Michoacan, Mexico.


bro kills an old lady on discord video call

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man attacks other man with a machete on the side of the road.

A man, known only as 'Toinho, was caught cutting a person with a machete on a bridge on the side road to the village of Cipó Cortado, in the rural area of the municipality of João Lisboa, in Maranhão. A video that was recorded by people passing by at the time of the action.

The videos were recorded by students on a school bus who witnessed the brutal crime. Tactical Force police officers were called, but upon arriving at the scene the man had fled.



man gets found by his blood trail

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MARANHÃO - On the 29th, an episode of shocking :marseyspit: violence :marseyww1french2: was recorded in the village of Cipó Cortado, located in the municipality of João Lisboa, near Imperatriz. Reports confirm that a man was seriously :marseybruh2: attacked to death :marseycyanide: with a machete :marseytrapper: by another individual, on one of the local bridges. The victim :marseydead: suffered severe head injuries.

Drivers who were passing by the scene :marseyarthoe: at the time of the crime captured images of the attack. The motivation behind :marseynotes2: the act has not yet been clarified.

Authorities have already been called and are conducting the investigation. The community awaits further information and clarification on the circumstances and developments of this tragic :marseychimera: incident.

Fatal stabbing in a drunk knife fight


Woman Brutally Murdered and Flesh Removed by Group.

They did everything that could possibly be done to a dead person. :marseyemojismilemouthcoldsweat: :marseyscared:

Crazy ex-husband stabs ex wife to death

I know this is a repost but this is a higher quality and non cropped version. :meow:

Man kills his father :marseyjohnson: at family :marseydeathpose: market :marseystocksup:

A man killed :marseycoldtwinge: his own father :marseyjohnson: with a roast beef slicer in a vicious knife :marseyvargselfdefense: attack :marseyeren: captured on video :marseyzeldasheik: inside :marseyteapot: the family :marseydeathpose: owned :marseycheckmate: supermarket in Brazil :marseybrasileiro: Sunday.

The attack :marseymegalodon: took place :marseychtorrr: in the Araucária neighborhood of Curitiba, the capital of the southern :marseypastor: Brazilian :marseywerebackbrasileiro: state :marseylouisiana: of Paraná.

Surveillance video :marseyzeldadarklink: captured the nearly 4 minute long attack. The 23 year-old son can be seen repeatedly striking Valter Miranda, 58, with a roast beef slicer as he laid helplessly on the ground.

When police :marseyreportmaxxer2: arrived at the scene :marseyarthoe8: they found :marseymissing2: Valter Miranda laying :marseyantiwork2: in a pool of his own blood :marseytrapper: inside :marseyteapot: the family :marseypoonerdeathpose: owned :marseycheckmate: supermarket, a roast beef shop where :marseydrama: both the father :marseyjohnson: and son worked.

Police also arrested :marseymugshot: the son at the scene :marseyarthoe: and recovered the slicing knife :marseyvargselfdefense: used in the attack.

Long Version:

Korean guy killed him in street

:marseytrain: :marseyliathomas: Stabbed To Death :marseyjfk:


The incident took place in Nashik. CCTV footage showed someone holding a sharp knife and slashing the doctor's neck 18 times. The attack was for murder. The doctor was seriously injured.

The incident took place at 9 pm on Friday at a private hospital called Suyog in Nashik Panchavati. The name of the seriously injured person in the accident is Dr. Kailash Rathi. Meanwhile, the police are searching for the accused Rajendra More based on the CCTV footage.

According to police, there has been a dispute between Dr Kailas Rathi and accused Rajendra More over some outstanding amounts in the land deal for the past two years. On the night of the incident, the accused Rajendra More went to Dr. Kailash's cabin in the hospital to demand money. When he got an opportunity, he put a crowbar on the doctor's neck and attacked the doctor multiple times before running away.

Currently, Dr. Kailas Rathi, who was seriously injured, is receiving treatment at a private hospital. Police have registered a case against the accused Rajendra More at Panchavati police station and have started searching for the accused.

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Lawyer in India stabbed and then bashed on the head with a brick

Jodhpur, India

February 19, 2023

Two men were arrested for stabbing a lawyer to death, police said on February 19, adding that the victim was on his way home when the assailants struck.

A CCTV footage of the incident went viral, the police said, adding that the victim has been identified as Jugraj Chauhan and the accused as Anil and Mukesh. Both the accused were arrested, the police informed further, adding that the attackers blocked the lawyer's way while he was on his way home, and a scuffle broke out, during which one of the attackers took out a knife and started stabbing him in the chest.

As he slumped on the road, one of the attackers struck him on the head with a stone, killing him on the spot.

“The incident took place around 6 pm on February 19 evening. Jugraj Chauhan (48), a resident of Mandir Wala Mohalla, was on his way home on his bike. In the middle of the road, near his house, the accused — Anil and Mukesh — forced him to pull over and started raining blows on him.

Both took turns to beat him 3-4 times. Anil then struck him on the head with a stone twice, killing him on the spot,” Assitant Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP), Jodhpur Police, Nazim Ali, said.

Man brutally stabs his ex-wife on the street


4 workers died

SIBU, Feb 24: The police :marseyevilagent: here have arrested :marseywrongthonk: a man suspected of fatally stabbing :marseyvargfinnselfdefense: a woman :marseypassftm: with a knife :marseyevildoll: at the Sibu Jaya Commercial Centre yesterday.

The arrest :marseyhandsup: occurred at 9.20pm, approximately six hours after the incident occurred.

Sibu district police :marseyglow: chief :marseysosa: ACP Zulkipli Suhaili stated that the 28-year-old suspect is currently detained for investigation under :marseyhandsup: Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

The police :marseywrongthonk: also confiscated a knife :marseyghostface: from the suspect as evidence.

ACP Zulkipli revealed that the victim, a 24-year-old shop assistant, was discovered lying :marseydeception: in a pool of blood :marseykhmerrouge: on the shop's pavement by a passerby around 3pm.

“The victim, in a semi-conscious state, was found :marseymissing2: clutching :marseytranspearlclutch: her severely injured :marseynosebleed2: abdomen, which is believed to have been stabbed with a sharp :marseybackstabsjw: object. An ambulance promptly transported her to the hospital :marseyloss: for treatment,” he explained.

However, according to Zulkipli, the victim's husband informed the police :marseyatfagent: that she succumbed to her injuries while undergoing treatment at Sibu Hospital :marseyloss: at 11.30pm.

“The police :marseythinbluebline: are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the incident, and the motive has not yet been determined,” he added.

Zulkipli also cautioned the public against speculating on the case, as it could potentially disrupt the ongoing police :marseybongcop: investigation. — DayakDaily

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