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Effort Post

I decided to read and summarize the actions, manifesto, thoughts, and beliefs of Connor Sturgeon as my first Effort Post since the original one that enthralled me was deleted.

On April 10, 2023 at approximately 8:35am, 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon conducted a mass shooting on his former colleagues and mentor at Old National Bank located in Louisville, Kentucky. *3rd pic is Eric Harris, not Connor.

Connor Sturgeon grew up in Floyds Knobs, Indiana and graduated from Floyd Central High School, which is about a 19-minute (or a 13.7mi) drive from the bank where the massacre ultimately took place. In high school the 6'4 sophomore was described as an all-around athlete due to the fact that he played basketball, football, and he also ran track. His father, Todd Sturgeon, was the head coach of the basketball team at Floyd Central from 2014 – 2022. Todd previously coached basketball at the University of Indianapolis, however, he decided to pivot towards coaching high school in order to have the opportunity to coach his two sons. Whether it is worth mentioning or not, I am not sure so I will just disclose this portion of information as contribution towards your ultimate deduction about this human and their actions. In an attempt to prevent multiple concussions amongst them, a number of men's basketball players playing for the University of Louisville began wearing mixed-martial-arts helmets in an attempt to reduce the number of concussions that their players succumbed to around 2012, 2 years before Todd Sturgeon would begin coaching basketball at Floyd Central. Connor was an all-around athlete and had been playing football since middle school (possibly even earlier than that, but that is as far back as I can find evidence for). A classmate and former teammate of Connor's who had been playing together with him on their football team noted that, "the big thing I keep going back to is that in the first year of high school, we played football together in eighth grade, he was out most of the year because he had multiple concussions. Then he had a couple more in high school. I'm not saying it's the cause, but I always think back to that. …There were times I'd wonder; will this catch up with him?". So, due to his history of having had been impacted numerous times prior (as well as having suffered a couple of more in high school), in high school it seemed that Connor too adopted the practice of wearing a helmet while playing basketball in an effort to reduce the number of concussions that he would have to succumb to. As a result of his aptitude for track, he was also a semifinalist for a National Merit Scholarship in 2015.

Connor went on to be named "Mr. Floyd Central" in 2016 when he was a senior in high school which could be considered one of the most prestigious titles that one could receive in High School – being that there could only be one per graduate class. A friend would describe "Mr. Floyd Central" as having had been "smart, popular, and a star athlete". During his senior year of high school, Connor won the 2016 News and Tribune Sports Performance Yearly Award for Boys Track Athlete of the Year.

After graduating from High School in May 2016, Connor enrolled at the University of Alabama as 1 of the mere 161 in the entire nation that receive the extremely prestigious Presidential Scholarship each year. He majored in Finance.

In congruence with obtaining his degree in the esoteric field of finance; Sturgeon also interned at the Old National bank for 3 consecutive summers beginning May 2018 and lasting until August 2020.

In a 2018 college essay while attending the University of Alabama, Connor would write: "My self-esteem has long been a problem for me." "As a late bloomer in middle and high school, I struggled to a certain extent to fit in, and this has given me a somewhat negative self-image that persists today." The essay was posted to the website "CourseHero". In other sporadic excerpts that I found scattered around the internet it was noted that Connor wrote about his quest to improve his 'disciple, responsibility as well as his self-esteem in order to improve himself as a whole'. Connor said that he struggled to make friends, despite his friends seeing him as being popular and a star athlete, however, he expressed optimism in throughout his writings. "Making friends has never been especially easy, so I have more experience than most in operating alone." "Furthermore, college has introduced a whole new atmosphere and new challenges, so it is easy to feel like I am not doing as well as I should be." This semester, however, I think I have begun to mature socially and am beginning to see improvement in this area." I have found that taking time out to take stock of how I feel and what I can do to feel better has helped me be more social and in turn feel better about myself."

Around this time a user on Reddit who is believed to be Connor due to shared social handles would reply to a thread in the subreddit 'r/ShowerThoughts' about being severely depressed; he would write: "Hey man I understand how rough it is, and how pointless life can seem. Just keep fighting. Keep grinding." "In sports and in life I found that doing everything you can to help out those around you made me feel my best." He would continue with, "Cheer on your teammates, help out those closest to you, and keep an eye out for those you care about and everything will work itself out brother."

Connor successfully earned his bachelor's as well as his master's degree from the University of Alabama, Manderson Graduate School of Business where he ultimately graduated from in 2020 with a master's degree in finance and economics.

After graduating from college, Connor was employed by the Old National Bank and began working there as a commercial lender beginning in June 2021.

When Connor first started working at the Old National Bank in 2021 after 3 summers as an intern, colleagues saw him as the epitome of success. He was handsome, well-spoken, graduated from the University of Alabama with a double major in finance and economics and received a master's degree in finance in just 4 years.

They would say in anonymous interviews following the shooting, "Some of us here were envious of him","...he seemed to have everything going for him."

The job title of 'commercial lender' was typically held by more experienced bankers according to several Old National employees.

Dana Mitchell, who was Connor's mentor at the time, along with 3 current Old National Bank employees said they believed Connor only got the high-ranking job because he was the godson of Old National chief executive of commercial banking – James "Jim" Sandgren. Dana and the other employees said Connor was "underqualified" for the job and ultimately failed the lending training program.

"That job is something people in banking work years to achieve", Dana would later state.

Dana said that in response to Connor's struggles in the position; the bank created a new position specifically for him with less responsibility. The position was titled 'syndications associate' and portfolio banker. Connor would transition into this position in April 2022.

It was during this period that Connor started failing to show up for work, according to colleagues and also when, according to his parents, he started having panic attacks and began contemplating suicide.

Two people with knowledge of the bank's behind-the-scenes operations advised media that the bank had plans to terminate Connor's employment. However, this has been rebutted by Kathy Schoettlin, chief communications, culture and social responsibility officer for the Old National bank.

In that same year, a now 24-year-old Connor moved out of his parents' home in Greenville, Indiana and moved into a house along with 1 roommate named Dallas Whalen. The house was located on Taylor Avenue in the Camp Taylor neighborhood in Southern Louisville (I believe the exact address was 1535 Taylor Avenue, Louisville, KY 40213 due to the fact that Google Maps blurs out that particular house completely).

Connor proudly notated his achievements on his LinkedIn profile: 'I am certified in the RMA Lending Decision Process, hold a Master's in Finance from the University of Alabama, and am on the Young Professionals board for Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana'.

Connor also hosted a basketball-focused podcast called Rec League Dropouts alongside two of his friends.

On social media he previously tweeted about the NBA, and posted support for the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020. Connor also posted criticism of police violence as well as criticism towards then-President Donald Trump.

Connor seemed to be as actively involved in his local community as possible.

Neighbors would describe Connor and both his roommate and girlfriend interchangeably with the same adjectives; they described the pair as having had been unassuming and emphasized that they did not cause problems. "Very quiet, soft-spoken. They invited us over a couple of times for cookouts during summer, you know, very friendly. I just don't understand." Neighbors would end their public interview by describing Connor as seeming "very ordinary...he just seemed like a regular dude."

Connor Sturgeon's roommate, Dallas Whalen, 24, fully cooperated with the police investigation successive to the massacre.

On his obituary; Kelsey Striegel was named as Connor Sturgeon's longtime girlfriend with whom he had been dating since high school.

Lisa and Todd Sturgeon said that their son's mental health struggle became apparent about a year prior to the shooting; it was made evident by panic attacks, anxiety, and even a suicide attempt at one point (albeit the method in which he 'attempted' to use in order execute this 'suicide', I am unsure of). However, this suicide attempt elicited enough concern from his parents that it caused his parents to employ the help of a psychiatrist who in turn prescribed Connor medication with the hopes of assisting the young adult in dealing with his mental struggle.

On April 4th, 2023, six days before the shooting at the Old National Bank, Connor called his mother and disclosed that he had a panic attack at work which caused him to leave, he further divulging that he thought that he should take some time off of work for a while.

It would be on this same date (April 4th, 2023 @ Approx. 11:55pm) that Connor would buy his Radical Firearms RF-15 assault rifle along with at least 120 rounds of 5.56 ammunition at a small gun store near the Louisville airport called River City Firearms. Connor would also purchase 4 separate rifle magazines. He did the feat in approximately 40 minutes, which he so proudly boasted about being way too convenient and extremely easy. In his journey entry on this date, he would later write "OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EASY." "Seriously, I knew it would be doable but this is ridiculous. Walked in and bought a gun, 4 mags, and 120 rounds for $700."

On April 5th, 2023, the day afterwards, Lisa Sturgeon had lunch with Connor where she proposed setting up a psychiatrist appointment for him, which he agreed to - she even took charge and accompanied him to the virtual appointment which took place the following day on April 6th. "We thought he was coming out of the crisis", Lisa Sturgeon would later say. "We had been led to believe he was over the hump and he was getting better", Todd Sturgeon would later recall. "We thought everything was okay".

When the Sturgeons saw their son for the very last time on Easter Sunday (April 9th, 2023), one day before the shooting, he was helping people find the final eggs in the Easter egg hunt and was 'joking', according to Todd Sturgeon.

On that same day Todd Sturgeon retweeted a video of San Antonio Spurs Coach, Gregg Popovich talking about gun control along with the caption: "Pop used final 10 minutes of his pre-game presser to slam 'cowardly, oblivious legislators' for their inaction on gun control in the wake of the mass shootings that have plagued America. Their inaction, he said, has contributed to making the U.S. the 'laughingstock of the world."

Just around midnight, at approximately 11:51 on April 9th, Connor would draft his 'plan' in his Notes app on his phone.

On April 10th 2023, Connor began to enact his aspirations by first leaving a note directed towards his roommate, Dallas Whelan, as well as several other letters designated for his parents, younger brother, and girlfriend.

Connor would then go on to post his final story on Instagram subtly hinting at what would soon become a major event in the nearby community.

In the note left for Dallas, the shooter would warn his roommate of his plans to enact a shooting at the bank. Connor would also leave a voicemail for his friend around this time in which he disclosed to him that he felt "suicidal" and was going to "...go in and shoot up Old National." In response to this chilling revelation, Dallas would immediately call Lisa Sturgeon and report finding a note along with a letter, he would also detail the words spoken by his roommate and close friend. Lisa would then call 911 at approximately 8:41am, however Connor was already at the bank enacting upon his scheme.

Prior to the shooting, Connor Sturgeon went live on Instagram to broadcast his actions for the world to see. However, this live video has since been scrubbed from the internet, unfortunately.

After going live, he would drive to the Old National Bank prior to its opening in order to attend a morning meeting before the bank was open to the public.

Rebecca Buchheit-Sims, a manager at the bank, told news outlets that she watched the meeting virtually and witnessed her coworkers being slain.

"Shortly after the meeting started, the gunman, which is an employee, started shooting up the conference room," Buchheit-Sims said. "I witnessed people being murdered. I don't know how else to say that...I'm just as much in shock and disbelief and was in disbelief as I watched it unravel."

A law enforcement officer falsely told sources that Connor had been notified that he was going to be fired from the bank; however, statements from survivors would depict the exact antithesis of what law enforcement conveyed to the public. Connor was placed in his position likely due to nepotism, so the likelihood of him being fired was very nanoscopic.

8:15 am: Connor Sturgeon arrives at the Old National Bank in his Mazda sedan. Parks his vehicle, and then proceeds to retrieve a gym bag out of his trunk; the soon to be killer would then walk into the Old National Bank.

Sometime around 8:30am Connor placed a final call to his mother, Lisa Sturgeon, advising her that he left a notebook of his thoughts along with letters addressed to the family.

After this, Connor sent a group text to his parents and brothers saying, "I Love you."

The items described in his bag were as follows: a shirt, an RF-15 rifle, 4 magazines, ear protection, and eye protection.

At around 8:35 am Sturgeon walks inside of the front door of the bank dressed in blue jeans and glasses while holding an RF-15 with the butt of the gun away from his shoulder.

8:35:12 am: Sturgeon exits his Coroner office located on the Northwest corner of the building with his rifle as well as carrying 3 fully loaded rifle magazines.

8:35:35 am: On his way to the conference room, Sturgeon encounters his first victim. Dallas Schwartz was in the hallway outside of the conference room, she states that he said to her "time to go" as he then proceeds to pull the trigger on his rifle. The gun does not fire. It was reported that the gun was unloaded and also had the safety mechanic on at the time. Sturgeon quickly realized his mistake and then loaded the rifle with ammo before re-charging the weapon and shooting the woman once. The bullet went through and penetrated both of her legs. Schwartz immediately crumbled to the ground. As Sturgeon walked past her towards the conference room, she seized this opportunity to crawl into a nearby restroom to hide as blood gushed from her legs.

8:35:37 am: Sturgeon turns towards the conference room while simultaneously charging the rifle again (possibly ejecting a live round).

8:35:38 am: Sturgeon opens fire upon the 13 occupants in the conference room as they begin to flee in horror.

The first victim of Sturgeon's rampage was his first mentor and the person that taught him everything that they know during his very first year at the bank.. Dana Mitchell. Dana would solemnly describe the events to reporters beginning with her hearing his initial gunshot in the hallway. Her back was turned towards the conference door, but she was still able to spot the weapon just from the corner of her eye. Even after seeing the weapon in his hands, she still did not think that her mentee had any nefarious intentions; especially not the intention to end her and her colleagues' lives. However, after that initial confusion, along with Sturgeon taking aim directed towards her; Dana's survival instincts immediately kicked in – she proceeded to dive onto the floor just as Sturgeon opened fire on her. Glass walls shattering around her; raining shards on the petrified men and women inside of the room as their colleagues viewing the meeting virtually watched in horror and disbelief. Dana was struck once in her back. Miraculously the round from the AR went in and then out of her body without inflicting any major damage, at least not physically. Troy Haste who was positioned just to the left of Dana decided to make a run for it and thankfully he was successfully able to escape the shooter's rampage. Seemingly inspired by Troy's successful escape, Joshua Barrick who was positioned just to the right of Dana also decided to run; however, he was immediately gunned down by Sturgeon. As pure chaos erupted around her, in the split second after being shot, Dana was focused on trying to breath as steadily (and stealthily) as possible after coming to the conclusion that playing dead was her best chance at survival. In an attempt to fool the shooter, she lay as still as possible without making any noise. Sturgeon ultimately fell for this ruse and decided not to double-tap his former mentor.

Troy Haste was the only person in the conference room that was able to leave the room unharmed and immediately after escaping he fled to a break room as quickly as possible and slammed the door shut behind him. A visibly shaken Troy, with droplets of Dana's dried blood still clinging to him, was able to describe the harrowing ordeal to a local news station. He stated "he just started firing. I didn't see his face. We were in the conference room. Whoever was next to me got shot, their blood's on me." After sheltering in place for a short while, the bank executive said that he could see Sturgeon still firing his rifle while livestreaming the rampage on Instagram.

Haste then ran out of the bank to safety.

During his initial barrage of gunfire aimed at the occupants of the conference room, Sturgeon struck Joshua Barrick in the hallway just outside of the conference room as Barrick was attempting to flee.

He then continued to unleash gunfire upon occupants of the conference room while simultaneously edging closer towards the entrance door. While still standing outside of the room, Sturgeon continued firing his assault rifle at the unarmed, defenseless civilians. During his barrage of fire, Sturgeon shot and subsequently killed Thomas Elliott, James Tutt, and Juliana Farmer.

Sturgeon continued to shoot at the other occupants inside of the conference room while changing his position and adopting new angles the entire duration due to the fact that the victims were hiding behind any object that they could find in the room in a desperate attempt to avoid the gunfire and ultimately, death.

During this 23 second barrage of bullets, Sturgeon shot several more people; critically injuring one person while slowly killing another - Judy "Deana" Eckert.

Dana would later recall that she had to endure the pain and suffering of her colleague begging for her life. "I laid there and listened to Deana beg for her life," Dana said. "She just begged and begged not to die, and that will never go away."

Sturgeon fired approximately 25-30 rounds total into the conference room over this duration.

Out of the 13 occupants who initially occupied the conference room, 8 would go on to survive their injuries while 5 others would tragically pass away from their wounds.

8:35:58 am: Sturgeon turns away from the conference room, reloads his rifle and waits inside of the hallway without engaging or attempting to making engagements with anyone else in the building.

He did not travel to any of the other, more populated floors inside of the building that also houses a real estate firm during his seemingly targeted attack.

8:35:58- 8:39:54 am: *During these 4 minutes of Sturgeon standing in the hallway a few victims were able to escape the conference room and the building. They ran across the street for help.

~8:38 am: Police officers are dispatched to the crime scene with reports of an active shooter

8:39:01 – 8:39:09 am: Sturgeon moves from his position in the hallway towards the front of the bank. He scans the building and then retreats back to his position in the hallway.

8:39:28 am: Sturgeon remains in position in the hallway, peeking out intermittently to scan the area. Sturgeon checks the time on his watch

8:39:54 am: Sturgeon changes positions – he moves towards the front Northeast corner office area in order to set up a new firing position

8:40:49 am: The first 2 responding officers arrive on scene.

8:40:50 am: Sturgeon fires 2 rounds at the first responding officers that arrive on scene causing them to reverse their vehicle with the aspiration of taking a more tactical approach to confront the shooter.

The two responding officers, Officer Nickolas Wilt & Officer Cory "CJ" Galloway, retrieve their weapons and ready themselves for a firefight with Sturgeon.

*It is worth noting that under Louisville police policy, officers are not given long rifles by their department when they first start. They must instead buy the weapon themselves. Furthermore, officers must also complete 40 hours of rifle training and have their weapon approved by the department based on several guidelines. While this may be effective towards promoting adequate training with these weapons, it can also hinder their effectiveness when facing more powerful weapons - even if said weapons are wielded by complete novices. *

8:40:59 am: Sturgeon shoots one round at two civilians that enter the lobby from an upper floor. This shot misses both civilians as they retreat into the interior of the first floor.

8:41:04 am – 8:41:33 am: Sturgeon paces back and forth between his secondary position of fire and the lobby.

8:41:09: Officer Nickolas Wilt brandishes his service pistol - without having the weapon charged.

Whereas Officer Cory Galloway immediately charges his AR-15 rifle ready to fire upon the shooter at his first opportunity.

8:41:15 am: Both officers make a tactical approach towards the bank in anticipation of a fierce exchange of gunfire.

8:41:31 am: Officer Cory Galloway approaches the bank first with his training partner Officer Nickolas Wilt in short toll.

8:41:32 am: Sturgeon sees the responding officers as they approach the bank on foot from the northeast side where he was positioned. Sturgeon opens fire, shooting approximately 8-9 rounds in a 2-3 second time span. He successfully shoots both officers. A stray bullet from this spray of gunfire also strikes a civilian that was positioned across the street.

Officer Nickolas Wilt immediately falls in place.

Officer Cory Galloway was struck once but was still able to roll himself to a safer position.

8:41:48 am: Additional backup arrives on scene.

8:42:03 am: Hearing more sirens encroaching upon his location, Sturgeon fires 2 additional shots at the helpless officer Wilt as backup officers attempted to provide aid to their fallen colleague.

8:42:04 am – 8:44:34 am: Sturgeon paces back and forth between the lobby and the northeast corner office looking out of the window for more responding officers while remaining stationed behind positions of cover for most of this duration.

8:44 :35 am: Sturgeon once again engages in a firefight with officers and fires off his remaining spent rounds before being struck in the leg and then ultimately in the head by return fire from Officer Galloway.

8:44:45 am: Sturgeon was shot once in the head by Officer Galloway bringing the bloody rampage to an end.

The entire shooting lasted approximately 8 minutes from when the first victim was shot up until Officer Galloway fatally shot the suspect bringing the vicious assault to an end. Connor Sturgeon fired over 40 rounds from his rifle and performed a single magazine reload between the assault on the conference room before engaging with responding officers.

During the execution of the search warrant at Connor Sturgeon's residence, Detectives located Sturgeon's personal journal and found devices that they would ultimately breach in an attempt to find material with any kind of substance.

While browsing through his electronic records, Detectives did not locate any vast search history involving guns or violence, nor did they find any evidence of long-term planning leading up to the shooting of Old National Bank. His search history mainly pertained to fantasy gaming (Pokémon, Elden Ring, Harry Potter, etc.) and sports.

The days after Sturgeon purchased the rifle there were several searches of local gun ranges in the area, however there were no videos or searches about how to use a firearm or tutorials on the topic. Furthermore, after following up with the gun ranges that were searched, there was no record of Sturgeon ever going to any of them.

Based on the facts compiled as well as footage from the shooting showing his handling of the rifle, it has been deduced that Sturgeon did not have a firm understanding of how to operate his weapon.

Connor Sturgeon's brain and spinal cord were sent to the Mayo Clinic for a more in-depth examination, specifically pertaining to whether or not he suffered CTE as a result of all of his concussions throughout his sports career. It was ultimately determined that CTE was not present in the late banker.


a man dressed as the grim reaper set himself on fire in Turkey's biggest city of Istanbul.

The man dressed as the grim reaper was walking around in costume before setting himself on fire.

It took place in front of Istanbul's famous Galata Tower, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey.

Man has his skull quickly crushed with a log

No backstory. India, maybe.

The Attempted Assassination of Donald J. Trump [EFFORTPOST]

Alright. We all know what happened.

For the first time in our lives (for most of us) a former United States President was shot in an attempted assassination. I am here to deliver as much information as I can and tell you guys all about what happened, the rumors that circulated, and give as good of a review as I can.


Here is another WPD post by out beloved @Repost_Killing_Bot

Secret Service Protocol:

Now, a presidential candidate doesn't typically get the same Secret Service protection as the sitting President. However, in this case, the candidate was ALSO a former president. This means he will receive more protection. There absolutely should've been a thorough pre-screening of the area before the candidate arrived--which there was-- but clearly not thorough enough to note how easily reachable this roof was. Clearly, proper protocol wasn't followed and/or there was a flaw in the event planning that led to a warehouse roof being unattended. This roof, less than 150 Meters from where Mr.Trump was standing.

Speech Time:

6:05 P.M.

his entry song finishes, he completes his iconic hand movements as he steps to the podium and greets the crowd, who are all cheering and shouting/chanting "USA USA USA".

Entrance -

6:11 P.M.

Several people in the crowd are heard yelling "HE'S GOT A GUN, HE'S ON THE ROOF!" With little, to no response from secret service or local P.D.

Crowd Shouting -

+33 sec.

By something that can only be described as the ABSOLUTE GRACE OF GOD HIMSELF Mr.Trump manages to turn his head to his right, MILLISECONDS from when the first shot rang out. From all the videos, people have been able to make out that had he not rotated his head, he would've been hit in the back of his head on the right side.

Trump describes how "I knew immediately that something was wrong in that I heard a whizzing sound, shots, and immediately felt the bullet ripping through the skin." and as the video shows, Trump winces in pain very quickly before grabbing his hear and ducking below the podium.

The first shots -

Here is one of the most famous photos:

Bullet Passed Through Ear -

On the ground -

Fist up, Flag Flying -

Secret Service agents were quick to respond to the shooting, diving on top of Mr.Trump and shielding him from the rain of bullets. At least three of those bullets fired by the shooter, one striking and instantly killing Corey Comperatore (Pictured Below) and also striking and wounding two more who are in stable condition in the hospital. There were many bullets fired and not a good way to track them.

Corey being carried off:

Here is my assumption about the bullets:

First shot hit trumps ear, and went through it. Because it isn't a thick piece of skin, it tore right through and hit another victim in the background. This victim was likely Mr.Comperatore because as far as I know, the shooter was only trying to kill Trump. The second two bullets were somewhat of a willy-nilly attempt at landing a better shot, but also afraid of counter snipers/unable to hit because of the secret service dogpile. These two bullets went on to strike the two other victims.

Shooter Down:

The secret service counter snipers were stationed on top of a barn behind where trump stood.

Here is a diagram showing everyones position:

The counter snipers, being highly trained and accurate, worked fast to get a shot off on the target and ended his life. The final bullet fired, (5/5 heard in video) would have been one of two things, the body of the shooter moving/tensing up and the secret service shooting a second time to ensure the target was neutralized, or the shooter tensing up after being killed and squeezing the trigger of his firearm as a result.

Shooter Down -

Shooter On roof, and being shot -


There was a lot of yelling and shouting within the dogpile. Two of the key phrases heard is "Hawkeye is here" and "Move to the spare"

"Hawkeye" refers to the C.A.T. agents stationed around (normally hidden) C.A.T stands for Counter Assault Team and it is their job to use long weapons and tactics--similar to swat-- to combat any attackers while the agents get their protectee to safety. The "Spare" in this situation, refers to the spare limousine they always keep with them. While it isn't "The Beast" which is reserved for the sitting president, it is still a well armored vehicle that can keep the protectee safe and mobile during these events. The reason it is called the spare is because there always two of them. One of which was likely parked to far away.

Hawkeye is Here -

Mr.Trump, after collecting himself, resetting his shoes, and grabbing his cap, is lifted to his feet with the help of his detail. and pokes his head out from the top with a raised fist, to show he is okay. The crowd ROARS after seeing him for the first time since the ordeal. He says "Fight Fight Fight" through his teeth as the crowds begin to chant "USA USA USA" once more. It is worth noting, that in the videos of this section, you can see that a good portion of his security detail were shorter and smaller than him, and are not fit to shield the president in the event of an assassination attempt. You can even see what appears to be some service members crouching/hiding from potential harm. All the while, Mr.Trump is fully exposed.

Trump exposed while an agent ducks below him -

That is about the end of the action. Very short statements were released about Trump being "fine" and "being treated in a medical facility"

The two injured are still in the hospital, and Mr.Trump has since been released from the hospital and returned on his jet later that night.

Many people had noticed that the shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks (20), was wearing a Demolition Ranch Shirt. This prompted rumors that Matt Carriker, the main face of "The Demolitia", had some sort of connection to the shooting. It has been since debunked and condemned by many of his friends from different gun channels such as Brandon Hererra (TheAKGuy), Donut Operator (Cody Garrett) and even Carriker himself.

There are also reports of Crooks having posted things on social media hinting at violence, that are currently being investigated.

I am aware there are several more videos. Currently, im just clicking post so I can go do some things. My plan is to come back when more news sources report and I'll leverage their work to check and add any additional info.

Here is an AMAZING megathread about everything:


i will remove anything that is incorrect, just lmk in the comments. reporting is for pussies.

just say smth is incorrect and quit acting like a control freak reddit mod.

this info is all still very new, and we're all still sorting through whats accurate and what isnt.

I'd like to thank all the commenters who've been extremely helpful in gathering all this information

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Crooks's DMV photo:

Some of Crooks's yearbook photos (first photo is likely 9th grade, as the pandemic would have closed the schools in 2020):

Crooks's graduation in 2022 (higher quality video from NotYou in comments):

Some videos from his school, in which he appears (courtesy of NotYou):

More school videos:

The first photo released of Crooks:

Crooks seen on the roof, before the shooting:

(if anybody has the video without the TMZ watermark or censoring, i would greatly appreciate it)

Crooks on the roof, after being shot by SS.


Crooks was a registered republican, however, his political views are still unknown.

His voter status record:

this article says he had a discord account but it wasn't used frequently.

A receipt showing his 15$ donation to ActBlue, a democrat party organization:

He attended Bethel Park High School, as seen here.

He was bullied frequently, as mentioned by this schoolmate of his:

ABC news says he tried to join the school's rifle club, but was denied entry, because of his terrible aim.

(screenshot from the ABC news article)

Another schoolmate of his said that he was very passionate about history and government. He was also described by some as a 'loner'.

He graduated with the Star Award worth $500 from the National Math and Science Initiative.

His house (2506 Milford Dr, Bethel Park)

Couple clips from police footage, taken on Highland Drive:

Highland drive, currently blocked off, as seen on live-updated traffic maps.

He was working as a dietary aide at the Bethel Park Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, according to ABC news.

His parents are Matthew Brian Crooks and Mary Elizabeth Crooks [nee Frizzy, possibly]. They are both 53 years old, as of today's date, and are both behavioural counsellors. He may have an older sister, Katherine Crooks. She is 22 years old as of today's date. (info from CNN and USphonebook)

Thomas's mother, Mary, made a post on Twitter, mentioning that her son "had some mental issues and was dealing with built-up anger from bullies". I have not yet seen this video, please attach it in a comment if you've seen it. (I am starting to believe this may be false information)

More information about his household

(from popapedie's comment, slightly edited.)

His father Matthew Brian Crooks is a psychologist and has authored many academic books. He currently works at Community Care Behavioral Health. He is a certified Rehabilitation Counselor and works with people with depression. His mother is called Mary Elizabeth Crooks (born as Mary Elizabeth Frizzy) and is a registered counselor, but has previously taught in a primary school. She might currently be a homemaker. They are both registered democrats. Thomas is registered republican and has donated to democratic parties prior to registration of a republican. However, this does not have to mean a whole lot.

The family's annual income is reported to be $310,000. His parents seem to be from Scottish heritage. Thomas was born in September 2003. His parents identify as Jewish. Both of his parents also seem to work as licensed behavioral counselors in Pennsylvania. ‏‏The newspaper reporter that he received a $500 "star award" from the National Math and Science Initiative. He made a $15 donation to ACTBLUE when he was 17 years old. Thomas Crooks and his parents have been living separately for two years now. He allegedly had a big fight with his father before moving out of the house at the age of 18. Thomas has previously stayed with his grandparents but soon moved out after getting reprimanded for taking drugs.

‏‏His father reported to CNN that he is waiting for law enforcement to finish what needs to be finished before he will release a statement about the situation.


In the image below you can see the shirt Thomas was wearing. This T-shirt promotes a gun YouTube channel, Demolition Ranch. The founder Matt Carriker has seen this and has responded on his Instagram with the three words "What the hell".

Thomas's father's linkedin profile:


I will be adding to this post as i gather more info on him, please comment if you have any more.

If anything in this post has been confirmed as inaccurate information, please let me know, with the source, so i can remove it.

(from RabbiFactcheckenberg)

compilation of STD-infected penises



Butler, Pennsylvania, United States

This literally just happened like 15 minutes ago so no news articles yet. Here at WPD, you get the news before it even hits the news! :marseyjourno:

EDIT: New articles are now coming out:

EDIT 2: Supporter got headshotted (and killed). 2 other supporters critically injured, but expected to recover.

(eyewitness interviews)

EDIT 3: Shooter dead on the roof of a nearby building. He's been identified as 20 year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, of Bethel Park. He used an AR-15 in the shooting.,-79.9709228,470a,35y,111.64h/data=!3m1!1e3

He's a registered Republican (I checked for myself on this website), but has also donated $15 to ActBlue (a Democratic PAC). Both line up, same address and everything. Right now this makes 0 sense to me so I guess we'll see why exactly he did it as more news trickles in.

CHILD WARNING 24 year old Chicago mom gets shot and killed while holding her 1 year old baby (backstory in post)

Two men have been arrested in the murder of a woman who was shot dead in broad daylight in Chicago while holding a 1-year-old, according to police

Michael Washington, 39, and Eric Adams, 23, both of Urbana, Illinois, have each been charged with first-degree murder.

The 24-year-old victim was standing on a sidewalk with a group of people Tuesday morning when the suspects got out of a silver sedan and began firing toward the group, said police.

The 1-year-old child in her arms was unharmed.

The suspects fled the scene and were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon in Urbana, said police.

Former mayoral candidate Ja'mal Green said the slain woman was B. H. and that the child in her arms was her daughter.

Green told that the victim had been one of his classmates in high school.

"When she was shot, she shielded her baby, was hit and fell protecting her," Hill said. The child "survived and will have to grow up without her mother."

Green said Hill is also survived by a young son.

Washington and Adams are due to appear in bond court on Thursday, according to police.

Chicago Police are outraged that this video was released.

"We are taking this video release very seriously & working to establish its origin as this family deserves better."

Judge John F. Lyke Jr. denied bail for both men during a hearing Thursday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building, 2650 S. California Ave. Their next court date was set for June 18.


If the link above doesn't work...

Try these instead!

Video Translation::marseymegaphone:

By: Flaminzzy

:marseysociety2:: Huh?

:marseyfacepeel:: Water.

:marseysociety2:: Water?

:marseysociety2:: You want it?

:marseysociety2:: Tell me.

:marseysociety2:: Tell me using your mouth.

:marseyfacepeel:: Water…

:marseysociety2:: Yes water, do you want it or not?

:marseysociety2:: Yes or not?

:marseyfacepeel:: Yes…

:marseysociety2:: Do you know who am i?

:marseyfacepeel:: El Lufue…

:marseyfacepeel:: I DON'T KNOW!

:marseysociety2: Who am i?

:marseyfacepeel: I don't know…

Video ends

Video Backstory::marseylongpost:

By: cookiecrumble

The video where you can see the torture and execution of a man, known as The "Yo Quiero Agua Gore" was the work of the hitman known as "El Payaso".


The victim who is now known as the Mexican Ghost Rider was an inhabitant of the municipality of Cotija in the state of Michoacán*, who was kidnapped by* CJNG hitmen commanded by 'El Payaso', plaza boss of this cartel in Aguililla.

It was the hitman himself "The clown of the CJNG" who removed the skin from his face, while the man was still alive.


Although the exact moment of the execution is not seen in the video, due to the man's severe injuries it is speculated that he was executed minutes later and his body will appear somewhere in Cotija in the next few days with a new narcomessage from the CJNG.


So far there has been no response from Los Viagras*, but after the threat it is feared that the family of said hitman will suffer the consequences of the acts of* 'El Payaso del CJNG' and will be executed by the Familia Michoacana.


El Payaso And His Hitmens::marseysociety2:

Alleged Story Of The Victim::marseylongpostglow:

By Wizzzboy

The man in the video was dating a woman who was involved in crime, after several disagreements between the couple, they broke up.


So, the man went to this woman's cousin to ask if his ex-girlfriend was okay, and related things, unfortunately for the boy, the woman saw this and thought she was being cheated on (they weren't even together).

She warned the local barracks about betrayal, and in Mexico, barracks do not tolerate any kind of betrayal, she invited him to her house, and told him to bring 1 liter of gasoline.


On the way, he was stopped by the barracks and taken to a distant area, there he was forced to drink 1 liter of gasoline and his face was ripped off, which is why he is asking for water, because his throat was full of gasoline.


The end.

:#marseyflagmexicopat: 2020

Enjoy My Posts!:wolfmarseyfacepeelpat:

Child rapist falls from window into crowd that beats and stones him to death.


Too lazy rn to make a translation, but the crowd keeps saying that he raped a child.

Happy Days :marseyjam: (Suicide + Gore)


Man backflips to his death.

No backstory.


Thailand, On March :marseystrut: 14 2021, A. T, 31 years old used a 9 mm pistol :marseychingchongshooter: to shoot :marseyfloch: his girlfriend, Miss. S. B, 35 years old, twice before :marseyskellington: turning the muzzle of the gun and shooting :marseyzodiac: himself :marseytedbackstab: in the head, hoping to die as well. The bullet :marseyworldisavampire: however entered the tip of his chin, penetrated the nasal cavity :marseyprostateexam: leaving him in a serious :marseybeheadedkamikaze: condition, at a coffee :marseycomfy: shop at a gas station. He was brought to the Hospital :marseyloss: and survived.

The motive for all this was jealousy. Her mother, said that the Police :marcuscop: Sergeant has been a boyfriend with her daughter for about 3 years and they always had problems. They broke up many times because of jealousy.

Later, it was known that during the breakups the man made sarcastic :marseyjerkofffrown: posts on Facebook several times. The man had not come to his mother :marseywall: for almost a year and before :marseyskellington: the incident, the mother :marseyimmaculate: had never :marseyitsover: had any hunch.

He was charged with murder.

She was a salesperson of drugs :marseyjoint: and Medical :marseygutspill: equipment :marseycowtools: and drove her Honda CRV to a gas station :marseygreytide: to buy cigarettes. The boyfriend drove a pickup truck :marseybutt2: following her. They talked about his problem :marseytrolley: in front :marseyviewerstare: of the Coffee :marseystarbucks: Shop for more than 1 hour.

The police :marseyatfagent: searched the pickup truck :marseybutt2: and found :marseymimic: 3 beer bottles and 3 cans of beer all empty.


Fatal Shooting Of Joanna Lua

woman in her 20s, armed with a knife, was shot and killed during a confrontation with Los Angeles Police officers early Saturday in Panorama City.

Officers from the department's Mission Division were called at 12:30 a.m. to an apartment complex in the 9400 block of Van Nuys Boulevard between Gledhill and Vincennes streets regarding a suspect who was armed with a knife and threatening family members, according to the LAPD.



Woman jokes with colleague while sitting on staircase wall, and falls to her death.

A woman died after falling from the third floor of a building in Maharashtra while she was sitting on the parapet of a staircase wall, and seemingly joking around with a friend. The incident happened in Dombivali and was captured on CCTV.

In the video, Gudiya Devi, who worked as a cleaner in the building, can be seen taking a seat on the parapet of the staircase wall. Seconds later, a man who was her colleague emerges in the video, and he hugs her in what appears to be jokingly.

The act causes both the woman and the man to lose balance. However, the woman falls, who was sitting with her front facing the apartments, fails to do anything to save herself. The man, on the other hand, survives as he can be seen holding onto the parapet before regaining control of his body and standing back up.

The incident happened on Tuesday at 2.40 pm as seen in the surveillance footage.

Soon after Gudiya Devi fell from the third floor, security guards and other staffers of the building could be seen hurrying down to attend to her.

According to the information, the police arrived at the spot soon after receiving information about the incident.

An investigation into the matter is underway.


el pantera video


Another premiere report brought to you by the Cola United News Team:

November 5, 2023

Sacramento, California


Here we have an American-Mexican "Chollo" menacingly charging through down the highway until God's Protectors - the United States Police force arrives. Fuck you liberals. The chollo then veers into a civilian motorcyclist completely leveling his (bitch-) ass. Afterwards, the Police taskforce set up a perimeter as the criminal, frothing at the mouth, sprinted down the unconscious motorist attempting to stab him, however, God interviened allowing for his children-warriors to end this asshole! They shot the motorist (because hes black) AND the Chollo. At the end of the day, there were multiple promotions and a job well done (jk, they only shot the Chollo savage beast).

Japanese officer commits suicide (images only)


On Monday, July 15th, Three ISIS "Inghimasi" (Suicide Attackers, Fighters that go into battle with the intent to die and deal as much damage while alive) fired on Shia worshippers at a Shiite-Muslim Mosque in Wadi al-Kabir, Oman and exchanged gunfire with Omani security forces until morning

The fighters that executed the attack gathering before carrying it out:

The shooting took place in the Imam Ali Mosque - 23.579579542807583, 58.56619776309229

The Royal Oman Police said on Tuesday that nine people were killed in the shooting in the capital Muscat's Wadi al-Kabir district, including the three perpetrators and a policeman. More than two dozen people of various nationalities were injured, including four Omani first responders, the police said. It didn't identify a motive for the attack or reveal the identity of the attackers.

(Civilian footage of the moment gunshots started being fired, sadly couldn't find the original so a news one will suffice)

Describing the incident as a terrorist attack, the Pakistani foreign ministry said 30 survivors were being treated in hospitals.

"This is a very unprecedented event ... the likes of it we have not seen in Oman's history," Pakistan's ambassador to Muscat, Imran Ali, said after visiting some victims in hospital.

One Indian citizen was killed and another injured, India's embassy in Muscat announced in a post on X Tuesday.

The attack took place during Ashura, the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram, which holds particular significance for Shiite Muslims, most Omanis adhere to Sunni Islam or to the Ibadi faith, which is a branch of Islam that has much in common with mainstream Sunni Islam.

The US embassy in Muscat issued a security alert for US citizens, advising them to "remain vigilant, monitor local news and heed directions of local authorities."

It said visa appointments scheduled for Tuesday would be canceled as a safety precaution.

Oman police said military and security procedures have concluded, and an investigation is ongoing.

This is a rare attack by ISIS due to it being their first in Oman.

Amaq News Agency Release about the Attack (Translated and non-translated versions):

📰 |Over 35 Shi'ites and Omani Forces were Killed and Injured in an Attack by Islamic State Fighters in the Capital, Muscat

Amaq Agency - Oman - Muscat: Over 35 Shi'ites and Omani forces were killed and wounded in a qualitative attack by Islamic State fighters in the Omani capital, Muscat.

Security sources in the Islamic State told Amaq Agency that last night, three Islamic State inghimasiyyin attacked a crowd of Shi'ites as they observed their annual rituals at a temple of theirs in the "Wadi al-Kabir" area of the capital.

The sources added that the fighters opened fire with machine guns on the Shi'ites, then clashed with the Omani forces that arrived at the location, where the clashes continued until this morning.

The sources indicated that the attack resulted in the killing and injuring of more than 30 Shi'ites and 5 Omani forces, including a police officer.


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