Happened on June 26, 2024, around 5 am in Primorsky Krai, Russia

Sea tug MB-356 left Amgu village in Terneysky District and began a cruise to a logging point Samarginsky.

It was a delivery of 11 workers, but when the tug arrived in Samarginsky it turned out there were only 10 workers on board.

51 years old man was missing.

When the crew watched CCTV footage from the ship, they saw that on June 26, around 5 am the missing man began to pee into the sea.

He suddenly lost his footing and fell off the ship. At this moment his body still wasn't found.

According to the colleagues of the unlucky man, the MB-356 is being used only when there is no other means of transportation available.

There is no toilet on board. You have to hold it for 12-15 hours.




Vostok Media

Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office

CHILD WARNING chinese girl drowns bc she was too focused on her phone

Dude gets into a fountain to take pics, ends up drowning

Almaty, Kazakhstan, Jun 19, 2024

Minister of Science and Higher Education Sayasat Nurbek commented on the tragic incident at the fountain on the territory of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty, where a young guy died, correspondent reports .

On the sidelines of the Mazhilis, the minister said that today the results of a forensic examination on the cause of death of the teenager should be released.

"At 4:00 p.m. after lunch, the weather was very hot. Despite the prohibiting sign, he climbed into the fountain. And a two-tiered fountain. He did not climb into the outer one, but into the main bowl. I just didn't have time to check the report this morning. There were two preliminary reasons: cardiac arrest or an electric shock. But the forensic medical examination should have clarified the exact cause of death," the minister said, answering journalists' questions.

In addition, the minister denied information that the teenager climbed into the fountain after he did poorly in the UNT.

"No, no, no. He did not pass the UNT, because on June 18, due to a power failure in Almaty, we had to postpone this course, which was supposed to be taken on June 19, to June 23. Therefore, he did not pass the UNT," the minister explained .

It should be noted that the tragic incident occurred on June 19. The Almaty police department reported that an investigation has been launched into the incident.

people get swept away by high waves (story in post)

Article here



David Shaw, a professional cave diver, died on January 8th 2005 while attempting to recover the body of Deon Dreyer.

Shaw recorded his death dive with an underwater camera, which allowed researchers to determine that he suffered from respiratory issues due to the high pressure. Shaw ran into difficulties when Dreyer's body unexpectedly began to float. Shaw had been advised by various experts that the body would remain negatively buoyant because the visible parts were reduced to the skeleton. However, within his drysuit, Dreyer's corpse had turned into a soap-like substance called adipocere, which floats.

Researchers have determined that while attempting the retrieval, Dave became entangled with the lines from the body bag and the wires from his light head. The physical effort of trying to free himself at such a deep depth, led to his death for what is believed to be respiratory insufficiency.

Dave's diving partner Don Shirley (narrator of the video above) nearly died as well, and was left with permanent damage that has impaired his balance.

Three days later, both of the bodies that had become entangled in the lines were pulled up to near the surface as the dive team was retrieving their equipment.

Shaw's close friend and support diver, Don Shirley, nearly died as well and was left with permanent damage that has impaired his balance.

The dive on which Shaw died was the 333rd of his career. At the time of his world record dive, he had been diving for a little over five years.

His death has been profiled in a number of documentary films, including the 2020 documentary feature "Dave Not Coming Back".

African Illegal Immigrants Drowning


CHILD WARNING Retards in midway of dam


A newlywed couple was among the members of a family who were washed away in a waterfall behind the Bhushi Dam in Lonavala near Pune while they were out on a picnic. While four of them, including three children, died, the couple was rescued and is presently in the hospital, a resident who knows the family that lives in the Sayyad Nagar area.

According to the police, the members of the extended family of Ansaris, Khans, and Sayyads, including the couple, went to Lonavala in a hired bus early on Sunday for the picnic. They said as many as 19 members of the family were out on a picnic at the popular tourist destination when the accident took place

A purported video showing a group of people, including those who lost their lives in Lonavala on Sunday, being swept away by the gushing water after intense rainfall in the area is being shared widely on social media.


Hayle Harbour, United Kingdom, 2013

The Whirlpool

"The whirlpool in Hayle Harbour only appears a few times a year. It was a quirk of Victorian engineering devised to stop the harbour silting up. Water would be stored in a pool at high tide and, once the tide had retreated, released back into the harbour to wash away the sand. The water would get into the pool through a tunnel beneath a quay. But sometimes the tide would come back in faster than the water could pass through the tunnel."

This would create the whirlpool.

Jacob Cockle

Jacob's last moments

Man dies after attempting to dive in a shallow pool, June 21, 2024 - India (Description Included)

Over the past few hours, a video has caused outrage and sadness on social media at the same time, as it shows the exact moment when a man drowns after a failed dive into a very shallow pool.

According to the audiovisual material shared on X , which was captured by the security cameras of the place, a group of friends can be seen spending their free time in a very shallow pool, since one of the members is even sitting without any problem.

At one point, two men dive into the water ; however, one of them hits his head and loses consciousness underwater, in front of everyone present, who do not know if such an action is "part of a joke" or if something really bad is happening.

After several minutes, the man lost his life, because, on the one hand, he received a strong blow to the head, which could have even fractured his neck; while, on the other hand, his lungs filled with water, since he could not be put on solid ground in time to be helped first by his friends and then by health professionals.

As expected, the video of the man who drowned after a failed dive attracted endless reactions on social networks , most of which were critical of the second person who was next to him and simply watched his death.

At the same time, there were those who attacked the man who died, saying that he should have thought things through very carefully before jumping in like he did, as there were clear signs that the pool was not very deep.


Wannabe model Diana Belyaeva, 20, was swept out to sea in seconds as onlookers ‘stood and watched or filmed her'.

She and her boyfriend were walking along the shallow frothy waters of the Russian beach resort Sochi.

The couple share a romantic moment before they were savagely swept off their feet by a massive terrorising wave.

The pair fall before the Russian woman struggles to stand and a current rips her further from shore.

Her panic-stricken boyfriend attempts to get help and even rushes into the lethal waters to save her.

The attempt is unsuccessful as he gets pushed back by the intensity of the waves.

accidentally film their own death as they drown in a deep pond in India

Three friends accidentally film their own death as they drown in a deep pond in India

A footage showing the horrific moment three friends accidentally recorded themselves drowning in a deep pond in India, has been released online.

The men identified as Chetan Khatik, 28, Sudarshan Chandel, 22, and Radheyshyam Khatik, 27, were said to have stopped for a swim in a local pond during a bike ride through Rajsamand city in Rajasthan, western India.

Sadly for three friends who were reportedly poor swimmers, they set one of their mobile phones up on the side of the pond and got into the deep pool at Gauri Dham Kund in the city.

At the beginning of the three-minute video, the men were seen splashing each other by the water's edge, before one of then jumps into the deep pond and started struggling.

(Which i didnt download)

In an attempt to save him from drowning, the other two jump into the deep end to help him but they all ended up drowning.

Three friends accidentally film their own death as they drown in a deep pond in India

The men were discovered by Police who were contacted by their family members after they failed to return home.

According to a Gauri Dham Kund Police officer, Rajender Godara, he identified the men and said: 'The victims were relatives and knew each other well.'

Link to the article, which there is plenty more info to go by im guessing, but i really didnt want to bother you with every detail, dailymail, and a few other sources are where i got the info from, another user posted this with no context, though, considering theres comments with the info id rsther post it again with the info directly.



Industrial diver Alex Reed Paxton plunged into the bowels of Columbus' Lake Oliver Dam on Oct. 27, 2020, and never got out alive.

As he descended into the water along a floodgate chain looking for damage, his left arm was sucked into a high-pressure pipe, its valve inadvertently left open, and the suction's crushing power suffocated him.

Pinned by 850 pounds of pressure, the 31-year-old lost consciousness, and died in minutes. His body did not come free until workers found the valve control and released it, about 30 minutes later.

Represented by Columbus native Jeb Butler of the Butler Kahn law firm in Atlanta, his parents sued Georgia Power, which operates the dam. The claim went to mediation, and they reached a confidential settlement last month.

Some aspects of Paxton's death remain undisclosed, as diagrams and details of how the dam operates are not public record: Federal authorities consider it "critical infrastructure" that terrorists or foreign agents could target, were they privy to its inner workings.

Chance Corbett, Columbus' homeland security director, agreed that the power company has to keep some information confidential.

5 min documentary of the incident.

Indian gets swept by the water after jumping into a waterfall

CHILD WARNING Two children drown in pool - where are the parents ?


He must have really wanted that log, it really do be like that sometimes tho


An 18-year-old man in Sahibganj district of Jharkhand drowned after he jumped into deep water from a height to make an Instagram reel.

The man, Tausif, jumped into a quarry lake from a height of about 100 feet. His friends, who were bathing in the lake, tried to save him but were unsuccessful.

They alerted locals and police, and a search operation was launched. The youth's body was recovered later.


Article here

CHILD WARNING Child drowns after oblivious parents stare at the kid face down in the water for minutes - China

I hope a concrete block falls on the grandpas head


Russian drifter dies after driving on a thin ice

Irkutsk, Russia - 2022

Near Irkutsk, a drifter in a minivan drove onto the ice of the Angara and began to prance in front of the assembled audience of fishermen. At some point, the car fell into the water and quickly went to the bottom. The driver of the right-hand drive "Mitsubishi" failed to get out and died, despite the 2-meter depth.

CHILD WARNING Forgetfull parents let unsupervised child drown in pool :marseydrowned:

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