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Nobody learns that bulls aren't toys Guy gets killed by bull in some shithole probably Mexico

Bull Sends Ignorant Rider Flying To His Death

Elephant Brutally Kills Man

No back story; I apologize.

Man attacked by two American Pitbulls, apparently died after

What happens when you make an elephant angry? He killed brutally

Allegedly thief killed by pitbulls in SA

Title and backstory edited due to translation made by @Retardo- and previous post with real backstory provided by @Zes


2016, March 22nd, 35yr old Wagne Kagster was mauled in a backyard by two pitbulls. After the dogs were driven away by police and bystanders, he was rushed to the hospital and would die Monday night from his wounds.

There were contradicting accounts as to what happened or how Wagne got into the dogs' backyard. Neighbors claimed he was a known thief hoping to commit burglary on the residence while its owners were away, while his distraught family argued he was simply looking for scrap to feed into his drug habit when one of the dogs pulled him over the fence as he was peeping over.

Upon arrival, local police shot one dog dead, yet the other still remains alive and may have been returned to his owner's possession by now.

Thief gets eaten by two angry dogs (Ogrish Watermark)

Man in India gets stomped on by angry elephant

Unfortunate man finds himself in the middle of a bull dispute.

(No Aftermath) Man get his ass kicked by a Bull

Mad Bull Kills One And Injures Three Others During Bullfights In Huancayo,Peru

Man killed by a swarm of bees -

Good old fashion bull goring and trampling in Spain

As allways let me know if this is a repost

Also I believe (the telegram post said) there carying him away because some of his vertebrae were damaged but didn't say how badly

Bull kills one from the audience

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