In short - a fucker who hurts other fuckers was put behind bars together with his eunuch friends. Read the rest.


The man seen in the video is Leocer Jose Lugo Maiz (19), who was a private in the Venezuelan army. He lived every day with his mother and four-year-old daughter, trying to somehow make ends meet in these unfavorable conditions.

Over time, he left the army and worked in illegal gold mines, what happened to him in this film was a punishment for stealing it. Afterwards, his eyes were gouged out with a knife.

(All info get form site !)

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:dude gets his foreskin cut by mob :gossip:

CHILD WARNING [Child Warning] Syrian Refuge Stabbing Children In Playground, France (08/6/23)

Six people, including four children, have been injured in a knife attack in a park in the French alpine town of Annecy

The victims are as young as three, according to French reports which say two children and a man are in a life-threatening condition

The attacker was a Syrian man seeking refugee status, with no known links to Islamist groups, police say

Former Liverpool footballer Anthony Le Tallec says he witnessed the knifeman attack an older man before he was shot by police

French President Emmanuel Macron has said "the nation is in shock", calling it an "act of absolute cowardice"

The city's mayor has denounced the "appalling attack" and said a press conference will be held later

News Article -


Woman holds up her husbands chopped off giant dick and balls

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Tortured with a whip :marseydarkrose2:

CHILD WARNING [CW] young girl has hands shot as punishment for stealing.


Nude dude dismembered

African man gets his teeth hammered

Not very Oldboy-esque


On May 21, 2016, body parts of Víctor Hugo Díaz (30) and Jesús Emmanuel Marchán (27) were removed from five plastic bags of different colors. The two had been arrested seven days earlier and charged with the kidnapping and subsequent murder of a 7-year-old boy in Barcelona [a city in Venezuela].

Prison officers on duty yesterday said unofficially that they noticed something happening in cell B at 2 a.m. when they heard heartbreaking screams.

The uniformed officers tried to intervene, but the prisoners prevented them from doing so. In the cell, more than 10 people tortured Díaz and Marchán, whose feet, hands, legs and arms were gradually mutilated until they reached their heads. It is said that prisoners forced the pair of detainees to chew on severed limbs.

The incident was expected to last just over two hours. The prisoners then placed the bodies in five different colored plastic bags and handed them over to soldiers who tried to enter to stop the massacre. Díaz and Marchán, carried out the kidnapping with Yoleida Marisela González (31), Estelita Margarita Zapata (66), a 16-year-old and a 10-year-old boy, on May 7.

The victim was the little son of one of the merchants who create life on the Lido beach, located in Urbaneja. Díaz used his 10-year-old son to lure the child and then took him to Marchán's house, demanding a ransom of two million bolivars. The next day he took him to his mother Estelita's house and then took him to a vacant lot in the Cruz Verde sector of Barcelona, where he was murdered. Marchán and Yoleida González are believed to have been present at the murder.

The child's body was found by the residents of the sector based on the smell. On the same day, six people involved in the kidnapping and murder were arrested. Díaz and Marchán were taken to the Polianzoátegui detention center in Puerto La Cruz, Yoleida and Estelita, and to the detention center in Urbaneja. A 16-year-old boy was taken to a juvenile detention center, and a 10-year-old boy is in a safe house in Barcelona. Director José Rivero - who is responsible for security - assured that the remaining detainees were isolated from their fellow prisoners so that the situation would not happen again.


After video they beat him to death :banana:

with understanding to people who say that the guy in the movie is not a pedophile, the translation shows that the torturer says "with which finger did you touch her" referring to his daughter

man being dismembered and shot at the end


Melting point of plastic is 120-130° Celsius

“ In Santo Domingo Oeste, members of the police detained a 23-year-old man accused, along with others, of kidnapping and torturing young John Homero, in the municipality of Los Alcarrizos.

They gagged him and let it fall on his body, plastic lit and melted, leaving him practically disfigured.

The authorities of the Sub-Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DICRIM), under the command of Colonel Edward Bautista, are waiting for other people to report this gang.”


CHILD WARNING [Child Warning] Kid Cut In Half Is Being Put In Bodybag While Still Conscious

Re-Up because I fucked the previous one up. It had like ~1min black screen at the end...


R.I.P. to any victims who passed away, and may their family and friends find peace.

P.S., thank you for your patience as I learn how to appropriately assign flairs.


one of the craziest videos i've ever seen probably

A Room Full Of Bodies: Hell On Earth.

no backstory.

this is a repost of mine from awhile ago. i just thought it deserved a repost as it's pretty brutal.

Tortured With Hammer And Knife

Prisoner Gets Eye Popped Out Of His Head :crazyeyes:

Geesh that came out real easy :marseydisconcerting:

Broke both of his arms with giant stick

Guy gets his leg turned into a wet noodle (OMG Warning)

Cartel cuts off hands of a woman before executing her

Not sure if this should be in maiming or cartel

young woman gets two new holes in her hands

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