Hi everybody, what is the best and the worst way to die for you ??

:marseygrimreaper: :marseycorvus:


BRO IM ACTUALLY ABOUT TO LOOSE MY MIND !!! The amount of racists I've been seeing recently is actually so sad. This website used to be so chill, and one could argue was a “safe space” for people. But now under any post that deals with people of color or, people who are out if the “ordinary” race norm, have comments that are filled of hate and are shaming the person of color despite the fact that they were severely wronged and deserved better ! Its not even a small percentage of the comments, the majority of the time thats all the comments are filled with. I really don't know what happened but, what ever happened I want the comments to be racist free again, and just be the general logical or funny comments like they used to be.


You are fucking SICK if you think it makes you cool, cute, aesthetic, cold, "feel something", interesting if you ENJOY real gore. It's not about having a strong stomach, it's about being a NORMAL. FUCKING. PERSON.

How can you look at someone of the same fucking race as you (human) being harmed so mercilessly and brutally and ENJOY that? There's something wrong with you. I think you're scum of the earth if you think it's justifiable to go in search of such videos. Why would you want to see it? Unless you're fucking mentally deranged?

In which case, it doesn't make you cool. I hope you get that into your SICK fucking heads one day.

Go outside, meet people. Enjoy life. Touch grass, breathe in the outside air. Maybe even take a shower.

las vegas shooting

third time trying to post this, keeps displaying 404 when uploading video from camera roll. i was looking through bodycam footage from the las vegas shooting and i found this clip of swat breaching paddock's room and talking about how the window he supposedly shot 1,000 rounds out of was unbroken. this footage was timestamped 11:20 pm, an hour after paddock had shot himself

Admins read this

My friend got banned from here for ‘being under 18' when they're not, and their ID got taken away and they need it to get their account back, I think the user's kys_meow, thank you for reading this if you had the time to, mods !! :marseycry:



Which is more satisfying? For me it might be coffee poops.


I found it through a friend


There is this "tradwife" chick named Lilly Gaddis who is now making headlines for having run a TikTok account where she makes derogatory and inflammatory comments.

For one, Gaddis referred to her friend's boyfriend as a "broke-ass n*gger". You all may chime in to praise Lilly, calling her a based right-wing goddess who is not afraid to stoke the flames of discord and trigger liberals and moderate conservatives alike. Anything to own the libs, right? I mean, SJWs are nutters anyhow so you gotta fight fire with fire. Amirite? Surely, Lilly must mean what she says. After all, why would she risk getting doxxed and fired from her job if she was doing all this for rage bait?

Those are all good questions but let's dive a bit deeper into Lilly's videography. At one point, Lilly appears to go on a rant about how "nerds" like Mark Zuckerberg and Anthony Fauci were bullied by "normies" as kids so pushing for leftist legislation is how they are trying to get even with their bullies. Lilly says the only way to counter this is to normalize bullying again and put the "nerds" back in their place. First of all, I've never seen anyone proudly refer to themselves as "normies". This is certainly a first. It seems like Lilly just found out about 4chan terminology but does not even know what half those words mean. She might as well say "Haha, I just got rekt, desu. I feel so cringe, you're just a based NEEEEEEERD".

The wackiest shit to come out of Lilly's mouth, however, is where she (without provocation) appears to attack animals as "worthless". Awww, Lilly, what the hell did Marsey ever do to deserve your scorn? For all we know, Marsey may be a based right-wing vixen goddess just like you! Apparently, Lilly said this "after" getting doxxed and fired so that raises an important question: does she really enjoy the negative attention so much? She has every opportunity to walk back on her wackier statements but she chooses to double down on them. That tells me she loves the attention she's getting from unhinged social justice warriors and like-minded right-wing nutjobs alike. She's a great fucking troll. As a seasoned shitposter myself, I applaud her.

question about censorship on WPD

under the topic regarding holocaust I've posted a comment, but unlike all other comments, mine can only by viewed by logged users. I gonna try my luck and ask, why is that? There are no slurs or anything like that.

link to the comment: - try to open it in private mode, it's forbidden. Other posts can be viewed and opened in private mode.

ps. I hate censorship.


Tell me the best or worst gore you've ever watched

About the selfharm hole full of cat scratches

Hello WPD people! I'm tired of seeing all kinds of retarded people posting cat scratches :marseyagreefast:

What the fuck are these bro? :marseyconfused2:

Please :marseybeanpleading: take your shit on Twitter (X), there is the best place to post this kind of photos, not on a gore website where is supposed to be just skin and meat ripped in 2 (at the sh hole [or other])

Let's do a simple exercise!

The X is the black app with an white X on it!

WPD is the site where you can access by writing with ya fingers!

don't mess them up


Does anyone knows if that man have any other gore videos?? I only saw ( don't go to sleep morena ) some one said he has (no mercy in mexico ) too but I don't think so because it belongs to CJNG and la ardilla is in Los zetas


A relative told me this, never been to US myself so have to believe what people who have been there say.


Did it effect you more when you saw it in real life


Mine was Goregrish.

There HAS to be an easier way to shave your balls.

Since the dawn of modern civilisation, a dilemma has plagued men: How can we shave our balls easily, efficiently and without risk? Today, I seek answers. Today, I wish to be enlightened.

What seems racist that really isnt racism?
Dear h/selfharm

Please stop false reporting OC creators for cat scratches. If it is a styro (AKA the cut hit white, and went down to the depth of derma/dermis), then it is not a cat scratch. Yes, styros can appear thin or shallow at times, but they are still not cat scratches. “Cat scratches” only applies to cuts that only penetrated/scratched the first level of skin, the epidermis. Yes, I do personally think if you're OC posting your cuts should at least be suitable for a gore site, but I digress. If you can't discern whether something is a cat scratch or not, then it's best not to report it. I've seen dozens of cat scratch reports on styro cuts, and mods are probably annoyed with the number of false reports they have to go through.

This is a pretty standard self harm chart, just replace “babies” with “cat scratches” and you'll be able to discern what I mean.

Again, this post is not to attack your personal opinions on what a suitable depth is. I really don't care if you think styro cutters are pussies. I'm just saying that, objectively — styro cuts are not cat scratches. Make fun of em, leave whatever comments you what — it's not against the rules. Just don't use the report feature when unnecessary, since mods actually spend their time going through them rather than using an automated bot system.

Is this real?

Lemme know if it real or not


is there a way to put in a video without downloading it? help me please!


have you ever done the "Run The Gauntlet" challenge? what was your experience? I can say I have accomplished the full challenge last night.

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