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EFFORTPOST Max Azzarello sets himself on fire in protest outside of Trump's trial court, April 19th, 2024 - New York (Multiple Videos + Description Included + Manifesto & Social Medias)


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Police briefing of what happened

Videos from Max Azzarello's Instagram

Pictures of Max Azzarello

Aftermath pictures of the area

Max Azzarello

Here are some accounts rDrama claimed he had.



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A man has set himself on fire outside the New York courtroom where Donald Trump's hush money trial is taking place.

Moments after a full jury had been selected to hear the trial at Manhattan Criminal Court, the man's body was reportedly engulfed in flames for at least three minutes outside.

A CNN anchor said on air: “I see a totally charred human being.”

The man used a flammable liquid to set himself on fire in the designated protest area outside the court, with horrified bystanders screaming and fleeing.

US media has named the victim as Maxwell Azzarello, from St Augustine in Florida.

In a press conference, police said he appeared to be a “conspiracy theorist” and said he threw around “propaganda” containing claims about Ponzi schemes and the mafia before starting the fire.

Police said Mr Azzarello had poured an alcohol-based cleaning liquid on himself before lighting the fire, and that he had been taken to a local burn unit in a critical condition.

Mr Azzarello published a blog post on Friday that opened with the words: “My name is Max Azzarello, and I am an investigative researcher who has set himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan.”

The rest of the post made only a handful of references to Mr Trump, apart from claiming he was a member of a “secret kleptocracy” along with every previous president and their election rival.

Police with fire extinguishers rushed to the scene. Sirens could be heard blaring as correspondents reported smelling the burning of flesh. The heat of the flames could be felt from 100ft away, the New York Times reported.

A smouldering backpack and a gas can were visible afterwards, according to one witness. Police taped off the scene.

Broadcasters recorded what happened – some then cut away and apologised for showing the footage – through the metal barricades in place for Mr Trump's trial. The scene is close to several courthouses and other buildings.

A New York Police Department spokesman said: “A male did light himself on fire outside of the Supreme Courthouse. We're still gathering details from the field.”

Mr Trump did not respond to questions from reporters about the incident. His campaign offered “condolences to the traumatised witnesses” and paid tribute to “the great first responders of the City of New York”.

Mr Trump's criminal trial is being conducted amid tight security in a 15th floor courtroom swarming with Secret Service officers as well as court police.

The New York Police Department has promised a major deployment to ensure that the trial passes off safely, with John Hart, the force's head of intelligence calling it a “major challenge”.

The 12 jurors, along with six alternates, will consider evidence in the first ever criminal trial to determine whether a former US president is guilty of breaking the law.


My name is Max Azzarello, and I am an investigative researcher who has set himself on fire outside of the Trump trial in Manhattan.

This extreme act of protest is to draw attention to an urgent and important discovery:

We are victims of a totalitarian con, and our own government (along with many of their allies) is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist world coup.

These claims sound like fantastical conspiracy theory, but they are not. They are proof of conspiracy. If you investigate this mountain of research, you will prove them too. If you learn a great deal about Ponzi schemes, you will discover that our life is a lie. If you follow this story and the links below, you will discover the rotten truth of ‘post-truth America'. You will learn the scariest and stupidest story in world history. And you will realize that we are all in a desperate state of emergency that requires your action.

To my friends and family, witnesses and first responders, I deeply apologize for inflicting this pain upon you. But I assure you it is a drop in the bucket compared to what our government intends to inflict.

Because these words are true, this is an act of revolution.


Last March, a billionaire named Peter Thiel started a bank run on Silicon Valley Bank. I knew enough about Thiel that I found this incredibly suspicious: My hunch was that this was intentional, though I couldn't fathom why.

I began investigating online, and quickly found cryptocurrency's fingerprints all over it. The bank run occurred just days after Silvergate Bank – which catered almost exclusively to crypto companies – collapsed. Meanwhile, several crypto cheerleaders were all over financial media warning of a regional banking crisis, and nobody in media was addressing the clear crypto connections.

I dug deep into the financials of Thiel's venture capital firm Founders Fund and eventually uncovered the following, all proven many times over.

  • Cryptocurrency is our first planetary multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. It was expressly created for this purpose by a laundry list of rich and powerful people out of Stanford/Silicon Valley and Harvard/Facebook.

  • The March 2023 bank failures were all intentional: the banks were used to move out stolen Ponzi money. This signals that they're no longer dumping cash in to keep the cryptocurrency Ponzi afloat, and that it will soon go insolvent, as all Ponzis must.

  • When the Ponzi scheme goes insolvent, it will take down half the stock market with it: The perpetrators used their major companies to pipe into the blockchain so they could funnel money out from the crypto exchanges. This includes Google, Tesla, Apple, PayPal, Facebook, Disney, Walmart, Target, InBev, Zoom, and countless others.

  • It is a Ponzi scheme so large that it created global inflation, which is why the price of Bitcoin has been a remarkable leading indicator for inflation rates. Victims who bought crypto don't realize their money has already been stolen, so the money gets double-counted by the victims and the criminals who stole it.

  • As it turns out, our elites are awash in Ponzi schemes. Stanford's investment fund and Jeffrey Epstein's ‘Program for Evolutionary Dynamics' he ran at Harvard are both fake-science Ponzi factories that these schools have invested billions in: They are filled with fraudulent companies that use smoke and mirrors to promise miraculous new technology, but always collapse while the perpetrators only get richer.

  • Funneling trillions of dollars in stolen cash through the stock market created the largest stock-market anomaly in history. The stock chart signature of a Ponzi scheme is a massive increase (while they stack up cash) and then a massive fall (as they funnel out the stolen cash). This chart shape appeared in all the companies listed above. In order to explain the massive anomaly, our criminal government unleashed COVID on the world and told us these were the “stay at home stocks.”


Ponzi schemes are vicious beasts, and cryptocurrency is history's largest Ponzi by orders of magnitude. It could best be described as an economic doomsday device, intentionally made to shatter the world economy.

The U.S. government is fully involved in this totalitarian con: To illustrate its bipartisan support, I'll note that nearly every participant of the Clinton Global Initiative has ties to cryptocurrency, while two of the biggest tech VCs who participated are Trump associates Josh Kushner and Anthony Scaramucci.

To better understand our form of government, I will point you to one of the most astonishing pieces of stand-alone evidence I've found: Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton's 1988 DNC speech where he nominated Mike Dukakis for president against George H.W. Bush. The speech is a vile, mean-spirited roast of Dukakis that makes no sense whatsoever: For Clinton to ruthlessly attack a member of his own party should have been political suicide, and he repeatedly mocks Dukakis' noble and earnest qualities.

Notably, actor Rob Lowe, who was supporting Dukakis, was victim of a teen sex blackmail operation at the DNC that year. Since we know Clinton is a close associate with teen sex blackmail artist Jeffrey Epstein, we can suddenly make perfect sense of the nonsensical speech by applying this lens: Bill Clinton is a cocky mob boss who blackmailed Mike Dukakis because Dukakis thought his job was to help the public. He teases out the future public revelation that Kitty Dukakis drank rubbing alcohol, and offers a strange anecdote about the crack epidemic that reveals he is an exceedingly proud drug runner.

What does this revelation tell us? That our government is conning us completely. That Bill Clinton was secretly on (former CIA Director) George H.W. Bush's side, and that the Democrat vs. Republican division has been entirely manufactured ever since: Clinton is with Bush; Gore is with Bush; Trump is with Hillary, and so on. When they present themselves in public, they are acting as characters that are against one another, practicing kayfabe as wrestlers do.

As it turns out, we have a secret kleptocracy: Both parties are run by financial criminals whose only goals are to divide, deceive, and bleed us dry. They divide the public against itself and blame the other party while everything gets worse and more expensive and handful of people take all the money.

Since it is fully parasitic, a secret kleptocracy is an incredibly unstable form of government – left to its own devices, it can only lead to fascism or failed state.


One of the key findings of this research is that Harvard University is one of the largest organized crime fronts in history, which is how they churn out billionaires – it's a major hub of this sprawling criminal network.

As it turns out, dozens of the writers of The Simpsons went to Harvard. So I asked myself the question: If The Simpsons served the interests of organized crime, how would it do so?

Well, it offers a dysfunctional family suffering from moral decay, a community incapable of solving its problems, a worker drone who slaves away for an evil billionaire, and cathartic laughs for our poor collective circumstances.

There are some notable specifics as it relates to this research, too: In Marge vs. The Monorail, the townsfolk are too oafish and divided to invest in the town's needs (fix Main Street) and fall for the charms of a dazzling showman with a bogus monorail Ponzi scheme. When we know that the show is closely linked to an organization that invests billions of dollars in Ponzi factories, this becomes quite damning.

In Lisa the Iconoclast, Lisa discovers that town founder Jebediah Springfield was a secret criminal con artist, and that the townsfolk's lives are a lie. Realizing this is an important discovery, she desperately tries to get the townsfolk to listen to her. But they meet her with hostility, apathy, disbelief, and partisanship and she fails to get through to them. Ultimately, she realizes the town is so far gone that perhaps it's better for them to be lied to by con artists, and she keeps the secret to herself.

And here I've been, like Lisa Simpson, desperately trying to get friends, family, and the public to believe the proof of a totalitarian con I'm trying to show them, and they've turned away with hostility, apathy, disbelief, and partisanship.

And so, we realize the criminal truth of The Simpsons: Our elites are telling us that our eroding collective circumstances are our own fault, and we can't do anything about it, while they steal the American Dream from us. It is, for lack of a more elegant word, brainwashing.

—Lastly, we string these major discoveries together: Cryptocurrency is an economic doomsday device; our government is a secret kleptocracy; The Simpsons exists to brainwash us. From there, the only research we need is critical thinking and we're able to piece together the true story of our circumstances.

Consider America since 1988: Institutions like healthcare and universities have become parasitic in their skyrocketing prices. News media tells us to be angry and tribalized. Daytime television warns us of moral decay. Local news tell us to fear our neighbors. The Simpsons tells us we're too oafish and divided to save the American Dream. Seinfeld tells us to celebrate the assholes and be irritated by all the normal people around us. “Reality” TV tells us that real life is filled with hedonism and strife.

Social media, owned by crypto criminals like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, is flooded with nonsense conspiracy theories and memes reminding us that we are hopeless, helpless, anxious, depressed, ironic, scared, apathetic, escapist, lonely, misguided, and jaded, telling us we can't do anything but have a laugh at our circumstances.

Liberals mock the hypocrisy of conservatives; conservatives mock the hypocrisy of liberals, and our collective circumstances erode. The left shouts “All Cops Are Bastards,” which ensures they'll be hated by the police and the public (and flies in the face of leftist theory). The public's distrust of the government is at an all-time high, but so is the belief that we are helpless to do anything about it.

And with all this, a sharp rise in apocalyptic messaging: Climate change will kill us all; COVID will kill us all; vaccines will kill us all; AI will kill us all – no matter the bubbles we ascribe to, we're bombarded with existential crises with no solutions. We've seen a surge in apocalyptic film, literature, and video games that tell us there is no way out of our poor circumstances but total societal breakdown. Zombies tell us that the public is our enemy. If you go to your nearest convenience store, you can buy a can of water called “Liquid Death.”

This is our rotten farce: For our entire lives, we have been flooded with media designed to slowly steer us into a world where the American Dream was dead, where the public was fully divided against itself, where everybody believed we were powerless to do anything about our worsening circumstances. It is all so they can organize an unprecedented, apocalyptic rug pull on the entire populace as they pivot to fascism, which is perhaps best understood as kleptocracy at the barrel of a gun.

When we piece it all together, we understand the truth: We are in a totalitarian doomsday cult.

Why on earth would our elites do this? There are many reasons, but the simplest is because capitalism is unsustainable, and they knew it: Climate change and resource extraction would catch up eventually. So, they never intended to sustain it. They knew all along that they would gobble up all the wealth they could, and then yank the rug out from under us so they could pivot to a hellish fascist dystopia.

—Things escalated wildly in 1988 when former CIA Director George H.W. Bush got the White House, but this plan had been in action long prior:

Why is Stanley Kubrick's comedy about mutually assured destruction called Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb? Because he was a cocky secret fascist who was getting us to stop worrying and love the bomb. Why did he make A Clockwork Orange? So we'd rejoice at ultra-violence designed to desensitize us to the horrors of the world.

Why were the Manson Family murders crawling with cover-ups and intelligence agents? Because our government wanted to make us fear for our lives and believe that hippies are deranged psychopaths.

Why did Walt Disney produce a fraudulent documentary that told us Lemmings follow each other off cliffs? So we would believe it.

Why did The Beatles tell us to fear the taxman, to scoff at revolution, chase nonsense conspiracy theories, and that happiness is a warm gun? So we would believe it.

Why did Easy Rider tell us that the hippie movement was dead? So we would believe it.

Why did Chinatown end with defeatism in the face of massive corruption? So we would believe it.

Why did George Orwell tell us of a hellish future of totalitarian control that we are powerless to stop? So we would believe it.

Why did Wall Street tell us “greed is good”? So we would believe it.

Why did Do The Right Thing tell us we're all racially tribalized? So we would believe it.

Why did Simpsons creator Matt Groening make a comic strip called Life in Hell? So we would believe it.

And on, and on, and on, and on. When it comes to any popular media, if you ask yourself the question, “Why would secret doomsday cult kleptocrats want the public to consume this?”, you will find your answers.

—This is obviously very bad news, but the biggest lie we've been told is that we are powerless. We've got one way out of hellworld, and that's for the public to realize that we've been conned completely so we can build a united movement that shatters every lie they've told us, mocks this rotten farce as loudly as it deserves, and aims at nothing short of abolishing our criminal government so we can build one that serves the public.

To understand this story is to see right through the con, to become immune to the endless sea of criminal propaganda, and to feel the great joy and power that comes with freedom.

If a small number of people quickly put on these truth-colored glasses, we are in for an unimaginably bright future. If not, we get an apocalypse.

For more information, I've put together this booklet that includes other major findings and a map to a sea of proof, along with all the other essays on this site.

For the true history of America since the end of World War II, see here.

To see this discovery unfold in real-time, along with further explanations, hundreds of pieces of evidence not covered here, advice, inspiration, political theory, and the heart and soul of a man escaping history's largest doomsday cult, see my Instagram story highlights. I apologize for leaving things so scattered, but this has been an exhausting affair. So long as you understand this (true) ideology, you will be able to learn the whole story.

Here is a federal lawsuit I filed against dozens of perpetrators of the cryptocurrency Ponzi – not for litigation, but just to preserve the information and attach my name to it. I was terrified and hadn't slept in days and it shows, but it served its purpose of keeping myself alive long enough to keep learning and telling this story.

I no longer have my original research files from the crypto rabbit hole. If you want to see them, you'll have to get my laptop back from the government. Ask them how they got it - it's a very fun story.

I hope you know how powerful you are. I wish you a hell of a lot more than luck.

Max Azzarello

Suicide Awareness

This post is meant to bring awareness to what its like to lose someone to suicide. If you're considering suicide, please think of your loved ones and reconsider. It is never the answer.

I'm posting this because a user on this site has taken her own life yesterday, and I'd like to give information that may help others going through the same thing. If you don't care or want to say something unkind, please have some morals and keep them to yourself. This is intended for those who have or still deal with suicide. I am still in a state of shock, so please forgive me if my wording isn't the greatest.

Today I received the worst news possible. My best friend, also known as @PurgeQueen666 on this site, committed suicide yesterday.I did everything I could to reach her, and when I couldn't I reached out to some of you to help me find information that could help. Thank you for everyone who assisted me in getting more information. I called her local sheriff's office and asked for a welfare check, only for them to tell me they already responded to a call and found her unresponsive. I called up her family and offered my condolences, and I'll be attending the funeral in a couple weeks. She was such a sweet and kind person but she struggled a lot with bullying and harassment. She would frequently talk about the things people would say to her and it would break my heart. Words hurt way more than you could ever imagine. The day before she took her own life, I managed to talk her off the ledge of suicide. She had told me she tied a noose and had it around her neck until I texted her. I encouraged her to get rid of it and to call someone, anyone. She refused, and I should've known she'd end up using it. The last thing she said to me was "I have to get ready for work, I appreciate you (my real name)". I had no idea she was going to end her life right then and there, but looking back, I saw the signs. If you or anyone you know is dealing with suicidal thoughts/suicidal ideation please reach out and get help. Suicide is never the answer and leaves the ones who love you lost and broken. Please call someone and receive help if you or a loved one are dealing with suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

This world didn't deserve you, and I'll always have you in my heart. I don't believe in an afterlife, but if you're out there somewhere please know I did everything I could to help you. I love you.


I know you have probably watched this video being reposted many times but in this Effortpost, after doing a lot of research, i'm going to tell you the unknown backstory of this infamous video.


Leonardo Alexander Caripe Brito was a father of 3 from Venezuela that moved to Peru due to the horrible economic situation Venezuela is currently going thru. An acquaintance of his described him as a normal man that did not have any problems with anybody.

(I also found picture of him with his children, but i'm not going to put them here)

Leonardo worked as a taxi driver in Los Olivos, he also rented a blue peruvian taxi motocycle to do this job, which is sort of a modified motocycle with a roof and backseats, the vehicle's plate number was 7568-ZA

Leonardo's "control card"


Frank Anthony Lopez Quiroz AKA "El Chatín" and AKA "Mata por gusto" (this last nickname literally translates to "the one who kills for pleasure") was a Peruvian robber, drug dealer, murderer, and extortionist.


Frank's first run-ins with the law apparently started in 2017 yet his first felonies aren't specified, although we can assume they had to do with drug trafficking and/or theft. In October of 2019 he was arrested as a suspect of manslaughter, he was found inside a car along with other men, it's also worth mentioning that when he was apprehended he tried to draw a gun out of his waist but he accidently dropped the gun, after that he was quickly handcuffed and they were all arrested; the police also found multiple guns inside the vehicle. During the trial the judge commited the mistake of granting him perole and two weeks later he was on the streets again commiting crimes. In September of 2021 he was caught on CCTV doing multiple robberies in the Breña District, after that the police issued a warrant for his arrest


Frank AKA "Killer for pleasure" was also a well-known extortionist in the zone of Los Olivos, specifically targeting taxi drivers, collecting a daily "fee" of 5 Soles (Peruvian currency) to let the taxi drivers work on """his""" zone, and if they didn't pay he would kill them.


Leonardo for one reason or another didn't pay this extortion money for 2 weeks, owing Frank the exact amount of 60 Soles. I did some research on how much 60 Soles were at that time, and what i found left me deeply distraught, the working father of 3 was killed for 16.4 dollars


After 2 weeks of Leonardo not paying the extortion money, Frank AKA "killer for pleasure" had enough, and decided to confront Leonardo and solve the problem once and for all in the only way he knew, with violence and death threats.

In the late afternoon of February the 21st 2022 Frank confronted Leonardo in the "Las Peras" street located in a zone called "5 de Agosto". Witnesses state that they had a discussion, at some point in this discussion Frank drawed his phone and started recording, most likely with the gun on his right hand ready, this is when Leonardo, probably in refference to what they where discussing earlier, said the phrase "You are the boss", Frank replied with "the boss?" And inmidiately fired 4 gunshots at Leonardo, 3 of which stroke Leonardo in the head killing Leonardo Alexander Caripe Brito instantly, after doing that he swiftly left the scene. At some point after this, Frank sent the video to the taxi drivers in the zone as a warning.


Police was called to the scene and they inmidiately looked for witnesses, to the taxi drivers it was pretty obvious who did it and they told the police what they knew. The police then started investigating the matter having Frank Anthony Lopez Quiroz as the main suspect. The police also analysed the video itself, and they were able to identify the shoes of the man recording as a pair of Jordans (keep this in mind because it is going to be important later).


After several weeks trying to locate Frank, they finally found him hiding in a rented property in San Martin de Porres, in March the 17th 2022 the Peruvian police sent a "SUAT" team (apparently Peru also has its version of the SWAT) to the property. Using a battering ram the "SUAT" team broke into the property to apprehend Frank, Frank quickly tried to tamper the evidence by throwing the weapons on neighboring houses and tried to escape by jumping off a window in the second floor, surprisingly this very well-elaborated escape plan did not work and he ended up injuring both of his legs.

Realising that his career as criminal was over, Frank Anthony Lopez Quiroz, the cold-blooded "killer for pleasure" started crying and apologising.

Frank after jumping off the window

After searching the property the police found guns, gun magazines, shooting targets, 6 kilograms of drugs, weighting scales for the drugs, 2 masks, a pair of Jordans that matched the ones that could be breefly seen in the video, a 9mm glock with a modified 32 round magazine (when the police found it the magazine had 28 rounds inside indicating that it was used before), and more interestingly a list with the names of the people that Frank Anthony Lopez Quiroz was extorting and how much money they owed him; the list had Caripe's name, the location where he was murdered, and the words "owes 60".

6 kilograms of drugs and Frank's Jordans

Shooting target

2 weighting scales


Frank Anthony Lopez Quiroz was found guilty of at least 10 counts of manslaughter and he was sentenced to life imprisonment, he was also found guilty of drug and firearm related charges and he was sentenced to 17 years for this too.


While i was investigating i checked if the exact location was visible on Google street view and to my surprise it was indeed visible.

If you want to see it by yourselves i will leave the link right here: 938 Las Peras


Leonardo Alexander Caripe Brito was a working father of 3 that moved to Peru for a better future for himself and his familty but his life was brutally ended for no real reason by a sadistic criminal that was literally supposed to be in jail. This very heartbreaking case goes to show the sad, unfair, and dangerous situation that most of Latin America is going thru every single day, and this also goes to show how ineffective the justice system can be sometimes; the police had many opportunities to stop this menace to society from commiting more crimes early but for one reason or another they left him roam the streets. But we can maybe have some solace in knowing that the murderer was finally jailed and held accountable for all his actions, and we can only hope that he never sets a foot outside a jail ever again.


So this is my first Effortpost and it took A LOT of research, writing and compiling to put together. For those of you who might be wondering, i did all of this research and writing by myself, it was truly difficult but it's finally done. I'm also planning to do more Effortposts like this one, so i just want to let you know that there's much more in the way. If you really liked this effortpost you could give it a reward, an upvote or a pin.

Youtube link 1:

Youtube link 2:

Youtube link 3:

This is where i found Caripe's pictures:

This is where i found how much 60 Soles were in the year 2022:

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST The suicide of 12 year old Katelyn Nicole Davis (ITZ Dolly) | full write up :marseysaki:


This one's personal.

I remeber when this happened. It's on a personal level for me because Katelyn and I were born the same year, 2004, and I was going through some of the same issues she had around the same time. Struggling with mental illness, abuse, self harm and being hospitalized were issues I had to deal with, and at such a young age. This story absolutely breaks my heart on so many levels. So let's talk about Katelyn.

Katelyn Nichole Davis was born on February 20th, 2004 in Rome, Georgia. Around the time of her suicide, she was living in a trailer with her mom, Tammy, her step-dad Anthony and her 2 younger half siblings.


She was known as "ITZ Dolly" on a platform called where she recorded multiple hours of live streams of her everyday life where she would sing, take care of her younger siblings, do her makeup, talking to the chat and answering questions they had. During these streams she would sometimes break down and cry and share how her mom was selling drugs and doing pills, and how her step-dad tried to have sex with her. People also often asked her if her siblings were her kids because they were always on her streams.

Katelyn talking about how her step-dad tried to rape her

She says after she denied his advances, he called her a "worthless whore" and that she should hang herself. "He hated my guts but then he still tried to get in my pants" He told her to hang herself because she wasn't worth it.

Katie used vlogging to cope with her mental illness and poor home life. She shares how her home is practically unlivable, a piece of her wall is gone, she has no door and there is a hole in her floor leading outside. She wrote in "Diary of a Broken Doll" that one time a bird flew into her room through the hole, and how its extremely cold during the winter. She was worried about getting sick from the leaky pipe completely soaking her floor because "cold + wet = sickness". Her shoes would often break and fall apart from the floor being wet so she only had one good pair of shoes.


Another thing she wrote was that her bed wasnt even a bed, it's an old rusty mattress on the wet floor.

Sometimes she would have Hundreds of people watching her streams, so they were all seeing this. They were all witnessing her living conditions and hearing all of these terrible things from Katie, so you think they would be worried enough to take action right? Most of her viewers were much older than her and they would ask her creepy things like if she lives alone. She once said "I'm not doing that! Im not taking my shirt off." And "yes I'm wearing stuff under my pajamas." Like who in their right mind is saying these things to someone who is so young. And it's not like theh didnt know, Katie has said countless times that she is 13. She has reminded viewers this over and over again so they are well aware she's a child even though they are saying these weird things. During all this she just keeps asking herself "why are all these people trying to get with me?"

"Im Thirteen" (she dosent seem super uncomfortable in this case, but in others she is)

Although, she did enjoy being complemented like in the video above because she was "used to being insulted" (being called pretty and told she is nice)

One time during a stream joking around with her little brother someone said "perv and proud" to which she replied "What? You're being a perv?? Thats my little brother! He's 4! Im 13!" Then she blocked and reported the person and began expressing how that is not okay. She also said the person was trying to get her and her little brother to touch inappropriately.

She was also a victim of catfishing, a girl named Alexa was pretending to be a boy named Ben and tricked Katie for months which affected her greatly.

She did end up dating a boy named Luke who was 19. Luke is a weirdo, in a stream talking about Katie after her death someone asks him how old he is to which he replies that he doesn't give out his age. Dude is clearly an adult you ain't fooling nobody

Katie talking about Luke


Katie talking about how she gets bullied and how Anthony told her he would go buy the rope for her to hang herself


People would call her Ugly, an Emo freak, a monster, and one boy called her a lonely demon girl in front of the whole class while passing out papers.

Katelyn's dad


When Katie talks about her dad, she describes him as wanting nothing to do with her, and even saying she doesn't have a dad. When she tried to see him he was uninterested, even though he only lived 2 miles away from her he still did not come see her. And when she was in the hospital after trying to commit suicide with pills, her never visited her or cared to see how she was doing. In one stream, she said the last time she saw her dad was in the store and when she tried to hug him, he walked away from her.

Katelyn's mom

Let's talk about Tammy for a moment, a neglectful, abusive, drug addict of a mother. Katie talks about her mom in a stream and explains how she mostly deals drugs, but she used to eat pills but now she crushes them up and snorts them right in front of her

Katelyn talking about how her mom sells and does drugs, and how she leaves Katie with her 2 younger siblings for hours at a time

Katelyn says if she asked her mom where she was going, she would just say she was going up the road but then would not come back home for a while.

In one stream, just the day before she committed suicide, the two have a heated argument.

Tammy is yelling at Katie to come out here, when Katie says she's getting dressed her mother continues to yell at her saying she doesn't care, and "get out here before I beat your ass" Katie has her phone hidden behind the curtain before she goes out. Tammy is complaining about the kids making a mess or whatever, Katie says that it is not her fault that they won't listen to her, and that she keeps leaving her to take care of them. Tammy said she told her to whip the children if they don't listen, which Katie replied that she can't because when she does they still don't listen. Lots of things were said back and forth, Tammy kept saying she was gonna whip her ass and that she needs to go back to the hospital. Katie brings up everything How Tammy did not get rid of Anthony as soon as the abuse happened, how shes snorting pills, bringing guys home and kissing up on them, how she's expected to do so many things and the pressure is just getting too much for her. You can hear the pain in her voice as Tammy continuously brushes her off and just won't listen "she didn't take her pill today" and "its none of your business what I do." She makes excuses for just about everything Katelyn says "I'm just trying to make money" when she brings up the selling drugs and "is he here now? No he's not still here" to the Anthony thing even though Katie's whole point was that she didn't make him leave immediately.

I can only imaging the frustration Katie was feeling during this, she had nobody except the people watching her streams. And if this was the way her mother was treating these issues then she must've felt extremely invalidated. She had no support other than her viewer's.

December 30th, 2016

The following video is the last stream Katie made before the one where she died

On the evening of December 30th 2016, Katelyn started a live stream on, it starts off with her walking outside, looking at thd camera with a blank stare as she walks toward the tree in her backyard. She has her hair and makeup done. She puts down the phone and spends about 15 minutes tying the rope to the tree.

Once she's done, at 16:56 she picks up her phone again and apologizes, saying she's sorry she's not pretty enough, she's sorry to the people who watched her streams, and she's sorry she wasn't strong enough. She cries and repeatedly apologizes over and over again. She puts the phone back down and steps up, putting the rope around her neck and continues to apologize. She says sorry to Luke, Sorry to Ben, to God, to everyone as she continues to cry. You can hear her breathing very heavily as the reality began to sit in. The first time she says goodbye, the rope begins to choke her a bit. she's scared, hesitant. She apologizes again, says bye, and kicks away whatever she was standing on. The sun is setting, as it gets darker and darker you can eventually only see a silhouette of her swaying. Before it gets too dark, you can see her clenching her fists and shaking as she spins for a bit (2 common effects while hanging) although there isn't too much flailing like you see in other videos.

Around the 30 minute point, Katie's phone begins to ring and go off multiple times. Towards the end of the video, you can hear her mother calling out to her from the house. Then the stream ends.

Circulation of the video brought media outrage. Why did it take so long for the video to be removed? Why can't the police force sites to take it down? All of these missing the point completely. They were more worried about how she died rather than what caused her to take her own life. Investigations were done on the family but nothing came of it. Other parts of the media were supportive and worried about youth depression and suicide.


Katie would've been 20 last month, its been 8 years since she committed suicide. Whenever I feel suicidal, I think of Katie. I think of how suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Things can and will get better, you just need to try to believe that they can. It breaks my heart to think about how she was so young, only 12. There's no reason a 12 year old should've been taking care of little kids for extended periods of time, there's no reason she should've been held up to such expectations. 12 year olds are meant to be playing outside, participating in sports, hanging out with friends etc. They failed Katie, she needed help and nobody gave it to her. No child deserves to be bullied or treated the way she was treated. She deserved a normal childhood. Rest in peace Katie.

If you or a friend are struggling with suicidal thoughts and feel you may be in danger of hurting yourself, I highly recommend calling 988 or visiting the site. Find a trusted person to talk to, it gets better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot to me.


Most of the sites I came across were completely useless, I had to base a lot off of Katelyn's streams alone.


Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil - Apr 16, 2024

A woman was taken to the police station, this Tuesday afternoon (16), after taking a dead body in a wheelchair to try to take out a loan of R$17,000 at a bank branch in Bangu, in the West Zone of Rio. .

Bank employees became suspicious of Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes' behavior and called the police. Samu went to the scene and found that the man, identified as Paulo Roberto Braga, aged 68, had been dead – apparently for a few hours . The police are investigating how and exactly when he died.

"She tried to simulate him signing it. He already entered the bank dead", explains delegate Fábio Luiz.", explained officer Fábio Luiz.

At the police station, the woman said that her routine was to take care of her uncle, who was weak. The police are investigating whether she is actually related to him.

Conversation with the corpse

A video, taken by bank attendants, shows that she was constantly trying to keep the man's head straight, using her hand and talking to the supposed relative – who, of course, did not respond .

"Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign. If you don't sign it, there's no way. I can't sign for you, I'll do what I can do”, says the woman.

She shows the document and states that he had to sign it the way it was there and says: “You hold your chair very strong there. Didn't he hold the door there just now?”, he asks the attendants, who say they didn't see him.

She shows the document and states that he had to sign it the way it was there and says: “You hold your chair very strong there. Didn't he hold the door there just now?”, he asks the attendants, who say they didn't see him.

"Sign so you don't give me any more headaches, I can't take it anymore", she says.

At that moment, the employees try to intervene and one of them comments on the man's paleness: "He's not well, no. His color isn't staying..."

"But that's just how he is," replies the supposed niece.

The woman responds: "He doesn't say anything, that's just how he is. Uncle, do you want to go to UPA again?", she asks, always without an answer.

At around 7pm, the woman was still giving her statement at the police station. The police are investigating whether she committed theft through fraud or fraud.

The police want to understand whether other people helped her commit the crimes and are looking for security footage. The elderly man's body was taken to the Legal Medical Institute.

"The main thing is: we continue the investigation, so we can identify other family members, and find out if he was alive when this loan was made, what is the date of this loan", explains the officer.


Scholar kills friend in Seattle

‘B—-, you dead': Woman ‘marched' friend into alley at gunpoint and executed her, then claimed it was self-defense, police say

A 33-year-old woman in Washington state has been arrested for the coldblooded execution of one of her friends, allegedly leading the other woman into a back alley at gunpoint and repeatedly taunting her before shooting her multiple times.

Rickesha D. Overton was taken into custody on Sunday and charged with one count of first-degree premeditated murder with a firearm and second-degree assault with a deadly weapon in the slaying of Alisia DeCoteau, authorities announced.

According to a news release from the Seattle Police Department, officers at about 1:10 a.m. responded to an emergency call regarding shots being fired inside of a building in the 2500 block of Western Avenue. Upon arriving at the scene, first responders said they found a female victim in her 20s or 30s suffering from what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds in the alleyway between Wall St. and Vine.

Emergency medical personnel attempted lifesaving measures on the victim, later identified as DeCoteau, but were unable to resuscitate her. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

Investigators quickly identified the suspected shooter as Overton, who was located running from the scene and taken into custody. Police said she was carrying a handgun with an empty magazine when apprehended.

An excerpt from the charging documents released by the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office provided additional details about what happened in the last moments of the victim's life, which investigators learned by obtaining security footage of the shooting.

The footage allegedly showed Overton “holding the victim at gun point as she marches the victim down the stairs” of the apartment complex and to the building's back door, which leads into the alley way. After forcing the victim out the back door, Overton allegedly threw DeCoteau to the ground. Overton initially goes back inside of the building before apparently changing her mind.

“Internal stairway video captures the precise moment in which the defendant, still armed with a firearm, stops halfway up the stairs and changes course to head directly back through the door in which she just came, back to where she left the victim,” the charging document states. “Standing over the victim the defendant taunts her, stating ‘say I won't,' in essence daring the victim to question whether the defendant will in fact use very gun she's been holding over the victim against her. It's at this moment that the defendant shoots the victim multiple times, aiming the final shot into the back of the victim's head.”

In court documents obtained by Seattle CBS affiliate KIRO, authorities said that just prior to the shooting, Overton could be heard yelling at the victim, “I'll blow your mouth. Say I won't. Say I won't.”

After allegedly shooting the victim in the head, Overton reportedly continued to pull the trigger several times despite being out of ammunition. As DeCoteau was lying on the ground, Overton was allegedly heard yelling, “You dead b—-. B—-, you dead. She then proceeded to kick DeCoteau at least five times before a crowd of eyewitnesses intervened.

One of the witnesses began filming the grisly scene, which reportedly showed Overton pointing her handgun at the growing mass of people and screaming, “I'll blow your mother f—— brains out.”

When police first encountered Overton, she reportedly claimed that she killed DeCoteau in self-defense.

“She came into my apartment,” Overton allegedly said. “It was self-defense. I had to shoot her.”

A short while later, Overton reportedly began changing her story.

“She's not even dead,” the suspect allegedly said at one point. Later, she told police, “I don't care if you give me life,” adding, “I just want to go to Alisia (DeCoteau's) funeral.”

While the nature of the relationship between Overton and DeCoteau was not specified by authorities, KIRO confirmed that the two were friends on Facebook.

According to a GoFundMe page setup for DeCoteau's memorial, she was the mother to a baby who is now in the care of DeCoteau's older sister.

Another article:


On the night of April 15, the exact moment in which the driver of the bus line 45 was murdered on 41st and Chembers streets in the city of Guayaquil was recorded on the security camera. Armed subjects boarded the bus to rob him and when he showed resistance they shot him several times causing his death instantly.

update, arrested. 14 years old:


EFFORTPOST The tragical death of Robert Godwin (whole vid) - a write up - Informationpost


The untimely death of Robert Godwin Sr. reverberated across the nation, evoking shock and sadness as the details of his senseless murder emerged. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the circumstances surrounding Godwin's tragic demise, examining the events leading up to the fateful encounter and the broader implications of the violence that claimed his life.

Background of Robert Godwin Sr.:

Robert Godwin Sr., a beloved 74-year-old retiree and father of nine, was a pillar of his community in Cleveland, Ohio. Known for his kindness and compassion, Godwin was a familiar face to many, often seen with a smile on his face and a willingness to lend a helping hand. His family and friends fondly remember him as a devoted father, grandfather, and friend, whose presence brought joy and warmth to those around him.

The Murder:

On April 16, 2017, tragedy struck when Robert Godwin Sr. was brutally murdered in a senseless act of violence. The perpetrator, later identified as Steve Stephens, approached Godwin on the street and engaged him in conversation before callously shooting him at close range. The chilling encounter was captured on video and shared on social media, sending shockwaves through communities across the country.

Social Media Fallout:

The graphic nature of the video depicting Robert Godwin Sr.'s murder sparked widespread outrage and condemnation, prompting urgent discussions about the role of social media in disseminating violent content. As the video spread rapidly online, questions arose about the ethical responsibilities of social media platforms in moderating harmful content and preventing its dissemination to a wide audience.

Manhunt for Steve Stephens:

In the wake of Robert Godwin Sr.'s murder, law enforcement agencies launched a massive manhunt to apprehend Steve Stephens, who was considered armed and dangerous. With the FBI and local police departments leading the charge, authorities utilized a variety of resources, including surveillance footage, tips from the public, and advanced investigative techniques, to track down Stephens and bring him to justice.

Stephens' Demise:

The intense manhunt for Steve Stephens came to a dramatic conclusion two days after Robert Godwin Sr.'s murder, when Stephens was located in Erie, Pennsylvania. A brief pursuit ensued, culminating in Stephens taking his own life by suicide. While his death brought a sense of relief to the community and closure to the Godwin family, the pain of their loss remained profound, underscoring the devastating impact of senseless violence.

Legacy of Robert Godwin Sr.:

Despite the tragedy of his death, Robert Godwin Sr.'s legacy endures through the memories and love shared by those who knew him. His family's resilience in the face of unimaginable loss serves as a testament to the power of faith, forgiveness, and unity. In the aftermath of his murder, the Godwin family has become advocates for peace and compassion, spreading messages of hope and healing to communities affected by violence.


The murder of Robert Godwin Sr. was a senseless and heartbreaking event that shook the nation and left an indelible mark on his loved ones and communities alike. As we grapple with the aftermath of this tragedy, it is imperative that we continue to work towards a society where violence is not tolerated, and where every individual is valued and respected. Robert Godwin Sr.'s memory will forever be cherished, serving as a beacon of light in the darkness and a reminder of the enduring power of love and humanity.

THIS IS NOT MY WRITE UP!! The rest is! :marseyheart:

On April 16, 2017, 74-year-old Robert Lee Godwin Sr. (September 7, 1942 – April 16, 2017) was shot and killed with a firearm while walking in the Glenville neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The perpetrator, identified as 37-year-old Steve Stephens, posted a cellphone video of the shooting on his Facebook account, leading many media outlets, both during the manhunt and afterward, to dub Stephens the "Facebook killer". A warrant was issued for Stephens for aggravated murder. Two days later, he died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound when cornered by police in Erie County, Pennsylvania.

The shooting happened at around 2:00 p.m. EDT on April 16, 2017 (Easter Sunday), in the 600 block of East 93rd Street in Cleveland's Glenville neighborhood. Stephens uploaded a video of the event. Seconds before the shooting, Stephens exited his car, approached the victim and then asked Godwin to say the name of a woman with whom Stephens had been in a romantic relationship. Stephens then said "She's the reason why this is about to happen to you", before fatally shooting Godwin, who fell to the ground after he was shot. Facebook said the video was uploaded to the website after the fact, not livestreamed as initially reported. In other Facebook posts, Stephens claimed responsibility for 13 murders, but police said they were not aware of any other victims.

A search for Stephens began soon after the shooting, prompting lockdowns at a number of locations, including Cleveland State University. Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters that detectives talked with Stephens by cellphone shortly after the shooting, but had no further contact with him since that time. The manhunt expanded to other states on the morning of April 17. Residents in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, and Michigan were asked to be on alert, and a US$50,000 reward was offered for information leading to Stephens' arrest on a charge of aggravated murder. The FBI also aided the Cleveland Police Department.

At 11:10 a.m. on April 18, Stephens pulled into the drive-through lane of a McDonald's restaurant in Harborcreek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania, 100 miles (160 km) from the location of the shooting. An employee recognized Stephens from news reports and, after verifying with fellow employees, provided Stephens with part of his order, but stalled him by stating that his fries were still cooking. During this time police were called to the restaurant. Stephens, wary, left without his fries.

As Stephens pulled out of the restaurant, state police gave chase heading westbound through Wesleyville, Pennsylvania. Stephens made it to the corner of Buffalo Road and Downing Avenue in the city of Erie, where Pennsylvania State Police successfully executed a tactical maneuver to bring the car to a stop. As police approached Stephens' car, he shot himself in the head and died instantly.

Ly guys :marseyheart:


"Not death, social" :marseyxd:

Poor man tbh

Saw a half of the video back in 2023 and now I got the whole Video with all of his awful Acts and Happenings :marseyheart:

I love this vid, this vid is really really cruel and savage, I love it :marseyheart:

CHILD WARNING lexi bonner getting jumping vids

lexi bonner (14yr) on April 13th attacked a autistic boy (8 yr) that just wanted to be friends that's what i got from twitter idk if there is truth to the last part but i saw that a lot witch is sad asf if its true

So far there has been 2 vids of her getting jumped

dumb bitch got what she deserves lets hope for more :marseylaughpoundfist:

Will update if more get posted or any new news comes from this lets hope for a arrest :marseypartyzoom:

goodbye for now my fellow tizzms :marseybutt:

edit1: The first vid is prob not her it was brought to my attention yesterday that they had American accents in the vid i assumed since it was reposted so much and looked like her that it was real it would be funny if a bunch of Americans beat her ass but id doubt it my apologies for the error

EFFORTPOST Battle of Tora Bora

The Battle of Tora Bora was an ambush-turn-battle by the U.S. military in Pachir Wa Agam District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan against Al-Qaeda (Specifically Brigades 055) in 2001 in order to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden.

Tora Bora is a large cave complex and was considered one of the last Al-Qaeda strong holds in Afghanistan after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and the reestablishment of the Islamic State of Afghanistan after the Fall of Kabul in 2001.


The September 11th attacks is the main cause of the invasion of Afghanistan and the Battle of Tora Bora. Due to Osama Bin Laden having a major part of the planning and executing of the September 11th attacks he was considered target number one during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

After extensive investigation and research by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency they found Osama Bin Laden's hideout in the mountainous area of the Tora Bora cave complex.

(Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora)

With all this information that the U.S. discovered, they launched an attack on Tora Bora.

The Battle

The Battle started with the U.S. military dropping large bombs on the mountainous area of Tora Bora, these bombs are known as Dairy Cutters.

(Strikes on Tora Bora)

(Strike in Tora Bora)

Special Boat Service of the British Navy and a 18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment soldier accompanied the American troops in Tora Bora with members of the German Kommando Spezialkräfte doing so as well.

On November 30, 2001, there was a creation of a coalition of U.S. Special Forces, Joint Special Operations Command soldiers, and a detachment of CIA operatives codenamed "Jawbreaker" which was lead by Gary Berntsen.

(Member of the coalition and Delta Force)

On December 1, Berntsen made a request to general Tommy Franks to send in a battalion of around 800 United States Army Rangers. The plan was to block off the mountain passes into Pakistan and cut off Osama bin Laden's escape, however, the request was denied by general Franks. This, according to Berntsen, was the reason why Osama Bin Laden was able to escape from U.S. grasp.

Two Afghan commanders, Hazrat Ali and Mohammed Zaman, had a strong dislike and mutual distrust against each other and as a result, their factions often shot at each other instead of focusing on fighting Al-Qaeda.

In early December Al-Qaeda decided to withdraw from the high ground of the mountainous area which is when a team of elite Delta Force soldiers led by Major Tom Greer, aka Dalton Fury, arrived on December 8, 2001, disguised with traditional clothing and grown bushy beards to blend in with the Afghan militias who were also carrying that were the same types of weapons as their local counterparts.

(Delta Force members in disguise)

The Americans were able to gain confidential information on Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden during the battle after taking a radio communication device from a dead Al-Qaeda militant. Through the radio had they confirmed that Osama Bin Laden talking about a CIA operative under the alias of "Jalal".

Through December Afghan fighters continued a steady advance through the difficult terrain, backed by airstrikes and U.S. and British Special Forces.

(Strikes in Tora Bora, 2001)

The U.S. bombed the bunker that bin Laden was believed to be hiding in on December 9, however, he had already evacuated the bunker on the previous day.

On December 12, 2001, Al-Qaeda militants saw that defeat was inevitable and decided to speak to Afghan forces on the truce deal and asked for time to cease their weapons. Though many critics of the truce state that this was just a ploy to get top Al-Qaeda leaders and militants including Osama Bin Laden out of harm's.

The ceasefire and truce deal ultimately failed, with fighting continuing the day after on December 13, 2001.

U.S. force further increased against Tora Bora, with mass attacks using local Afghan tribes, either paid or organized by U.S or British operatives with heavy bombing continuing against supposed Al-Qaeda locations. However, the progress of the forces was extremely slow due to every night to break their fast during Ramadan which left a small number of U.S. forces to fend themselves during the night. But on On December 14, 2001, the Americans finally convinced Hazrat Ali to keep his men in position and continue advancing even after dark. But at this point, too much time had already been wasted, allowing most of the Al-Qaeda leadership to escape into Pakistan.

It is believed that Osama Bin Laden left Tora Bora on December 15, 2001, for Jalalabad, Afghanistan. This is what is considered by some "A land victory, but an operative failure".

On December 17, 2001, the last of the large caves are in American/Afghani control and only hard-line Al-Qaeda fighters still remained in the cave complexes, around 60 fighters stayed behind in the caves before being killed off or deserting. Even after the battle the U.S. forces continued searching the area into January, but did not find any signs of bin Laden or the Al-Qaeda leadership.


(Man talking about the "martyrs" that died in Tora Bora)

Due to the Americans staying at Tora Bora in order to continue to find Osama Bin Laden many Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces bombarded American troops in Tora Bora.

(Ambush against American troops in Tora Bora by the Taliban)


On Saturday April 13th, a video of a British teenage girl dragging an 8 year old boy by his ankles and attacking him, including kicking him in his balls and laughing about how he can't have kids, began spreading on Snapchat. Over the following days, it made it to other platforms, along with a possible ID of the attacker, a teenager named "Lexi Bonner".

Lexi Bonner video before the attack

The rumor going around is that the boy merely approached his eventual attacker asking if he could play, leading to a merciless assault.


On Facebook, user Bobbie Diggs claimed to have gotten in touch with the boy's mother, who insisted the boy was mostly okay aside from some bruises. However, Twitter user @AmeliaBrac1336 posted an image of a boy in the hospital, claiming it was the boy from the video. All claims are unverified.

Apparently Lexi Bonner got jumped twice:

Bonner's supposed home address and phone number have been shared online in an apparent doxxing

Social media's reaction:

TikTokers have made various jokes about getting retribution on Bonner for the attack

Lexi Bonner's apology on TikTok:



Original video:

Tukwila, Washington, United States

Seattle police released new bodycam video Friday evening that shows the moments leading up to officers fatally shooting a suspected child predator at a Tukwila hotel earlier this week.

Seattle Police Department (SPD) Chief Adrian Diaz said the 67-year-old child predator suspect arrived at the DoubleTree Suites hotel around 3:13 p.m. on Wednesday under the impression that he was meeting two young girls, ages 7 and 11.

However, unbeknownst to the suspect, multiple SPD officers with the Washington State Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce were undercover and waiting to arrest the man.

The newly released video shows the officers opening the door for the man, who immediately flashed a gun. A scuffle then occurred before police ultimately fatally shot the man. The man was later pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

Officials at the scene said a Seattle officer was grazed by a bullet on their leg during the shootout with the man.


CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST The Burari Deaths. Suicide, Murder, or Accident? -write-up-


Many of you have probably already seen this video, usually accompanied by a brief explanation. However, thanks to a newly released Netflix documentary a lot of information about the case and the nature of the psychosis which caused it has come out. For those who don't wish to sit through true-crime slop, I've decided to condense all the important information here.


The Deceased

In the video, you are seeing the Chundawat family. An extended family unit of 11 people who had been living in a three story house at the Burari Sant Nagar Neighborhood in India. They primarily consisted of the descendents of Narayani Dev (80) and her deceased husband, Bhopal Singh, who died in 2007. A few inlaws also occupied the house. The eradication of this family unit covered 3 different generations, ranging from the 15 year old Shivam, to the 80 year old Narayani Devi.

The family were quite prosperous for the standards of their town. They ran 2 popular convenience stores, one of the sons (Lalit) owned a successful Plywood business, and one of the daughters (Privkaya) had a well paying job with a multinational company and was soon to be married. The family were also religiously devout, with neighbours claiming the family would go and visit the local temple twice a day. They were also well liked with their community with one of their neighbours, Gurcharan Singh, claiming he got along with them very well as the families helped each other build their houses all the way back in 1997. It was this same neighbour that would discover the family's corpses.

(July 1st, 2018) During his morning walk, Gurcharan Singh noticed the family failed to take in a large box a milk that was sent in every morning for one of their stores. By 7:00AM the milk was spoiling and he decided to check up on the family to let them know. He knocked on their front door, only to discover it was unlocked, he let himself in and climbed up the stairs where he saw the horrific sight. He recounts standing there for 2 minutes in shock.

As he ran out of the house, he was unable to hide his panic from the neighbours and the entire area soon found out something horrible had happened. In minutes, the house was swarmed by the local community before the police arrived, it is thought that the video we see here was taken by one of the neighbours who entered the house before the police could barre the entrance.

Voices from the Dead

The reasoning for the death was soon found out thanks to a number of diaries scattered around the house dating back to 2007, as well as testimony from neighbours and extended family members. The diaries details over a decade of mounting mass delusion in the household, where they all believed they were being guided by the spirit of their dead patriarch, Bhopal Singh, who used his son Lalit as a medium.

The foundation for this mass delusion however, began in 2004 before Bhopal Singh's death. In 2004, Lalit was attacked for unknown reasons as he was working in his plywood store. He was beaten badly and was stuck inside the store after it was set on fire. He suffered a head injury, and the smoke he inhaled as he lay there half-conscious, destroyed his voice making it so he could not speak at all.

However, after the death of his father he heard his voice speak to him. It commanded the entire family to recite the “Hanuman Chalisa” every day at 10:00PM. Soon the voice extended the routine to a few times a day. For months the family would gather to recite this hymn. One day however, the family were shocked when they suddenly heard Lalit's voice mixed in with theirs, Lalit was not even aware his voice had returned until he finished the hymn and saw the shocked look on his family's faces. It was most likely this miracle that would instil the devotion that would spiral into mass delusion.

Lalit did not stop hearing his dead fathers voice after his own voice was restored however. He continued to hear his father give him and the family instructions on how they could conduct their lives. The diaries were not a personal diary for Lalit, but rather, acted as a guidebook for the entire family where they were expected to read and follow what was written within it. Here are some excerpts from the diary showing the level of obedience that was expected from the family.

”After I leave, all of you must go to sleep. No need for discussions. My visits are not an ordinary occurrence. You must not take God's will lightly. Don't worry about Lalit's health, my visits affect him physically. Sleep will heal him.”


”Instead of your own will follow the will of the diary. ‘Don't think, what is the use?' When it actually happens, your eyes will open. My next visit will be on Thursday or Saturday. Be fully ready.”

Neighbours recount how after their fathers death, the families shops and businesses started prospering, and Priyanka got her well paying job. In hindsight, people believe that the family may have attributed their recent prosperity to the instructions of their dead father. As Lalit was to act as the medium for their patriarchs instructions, he soon became an authority figure in the household, with their neighbour Chander Metha noting

“The family considered his word final.” and his wife Pritpal Kaur adding “Whatever he said was obeyed by all.”

Most of the instructions were quite inane. Telling family members to stop fighting, telling one of the children to stop playing on their phone so much, for example

December 24, 2017 “Dhruv is spending too much time on the mobile phone. This must be corrected.”

However one day, the voice would demand something that cost the family their lives.

The Banyan Tree Ritual

Within the diary, the ritual that would be performed and eventually lead to the family's death was detailed. Written on June 24th, 2018 the instructions detailed a ritual wherein the families were to tie their necks to an iron grate in the family courtyard while someone else was entrusted with blindfolding, gagging, and tying their hands together. They were to stand atop stools, and recite some sort of chant as Lalit watched on, prompting them with a stick. The ritual is called “the Banyan Tree ritual” as the hanging bodies would resemble the hanging roots of a Banyan tree. The most direct reference to the ritual from the diaries I could find are quoted here.

”Perform the ritual for seven consecutive days. If somebody visits the home it has to be performed the next day. Nothing should be visible. Dim lights should be used. The eyes should be completely shut. The blindfold should be properly tied to the eyes. The mouth should be gagged by a handkerchief. The state of mind has to be zero. Nothing but infinity. While you are standing at attention. Imagine the branches of the tree are wrapping themselves around you. Perform the Banyan tree ritual with unity and determination. This will help repent for your mistakes”*

Later on in the same entry

”God is pleased with you. Knowing that 11 of you are standing in one line, with one thought. Do not panic while performing the Banyan tree ritual. The earth might shake, the sky might tremble. Do not let this weaken your resolve. Convince the children to keep chanting. The chanting may last from 5-15 minutes. Till the chanting lasts, Lalit will protect all of you. The responsibility of tying you up is assigned to one of you. When the binds are secured, Lalit will give a signal with a stick. Place a tumbler full of water nearby, just as the colour of the water changes, I will come back.”*

The diary also mentions

“"everyone will tie their own hands and when the kriya (ritual) is done then everyone will help each other untie their hands"”*

CCTV footage showed family members going out and buying the stools and wires that would be used in the ritual, the youngest of them (Shivam) being among them, this of course implies that the family were once again, simply following Lalit and the voices in his head out of a sense of devotion and trust.

The Bodies

Ten of the eleven bodies in the house were found strung up in the courtyard, 5 stools stood under their feet, presumed to be shared by each of the family members, their faces covered in a cloth cut from a single bedsheet. Signs of struggle had been found on multiple family members. Evident by the bruises on their wrists as they struggled with the wires that binded them as they hung and choked, the bruises on their shins as they seemed to kick against the floor and stools, and Bhuvnesh(52) freed his hands and died trying to untie the noose, his hands still grasping the cloth even in death. Narayani Devi (80) was found on the floor, dead. It appeared her noose was tied to a doorknob nearby. The only surviving member would be Tommy, the family pet who was chained to the terrace. He would die only weeks later from heart failure in an animal shelter.

Suicide, Murder, or Accident

Now, knowing what we know, it's still difficult to pinpoint the exact nature of their deaths. From what I can gauge there are only 3 possibilities, and I'll be laying out each of them here.


This seems to be the most popular theory from people who have heard the case or seen the video. I also think it's the most unlikely, I think people believe it was a mass suicide simply because, well, what's going to be your first thought when you see 11 people hanging from nooses? I find this hard to believe though. The clear signs of struggles seem to eliminate this possibility, but even moreso, the fact that Privkaya was set to marry soon also makes it seem less likely she'd be willing to abandon her husband. The dog being tied to the ceiling. Most importantly of course, was the diary detailing what was to happen after the ritual was concluded, meaning that it was not meant to end in everybody's death.


I think it's possible that as the ritual happened, Lalit may have purposefully failed to untie the family as they hung there knowing that they would die. Perhaps he deceived them into normalizing the ritual by having them perform it a few times, having them go over it in the diaries, to set up a sort of mass suicide unbeknownst to them. One key piece of evidence is the body of Narayani Devi, who was of course found dead on the floor. Perhaps she was strangled as she refused to participate in the ritual. Lalit was seemingly the last person to be bound, as he was the one responsible for prompting the chants with a stick as well as the one who was to “protect” them during the ritual. It certainly seems possible that he could have used this role in the ritual to murder the family, to fulfil some ritualistic purpose he was keeping secret.


Tying your neck to a noose, supported by flimsy stools that you were sharing with other people. It's not hard to imagine that something could go wrong. It's possible that as Lalit participated in the ritual, his foot fell off the stool and he broke his neck. As a subsequent result, he was unable to help the other family members and they soon succumbed to choking. Perhaps a stool fell over and one of them panicked, kicking over all the other stools. Narayni Devi, may have been tied to the doorknob, and succumbed to exhaustion and died. She may have fell to the floor after the noose loosened on it's own or snapped. It makes sense she was strung up separate from the family, as her old age and arthritis would have made it difficult to join them.


The deaths represent a horrific case of mass psychosis. If you're more of the spiritual type, perhaps you may think demons or evil spirits tricked the poor family into dying horrific deaths. The more I read some of the stories on this site, the more I start to believe such things are possible. I think the possibility of an accident or murder is the most likely, but I'm willing to give the slight edge to the fact it was an accident seeing as how dangerous the ritual was, and how easily an accident could have occurred.

I apologize for any inconsistencies, a lot of the news stories are painfully undetailed, and the documentary is a bit sensationalist and is not as thorough in regards to the cold hard facts as I wish they were. Any mistakes I made could also be the result of basic human error.

May the Chundawat family rest in peace.

Dude slips and dies instantly

Absurd death: A resident of Tatarstan Zelenodolsk went to a liquor store, slipped on a tile, hit his head and died instantly.

Relatives of a 58-year-old man have big complaints about the outlet. Interestingly, the morgue gave a conclusion that death was supposedly due to a heart attack.


Worker is flattened and killed by heavy steel coil. April 17th, 2024 - Israel (Aftermath + Description Included)


A short time ago, a report was received at MDA's 101 hotline in the Yarkon region about a worker who was hit by a heavy object, during his work at a factory in the Ariel Industrial Park. MDA medics and paramedics determine the death of a 30-year-old worker with a head injury.

MDA paramedic Shir Salman said: "The worker was lying on the road in the factory where he works, after being hit on the head by a heavy object during his work at the factory. We performed medical tests on him, but unfortunately he was found with a severe head injury and no signs of life, and we had to pronounce him dead on the spot."

CHILD WARNING Young boy witnesses his fathers murder


CHILD WARNING Idiot mishandling a gun shoots a kid in the head


June 2023.

“As bystanders screamed for help, a man with a knife stabbed four young children at a lakeside park in the French Alps on Thursday, assaulting at least one in a stroller repeatedly.

The children between 22 months and 3 years old suffered life-threatening injuries, and two adults also were wounded, authorities said.

A suspect, identified by police as a 31-year-old Syrian, was detained in connection with the horrific attack in the Alpine and lakeside town of Annecy.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said he had refugee status in Sweden.

A prosecutor leading the investigation said the man's motives were unknown but did not appear to be terrorism-related.

The helplessness of the young victims and the savagery of the attack sickened France.

Lead prosecutor Line Bonnet-Mathis said all four children suffered life-threatening knife wounds.

The youngest is 22 months old, two are age 2 and the oldest is 3, she said. Two of them were tourists, she said.

One adult also suffered knife wounds and a second adult was hurt both with the attacker's knife and later by a shot fired by police as they were making the arrest, Bonnet-Mathis said.”

Reported by:
CHILD WARNING Josef fritzl And His Basement Of Horror

A man who imprisoned his own daughter in the basement for 24 years and had 7 children with her. Josef Fritzl was born in Amstetten, Austria, on April 9, 1935. At the time, Austria was under the control of Nazi Germany. His father abandoned the family when he was four years old and later died in the war, leaving him to be raised by his mother, who often beat him severely. Later in life, he was very strict and disciplined. At the age of 21, he married a woman named Rosemarie, who was four years younger than him and worked as a kitchen helper. At some unknown point, he graduated from a technical college with a qualification in electrical engineering and worked at Voestalpine, an Austria-based steel company. For a while, he worked in mail-order lingerie, but gave up on it in 1972 and bought an inn and campsite near Salzburg.

Josef and Rosemarie had seven children together, including two sons and five daughters, including Elisabeth, whom he reportedly started sexually abusing as early as 1977, when she was 11 years old.

Tired of getting raped and beaten, Elisabeth would run away from home a few times. On January 1983 she ran away from home and went into hiding in Vienna with a friend from work. She was found by police within three weeks and returned to her parents. Josef developed a plan to make sure that she could never escape again. He planned to keep her imprisoned in their basement, so that she could never escape again.

On 28 August 1984, after Elisabeth turned 18, Fritzl lured her into the basement of the family home, saying that he needed help carrying a door. In reality, Fritzl had been converting the basement into a makeshift prison chamber, the door was the last thing he needed to seal it. After Elisabeth held the door in place while Fritzl fitted it into the frame, he held an ether-soaked towel on her face until she was unconscious, then threw her into the chamber.

After Elisabeth's disappearance, Rosemarie, Elisabeth's mother filed a missing persons report. Almost a month later, Fritzl handed over a letter to the police, the first of several that he had forced Elisabeth to write while she was in captivity. The letter, stated that she was tired of living with her family and was staying with a friend. She warned her parents not to look for her or she would leave the country. Fritzl told police that she had most likely joined a cult. Elizabeth turned 18, so there was nothing the police could do about runaway complaints. Josef made her believe that poisonous gas would be pumped in the room if she tried to escape and that she would get electrified if she would open the door.

Basement where Elizabeth was imprisoned for 24 years.

Everyone believed that Elizabeth ran away and had joined a cult, but in reality she was living under their feet in the basement of the family home. Over the next 24 years the horror for Elisabeth was unrelenting, the cold, the damp, the rats, which she was sometimes forced to catch with her bare hands, the water that ran off the walls in such large quantities she had to use towels to soak it up. Summer, when the place turned into an intolerable sweaty sauna, was the worst time of year.

Over the 24 years that he had her imprisoned, Fritzl often raped his daughter, and she had seven children with him. One of the children, a twin called Michael, died shortly after his birth in the cellar in 1996. He had severe breathing difficulties and expired in his mother's arms when he was just 66 hours old.

Fritzl admitted he subsequently burned the baby's body in an incinerator. He sexually abused and raped her sometimes several times a day. Often the kids had to watch the abuse as they grew older.

The house at Ybbsstrasse 40 in Amstetten, Austria, where Josef Fritzl imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth Fritzl in a basement prison. The police eventually found out about his crimes when one of the children became very sick and he took her to the hospital. On 19 April 2008, Elisabeth's eldest daughter fell unconscious and Fritzl agreed to seek medical attention. Elisabeth helped him carry Kerstin out of the chamber and saw the outside world for the first time in 24 years. He forced Elisabeth to return to the chamber, where she remained for a final week. Kerstin was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, the Landesklinikum Amstetten, and was admitted in serious condition with life-threatening kidney failure. Fritzl later arrived at the hospital claiming to have found a note written by Kerstin's mother. He discussed Kerstin's condition and the note with a doctor, Albert Reiter.

Medical staff found aspects of Fritzl's story puzzling and alerted the police on 21 April. The police broadcast an appeal on public media for the missing mother to come forward and provide information about Kerstin's medical history. The police reopened the case file on Elisabeth's disappearance. Fritzl repeated his story about Elisabeth being in a cult, and presented what he claimed was the most recent letter from her, dated January 2008, posted from the town of Kematen. The police contacted Manfred Wohlfahrt, a church officer and expert on cults, who raised doubts about the existence of the group Fritzl described. He noted that Elisabeth's letters seemed dictated and oddly written.

Elisabeth pleaded with Fritzl to be taken to the hospital. On 26 April, he released her from the cellar along with her sons Stefan and Felix, bringing them upstairs. He and Elisabeth went to the hospital where Kerstin was being treated on 26 April 2008. Following a tip-off from Dr. Reiter that Fritzl and Elisabeth were at the hospital, the police detained them on the hospital grounds and took them to a police station for questioning.

Elisabeth did not provide police with more details until they promised her that she would never have to see her father again. Over the next two hours, she told the story of her 24 years in captivity. Elisabeth recounted that Fritzl raped her and forced her to watch pornographic videos, which he made her re-enact with him in front of her children in order to humiliate her. Shortly after midnight, police officers completed the investigation. Fritzl, aged 73, was arrested on 26 April 2008 on suspicion of serious crimes against family members.

During the night of 27 April, Elisabeth, her children and her mother Rosemarie were taken into care. Police said Fritzl told investigators how to enter the basement chamber through a small hidden door, opened by a secret keyless entry code. Rosemarie had been unaware of what had been happening to Elisabeth.

On 29 April, it was announced that DNA evidence confirmed Fritzl as the biological father of his daughter's children. His defence lawyer, Rudolf Mayer, said that although the DNA test proved incest, evidence was still needed for the allegations of rape and enslavement. Arrest trial of Josef Fritzl march 16, 2009

He was sentenced to life imprisonment for incest, rape, coercion, false imprisonment, enslavement and for the negligent homicide of one of his infant sons. The basement where Elisabeth was held has since been filled in by the Austrian authorities to prevent other perverts from worshipping it as a shrine. Elisabeth was given a new name following Josef's trial, which saw strict laws introduced to prevent her identity from being revealed. Since then, Austrian authorities and residents have made great efforts to protect the family's privacy. Elisabeth Fritzl and her children all have new identities now, and their exact whereabouts remain a mystery.

In May 2017, Josef Fritzl changed his name to Josef Mayrhoff, probably due to getting into a prison fight that resulted in several of his teeth getting knocked out after other inmates set up a fake dating profile with his name and picture.

Mark Perry, a British journalist who interviewed Fritzl in his cell, says he has shown no remorse for his crimes. He recalls he kept saying "just look into the cellars of other people, you might find other families and girls down there. In April 2019, it was reported that Fritzl's health was declining and that he did not want to live anymore.

In September 2021, a decision was made to release Fritzl from a psychiatric detention facility to a regular prison, where he was to continue to serve his life sentence. That decision was based on a psychiatric report which said he no longer posed any danger. The ruling was appealed and overturned in November 2021, and the Regional Court of Krems was ordered to reconsider the case. In late-April 2022, a panel of three judges decided that Josef Fritzl could be moved. The decision was based on a supplementary psychiatric report submitted in March. However, the court ruled that he would remain in the psychiatric facility until an appeal to the Higher Regional Court in Vienna was heard. The move to a regular prison would mean that Fritzl, who received a life sentence, was eligible for parole in 2023, having served the initial 15 years of his sentence. In January 2024, Fritzl applied to Krems regional court for release from prison into a nursing home, but the application was rejected.

On January 25, 2024, the Higher Regional Court approved Fritzl's move to a regular prison, amid reports that he was suffering from dementia. Within a week, prosecutors had filed a complaint seeking to overturn the decision in a higher court. If Fritzl is moved to a regular prison, he will be eligible for parole in 2025.

Incest monster Josef Fritzl was close to tears

after being granted conditional release from a prison for the mentally ill by an Austrian court, shortly after being pictured outside jail for the first time in 15 years.

A panel of judges in Krems ruled that the 88 year old would be transferred from the prison for the mentally abnormal to a normal cell, paving the way for his permanent release.


I Hope this guy never gets released. I Hope you enjoyed it. I will end it with the best documentary about Josef Fritzl. Thanks for reading👍

Roidraging Cop Kill's family Dog & Owner:chudtantrum:

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