CHILD WARNING The westernmost death ever caught on film: A bus overturns in a Samoan river, two girls ages 5 and 12 drown

Lano, Samoa

July 6, 2013

172,20 degrees west:,-172.2003319,3a,75y,35.77h,84.22t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipPvn0Qjtx4AFLivu2JK1uT3zZBZuMCYJB1nBFuA!2e10!3e11!7i7680!8i3840

Here's the blog post of the guy that filmed it. It's quite long so I'm not gonna paste it here. Give it a read though, it's quite interesting :marseyreading:


Like trying to carry a boulder out of a lake

edit: corrected to man, credit to @ManyAccounts for the backstory vid!

Sources from YT video:

A man identified as Allan Serejo da Silva drowned in the River Guamá, on Sunday night (11), during a party that was taking place in the municipality of São Miguel do Guamá, northeast Pará. The victim is also identified by the nickname 'Pureto'. Initial reports are that he was drinking alcoholic beverages and, at a certain point, entered the river and disappeared into the water. About an hour later, he was found floating unconscious.

According to the 42nd BPM, which is responsible for policing the municipality, at around 10.30pm people who were taking part in a party on the banks of the river reported that 'Pureto' had disappeared when he entered the water. The Fire Brigade was immediately called in and began searching for the man. Due to the poor lighting at the site and the dark color of the water, the agents had difficulty searching and did not find the victim. At around 11.55pm, the police were called again by residents who reported the appearance of the body.

The firefighters removed 'Pureto's' body and began resuscitation procedures, but were unsuccessful and sent the victim to a health unit. According to people in the area, Allan had mental problems and was well known in the town. Witnesses mourned Pureto's death.

In a statement, the Civil Police said they are investigating the circumstances of the death through the São Miguel do Guamá police station. Witnesses will be heard and forensics will be requested to help with the investigation. The Pará Military Fire Brigade sent a statement to the press informing that it was called to attend the incident and carried out resuscitation procedures. The victim was taken to the municipal hospital in São Miguel do Guamá.

Influencer DROWNS While Filming a TikTok Video



CHILD WARNING young girl films her dad drowning in a lake

  • A young girl is filming her dad swimming in a lake. When he tries to get back out, he suffers some sort of health problem and ends up drowning. EDIT TO ADD SINCE YALL GET PRESSED WAY TOO EASY: apparently there was no medical condition blah blah, I went off the info provided to me when I came across the video, blah blah.

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Uttarakhand news: The superstition of a seven-year-old child's parents that a dip in the Ganga River could cure their son of cancer cost a child his life in Haridwar on Wednesday (January 24), police said. The boy's parents kept chanting mantras on the banks of Har ki Pauri while his aunt allegedly dipped him repeatedly in the Ganga ignoring his loud cries, until he suffocated and died, they added.

Bystanders tried to stop the woman but she refused to listen to them, the police said. Eyewitnesses reported the incident to the police, SHO of the Har ki Pauri police station Bhavna Kainthola said. The child's parents and aunt have been held for interrogation, the SHO said.

The boy was suffering from blood cancer and resided with his parents in Delhi, she said. He died of drowning, the SHO said, adding that further inquiry into the case is underway.

body of 29-year-old Brenda Taynara

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Discovery of a body, identified as 29-year-old Brenda Taynara, found in Lagoa Várzea das Flores.

The woman's hands and feet were bound and she was also gagged. The case is being investigated by the police.

Magician fails his stunt and drowns.



accident happened on June 21, 2021, in Songhae-myeon, Ganghwa County, South Korea.

The fisherman, identified as A, had been fishing at the reservoir the day before the accident. On the morning of June 21, he left the reservoir with his fishing gear still in the car.

A's SUV crashed into a fence near the reservoir and then plunged into the water. A was trapped inside the sinking SUV and was pronounced dead after being rescued by emergency personnel.

The reservoir is known to be very deep, with water levels high enough to completely submerge a vehicle.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident. They have requested an autopsy of A's body and a detailed inspection of the SUV. They are also analyzing footage from the SUV's dashcam.

The police are considering the possibility that the accident was caused by a sudden acceleration, also known as "sudden unintended acceleration" (SUA). SUA is a rare but serious safety issue that can cause vehicles to accelerate without warning.


In October 2023, two migrants, a Venezuelan named Carlos N. and an unidentified Haitian, tragically drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, to Brownsville, Texas.

The incident occurred when both individuals, struggling to reach the U.S. shore due to a large amount of mud, decided to return to the Mexican side but unfortunately sank. Carlos was with his wife and two children at the time; one child, aged 15, managed to cross the river, while the other, aged 8, did not. The Haitian migrant tried to rescue Carlos but was unsuccessful.

Both Carlos and the Haitian drowned in an area with a lot of accumulated garbage and water lilies.

CHILD WARNING (cw) bus tries to cross a flooded river?? fails horribly

As per reports, the horrifying incident took place in Savaii in Samoa Islands. In the video, the swollen river can be seen flowing over a bridge. Meanwhile, the bus tries to cross the flooded river. However, after reaching the middle of the bridge, the driver loses control of the vehicle and maintains its course. The bus begins to lurch to the side of the road and gets swept away by the water current. The bus falls into a ditch and gets submerged in the water.

As reported by the UK-based Dailymail, the tragic incident took place in 2013 and two girls aged five and 12 were killed. Several other passengers suffered broken bones and other serious injuries in the incident. The injured were rushed to a hospital on the island.

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CHILD WARNING (child warning) kid drowns in a swimming pool


Darwin Never sleeps. This is Natural Selection at its finest.

Full Video:

Woman on phone falls into river and drowns (backstory in pinned comment)



Mother Addicted To Cellphone Games Distractedly Trips And Falls Into River, Drowning Within 2 Minutes (China; 12/29/2015; Story Included In Description)

"Around 20:22 on Dec 29 a 28 year old Chinese woman playing games on her cellphone, like she normally did every evening, walked down a street, where a 45 meter wide river runs next to, and with no railing or other barrier separating them was so distracted that she fell in the water and drowned within 2 minutes.

They have no railing there as villagers wash their clothes in the river because the quality of the water is pretty good.

The husband, who worked overtime that evening/night came to find his wife the next day as she wasn't home and he found her shoes floating in the river and alarmed police. Family told the woman was addicted to game playing on her cell-phone. The water is only 5 ft deep there but has a slippery underground.

She leaves two kids under the age of 10.

This is not the first time people died in that province this year from mobile phone overuse/distraction police told.

In June a guy was found dead in bed laying on his side with his phone still in his hands. He was addicted to microblogging all nights long. Autopsy revealed he suffered a cardiac disease and had a sudden death. He left behind a 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.

In Oct. a man was watching TV on his mobile phone and crossed the street right in the path of a truck who mangled him to death.

Nov. A 41 year old man crossed a railroad crossing while playing games on his mobile phone. He dropped his phone, tried to pick it up before the train arrived but was grabbed by the train and died on the spot.

May: A young woman wearing a short skirt answered a phone call while crossing the street when a van appeared from her right and knocked her to the ground where she was greeted by a dump truck who run her over.

Dec. A BMW driver answered a phone call while driving on an overpass and didn't notice a traffic police officer who he hit. The officer died due to a cracked skull.

Other provinces report a rise in deadly traffic accidents also caused by mobile phone use."

Special thanks to Etsu and kellyhound of, who initially compiled the info.

R.I.P. to the woman, and may her family and friends find peace.


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