since I don't know if the mods will consider it doxxing.


Despite this video being pretty tame in terms of actual gore, it's still one of the most fucked up gore videos in my opinion. I guess because it's more personal than most videos that are just people dying, and the end is so eerie, with it basically just being dead silent. I know some edgelords will probably call me a pussy or something for this, but look out for your friends and family, you never know what someone can be going through.


Thanks for reading my shitty post, leave your thoughts in the comments or something like that


Idk if I put this in the compilation thread or social since the compilation thread says that "Any post consisting of deaths from more than one incident belong here" but there is not death in this vid but I find it weird for this vid to be in social since it's a compilation (maybe I'm misreading something idk) Full credit to all of the people in the vid, Idk all of there name's but one of them is DAP2k,if y'all know the others feel free to post there name's in the comments.

Cartel beheads man who confessed molesting his daughter and 2 little boys

The man says what are his crimes in the video.


Biker loses leg after crashing into truck; flying leg almost hits a dude who is in a garage (better quality)



The Forest department filed a case against an illegal elephant safari centre in Idukki and issued a stop memo after a mahout was trampled to death by an elephant there on Thursday, and According to officials, Neeleswaram resident Balakrishnan, 62, was killed by a cow elephant at Kerala Farm, a private elephant safari centre at Kallar, near Adimaly, in Idukki around 6.30 p.m

im literally screaming, Officials said the elephant trampled Balakrishnan, the second mahout, while he was waiting near the animal to take tourists on safari, and The tourists narrowly escaped the attack, and The mahouts body was handed over to relatives after post-mortem examination

Both the elephants at the centre are not registered under the Animal Welfare Board of India, which is mandatory if the animals are to be used for entertainment purposes, and “The owner has been asked to shift the animal to Kottayam, where it is registered under the Forest department,” said Idukki Social Forestry Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Vipindas P.K.According to sources, 35 elephants are being used in Idukkis eight elephant safari centres, and “Only four of them are registered under the animal welfare board, and This elephant had tried to attack the mahout many times earlier too,” said the source but its whatever

Idukki Collector Sheeba George said the district administration would not allow illegal elephant safari centres to function, and “The Forest department will conduct routine inspections and take strict action against such centres,” said the Collector, and She requested the public to alert officials upon noticing such illegal centres in Idukki.M.N, and Jayachandran, district secretary of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), demanded action against the Collector and other officials for not preventing the mushrooming of illegal elephant safari centres in Idukki, and “As per a High Court order, elephants must be registered under the animal welfare board for them to be used in safari centres or other entertainment venues, and But most centres do not abide by the order,” said Mr, and Jayachandran and its EVERYTHING



WPD Iceberg v1 :marseycoldtwinge:

This is my first time ever trying to do something like this :marseyxd: don't expect greatness or it to even be in order. I tried adding some memes and big stuff but I have been and will be very busy until Thursday :sad: I apologize for that. If you want more just put it into the comments! (as for when 2.0 will be release :cdmshrug: I got like 30 other things I need to finish :marseyxd:

Thanks to front I have an idea! With WPD iceberg V2 I shall make a video covering it and the sources :marseyevilgrin: <33 with cool TTS :troll2:


This refers to the ability to edit profile and site CSS.

The bots

Refers to the bots snappy, autojanny, longpostbot, cutthatout, zoz, and others.


Before the site was .tv it was .co we got booted from .co because of legal blah blah blah


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after /r/watchpeople die went offline they moved to telegram


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A spider that crawls on the screen and a marsey that follows the mouse

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A mysterious group of users who worship "eggs" and say "egg" in chat.


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E dating

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A time where people would call Macca Fat and make fake fat images of him

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Make a joke about liking 5 year old boys in chat, now is harassed over it.


WPD has been hit by many DDOS to take down the site


The times when Clitpeeler has left WPD.

WPD is dying

A lot of OG users leave or come back only to say the downfall of WPD is among us.

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Groomercord isn't allowed because there have been cases of offsite doxxing, pedo things, and some accounts being terminated because they shared gore.


Being attracted to school shooters and having a weird fetish for violence

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Palestine vs isreal

Fights between the two supporters of these groups.


An underage user who tried to ascend to mod status, called the cops on ganjabliss, and was a minor.


Supposedly has intercourse with "puppy" and send Clitpeeler a message to free schizhoe only to get clowned on. (Clit is based)


A group of people that act/take the role of ponies. Have been responsible for doxxing, animal gore, and other bad acts. NOT ALL PONIES ARE BAD.


"Hi there's been a fuckload of really bizarre videos sent in with threatening cats and grooming stuff and detailed plans to harm people in real life, this is not something we can be party to even tangentially "


He stuck a can in his ass, cut names into his leg, and had a weird ducktape mask he wore when he stalked people houses (recorded btw)

Amber alert

A child hurtcore video that was being spread around WPD in DMS a while back. The reason why the admin ATG was banned


Users that will self harm and carve other's names into their bodies from something in return

Puppy, Blo0dC, nikki

Refers to three underage users, two being puppy and nikki who "apparently' sent their nudes out and were known for being hypersexual. (ew)


The reason why we call pedos "sneks" made many accounts like realkiller and more. Rot in piss

Neo nazis

A lot of neonazis come here and try spreading propaganda or displaying nazi flags


Terrorists will come and make posts about killing a specific group of people.


Users that are attracted to kids


Some users who are attracted to dead bodies

Illegal videos

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WPD is controlled or watched by the FBI

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an Iowa High School shooter. Rot in piss.

Drink water and have a good day!!!

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST Mass Shootings Recorded By Their Perpetrators.

Mass Shootings have become a problem within society today, bringing debates on the rights of the people and the safety of the people.

Mass shootings filmed by shooters have also begun to become a problem. fortunately many of them failed at their plans.

Christchurch Mosque Attacks

Brenton Tarrant, who by the way admitted that he would've killed himself if he ran out of money, shot and killed 51 and injured 40 others.

He live-streamed his attack on Facebook.

This is most likely the most famous example of mass shootings recorded by perpetrators.

Buffalo Supermarket Attack

This little strag, Payton Gendron shot and killed 10 people in a terrorist attack. He nearly killed himself. But thankfully the state is soon to do that for him.

He streamed this on Twitch.

Toulouse Attacks.

Islamic terrorist attacks a children's daycare and kills police officers. I don't like to speak to much on child killers. He's rotting rn.

Filmed by the perp on a GoPro.

Crocus Hall Attack

Terrorists from ISIS shot and killed around 140 people then burned down the concert hall they attacked. most were killed or arrested after they took guards hostage at their prison.

Filmed by one terrorist on his phone.

Westgate Mall Shooting

loser who was depressed tried to kill others at his local mall, due to it being quarantine and him having his phone in his hand while shooting, no one died.

Filmed and shared on Snapchat.

Edmond Burke School Shooting

guy tried to kill people at a school that was below his dorm, missed all his shots, but still managed to injure 4 people and ended up killing himself.

Filmed on a sniper cam.

Memphis Shootings

Ezekiel Kelly, a meth head killed 3 people and injured 3 others while high on meth and singing Lil Baby. He is rotting as we speak.

Live Streamed on Instagram

Roanoke, Virginia Shooting

Former news employee kills 2 after being fired. Killed himself at the scene.

Filmed on his phone.

Copper Canyon Apartment Complex Police Ambush

Mentally ill man shoots and kills an officer and is killed by officers he injured. Video via @kanye_

Streamed on periscope, no video

Halle Synagogue Attack

German cuck gets mogged by locked doors at the synagogue he's trying to attack, with homemade guns and explosives. Ends up killing 2 and injuring 2 others before stealing a taxi (after livestream) and being arrested that night.

Nakkhon Ratchasima Attacks

Former solider steals military weapons, and kills 29 people.

filmed / streamed partly on Facebook.

Jacksonville Landing Shooting

Psychotic madden player kills 2 people after losing a game.

audio was streamed on twitch.

Georgetown Kroger Shooting

This wannabe gangsters attempt at shooting 11 people, no one was seriously injured.

thanks to @Koolkai for informing me on this.

Unavailable Shootings

Hypercacher Kosher Supermarket Attack, Filmed via GoPro

Port Arthur Massacre, Filmed via stationery camera gunman placed.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Shooting, Filmed via Cellphone.

Bærum Mosque Shooting, filmed by the perp via headcam.

And yeah, those are all I could find. follow me for more shit like this.

Reported by:
~50% of the userbase, summarized

I'm uploading this since a lot of people in the comments in the first video seemd to like it and I saw some people asking for another one,full credit to all of the people in the video, if any of y'all know there name's put them in the comments and I will edit this to give them the proper credit they deserve for keeping our streets safe.

Song of the outro: I fingered myself to sewerslvt then made this because I couldn't come by acidgvrl

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