Man Filming Demolition Killed By Flying Debris

A passer-by who stopped to film a building demolition in Russia got too close to the action and filmed the moment he was fatally wounded by a piece of flying debris.

Evgeny Titov, 29, was recording the destruction of an old home in western Russia's Lipetsk Oblast on Sunday when he was fatally struck by a hail of bricks and rubble, NTV reports.

The 29-year-old had taken a break from his place of work nearby and was filming the demolition when he sustained the injuries that would lead to his death in hospital a short time later.


MMC After I’m Crushed to Death in an Elevator

Worker killed while working on trolley cables

Pomf2 copy

Google translated:

Investigators opened a criminal case on the death of a 40-year-old electrician of a municipal enterprise, on the grounds of a crime under Part 2 of Art. 143 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Initially, it was reported that the man died after falling from aerial platform. As reported by the State Labor Inspectorate in the Omsk region, an insulator collapsed during repairs on the contact network. The contact network shifted, and the man was hit with a wire. The details of the emergency have now become known.

According to the press service of the Investigative Committee of the ICR for the Omsk Region, on March 8, at about 15:00, during the repair work of the contact network in the trolleybus depot located on 2nd Solnechnaya Street, the electrician was on the site of the car lift. At some point, there was a break in the electrical wire, and the man fell from a height of five meters. The worker was taken to the hospital with a severe head injury. It was not possible to save the electrician, he died. Investigators are now looking into the cause of the incident



Fatal motorcycle crash in Moscow

You can skip to 1:38

Happened on August 3, 2015 around 7 pm in Moscow


26 years old Ivan Papkov (known as "Lucky Strike") was riding his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle through Moscow. At an intersection of Kosygin Street and Michurinskiy Prospekt (when Ivan reached around 170 km/h) 35 years old Audi A4 driver was turning left and he crashed into him. Biker died on spot.







Ivan Yurievich Papkov:


Four people have died after a mid-air collision between two helicopters near Sea World on Australia's Gold Coast.

Queensland Police say initial investigations suggest the crash happened as one aircraft was taking off and the other was landing.

Those who died were travelling in the same helicopter. Three other passengers are in a critical condition.

Five of the six people on the other aircraft, which made an emergency landing, suffered minor injuries.

thief murders his own partner 😹😹

what stupidity, divine justice

Swing Ride Collapses In China

Yuri Lipski was a Russian man who, on a trip to Egypt, died after a fatal diving accident in the Dahab Blue Hole, on April 28th, 2000. On his dive, he brought with him a camera, which filmed his slow death over the course of seven minutes.

I have the whole video here, but it is relatively long and uneventful if you don’t know what’s happening. I’m going to try my best to describe what exactly happened to Yuri during his descent, and provide timestamps to noteworthy events.

Also, I know this video isn’t the typical short, bloody WPD post, and that it is quite easy to find. However, I don’t think it’s all that famous of a case, and it’s one of the most interesting recorded deaths I have ever seen, so I feel like it belongs here.



Recreational diving, preformed by tourists, is very different from “technical” diving, which is essentially any kind of diving that requires several extra modifications to preform. Technical diving is usually deeper than recreational diving, and because of this, technical divers breathe a different mixture of gasses than recreational divers.

At higher pressures, all gasses compress. In diving, this means that the deeper you go, the more concentrated the air in your air tank becomes. Since you’re still breathing in the same amount of air, the air in your tank will deplete faster. More importantly, you will be breathing in significantly more oxygen and nitrogen with each breath. This can be somewhat nullified by adding helium into an air tank, (what technical divers typically do), which will mix with the oxygen and nitrogen as they compress, keeping them diluted enough to breathe at a safe level.

Despite considering himself to be a technical diver, Yuri decided to dive without helium, meaning that if he went too deep, he would start to be poisoned by the air in his tank. He also decided to dive alone.

When you dive deep enough, it eventually becomes impossible to surface on your own, as the pressure above you forces you downwards. Because of this, Yuri was wearing a special buoyancy device that could help him resurface. He failed to notice that it was broken before he began his dive.

Even if it had not been broken, it would not have been as effective as it should have been, because in doing the weight calculations to determine what strength of this device he would need, he forgot to factor in the weight of his camera.

Shortly after beginning his dive, he realized he was sinking too fast, and tried to activate his buoyancy device. This didn’t work seeing as it was broken, and he continued to sink deeper, quickly sinking much lower than he had intended to. At this depth, he was experiencing confusion and impaired judgement from breathing the compressed air in his tank. He tried again to activate his buoyancy device, but it again failed.

Yuri sinks to the bottom of his dive site and becomes stuck there. He isn’t thinking clearly. He tries taking off his weight belt to make himself lighter, not realizing this would do nothing. He appears to crawl around on the bottom, possibly trying to crawl his way to the surface. He quickly exhausts himself and the pressure of the ocean above him forces Yuri against the bottom. He flails desperately on his back before losing consciousness.

Yuri’s cause of death was nitrogen narcosis, the progressive deterioration of an individual from them inhaling abnormally high concentrations of nitrogen. He died confused, alone, terrified, and in excruciating pain at the bottom of a pitch black, freezing cold pit.



The air in air tanks compresses at high pressures, leading to potentially fatal complications for divers because the human body isn’t designed to breathe in air that dense. This diver went alone and was using broken/improper equipment, causing him to sink to the bottom of the ocean and get stuck there, where he died.



  • 0:10 to 0:36 : Yuri adjusts the lens on his camera.


  • 2:53 : Yuri sinks past another diver. We are able to see just how quickly he is sinking.


  • 3:20 : Yuri makes several attempts to activate his buoyancy device.

  • 4:35 : Around this time, Yuri seems to turn on a light to help him see as he is sinking. We can already notice the water around him getting darker.


  • 4:42 : Yuri has definitely started feeling the effects of nitrogen narcosis at this point. He again tries to activate his buoyancy device. The water is now significantly darker.


  • 4:54 : Yuri is panicking. You can hear his muffled voice as he descends. He is likely in physical pain at this point from the unnaturally potent air he is breathing.

  • 5:07 : Yuri can be heard removing his weighted belt. He is clearly struggling to breathe from the air’s density. His monitor can be heard giving him a warning beep.

  • 5:36 : Yuri checks his wrist monitor. I think it is telling him his current depth, 81.7. Seeing as nitrogen narcosis doesn’t typically set in above 100 feet, and that he was found below 300 feet, I’m going to assume this is his depth in metres. This would place him approximately 268 feet below the surface. His monitor beeps again.


  • 5:54 : This is the last time Yuri checks his monitor. It says he is 91.8 metres (301 feet) below the surface.


  • 6:00 : Yuri can be seen aimlessly crawling along the bottom.


  • 6:09 : Yuri tries to force air into his lungs with an extremely long and deep breath.

  • 6:14 : Yuri collapses.


  • 6:34 : Yuri begins moving erratically on his back. It has been theorized by some deep sea divers that he may be having a seizure, possibly in part due to the breath he just took.


  • 6:49 : Yuri takes his final breaths

  • 7:04 : We can hear healthy breathing and a new beeping noise, Yuri is no longer visible. Though the camera claims this is only a few minutes afterwards, this doesn’t sound anything like Yuri. I am convinced this is actually the recovery diver finding the camera alongside Yuri’s corpse and turning it on to see if it still works. The weird date could be attributed to the camera having malfunctioned, as it was found at over twice the maximum depth it was designed for.


  • 7:10 : The camera is back at the surface after the recovery, a man turns it on for a second to demonstrate that it is still functional.


Train hits a police car

crane collapses on tree cutter

Tractor tire explodes killing road worker -

Pomf2 copy

freak accident: women killed by explosion inside kitchen

A security guard from the city of La Ceiba, in Honduras, lost his life after accidentally shooting himself while filming a video to share it on social media.

The man was identified as Marden Valdez who, according to relatives, worked for a security company named Trident.

According to acquaintances interviewed by local media, Valdez used to play Russian roulette with the weapon, removing his ammunition and firing his revolver to the rhythm of the songs he was listening to, but everything seems to indicate that this time a mistake cost him his life.

According to his Facebook account, Valdez had been working in the security industry for several years and he was the father of a small son, now orphaned.

Several videos were broadcast on social networks that show him with his gun when he began to pull the trigger, which supposedly did not have bullets, behavior confirmed by those who knew him.

However, this time he did not have the same luck, as he was recording as usual to the rhythm of the music without imagining that his weapon would go off. Everything was recorded.

bromance gone too far (CCTV)

If that cyclist had just resisted the urge to be annoying (impossible) he'd probably still be alive today... He should've just continued on to the park to ride his bike with the other kids.


This happened in Orlando on March 22nd last year.

Tyre Sampson was a 14 year old boy who died after falling out of the Orlando Freefall Droptower, at the time, the tallest droptower in the world.

Sampson was a football player who weighed over 300 pounds, and was unable to fit the harness of the ride over himself. The ride operator made “manual adjustments” to the seat so that the harness could be loosened enough for Sampson to ride. The harness “opening” was expanded to almost double its intended size, causing Sampson to slip out the bottom and plummet to his death near the end of the drop.


The Orlando Freefall has since been dismantled due to Sampson’s death. Though the cause of this incident was identified to be operator error, the operator at the time has not been named, so I can’t say whether they faced any punishment or not.

tower swing accident

firefighter breaks neck falling from ladder

woman has heart attack then gets flattened by a truck (CCTV)

Another aftermath angle:

Full CCTV videos:


Google translated from Portuguese to English:

A terrible accident occurred this morning on the Mamonal-Gambote variant, which left two people dead. According to information, a tractor-trailer and a private car are involved in this incident. The white SRL 551 license plate truck and the red UQA 949 license plate car collided on the road, leaving the drivers of both vehicles dead. These, for now, have not been identified.

''This is terrible, I always go through here with my bicycle and today I find this accident,” said a cyclist, who passed through the accident area.




In the Tomsk region, a drunk driver flew into 2 pensioners at high speed

A 69-year-old woman died immediately from her injuries, and her friend was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

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