Russian drifter dies after driving on a thin ice

Irkutsk, Russia - 2022

Near Irkutsk, a drifter in a minivan drove onto the ice of the Angara and began to prance in front of the assembled audience of fishermen. At some point, the car fell into the water and quickly went to the bottom. The driver of the right-hand drive "Mitsubishi" failed to get out and died, despite the 2-meter depth.

Nicaraguan man drowns at Eagle Pass, Texas, trying to reach USA.


A Nicaraguan man's tragic drowning was captured on camera Sunday - the result of a failed bid to illegally cross the Mexico - United States border.

C.R, 53, and his friend E.C, 42, were seen struggling to stay afloat as the Rio Grande's current picked up strength between Piedras Negras, Coahuila, and Eagle Pass, Texas.

A news camera crew spotted C, a former radio host, hanging on to a concrete column in the middle of the river while R. battled the current and tried to keep his head above water. He later went under as Texas National Guard soldiers looked on.

He left his family behind in December 2021 after he received death threats for covering an government demonstration and was among several migrants who paid a smuggler $3,000 to be taken to Piedras Negras, Coahuila, in order to reach Texas

R. was swept down the international waterway and his body found near an islet further down the river.

C. somehow continued on and made it to a second set of concrete pillars under a bridge, where he sat on top of a tree branch.



Family Drowns on Beach in China :marseychingchong:

Indian man drowns in pond

"He jumped into the water despite not being proficient at swimming"


Raúl Valencia, 51-year-old man, drowned in water

Raúl Valencia, a 51-year-old man, drowned after falling into the water while drunk.

China | A swimming instructor dies during a breath training - 26 april 2024

Aftermath (grief):

Rui Hong Fitness Swimming Pool, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.

Swimming coach makes its breath training and died from drowning, without any helps.

The woman next to him did not notice anything unusual for 9 minutes until he died.

Stupid brainless woman I say, like the half of chinese in these types of videos... :marseyfacepalm:

Man has seizure and drowns in a pool (at 1:00) - May 1, 2024

Faridabad, India

A young man who had gone to take bath in the swimming pool at Tilpat died due to drowning. It is being told that during this time no security personnel were present around the pool. Police have registered a case against the swimming pool operator.

The name of the deceased is Hanni. He lives with his family in Gurdwara Baba Amar Das located in Sector-31. Hanni's father Gurmukh Singh is a servant in the Gurudwara. Hanni had gone with his friends to take a bath in the swimming pool located in Tilpat. All the friends were taking bath there. During this time, Hanni's friend saw that his body was floating in the swimming pool.

After this all the friends took him to a private hospital for treatment. Where the doctors declared him dead. Priyanshu, who went to take a bath with Hanni, told Manoj and another friend that Hanni was afraid of having a seizure while bathing, that is why no one came to know about his drowning.

According to Palla police station in-charge, Sameer Singh, the swimming pool did not meet any safety standards. A case of negligence was registered against him.

Indian dies after diving into not so deep water

Reported by:
  • BottleCap : need some type of ears bleeding warning

how 2 put under effortpost???

CHILD WARNING Kid from Thailand nearly drowns, and no one notices until the last moment

Incident captured on CCTV and shared on social media, a young boy nearly drowned in a private pool in Hua Hin after slipping out of his inflatable ring.

The video shows a group of children playing in the pool, including the victim's older brother and their friends. Initially, no one noticed the young boy's struggle as he submerged silently. The danger was only noticed when one of the children alerted the group.

Parents, engaged in conversation by the poolside, were oblivious to the unfolding drama until a shout from one of the older children altered them to incident. The video reveals a quick-reacting boy diving into the water to rescue his younger brother, pulling him to the surface just in time.

A family member immediately administered first aid, which helped to expel water from the child's lungs and airways. The prompt action restored the boy's breathing, and he regained consciousness, though he complained about feeling pain with each breath.

The child was rushed to Hua Hin Hospital, which the child's parents said was commendably equipped and staffed. The doctors' quick assessment and treatment were crucial; an X-ray confirmed his lungs were filled with water, necessitating a night in the ICU. Fortunately, his condition stabilized, and after a three-day hospital stay, he fully recovered without further complications.

Moral of the story: Watch your kids, bruh. :bruh:


Beyond 57 metres, divers face oxygen toxicity, a condition particularly pertinent to those venturing to conquer the arch. Symptoms include tunnel vision, tingling sensations, and, in severe cases, seizures or fainting that can result in drowning.

One tragic case in the Blue Hole's history is that of Yuri Lipski, a diving instructor who entered its depths in the year 2000 and never came back. His helmet camera recovered later, provided insights into his ill-fated dive. The footage revealed that, at approximately 91 metres, nitrogen narcosis took hold, causing Yuri to sink to the depths of the Blue Hole.

"Ma'am, can you record me drowning?" :smackhead: :marseyflagindia:

CHILD WARNING Child drowns in public pool in China, and no one cares :marseyxi:

CHILD WARNING Boy drowns after going unnoticed for 3 minutes inside indoor pool in China..


Man drowns a disabled person to death over alleged Blasphemy in Pakistan..

According to the police in the northern district of Ghotki in the province of Sindh, a disabled young man has been killed by diving into the water of a pond after accusing him of blasphemy.

The police have arrested a suspected accused who said that he did this on the charge of insulting religion on behalf of the victim. This incident took place in the village of Mirpur Mathilo on Saturday morning. In the case filed in the Mirpur Mathilo police station, the plaintiff Sarfaraz Ali said that a week ago, his elder brother Abbas Kaldor had told that 'Muhammad Hasan Kaldor Dargah Lal Shah. But he came to him and said that you who worship at the graves, please leave the shrine or I will kill you.' He further said that 'on Saturday morning at nine o'clock, we were standing near the Dargah when the accused Muhammad Hasan and an unknown person came. Among them, Hasan Kallor had a bottle in his hand with petrol in it. He addressed Abbas and said that he told you. Stop approaching the shrine, but if you do not obey, they will not leave you now.' "The accused sprinkled petrol on my brother and the unknown person with me took out a match to start a fire. My brother ran away in fear, they chased him. He fell into the pool of water. They made him dive in front of us. Killed, we took the body to the hospital where the post-mortem was conducted.' Zaheer, the brother of the deceased Abbas, told the BBC over the phone that the accused is a distant relative of his and studies in a seminary in Sukkur. The police have arrested the suspected accused Hasan Kalor. SSP Ghotki Tanveer Taniv told BBC that the accused has been arrested and a case of murder has been registered.

A video of this has also been found by the police in which it is seen that the accused is holding the victim by the hair in the water. He replied that he has insulted the religion, he has witnesses, he will run away even if the police come and arrest him. The deceased, Abbas Kalor, was deprived of both arms by birth, and had been visiting Dargah Lal for the past decade. From running a hand pump to drawing water to voting, he used to do all the work with the help of his feet. He was an example of courage and jihad locally, Pakistani broadcasting organizations have also made a report on him.



According to the information, a young man has died due to drowning in a swimming pool in Raisen. The name of the youth is said to be Sagar Janjale, who used to live in Bhimnagar, Bhopal. He had gone to Raisen with his brother-in-law to celebrate Rangpanchami. This pool party was organized in Raisen by many influential people of Bhopal. In which this driver Sagar was in trouble along with his brother. While bathing in the pool during the party, Sagar drowned in the water and lost his life. Even the people celebrating the party and taking bath with him did not pay attention to this young man drowning. Everyone continued to enjoy themselves and the young man lost his life. A CCTV of this incident has also surfaced. In which the young man is seen drowning, but no one even paid attention to it.

Man jumps into cold quarry and drowns

Body being recovered,get%20out%2C%20and%20eventually%20drowning.


idk nothing about this video. A friend sent it to me asking if i knew sum about it.


Hasnain Malik, the victim, had come to stay with his grandmother. He was playing outside :marseytouchgrass: with other children :marseykermit: but did not return :marseymonke: home for a long time. This worried :marseyfedscared: his family :marseyracistcheck: members, and they began :marseyitsover: looking :marseyflirt: for him. However, they ended up finding his dead body in the sewage :marseyshitpipe: tank. His parents thought :marseymindblown: that he might have died after falling :marseysheercliff: into the tank while playing. But the real reason behind :marseynotes2: his tragic :marseychimera: death :marseymissile: was revealed in the CCTV footage.

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