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Date and reason unknown. The dead include normal criminals, boxers, pirates, revolutionists, resist fighters, and so on. In China mainly colonized by Europeans and Japanese, in Vietnam mainly colonized by French.

I am trying best to find photos of early 20th century beheading executions in Korea, Lao, Cambodian, Indonesia, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and other countries, but nothing found yet.

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CHILD WARNING kid randomly dies


CHILD WARNING Depression (A suicide comp) (if the main video doesn't work there's a pomf version inside the post :nice:)

Have a great day, drink water, stay safe, and make sure you care for yourselves and those around you :nice:

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Mexican army fighting the cartels


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teacher tries to stop fight and ends in it :marseycry:

CHILD WARNING yelling party 🥳 ( child warning )


Man shoots sleeping homeless person

New york city, USA


Kansas City Police are asking for help to identify the suspects

Leaving a gas station, an innocent man was asked for a dollar and gave it. He was then shot and robbed in the 4500 block of Cleveland Ave. on February 22nd around 10:45 p.m.

When the man lays there injured, you can see one of three suspects. go through his pockets, looking for valuables.

Towards the end of this video, you will see suspects inside the store. We have included their picture in this thread.

Asian girl allegedly commits suicide (apparently in taiwan

Tragically, a young employee of a gas station in Campamento, Olancho, lost her life last Friday night at the hands of an individual on a motorcycle.

The victim, identified as Blanca Vargas, was hit by a shot fired by a passenger on the motorcycle, as revealed by images captured by the establishment's security cameras.

According to the images, after refueling their vehicle, the men got into an argument with the young woman, who was accompanied by another woman.

In the middle of the dispute, the man shot Blanca and quickly left the place.

On Friday, March 1, 2024, unfortunately, 10 homicides were recorded in the country, including three women.

Throughout the year, the number of women murdered nationwide totals more than 30, underscoring the urgent need to address and prevent gender-based violence.

same guy killing another old person

Great white shark kills diving instructor

A great white shark which killed 35-year-old man Simon Nellist off rocks near Buchan Point at Little Bay.

Mr Nellist, a certified diving instructor, was attacked and killed by the white shark. It was the first fatal shark attack in Sydney since 1963, when actress Marcia Hathaway died from bite wounds while standing in Middle Harbour.

Police said they recovered human remains in the water after emergency crews responded to reports of a great white shark attack at Buchan Point in Malabar.


At around 10:35 a.m. on July 18, 2019, a Japanese man named Shinji Aoba set fire to Kyo Annie's plagiarism (there were no similarities between the works produced by Kyoto Animation) and complaints about society.

The fire killed 36 people and injured 33 others, and completely destroyed some animations' concept designs and original materials in the first studio.

The reason is that Shinji Aoba sprayed about 10 liters of gasoline and set fire because Kyo Annie plagiarized her novel, and the building also had wood interior materials and spiral stairs, so the fire spread quickly and there were no sprinklers. And because of NHK's TV program shooting on the day of the incident, anyone could enter and exit, and weapons such as knives and hammers came out of Shinji Aoba's bag at the time. If his body had not caught fire, there was a possibility that he would have indiscriminately harmed people exiting the burning building.

At that time, the arson was the largest victim of an arson incident in Japan, and Japanese and foreign media also reported the arson.

Since then, it has served as an opportunity to develop a fire suppressor radiator, Quick Flasher, and the burned-out building has been demolished.

And it became the first time in Japan that an animation creator was killed in a group while receiving death threats

footage of the fire at the time

The view of the building at the time


The murder of two men

In march 2012, a charred corpse was found near a highway in Russia by a local resident. The corpse in question was found underneath sand and garbage. A month later, in the same area, another body was found in a iron barrel filled with sand.

Charred corpse underneath sand and garbage.

Examinations found that the two bodies belonged to two men, one being 25yrs old and the other being 30yrs old, and were killed no more than 2 months ago prior to discovering them. Employees of the homicide department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the city of Artyom, who investigated these crimes, did not even doubt that the bodies found were the link to the disappearance of two local men. The guys living in the suburbs of Artyom, in the Ptichnik micro-district, disappeared in February 2012. They left their home and did not return.

More pictures of the charred corpse.

According to the police, there was a plan to kidnap the man and ask his relatives for ransom, but was essentially killed while captive. The other man died due to being a witness to the crime and was killed.

The other corpse, stuffed into a barrel with sand.

Both bodies were disposed of in the back of an abandoned garden house with gasoline and fire. The charred corpse was hidden kilometers away from the crime scene with garbage and sand over it. The other body was stuffed into a barrel, lit with fire and then covered with sand. One of the bodies was being scavenged by some animals.

The two victims, aged 25 and 30.


Retired police commit suicide

a retired former police officer, rank of Police Lieutenant, 77 years old, was found sitting on the floor leaning on the sofa. Wear a white polo shirt Wearing black long jeans There was a severe wound on the top of his head missing. Blood and brain splattered all over his shirt and sofa. On the floor near the left hand, a .357 caliber revolver was found. Investigating the deceased's wife, they learned that the deceased was resting in the bedroom on the second floor of the house. He was resting on the ground floor of the house. Heard the sound of a gunshot, so he went up to take a look. During that time, another gunshot was heard and the deceased was found lying in a pool of blood. There was a gun on the ground next to his left side. whose husband is a retired police officer Initially, investigators sent the body for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death before giving it to relatives for further action. Reporters reported that before the police lieutenant committed the incident, at approximately 4:40 p.m., the deceased did a live broadcast through his personal Facebook page. while saying, “Sigh, it's time now. who had to end his own life I wasn't very happy while I was there. There's just something frustrating. There are only things that make you unhappy. At the end of life I bid farewell to all my friends and relatives.” The deceased then picked up the gun used in the incident and showed it in front of the camera and said, “This is the gun that will take his own life today.. And please pass this on to his son. Please make a funeral for your father. Did you hear that, child? Father's life is no longer happy at this age. Dad, I'd rather die than stay." After finishing speaking, the deceased used a gun to fire one shot into the ceiling and said, "One shot has already taken place. The second shot was to take his own life. Look, his wife doesn't care about us at all. She only scolds us and scolds us." Before the deceased pretended to sit down, he lifted up his gun and pointed it at the back of his head before immediately pulling the trigger and taking his own life.


He was 27 and did it with a condom on


In the video, a young brazilian speaks while crying, mentioning various problems without specifying. He states it's his last video, thanks his family and friends for their support, requests his belongings to be given to his father, says his goodbyes, and asks people not to cry.

Compilation of suicides :npc: (ft. Dsbm music)

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