Taliban suicide bomber explodes in the middle of the road

Suicide bomber in Turkey

2 Indian workers die after an oxygen cylinder fell and exploded

Two Indian workers were moving oxygen cylinders in a warehouse when suddenly one of the cylinders fell from the truck and exploded.

(the accident occurs on 1:33)

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17015425280460598.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17015425282784717.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/1701542528528963.webp

Hamas suicide attack

Part of our lions in the field targeting the occupation bulldozer and damaging it near the Muqata Junction

Conflict: 2023 Israel-Gaza War

Location: Muqata, Tulkarm, the West Bank, Palestine

Casualties: Unknown, no IDF or Israeli media report the number of casualties and no count provided by the Junud Allah Brigades at this time

Perpetrator: Junud Allah Brigades - Tulkarm Camp

A building with people inside gets blown up by a bomb

2 deaths after an oil tank explosion

Part of Operation al-Aqsa Flood against Israel in Palestine on November 30th, 2023

Paul Lowe, right, with cousin Barry, left, and brother Craig. Paul was killed two days ago. THE killers of the British hostage Kenneth Bigley last night claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on the Black Watch in Iraq in which three soldiers died. The followers of the Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said they carried out the bombing on Thursday, according to a statement on an Islamic website. Iraq?s most wanted group made the chilling claim as a bitter political row broke out at home over the regiment?s re-deployment in support of American troops. On a day when the 12-year-old daughter of Sergeant Stuart Gray broke down while laying flowers in her father?s memory there were vitriolic political exchanges, in particular between Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, and the SNP leader, Alex Salmond. The veteran nationalist said 'a tide of anger' was sweeping across Scotland, and repeated accusations that the Black Watch?s deployment into the Sunni Triangle near Baghdad had been a political favour to the US president, George Bush. A furious Mr Hoon said Mr Salmond?s remarks 'demonstrate clearly there are no depths to which he will not sink', and accused him of trying to score political points over the deaths of Sgt Gray, 31, Private Scott McArdle, 22, and Private Paul Lowe, 19, all from Fife. Meanwhile in Iraq, the Black Watch?s commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel James Cowan said that while the regiment was 'saddened' over the loss of their comrades in the suicide-bomb attack and ambush, they would 'not be deterred from seeing our task through'.

the tire projects the body of this mechanic in Russia

Man Detonates Bomb Killing 2 others/himself + 2 angles

IDF Soldier steps on IED which was Deployed by Hamas

Man Blows Himself Up after Igniting a Bomb

Air tank explosion

There isn't much for TL;DR this time - I tried to focus more on the content than the text this time. On 10th of October 2015, two explosions (within a few seconds from each other) interrupted the beginning of a peace rally in the centre of Ankara. It was about to begin two hours later. Death toll reached 109 victims, from a 9 yo boy to elder people, and a few hundreds people were wounded. From the 36 suspects facing the trial, in 2018 nine were sentenced for life, and nine other for varying sentences. The terrorists were tied to the Islamic State. I've skipped the political backstory, and only want to show you the human side.

If you just want to skip to the longest aftermath video, look for this: :marseyupvote: emoji.

⠀ATTACK :marseyinsurgent:

On Saturday morning on 10th of October 2015, a peace rally was taking place in the centre of Ankara. People gathered outside the main train station to protest against the violence between the Turkish authorities and the Kurdish militant group, the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party). PKK and the government have been fighting since a ceasefire agreement collapsed in July. The rally was planned for 12 AM local time. Shortly after 10 AM, when already hundreds of people gathered, two explosions interrupted the crowd, a few seconds apart.

The pro-Kurdish HDP party [Peoples' Democratic Party] was among those attending, and it said in a statement that it believes its members were the main target of the bombings.

HDP leader Selahettin Demirtas has blamed the state for the attack and has cancelled all election rallies. Mr Demirtas angrily condemned the government as "murderers" and said it had blood on its hands.

The party has previously blamed the government for colluding in attacks on Kurdish activists, which the government denies.

The two explosions happened shortly after 10:00 as crowds gathered ahead of the rally. Amateur video footage showed a group of young people holding hands and singing, before the first blast.

The mentioned video:

CCTV recording:



New photos were released in 2019, as well as the footage showing the route that the terrorists took. Video below (around 20 MB). The vehicle in which the bombs were transported was spotted on Mevlana Boulevard around 9;00 AM local time. I don't understand the rest from autotranslations.


It was a year after the sentencing took place. In general, 36 suspects faced trial. Here's the quote from AP News, 3rd of August 2018:

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A Turkish court has sentenced nine Islamic State suspects to life in prison over their involvement in one of Turkey's deadliest terror attacks.

On Oct. 10, 2015, two suicide bombers believed to belong to a Turkish cell of the Islamic State group targeted a peace rally outside the capital's main train station, killing 102 people.

The state-run Anadolu Agency reported that the court convicted nine people Friday of charges of violating the constitutional order, murder and attempted murder for their involvement in the Ankara attack.

The Hurriyet newspaper reported that nine other defendants were convicted of membership in a terror group and sentenced to differing prison terms.

Families of the victims insist the attack was not thoroughly investigated and say officials who may be responsible for negligence have not been held to account.

⠀AFTERMATH :marseybloodpuddle:

The blasts were strong enough to rock nearby high-rise buildings. Witnesses claimed that instantly after the explosions, police used tear gas and didn't let the ambulances in, or tried to prevent carrying away the wounded. People also tried to attack the police cars.

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009506003340755.webp https://pomf2.lain.la/f/5in66p4.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/18oaguo.jpg

Right after the explosions, around 20 bodies could be seen on the roadside, covered by the banners or flags. Early statements mentioned at least 86 victims. On Saturday evening, both the HDP party and the Turkish Medical Association gave a new estimate - 97 dead and at least 245 wounded.

Eventually, death toll raised to 109 victims. In BBC News, there was mentioned very approximately that more than 1,000 body parts were taken for forensic analysis. In this gallery, you can check the names and the photos of 103 victims. The youngest one was a 9 yo boy.


Aftermath video below, the most gore you will get in this post :marseyupvote: It's a few clips combined, around 4;30 min long. The cameraman walks around, you can notice some bodies and blood puddles, as well as the commotion, police, people performing CPR, crying and running around - everything you can expect from the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

Short aftermath video from The Guardian (not much gory):

Man rushed to the ambulance (video is doubled):

President's comment:

⠀PHOTOS :marseyjourno:

First, a gallery from The Time. Keep in mind that some photos are big (up to nearly 20 MB), so loading may take a while.

People surround the area where bodies of victims are covered with flags and banners at the site of an explosion in Ankara, Turkey, on Oct. 10, 2015.


People carry a wounded person from the area of an explosion [...]


People are seen at the site of an explosion close to Ankara's main train station [...]


A man cries over the body of a victim, at the site of an explosion [...]


Turkish security forces and forensic police inspect the blast site after an explosion during a peace march [...]


Bodies of the victims are loaded in funeral vehicle by the Turkish officials at the site of an explosion close to Ankara's main train station [...]


A damaged door of Ankara's main train station is seen after an explosion on Oct. 10, 2015 in Ankara, Turkey.


Btw, another view of that man covering eyes of his daughter:


Now, photos from various sources - wounded, dead and just bloodied. Differently than in the videos, it's hard to find anything else than partially covered bodies - relatively untouched, no face visible - and blood puddles. Some are pixelated or blurred.

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009496759346.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009496770366294.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009496772820632.webp

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009496774506195.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009496779949248.webp

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503430739613.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503440913951.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503455529504.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503457383306.webp

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503460448794.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/1700950346189514.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503463434944.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/1700950346494873.webp

Why are some parts left untouched, and other blurred and pixelated - I have no idea. Here, more photos from the same gallery. I put so many photos because I know you all have varying preferences.

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503465779772.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503466725674.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503467512388.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/1700950346832544.webp

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009503469356053.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009505959823108.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/1700950596817427.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/1700950600448635.webp

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/1700950600641509.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009506008190413.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009506009113226.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/17009506009915342.webp

More aftermath and a wounded men in a car:

https://pomf2.lain.la/f/hoyqy0rj.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/czmb182l.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/gdrcfajv.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/7d5lezka.jpg

The couple or family on the third and fourth photo is visible on multiple photos.

https://pomf2.lain.la/f/3hst84ik.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/ldve21af.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/qhndf5ip.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/ksm2g5gs.jpg

https://pomf2.lain.la/f/sqseb2a0.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/kea83llv.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/93u3m8eu.jpg

Probably a list of the victims known at the time:

https://pomf2.lain.la/f/vz2w9iu.jpg https://pomf2.lain.la/f/seoyz2o.jpg

⠀SOURCES :marseysalutepride:





https://time.com/4069160/ankara-turkey-attack-bombing photos

https://www.aa.com.tr/tr/turkiye/ankara-gari-onundeki-teror-saldirisinin-yeni-goruntuleri-ortaya-cikti/1606739 about new images from 2019

https://www.hurriyet.com.tr/galeri-ankara-gari-onundeki-teror-saldirisinin-yeni-goruntuleri-ortaya-cikti-41347131/1 like above


Big explosion at fireworks factory

no precise information regarding the location

Journalist Making U-Turn Gets Blown Up By Grenade (Pakistan; 10/10/2021; Story Included In Description)



"A journalist was killed in an explosion near his car in Pakistan last Sunday night. S.Z. (35), who was a television reporter, was travelling in a car when he was attacked reportedly with a grenade, while others mentioned a IED.

The journalist, along with his companion, was initially taken to the Civil Hospital where he was declared dead. CCTV footage of the incident shows an explosion took place on the roadside near his moving car as soon as he made a U-turn on a busy road.

In February, the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors' (CPNE) Media Freedom Report 2020 had revealed that at least 10 journalists were murdered and several others threatened, kidnapped, tortured and arrested in Pakistan on trumped-up charges while discharging their professional responsibilities in 2020 alone, the publication reported.

No action has been taken so far against those responsible for torturing, killing journalists and it seems that such persons enjoy impunity. "It is a matter of grave concern that the legal system of the country has become useless in protecting and providing justice to journalists," said the report."

Special thanks to kellyhound of www.DocumentingReality.com, who initially compiled the info.

R.I.P. to the family, and may his family and friends find peace.

Solider gets blown up by an IED planted by insurgents in Iraq...

Iraqi army eliminates suicide bomber

That was unexpected

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