The youth died after a stone board fell while being photographed outside the Akshaya Patra temple. The young man had gone to visit the temple with friends. While returning, friends were posing near the stone board outside the temple, when the accident happened. The incident took place at Jagatpura in Jaipur at 12 noon on Monday. The live video of the accident has surfaced on Tuesday. Police said that the deceased is Devvrat Shukla (32), a resident of Bandikui. Devvrat's friend Bhupesh told that on Saturday he had come to Jaipur to withdraw PF money. When the PF office was closed, he stayed at a friend's flat in Jaipur. On Monday we went out to see the plot in Goner. On the way, Devvrat asked to visit the Akshayapatra temple. After darshan we stopped to take selfie. Devvrat was photographing standing near the pillar of the stone board outside the temple. During this, suddenly the pillar slipped and collided with the young man's head and fell. The young man got buried under the pillar. His friend pulled him out and took him to a nearby hospital. Where the young man died during treatment.

CHILD WARNING Child drowns after falling into an open sewer entrance in China..

CHILD WARNING Boy drowns after going unnoticed for 3 minutes inside indoor pool in China..

CHILD WARNING Idiot mishandling a gun shoots a kid in the head

Omagad poco

CHILD WARNING Little dude crushed to death by lift

Mohammad Huzaifa Shaikh was with his siblings in the Cozy Shelter building in Mumbai, India when the tragic accident took place.

The distressing footage shows the five-year-old trapped between a heavy brown door and the lift's metal gate moments before the lift starts to move.

The children had used the lift to reach the Mumbai building's fourth floor.

As his sisters walk through the lift's main door to leave, the harrowing clip shows Mohammad stop and turn to close the lift's metal gate as the main brown door swings shut in front of him.

In a matter of seconds, Mohammad becomes stuck between the two doors and can be seen struggling to push the brown door open.

But while Mohammad is still trapped, the lift slowly begins move, rising to the sixth floor and tragically crushing the young boy to death.


Garage door squeezes guys head (music)

Goes who is back fuckers? That's right, it's me, KAngel!

I've got a lot of energy today, so try to keep up with me if you can! ^^

What are we gonna talk about today you ask? well, let's see...

What is something we all have in common? something we all are gonna experience? That's right, death!

Y'all are gonna die, your parents, your kids, everyone. welp, not me, I'm an angel after all

But seriously, have you ever thought about death? Does it scare you? More importantly, why are you watching people die. are you a psycho?

Either way, death is everywhere, so you better have fun while you are still alive!

That's it for today's post! I love you all


Arm pyrotechnics :cirnoshy:

Sorry for the quality

Some biker hits other bikers

:v: :e: :n: :v: :r: :marseyshooting:

Toxic Gas Chlorine Cylinder Explodes Killing at Least Ten People

At least ten people are dead and 251 injured after a toxic gas tank exploded and released toxic gas over a Jordanian port when workers dropped it on to the dock of a ship.

The crane can be seen dangling the container over the ship before releasing it early, letting it fall to the ground where it explodes in a plume of yellow smoke.

Workers were trying to place the tank on to a container ship, with officials said the cylinder contained chlorine about to be exported overseas.

Port workers were caught on camera trying to flee the fumes.

A statement seen by the Jordan Times said the leak resulted from a technical malfunction in the switch of the 1,500-litre chlorine cylinder.


Chlorine, which is normally used to disinfect swimming pools and sanitize sewage, is toxic in concentrated doses.

Most incidents of chlorine poisoning result from ingesting household cleaners, as it is common in cleaning products.

Chlorine poisoning can cause symptoms throughout your body. Respiratory symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing and fluid inside the lungs.

In extreme cases, it can cause skin burns and vision loss, changing the pH balance of the blood.

The Imperial State of Germany used chlorine gas as a weapon against the allies during the First World War to clear enemy forward positions in the battle of Ypres - although France was actually was the first to use gas and the British later used it in combat.

It can react with water in the lungs to form hydrochloric acid, resulting in approximately 30,000 deaths on both sides.

The Geneva Protocol banned the use of chlorine gas in 1925.

Full video:




Mexican boxer :marseypunching: Jeanette Zacarias Zapata died days after suffering :marseypain: several blows to the head during a match. Video :marseyzeldaganondorf: from the fight :marseyryu: showed her falling :marseygiveup: unconscious :marseyseizure: and convulsing at the end of the fourth round. She was just 18.

Mexican boxer :marseypunching: Jeanette Zacarias Zapata has died at the age of 18, five days after being knocked out in a professional :marseysuit: fight.

Zapata was knocked out in the fourth round :marseychonkerfoidindignant: against Marie :marseyguillotine: Pier Houle on Saturday night :marseysamfisher: at the GVM Gala International in Montreal.

She suffered a series :marseychartscatter: of power :marseydestoryercarbine2: punches in the corner of the ring and was stunned :marseybeandizzy: by an uppercut towards the end of the fourth round, before :marseyskellington: a right :marseymoreyouknow: hook caused her mouthguard to fly out, leaving her unable to return :marseymonke: to the corner after the bell rang.

Zapata, who appeared to convulse while still standing, was joined by her partner and trainer Jovanni Martinez, who quickly laid her down in the ring. The on-site medical team rushed to her side and she was immobilized on a stretcher before :marseyskellington: being rushed to a hospital :marseyloss: by ambulance.

Fight promoter Yvon Michel briefed on Sunday that Zapata had been placed in a medically induced coma, and confirmed her death :marseysnappybackstab: on Thursday.


Stupid gets head caught between walls and elevator






Japanese Youtuber chokes to death while attempting Onigiri Challenge, a challenge where you have to eat a rice ball in 30 seconds.

CHILD WARNING Boy falls off a roller coaster and dies - April 11, 2024

Karachi, Pakistan

A child was injured after he fall off a swing at the Safari Park on the second day of Eidul Fitr. Footage of the accident went viral, which showed the child falling from the roller coaster at the park.

According to Safari Park officials, the child did not fasten the safety belt and he stood up during the ride. The child was warned not to do so but he did not listen. As a result, he fell off the swing. Police stated that they had initiated investigations and the accident took place because the child did not follow the standard operating procedure.

He died.

Something fell from heaven and killed this man


aftermath 👇👇


At least five people were killed :marseycoldtwinge: after a launch :marseycruisemissile: rope reportedly tore down during a faulty parking attempt :marseychonkertrain: by another launch :marseycruisemissile: in Dhaka's Sadarghat. Police :marseysalutecop: have detained five individuals in connection with the incident.

River Police :marseyreportmaxxer: Superintendent of Police :marcuscop: Ashik Saeed confirmed the death :marseyrave: toll to the Business :marseybroker: Standard stating that five people who were critically injured :marseynosebleed2: initially, are now dead.

"Five persons have been detained from the two launches over the incident. Police :marseythinbluebline: will verify their involvement in the incident," he added.

Zainal Abedin, joint :marseyrasta: commissioner, Traffic-Sadarghat River Port. said, "The incident occurred at around 2:54 pm today :marseyclueless: (11 April)."


Parachute Jump Gone Wrong

Chunk of ice lands on babushka's head

A pensioner in the Kazkhstan city of Almaty was killed after an icicle fell onto her head. A security camera captured the moment the large piece of ice fell onto her.

Full video:




Tamil Nadu, India. 4 killed and 9 injured after a crane collapsed during a temple festival event in Arakkonam.

3 people died on the spot and 1 succumbed to injuries later.


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