(CW) Chinese kids Crushed by falling screen

Guy tests his homemade helicopter, fucking dies

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On Tuesday (August 10) night, a 24-year-old innovator and school dropout named Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Ibrahim succumbed to his injuries during a fatal accident on his DIY helicopter. The incident took place in the Fulsawangi village in Mahagaon tehsil in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra.

As per reports, Ibrahim had dropped out of school when he was studying in class 8. He then began working with his elder brother Mussavir at his gas welding workshop. He learnt the art of making coolers, almirahs and other household items using steel and aluminium sheets. He was inspired by the character of ‘Rancho’ in the movie ‘3 idiots’ and wanted to make his village Fulsawangi famous. Using the skills that he honed while working at the workshop, Ibrahim designed a helicopter from scratch.

He had built the helicopter using information from Youtube videos. In a mammoth effort that lasted two years, Ibrahim was able to collect all the parts that are required to build the helicopter. According to his friend Sachin Ubale, the deceased innovator created the prototype of a single-seater helicopter. Ibrahim had used steel pipes and a Maruti 800 engine to build the helicopter. Ubale added that Ismail wanted to showcase the DIY helicopter to the public on the occasion of Independence Day.

On Tuesday night, Ismail decided to do a final trial run of the helicopter. As his friends gathered to witness the occasion, he started the engine, and shortly after the accident happen. As seen in the video shot by his friends, while rotating at very high speed, the blades of the tail rotor of the helicopter snapped, and pieces of it hit the main rotor blads. This caused the main rotor blades also to snap, and a piece of metal hit Ismail at a very high speed.

Ismail did not wear protective gear while testing his chopper

“Ismail wanted to exhibit the helicopter to the public on Independence Day this year and so he decided to test the flying machine near his workshop. On Tuesday night, he occupied the pilot seat and started the engine as some of his friends watched in awe. Even before anyone could understand what was happening, a piece of the broken blade slashed Ismail’s throat and he collapsed to the ground. He used to test the functioning of the chopper very often. Earlier, he had been successful in lifting the helicopter 5 feet above the ground. It was his final trial on Tuesday,” Ubale said.


The deceased’s friend informed that Ismail would wear a helmet and headphones while testing the helicopter. However, on the fateful night, he did not wear any protective gear. His friends were thrilled to see Ismail testing out his DIY chopper. Their happiness was short-lived as the helicopter malfunctioned within minutes. After the pieces of the blades slit the throat of Ismail, he fell down from the helicopter. He began bleeding profusely and was rushed to a hospital at Pusad. However, he succumbed to his injuries even before the doctors could begin the treatment. A video of the incident had gone viral on social media.

In the impact, which took place near Fasano, in the Brindisi area, an elderly couple were killed while driving the vehicle that had started its journey from the Monopoli junction. Anas staff, law enforcement and firefighters are on site to manage the road network. The 20-year-old: "Up until the end, I didn't see they were in contradiction"

The cause of the death of two elderly people was the wrong entrance on the state road, which allegedly took place from the height of Monopoli. The two would then have traveled the road in the opposite direction aboard their Hyundai I20, and then impacted a Mini Countryman, driven by a 20-year-old who arrived in the fast lane.

In the clash, the boy was injured, also suffering emotional trauma and a broken leg: he was transported in yellow code to the Perrino hospital in Brindisi. On the scene of the accident, at kilometer 858.600 in the municipality of Fasano, the personnel of Anas, the forces of order and the fire brigade intervened to manage the road network. Traffic towards Bari was diverted for a few hours and subsequently restored.

The 20-year-old: "Up until the end, I didn't see they were in the opposite direction"


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(CW) Ten Killed In Head On Collision With Bus







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What goes up, must come down.

[CHILD WARNING) Sknyliv Airshow Disaster Filmed Aftermath

The deadliest air show disaster in history. The plane crashed during an aerobatics display, killing 77 people and injuring 543. Both pilots survived.

Following the disaster, the pilots stated that the flight map which they had received differed from the actual layout. On the cockpit voice recorder, one pilot asks, "And where are our spectators?" Others have suggested that the pilots were slow to react to automated warnings issued by the flight computer.

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Mulan Incident

Persuade In China

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Getting it from behind:marseyagreefast::marseyagreefast:

Freak accident- trolled by death - man has his neck and throat crushed by iron gate and trash bin -

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Guy breaks his neck trying to skip a 3$ subway fare

An Mi-18 helicopter crashing over the core of Chernobyl reactor (Oct, 1986)

No one survived

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(CHILD WARNING) Boy left his sister traumatized for life.

A fatal accident in China in late 2022.

A boy was run over his head by a car after playing with his sister.

He died shortly after being taken to the hospital.

Head exploded man (Aftermath)

Accident brutal motorcycle



Old dude tries to jump on moving train - ends up in pieces under the train -

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(CW) 4yo Boy Drowns as Inattentive Mother is on the Phone

“A 4-year-old boy swimming pool is seen struggling for his life, while his mother is only a few meters away, looking on her phone.

Ms. Xiao had two children playing in the children's play pool, when she noticed the 4-year-old son had disappeared. Eventually they found the child, drowned.

Security cameras revealed that Miss Xiao is looking at her phone with her back to the child, when the child struggled, the child slowly sinks to the bottom.”

Just skip to the end

Dumbass biker rams head first into the back of a car


Vehicular collision causes one car to swerve into a gas station, killing an attendant. Goiás. (CCTV)

The freak accident occurred on Thursday 25th, in the Vila João Braz neighbourhood, Trindade.

Two cars were involved in a traffic accident on a roundabout in the city of Trindade, in the Metropolitan Region of the capital. With the impact of the crash, one of the vehicles lost control and ran over two employees of a gas station. One victim died and the other suffered minor injuries.

CCTV caught most of the fatal accident, that happened late in the morning on Avenida Raimundo de Aquino.

(But no aftermath shown.)

In the video, a red car hits the white vehicle that was going around the roundabout After the crash, the white car manages to stop. However, the red car loses control invading the gas station forecourt, It is at this moment that the first man is hit.

He was an employee of the station and was sitting and had watched the accident. Upon noticing the approach of the car, he tried to run, but was run over.

After that, the red car continues to accelerate. Another camera shows the moment the vehicle passes, but registers when the second man is run over. According to the Fire Department, the car only stopped when it hit a wall.

Shocked witnesses triggered emergency services, who rushed to the scene.

The fire team provided help to the victims and reported that the gas station employee had multiple injuries and a cardiorespiratory arrest. He was transported to Trinidad State Hospital in serious condition, but succumbed to his injuries and died.

The other man who was run over worked at a car wash inside the gas station. According to firefighters, he had a bad bruising in the pelvic area and was also referred to the medical unit.

The driver and passenger of the vehicle that invaded the post were conscious and with some minor injuries. For safety, they were also transported to the same hospital. The driver of the white car was not injured.

The mans family has been informed of his death, and an investigation is continuing. No arrests have been made.

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[Classic] japanese announcer break his neck in live:marseytv:

Tetsushi Yanagita was on tv announcing an unknown program in Japan and accepted participating in the challenge, worst decision in his life

(sorry for my bad england :marseypregunta:)

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Topless mother is killed when she smashes her head into a lamp post while hanging out of a car window during holiday in Dominican Republic

A Russian woman has died in the Dominican Republic after a car accident which involved her hanging out of the window on the passenger side while the driver recorded her on a mobile phone.


Natalia Borodina, 35, from Moscow, had taken her bikini off and was playing up to the camera, hauling her top half out of the car window while a friend was driving.

The shocking video sees the mother-of-one letting her upper body hang out of the window of the moving car, before she hits a lamp post.

The video was recorded on a highway near Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic.

It was filmed by Ms Borodina's friend Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, who is believed to have been driving the car.

Ms Borodina is naked, bar a pair of bikini bottoms, when she decides to hang out of the window.

She playfully sticks her finger in her mouth and laughs at the camera, but within seconds, the video shows impact.

Russian media reports that Ms Borodina was rushed to hospital and died there of 'serious injuries'.

'The woman was having fun demonstrating her naked breasts while her companion drove the car,' reported Moskovsky Komsomolets.

It is understood Ms Borodina's child, a boy aged around eight, was on holiday with her in the Dominican Republic.

Ms Borodina is originally from Zlatoust, an industrial city in the Urals, but then moved to regional capital Chelyabinsk, before relocating to Moscow.

Recently she had been working in Cannes, France as an estate agent, selling properties to wealthy Russian buyers.

Friends said that her family is aware of her appalling death.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4973276/Russian-dies-hanging-window-moving-car.html

Account social Instagram: https://instagram.com/finsxpert?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

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