Happened on November 19, 2020 in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia

56 years old man named Marat was working in a warehouse of Izher company.

He was working on DIP-300 lathe. Marat wasn't wearing working clothes. He had regular clothes with long sleeves on.

Marat reportedly bended over the lathe and started to "sharpen one of its parts".

Suddenly, the lathe turned on and shredded Marat into pieces. He died on spot.

TV Chenly spoke to neighbours of Marat:

We were living a calm life. We were greeting each other in the morning and in the evening. He was a fine man, always friendly.

One of the neighbours also said:

He and his wife are divorced. He had two kids: older daughter and younger son. They're both adults now. Son is around 23/24, daughter even older.

Son was living with his parents (Marat and his wife). His daughter was living separately.

All seven aftermath photos:


TV Chenly


Kazan MK

Kazan First

Possibly "Famous Video"?

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no backstory.


The incident occurred at the metal recycling factory on Başyiğit Caddesi in Başiskele district on August 29, a foreign worker named Cuma Togay (27) got stuck in the wire winding machine while he was working.

The situation was reported to the health, police and fire crews by his friends who saw the incident and rushed to Togay's aid. Firefighters who came to the scene took the person out of the machine he was stuck in and handed him over to the medical teams. In the first intervention performed by the medical teams, it was determined that the young man died.

Images of the moment of the work accident have emerged. In the footage reflected on the security camera, Togay's moment of being stuck in the machine and the helpless rescue efforts of his colleagues and the sadness they experienced took place.


Worker gets caught and spun into a Textile machine

rolling starts at 0:53

(Also my apologies at the end of the video I didn't know that was gonna be there at the end the video lol.)

the russian lathe video



A short time ago, a report was received at MDA's 101 hotline in the Yarkon region about a worker who was hit by a heavy object, during his work at a factory in the Ariel Industrial Park. MDA medics and paramedics determine the death of a 30-year-old worker with a head injury.

MDA paramedic Shir Salman said: "The worker was lying on the road in the factory where he works, after being hit on the head by a heavy object during his work at the factory. We performed medical tests on him, but unfortunately he was found with a severe head injury and no signs of life, and we had to pronounce him dead on the spot."


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Someone fell into a scrap metal crushing machine.

No further info.

Man Slips And Falls Into Furnace


Your job is not worth dying for.

I did not add the music, but it does give it a nice spin.

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The Russian Lathe Incident :marseywoodchipper2:

56 yo Russian man died a horrific death when he was sucked into a lathe during a work accident.

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EFFORTPOST workplace accident collection

hello and welcome back 😁

today we cover why you need to pay attention at work and not do stupid shit

hydraulic press injuries

fingers caught in hydraulic press (separate instances)

auto errors

car falls on worker

car backs into man

lift runs over worker


↑idk wtf happened here↑

electrical wire incidents

worker shocked

steel mill accidents

In Loilo City, Philippines, 18-year-old Jomar Junco was found dead after he was found hanging out of a chorizo food processor

Police Major said that Junco initially got his right hand stuck inside the machine and was not able to pull it out and Junco was then pulled in by the grinder. "He was not grinded. He was just stuck". Investigators were told that Junco didn't not know how to operate the machine. When one of his co-workers stepped out of the room, Junco tried to operate the machine by himself and was killed quickly after.


(my personal favorite and i have dedicated a whole post to these as well)

hair caught in machinery

woman scalped + restoration

scalping due to her hair getting caught in a factory's machines

spinny machine incidents

man's leg ripped off by spinny machine

arm caught in spinny machine

In Thailand, this mechanic was found dead after an accident during his shift at work. He was found inside of a large centrifugal extractor fan. When the police arrived, they managed to get the remains of the worker out of the machine

On November 2020-, a 65-year-old worker died at the KAMAZ PJSC factory in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia after getting caught in a spinning machine. He was trying to sharpen a machine part but was sucked in after his jacket gets caught on the wheel, resulting in being shredded

hair caught in ice cream mixer

A lot of the time, spinning machine incidents lead in death, scalpings, or great bodily injury..getting yourself in this situation is far too easy, this is why it is important to always be on high alert and hyper aware of your surroundings when around machinery like this. This most commonly happens by your hair or clothes getting caught in it when you're too close to the machine. Make sure to workplace safety guidelines and wear appropriately fitted clothing and keep your hair put up and out of the way to prevent injuries like this

close calls

↑ they survived ↑

helmet saves worker

It is important to follow proper safety precautions and follow OSHA guidelines properly


pinned by machinery

hit by swinging object

fatal artery slash at work

hot metal slips and worker falls on top of it

man trapped in conveyor belt

cartoony ass fall

worker falls by overstepping on metal

in a world of OSHA violations

improper setups

hanging onto a pole for support when working

over stacked cans

fucking around with heavy machinery

improper working gear

what is an OSHA violation?

This is when a company or employee willingly or unknowingly ignores potential and real safety hazards


collection of (mostly) workplace accidents

workplace accident collection by congo

collection of animated workplace safety awareness videos

i hope you all enjoyed! and remember..make the new guy do it


+the older post's video was broken!

guy gets spun around in spooling reel

Worker sucked into water pipe


Version with audio:

Guy falls into rock grinding machine



CHILD WARNING [CHILD WARNING] child gets smeared by a forklift

Worker killed by rock crusher

Dumbass didn't even turn the machine off, at least he had a helmet.



Worker swallowed by rock crusher

Another angle:

No backstory.


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