The WPD Top 100 list:Voting, Z0N×CDM collab

Hello WPD Users!

Me and @CursedDANKmemes are going to make a top 100 WPD users list to top all top 100 lists

This will be the Unofficial Official WPD Top 100 and will be used as flexxing rights

For this list, I want the public to choose, If you comment a name underneath this post and a reason for why you believe they should be on this list, Send them in!

You aren't limited to one person, You can send whoever you want and how many people you want, It'll all be put on a spreadsheet made by me and CDM

This voting period will last until we feel like it, Once we close the voting down, We'll tally up all the votes and make our list, This will probably take sometime to do but me and CDM will deliever it to you

Send your votes now!

Should I post about "com"

Firstly, if you don't know what com is, it's a collection of groups usually related to violent extortion and fraud.

Read here:

I have infiltrated their workings and have access to the content they've posted.

Defining "content":

Harm Nation - a notorious group ran by CJ and Flar has been posting pictures of cutsigns, bloodsigns, and more to their telegram channel. We have archived this channel and there are 169 cases of this kind of abuse mixed in with things like bricking ( throwing bricks at a window).

This would likely be an effortpost.

Should I make a post about them? It'd take me a while and I'd love to get someone like LSG to help me. This is dependent on whether or not you guys wanna see it.

Edit 1: I'd like to clarify that there is no CSAM in the content channel.

Lady hangs herself

Reported by:
Self harm 🍴 :marseycutattention:







On 06/15/2024 in Brazil, a man identified as "Tonhão", stabbed his 33-year-old wife Roberta Maria Santana to death in her own home and in front of her children in the rural area of Parnarama in the state of Maranhão.

In the image it says:

"He murdered his partner on the Nova farm in the rural area of Parnarama, leaving 5 children without their mother"


How the fuck did he do this

Self harm comp

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