Dumb biker does an Involuntary Cartwheel.

In this video a small SUV slams on the breaks in oncoming traffic causing a biker to shoot through the air like team rocket. PSA: motorcycles don't have seatbelts.

Motor got hit on intersection


[CW] Kid gets hit by a car

Celebratory Gunshots Accidentally Kill Young Groom Before His Wedding,Jordanie (Infos)

AMMAN — The spokesperson of the Public Security Directorate, Amer Al-Sartawi, stated that a person was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday, August 30, after being injured by a gunshot during pre-wedding celebrations in Ma'an Governorate. Unfortunately, the individual passed away shortly after.

Sartawi confirmed that the shooter was apprehended, and the weapon used was seized as a result of their investigations.

On Wednesday, a young man in his twenties was killed in Ma'an city when he was accidentally shot in the chest during a celebration organized by his relatives (The Groom's bath/حمام العريس).

This incident occurred while the young man was celebrating his upcoming wedding, according to Waleed Al-Rawad, the director of Ma'an Government Hospital. His bride was at the beauty salon when she heard the news.


Source: https://www.jordannews.jo/Section-109/News/Celebratory-gunshots-accidentally-kill-young-groom-before-his-wedding-30619

Running away dog accidentaly kills elderly woman

No backstory.

Car Crash With People In The Bed Of Truck + Music

Plane crash during air show in Hungary - 2 videos + pics

BUDAPEST, Hungary — A small propeller-driven plane crashed during an airshow in central Hungary on Sunday killing two people and seriously injuring three people on the ground, police said.



The fatal accident at the Börgönd air show in Fejér county happened at about 3.20 p.m. local time and the cause was not immediately known. The pilot and passenger, ages 67 and 37, both died, while three people in a car near the impact site suffered serious burns and were hospitalized, police said in a statement

Video footage of the crash online shows a small aircraft performing a rotation movement as it ascends and descends but it ultimately crashed and burst into flames. The organizers of the event reportedly canceled the rest of Sunday's show.


“The crowd of several thousand people at the site began to leave the site in an organized manner,” the police statement read.

András Cser-Palkovics, the mayor of nearby Szekesfehervar, wrote on Facebook after the accident that what is usually a “day loved by thousands … turned into a tragedy.”

“What happened today is a pain that is hard to put into words for our municipality, our entire city, and for me personally,” he said.





Woman faints and falls into train gap





Kid gets crushed to death by collapsing wall (CW)

Stage collapse during storm killing 7 - Indiana state fair stage collapse - 2 videos + pics

Throughout the day and evening of the concert, the national weather service issued notices and warnings predicting strong thunderstorms. Messages about the forecasts were relayed to various State Fair personnel via an automated text message system.


At 8:00 p.m., Cindy Hoye, Executive Director for the Indiana State Fair Commission, held a meeting to discuss what effect the weather forecast would have on the 8:45 p.m. start time for the Sugarland show. Members of the meeting were told that the storm was forecast to arrive at 9:15 p.m., 30 minutes after the concert was to begin. Hoye wanted to delay the show until the weather had passed.

An official took this message to Sugarland's managers, who said they preferred to go on with the show as scheduled and only stop if weather conditions worsened. The managers only knew about the rain, not the lightning, wind, and hail that were expected. They decided to start the show just 5 minutes late (8:50 p.m.) to allow the band time to warm up.

When the band's decision got back to Hoye, she accepted, assuming the band had the final say.

Since the storm was to arrive at around 9:15 p.m., there would still be time for them to perform some of the show.

At around 8:30 p.m., Hoye encountered state police capt Brad Weaver. Weaver was concerned that the approaching weather would pose a threat to public safety, and recommended that Hoye cancel the show. He also recommended they put together an evacuation plan for the crowd. Hoye directed her staff to make preparations for an evacuation.





At 8:39 p.m., the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning indicating that hail with a diameter of 1 inch (25 mm) and winds over 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) were expected. This warning was not communicated to either Hoye or Weaver, who were still anticipating the storm arriving at 9:15 p.m.

At 8:40 p.m., Hoye dictated a message to an announcer, who delivered it to the audience at 8:45 p.m. The announcer stated that a storm was approaching but that the show would go on. He gave instructions on how to evacuate to the buildings nearby in case conditions got worse, but there was no directive to actually proceed with an evacuation. Following the announcement, just moments before the collapse, the audience were seen evacuating to the nearest exits as the weather got worse.



After hearing an announcement that the show was going to continue, Weaver confronted Hoye and reiterated that the show should be called off. The two agreed, and began walking to the stage to make a second announcement. However, at 8:46 p.m., a wind gust hit the stage structure, causing the stage to collapse before they were able to announce the evacuation.


Tammy Vandam, Glenn Goodrich, Alina BigJohny, and Christina Santiago all died at the scene. Nathan Byrd. Jennifer Haskell and Meagan Toothman died at the hospital.






Algerian Man trying to pull off Keanu Reeves moves during a wedding shoots bystander in the head

shootgun Algeria

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