Ms Pac man A classic

On the night of Monday, October 29, 2018, Alejandra Ico Chub, 32, was murdered by her husband at home, on her bed. She was mutilated with a machete. Her cries for help were heard by neighbors from La Isla del Norte in San Miguel, Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. The murderer, Mario Tut Ical, Alejandra's partner, fled after committing the murder.


On the morning of 17 December 2018, a pair of French hikers came across the decapitated bodies of the victims, and their tent, near a trail connecting Imlil to Mount Toubkal. A suspect named Abderrahim Khayali was quickly apprehended following the incident, after police found an ID in the victims' tent, that had been left behind by the suspect. Three additional suspects, Abdessamad Ejjoud, Rachid Afatti, and Younes Ouaziyad, were later apprehended by the police while riding a bus during the morning rush hour in the nearby city of Marrakesh. The three suspects were caught in possession of bladed weapons. Abdessamad Ejjoud is assumed to be the leader of the group, and the four men had shot a video the week before the murders, where they pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The killers had agreed to carry out a terrorist act on either security services or foreign tourists, before deciding to travel to the Imlil region to look for foreigners, and where they would target the two backpackers. In the video of the killings, the attackers can be heard shouting "enemies of Allah", and "revenge for our brothers in Hajin".

Moroccan police later made additional arrests of individuals believed to have connections with the suspects.

Man Gets Completely Dismembered While Being Alive (WARNING: Extreme Violence)

Absolutely brutal dismemberment/torture footage!

I don't have any information about this clip at all.

Location: Brazil

19-year-old girl stabs her rapist 17 times

An event unfolded on a busy sidewalk in the historic heart of a city in Brazil. A dispute involving three men and one woman led to a 19-year-old woman fatally stabbing a man at least 17 times, resulting in her arrest.

The conflict occurred in front of a local bakery and the City Hall, with security cameras capturing the entire incident. The footage revealed the men aggressively ejecting the victim from the bakery, followed by the woman stabbing him. Fortunately, the rapist died at the scene. The woman and her two male accomplices managed to escape initially, but local guards swiftly apprehended the woman. The other two suspects were also eventually caught.

Police reports indicate that the woman admitted to killing the man, alleging that he had raped her two days prior. This claim was corroborated by the other men involved in the dispute. However, according to a police official, none of the suspects expressed any remorse for their actions.

man having gay sex gets killed by his partner [NSFW]

Let me know if this is in the wrong category, if so change it. Regardless enjoy the Video!


(Black guy was a real assasin hiding the blade between the butt cheeks, a classic move)


man kills lesbian couple in china

i found about this news while scrolling on a chinese news website. this is all i have found for now.

2nd of june, 2023. apparently the couple, fang xiaotong 方晓彤 and liu jixi 刘继禧, 22 and 26, got murdered by a 39 year old man in plaza hollywood in hong kong.

police senior superintendent said the man bought the knife he used for the murder in the same mall, and he wandered around for a few moments before setting his eyes on the couple.

he first rushed and killed fang xiaotong, with a twelve-inch yusheng knife, pining her on the floor and stabbing her over 25 times. the other woman was trying to shoo the attacker away, but she did not succeed and then he went to kill her as well, who died even if its not showed in the video.

both victims showed injuries and stab wounds on the chest and neck.

after the murder, the assassin did not run away - he just stayed there on the spot while he looked at all the people rushing to help the two victims - that were taken to a hospital for urgent care but pronounced dead some minutes later. the police easily caught him and arrested him on the spot.

besides jixi, only another person, a chef, that news rename brother fai, helped by calling the police to come immediately and arrest the man. but while many people call him a hero for standing up and calling for help, in an interview he says he's just a fool because he did not help the victims directly and therefore he feels bad.

xiaotong worked in a restaurant and jixi was an hairdresser. jixi met xiaotong at a part-time bar.

the man, surnamed situ, was bald and he was unemployed for a long time. he lived with his family. he did not know the two victims. he had a long story of mental illness, and he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

the homicide was totally random as he just bought a knife, wandered around, picked a casual target and went for the kill.

at the time of the incident, liu jixi and fang xiaotong were planning to attend the birthday dinner of xiaotong 's grandfather after shopping in the mall.

the man is currently arrested by the police.

liu jixi died trying to protect her lover, even if at that point it was too late and she was already dead.

chinese police is covering the fact that the victims were lesbian, and were together for around a couple months, but the families of jixi and xiaotong both confirmed the two women were together.

this is all i could find, there may be some other news somewhere but i could find none in english - if i find something i will add!

picture of xiaotong and jixi together

security cam caught the murderer choosing a knife to buy, which was later on used for killing the two victims

video of the murder, from a cam placed at the plaza

picture of the assassin hitting the victim with a knife

pictures of the aftermath: there's a looooong trail of blood left by xiaotong's body when she was killed and thrown around by the man.

the murderer just standing there lol

The Tukhchar Massacre

I'll sprinkle in a few of these every now and then so that i don't just upload low effort murder videos.


The tukhchar massacre took place during the war of dagestan, also known as “Вторжение боевиков в Дагестан'' by russia. During the interwar period between the first and second chechen war, Aslan Maskhadov utterly failed to rebuild Chechnya into a safe and well governed country. This allowed many militant groups to effectively move in and create their own microstates. Despite Mashkadov attempting to deal with these groups (mainly islamist) by closing down the parlaiment and introducing sharia, the Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IFBB) still grew in influence and power with the expressed intent to create an Islamic union between Chechnya and Dagestan. After many dagestani religious leaders ( Such as Bagauddin Magomedov, leader of Dagestani Wahhabis) fled Dagestan to form relationships with the IFBB, a jihad was called in an effort to purge russians from the area (like mentioned, this was the result of the first chechen war, where russia remained in control of the caucasus). This led to the invasion of Dagestan and swiftly transitioned into the second chechen war.

Events preceding the massacre

Shortly after the invasion had started, a Dagestani village on the border between Chechnya and Novolaksky district of Dagestan named Tukhchar was descended upon by a group of chechen militants (lead by Umar Edilsultanov, a high up actor in the Islamic religious police acting on behalf of the IFBB and related groups). 12 russian conscripts (people who are in the military due to mandatory service) who were stationed on the outskirts of the village were immediately fired upon by the militants and proceeded to return fire. Shortly after, due to the driver of their armored vehicle (BMP-2) being killed in the fire fight and running out of ammo, Vasily Tachkin (the senior lieutenant of the group) ordered the conscripts to retreat to a checkpoint set up in Tukhchar village center. The Tukhchar residents, seemingly being supportive of the Russians, relayed a message by the Chechens saying they had half an hour to leave the village before they continued attacking. Along with this message, they brought civilian clothes which they would use in an attempt to smuggle them out of the village along with the local police officers (who also would have been killed by the militants). Tachkin, in true anime fashion, decided he was too honorable to retreat any further than they already had. This made him a paragon of honor and resolve which led to the rest of the soldiers also staying. They proceeded to get hidden around the town by the locals, apparently in an attempt to fool the Chechens that they had left. After the 30 minutes of charity had gone, the Chechens moved in. They swiftly searched through the village and found that six of the Russians had been barricaded inside a barn. They proceeded to pour gasoline on the building and threatened to set it alight. After convincing them that they were going to use the Russians for a prison exchange, they unbarricaded the barn and surrendered to the chechens.

The massacre

The massacre was staged as a public execution held in a nearby field. Yes this means that some villagers who had previously helped the Russians watched them get slaughtered. The method of execution was “pierced trachea”, but we usually just call this slitting someone's throat or beheading them with a knife. This means that their death was due to asphyxiation after their windpipe (trachea) was opened up. All six Russians, including Vasily Tachkin (:marseycry:) were killed with this method except Alexey Lipatov, who was killed via shooting after managing to escape from the knife.

The given reason for the execution was a “blood feud”, after many of their brethren had been killed by Russians in the first chechen war.


Courtesy of reddit user /u/podobuzz

Kid laying on the grass ....

Chechen with the knife "Turn around"

Kid moves abit sideways ..

Chechen off camera "LAY DOWN!"

Chechen takes the knife out and bends towards the kid ..

Aleksey Lipatov "You dont need to cut me..I'll tell you everthing.."

Chechen with the knife "what are you gonna tell me?"

Chechen off camera "Go ahead talk ..."

Aleksey Lipatov "I'll tell you where its located"

Chechen off camera "Where is it located?"

Aleksey Lipatov points towards a hill with houses "There in that house"

Chechen with knife "What ?"

Chechen off camera "What is in that house?"

Aleksey Lipatov "Weapons and ammo"

Chechen with knife "Where ? In that house?" and points

Aleksey Lipatov "Yes from there"

Chechen with knife looks at his combatant

Chechen off camera "Hes lying ... "

Chechen of camera "Lay on the ground"

Chechen with knife "what else you have to tell us?"

Chechen off camera "Where are the weapons!"

Aleksey Lipatov "what ?"

Chechen of camera "The weapons and the ammo"

Aleksey Lipatov "ON the top of the mountains"

Chechen with knife "where ?"

Aleksey Lipatov "There on top" and points.

Chechen with knife "Are you sure?"

Aleksey Lipatov "Yes, yes"

AK shots fired ...

Chechen with knife backs off and he doesnt want to cut .. feels sorry for the kid "What do you want me to do?" in chechen.

Chechen of camera "Just cut him"

Aleksey Lipatov "There its right there" and points.

Chechens yelling "Leave him alone and come back!" .. a bunch of them yelling at once.

Gun shots fired from AK.

(The kid if fucking LAYING waiting to be cut ... I dont get it ... RUN BOY!!! )

Chechens keep yelling "leave him the alone ....come back already" (they are reffering to the other kid that ran)

Chechen with the knife "Turn around"

Chechen "take off your belt"

Chechens of camera "Come on cut him up"

Aleksey Lipatov "You dont have to"

Chechen of camera "just cut im up already"

Aleksey Lipatov "You dont need to, please ..."

Chechen scum hits him with the belt

Chechen "All right come on!"

Chechen with Adidas jacket "Hands back!"

Aleksey Lipatov "Please dont"

Chechen (Adidas) "Hands back!"

Chechen (Adidas) hits him in the face "I said hands back!!"

Gets hit with AK.

Chechen of camera "quickly, quickly"

Aleksey Lipatov "Please lets talk.."

Chechen with camera "HANDS BACK! you fuck"

Chechen "fuck the belt"

Rifle hits the kid

Chechen of camera "Just fucking cut him already!"

Aleksey Lipatov "Please I dont want to do " ... they wrestle

Aleksey Lipatov screaming" I DONT WANT TO DIE! PLEASE!"

Chechens "cut him"

Aleksey Lipatov crying

Aleksey Lipatov "I DONT WANT TO DIE PLEASE!! you are very good people, please!"

Camera man "Yes, we are very very good people.... THE BEST"

Chechen "get the knife"

Chechen punches the kid in the head a few times

Chechen with the knife "Stop fucking hitting him"

Camera man "You gonna live in the grave city"

Aleksey Lipatov "MOM! MOM!"

Camera man "torture him"

Aleksey Lipatov "I WANT TO LIVE!"

Camera man in sarcasm "He wants to live!"

Aleksey Lipatov screaming .. 3 on 1

Aleksey Lipatov "Come on fellows ... I just want to live"

Chechen "CUT HIM NOW"

Aleksey Lipatov "Leave me alone!"

Knife goes thru throat.

Aleksey Lipatov is kneeling while get butted in the head with an AK

Chechen with knife to the guy with the AK "What the fuck are you doing, fuck off"

Chechen with knife "Ill do this by myself!"

Cutting Aleksey Lipatov

Stabbing in the neck ... over and over and over .... Aleksey Lipatov is no more.

If you have any questions just leave em' in the comments and i'll attempt to answer them. I did a little bit of reading for this post so i have a bit of info.

Woman gets Caught Cheating by Husband. Both Cheaters get Killed


Tulsa, USA.

Riverhead man dies after axe assault in Oklahoma

A Riverhead man living in Oklahoma died yesterday after being attacked by a man with an axe Monday.

Tulsa Police said James “Jimi” Patterson, 22, was struck in the head with an axe Monday night in an apartment in Tulsa.

Police said Israel (AKA Isreal) Trejo, who was in the apartment to buy the axe from another person, swung the axe at Patterson, who was sitting on a couch in the apartment.

Patterson and Trejo never spoke to one another, according to police. After a few minutes of holding the axe, Trejo swung the axe and struck Patterson. Trejo then fled the scene but was captured by police shortly afterward.

Patterson was taken to the hospital with the axe still in his head, according to a police press release. He underwent surgery but succumbed to his injuries Thursday.

Trejo, who police said has a prior felony conviction, was initially charged with for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The charge was upgraded to First Degree Murder after Patterson died.

Trejo is in custody in the Tulsa County Jail, police said.

A classmate of Patterson's at Riverhead High School started a GoFundMe page to raise money help pay funeral expenses.

“Jimi was such a great kid. Jimi had a great heart; he was very intelligent and was always the class clown keeping a smile on everyone's face. He was very talented when it came to making music which he loved to do,” wrote fundraising organizer Lexus Gilliam.

“During this tragic time for the Paterson family, we would like to reach out to our community and Jimi's friends and family to help bring him home for the last time. It would mean so much for all who love him to lay him to rest peacefully in the community he loved,” Gilliam wrote.

With a goal of $25,000, the page has raised $2,165 as of this posting on Friday evening.



Jealous ex husband stabs woman to death while she is having sex - she did not cheat

Girl falls neck first on glass in bar fight (backstory in pinned posts)


A 17-year-old German citizen has been detained for killing a local woman in Mediaş on Tuesday in the middle of the street, claiming “racial motives”, the first deputy prosecutor of the city said. To the package attached to the Sibiu Tribunal, Ruginosu Mihaela, through a press release. The victim, a 74-year-old woman, was found with her neck cut by other passers-by, who called for help at 112. The ambulance crew tried to resuscitate the woman, but was forced to declare her dead, writes Agerpres.

“On 13.04.2022, at 2.45 am, the criminal prosecutor ordered the detention of a minor, a German citizen, aged 17 for committing the crime of murder, with the detention of the aggravating circumstance of committing the crime for reasons related to race, a fact provided Article 188 paragraph 1, with the application of Article 113 paragraph 3 and Article 77 letter h of the Criminal Code. At around 12.30 pm, the defendant killed a 74-year-old woman for racial reasons, cutting her neck with a knife, while she was in the garage area near Păltiniş Street in Mediaş County, Jud. The judge of rights and freedoms within the Sibiu Tribunal will be notified today with a proposal for preventive arrest “, it is specified in the communiqué of the Package attached to the Court of Sibiu.

According to the quoted source, during the criminal investigation the prosecutor benefited from the support of police officers from IPJ Sibiu – Criminal Investigation Service, forensic technicians from IPJ Sibiu, Mediaş Police and the structures attached to this institution, forensic doctors from the County Medical Service Sibiu Legal Department, General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Sibiu and the authorized translator. Contacted by the AGERPRES correspondent, the spokesperson of the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection (DGASPC) Sibiu, Beatrice Muntean, stated that the criminal minor was placed in Sibiu County in 2016 and benefited from psychological counseling at the hearing.

“A representative of DGASPC Sibiu-psychologist participated in the hearing of the minor. His case is monitored by DGASPC Sibiu through quarterly visit reports, in order to prevent any forms of abuse against the minor / young person. on the territory of Romania is abused, if he is moved to another family than the placement without the consent of the National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of the Child and Adoption, or if the young man leaves Romania. with international placement, four young Germans and one Belgian," said Beatrice Muntean.

Source of where I found the video:

“project sanitater 88” full video


Pavel Voitov, Elena Lobacheva, Artur "Narcis" Narcissov, Maxim "Zakirka" Pavlov and Vladislav "Persik" Karataev were a gang of Russian serial killers and neo-Nazis. Between 2014 and 2015, they killed more than 15 people in Moscow, the Moscow Oblast and the Yaroslavl Oblast. Their victims of choice were mainly homeless and alcoholics. Many attacks were filmed and posted on the darknet and on the VK page "OBO16". They called themselves Sanitater-88 (88 meaning HH in the alphabet, short for "Heil Hitler") or "The Cleaners"

On October 23, 2017, the Moscow City Court sentenced Pavel Voitov to life imprisonment, Elena Lobacheva to 13 years' imprisonment and Maxim Pavlov to 9 years and 6 months' imprisonment in a penal colony. Vladislav Karataev was sentenced to 16 years, and Artur Narcissov to 9 years and 6 months, which were to be served in a corrective labor colony.

Dude starts a fight, gets throat slashed, blood pisses out like a geyser.

Pinned comment by No_one has a definitively larger, and likely better quality video which includes the segment of what OP content has.

Click the link or scroll down(It's pinned) and upvote that instead. :marseycheers:


The woman who was murdered in Alarcón was identified as Estefany Pulido, a Venezuelan national. Pulido was left lying on the ground while the man who stabbed her multiple times tried to flee. Authorities reported that the call of witnesses prevented this person from escaping.

"The information of the environment allowed the reaction of the patrols, they capture in flagrante delicto the subject who assaulted this person," added the Police spokesperson.

The hands and clothes of this 60-year-old man were impregnated with blood of his partner after the violent knife attack, as evidenced in the images shared by the authorities.

Although several paramedics arrived at the scene in ambulances to help the 40-year-old woman, they could do nothing for her.

The incident occurred after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 2, inside a residence at Carrera 18 and Calle 24 in the Alarcón neighborhood of Bucaramanga.

The victim, who was wearing a red blouse, blue jeans and red tennis shoes, was left lying on the floor of the establishment.

Vanguardia learned that although paramedics arrived at the scene in ambulances to help the woman after the emergency call, they could do nothing to save her life.

Agents of the Technical Investigation Corps, CTI, were in charge of carrying out the technical inspection of the corpse and collecting evidence for the investigative process.

The body had at least five stab wounds, some of them in the face and chest.

The captured man was placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor's Office to answer for this violent act. He is expected to be prosecuted for the crime of femicide.

Police and investigators of the CTI of the Prosecutor's Office are present at the scene to collect evidence of what happened.

Apple River stabbing video as shown in court.

HUDSON, Wis. – As witness testimony began Monday in the trial of Nicolae Miu, the man charged with murder in the stabbing on the Apple River in Wisconsin in 2022, the court reviewed a video that showed the deadly moments during the stabbing.

The video shows the confrontation between Miu and two groups of tubers on the river leading up to and during the July 2022 stabbing that injured four people and left a Stillwater teen dead. It doesn't show exactly what preceded the confrontation, but rather the moments as the verbal altercation escalated into a fight and then eventually a stabbing.


A homicide occurred late last Sunday night (05/11), in the Bom Pastor neighborhood in Chapecó.

According to information, a 45-year-old man was shot dead on a public street after a disagreement. The suspect in the crime is a 36-year-old citizen who has no police history.

Reports indicate that the victim had previous records related to possession of a bladed weapon, theft and cases of domestic violence. After the shots, the victim's son, a 22-year-old young man, reacted in defense of his father, inflicting multiple knife blows on the attacker. The latter was rescued and taken to hospital in serious condition.

The Military Police are in charge of the investigations and are awaiting the recovery of the attacker to clarify the details of the incident and take the necessary legal measures.

Lmk if repost

Tied up soldier is tortured and killed by another soldier

From the way they communicate, they seem to be Russians or Ukrainians. so I suppose this video happened in the period of war between the 2 countries

---no info---

CHILD WARNING (Child Warning) 13 year old stabs teacher to death and wounds several of his peers - 2 videos

A stabbing attack in a school in Sao Paolo, Brazil has left many in the South American country reeling, as a 13-year-old boy stabbed one of his teachers to death before attacking and injuring five others.

Three teachers and two fellow students were taken to a nearby hospital following the fatal knife attack. All five were from the Thomazia Montoro school in Sao Paulo, where the 13-year-old suspect also studied.

The teenage attacker has been detained by the Sao Paolo state military police, according to the Associated Press. They are now also investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, Sao Paulo State Secretary of Education Renato Feder has announced that the teachers were not at risk and the students' injuries were only minor. He also announced a three-day mourning period in honor of the 71-year-old teacher who died.


A mentally ill man stabs his friend.

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