✨OC✨ Isis anime opening

Took me a day to make tbh its kinda cringy and edgy but whatever

Opening: Black clover op 1

I hope you enjoy

Thank you so much for the comments im glad you enjoy it

Should I make part 2?

Iraqi fighters throw isis fighters off roof then shoots them:thumbup:

(Subtitles and music warning) Iraqi cadets executed and dumped into water, Camp Speicher massacre

I know this has been posted here before, I don’t know about the subtitles or the beginning footage though. https://watchpeopledie.tv/h/isis/post/197/camp-speicher-massacre-2014-second-deadliest

Here is a 22 minute version from this site.

DrownedCarcass also has a much longer version posted here on this site. https://watchpeopledie.tv/h/execution/post/31794/clip-from-the-camp-speicher-massacre

Egyptian intelligence spy, named Suleiman Mutawa, was killed after Islamic State fighters captured him near the city of Sheikh Zuweid in Sinai.



The footage, shot near the terror group's stronghold [at the time] of Mosul, shows the prisoners kneeling on the floor while executioners cloaked in black stand behind them with hunting knives.

The captives, dressed in orange jumpsuits, can be heard reciting passages from the Koran while one says his final prayers of Shahada – an Islamic testimony of faith.

After the men are beheaded and their heads placed on their bodies, an ISIS fighter warned of the 'inevitable fate' of other peshmerga prisoners.

child fighter forced to execute prisoner


Dude executed by stabbing.

Head explosion after single shot by ISIS

M1 Abrams vs ISIS car bomb

2013 Sanaa Hospital Terrorist Attack :skull: (56 killed 200+ injured)


May 15, 2023 PMF humvee runs over an ISIS fighter after he tried to shoot at the humvee (shouting warning)

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