Man dies from falling into open water sump in Raidurgam; hostel owner booked

The accident, caused by the open lid of the water sump, resulted in severe head injuries for Akmal

Hyderabad: A 25-year-old software employee Shaik Akmal Sufuyan tragically lost his life after falling into a water sump built underground at a hostel in Anjaiah Nagar, Gachibowli, within the jurisdiction of Raidurgam Police Station.

The accident, caused by the open lid of the water sump, resulted in severe head injuries for Akmal upon falling, ultimately leading to his demise. The Raidurgam police have taken action by registering a case against the hostel owner for negligence in maintaining safety measures, specifically for leaving the sump lid open.




An industrial climber crashed in the Krasnoyarsk region. Two ropes broke off at once.

According to preliminary data, the tragedy occurred on April 20 during the reconstruction of a historic building on Leninsky Prospekt in Norilsk. A man was working at the height of the fifth floor when suddenly a cable broke. First the main rope, and then the safety rope. As a result of the fall, the worker died.


Bungee jump went completly wrong :marseyshitforbrains:

Wonder if he died or not... wpuld be interresting to know :marseyagreefast:

Drug addicted Man falls put of his window from the 4th floor (Multiple perpective + Aftermath) :marseyshy:

Text to the Situation (Not mine)

A horrifying video from Sakhalin: a drug addict took a walk along the ledge and fell from the fourth floor. Upon impact, he ruptured his internal organs.

The lunatic didn't realize what he was doing and decided to climb out the window. Bystanders tried to persuade him to go back inside, but to no avail. They also couldn't get into the apartment as the irrational individual had locked it. Emergency services arrived at the scene and stretched out a rescue blanket.

In the end, the man jumped down, hitting the canopy of the entrance. He was hospitalized in critical condition.

Other Pespective

little aftermath vid

Lyyyyy boys and girls :marseyheart:






The madman had no idea what he was doing and decided to climb out the window. Eyewitnesses tried to persuade them to go back inside, but to no avail. It was also not possible to get into the apartment - the idiot locked it. Emergency services arrived at the scene and extended the lifeline.

As a result, the man jumped down and hit the entrance canopy. He was hospitalized in serious condition.

Happened in Sakhalin, Kholmsk.

It was actually said, that he tried to commit suicide, but since he is hospitalized, it's here on /h/falling.

EDIT: He didn't commit suicide, but he was in drugged and his only way to leave (the house? idk) was the open window

Parkour Indian Style

Slight miscalculation. Will nail the landing next time for sure



Banaskantha (Banaskantha) district capital Palanpur (Palanpur) two youths from the railing of a commercial complex on the highway (youth) One youth was killed while 1 was injured in the fall. The incident took place when the youth of Patan were sitting on the railing of a private complex on the Palanpur highway while going for fun. The entire incident was captured on CCTV. In the CCTV footage, it can be clearly seen how the youths came to a shop on the third floor of the commercial complex for some work. Out of which two youths fell down from the railing.

A youth died of severe head injuries after being knocked down while another youth who fell down with him was seriously injured. Palanpur West Police is investigating the entire matter. According to the information received, the youth of Patan had come to a shop located in a commercial complex on Palanpur Highway for some work. The incident took place when he was sitting on the railing of the passage outside the shop. In the CCTV footage, it can be seen that the youths enter and come out of a shop.

A young man comes out of the shop and sits directly on the railing. At this point a young man standing in the passage approaches the young man sitting on the railing and makes fun of him. Meanwhile the young man sitting on the railing loses his balance and falls backwards. A young man standing in front tries to hold him but both men fall down. In this incident, one youth died on the spot after his head hit, while another youth sustained serious injuries. Following the incident, crowds of people gathered at the scene. Immediately the police was informed so that the police team also rushed to the spot.

The injured youth was shifted to Palanpur Civil Hospital for treatment. Another youth died on the spot and his body was shifted to Palanpur Civil Hospital. Palanpur West Police conducted an investigation regarding this incident. GAAAAY!!!

CHILD WARNING Two children fall to their deaths (w/aftermath)

Wanted man jumps to his death

ARGENTINA - Alfonso Julio Doniacuo, 74, had an arrest warrant out for him in connection with a violent crime from 4 years prior. With his impending arrest and court case approaching, he chose to spare his family the suffering and trouble and jumped from a crane to end things.

Witnesses said Julio Alfonso Doniacuo, 74, climbed atop a crane in the Buenos Aires waterfront district of Puerto Madero on Wednesday at about 9am local time.

Rescuers tried to reason with the suicidal man before he made a sign of the holy cross and stretched his arms out.

Cell phone video footage captured the moment Doniacuo then leaps off the crane and crashed to the ground.

Doniacuo was pronounced dead at the scene.


A Russian woman died in Gagra after falling off an observation deck, the Abkhazian Emergencies Ministry said.

"Polenko Inessa Valeryevna Polenko,1984 year of birth, who came from Sochi, fell from more than 50-meter height on the 18th km of the highway Ubykhov," the publication said.

The rescuers lifted the victim up and handed her over to ambulance doctors. The woman died in the intensive care unit, the agency added.

Couple falls from balcony, landing on group of people below almost killing one of them

As seen in a security camera video, the couple fell after a piece of the terrace wall apparently collapsed.

In the recording, which this newspaper refrains from publishing, three people are first seen walking along the road.

Then, the moment in which a pair of bricks - which would be from the terrace wall - fall to the street is recorded.

One of the passersby ends up on the ground after being hit by the debris.

Next step, the man and woman fall.

Although the details of what happened are currently unknown, Channel 1 assures that the incident occurred after an argument. The media assures in its related note that the fall was from the fifth floor. However, authorities are still investigating what happened.

Man falls from the roof of a 17 story building while installing banner - Russia

In Moscows Novogireevo district, a man fell from the roof of a 17-story building while placing a banner on the KRAKEN illegal substances site.

Adrenaline junkie falls from the top of a bridge after not being able to hold on anymore

CHILD WARNING Teen falls to her death trying to retrieve her phone

The fiasco occurred on October 12 after Melike Gun Kanavuzlar, 15, dropped her device while on a building in a town called Ortaca in Mugla Province, Western Turkey, local media reported. When the teen tried to recover it, she lost her balance and fell four stories onto the pavement below.

The distressing 11-second clip, captured via security cameras on neighboring buildings, starts off with a bystander strolling the sidewalk outside the building.

All of a sudden, they venture out from under the building's awning, whereupon Kanavuzlar's body hits the concrete next to them with a sickening thud.

The teen was subsequently rushed to a state hospital in critical condition, before being transferred to an Intensive Care Unit in the city of Mugla in southwestern Turkey, Newsflash reported. She hung on for a staggering 18 days before succumbing to her injuries.

Kanavuzlar was buried on October 30.



Coming In A Bit Hard When Parachuting



Woman falls from burning building

A Chinese woman was forced to jump out of the window after her locked flat was in flames on the 15th floor of her building. The victim of Xi Jinping's zero-covid policy can be seen trying to stand on the window ledge of her neighbour. In a desperate bid to save her life, she also grips the window ledge above her with her left hand.

Full video:


Man tries to prevent his girlfriend from jumping off of a building, she chooses to jump either way smashing into balconies below ultimately landing below causing death

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