I found this video on youtube, even if evreyone knew about this video i still posted it for fun! The gushy noises while they are going thru his intestines is so good. :wolfjumprope:



One man, three caps, two pizzas

Idk what happened here, but someone did this cute installation



Son Murders Mother And Hides Her Body In a Fridge


A son allegedly murdered his mother before hiding her dismembered body in the fridge and shooting himself when her friend opened the door.

Sira Somdech, 20, is said to have repeatedly stabbed Yuree Thaowan, 42, in her back at their home in Bangkok, Thailand, at the weekend.

The son then shot himself when his mum's friend Woranuch Wongchai, 37, visited and opened the fridge - making the grim discovery Monday morning.

Gruesome pictures show how Yuree's right arm was on the drinks shelf, her legs were in the meat compartment and her torso was stuffed in the salad drawer below.

Police are now investigating the shocking double-death after the son died from what they believe is a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police Major General Chokchai Ngamwong said: ''We are interviewing everybody who had contact with the mother and her son. We believe he stabbed her from behind then used another knife and a hammer to chop her body and put it into the fridge.''

Yuree's friend Woranuch said they had a business appointment Monday morning but she went to her house when she failed to show up.

She found her son in the house and became suspicious because Yuree's car was parked outside while her belongings were scattered around the room.

Woranuch said that her close friend's son, Sira was acting strangely and he became evasive when she quizzed him about his mother.

Finally, she opened the family's refrigerator after noticing a foul smell.

Having seen the body she allegedly turned to the boy - who is then said to have shot himself before she could say a word.

Woranuch said: "I saw my friend's car parked outside the house but she was not in the house and her belongings were all over the place.

"I tried to call her but there was no answer and her son was shaking all the time while I was looking for his mother.

"I checked the refrigerator because I could smell something from it and when I opened it I saw the human body parts, which shocked me. Then when I turned to ask the boy he shot himself.

"I was stood in fear and shock. For a moment I couldn't move, then I contacted the police immediately after I had composed myself.''

Police arrived to investigate the scene where they found five parts of the body in the refrigerator.

The corpse had been divided from head to neck, left shoulder to left hand, right shoulder to right hand, waist down to feet and torso. There were also several stab wounds.

Officers then found several internal organs in the toilet. Police put the pieces of the body together before it was taken to the hospital for a forensic examination.

Police said that Sira was pronounced dead at hospital and he had a bullet went through the temple from right to left.

There was allegedly a knife and hammer at the scene, that are believed to be the weapons used in the murder.

Police said they will examine the alleged murder weapons and gather more information from neighbours.

Police Major General Chokchai Ngamwong added: "From the oral evidence gathered so far, we know that the boy was suffering with depression and he had been to doctors for treatment.

"We additionally found a knife that matched the wounds on the victim's body. The knife had already been cleaned.

"We are not sure about the reason behind the murder yet and we need more information before we can confirm anything."


a drunk dude walking the street fell over and two grain trucks supposedly didn't see him, and turned him into a mass of meat.

CHILD WARNING Lisandra Hartz Bento

Was going to post in my upcoming post but decided against involving minors as a precaution. 17 year old Lisandra Hartz Bento was found on June 23, 2009 in Imbituba (80km from Florianópolis). Lisandra was found without eyes or lips. The murder was committed by a 37-year-old man who was related to the teenager. Cause of death, strangulation.

Victim Of "La Barbie"

2011, MEXICO.

Classic image of a nightclub owner who was kidnapped, murdered and dismembered with his face skinned off in the Mexican city of Jiutepec.

Miguel Angel Cadena Santana, owner of the Mami Girls Nightclub, was murdered by men linked to notorious drug lord Edgar Valdez Villareal whom some of you may know as "La Barbie". Disturbed Reality made a good deep-dive video into La Barbie's rise and fall.

This photo, as disgusting and revolting as it is, seems to call for a snide and heartless Harvey "Two Face" Dent joke. Where's Aaron Eckhart when you need him? :hehecat:


Actor David Carradine was found dead in the closet of a Bangkok hotel room Thursday with a cord wrapped around his neck and genitals

Concentration Camp images


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- At least 44 inmates died in a riot in an Ecuadorian prison, Monday (9/5). Meanwhile, as many as 108 prisoners escaped.

Authorities said a fight broke out between the Los Lobos gang and their enemy R7 inside Bellavista prison, Santo Domingo de los Colorados.

This fight culminated in a riot and dozens of prisoners tried to escape.

According to the police chief, Fausto Salinas, 108 inmates are missing. However, 112 others were successfully re-arrested.


Wisnu adult gay content creator found died by suicide

Suicide by shotgun : :marseydizzy:

he lost is head wow


A man was killed and a nine-month-old baby was shot in a shooting that took place on Friday night (14) near Praça Joaquim Távora , in the Joaquim Távora neighbourhood

According to the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS), the victim, who has not yet been formally identified, was killed on a public street by gunshots that also injured the baby, who was taken to a hospital.

Executed bandits in Mukden (Fengtian, aka Liaoning, part of Manchuria aka Northeast China)


My other post with compilation :marseyneat: about very slow hanging :marseyropewithme: deaths

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