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Imagine the few seconds it took to realise there was an active fucking firework stuck to her face before she 🎆



Happened on December 4, 2023 in Arlington, Virginia, USA

If You want to read about backstory and get more informations about this case, check out this post by @goose_

Full release can be watched here:

Or on YouTube here.

Centennial Olympic Park Bombing - July 27th 1996



:marseyschizotwitch:The Ombudsman Delegation in La Paz indicates that it contacted the doctor Brayan Oropeza, who attended to him, who indicated that his “situation is criticalThe report adds that the injured man was admitted to the surgical center with a diagnosis of traumatic amputation of the left forearm and abdominal trauma.Plácido Cota, brother of a leader of the Council of Women's Peasant Federations of Los Yungas (Cofecay), is the coca grower who was seriously injured by handling dynamite during the confrontation recorded this Monday with the police in Villa El Carmen. :marseyschizotwitch:

Flag explosion.

2007 Phoenix news helicopter collision

July 27, 2007 was a normal day for most, but this day will go down in history in Phoenix, Arizona. A man got pulled over by police, supposedly, the vehicle the man was in was stolen. So he backed up and drove off causing police too chase after him in pursuit. Craig Smith (age 47), Rick Korlak (age 55), Scott Bowerbank (age 42), and Jim Cox (age 37) were part of news stations KNXV-TV and KTVK respectively. The collision happened at around 12:46 PM.

Footage from the KTVK chopper.

Footage from the KNXV-TV chopper.

Associated Press photo of the two helicopters falling down.

Immediately after the collision, the two helicopters fell and crashed into a huge fireball. Presumably killing all 4 of the journalists instantly.

KSAZ-10 helicopter footage showing what happened too the helicopters

KSAZ-10 helicopter footage immediately after the choppers crashed too the ground

Photos after the crash.

The NTSB investigated the crash later and concluded with that both of the pilots cannot see each other. The result of this crash led Phoenix news stations share two helicopters, additionally, they fly at different altitudes and given high quality cameras that can record scenes up too a mile away.

Newspapers a day after the crash.

A memorial for the journalists in the crash.

Gas tanker fucking explodes, EDOMEX :marseyflagmexico: :marseymushroomcloud:


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