Man tied up as he burns

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Just a normal day in africa (Thief Tyred And set ablaze)

motorcyclist burns alive after crash

CJNG burns person in Cardenas Tabasco Mexico:platypsyduck:

Chinese truck driver screaming from pain as hes burned alive due to accident

Woman gets burned by her bf after trying to break up (aftermath in thread)

Lima, Lima, Peru - Mar, 2023

Katherine Gomez was burned by her bf after trying to end the romantic relationship she had with him.

It was six days of agony. This morning, the Minister of Women confirmed the death of Katherine Gomez (19), a young woman who was attacked by her bf Sergio Tarache Parra, who doused her with gasoline and set her on fire. She had 60% of her body burned.

The attack took place on a street near Plaza Dos de Mayo, in the Center of Lima. According to witnesses, the victim had made the decision to end the relationship she had with the Venezuelan. However, he would have refused. Currently, the killer is a fugitive from justice. It took the authorities six days to issue a prison order.


27 dead as Chinese commuter bus from hell erupts in flames. Despite what it may sound like, the woman wailing and gnashing her teeth in the background is NOT ON the bus!

R.I.P. to all victims who passed away, and may their family and friends find peace.

No back story sadly. Seems like cartel related. Not obtained from its source (watermark).

Asian man set on fire [ NO WM ] [ NO MUSIC ]

Asian man set on fire after being poured with a liquid. Who can translate ?

Roger Williamson, a British racing driver and two-time British Formula 3 champion, died in a fiery accident during the 1973 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands. Williamson's car came to rest upside down and caught fire due to a suspected tyre failure at the high-speed esses near the Tunnel Oost. Williamson died not from burns but from asphyxiation from the smoke. A marshal had done nothing to help, and a fire truck was just 150 yards up the road and didn't move for a good five or six minutes after the crash occurred.

Fellow driver Dave Purley abandoned his own race to try to save Williamson's life, but he was unable to flip the car by himself and the marshalls were either unwilling or unable to help due to not wearing fire suits. Eventually, the visibly dejected and inconsolable Purley had to be dragged away from the burning wreck. Williamson was surely unconscious and likely dead by that point anyway.


man self-immolates and runs around yelling in pain

man sets himself on fire at a protest in turkey

—Sory Here—

Vile footage showing a man engulfed in flames moments before he died is circulating online after a fire at a property in Greenock last night.

The sick video, which is being shared on social media, first shows the man moving around the garden of at property on Union Street in the town.

He disappears out of shot for a few seconds, before reappearing and carrying what appears to be a petrol canister. The man is then seen moving towards the home before a horrific fireball explodes seconds later.

As the man is seen lying in one part of the garden, still ablaze, he attempts to crawl away. The upsetting video, which the Daily Record will not publish, then shows his movements stop.

Guy sets homeless on fire in a stairwell

Young Professor Sets Himself On Fire

Man sets himself on fire while dressed as the grim reaper

A 28-year-old young man set himself on fire with paint thinner in Galata Tower Square in Istanbul while walking around with a plastic sickle in his hand, could not be saved and lost his life despite all the interventions made in the hospital he was taken to.

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