Eighteen people, including the driver and the conductor of a Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus sustained injuries after the bus hit a pole in west Delhi's Rajouri Garden area on Thursday, an offic

Toxic Gas Chlorine Cylinder Explodes Killing at Least Ten People

At least ten people are dead and 251 injured after a toxic gas tank exploded and released toxic gas over a Jordanian port when workers dropped it on to the dock of a ship.

The crane can be seen dangling the container over the ship before releasing it early, letting it fall to the ground where it explodes in a plume of yellow smoke.

Workers were trying to place the tank on to a container ship, with officials said the cylinder contained chlorine about to be exported overseas.

Port workers were caught on camera trying to flee the fumes.

A statement seen by the Jordan Times said the leak resulted from a technical malfunction in the switch of the 1,500-litre chlorine cylinder.


Chlorine, which is normally used to disinfect swimming pools and sanitize sewage, is toxic in concentrated doses.

Most incidents of chlorine poisoning result from ingesting household cleaners, as it is common in cleaning products.

Chlorine poisoning can cause symptoms throughout your body. Respiratory symptoms include coughing, difficulty breathing and fluid inside the lungs.

In extreme cases, it can cause skin burns and vision loss, changing the pH balance of the blood.

The Imperial State of Germany used chlorine gas as a weapon against the allies during the First World War to clear enemy forward positions in the battle of Ypres - although France was actually was the first to use gas and the British later used it in combat.

It can react with water in the lungs to form hydrochloric acid, resulting in approximately 30,000 deaths on both sides.

The Geneva Protocol banned the use of chlorine gas in 1925.

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CHILD WARNING Giant :marseyyeti: door falls on child :marseyhermione: and woman, killing :marseymegalodon: them both

Three workers get attacked by robotic arms in at a steel factory in China..


Pretty sure the guy was an inspector inspecting stuff but he got crushed

Rope tied by police to control traffic, clotheslines and kills motorcyclist - Kochi, India (Description included)


Ernakulam : The family has accused the police of the death of a young man due to a rope tied by the police on the road during traffic control as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Kochi. Chippi, the sister of deceased Manoj Unni, told ETV Bharat that the police are saying that her brother was drunk to cover up the fall. A blood test conducted at the hospital did not detect the presence of alcohol.

The young man's family says that his brother has no habit of drinking and the allegation that he was drunk and driving is false. This is the first time the brother has been involved in an accident. The reason for the accident was that the police could not see the rope tied on the road. Chippy said that if the police had tied at least one ribbon on this rope, he would not have lost his brother.

The police who provide security to important persons should also consider the lives of common people. Chippy said that if the rope is tied across the road, anyone will be in danger. She said that the ribbon was tied on the rope after the locals protested and there was a lack of light at the place where the accident happened.

Meanwhile, the police denied the family's allegation. The police said that the traffic was stopped by tying a rope as part of security measures and this is a normal procedure. Kochi City Police Commissioner S Shyam Sundar said that Manoj did not stop despite the police officers assigned at the place showing their hands. The accident victim was speeding. He also clarified that it will be possible to say whether he was drunk only after getting the test results.

The City Police Commissioner also informed that the CCTV footage of the accident will be collected and examined. Meanwhile, the body of Manojin, who died in the accident, was shifted from a private hospital to the Ernakulam General Hospital. The post-mortem will be completed and the house will be given to the relatives.

Manoj Unni, a scooter rider from Vadutala, died after being entangled in a rope tied by the police on the road as part of the security preparations for the Prime Minister's visit to Kochi. Manoj was seriously injured as the rope got stuck around his neck and was taken to the hospital but he died during the treatment. The accident happened around 10 pm on Sunday.

Access to MG Road from other roads was restricted as part of safety precautions. As part of this, the entry from Brother Ayyappan Road to MG Road was blocked by a rope. Manoj, who was speeding on a two-wheeler, got entangled in this rope and fell on the road.

The police explained that Manoj Unni met with the accident when he continued without stopping despite showing his hand. The police took Manoj Unni to the hospital. But Manoj died at 1.30 am while undergoing treatment. There have been several accidents in the past involving cables on the road. But for the first time, an accident occurred when the rope tied by the police got stuck on the road and one person died.



this is y we have harnesses and special types of knots


Arm pyrotechnics :cirnoshy:

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Car driver playing GTA in real life

Parachute Jump Gone Wrong

CHILD WARNING Child drowns after falling into an open sewer entrance in China..

Chunk of ice lands on babushka's head

A pensioner in the Kazkhstan city of Almaty was killed after an icicle fell onto her head. A security camera captured the moment the large piece of ice fell onto her.

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Young Man Shoots Himself In The Head While Filming Tik Tok Video

In yet another tragic incident, a teenager accidentally shot himself while making a video for the popular video-sharing platform, TikTok, on Wednesday in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa's Swat district, police officials said.

19-year-old Hamidullah accidentally pulled the trigger of a loaded TT pistol while filming the short video in the Kabal area of Swat which left him dead on the spot.

Police officials said that Hamidullah's friends, who were helping him in filming the video clip, rushed him to a nearby hospital but doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

The video of the teenager's accidental death was widely circulated on social media, causing even more panic among the masses. Police sent the body for autopsy and started an investigation into the case.



no deaths confirmed yet, but probable


The youth died after a stone board fell while being photographed outside the Akshaya Patra temple. The young man had gone to visit the temple with friends. While returning, friends were posing near the stone board outside the temple, when the accident happened. The incident took place at Jagatpura in Jaipur at 12 noon on Monday. The live video of the accident has surfaced on Tuesday. Police said that the deceased is Devvrat Shukla (32), a resident of Bandikui. Devvrat's friend Bhupesh told that on Saturday he had come to Jaipur to withdraw PF money. When the PF office was closed, he stayed at a friend's flat in Jaipur. On Monday we went out to see the plot in Goner. On the way, Devvrat asked to visit the Akshayapatra temple. After darshan we stopped to take selfie. Devvrat was photographing standing near the pillar of the stone board outside the temple. During this, suddenly the pillar slipped and collided with the young man's head and fell. The young man got buried under the pillar. His friend pulled him out and took him to a nearby hospital. Where the young man died during treatment.



Stupid gets head caught between walls and elevator


brief introduction:(many word warning!)

The self-built house collapse accident in Changsha(place:28.30238Β°N 112.86808Β°E) in 2022 was named by the State Council as the "4Β·29" particularly major resident self-built house collapse accident in Changsha, Hunan Province. It occurred on Lei Feng Avenue, Wangcheng District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China (near Changsha Medical College) on April 29, 2022. ) a collapse accident of a self-built house by residents. A total of 54 people were killed in the accident

The smoke that still hasn't dissipated after the collapse↑

At that moment, smoke was everywhere.

Relevant circumstances and direct causes of the accident

1.1 What happened to the accident

The house involved is located in Jinping Community, Jinshanqiao Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha City

The first phase of the Panshuwan Group Resettlement Area is adjacent to the north gate of Changsha Medical College. The house has a total of eight floors (partly nine floors)[0], with a construction area of 1,401.3 square meters. The first to sixth floors are used for rental business. At the time of the incident, there were 5 business units including restaurants, milk tea shops, private cinemas, and hotels. The seventh to eighth floors were The first floor is for homeowners and their families to live in. The landlords are Wu Qisheng and Wu Zhiyong, father and son, who are the owners of the house and the actual controllers of the rental business respectively.

At around 20:00 on April 28, 2022, workers at the restaurant on the second floor of the house involved

The workers found that a concrete column on the east side and nearby wall tiles fell off, the plaster cracked, the root concrete was crushed, and the steel bars were exposed and bent; at 10:15 on the 29th, a supporting channel steel on the second floor (July 2019 Due to cracks in the concrete columns on the second floor, the homeowner purchased two channel steels for roof reinforcement) which were severely deformed [1] and the gap between them and the wall was about 50 mm [2]; at about 11:50, the homeowner Wu Zhiyong went out to purchase a building The materials were prepared to be reinforced again; at 12:19, dust fell off the southeast corner of the first- and second-floor ring beams, the bricks were exposed and pushed outward, and the outer wall began to deform. Neighbors and the leader of the village group persuaded the homeowner Wu Qisheng to evacuate. But the dissuasion was ineffective; at 12:21, there was an abnormal noise from the east wall of the second-floor restaurant, and objects fell from the ceiling and east exterior wall. The store manager immediately urged 2 staff members and 3 diners to leave; 12:24 Minutes, the whole house collapsed in a "sit down" style, which lasted 4 seconds. After the incident, a total of 63 people were buried in the house involved, including 50 college students, 11 business employees and other social workers, and 2 homeowners and their family members. The accident killed 54 people, including 44 college students.

[0](https://What is circled by the red square is that the illegal addition of floors to eight floors exceeded the ultimate bearing capacity. In July 2018, the homeowner involved once again illegally added floors to eight floors (some nine floors). The additional three floors were constructed with a cast-in-place reinforced concrete frame structure. The total load of the house increased by 46% compared with before, exacerbating the "top-heavy" situation. "status.)



1.2 Emergency rescue situation

As soon as possible after the accident, the Ministry of Emergency Management, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government immediately launched emergency response, quickly organizing the national comprehensive fire rescue team, the national work safety professional rescue team, central enterprises and local governments Professional teams and social rescue forces carried out emergency rescue work. Among them, the Hunan Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps dispatched a total of 1,132 commanders and more than 3,300 units (sets) of various equipment for rescue and disposal. China's National Health Commission and Hunan Province promptly dispatched medical staff to carry out medical treatment, psychological counseling and other work. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Security actively assist local party committees and governments in stabilizing teachers and students in Changsha Medical College and other schools. Hunan Province, Changsha City, and Wangcheng District dispatched public security, armed police, urban management, militia and other forces to strengthen the maintenance of order at the accident site and surrounding areas. The Chinese rescue team, Hunan University, Central South University and other units sent experts to guide the rescue on site.

The rescue environment of this accident was complicated and the rescue was very difficult. After the collapse of the house, the layers were stacked on top of each other [3], and the balance was very fragile. The upper part of the ruins had an original six-story roof that weighed about 150 tons and was poured in one piece. Disturbance could easily lead to instability and harm to the trapped people; the buildings on the east and west sides adjacent to the collapsed house were damaged. Seriously damaged [4], it may collapse into the rescue area at any time, endangering trapped people and rescuers; there is only one working surface on the south side of the site for rescue, and there are many people buried under pressure, so large machinery and tools cannot be used. Faced with an extremely complex and dangerous rescue environment, the on-site headquarters insisted on focusing on the core task of rescuing lives, unified command, made scientific decisions, and used advanced life detection equipment and various excavation support equipment to race against time while excavation, reinforcement, and search. Open up the "life channel" for rescue and search and rescue people in distress at all costs. After 158 hours of arduous and intense rescue, as of 3:03 on the 6th, the on-site search and rescue work stopped, and all 10 people with signs of life were rescued.

(Among them, the homeowner Wu Qisheng was seriously injured and died 11 days after being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment). All the victims were found)



1.3 direct cause of accident

Through the investigation, sampling and actual measurement of the accident site, and entrusting a third party to

The three-party authoritative testing agency conducted testing, collapse simulation calculations and analysis, and determined that the direct cause of the accident was: the original five-story (some six-story, the same below) building that was built illegally and illegally had poor construction quality, unreasonable structure, poor stability, and low load-bearing capacity. After the illegal and illegal addition of floors to eight floors (partly nine floors, the same below), the load increased significantly, causing the east side columns and walls of the second floor to exceed their ultimate bearing capacity, causing compression damage and continued development, eventually causing the overall collapse of the house. Before the incident, when there were obvious signs of collapse, the homeowner refused to listen to the advice and failed to take emergency evacuation measures, which was an important reason for the large number of casualties. Details are as follows:

1. The quality of the original five-story house built illegally and illegally was inherently insufficient. 2003

The homeowner built a three-story house on the allocated resettlement and reconstruction land.

In July 2012, three floors were demolished and five floors were rebuilt on the original site (Figure 5), which was an above-limited project [1]. However, the homeowner involved asked retired workers from the construction company without completing any approval procedures or obtaining any permission. "Long Tiankai" hand-drawn design drawings, the homeowner purchased the building materials by himself, and the unqualified mobile construction team member "Ren Luosheng" organized the construction. Part of the house is made of self-mixed concrete, which has a high mud content and low strength. The minimum concrete compressive strength of the three columns on the east side of the second floor is only 4.3 MPa (much lower than the national standard at the time [2]); the first floor The compressive strength of the mortar of the second-story wall was only 0.4 MPa (much lower than the national standard at that time [3]); the house adopts a masonry structure [4], with solid walls on the first floor and walls on the second to fifth floors. Violations[5] use empty bucket walls, which have low load-bearing capacity.


[1] "Several Opinions on Strengthening Quality and Safety Management of Village and Town Construction Projects" (Construction Quality [2004] No. 216) Regulations

Fixed: Projects above designated size refer to the amount of investment in residents' self-built construction of more than two floors (excluding two floors) and other construction projects

All village and town construction projects with a cost of more than 300,000 yuan or a construction area of more than 300 square meters.

[2] "Code for Design of Concrete Structures" (GB 50010-2010) stipulates that the concrete strength of reinforced concrete structures

The strength grade should not be lower than C20 (strength standard value 20MPa).

[3] "Code for Design of Masonry Structures" (GB 50003-2011) stipulates that the strength of ordinary mortar used for sintering ordinary bricks is

The minimum strength grade is M2.5 (strength standard value 2.5MPa).

[4] Walls made of blocks and mortar, together with columns, are the main stress-bearing components of the building.

[5] "Code for Design of Masonry Structures" (GB 50003-2011) has abolished the hollow wall design.

[5.1]A wall built with bricks built side by side or alternately flat and side built.

(what is GB? GB is national standards of People's Republic of ChinaοΌ›It is approved and published by the China National Standardization Administration Committee, and is sometimes referred to as the Chinese national standard. According to the definition listed in the "Guidelines for Standardization Work Part 1: Common Vocabulary for Standardization and Related Activities", national standards are "standards adopted and publicly released by national standards bodies." The document number of the national standard of the People's Republic of China consists of the document code, sequence number and release year number.)


2. The illegal and illegal addition of additional floors to eight floors exceeded the ultimate bearing capacity. In July 2018, without completing the basic construction procedures, the homeowner once again had Long Tiankai hand-drawn design drawings and purchased building materials by himself. Xue Xianzong, an unqualified mobile construction team member, organized the construction and added six floors to the eighth floor. layer (Figure 4). The three-story building adopts a frame structure, and the columns, beams, and slabs are all cast-in-situ reinforced concrete. In addition, the total load caused by the addition of new walls and other structural components is 46% higher than before the additional storey expansion, exacerbating the "top-heavy" situation. The lower part The load on the floor columns increased significantly, with the east side column on the second floor increasing by a maximum of 71%, exceeding its ultimate bearing capacity by 18%. At the same time, the structural system of the house is chaotic, the overall stability is poor, and the layout of some columns is misaligned up and down. The first and second floors adopt a single-span, large-space structural layout with few east-west horizontal walls; the third to eighth floors are divided into multiple small rooms. , there are many east and west cross walls, and the second floor becomes the structurally weak layer, which is most susceptible to damage and has weak resistance to collapse.

3. Failure to effectively deal with major safety hazards. In July 2019, network cracks appeared in the concrete columns of the east wall on the second floor, with a maximum length of 0.6 meters. At the suggestion of Long Tiankai, the homeowner purchased two channel steels for roof reinforcement, but the safety hazard was not completely eliminated. In March 2022, deformation of the roof channel steel, falling off of wall tiles, and intensified deformation of the roof channel steel occurred one after another, but the homeowner did not take any action. On April 12, Hunan Xiangda Engineering Inspection Co., Ltd. was entrusted by the hotel operator in the house involved. It did not bring any testing equipment and only took photos to complete the so-called "test". On the 13th, it issued a false safety appraisal for the hotel.According to the report, the rating conclusion is Bsu level [1], "can be used normally as a hotel as it is" and "structurally safe". On April 22, the operator informed the homeowner that the deformation of the roof support channel steel had increased, with a maximum gap of about 15 mm from the wall, but no measures were taken until the accident occurred.

4. No emergency evacuation measures were taken. More than 2 hours before the incident, the bending deformation of the second-floor roof channel steel intensified, reaching about 50 mm, and there were signs of collapse. Especially more than 30 minutes before the incident, Long Tiankai inspected the site at the request of the homeowner and said that "the house is dangerous." "It can no longer be inhabited." Wu Qisheng, the homeowner, proposed to continue the reinforcement and did not organize the evacuation of people dining and living in the house; 5 minutes before the incident, there was a major risk of collapse, and someone shouted, "Hurry up, the building is going to collapse!" But the building was about to collapse! The owner, Wu Qisheng, still said "it's okay" and refused to listen to the advice. He still did not notify the evacuation immediately, missing the last opportunity for people in the house to escape and avoid heavy casualties.

Regarding the impact of decoration activities and elevator installation on the main structure of the self-built house, the investigation found that since 2012, there have been five business types in the house involved, including catering, retail, billiard room, private cinema, and family hotel. During the period of operation and use by the owner and 26 tenants, many decorations were carried out on the first to sixth floors of the self-built house, mainly including the construction of lightweight partition walls, the opening of dining openings, the conversion of window openings into door openings, the installation of steel stairs, floor paving and ceiling paving. Wall painting, lighting and TV installation, etc., but related decoration activities did not change the load-bearing structure of the house, and had no impact on the collapse of the house. In May 2018, the homeowner illegally dug the elevator shaft by himself near the east exterior wall. In August, after the extension was basically completed, he falsely claimed that it was for personal and family use, and Nantong Jiumao Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. installed the elevator. The installation and use registration procedures for the elevator have not been completed, but the construction of the elevator shaft, the weight of the elevator and its operation will have no impact on the collapse of the house. The investigation also ruled out foundation, man-made sabotage, weather, earthquakes, gas leaks and other factors that led to the collapse.

[6] A building consisting of reinforced concrete beams and columns connected by rigid or hinged joints to form a load-bearing system.


Specific responsibilities of relevant parties involved in the accident

2.1 The homeowners and related companies involved

1. The homeowner involved

Violation of relevant regulations, failure to perform capital construction procedures in accordance with the law, failure to obtain a construction project planning permit, failure to conduct survey and design by a qualified unit [2], failure to obtain a construction project construction permit [3], failure to handle project quality supervision procedures, organization Individual construction without corresponding qualifications will be put into use after completion of the project without organizing completion acceptance. During the illegal construction of additional storeys and expansions, they refused to implement the administrative instructions of the urban management department ordering to stop the construction, refused to accept investigations and inquiries, and still illegally constructed and put them into use. In violation of regulations[6], illegal buildings are rented out as business premises such as catering and accommodation. The major hidden dangers that have been discovered have not been effectively dealt with and eliminated. Violated Article 33 of the Special Equipment Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and failed to complete elevator use registration and other procedures. Before the incident, even when signs of house collapse were discovered, he still refused to follow the advice and did not notify the people in the self-built house to evacuate.

2. Related companies

(1) Hunan Xiangda Engineering Inspection Co., Ltd.

In violation of the relevant provisions of Article 9 of the "Management Measures for Qualification Recognition of Inspection and Testing Institutions"[2] and Article 4 of the "Management Measures for Quality Inspection of Construction Projects", when there is only one professional and technical personnel, the qualification certificates of three people are used to illegally "register" "Certificate" and obtained the "Qualification Certificate for Inspection and Testing Institutions" and "Qualification Certificate for Construction Project Quality Inspection Institutions" through improper means. The on-site inspection of the house involved was falsified. Appraisal activities were not carried out in accordance with the "Civil Building Reliability Appraisal Standards" (GB50292-2015) and other regulations. No equipment and instruments were used. The house structure system, foundation foundation, material performance and 26 testing items including load-bearing structures were tested.

[1] Article 33 of the "Special Equipment Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" (effective from January 1, 2014):

Units using special equipment shall, before the special equipment is put into use or within thirty days after it is put into use, register for use with the department responsible for the safety supervision and management of special equipment and obtain a use registration certificate.

[2] "Measures for the Administration of Qualification Recognition of Inspection and Testing Institutions" (Order No. 163 of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) Article 9: Inspection and testing institutions applying for qualification accreditation shall meet the following conditions: (2) Have relevant qualifications for inspection and testing activities Adaptable inspection and testing technicians and managers.

[3] Article 4 of the "Management Measures for Quality Inspection of Construction Projects" (Ministry of Construction Order No. 141): The qualifications of inspection institutions are divided into special inspection institution qualifications and witness sampling inspection institution qualifications according to the inspection business content they undertake. The qualification standards for testing institutions are specified in Appendix 2. Relevant provisions of Annex 2: 1. Special testing agencies and witness sampling testing agencies should meet the following basic conditions; (2) There should be no less than less than 10 professional and technical personnel with experience in quality testing, construction, supervision or design, and have received relevant testing technology training. 10 people; 2. In addition to meeting the basic conditions, the special inspection agency must also meet the following conditions: (2) Among the professional and technical personnel in the main structure engineering inspection category...

There shall be no less than 4 persons who have been engaged in structural engineering inspection work for more than 3 years and have senior or intermediate professional titles, and one of them shall have the qualification of a second-level registered structural engineer.

[1] Article 40 of the "Urban and Rural Planning Law of the People's Republic of China"; Construction of buildings,

For the construction of structures, roads, pipelines and other projects, the construction unit or individual shall apply for a construction project planning license from the urban and rural planning department of the city or county people's government or the town people's government determined by the people's government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government... ….

[2] Article 5 of the "Construction Project Quality Management Regulations": When engaging in construction project activities, basic construction procedures must be strictly implemented and the principle of survey first, then design, and then construction must be adhered to. Article 18: Those engaged in construction project survey and design The unit shall obtain the qualification certificate of the corresponding level in accordance with the law and undertake projects within the scope permitted by its qualification level.

[3] Article 7 of the "Construction Law of the People's Republic of China": Before the construction project starts, the construction unit shall apply for a construction license to the construction administrative department of the people's government at or above the county level where the project is located in accordance with relevant national regulations.

[4] Article 13 of the "Construction Project Quality Management Regulations": Before starting construction, the construction unit shall handle the project quality supervision procedures in accordance with relevant national regulations. The project quality supervision procedures may be combined with the construction permit or construction start report.

[5] Article 61 of the "Construction Law of the People's Republic of China": A construction project may not be delivered for use until it has passed the acceptance inspection upon completion; it shall not be delivered for use without acceptance inspection or if it fails to pass the acceptance inspection.

[6] Article 5 of the "Regulations on Public Security Management of Rental Houses" (Order No. 24 of the Ministry of Public Security): Houses built in dangerous or illegal construction are not allowed to be rented out.Then the company did not conduct structural safety calculations, and used the company's original template data to fabricate test results and false reports; the signatures on report review, approval and other documents were all forged by using the electronic signature of the certificate holder.

(2)Nantong Jiumao Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

In violation of relevant regulations, he and the homeowner involved concealed the fact that the elevator provided services for business activities in self-built houses, failed to notify the special equipment safety supervision department in writing, and failed to apply for elevator supervision and inspection in accordance with the law after the installation was completed.

2.2 Relevant departments

1. Natural Resources (formerly Urban and Rural Planning) Department

(1) Changsha Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Wangcheng Branch (from 2011 to 2014, it was the Wangcheng District Urban and Rural Planning Bureau, from 2014 to 2019, it was the Changsha Municipal Urban and Rural Planning Bureau Wangcheng District Branch)

It failed to conscientiously perform its daily supervision and inspection duties, failed to investigate and deal with illegal activities such as the demolition and reconstruction of the house involved in 2012 without applying for planning permission and the addition of a storey and expansion in 2018 without applying for planning permission. Behavior is neglected. Failure to play the role of planning guidance and rigid restraint, failure to effectively supervise the implementation of the regulatory detailed planning of the area where the houses involved were located in 2016, lack of supervision over the completion of the annual planning of Jinshanqiao Street, and lack of supervision over the building height and number of floors of self-built houses in the Panshuwan Resettlement Area Due to the lack of control, large-scale and disorderly construction of self-built houses in the area has occurred. In violation of relevant regulations, the "Wangcheng District Resettlement Community Quality Improvement Plan" was used as a basis to confirm and register residents' self-built houses, so that some illegal self-built houses were covered with a legal "cloak".

(2)Changsha Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (before 2019, Changsha Urban and Rural Planning Bureau)

After the transfer of urban and rural planning management functions in 2019, it failed to perform its duties seriously [3], failed to effectively carry out dynamic monitoring and evaluation of planning, and failed to organize research and take effective measures on issues such as reconstruction and expansion that violated planning requirements, including the houses involved; There is a lack of effective supervision over the completion of Wangcheng District's annual plan, and Wangcheng District has not been urged to resolve issues such as the Panshuwan Resettlement Area not complying with the regulatory detailed planning. After Wangcheng District was incorporated into the main urban area of Changsha City, the planning and management work of Wangcheng District was ineffective, and the supervision and inspection of Wangcheng District's lagging planning implementation and long-term large-scale unauthorized construction without planning permission were not in place.

[1] "Several Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Further Strengthening the Management of Urban Planning and Construction" (February 6, 2016) stipulates: (4) Formulate urban planning in accordance with the law. Urban planning plays an important role in strategic guidance and rigid control in urban development.

[2] "Notice of the Ministry of Natural Resources on Accelerating the Confirmation and Registration of Use Rights of Homesteads and Collective Construction Land" (Zihezifa [2020] No. 84) stipulates: For houses on legal homesteads that do not comply with planning or construction-related materials Yes, the central government of China has issued relevant regulations and shall be handled in accordance with its relevant regulations. If no relevant regulations have been issued and it is located in the original city or town, registration will be done after issuing planning opinions.

[3] "Notice of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Hunan Provincial People's Government issued the "Opinions on Establishing the Implementation of the Provincial Land and Space Planning System" (Xiangfa [20203]) stipulates that the superior natural resources department shall organize relevant departments to organize the lower-level land and space planning system Various control boundaries, binding indicators and other control requirements in spatial planning are implemented. Carry out monitoring and supervision.

2.3 Local party committee and government

1. Jinshanqiao Street

Jinshanqiao Sub-district failed to seriously organize investigation and management of the common illegal construction, illegal addition of floors, private buildings and random construction of self-built houses in the jurisdiction, and allowed illegal and illegal buildings to exist for a long time. In July 2018, the illegal addition of additional floors was discovered, but no investigation was organized to stop it and it was allowed to be built. In the relevant special governance actions, no demolition was organized in accordance with the law. Failure to conscientiously organize and carry out special inspections of illegal construction and illegal and illegal approvals in accordance with regulations, and failure to include the houses involved in the inspection ledger for management. In the "Three-Year Action for Housing Safety Improvement" organized in 2020, the houses in the jurisdiction, including the houses involved, will still be identified as "no hidden dangers"; in the "Special Housing Safety Inspection at the End of the Year and the New Year" organized in 2022 [2], it was not included in the scope of inspection; Jinping Community's conclusion that it was β€œbasically safe” during the β€œMajor Inspection and Rectification of House Safety Hazards” was reported without organizing verification, and the β€œJinping Community” issued in violation of regulations The certificate was approved without careful review. Jinping Community, to which Jinshanqiao Street belongs, failed to conscientiously perform its daily inspection and reporting duties on self-built houses in the community [3]. In July 2018, the community leader learned that the homeowner involved was illegally adding floors to the building, but did not stop it or report it to the police. The local subdistrict and relevant departments reported that they violated regulations by issuing 14 false "residence reform business" certificates to the business owners of the houses involved.

[1] "Notice of the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision on Issuing the "Implementation Plan for the "Three Separations" for Administrative Licensing Acceptance, Review, and Decision by the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision" (Xiang Quality and Technical Supervision [2018] No. 5) stipulates: Original The responsibilities of the Hunan Provincial Quality and Technical Review Center are to formulate review plans, organize experts to conduct technical reviews, issue review opinions, and be responsible for the authenticity, legality, and fairness of review procedures and results.

[2] The "Emergency Notice of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Wangcheng District, Changsha City on Comprehensively Conducting Special Investigations on Illegal Construction and Illegal and Violation Approvals" (issued in June 2021) requires that all existing houses within the urban area of Wangcheng District must be comprehensively inspected and inspected. Find out the basic situation of the house, including illegal construction inspections, illegal and illegal approval behaviors, etc. Each sub-district should establish a good inventory of houses in the jurisdiction, one file for each household (unit, building).

[1] "Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Wangcheng District, Changsha City on Issuing the "Three-Year Action Implementation Plan for House Safety Improvement in Wangcheng District, Changsha City" (Wangzhengbanhan [2020] No. 42) stipulates that for houses within this administrative area Issues such as illegal reconstruction and expansion, illegal construction, illegal decoration, illegal use, and rental of dangerous buildings with outstanding safety hazards will be investigated and dealt with.

[2] "Changsha Wangcheng District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau's Notice on Carrying out Special Housing Safety Inspections at the End of the Year and New Year" stipulates that before the holidays, all streets and towns must organize a comprehensive inspection of the houses within their jurisdiction, focusing on hotels, restaurants, etc. The places where people gather will be inspected one by one, and hidden dangers will be dealt with immediately.

[3] "Opinions of the Wangcheng District Committee of the Communist Party of China, Changsha Wangcheng District People's Government on Strengthening the Control of Illegal Demolitions (Trial)" (Wangfa [2012] No. 49) Work Measures Article 3; (Structures) shall be stopped on site by the village (community) and other units, and ordered to dismantle them themselves or assist in the dismantling.

[4] "Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Hunan Province on Issuing the "Regulations on Relaxing the Registration Conditions for Domiciles (Business Places) of Market Entities in Hunan Province" (Xiang Zheng Ban Fa [2016] No. 69) Article 12: Applicants shall not Apply to register illegal buildings, dangerous buildings, expropriated houses, etc. as residences (business premises) that are not legally allowed to be residences (business premises), and make commitments during registration.

Handling of relevant units and responsible persons

3.1 Persons against whom judicial authorities have taken compulsory measures (14 people)

Eight people, including Wu Zhiyong, Long Tiankai, Ren Luosheng, Xue Xianzong, Long Liqin, Li Canqi, Wu Jiansheng, and Long Jianhua, were arrested in accordance with the law on suspicion of serious liability accident crimes; Yang Shuangfu (legal representative of the testing company involved), Tan Hua (General Manager of the testing company involved), Gong Biao (Deputy General Manager of the testing company involved), Ning Tao (Technical Director of the testing company involved), Tang Se, Liu Deng ("certificate" personnel of the testing company involved), He was arrested on suspicion of providing false certification documents. Wu Qisheng died due to serious injuries in the accident and rescue efforts failed, and he will no longer be held criminally responsible.

3.2 Relevant public officials

Clues and related materials found during the investigation of the accident regarding the performance of duties of public officials of local party committees, governments and relevant departments, as well as suspected corruption, were handed over to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission. Accountability Review and Investigation Team. Party and government disciplinary sanctions for relevant personnel and handling opinions of relevant units shall be proposed by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission; persons suspected of criminal offenses shall be transferred by the disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies to judicial organs for processing.

3.3 Relevant units and other personnel involved in the accident

1. Hunan Xiangda Engineering Inspection Co., Ltd.

(1) The Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau shall impose penalties in accordance with the law in accordance with the provisions of Article 32 of the "Measures for the Administration of Qualification Recognition of Inspection and Testing Institutions".

(2) The Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development shall impose penalties in accordance with the law in accordance with the provisions of Article 28 of the "Construction Project Quality Inspection and Management Measures".

[1] "Measures for the Administration of Qualification Certification of Inspection and Testing Institutions" (Order No. 163 of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine)

Article 32: If qualification recognition is obtained through improper means such as bribery or bribery, the qualification recognition department shall revoke the qualification recognition in accordance with the law. Inspection and testing institutions whose qualifications have been revoked shall not apply for qualifications again within three years.

[2] Article 28 of the "Management Measures for Quality Inspection of Construction Projects" (Ministry of Construction Order No. 141); If a qualification certificate is obtained by improper means such as Sui Lu, the construction supervisor of the People's Government of Renzhi District and Municipality shall be revoked The qualification certificate shall not be applied for again within 3 years; and the local people's government at or above the county level and the competent department shall impose a fine of not less than RMB 10,000 but not more than RMB 30,000; if a crime is constituted, criminal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law.

(3) The Wangcheng District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau shall, in accordance with Article 39 of the Changsha Housing Safety Management Regulations, punish the company for issuing false reports in accordance with the law.

(4) The Hunan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security will handle Tangse and Liu Deng's β€œcertification” of their engineer titles in accordance with relevant regulations.

(5) The Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will deal with Tang Jun's β€œcertification” as a registered structural engineer in accordance with Article 29 of the β€œRegulations on the Management of Registered Engineers in Survey and Design”.

2. Any violations of laws and regulations by experts and personnel from relevant units who participated in the on-site review of the qualifications of the testing company involved, as well as the relevant units that lent their qualifications to Tan Hua, will be investigated and dealt with by relevant parties in Hunan Province in accordance with laws and regulations.

In view of the fact that the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government bear important leadership responsibilities for the occurrence of the accident, it is indeed necessary to deeply reflect and improve the work. At the same time, in order to promote all relevant parties, especially the local party committees and governments at all levels, to have a deeper understanding of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, and to enhance worries awareness and bottom-line thinking, effectively prevent and resolve major safety risks, and earnestly put the safety of people's lives first. It is recommended that the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government make an in-depth inspection to the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and make a special report on the rectification situation.

[1] Article 39 of the "Changsha Housing Safety Management Regulations": If a housing safety appraisal unit issues a false house safety appraisal report, the district/county (city) housing safety department will give a warning and impose a fine of 30,000 yuan.

[2] Article 29 of the "Administrative Regulations for Survey and Design Registered Engineers" (Ministry of Construction Order No. 137): If a registration certificate is obtained through improper means such as deception, bribery, etc., the department responsible for examination and approval shall revoke its registration and shall not be allowed to apply for registration within 3 years. Apply for registration again; and be fined by the housing and urban-rural development department of the people's government at or above the county level or relevant departments. If there is no illegal income, a fine of not more than 10,000 yuan will be imposed; if there is illegal income, a fine of not more than three times and not more than 3 times of the illegal income will be imposed. A fine of 30,000 yuan shall be imposed; if a crime is constituted, criminal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law.


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Security guard accidentally shoots himself in the head.

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Rallye Dakar Accident 2023

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