Grandma gets fucking launched down escalator


Alt. cellphone capture:

Sylacauga, Alabama, United States

August 21, 2023

A store clerk is dead after it was ruled that he accidentally shot himself while examining a gun earlier this week.

On Monday, a firefighter stopped by the Hop In Convenience Store to make a purchase and found the store clerk lying in a pool of blood behind the counter. Officers from the Sylacauga Police Department (SPD) responded at 12:45 p.m. to a call of a subject injured and possibly dead at the store on N Broadway Avenue and 10th Street.

Upon arrival, officers found 21-year-old Pankaj Pankaj lying on the floor with a handgun lying next to his body.

Sylacauga Investigator, Lt. Willis Whatley, responded to the scene and started the investigation into the death of Pankaj. During the investigation, store video was reviewed, and it was determined that Pankaj had accidentally shot himself in the head while looking at the firearm that was property of the store owner. The owner kept the gun behind the counter for self-protection.

Pankaj's death was ruled an accident by the coroner after he reviewed the video, too.

Pankaj was taken from the scene by Community Funeral Home to await the arrival of his family where they determined where his remains would be transported for burial.

Young man gets crushed to death by elevator

The young man, who could not move away quickly enough as the lift jerked upwards, is caught between the floor of the lift and the top of the door, where he is crushed to death.

The video footage is from a surveillance camera fixed inside the malfunctioning lift at Huaqiao University, in the city of Xiamen in south-east China's Fujian Province.

Rescue workers rushed to free the young man's body, but he was pronounced dead at the scene, having suffocating because his lungs were crushed and he was unable to breathe.


Dumbass guy crashes his car on camera :marseybrainlet:

Dude goes mach 10 into a building, kills himself and the inhabitants, all on camera.

Truck tire explodes right next to its driver

Sangre Grande, Trinidad and TObago

October 9, 2023

The family of 38-year-old Rakesh Ramnarine are still trying to wrap their heads around the loss of their family member and friend, who was killed on Monday when one of his truck tyres exploded.

Newsday visited the family in Cap-de-Ville, Point Fortin, and spoke to Ramnarine's cousin Venoode Maharaj.

Ramnarine's mother, Indrawattie Ramnarine, was unable to speak to the media at the time, as she was overcome with grief. His common-law wife Meera was not present, as she was seeing about the paperwork needed for his burial.

Maharaj said Ramnarine, who celebrated his birthday on September 19, was a decent, loving person.

“He's my older cousin by a couple years. He was one of the most generous, loving persons you could know. If he had a single dollar remaining to give somebody or help somebody, he would have done it."

"He never used to get vexed with you, he never used to cause confusion or anything, he never used to be angry."

“Normally all the cousins would get together and get a cake and go camping down by Iros Bay for his birthday, but we didn't get to do it this year."

"We both went to Cap-de-Ville Primary School and Cedros Comprehensive. He was a very loving person who would always look out for me."

Around 9 am on Monday, Ramnarine stopped on the Eastern Main to repair a damaged line on his truck. He went into Satyavi's Hardware & Electronics to ask for a screwdriver, and five minutes after he left the store, an explosion was heard.

Video footage from the store showed Ramnarine reaching under the truck, between two of the rear tyres, when there was an explosion. When the smoke cleared, the tyre was shredded and Ramnarine was found lying between the truck and the pavement. He was alive but later died of internal injuries.

The truck, which was later removed to the Sangre Grande police station, belonged to construction company Namalco Group. Maharaj said the company had been assisting the family since the tragedy.


Wrestler dies performing a front somersault.

Rival thought he was faking and wanted to continue fighting.

The referee notice he's totally unconscious, and calls the doctor in to provide assistance, then they realize he's not breathing and there's no pulse.

The rival still wanted to jump from the top of the same corner, and land over the death bodie, not listening the instruction to stop fighting.

He thought he was faking, but finally realizes the fight is over.


I don't know if this is a repost, but let me know if it is, and will delete it.

Man split open inexplicably

Man gets caught in propeller

Dude slips and dies instantly

Absurd death: A resident of Tatarstan Zelenodolsk went to a liquor store, slipped on a tile, hit his head and died instantly.

Relatives of a 58-year-old man have big complaints about the outlet. Interestingly, the morgue gave a conclusion that death was supposedly due to a heart attack.



A factory worker in India was killed after his boss shot a burst of compressed air up his butt as a prank, destroying the man's internal organs.

The incident happened in a foundry in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, India, earlier this month. As the Mirror reported, a man named Aditya Jadhav was engaging in some lighthearted pranks with his supervisor when the boss jokingly held an air pressure hose to the man's back, then put it down his pants and released a blast of pressurized air.

Though it was meant as a joke, Jadhav was seriously injured and fell to the floor in pain, the report noted. The blast had accidentally sent the air up the man's rear end, causing serious damage to his organs. Jadhav was rushed to a hospital, but died 15 days later from his injuries.

Video of the incident has spread around the internet, gaining some viral attention for its bizarre nature, and news outlets across the globe have reported on the factory worker's strange death.

This is not the only time that a prank has accidentally turned fatal. Back in 2014, another viral video showed a group of students prank a classmate by wrapping him in cling wrap. As the Mirror reported, 17-year-old Sergei Casper was carried to a bathroom and dunked feet-first into a toilet, then brought back to his classroom.

But back inside the room, the prank took a horrible turn. While his legs were still bound, Casper attempted to hop but lost his balance, falling and striking his neck on the side of the teacher's desk. Classmates began to laugh, not realizing that the fall had crushed the student's throat.

They soon realized that Casper was badly hurt, and the student was rushed to a hospital but died of his injuries.

“He was a good guy, he never did anything bad to anyone and he was my friend. But the others just picked on him all the time,” said one of the student's friends. “They seemed to think it was hilarious, and then they decided to take their prize back to the classroom where although the teacher was sitting at her desk, she did absolutely nothing to help him.”


Guess who's falling off a moving Train? Right, an Indian guy. Tadaaa!!!

Women gets crushed to death by escalator

A mother was killed when she fell into an escalator at a shopping mall in China, after she heroically threw her toddler to safety.

Xiang Liujuan, 30, was travelling up the escalator at Anliang department store in Jingzhou, in the central province of Hubei, with her two-year-old son.

When the pair reached the top, however, a floor-plate gave way and the woman fell through the floor, as captured by CCTV.



A major accident has come to light in Arjun Nagar of Gurugram. Here four people have died due to the collapse of the crematorium wall. A child is also included among the dead. After the accident, relief and rescue work is going on at the spot. The bodies of the deceased have been sent for post-mortem. The police have registered a case in the matter after the accident. Police say that action will be taken after investigation in the matter.

This accident happened near a vacant plot located in Arjun Nagar. A 7 year old girl has died due to wall collapse. People used to sit here by placing chairs on the wall, but four people died when the wall collapsed. This accident has been captured in the CCTV camera installed here. Some people, including a girl, narrowly escaped the accident.

After the accident, people gave information by dialing 112. The team from Arjun Nagar police post reached the spot and pulled out five people from the debris. Everyone was admitted to a nearby hospital. In this accident, 10 year old Khushboo, 50 year old Baba, 60 year old Pappu, 50 year old Manoj Gaba were declared dead by the doctors in the hospital. 50 year old Deeplal was seriously injured in the accident.

According to the information, there was a lot of wood on the wall built in the vacant plot, due to its weight the wall fell down. New Colony police station in-charge Avtar Singh said that the matter is being investigated after taking possession of the dead bodies.

CHILD WARNING Teenager vs Escalator

CHILD WARNING Idiot mishandling a gun shoots a kid in the head

EFFORTPOST gym fails and sports accidents || bone breaker special

Bone breaking is arguably one of the most cringe-worthy content out there. Whether it's caused by pure accident or human stupidity it's bound to make you wince.

Some of these will be recycled from my gym fails and sporting accident post

There are several types of bone breaks

Bone breaking recovery time generally ranges from 6-8 weeks or more (depending on the break and severeity). After the recovery period, you're able to resume activity as normal (possibly with short term splits or braces to keep everything proper). Bone breaks take around a year or more to completely heal while in the remodeling phase, depending the severity of the break this time may be extended. It is important to take into account that the injury may look healed on the outside, but on the inside your bones are still repairing themselves until completion.

During the healing and remodeling process, it starts with the inflammation stage which occurs hours-days after the break. After a few days-weeks, chondroblasts produce a soft callus of cartilage around the fracture, providing initial stability after the fraxrure/break. This is then replaced by a hard callus formed by osteoblasts, which gradually replaces the soft callus with woven bone over a few weeks. Eventually, the hard callus is remodeled over several months to years by osteoclasts and osteoblasts, replacing the woven bone with stronger lamellar bone, thereby restoring the bone's original shape and strength. Throughout this process, proper nutrition, appropriate weight-bearing activity, and physical therapy are reccomended to support optimal bone healing and remodeling.

Now enough with the nerd stuff :nerd: let's get onto the good stuff

And a special mention to @weko997 for helping me find some of this conrent!

Gym Mishaps

Leg Work

don't lock your knees when using the leg press, this will happen

When lifting with these machines, it's important to keep your knees bent slightly to prevent an accident like this. The weight will force your legs backwards

keeping your legs too stiff

lifting too heavily causes open fracture

weighted pushups end in a broken finger

arm bends backwards after lifting

arm break after lift

Ruptures, Tears + Dislocations


pectoral tears

hamstring tears

double bicep tear

failed 400lb log press attempt causes bilateral patellar tendon rupture

Lifting too heavily/lifting beyond your abilities, using incorrect form, and stretching too deeply can cause your muscles to tear. In severe cases, surgery may be required which is followed by several long months of healing and rehabilitation (location dependent).



49ers Dre Greenlaw tears left Achilles tendon

Depending on the severity, a ruptured Achilles tendon may require surgery to repair. With or without, rehab and physical therapy will be needed with up to 6 months or more of healing time

Dak Prescott ankle fracture + dislocation

gymnastics double leg dislocation

skater dislocates ankle then corrects it

Skaters and Bikers


failed tricks

↑ bro did not need an ambo for that 😭

rails + stairs

arm snappers

skater breaks teeth + jaw (?)


failed trick

skater fails trick and breaks leg (2 angles)


bikers fail stunts and breaks leg

Sports Fails

Football + Soccer

sideline worker gets a broken leg after a player slides onto him

Tony Adams breaks finger

unknown football player breaks leg

soccer player breaks foot after falling from a kick

Ewald Lienen with exposed femur break (?)

Argentinian defender breaks leg during Copa Libertadores match


BBL basketball gone wrong

Kevin Ware with exposed tibia break

Tyrone Prothro breaks leg


gymnast (?) breaks leg

(sorry for not having it cropped, it wouldn't play if i did it)

broken lower leg

failed stunt

gymnast breaks arm

gymnast breaks both ankles

Much like in the gym, in gymnastics it is important to have a spotter who can catch you or throw something your way to prevent injury.

examples of gymnastics spotting

Wrestling, Karate + Fights

wrestling match ends in broken arm

leg broken during karate match

MMA(?) arm break

MMA fighter snaps leg

MMA fighter breaks leg

Chris Weidman blocks Anderson Silva's kick and breaks his leg. 8 Years later, Uriah Hall blocks Chris Weidman's kick and breaks his leg

guy breaks his brothers neck while wrestling

play fighting with officer leads in leg break

arm breaks during fight

Arm Wrestling

arm wrestling bone break videos

reddit /u/smkrby broken arm Xray + post surgery after arm wrestling match gone wrong

reddit /u/abdoSabbagh broken arm Xray + post surgery + healing after arm wrestling match

reddit /u/Novawave12 arm wrestling break Xray


double leg breaker


rock climber breaks leg

forcibly having leg broken (unknown reason)


Osteoclasts: the cells that degrade bone to initiate normal bone remodeling and mediate bone loss in pathologic conditions by increasing their resorptive activity [1]

Osteoblasts: the cells that form new bone and repair existing bones





Mexican boxer :marseypunching: Jeanette Zacarias Zapata died days after suffering :marseypain: several blows to the head during a match. Video :marseyzeldaganondorf: from the fight :marseyryu: showed her falling :marseygiveup: unconscious :marseyseizure: and convulsing at the end of the fourth round. She was just 18.

Mexican boxer :marseypunching: Jeanette Zacarias Zapata has died at the age of 18, five days after being knocked out in a professional :marseysuit: fight.

Zapata was knocked out in the fourth round :marseychonkerfoidindignant: against Marie :marseyguillotine: Pier Houle on Saturday night :marseysamfisher: at the GVM Gala International in Montreal.

She suffered a series :marseychartscatter: of power :marseydestoryercarbine2: punches in the corner of the ring and was stunned :marseybeandizzy: by an uppercut towards the end of the fourth round, before :marseyskellington: a right :marseymoreyouknow: hook caused her mouthguard to fly out, leaving her unable to return :marseymonke: to the corner after the bell rang.

Zapata, who appeared to convulse while still standing, was joined by her partner and trainer Jovanni Martinez, who quickly laid her down in the ring. The on-site medical team rushed to her side and she was immobilized on a stretcher before :marseyskellington: being rushed to a hospital :marseyloss: by ambulance.

Fight promoter Yvon Michel briefed on Sunday that Zapata had been placed in a medically induced coma, and confirmed her death :marseysnappybackstab: on Thursday.

CHILD WARNING Little dude crushed to death by lift

Mohammad Huzaifa Shaikh was with his siblings in the Cozy Shelter building in Mumbai, India when the tragic accident took place.

The distressing footage shows the five-year-old trapped between a heavy brown door and the lift's metal gate moments before the lift starts to move.

The children had used the lift to reach the Mumbai building's fourth floor.

As his sisters walk through the lift's main door to leave, the harrowing clip shows Mohammad stop and turn to close the lift's metal gate as the main brown door swings shut in front of him.

In a matter of seconds, Mohammad becomes stuck between the two doors and can be seen struggling to push the brown door open.

But while Mohammad is still trapped, the lift slowly begins move, rising to the sixth floor and tragically crushing the young boy to death.



One of the men transporting the glass was crushed like a rice sandwich. We suspect that even quick resuscitation did not help and the victim was crushed to death.


Garage door squeezes guys head (music)

Goes who is back fuckers? That's right, it's me, KAngel!

I've got a lot of energy today, so try to keep up with me if you can! ^^

What are we gonna talk about today you ask? well, let's see...

What is something we all have in common? something we all are gonna experience? That's right, death!

Y'all are gonna die, your parents, your kids, everyone. welp, not me, I'm an angel after all

But seriously, have you ever thought about death? Does it scare you? More importantly, why are you watching people die. are you a psycho?

Either way, death is everywhere, so you better have fun while you are still alive!

That's it for today's post! I love you all




Woman is crushed by concrete

I don't have information, but it' so sad go that way :marseyitsoverpat:

Edit: information in the pinned comment, thank u Celia


CHILD WARNING Glass door falls on little girl

A 3-year-old girl died after a glass door of a garment showroom fell on her in Ludhiana. According to eyewitnesses, the girl was swinging around the door, holding the handle when the entire structure fell on her, causing severe injuries.


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