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why femboys are better than actual females

as of lately i am attracted to feminine boys. i love cute boys ! i don't know if it has something to do with visiting this site, but it feels like it does.

i prefer femboys over these traditional woman, they are just disgusting to me and i have many male friends who feel the same. but every men's taste is different, we shouldn't generalize all women. but I would say there is a large group of women and girls out there who also prefer cute or feminine boys.

Femboys are individuals who may embrace certain aspects of femininity while also identifying as male. What makes them unique varies from person to person, but some common characteristics may include a combination of traditionally feminine traits and interests, such as fashion, grooming, or mannerisms, alongside their male identity. It's important to recognize and respect the diversity within the femboy community and appreciate each individual for their unique qualities and experiences.

let me list the pro's and con's here


-Can't get pregnant

-They know what you want

-can have the same interests as you

-Won't get angry about small things

-will think you are cool


-Can get pregnant

-Mood swings monthly

-bleed (eww)

-Don't know what a guy wants

-complex creatures

what does the WPD userbase think about cute femboys ?

Get yourself trapped today with a femboy! Never go back to worrying about having a girlfriend again! Femboys will always be there to keep you warm with their soft thighs !

please consider a cute femboy today.


Woman Killed After Being Pushed Out of Apartment Window

Scummy Rat Performs Cheapshot Roundhouse Kick

Seriously, who does that??


Yes you can see gores even at Reddit... :marseyunamused:

The kid was so young, that it is difficult to distinguish whether that is a girl or a boy from face-looking.

Cambodia News, (Kandal Province): A tragic event erupted in Po Smart village, Kandal province, on the morning of the 6th October 2023, when a mother and her child were found murdered in their home. The prime suspect in the case is the woman's estranged husband, Men Sam Ang, male, 36 years old.

According to the Cheung Keb commune administrative post chief, prior to yesterday's incident, the victim had filed for divorce at the commune hall, but the procedure was not yet complete. The husband was jealous and did not want the divorce; then, on the morning of October 6, it was reported that the mother and child had been found dead, victims of murder.

Sources from the police said that the suspect has been identified as the victim's husband and father of the child, Men Sam Ang, 36 years old, a village guard. The victims are Khoeun Sreyleak, aged 30, and her daughter is Oeun Chanseima, a 2-year-old girl.

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