man tried bravery but it ends in unsavory aftermath

aftermath picture :

\China man slide to his death in a sewage canal


The tragic accident happened at the children's swimming pool in Jieyang City, located in Guangdong Province in Southeastern China, August 2021.

The four-year-old girl was sitting in a rubber swimming ring when it tipped upside down forcing the top half of her body to be submerged in water.

CCTV footage caught the horrifying moment the child began kicking her legs feverishly trying to right the swimming ring.

While the girl drowns in the pool, a woman is nearby eating food completely unaware while another is speaking to a child.

In the video, the woman in the black dress then takes her child over to the pool and fails again to notice the little girl drowning.

She drops off her child into the pool and then exits the room.

The adult who was eating turns around again but notices nothing before she walks away.

The woman eating also turns round but again notices nothing, and then walks away.

The new kid in the pool spots that something is not right but apparently fails to raise the attention of the adults nearby

It was later confirmed by officials that the girl who was left upside down in the water had died.

Local police confirmed that the child died in the swimming pool, but did not comment on the identities of the two women or whether they were staff or relatives of the child who died.



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Woman :marseysouthernbelle3: drowns in a hotel pool on Facebook live after going :marseysalmaid: into the deep end (Description Included)

23-year-old Hellen Nyabuto drowned while livestreaming on facebook

She died Aug. 18 while swimming :marseyshark2: at a hotel pool in Chatsworth, a township in Ontario. Her death :marseyguillotine: is not considered suspicious, a spokesman for the Ontario Provincial Police :marseycop3: said on a Wednesday.

In the footage, Nyabuto smiled at the camera :marseyjourno: before :marseyskellington: going :marseysal2: for a swim into the deep end of the pool. The video :marseyzeldalinktoonblue: showed Nyabuto struggling in the water :marseyspit: as she called out for help. The video :marseyprincesszelda1: then went silent.

Woman accidentally falls into a Koi pond, ends up drowning because she can't swim


CHILD WARNING Kid drowns as friends watch

In Ganga River, India.

Man jumps from a bridge, drowning himself below, June 10, 2024 - Vietnam (Description Included)

Information from the Xuan Hoi commune government, at 5:30 a.m. on June 10, local people discovered a three-wheeled electric motorbike left on Cua Hoi bridge.

Suspecting someone jumped from the bridge, local authorities and residents organized a search and discovered the body of Mr. VAT (born 1955, Phu Quy village, Xuan Hoi commune) in the pond under the bridge.

Immediately afterward, the victim's body was brought ashore by the authorities and handed over to the family for burial according to local customs.




guy jumps into river and drowns

CHILD WARNING Two children drown in pool - where are the parents ?

CHILD WARNING Forgetfull parents let unsupervised child drown in pool :marseydrowned:


He must have really wanted that log, it really do be like that sometimes tho

CHILD WARNING Accident of the two young children at the swimming pool in VietNam

Update 13/6/2024: both died

Halong Bay: While going on a trip, the parents were too busy taking photos and did not pay attention to their 2 young children, and then one of the children... Result 1 died 1 very urgent…


On June 2, two tourists accidentally fell into the water while crossing a stream in the Shiren Gorge Scenic Area in Taizhou, Zhejiang , and were washed away by the rushing stream. The thrilling video of the incident was exposed online and attracted attention.

A video posted online showed a group of tourists playing in the Shiren Gorge Scenic Area. Among them, a man and a woman were crossing a stream holding a rope . At the other end of the stream was a wooden ladder. A man was sitting on the wooden ladder, holding a rope in his hand. At one end of the rope, there is a man standing on a rock in the stream, assisting two tourists.

Suddenly, the female tourist became unstable and fell backwards. She fell into the stream and was rushed to the edge of the rock. The male tourist was also dragged into the water.

The female tourist was unable to stand up from the water, and the man was trapped in the water in order to save her. Tourists on the shore who witnessed this dangerous scene screamed.

In the video, a man said, "Have you ever seen such a thrilling scene?"

Later, the female tourist was washed down by the stream and submerged into the waterfall. The male tourist did not give up and still held her tightly. The man standing on the rock also tried to get closer and rescue the two.

The waists of the two tourists were tied to ropes and they had been washed under the waterfall. People on both sides of the stream pulled the ropes and tried to pull them up, but the current was too strong and the two tourists seemed to have drowned and lost consciousness.

In the end, the rope was torn off, and the two were swept away by the rushing stream and swept into the deep pool under the waterfall, disappearing without a trace.



In Odessa, a 20-year-old police woman was washed out to sea by a wave. Divers search for her body.

The police determine the circumstances of the tragic death of a police women from the city of Rivne. The event took place last night in Odessa, where a 20-year-old girl was on vacation in her spare time. The girl was photographed on the pier in memory of her stay in Odessa. The first wave knocked her over and the second washed her out to sea, the report said.

CHILD WARNING 3 family members drown after bridge breaks on them


CHILD WARNING Child drowns after oblivious parents stare at the kid face down in the water for minutes - China

I hope a concrete block falls on the grandpas head


An 18-year-old man in Sahibganj district of Jharkhand drowned after he jumped into deep water from a height to make an Instagram reel.

The man, Tausif, jumped into a quarry lake from a height of about 100 feet. His friends, who were bathing in the lake, tried to save him but were unsuccessful.

They alerted locals and police, and a search operation was launched. The youth's body was recovered later.

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