bum fight in thread 🚨 Pussyfication of WPD

This is mostly just a rant for my own sake so enjoy.

(Due to recent events: No I’m not associated with this cat video)

The recent uptick in users from Reddit and instagram is very noticeable to me. Every time I see acomment or post about, “look at these flowers” or complaining about animal deaths, 9/10 times the account was made in the past 2 months. This site is called fucking watch people die. That’s what we do, we don’t care about your flowers, or that a dog died, or that this video “triggered you”. Get the fuck off the site and go back to PC land where everybody cares about your “feelings”.

In addition. Dear Heavenly Father please smite the onlyfans/e sluts that have been showing up. In fact god post the video on here. That’s all. Im rricky and I’m unreasonably upset.

Edit: the vile women in the comments has videos up of her on the toilet. Her opinion is now invalid.

Edit 2: The comments simply back up my opinion


Time Restriction on h/Social

Hello guys! It's just my opinion.

Lately We all have witnessed significant numbers of users voice concern regarding the use of /h/social to post material inherently irrevenlant to a "Watch people die" Type of site ( Like some flowers, just an example, not targetting anyone), and the so called "Pussification of WPD".

Well, I propose that the Posts under /h/social should be removed from servers after, say a month.

Because, everyone is going to rewatch funkytown, but rarely anyone is going to watch some pic of cat they admire. Such Pics are forgotten as soon as User closes the post. It would help Regulators of this site reduce burden.

I personally have seen quiet downvoted and old posts which someone will rarely open, and thus deserve to be deleted quicker.

Kindly surf through old posts of /h/social and then express your opinion.

(Sorry for posting a discussion, and not gore, cause I seriously don't have the guts to record it)

Should we have a “Fight”, and or “Brain damage” category?

What are your opinions on the implementation of a Fight/Brain Dead category? I think it would be a good addition. I know a few people are going to shoot back, “BUT ITS NOT PEOPLE DYING”. My rebuttal to that is that we already have a self harm category. Of which implies no one is dying, as if they die then it’s not self harm but instead a suicide. Which is an entirely different category.

What does truescore do?


Do you ACTUALLY enjoy watching people die?

I’ve been asking myself if the people that use this website regularly truly get a kick out of seeing people dying, or if it’s only because they’re curious.

Do you feel anything while watching these kind of videos? Disgust? Happiness?

Should selfharm self-posts be banned?

Surely letting people post self-harm self-posts is bad, right? Allowing people to just encourages people to mutilate their own bodies for views.

Clearly the WPD community feels the same way based on the flood of dislikes they get.


Oh yeah. And it literally goes against rule 4.

Dogs and cats specific flair?

Should we have a dog and cat specific flair to help filter out some of that content from social while still providing a safe space for that fluffy content?

Opinions on The Human Centipede and A Serbian Film?

The first "gore" I ever saw was The Human Centipede trilogy. I had to stop half way through the first one because I was 13 and getting nauseous (like a loser) The second one made me start shaking whenever I remembered it, and the third one was just a comedy movie. After that, I watched A Serbian Film, which I regret....

Anyways, currently the worst videos I've seen are the Ms. Pacman one and the Funkytown one. They kept me up for a couple nights after I watched them. I honestly have no intentions of watching anything worse

I don't know if these count,but I've seen a couple other videos on here that make me feel so sick I get really dizzy and have trouble seeing. No clue if that's normal, but I occasionally just come back to this site for the discussion and social posts. It's fun to see arguments in the comments :):marseykermit:

why did you guys start watching gore videos and why
whats ur fav type of gore and why?


Does anyone have CSS code animations for my profile?

I wanna have a awesome profile like @YoloSwaggins has. If you do have one, comment or DM me it. :#marseytank:

I would like to make my profile as awesome and epic as possible so comment me any codes that can do awesome stuff to my profile. :#hearts::#hearts::#hearts::#hearts::#hearts:

Can I have you guys opinion of people who done selfharm and post it online?, Like I'm depressed and suicidal too myself but I would never done selfharm to myself it just look so pointless...

(Sry for my bad English guys it not my first language.)

Hitler is Socialist?

I was reading through an article at Deadhouse and saw it put out an article about Hitler in a rather proud way. As far as I know, Fascism is something different from socialism.

(I'm a socialist - anti-fascist and still learning more) But I'm sure the article still had some problems in claiming Hitler was a Socialist. Does anyone here have a source where I can learn more about that?

And yes, I know the two are different, but I wanted to learn more to solidify my argument and hopefully get support from like-minded people.

I also noticed that someone with some comments refused to learn more about the history.



Why i hate censorship and so called "slurs"

I dont like when people judge me by the words i use, for instance, "i said yo whats good neighbor" to a friend of a friend and he told his black friend i said the dreaded "n-word" ofc leaving out the context (arguably the most important part of a situation) his black friends came up to me and started pushing me around forcefully before i could explain happend with them chanting "why u calling us BIPOCs for" after that i really gave up on using those type of words i would usually use such as cute twink BIPOC ect even though i would use them satirically, eventually decided to not care if my sense of humor offends anyone. Anyways thanks for reading my preachy cute twinky story

5 reasons why WPD is better than reddit entirely.

Number 1: There's a whole lot of customization you can use to make your profile the way you want it to be. No more ugly avatar customization they have in reddit. Number 2: You can gamble!!!!!!!!! And lose lots of coins!!!!!!!!! Number 3: You can talk to anyone in real time anytime you want. Number 4: Lots of badges you can earn. Number 5: You get to have a spider friend to keep you company all the time. That's why WPD is better than reddit. Hope you guys have a great day.:#hearts:

favorite animal?

and why

How did you end up on wpd?

Me personally I was looking for the christchurch shooting and this is the first place I found that has the full video and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Proud to say wpd was my first gore site :marseyemojismilemoutheyes:

Honestly I never expected a gore site community would be as friendly as it is (excluding a few special individuals)

I draw a lot of gore because I think it looks beautiful and I might not post my own but I would also love to see other people’s

What are your views on coming here?

1.You are over 18 years old?2. You have no history of mental illness?3. You are here for entertainment purposes?4.If you plan to harm someone in reality?

i had it

What is your favorite gore video and why?

Have fun

Are you desensitised yet?

Are you guys desensitised yet? If so, what are your symptoms? Mine, I laterally laugh at gore now days. I am trying to take a break from watching gore so I come here to post comments. What about you? How is it going? Are you still sane?

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