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(Russia) The tragic story of an idiot who decided to jump on the wires

The final was expected. Translation:

"Don't touch it, it will kill you! Don't touch the wires! Don't touch the wires, lie down! Don't tou- Don't touch the wires, there are three thousand (volts), it will kill you! Lie down! Lie down, don't twitch at all, lie down, blyat, you bastard! (By train radio: "he's running around on the roof here, the electrical voltage has been removed!"; in the background: "oh, they removed it!") Are you a jerk, or what?"

"...-disconnected, nothing works! Don't you dare jump! Blyat- (In the background: "Ахуеть! Ебать!") All right, let's press him, take it. Ахуеть, what kind of a climber is this? Come down! He's going to fall- Come down! Blyat... Come down! Help (him down)!"

"That's it, fuck it."

electrocuted while cleaning the window of the train


A worker was fatally electrocuted (India)

Naked woman climbs pole and gets electrocuted

Man disappears after taking a piss

man climbs up electrical pole and is zapped

A lot of this happens because people underestimate live sources of power on roof tops and accidentally touch something over reaching etc. when installing things on roofs.

You can see what looks like a satellite dish on the ground where he falls.


2 men electrocuted to death during Kalash Yatra celebration in Sheikhpura

Sheikhpura, Bihar, India - May 21, 2023

Bihar Accident: Fierce devastation in Kalash Yatra, two killed due to current, many injured

The big news of this time is from Rasalpur village of Sheikhpura district, Bihar where Kalash Yatra was taken out for the nine-day Mahayagya. In the meantime two people died on the spot due to electrocution.The deceased have been identified as Raju Kumar and father Mahesh Singh Virendra Kumar were the residents of Rasulpur village. It is also said that four people were injured in this incident, as soon as the information was received, a large number of people are reaching the Sadar Hospital where the dead and injured have been brought while the villagers including their relatives are baldly mourning.On this occasion, Sheikhpura MLA Vijay Kumar and Barbigha MLA Sudarshan Kumar have also reached Sheikhpura Sadar Hospital, while the Barbigha MLA expressed grief over the incident and consoled the family, along with the MLA has also assured all possible help. The Barbigha MLA has refrained from saying anything on the matter of negligence of the electricity department while he is talking about saving the lives of the injured. At present, there is an atmosphere of mourning in the village after the incident.

another angle

Taking down his body

When lightning strikes, a person is blown up.

When lightning strikes, a person is blown up. (Turkey)

Textile worked electrocuted by odd wire

Surat, India

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While going to remove the iron installed in the electric board, the young man was electrocuted.

A workman has died due to electrocution in the account of looms located on Pandesara Bamroli Road in Surat. The young man was electrocuted while removing the iron attached to the electric board. Importantly, the CCTV footage of the entire incident has also come to light. In this matter, the Pandesara police have registered a case of accidental death and are conducting further investigation.

While going to take out the electric iron, he was electrocuted

According to the information, Deepak Vasantbhai Patil (aged 30) residing near Pandesara Shivajinagar in Surat was working in the account of looms in Krishna Industrial located at Pandesara Bamroli Road. Yesterday, while he was working as usual on Looms’ account, he was electrocuted. While Deepak was going to remove the iron from the electric board, he was electrocuted and fell down there. The doctor on duty declared him dead while taking him to the hospital due to electrocution. Within just 13 seconds, the life of this young man was separated from his body.

The incident happened within 13 seconds

The entire incident of electrocution of the young man has been captured on CCTV. It is seen that this incident happened within 13 seconds only. It can be seen in the CCTV footage that the young man gets electrocuted while trying to remove the iron from the electric board. And there it falls. On the other hand, other artisans present there also rush there and one of them immediately switches off the switch of the electric board. When another craftsman also immediately removes the iron from there. The Pandesara police have registered a case of accidental death in this matter and the police are investigating.

This incident is an example for people who do not take precautions while removing electrical appliances. Even at home there are specific guidelines on how to use such electrical devices and how long to use them, which must be followed carefully.

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man climbs up electrical pole and commits suicide

A construction worker died after touching a live wire of the Samar Electric Cooperative 1 while painting a roof in Barangay Hamorawon, Calbayog City, Samar at about 4:20 p.m. on Saturday, April 29.

Police identified the victim as Ramil Bolasa.

Initial investigation showed that Bolasa accidentally touched a live wire of the Samar Electric Cooperative 1.

The victim’s body was brought to a local funeral house for the conduct of a post-mortem examination.

:electro: | Man falls after touching high-voltage cables

Men installing a new power/telephone pole get electrocuted

Worker electrocuted while trying to hang banner (Tongi, Bangladesh)

A young man died of electrocution in Tongi upazila of Gazipur district on Friday noon.

The deceased was identified as Sadekul Islam, 30, son of Hasan Ali, hailing from Durgapur upazila of Netrokona district. He was a resident of Tongi.

Quoting locals, police said the young man came in contact with a live electric wire while hanging banners on the seventh floor of Firoz Khan Tower in Sataish Sharif Market area of Tongi, leaving him dead on the spot.

Shah Alam, officer-in-charge of Tongi Paschim police station, said on being informed, police recovered the body and kept it at the police station.

Action will be taken in this regard based on investigation, the OC added.

Indian man burns to death while being electrocuted on top of train

I am probably wrong, but it almost seems like the electricity is not a constant current. Which causes the weird movements from the man.

If this was suicide, what a horrible choice.

Couple dies from electrocution (India)

Mancherial district, Chennoor town

Bollampally Srinivas (45), president of the Chennuru Goldsmiths Association, and his wife Latha (38) were killed due to electrocution.

It is known that late night rains with gusty winds wreaked havoc.

In this sequence, in order to clean the dust that has accumulated in the rooms of the house, Latha washes the dusty things with water by switching on the electric motor on Friday morning. In this sequence, Latha, who was electrocuted by the electric circuit, screamed and Srinivas, who was at home, grabbed her in an attempt to save his wife and both of them were electrocuted and died on the spot.

Drunk Guy climbs on a live wire, gets smoked

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