oil rig worker gets spine crushed by metal pipe

worker gets crushed by robotic arm

The incident occurred at the metal recycling factory on Başyiğit Caddesi in Başiskele district on August 29, a foreign worker named Cuma Togay (27) got stuck in the wire winding machine while he was working.

The situation was reported to the health, police and fire crews by his friends who saw the incident and rushed to Togay's aid. Firefighters who came to the scene took the person out of the machine he was stuck in and handed him over to the medical teams. In the first intervention performed by the medical teams, it was determined that the young man died.

Images of the moment of the work accident have emerged. In the footage reflected on the security camera, Togay's moment of being stuck in the machine and the helpless rescue efforts of his colleagues and the sadness they experienced took place.

Worker trapped and killed by spinning parts of the machine.

Worker gets blown away from a Pressurized pipe

Chinese factory worker gets eaten by a Conveyor Belt (Different POV)

China :marseyflagchina:

Factory worker crushed by machine

Hot metal spits onto factory workers

Hot metal spits onto unsuspecting factory workers, I have no idea what happened after but I think it's pretty explanatory on if the first guy lived or not.

Dude gets spun at work - man gets caught up in a spooling machine -

2 Workers slowly crushed to death by marble slabs! (Pancake-Edition)


death via metal pole⁉️

Man killed during building demolition - filmed his own death - killed by flying debris - old video with context and source

MOSCOW, June 20 (RIA Novosti) - A man filmed his own death while recording demolition works in Lipetsk, Central Russia, regional broadcaster Most TV reported on Wednesday.

Yevgeny Titov, a 29-year-old shop assistant, took a break to capture the demolition of a two-storey building near his workplace on a mobile phone camera.

Workers tried to tear the brick structure down by making a bulldozer to pull steel cables attached to the building's outer wall.

Judging by Titov's chuckle and attempts to encourage the bulldozer driver, the man assumed that his life was in no danger and the distance was safe. Then a part of the building finally gave way and crashed down, sending huge chunks of bricks and concrete into the air.

The debris ricocheted from the asphalt and flew towards a group of spectators. A man who is seen standing closer to the site of the accident and also filming the event, managed to dodge the rubble, but Titov was knocked down by falling bricks.

The record continued as the phone owner was lying unconscious on the ground, with people running around him and calling for help.

Titov succumbed to his injuries in hospital. According to the victim's relatives, all his ribs were fractured and his pelvis was smashed by the falling rubble. The man also suffered massive internal injuries and a severe head wound.

A criminal case was launched into suspected violation of safety rules, which resulted in an accidental death, the local investigative department said.

The tragedy occurred on June 16, but the victim's relatives decided to make the record public only recently in a bid to attract media attention to the incident. YouTube later removed the video, saying the footage violated its content policies.



Man dies by a palletizer machine on his first day

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16916546547209628.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/1691650466410518.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16916504665180767.webp

Drilling rig accident swings 2 oil rig workers in Saudi arabia

Chinese Paper Mill Worker is sucked into Textile Machine.

Workers got crushed by Dump Box

July 28, 2023 Silo blast in southern Sao Paulo, Brazil kills at least eight, one missing


Wooha, worker disappear

On the afternoon of May 3, Wang Moumou, deputy director of the hydrogenation workshop, arranged the operation of the No. 1 hydrogenation reactor. At 13:41, the manhole of No. 1 hydrogenator was opened. Wang then gradually opened the vacuum valve on the kettle three times, causing a large amount of air to be sucked into the No. 1 hydrogenation reactor to form an explosive mixed gas with the ethanol vapor in the kettle. Then Wang Mou went to the mouth of the kettle, and rinsed the paddles of the No. 1 hydrogenator and the residual catalyst on the wall. During the rinsing process, the No. 1 hydrogenation kettle flashed, and Wang Moumou was "bumped" by the explosion shock wave.

Wang Moumou violated the regulations. In the state where the manhole of No. 1 hydrogenator was opened, it was not filled with nitrogen gas protection, but the vacuum pump was turned on, causing a large amount of air to be sucked into the reaction vessel to form an explosive mixed gas with ethanol vapor, and the catalyst Raney nickel was exposed to air. Spontaneous combustion, causing flash explosion, is the direct cause of the accident.

Thanks 2 WolverineπŸ‘

Worker Crushed By Multi-Ton Installation Machine

In the city of Slyudyanka, Irkutsk Region, at a railway enterprise, a 38-year-old worker was crushed by a multi-ton installation. The man died from his injuries at the scene of the accident.

Rail oil tanker being welded explodes, welder was thrown and died,Russia

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