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  • shootergirl : definitely combat! btw mods dont take this down, this version of CC doesnt have the audio cut off
  • yuez : racist
Christchurch Mosque Shooting (Full Video)

[Classic] IS fighter shot in the neck while running to cover, ends up becoming the cover :marseydeathpose:


Background music - Oneshot

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  • Trashnuggies : They posted a anime saying a sniper shot people and posted it in combat
CHILD WARNING Baghdad sniper taking out women compilation :carpsnipe:

Hecko WPD. I'm at my stylist and despite tipping $40 every visit I am still waiting for some reason. I think it's time for a new hair person.

sniper makes multiple kills


The sniper from Taliban

His victims from Afghan army




Death of a United States Marine

This is an excerpt from the war documentary "Combat Obscura" by Miles Lagoze from 2019

The wounded Marine in the footage was Lance Corporal Christopher J. Levy of the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment. Levy was seen standing on the roof of a house during a firefight in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, on December 7, 2011, shooting his Mk12 SPR rifle at the enemy as bullets ricochet around him before he was mortally wounded by enemy sniper fire and evacuated from the battlefield. Levy sadly did not survive his wounds and died three days later at the age of 21


The war documentary the Marine Corps doesn't want you to see is finally hitting theaters

LCPL Christopher Jacob β€œPhoenix” Levy (1990-2011)

A Gold Star Mother remembers her fallen Marine




Whole bunch of Taliban soldiers forced to eat explosives from AH-64 Apache attack helicopters

September 19, 2005 Insurgent gets shot up by a United States Marine


Danish troops slaughter taliban ambush, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

From Armadillo documentary

Mercenaries Ambush National Soldiers: good view

Syrian Mercenaries ambushed soldiers of the Libyan Army.

A simple trap to a fixed position as seen here. You zero in your machine guns on a preset location and wait for the enemy to cross paths before obliterating them. Thats what I did to your mom last night in the hall way. She was on her way to the bathroom then I sprung my trap and seeded her. Now you're my child. I'll look after you, son.



Turkish military is trying to suppress the resistance of a group of Kurdish militias.




AH-64D Apache melting four Taliban insurgents. Afghanistan. Unknown date, unknown location.

Best Apache FLIR footage of them all.

No context on the origin of the clip despite searching relentlessly, reverse-search turned up as fuck all - probably a leak that'd been scrubbed


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