Man got electrocuted by a fan

Nude woman electrocuted

A man climbed a telephone pole and got electrocuted (what a shocker!)


Around February 28, 2023

CHILD WARNING Another 4-year old Indian :marseyflagindia: girl electrocuted by supermarket fridge


>In protest against the supermarket's negligence, the girl's parents and other relatives staged a demonstration in front of the store with Rishita's lifeless body.

Here's a webm for the people who cannot load mp4


cant even buy ice cream in india anymore smh



There was a bird flying with a piece of wire it was tangled on its foot and when the bird flew over the man and the cables for the train, the circuit to ground was completed.

Tree being carried gets zapped by power lines, killing one and injuring four (at 0:29) - February 24, 2024

Ancón, Peru

Víctor Alejandro Calero Tarazona, a man who was participating in the installation of a tree that was to be used in the celebration of a yunza at the Pymes Housing Association, in Ancón, died as a result of an electric shock.

In the images broadcast by 24 Horas newscast, it can be seen that a group of people were trying to place, with ropes, the tree in a hole in the ground, for which they had the help of a tanker truck.

However, the branches made contact with the high tension electricity cables, so that the electric shock affected the people who were helping to stop the tree.

Two patrolmen from the Ancon police station took the five injured to the Puente Piedra hospital, but the doctors found that Victor Alejandro Calero Tarazona had already died on the way.

Jorge Mena, official of the Municipality of Ancon, pointed out that the electric shock to the people was direct because there were aluminum pots in the tree.

CHILD WARNING Little Girl Gets Shocked While Playing

Incident happend at Vietnam.



just a normal video from QQ, nobody know why he did this.


CHILD WARNING What happens when you touch 25,000 volts

Idk - possibly a child, definitely a teenager.


no aftermath pics :marseycry:


In Rosario, Argentina, a thief tried to steal some cables from an electrical source and ended up scorched.

His name was Ezequiel Francisco Curaba, who had just turned 21 and was homeless. He had already committed other crimes. He was hospitalized in critical condition and in police custody.

He died with 90% of his body burned.

The newscast also mentions that the residents did not take pity on him despite his delicate condition and tried to lynch him.

At least he got an n word pass for all eternity.

Worker entangled in cables is electrocuted

Chinese man touches high voltage power line

railroad worker electrocuted by downed or loose powerline

cant tell if it was downed because of the quality, sorry



A man from Subang Regency who died as a result of being struck by lightning while playing football on the Siliwangi Stadium field, Bandung City, West Java, Saturday (10/2/2024) afternoon.

Footage of the victim's death was spread on a number of Instagram social media accounts.

One of the witnesses with the initials GJ explained that at that time his team was competing with the victim's team from Subang.

However, when we entered the third round, the previously hot weather turned cloudy until the sound of lightning appeared which occurred several times until it finally hit the victim.

"His team was against my team. The weather was a bit cloudy, it was hot at the start of the game, but in the south and east it was already raining, it was still hot on the field, that's why we dared to play," he said when contacted, Saturday (10/2/2024).

"Once lightning struck the rod, the second time it hit the victim's leg. From there there started to be lots of lightning bolts. The victim immediately fell," added GJ.

After the strike, a number of players looked down. Then, they checked the condition of the unconscious victim.

"I thought he was lying down, then he didn't get up, he was immediately given help and called an ambulance," said GJ.

GJ said that the strike caused the victim's legs to burn and his skin color turned red. In fact, some parts of the skin melted.

"His shoes were burnt, they were streaked all the way to his clothes, his clothes were torn. Wounds on his chest, hit by lightning, skin melted, reddish black," he said.

He added that the victim was unconscious and then rushed to hospital. However, based on information, the victim died.

"We received news that the victim had died, the match was no longer continued because everyone was panicking," said GJ.

Indian man touches train high voltage cable

Man Dies Trying to Save Other Electrocution Victim

Man chasing a bird on a transmission pole gets shocked and drops to the ground

Bangui, Central African Republic

Around February 5, 2023


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