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Mr PacMan spottet eating in a restaurant...

Dublin Ireland man Inappropriately touched by pervert trans, kicks pervert in head :marseyplushieswinging:

Fatalitys - Compilation (Crazyshit)

my little baby boys :(:ddr:

Woman jumps from 12 floor after boyfriend breaks up with her - 2 angles


Healed self-inflicted chainsaw decapitation

This young man attempted suicide by decapitation with a chainsaw, and survived. It was successfully managed operatively.

(CHILD WARNING!) The Unfortunate Death of Rorochan_1999.

^Wall of information below!!!!^

•((For video information: after her jump at around 2:30 and the thud of her body, it is nothing but eerie city silence for the next five and a half minutes.))

•|The Background to Rorochan_1999:|

Rorochan was a 14-year-old girl from Ōmihachiman, Japan, who frequently streamed on different platforms (specifically Japanese platforms Niconico FC2) while performing dangerous stunts. She was known for seeking attention, and often used rather suggestive titles to her streams that would attract a more malicious audience (example is one of her streams named, “Erotic Menhera Virgin, 3rd year of junior high school”. Menhera is basically Asian slang for individuals, particularly girls, who struggle with mental health issues). She posted many tweets on her Twitter saying things along the lines of, “I'm sorry for everything”, however no one really knows if she was neglected or a victim of cyber bullying. On some platforms, she even used the character Minky Momo as her profile picture, an anime girl known for being hit and killed by a truck.

•Rorochan seemed to try and hide her appearance when online, however she accidentally exposed her face here and there which made her apologize frantically and asked her watchers to forget what they had seen. It fed into her social anxiety, most of her videos having her wearing a bag over her head whilst singing and playing piano. She started to gain attention when she started showing attention-seeking behavior and engaging in rather hazardous actions such as running through busy streets and standing on the edge of the 13th floor balcony of her apartment. Some of her watchers tried to convince her to stop, while others continued to push her further and to do more.

•|The Livestream of Rorochan_1999's Suicide:|

It hit a pothole when viewers urged her to harm herself in order to reach the fame status she wanted do dearly. It's speculated that the want for fame along with her loneliness, mental health issues, and the rather toxic fan base she attracted sealed her choice to take her life. On November 24th, 2013, Rorochan proceeded to make her way to the balcony of the 13th floor, streaming while doing so. Again, some tried to talk her down while others pushed her to jump. Rorochan decided to jump, her thud audible on the video hitting what sounds like a roof of a building below. She didn't die immediately, though she did succumb to her injuries in the hospital.

•|The Affect of Rorochan_1999:|

Upon her death, Rorochan's identity has stayed silent. There's a song written by Shinsei Kamattechan named, “Ruru's Suicide Show on a Livestream”, however it doesn't have a direct link to Rorochan and her suicide. There is many lyrics and scenes in the song that is connected to the young girl's death, however, which makes one believe they used her suicide to possibly prove a point. Translations of the song into English include lines such as "Jumping from the Chūō line," which alludes to the location where Rorochan was captured on video with her feet dangling and where three girls reportedly jumped on the day of her death. Another line in the song states, "There is no point in calling the FBI," which reflects the attempts by the Japanese authorities to suppress evidence, although the case eventually gained public attention. The lyrics also include references such as "The bluetooth of this city is destroying me completely" and "I'm a witch who talks to cats," which symbolize Rorochan's interaction with her fans and viewers, whom she perceived as contributing to her tragic fate.

•The song, as mentioned previously, resulted in the case of Rorochan gaining attention and people wanting more information.

•My only question is, if she hadn't attracted such a foul audience, would she still be alive? Or would she have ended up killing herself anyway? I'll provide the link to Shinsei Kamattechan‘s song to give more information.

god damn:marseyimpossibru:

Woman got her face eaten by pit bull

ethiopian troops execute two men by firing squad

CJNG burns person in Cardenas Tabasco Mexico:platypsyduck:

Man commits suicide in the street by firecracker to the face (aftermath included)

No backstory

Man hacked to death by machete and concrete blocks to the head - man filming wants to show off his revolver -

Sextape - Deftones

For my fellow deftones lovers

Dumbass Impaled By Fence While Climbing In :marseybrainletclapping:

Egyptian woman waiting at the side of the road gets hit.

Fight ends with 1 person being dragged below a car.

Man Fatally Sets Himself on Fire on Facebook Live (Full Video + Footage CCTV + Context)

Starts at 0:56

Footage CCTV:

Jared McLemore, Aged 33 year old


Washington – A US man died at a hospital after live streaming his suicide on social networking site Facebook, the media reported on Saturday.

According to witnesses, Jared McLemore, 33, a well-known musician in Memphis, ran into Murphy's bar early Saturday morning seconds after setting himself on fire in a parking lot across the street.

The live-stream shows McLemore dousing himself with kerosene. The frantic screams of witnesses can be heard in the background.

"This overwhelming smell of kerosene filled the room," Jim Duckworth, a witness was quoted as saying to

"It looked like a movie, like someone wearing a flame-retardant suit...There were some people who thought that it was a joke," Kimberly Koehler, another witness.

Koehler said McLemore's former girlfriend, against whom he has a history of domestic violence, was working just a feet away.

"It was almost like he waited for us to be over so that he would be the centre of attention. He wanted it to go down in some sick way and for everybody to see it," Koehler said.

Court records show McLemore was arrested in August 2016 after strangling his former girlfriend and threatening to kill her on two different occasions one day apart.

He was ordered to undergo mental evaluations and was sentenced to probation in April 2017 on domestic assault charges.

Another man was seriously burned trying to kick the lighter out of McLemore's hand, but he is expected to be okay, the police said.



On May 13, 2017, shortly after midnight, McLemore committed suicide by Self-immolation. He set himself on fire while streaming on Facebook Live.

He was sitting in the street of 1500 block of Madison Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee when he lit himself on fire then ran into a nearby bar, Murphy's Bar.

McLemore's ex-girlfriend was reportedly in the bar and witnesses say he shouted that she made him do it.

Another man, a songwriter named Paul Garner, was burned when attempting to aid McLemore. Both were transported to Regional One health center where McLemore died from severe burns.

Garner has stated that the Memphis Police Department is to blame for not stopping McLemore even though he had been reported as a danger multiple times.


Here repost:

No full, big size video, and heavy when play video.

Capital Punishment For Murderers In The Middle East

Alaa Bin Elkhamsani , An adult man on his 50s getting executed infornt of his family for murdering a 6yo girl, he liked killed that little girl because her name was against Shia

Man Climbs Platform To Commit Suicide; Dies of Seizure Instead

R.I.P. to the man, and may his family and friends find peace.

death: the ultimate horror (1995, full shockumentary)


This grisly documentary presents horrifying journalistic footage of suicides, assassinations, bombings, mob hits, decapitations, and more in bloody detail.

Running away dog accidentaly kills elderly woman

No backstory.

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