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why femboys are better than actual females

as of lately i am attracted to feminine boys. i love cute boys ! i don't know if it has something to do with visiting this site, but it feels like it does.

i prefer femboys over these traditional woman, they are just disgusting to me and i have many male friends who feel the same. but every men's taste is different, we shouldn't generalize all women. but I would say there is a large group of women and girls out there who also prefer cute or feminine boys.

Femboys are individuals who may embrace certain aspects of femininity while also identifying as male. What makes them unique varies from person to person, but some common characteristics may include a combination of traditionally feminine traits and interests, such as fashion, grooming, or mannerisms, alongside their male identity. It's important to recognize and respect the diversity within the femboy community and appreciate each individual for their unique qualities and experiences.

let me list the pro's and con's here


-Can't get pregnant

-They know what you want

-can have the same interests as you

-Won't get angry about small things

-will think you are cool


-Can get pregnant

-Mood swings monthly

-bleed (eww)

-Don't know what a guy wants

-complex creatures

what does the WPD userbase think about cute femboys ?

Get yourself trapped today with a femboy! Never go back to worrying about having a girlfriend again! Femboys will always be there to keep you warm with their soft thighs !

please consider a cute femboy today.

:marseypartymaxx:WE GOT A DEATH COUNTER :marseypartymaxx: :marseypartymaxx:



18 year old Sophia Okk, a Cambodian college student, hanged herself after failing the entrance examination for medical school. Apparently her family had allocated all of their finances to getting her into the exam and she missed the cutoff by a narrow margin. They had no remaining money to send her for another year and she had written a note that said she was exhausted from the exam and all of her friends passed so she also felt she would be alone.

She handed her mother an envelope full of money she had made at her job and then went into her bedroom and hung herself from the window sill. Her parents heard a crash as she was kicking against the wall in her death throes, but by the time they broke down the door and cut her down she was unable to be saved.



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The victim :marseydead: Abdul Rahman alias Shoaib, a resident of M S Maqtha was going :marseysal2: along with his friend :marseychinchilla2: Aslam Bin Ahmed on a Yamaha RX 100 from Raj bhavan road towards Khairatabad on Wednesday afternoon when Shoaib fell directly on the sharp-edged iron fencing on the road divider in front :marseyviewerstare: of Raj Bhavan. The sharp-edged rods pierced his body resulting in severe wounds, subsequently, he died of the blood :marseyconfuseddead: loss, the Punjagutta police :marseyfbiagent: had maintained.

(Upvote. I need to gamble)

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Dont die 🥰

Find happiness. playing game, driving drones, sports activities etc 😘

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Femboy gets fucked 😆

September 19, 2023 Alabama train wreck kills truck driver stuck on tracks. Loachapoka, Alabama

EFFORTPOST shark attack victims || images & videos

To start things off, did you know that most shark attacks aren't fatal.. the odds of a fatal shark attack are about 1 in 3.7 million.

:sharkmarsey: → erm what the flip, guess i gotta try harder smh

shark attack videos

clear video

small provoked attack

There is a "Big Three" when it comes to shark attacks and those 3 are great whites, bull sharks, and tiger sharks. Due to them being such large species, they're capable of inflicting serious injuries to a victim, and are commonly found in areas where humans enter the water, and have teeth designed to shear rather than hold. The great white shark stands at the highest amount of shark attacks provoked on humans currently racking up around 354 unprovoked shark attack on human and boats

A shark attack occurred on Thursday 29th December in the east of Mauritius, near Flamingo Island. M.A.J.L., a 39-year-old Mauritian fisherman, was mauled by a shark, and only part of his body was recovered.

The pirogue that M. and four other fishermen were on capsized during the night. The other four managed to swim back to shore

victim recovery

video aftermaths

(these two are together)

Sharks often don't intend to eat humans, but they will if provoked or confused..sharks are very curious creatures and don't have the greatest eyesight which makes it hard for them to decipher certain figures from another..for example if you're laying on a surfboard with your arms or legs in the water, it may confuse the shark by it thinking you're it's typical prey, seals and such..this isn't tye only reason they may attack, they may simply want to know what you taste like :marseyslurpfast:

now time for the photos :blahaj:

leg aftermaths

during + post surgery leg

i found that reconstruction really clean

credit to @KobraK for sharing this

"My dad's mate Rodney Fox, got attacked by a Great white shark while spearfishing and barely survived at Aldinga beach, South Australia, December 8th 1963."

thigh/hip and upper back area

his ribs being rejoined

overall bite radius

It's good to hear he is doing well now and still crackin jokes! Thank you for sharing this

New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County in Florida is known as the "Shark Attack Sapital* of the world due it the sheer amount of shark attacks that occur in that area

torso aftermaths

booty snatcha'

arm aftermaths

multiple extremities

While rare, shark attacks do happen..if you're unfortunate enough to experience it you now know what to expect..i hope you enjoyed

if any of these are NOT shark attacks feel free to let me know, sometimes it's hard to tell.


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Man forgets to double-jump.

He survived, only breaking his tailbone and feet. Still a bit hard to watch.

autoerotic asphyxiation turned accidental suicide

He was 27 and did it with a condom on


Man shoots himself in front of woman for not getting back with him


Wanderson Dias de Almeida, 19, suffered horrific head injuries while riding the bull during a training event. Wanderson posted an eerily prophetic message the night before in which he said: 'Today we are here, tomorrow we leave.'

CHILD WARNING Depression (A suicide comp) (if the main video doesn't work there's a pomf version inside the post :nice:)

Have a great day, drink water, stay safe, and make sure you care for yourselves and those around you :nice:

- in case it doesn't work lol

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he forgot something and falls to death :marseydead: :marseysheercliff:

Drunk man jumps out of window, lands in pool, SURVIVES, TRIES TO SWIM OUT, then dies 😭

Funy har har

Also, this was a alleged suicide but I'm not 100% sure, he could've just been drunk and stupid

Lmk if this is a repost+link


In Michoacán, hitmen belonging to the "Migueladas" cell dismember a member of the CJNG's "Operacion Limones" with an axe and machete.

Driver falls asleep behind the wheel

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Man gets his balls crushed by motorcycle


truck hit several vehicles and killed 5 people .


Daniel shaver being humiliated and killed by Mesa police (2017) <effort post mf>

On Jan. 18, 2016, six officers were called to a La Quinta Inn and Suites in Mesa, Ariz., after guests reported seeing a man with a gun in the window of a fifth-floor room. The video showed Mr. Shaver and a woman walking into a hallway as Philip Brailsford, a two-year veteran of the Mesa Police Department who was wearing the body camera, trained an AR-15 rifle on them. Daniel Shaver (victim) Officer Philip Brailsford

body camera footage shows a police officer shooting an unarmed man in an Arizona hotel after the man sobbed and pleaded with officers not to shoot him.

  • “Do not put your hands down for any reason,” he tells Mr. Shaver. “Your hands go back in the small of your back or down, we are going to shoot you, do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” a tearful Mr. Shaver responds.

  • But immediately after, the officer commands, “Crawl towards me,” prompting Mr. Shaver to lower his hands to the floor and begin moving toward the camera.

A police report by an officer who reviewed the footage offered two possible explanations for why Mr. Shaver had bent his arm, the movement before the gunfire. It was “a very similar motion to someone drawing a pistol from their waist band,” the officer wrote, according to The Atlantic — but it “was also consistent with attempting to pull his shorts up as they were falling off.” No weapon was found on Mr. Shaver.

2 years later and here's the outcome for the officer that pulled the trigger.

"Philip Mitchell Brailsford, 28, is now retired from the force with a tax-free pension worth $31,000 a year for life — and his attorney confirmed Friday that the settlement was a result of him suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the shooting involving Daniel Shaver of Texas."

My personal opinion > I imagine having guns drawn on you and some dickhead making you play the ultimate game of simon says after having some drinks would make anyone nervous, i believe Daniel's gesture seemed to indicate he was pulling his pants up involuntarily, as a nervous reaction. Another thing, i don't understand why they insisted on making him crawl towards them instead of one officer approaching Daniel once he was belly down, hands spread, while the other officer kept him covered.


Landslide in North Bastem District, Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia killed 4 people.

Mexican army fighting the cartels


California Woman Livestreamed Dying Teen Sister on Instagram After Car Crash

Obdulia Sánchez, 18, has been arrested in California on suspicion of causing a fatal car crash that was recorded live on Instagram.

A California woman is in custody after allegedly livestreaming a fatal car crash on Instagram that killed her 14-year-old sister and injured another teen.

Obdulia Sánchez, 18, was booked into the Merced County Jail on suspicion of DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated after Friday's crash, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Sánchez was behind the wheel of a 2003 Buick when the vehicle veered onto the right shoulder of the road, according to the California Highway Patrol. Police said it is unclear how fast Sánchez was driving.

She over-corrected, causing the vehicle to swerve across lanes, crash through a wire fence and overturn into a field, the authorities said.

The two 14-year-olds were not wearing seat belts and were ejected from the car during the crash, officials said.

In a statement, the California Highway Patrol said it is aware of the possibility of "video evidence located on social media" and is investigating.

Part of the livestream shows Sánchez outside the car with what appears to be her sister Jacqueline's body. The other teen can be seen attempting to wave down help.


“I f-----g killed my sister, OK? I know I'm going to jail for life,” Sánchez says in the video. “This is the last thing I wanted to happen, OK? I don't f-----g care though, I'm going to hold it down. Rest in peace, sweetie. If you don't survive, I am so f-----g sorry.”

Sergio Ramos Estrada, a cousin, told NBC News the teens were preparing for a Quinceañera — a special 15th-birthday celebration — when the accident happened.

“We were going to go to her house the next day to celebrate her Quinceañera and unfortunately that happened,” Ramos Estrada said. The CHP is examining the video as part of the investigation.


Sánchez is currently being held on a $300,000 bond at the John Latoracca Correctional Facility in Merced.

Obdulia Sánchez is in police custody after an Instagram Live story revealed a deadly crash that killed her 14 year-old sister.

Obdulia Sánchez stands with police at the scene of the crash.

HER SISTER (Girl who died in the crash)

Jacqueline Sánchez Estrada

Short information clip:

Sorry for blurred faces, couldn't find a vid where it isn't :marseycry:



I love you all, have a great day you all! :marseyxoxo:

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