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May 28, 2023 at 9:54

A man in The Hague was seriously injured on Sunday evening when a piece of fireworks may have exploded in his hand. The mobile unit has been deployed to make room for the emergency services and to conduct research. The Maasstad celebrated the election victory of Turkish president Erdogan. Turkish Dutch people also took to the streets in other major cities.

3 man explode

Drunk man accidentally blow his hand

Civilians and first responders hit by SAA artillery

Syria, Idlib 17/07/2021

Gas canister embedded in back of guys head during protest in Syria

Devastating Effect of Car Bombs - Filmed From A Drone (Mosul)

“ A new volley of footage has been released of VBIEDs hitting Iraqi Army positions in Eastern Mosul, from a new longer 40-minute video released on January 3, 2017.”

Man throws hand grenade into pool hall, hurting 8

Ureña, Venezuela

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In the early hours of Sunday, May 7, an alleged group of antisocials launched an M-26 fragmentary grenade against a pool, located on 6th street in the 13 de Abril neighborhood in Ureña.

The explosion left eight people injured, who were rushed to a nearby health center.

The injured were identified as Diego Carvajal, 33; Nelson Melo, 41; Jose Rincon, Jose Quintero, 32; Yilbert Maldonado, 31; Carlos Casique, Alexander Granados and Ederne Muñoz.

(pool hall exterior)

The injured were taken by officials from the Ureña Fire Department to the health center in the city of Cúcuta.

We keep investigating

After the attack on the nightclub was announced, the governor of the state of Táchira reported: "Last night, in this intimidation plan, they threw a fragmentary grenade (...) at this place (...) with the unfortunate balance of eight wounded." , he said in a video posted on social networks, in which he calls on businessmen not to pay "a penny to criminal gangs."

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Attack against police patrol leaves 3 dead in Colombia (aftermath included)

Tibú, Norte de Santander, Colombia - May 24, 2023

A video captured the exact moment in which an attack was recorded in Tibú, municipality of Norte de Santander, against a police patrol. This event left three people dead: two police officers and one civilian.

The images, which were captured by another vehicle, showed that the explosives used were detonated at the exact moment the patrol was passing through a street in the Santander Bajo neighborhood.

The explosion was of such magnitude that it broke the windshield of the car that captured the video and that in the end ended up crashing into the police patrol.

At the moment it is unknown which criminal group would be behind this attack in Tibú. It is well known that the ELN, the FARC dissidents and other armed organizations commit crimes in that area of Catatumbo.


The March 2004 Madrid bombings was a terrorist attack which killed 191 and injured over 1800 on Cercanías commuter train system.

The suspects were Islamists inspired by Al Qaeda and members from a drug trafficking gang. Some of the suspects escaped.

When the Special Group of Operations Police confronted them in a Shootout in their apartment , rather than surrender, the terrorists blew themselves up and killed one police officer.

WW2 Clip - Nuclear Weapon Footage :marseyprojection:

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Huge explosion at a gas station in Rio Claro

Rio Claro, SP, Brazil - Jun 30, 2021

One of the victims of a truck explosion at a gas station died in Rio Claro (SP) early this Thursday (1st), Santa Casa reported. Truck driver Jovino Rocha de Andrade was confirmed dead at 4:10 am. He was 51 years old and was one of those rescued in serious condition. In an interview with Rádio CBN São Carlos, a friend said that he even called to say that he had lost a leg in the explosion and that he needed help. The accident on Wednesday night (30) left 22 injured in total, two of them seriously. Until the beginning of the morning of this Thursday, five people had been rescued to the Santa Casa, and 9 had been taken to the Basic Health Unit (UBS) of Ipeúna. Six of them had already been discharged and four were still hospitalized.

The explosion of the truck, which was loaded with chemicals, happened around 6:40 pm at the Confiante gas station, at km 175 of Washington Luís Highway (SP-310). The air displacement caused by the explosions caused damage to the gas station, the local restaurant and houses in the region within a radius of approximately 15 km, according to the Civil Defense.

According to the Fire Department, eight vehicles and ambulances from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) went to the scene to rescue the victims. Five victims were sent to the Municipal Emergency Room integrated into Santa Casa. The truck driver and a supply person arrived in serious condition and underwent surgery. They were transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The other victims had smoke inhalation and had second- and third-degree burns.

The lane on the Washington Luís highway towards the capital was blocked and traffic slowed down. A footbridge over the highway in front of the gas station was damaged. At least ten trucks that were at the station were hit by the explosion and caught fire. The wall of a company next door did not resist and collapsed. A cafeteria was also destroyed. In the place where the truck exploded, a hole of approximately two meters was formed and this morning it was possible to observe several twisted pieces of iron. According to Civil Defense, there is no risk of further explosions at the gas station. Civil Police expertise went to the scene this morning. Experts want to know how the fire started. According to Civil Defense, it is already known that the truck was leaking cargo and that the brake pad was very hot, which may have started combustion.

My phone's being weird 3rd video is down in comment area aftermath

moment the bomb went off (watermark)


just before the bombing

Driver tries the ejection seat feature (something exploded inside car)

No backstory.

Something exploded inside the car and I have no idea which car it is and what happened, feel free to speculate.

A suicide attacker targeted the vehicle of Jamaat-e-Islami’s (JI) Chief Siraj-ul-Haq, during a political event in Zhob, Balochistan on Friday, May 19. The official facebook page of the JI chief said that he was ‘completely fine and well’.

As per a tweet by the Jamaat-e-Islam, Siraj-ul-Haq was on his way to address a public gathering when his convoy was attacked by a suicide attacker. The tweet further stated that "the suicide attacker blew himself up near the vehicle of Siraj-ul-Haq, but Haq remained unhurt in the attack". The party further clarified that "Sirajul Haq will address the gathering as per schedule."

Party spokesperson Faisal Sharif in a video message said that “JI emir Siraj reached Quetta today and had to go further to Zhob where he has a political gathering today. When he was entering Zhob and people were welcoming him, a person came and blew himself up”.

Commenting on the incident, JI Secretary General Ameerul Azim, also tweeted that “there has been a suicide attack on Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Siraj-ul-Haq in Balochistan, the attacker has been killed, Alhamdulillah Siraj-ul-Haq and all his friends are safe”.

Security forces have barricaded the area and have launched a search operation to arrest the suspects involved in the suicide bombing. As per reports, seven workers of JI are injured, while four are in serious condition.

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Fourteen people were hospitalized with injuries following a suspected suicide bombing outside a church in Makassar City, Indonesia, on Sunday, police said.

The two suspected bombers both died, according to Indonesian police, and so far no other deaths have been reported. A security guard who tried to stop two suspected bombers from entering the churchyard is among the injured, Indonesian Police Inspector General Argo Yuwono told media.

The suspects used a motorbike and detonated outside the church which was holding Easter Holy Week services when they were stopped from entering the yard.

There has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. Police say the investigation with the anti-terror unit is ongoing.

Authorities were looking into which networks the bombers came from and if the attack was linked to recent arrests of suspected militants, Reuters news agency reported Yuwono as saying.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo strongly condemned the attack in a video broadcast, describing the attack as as an “act of terrorism.”

“I ask the public to remain calm in carrying out their worship” Widodo said adding, “Terrorism is a crime against humanity and has nothing to do with any religion.

“For the victims who were injured, we pray for immediate healing” Widodo said, adding that a “thorough investigation” has been ordered into the incident.

Group of Ukrainian soldiers getting obliterated by powerful explosion

A mechanic was killed in a matter of seconds while doing his usual job. The victim, identified as Vinícius Saldanha do Carmo, was changing a truck tyre when an explosion ripped through the tyre workshop where he was working. The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon (23 April) in the city of Santiago, in the central region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

A video recorded by local security cameras shows the tragedy of the 28-year-old man. First, Vinícius appears to be carrying out the traditional procedure of pumping air into the tyre to check its quality. The next thing we see is a huge cloud of smoke after the tyre bursts.

Car explodes while refueling

No info if guy near the trunk of the car survived.

Striped shirt was very lucky he didn’t walk in front of that blast.

Tianjin, China explosion 2015. (173 dead)

Couldn’t find this on the site, so here it is.

The commentary cracks me up more than anything.

Mega Explosion. HD+ At least 44 people are dead, among them 12 firefighters. Hospitals are dealing with an overwhelming influx of patients, as more than 500 people have been injured. Authorities say the explosions happened when a shipment of explosives being stored in a container detonated.

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Final toll was 173 dead, 8 missing/presumed dead.


Other views of the blast


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