kenyan mob cooks girl killer to death

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A man in kenya that had killed a woman was cooked to death by kenyan mob and he will be in a tasty meal 😋

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The incident happened in Hungary, Budapest. The fire was allegedly caused by the battery of the car malfunctioning. The driver is in critical condition.

Australian soldier killing with a flame thrower

Drunk man stuck on his balcony while on fire


Guy got set ablaze for an unknown reason




A nursing technician, identified as Michele P.d.S., had her body set on fire on a platform at Augusto Vasconcelos train station, in Rio de Janeiro's West Zone, on Monday afternoon (8). A man set fire to the woman and fled along the tracks, before he allegedly killed himself.

The suspect in the crime was identified as Edmilson Félix do Nascimento, 44, the victim's ex-husband, who does not accept the end of the relationship. According to a relative of the victim, the couple separated over a month ago. In another episode, the man had already broken into the victim's house and smashed the furniture.

The victim was taken to Rocha Faria Hospital, but she died from the severity of her injuries.

According to a relative, Edmilson had called her during the day and asked her to take care of his daughters. Later that night, police found Edmilson's car on the Rio-Niterói bridge without anybody inside.

At around 9pm, Edmilson's body was reported to have been found in Guanabara Bay, but the Fire Department contradicted this report and said no body had been found. Michele's cousin told reporters he believed Edmilson is still on the run, but officially, the indictment against Edmilson has been dismissed.



Gang members captured by Police, lynched by civilians in Haiti


Man sets woman on fire + more info

Nursing technician Michele Pinto had 90% of her body burned by her ex-husband Edmilson Feliz do Nascimento.

The attempted feminicide occurred on the train station platform in Augusto Vasconcelos on the afternoon of this Monday (08) April.

After the crime, Edmilson fled along the tracks. According to information from witnesses, the perpetrator of the attempted FEMINICIDE threw gasoline on his ex-wife's body and set it on fire, as he did not accept the end of the relationship.

Edmilson got into his vehicle, a VW Fox, and headed towards the Rio-Niterói Bridge in Guanabara Bay.

When passing over the bridge, he stopped the vehicle and threw himself from the top. His body was found around 10pm on Monday night.

Edmilson Feliz do Nascimento leaves behind a two-year-old daughter.

She had 90% of her body burned and has little chance of surviving.


The body of this woman was burnt by three men and found still burning on Wednesday 28th February 2024, in Morada da Colina neighborhood, Resende. The victim's name has not been identified yet.

From the Military Police, according to them, her body was found by a normal citizen who was heading to her home, located on Estrada da Limeira.

This case was registered at the 89th Police Station.


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Gang member was found dumped on the street on fire - Quito, Ecuador

CHILD WARNING Kid gets burned to death for stealing.


A 36-year-old pregnant woman from the Al-Tawila area of the delegation of Manzil Al-Muhairi deliberately set herself on fire after pouring gasoline all over her body. It is reported that the reasons for her doing so, according to “Sabra FM”, are due to her demand to provide a job for her husband in the forestry department.

It should also be noted that the burns she sustained were third-degree burns, and she was transferred to the Aghlabid Unit to receive first aid.

A Woman Sets Her Body On Fire In Sfax, Tunisia

Late last night, a woman set herself on fire in the Nasiriyah area of Sfax and was transferred to Habib Bourguiba University Hospital to receive treatment.

According to preliminary information, this woman is Asila Kairouan, and she burned herself because of a dispute over her position to sell some clothes on one of the city's streets.

yes we are crazy nation that set ourselves on fire when we get oppressed and mistreated by authorities


Woman getting set on fire by husband - Pakistan

Video of a woman being burnt alive-in a village near Gujranwala. The crowd watching kept making videos whereas Shumaila, the woman, was burning.

An FIR has been registered after a delay of two days. Shumaila's husband, Naseer, has been arrested and the search for his other wife is going on.

Shumaila, the victim, has told the police that the husband sprayed petrol on her while the other wife was his accomplice in setting her on fire. The two have been constantly fighting since the man married for a second time

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April 1, 2024 - 82 year old elderly man sets himself on fire as deputies try to serve eviction notice. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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