Rare photo of Jeff weise

This incident has been largely forgotten. does anyone have a good documentary about it on YouTube. or anywhere for that matter.

im bored darbo fl comments

i love feet ( im a girl.)


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Is it because of people are harder to survive in cold climates?

Cold-climate nations are usually good at conquering and wars such as R-a-z-z-i-a shit.


Any First responders Lurking here, Starting EMT training after being in the military and want to take the temperature of the job.

Yes I like gore and long shifts, I don't care about that.

Thank you guys and much love


Even if it means having a room, food and activities, do you think it would be hard?

It really depends on your country imo!

How would you get arrested?



What is the highest resolution you ever saw a dead person

New gacy movie

Question has anyone seen the new John Wayne gacy film gacy serial killer nextdoor I watched it and thot it sucked why do u think they keep making a movie about John Wayne gacy in poor quality I mean even the 2002 gacy film sucked they haven't gotten the story or victims story's straight yet I remember seeing extremely wicked shocking evil about Ted Bundy and ofc monster the Jeffrey Dahmer story but still gacy was like one of most interesting ones and he's a killer clown hopefully there will be a good movie or show about him soon and the case sorry for rambling it's just something that's been on my mind all night.

im not dying before gta 6

I've made it a point in my life that i will not be dying before the release of gta 6. I am not retarded and I look both ways and I think I've got what it takes.


Oh yeah man i forgot i have this asian neighbor and everytime one of my many stray cats get out he sends me a really cool dinner! He says to use the left overs as food so the cats come back although i haven't seen any of them come back.


Have you ever been stabbed, shot, or badly wounded by another person? If so, what happened?

Reply in comments!! :marseyshy3:


All right, here we go! Another lost media deep-dive, as if we needed another. I've been debating back and forth in my head which case to cover after the last one. After thinking it over, I have come to the conclusion that I should cover the one case that drew me into the world of "NSFL lost media" in the first place.

First, let's rewind the clock by almost 14 years. It is the summer of 2010. Barack Obama is a year and a half into his first term. Jason Derulo and Ke$ha are ruling FM pop radio in the States and epic sci-fi film Inception is a #1 blockbuster in movie theaters. Speaking of blockbusters, the movie rental chain Blockbuster is still doing strong although its days are numbered at this point. For one down-home Georgia woman and mother of two Dayna Kempson Schacht, life is good. Little does she know that her life is about to be tragically cut short in a car wreck on the fateful evening of July 17, 2010. She was only 23.


Dayna Kempson was driving down Georgia Highway 19 when for some unknown reason, she lost control of her car and crashed into a tree right off the road. Her death was sudden, instant and likely painless. Responding firefighter Terrence Terry Reid was among the first on the scene. For whatever reason, this Terry dude decided to record the grisly crash's aftermath on his cell phone. Terry made somewhat callous remarks in a flat deadpan tone like "there's a piece of skull on the console; smells like she's been drinking". Apparently, at least one other responding firefighter was also present and heard making comments in the video.

The video had a duration of approximately 1 minute and 47 seconds. One would think that there was nothing quite atrocious about Terry's video. Well, that is nowhere near the most callous aspect of this case. About two months after Dayna's death, Terry thought it would be a good idea to share the cell phone video with his fellow firefighters who weren't on the scene that evening. I'd wager that he wasn't expecting one of the firefighters to show off the video to his fellow bar patrons, but that is exactly what happened. The video spread and someone had the goddamned gall to send it to Dayna's parents as a horrific joke.

When I say the video spread, I mean it spread like a fucking Arizona wildfire on a meth binge in the dry heat of summer. And apparently at some point, it ended up on YouTube. The video was taken down from YouTube faster than you can say Anal Destroyer, but it remained on a blog site for at least a little longer.


Okay.... so not unlike the infamous Porsche Girl case, which is empathically not lost and the photos can be found right here on WPD, someone had the gall to make a website specifically for the purpose of hosting the video. The URL was "" and the YouTube video was embedded on it.

If you click the link above, you will find that there is no thumbnail for the crash video but it is probably as close as we can get to seeing the video in its original format these days. All traces of the video have been wiped clean off the surface web with the sole exception being a brief segment of audio extracted from the video, that can be found in this gem from Associated Press:

I've read that for at least one or two years after the video went viral, screenshots or stills of the video were still floating around online. That is hearsay but certainly not impossible, as the video was viewed by a healthy number of people and social media was a substantially wilder place in the early 2010s. Google's monopolization of social media was not yet complete, and YouTube wasn't nearly as censorious as it is today. With that said, I have yet to personally come across any of those stills in my searches.


Here, I have to put aside my fascination with this case and take Dayna's heartbroken parents into consideration. They were utterly devastated by how Dayna's death was not just exploited but mocked and disrespected. Some things are clearly better off lost, although I am well aware that I am posting this on a website dedicated to hosting death footage amongst other similar macabre things. I'm here for the same reasons that you all are. I am fascinated by death, gore, trauma, tragedy and all things that shine a light on the darkest underbellies of human nature. This is why the "pros vs cons debate" is a thing in the first place.

Let's just say that the footage does get recovered, which is unlikely but not impossible, and is exclusively hosted on WPD where folks gather to see the reality of death. What are the pros for us? They certainly exist for morbidly curious peeps like you and me, but I believe they may be outweighed by the cons of Dayna's poor parents having to know that their young daughter's gory death scene is still being spectated by strangers. Not to seem hypocritical, this video was my morbid white whale for a few years but another part of me is tempted to give up my search and let sleeping dogs lie. What do you all say?

QUESTION for the fellas

Really think hard about this. The greatest moment of you me life and absolute rock bottom up to now:

Worst - my long term girlfriend dying when I was away at uni and never getting to say goodbye or go to her funeral

Best - my football team getting promoted to the Premier League

what is your religion guys

I have doubts about what the personal lives of the guys who keep seeing this site are like.

Why is everyone in this website so childish?

I know a lot of you (the folk I'm talking about) probably don't think that you're acting childish because of all of the totally shocking things you watch.

But the accesive use of the n-word, the amount of bigotry and misogyny you accumulate on here… it just makes you look immature.

I know that doing all of these “shocking” things make you feel special, grown-up, and like you're rebelling-but you're not doing any of those things. You're just childish.

This site wasn't made to be a haven for wannabe Nazi edgelords.

It was made for the sole purpose of satisfying your morbid curiosity—something that EVERYONE has.

You aren't special. Stop acting like a 5-year-old.


Ive been here now for a while and all these gore videos have made me think that has there ever been anything too brutal to post here?

And what is worst you have watched here or somewhere else?

Where did all the post go?

I hopped on today and noticed there's only 11 pages of post, usually there are hundreds. Was there a site wide wipe I missed?


Being the autist that I am, I've done my research into this topic and made some startling revelations. Well, for one, very few murderers are neoliberals. But, many have held progressive or socialistic views. Many more are fascists. Some are libertarians. Some, such as myself, don't even have a coherent or consistent ideology.

Here's the list though. It's a work in progress.

>Ted Bundy (Libertarian Republican)

>Jared Lee Loughner (Anti-Establishment)

>William Atchison (Far-Right Fascist)

>Bryan Kohberger (Libertarian)

>Dale Hauser (Conservative-ish?)

>John Russell Houser (Christofascist)

>Todd Kohlhepp (Anti-Establishment)

>Wade Michael Page (Far-Right Fascist)

>Steven Carrillo (Libertarian Right-Winger)

>Patrick Crusius (Far-Right Fascist)

>Connor Betts (Progressive)

>Karl Pierson (Communist?)

>Christopher Dorner (Antifascist)

>Paul Ciancia (Libertarian)

>Leonard Lake (Libertarian)

>John Wayne Gacy (Old School Democrat)

>Nikolas Cruz (Conservative)

>Stephen Paddock (Conservative)

>Jason Brian Dalton (Conservative)

>Connor Sturgeon (Progressive Liberal?)

>Dylann Roof (Far-Right Fascist)

>Brenton Tarrant (Far-Right)


it sounds so dumb. but where does everyone get their original gore from? like twitter or other websites? just a dumb question :marseyshrug:


As a WPD Community, we would like a collection of videos depicting fatal accidents that have a high probabilité of occurring in daily life. It would be useful to raise awareness among people about the surrounding dangers.


Pulling a number out of my butt, however it feels like ~95% of the videos on here are just people being reckless, stupid, or violent. Its like a tiny fraction are freak accidents and acts of nature like flooding (and even then half those people drive into the water or some dumb shit.) Otherwise almost all the people on the front page could be alive.

I guess its nice knowing Ill survive if I just pay attention but damn.


There's a scene in the slasher film Terrifier where the villain Art the Clown cuts a woman in half with a hacksaw. The creator Damien Leone decided to make an even worse scene in Terrifier 2 where Art tortures a young woman to death in various ways. He has stated there will be an even worse scene in the third film which comes out this October.

My question is how do you think Leone will outdo the bedroom scene in the next film?

I'm thinking Art either dumps the various weapons out his trash bag and uses them on someone or he attacks someone where various tools are available like a hardware store or home workshop.

What are your thoughts?

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