1 Lunatic 1 Icepick (Video Remastered Edition)

This Is A Better Quality Version Of This Video:

Murder By Luka Magnotta

Victim Jun Lin

More Info: https://heavy.com/news/2019/12/1-lunatic-1-icepick-video



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So I will tell you all, that I was there the night/day this was posted on BG, this is the highest quality footage you will find of this. I’ve seen this reposted blurrier, with parts cut out, i regretted not saving this footage, and it is part of what made me eventually save all that I could.

I will say, I’ve seen many version of this over the years and two parts held me in suspense, the first was when I told myself surely this version doesn’t have him using the severed arm to Jack himself off, and when it came I was shocked, then I told myself, well, this video won’t have him fucking the limbless corpse, and it does… whoever saved this is a monster, because for years, I’ve seen this reposted minus those parts, or a cut version of them.

This is the full luka magnotta video, as posted originally, minus the watermarks,

As in, there is no higher quality or uncut video of this, there is no missing footage, and the quality was and is exactly what was posted on BG straight from the source. This is the original footage in its highest quality with some bullshit watermarks.

This is the footage posted before the limbs were mailed out, before the story became National, and international news.

Before the rewrite with the bullshit documentary “dont fuck with cats” or whatever it was called.

This is the raw footage sent to mark marek of BG, before the posts were deleted, before he was arrested, when nobody knew what the fuck they were seeing.

I will say, that when this first ran, the users at BG were occasionally given, is this real, I don’t know type posts. Where the footage or posts, were assumed to be from a movie, it was the same with this. It was presented along the lines of I just received this, is it real, or fugazi?

At the time, the knife and fork with the dog eating was seen as over the top.

Look into the case, mark marek, found a real monster, what it cost him was years of his life

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